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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  January 6, 2019 7:00am-8:31am PST

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good morning and thank you for waking up with us. >> happy weekend and good morning. the wind and the rain this year. >> it has been a messy weekend so far. you will need an umbrella. a storm system contains -- continues to bring strong rain in the bay area. yesterday the rain caused pleasant -- flooding. you can see the large waves causing flooding in the area. >> it is super windy. the waves look huge. we were going to walk to the
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ferry along the water but i did not know it was this bad. they're going to shut on the road. it's insane. it is still beautiful. >> the rain has also caused dangerous driving conditions in the bay area. please slow down and be extra careful. >> the storm system also bringing in a lot of fresh know in the sea area -- sierra area. last night's slick conditions caused several spin outs and crashes on interstate 80 near blue canyon. >> the load -- roads are slippery. >> it has been very slow and to stop in and completely stopped for probably two hours. >> if you are heading up to the sierra, chains are required.
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interstate 80 and highway 50 our pets. packer patients it is going to be a very long ride but you have great runs. >> i think the good times and the sierra are coming. our meteorologist joins us now. you told us it was coming. i was sad when it started coming. >> today another round is going to be wet and windy. this time around, a little more rain even picking up on thunder and lightning off the coast line. here's a view of what we are starting out with this morning. mostly cloudy skies. mainly dry as we shift into the south bay and inner east bay. the next storm is already moving through. giving a look at storm tracker to. as we get closer to the bay area we have it here as well. highway 101 in sonoma valley,
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napa valley and stretches toward fairfield. you can see pretty much covered at this point. even a few pockets of moderate rain over the mill valley area. the inner east bay is still mainly dry. a few scattered showers of her antioch. mostly cloudy skies and dry conditions. along the peninsula stretching from san francisco through san mateo we have rain. ocean beach , pacifico, half moon bay is still dry. beginning to approach into the santa cruz area. the winds picking up once again. when advisory starts at 10 am. oakland reporting sustained winds at 15. canon mountain view 12 over areas of hayward. you can expect this with the next system in addition to what and windy conditions. the sierra storm warning continues.
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the winds are expected to be strong. the winds could reach 50-60 miles per hour. as far as rainfall amount, anywhere from about three quarters of an inch to two inches expected. i will break down the timeline of this and take a look at temperatures in the extended forecast coming up. nine people in vallejo are being held by the red cross after an early morning fire brother home. it started about for quite p.m. at the mobile estate trailer park. firefighters tweeted this photo of the aftermath. it took one hour to get the fire under control. no one was hurt. as you can see the damage is extensive. the fire left three adults and six children without a place to stay. the cause is under investigation. in solano county at least one person has died in a multi- car crash on highway 80 and 680. the accident happened before 11
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pm. at least two cars were involved. the two left lanes of eastbound i 80 were closed for hours. one man is died in one woman critically injured in a vehicle rollover in san jose. they were passengers in an suv when it veered off highway 87 just before 10:00 p.m. the driver told investigators he was headed northbound on 87 when he encountered backup traffic at the taylor street offramp they worked to avoid hitting the stopped traffic but veered into a wall at the interchange causing the suv to roll on its side. for people were an suv. all wearing seatbelts. woman hurt in the crash was taken to a nearby hospital. talks to into the government showdown. president trump has made no progress after negotiations
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white house. the president proposed border wall continues to be the main sticking point. a few hours ago the president tweeted, the only reason they do not want to build the wall is because it is my 9% of our illegal border crossing will end crime in our country and it will go way down. we will save billions of dollars a year. a properly planned and constructed mobile pays for itself many times a year. nancy pelosi said repeatedly that democrats will not pay for a wall and tweeted, while donald trump threatens the showdown, the macarthur taking further action to reopen government in order to meet america's needs, protect our borders and respect workers. she also said that next week house democrats are going to start passing individual appropriations bill. they're going to start with the department of treasury and the irs. mike pence is leading talk this weekend with congressional aides. trump will be at camp david talk about border security at a separate meeting.
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the president has not budged on his demand for $5 billion for his promised border wall. the president said he may go around congress and declare a national emergency in order to build the wall. analysts are protecting legal challenges to that strategy. >> in the case of a national emergency he can tap pentagon budget to tