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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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in 2019. hundreds of thousands are expected tonight for the annual fireworks show. the question is whether you will be able to see them. we have live team coverage with the latest forecast for tonight. we begin with christien kafton . they are expecting big crowds. they said the police will be interspersed in the crowd and you will see a lot of officers and plainclothes officers as well. >> reporter: around the world they have been ringing in 2019 and in hours it will be san francisco's turn with a massive fireworks show. police say the big crowds have them on high alert. >> at this point we don't have any information about credible threats but we work with our state and federal partners
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constantly especially on days like this. >>reporter: they will shut down streets as necessary. officers will be on the lookout for alcohol consumption and public intoxication. the city wants the crowd to stay along the waterfront and discouraging people from traveling to treasure island to watch. >> there is construction and limited space and with everyone trying to get on and off the freeway on maps it will create a huge hazard. >>reporter: highway patrol will be out in force and in years past drivers have stopped on the bay bridge at midway to watch the fireworks show. officers will keep them moving. >> we will have officers on the bay bridge patrolling to make sure the traffic is flowing.>>reporter: the priority will be to monitor the highways and roads for impaired drivers. this year with the legalization of cannabis that doesn't just mean driving. >> we are looking for impaired
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driving. we have zero tolerance. >>reporter: zero tolerance means no excuses especially with rideshare options. >> we will have extra service in the subway and on the most popular outline. people will see this service until 5 am tomorrow.>>reporter: this family has moved to texas but they are back for tonight's big show. >> with all the family we are here to celebrate. >> reporter: you want to see the fireworks show here? >> yes, the best spot to be.>>reporter: they are also going high-tech. they are asking people to text and why even s f to opt in for emergency alerts for the city for tonight. live in san francisco christien kafton. back to you.
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now let's turn it over with this question, will we be able to see the fireworks x >> no wind and a little warmer would be nice. we got some of that. as far as the fireworks we are looking pretty good with the cloud cover out there minimal at best and conditions are going to keep us there throughout the evening. look at the wind. 20 miles an hour. it is gusty in some spots. that will continue throughout the night because we are under a and advisory in the city of san francisco until 9 pm. that's why i recommend that you bundle up tonight because the temperatures will be in the low 50s/upper 40s and it will feel 5-10 degrees cooler than that. on new year's eve this is what you can expect. easy tonight with 51 degrees at 8 pm. at midnight 48.
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it will feel different with the win. the wind will not die down until we get into the overnight hours. make sure that you put on a warm jacket and that you can bundle up and stay warm. here's the good news. stormtracker showing that we are doing great. it is beautiful out there with clear skies and we should keep that throughout the night. the fireworks will look good. current temperatures currently are 53 degrees and low 50s across the board. the numbers will start to drop a bit but it's not the temperature that will make you cold. it's the wind. the windchill is the factor we are looking at. these are the overnight lows. 42 in san francisco. not so bad. heading into the north bay look at santa rosa where they expect another cold night at 33. 31 in morgan hill and 32 in livermore. a lot of 30s across the map. clear, cold, and breezy
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tonight. in case you are traveling outside the city the wind advisory does go until 10 am tomorrow for many of our mountains and hills and the north and east bay. it's not just the city under the wind advisory but it continues for a good majority of the area throughout the night into tomorrow morning. here is some other good news. we will stay dry the next few days. as you can see no system coming our way but a chance of the weekend. i will talk to that when i come back in a bit. thank you. if you are taking the train tonight bart is running on a holiday schedule. that schedule will be in place from 8 pm until 3 am tomorrow. passengers are encouraged to research ahead of time because the trains will skip certain stations. antioch and richmond line heading into san francisco will not stop at the embarcadero station.
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doubled in and south fremont warm springs line will not stop at the montgomery street station. after the fireworks show tonight passengers heading east will not be able to get off at west oakland. again, as we mentioned you are discouraged from heading to treasure island to see the fireworks. the development authority says parking and doing areas are limited because of several ongoing construction projects. some roads and parking areas are not accessible. you can watch the ball drop from times square tonight. the coverage is from eight p.m. until 10 pm and then you will see the 10 pm news and then we will had to new york at 11:00 tonight to ring in 2019. >> developing news. a man has died after a rowboat capsized in richardson bay after 2 pm off liberty dock. rescue crews pulled two from
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the water, a man and woman in their 40s. the paramedics performed cpr on the mail but he was later pronounced dead. it's on clear how they ended up in the water and the fire department said neither had on a life jacket. crews conducted an extended search of the area in case there were more people in the water. >> four people accused of helping the men accused of killing a police officer made their first court appearance this afternoon. for three days the investigators were on the hunt for the killer of the police officer. the suspect was caught last friday and today those on the screen appeared in court. they include his two brothers and a girl friend and coworker. the girlfriend and brothers and coworker along with other coworkers claim they are innocent. >> we had to look at everything.
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we couldn't believe it. we didn't think it was him. >> it's hard for everybody as much as it is for them. >> according to prosecutors all those arrested for helping the suspect avoid capture are undocumented and are considered flight risks. their bail is set at $100,000 and the defense could file a motion to have this moved even the publicity surrounding it. >> u.s. immigration authorities say they have no contact with the mexican national expected suspected of killing that officer. they said they placed their first immigration detainer on arriaga after the december 26 killing. they say the 33-year-old who was captured friday in bakersfield is an illegal immigrant and gang member and two-time convicted drunk driver. corporal singh leaves behind a
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wife and five-month-old baby. the government shutdown is now in its 10th day. with the new congress set can to convene thursday the plan is in the works to open the government. the democrats unveiled a package of spending bills today and the plan may face a strong opposition from the senate and the white house. we have more on this.>>reporter: president trump holding fast to his demand for a border wall tweeting earlier, i'm in the oval office. democrats, come back from vacation and he was the most necessary for border security including the wall. you voted yes in 2006 and 2013. one more yes but with me and office i will get it built and fast. >>reporter: the house democrats have appeared a bill to and the shutdown not including money for the wall. the plan would fund the department of homeland security few through february 8. other
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agencies would be funded through separate bills. >> what i want to do is waste $5 billion in taxpayer money went it is an ineffective border wall that is a fifth century link solution to a 21st- century problem. reporter: this proposal will likely face strong opposition and he will do whatever it takes to secure funding. lindsey graham is pushing for bipartisan compromise. >> doubleday, never be a 60 boat deal that doesn't include money for her to security or a wall but i think that we can do 5 billion for the bridge which would give the same population more permits and give them legal status and the tps population is in a bad way right now. i think we could get that on the table.>>reporter: the measures are expected to pass and they face an uphill battle when they reach the senate. at the white house reporting. james mattis is preparing to
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hand off his duties at midnight and he had a farewell message. he told the pentagon employees to keep their faith in the country. he opposed the president's decision to withdraw from syria and submitted his resignation earlier this month. the president fired him three days later and patrick shanahan will serve as acting defense secretary. next month jumbled plans to travel to israel and turkey to discuss the u.s. withdrawal of troops from syria. he will be joined by joseph dunford the chairman of the joint chief of staff and the secretary of state's special representative for syria engagement. the race for president in 2020 looks to have a new challenger. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is one step closer to her bed. >> she announced she is forming a exploratory committee to allow her to start raising campaign money. it is expected to be a crowded field to challenge president trump in 2020.
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joining us now with more on the details. >> on this last day of 2018 the first woman considering a run in 2020 is elizabeth warren. she is no stranger to the spotlight and forming an exploratory committee she can start to raise campaign money. >> today i'm launching an exploratory committee for president. reporter: moran released a 4 1/2 minute video on youtube as she considers a bid for president in 2020. the former law professor talks about her oklahoma upbringing and her career and her desire to for the middle class. >> america's middle class is under attack. >>reporter: she is known for taking on corporations and banks and calling for later consumer protection a decade ago. she made headlines in 2017 when she was silenced by republicans for arguing against the confirmation of jeff sessions.
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>> he is, i believe, a disgrace.>>reporter: she came under fire in october for releasing dna results suggesting she had native american ancestors. >> she did badly in proving that she was of indian heritage. that didn't work out too well. we will see how she does. i wish her well. i hope she does well. i would love to run against her.>>reporter: warren is more than a half-dozen expected to run for president. some could be harris, booker, congressman swallow and john delaney and not senator bernie sanders. >> i will build a grassroots campaign. it's already got people from all across the country who will be a part of it. together we will make change.>>reporter: warren is recognized as an expert on bankruptcy and she is widely credited for creating the consumer detection bureau.
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she was elected in 2012 and said she will formally announce her plan in 2019. we have told you about day 10 of the government shutdown. coming up tonight at 5:30 we look at the impact of lack of service on some of the major attractions here in the bay area like muir woods. the bay area housing market. the six month trend that has seen the housing market slow. hundreds of new laws will take effect tomorrow. some will impact your favorite restaurants. still to come, new food laws changing the way californians eat and drink.
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this year is ending with a new reality in the real estate market. the day of homes exiting and entering in just hours is over. a sales slump in the bay area has turned a sellers market into a buyers market. we have more from san jose. this realtor is still making a killing in the market but is later prize in the section of san jose sat on the market 70 days before he could broker a deal. >> taking a pause has left some homes sit on the market longer than what we had been accustomed to. >>reporter: earlier in the year a long time was measured in a matter of days and now it's month as the six month slide that started in june continues into the new year. according to housing research firm core logic across the bay area sales fell 8.3% in june,
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nearly 10% in august and 6 1/2% in october. then a 15 point nose dive in november. november's median price dropped 3.8% from the previous month. >> this is what happens. >>reporter: by skype this economist said there are indications that this could become a meltdown. wall street is erratic and interest rates are on the rise and home prices are reaching equilibrium. a point where the buyer and seller must compromise. >> when housing becomes unaffordable the prices stop rising. this is the beginning of a coming recession. >>reporter: another crash could be years off and in the meantime realtors and buyers and sellers are coming to grips with a new reality. >> often they were throwing caution to the wind and they don't have to do that today. >> reporter: by the house is becoming more normal in the bay
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area. wind across northern california is gusty causing problems for people trying to get the slopes around tahoe. heavenly closed the mound today because of excessive wind up to 45 miles an hour. squaw and alpine reported chairlifts that were shut down. tonight heavenly also canceled his annual ball drop as a part of the new year's festivities. this is also due back to the win. >> here in the bay area chilly wind was blowing and people out had to dress in layers this morning and at the top of the mountain in marin county the wind was stronger. still many were out getting one last ride in for 2018. >> not as bad as we were led to believe. the wind is changing direction frequently. this caused us some wobble but other than that it's not bad.
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we look forward to the tailwind on the way home. the windy conditions are expected to last until about 9:00 tonight. as always, be careful. it will be a brisk night for the fireworks show. bring your jackets. >> i like the way that gentlemen described it. >> it will be blowing in one direction one second and the next another. squarely is not a meteorological term but he gets the point across. tonight we won't lose the wind until it is all said and done. zip up and stay warm. we are getting some relief in certain spots but 25 per mauer wind in livermore. the gusts at 31 miles an hour. there is still some wind out there. further north you can see santa rosa coming down a bit and then
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heading to napa they are gusting up to 29 miles an hour. the wind will stick with us and it is erratic throughout the evening. the looks are deceiving. we have a gorgeous night out here. the sunset is about to take hold. it is beautiful. it has been nice and clear and this will bode well for the fireworks tonight and make it easier if you are walking. you will feel the wind even though the clear skies are with us. we will and the here year with clear skies. currently 53 in san francisco. 52 in novato. concord 53. san jose 53 as well. it is mild and cooler than we were this time yesterday. we have a wind advisory for the city of san francisco until 9 pm tonight. that is why i think you want to dress warm because even though the temperatures will be in the
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40s when the new year's hits it will feel 10 degrees colder than that depending on where you are if you are in the gusty wind. these are the overnight lows we are expecting. 42 if you will be in san francisco. a lot of 30s on the map. at or below freezing in many spots. into the north bay or santa rosa or petaluma it will be chilly. the same story in napa in the 30s. concorde on the edge of freezing temperature. livermore likely to make it to freezing and morgan hill likely to go freezing below freezing. take precautions. tomorrow it will be clear and cool with a nice dry start with a high of 56. 57 inland. we start dry with a chance of rain in the forecast heading toward the first week of the new year. i will tell you more when i come back. for now, back to you. you may have new year's day
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reservations at your favorite restaurant. don't surprised if you note a few changes. we will tell you about the new laws impacting the food industry up next.
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the new year means new laws here in california. >> several of legislation that affect you and what you eat or drink. taking a look at the changes beginning tomorrow.>>reporter: big changes coming to the food industry in 2019. starting january 1 full service restaurants can only give out
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plastic straws the customer request them. businesses that violate this law could be fined up to $300 and it will not apply to fast food restaurants. also restaurants that offer kids meals will be required to offer milk and water as a default drink option. it doesn't ban sugary drinks but it's been to help families make healthy choices. >> when someone asks what kind of soda you want -- they expect you want soda instead of giving you an option.>>reporter: another law is meant to regulate street food. this senate bill and cruelties for sidewalk vendors and requires cities and counties to issue licenses just like any other business. the counties will also have an option to allow home cooks to sell their food. this advocacy group said this law will help make an underground industry safer for
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consumers. >> we think that people were selling online. in california only.>>reporter: if the county is where they live they would have to apply for a permit before they can sell food. andre senior ktvu fox2 news. big gains on the final trading day but overall the markets were down. up next, a look at the biggest winners and losers over the next last calendar year. the final reminder. figure out a safe, sober way to get home if you celebrate tonight. what chp is looking out for on the bay area highways.
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hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day
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as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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on this day 10 of the government shutdown the national arks are starting to feel the pressure of not being fully open. some simple services are being left uncared for. tom aker reports now.
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>>reporter: muir woods national monument michael national parks remains open was substantially reduced services and facilities. that seemed not to bother the attendees that came on new year's eve. in fact, a limited parking spaces were completely sold out today. at the shuttle boarding area we met this family from san diego. >> muir woods the place to be in touch with nature. every thing is not open but is the site we wanted to see. >>reporter: the only sites that matter -- >> the trees. many visitors had made plans and reservations long ago. >> it was a week before we were leaving. maybe we can't go to the park because of the shutdown. we had to look it up. >> this was an important part of our trip. it was good to get out to get
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some open space and go to the outdoors here. >> they are confused about the facilities available. we have to explain that the restroom and cafi are not available. reporter: the park service website said the restrooms are becoming a dealbreaker. the giant sequoia's and the campground are closed due to human aced waste issues and lack of staffing. translation:visitors are defecating and urinating on the side of the road. to many the politics are annoying. >> yes, we need to have the national parks as untempered with as possible and to make it realistic so that people can visit.>>reporter: one note, the smithsonian institution, one of the federal government's most popular attractions will have to close january 2 if there is no deal by then.
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the stock market ended on a positive note still closed out 2018 with its worst showing in a decade. after setting records to the summer and fall major indexes fell sharply after early october leaving them in the red for the year. today the dow added 265 points and the s&p added 21 points. the nasdaq rose 50. 2018 was a year of volatility but some stocks performed well. here is a look at the top five gains. work was up 36%. pfizer cy 20% increase. microsoft got a 19% boost and nike rose 18.5% and visa class a mac saw a 15.7% jump. the worst performers for 2018 were goldman sachs which had its her first 34% dip, ibm, dow
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dupont which dropped about 25%, caterpillar and 3m dipped 19%. 10 years since a police officer was killed. in 2009 he was on a b.a.r.t. train on the way home and police detained them at the station. the b.a.r.t. officers were responding to the reports of a fight on the train. grant was handcuffed and on his stomach when the officer shot and killed him, saying he mistake his gun for a taser. his grandmother said she was still waiting for justice for the victims of police brutality. >> until our society changes where those who do wrong are held accountable and officers are held accountable for their actions. >> she is now focusing on ptsd.
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she believes all those on the platform that night and the families are still dealing with this. the annual vigil will be held from, with help today from noon -- excuse me tomorrow at the fruitville station in oakland. a warning as we count down the hours to new year's eve. heading out, don't drink and drive. be safe on the roads because they will be watching you. as jesse gary reports the agency is getting ready for the second phase of its maximum enforcement period trying to prevent duis and distracted accidents. >>reporter: the chp had maximum enforcement over the christmas holiday and they had 1100 arrests for suspected duis and 47 deaths due 2b vehicle collisions. approaching new year's the message is to not get behind the wheel if you have been tricking and driving. joining me is a representative
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from the chp. what will you be looking for out tonight? is a strictly dui? >> no, we will look for the dui drivers and also for people who are speeding and making unsafe lane changes and things like that. we call these primary collision factors. >>reporter: when you say speeding if i am going 1-2 miles over the speed limit will you pull me over? >> typically we are looking for people doing excessive over the speed limit and using multiple lanes of traffic and we are also looking for people on their cell phones and distracted while driving.>>reporter: last new year's chp saw 40 collision deaths on the freeways. two thirds of the victims were not wearing seatbelts. almost 27 out of 40. that is a high number
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considering we hear so much about wearing seatbelts. does the messaging need to be changed? >> the lesson is the same but we need to enforce it a little more. one issue is, the people in the backseat stoneware seatbelts. is someone in your car is not wearing a seatbelt, speak up and say something. >>reporter: even in the backseat you have to wear a seatbelt? >> yes. anywhere in the vehicle. >>reporter: as we approach 2019 we are hopeful the numbers come down. >> of course. >>reporter: officer, we appreciate your efforts. all the best in 2019. >> you, too. >>reporter: for your information before we go bta is offering free rides tonight until 5 am tomorrow. also the service from aaa. if you are out and can't get home they will go your car to your house and drive you home safely. that starts at 6 pm and goes
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until 6 am tomorrow. >> this is a dilemma that many parents struggle with. do i let the kids stay up until midnight or celebrate early? >> i wanted to take into an event. he will be sleeping at midnight. this is our new year's eve. >> still to come, a special celebration that will allow kids to take part in a ball drop of their own. a push from tesla to sell as many cars today as they can. the economic incentive you may want to consider. there
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a colorado man charged killing his fiancie made his first appearance before the judge today. patrick crazy was charged with five felonies in connection with kelsey barris, the mother of his one-year-old daughter. she has been missing since thanksgiving. frazee was charged with conspiring to kill her on three separate occasions between september 1 in november 1. he has not entered a plea. in los angeles an alert citizen helped officers discover weapons at a man's
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home. we will show you the photos from the firearms found in the home during the weekend. police were tipped off by a citizen who spotted a man carrying a rifle. the officers got a search warrant for his home and found 24 rifles, 12 handguns and silencers, a rocket launcher and explosives. the man was arrested. the first full year of legalized recreational marijuana sales in california has fallen short of expectations. experts say the state never got the tax windfall promised and the illegal market continues to flourish. some estimates say 80% of marijuana sales in california are still happening under the table. the top marijuana regulator said her goal next year is to have more license instances into the marketplace while cracking down on illegal operators. the federal tax credit will be cut in half for tesla buyers.
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the credit will fall by 50% tomorrow. another 50% six months after that. the electric car maker said they have been working hard to help buyers complete their purchases in time to mollify for the full credit. the company has sold demonstration models of the lab. now the attention turning to the draft. still to come, the raiders have a new man in charge. the draft analyst who will now run the team. >> i think the fans want to forget this season. a special new year's celebration for those that cannot stay up until midnight. we will show you the excitement as the ball dropped at 11 am this morning. perfect for them. keeping an eye on your forecast. a gorgeous evening. look at this view. is beautiful but looks are deceiving because the wind is still whipping. we will talk about the wind advisory and how long it will
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new year's eve revelers are filling up times square i had a tonight ball drop in new york city. for the first time ever nypd will fly drones over the crowd in times square. it depends on if the weather cooperates. this is the latest tool at their disposal. the drone will be deployed along with the usual army of
5:47 pm
informed police and bomb sniffing dogs. in addition to rooftop snipers and blocker vehicles. they spent 4 months preparing for this night. >> it will be one of the most best protected offense and saved us venues in the world. >> much of the security will be under the radar and the revelers will be too busy to notice. the iconic ball set to drop at midnight has 2600 crystal triangles and 32,000 l.e.d. lights and it weighs 12,000 pounds. north korea had a concert. a dazzling fireworks display at the stroke of midnight. the moscow crowd gathered at the kremlin to watch the firework display. fireworks also lit up the skies over new zealand, one of the first countries to ring in the new year.
5:48 pm
this was at the auckland sky tower and accompanied by a light show on the bridge. >> dubai and pakistan had big celebrations today. many people won't be up to see the clock strikes midnight so hundreds of children rang in the new year a little early today. as rob roth found the kids experience their own version of the ball drop. 4 hundreds of children and the parents came here to the science center to ring in the new year. it was only 1 pm but it was close to midnight in places such as kenya and moscow and saudi arabia. so, why not celebrate? >> for us to celebrate with a different country it is cool. >> it teaches kids that there is a new year at different times. we called it out at the
5:49 pm
hour.>>reporter: as the countdown began the kids waited for the balloon drop. this was better than waiting until nighttime and warmer than watching the fireworks on the san francisco waterfront. >> we never last long enough but we thought we'd let them get a balloon and have some fun. >> we wanted to find something fun to do. we would like, there is a drop at the museum. that sounds like fun and we should go. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the balloons came raining down. >> i got my favorite collar! >> it's like times square of the bay area. >> some were too young to jump into the balloon mosh pit but everybody celebrated in their own way. >> he will be sleeping at midnight. this is our new year's eve.
5:50 pm
>>reporter: for some the balloons with the second best part. >> this means i get to go out with my family. >>reporter: the science center, rob roth, fox2news. people running to head to the 130th rose bowl parade tomorrow need to prepare for chilly weather. the forecast for pasadena show temperatures in the 30s. some a strong santa ana winds. the parade starts at 8 am and the crowds started camping out today at noon. >> thousands are working hard to finish the final decorations and get the flowers on the float and transform these structures into a masterpiece. >> the festivities start at 1 pm before the buckeyes play the
5:51 pm
huskies. sandwiched between two pressure systems. that is creating the one. it is a rusher gradient. we had this set up a few days ago when they got wendy and that's the setup we are dealing with now. the wind will be with us tomorrow morning. the wind advisory for san francisco is until 9 pm. it goes into tomorrow morning if you are in the north bay or east bay or south. these are some of peak gusts. they are impressive at 72 miles an hour. 70 miles an hour at mount st. helena. fremont 40 miles an hour. sfo 40 miles an hour. a windy day. we are seeing some improvement but there is plenty of wind out there now. santa rosa has calmed down quite a bit but still up to 26 in novato and san francisco at 20 miles an hour. throughout the evening it will be windy and you will want to
5:52 pm
bundle up. santa rosa 51 right now. mid 50s for san francisco. low 50s for livermore and san jose 53. cooler than 24 hours ago. in the north a about 69 degrees colder and the same story for concord. skies are clear and that is great news for those hoping to see some fireworks this evening. the high pressure is keeping the skies nice and blue and we will see the throughout the evening. as we end this year and start the next we will look at clear, cool, pretty conditions. tonight at 8 pm about 51 degrees and 48 hitting the new year. it will feel 5-10 degrees colder because of the windchill. in the hills and mountains of the north bay or the east bank you will deal with the wind advisory until 10 am tomorrow. overnight look for it to hang
5:53 pm
on a little bit longer for those in outlying areas. tonight the lows will be chilly again. we are getting used to this. the temperatures will go into the low 30s. 42 in san francisco and 38 in oakland. concord close to freezing. livermore should get there, too. morgan hill could dip hello that. temperatures tomorrow the low to mid 50s. we will start the year cool, clear and dry. in the five day forecast you can see that we have no rain in the forecast heading through the first week of the new gear but chance coming saturday night into sunday. the models are not in agreement exactly about timing and whether or not this will give us much rain. we have a better shot the week after. we do need rain. it's nice to have it dry for new year's eve for people getting around and traveling but hopefully we will see some rain heading toward next week. >> sounds good. this afternoon the raiders
5:54 pm
thing and an announcement that they hired a new general manager. the nfl network analyst has been tapped to run the team. he is one of the draft analyst. he has a big job ahead of him because the raiders have three first round draft picks coming up. may out has never held a job like this. >> there are reports that the raiders may go international and the team is searching for a place to play expanding overseas. a uk tabloid said the raiders are in talk with a soccer club to play home games at its new stadium in london. the raiders have played three games in lincoln but could move the whole schedule to that country. the raiders still have at least the alameda headquarters and they could spend time there in between road games. are you
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feeling that 2019 will be your lucky year? lottery players hope to start the new year by hitting the jackpot. the mega millions has grown to 41 5 million. the eighth largest in mega millions history. the drawing is set to take place tomorrow night. the largest prize was drawn in october and that jackpot was little more than $1.5 billion. it has still not been claimed. a recent college graduate and an intern at a conservation center killed when a escaped. coming up, how this could've happened.
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a lien that got loose killed a woman at a burlington, north carolina zoo.
5:58 pm
the woman was a 22-year-old intern at the facility. wear alliant escaped and killed an intern at a conservation center. >> this is the worst day of my life. we lost a person and an animal. we lost our faith in ourselves a little bit today.>>reporter: alexander black was mauled to death while cleaning and animal enclosure, just two weeks into her new job. the attack happened as the keeper was cleaning the enclosure and the cat slipped out past the locked area. multiple attempts to tranquilize the lion failed and the lion was eventually shot and killed. the center houses the animals including tigers and small wildcats and offers guided walking tours and is regulated by the department of agriculture. black graduated from indiana university in may with a degree
5:59 pm
in animal behavior. the director said she wanted to spend her life working with animals. >> i'm grateful for the family of this individual. they are extraordinary people and they understand that this was important to their loved one. reporter: officials say black was killed during the attack and the conservatory will be closed. this is ktvu fox2news at 6. >> good evening i'm alex savidge. >> and i'm heather holmes. we begin with a developing story. a man died after his rowboat capsized in richardson bay at 2 pm today. >> paramedics performed cpr but they could not five the man. he was on a boat with a woman
6:00 pm
who also ended up in the water. she was taken to the hospital. the fire department said they are in their mid-40s and neither was wearing a jacket. crews on jet skis and helicopters conducted an expanded search in case there were more people in the water. for a large portion of the world it is already 2019. >> here is a look at and how they brought in the new year in moscow. together to watch an explosive fireworks display. >> a lot of people are ringing in 2019 in rio. it just became 2019 there. the new year is beginning in these live pictures with a spectacular fireworks show and a lot of celebrating. >> that is quite a display. >> yes, elaborate. >> i could watch that all night. >> account down in the bay area


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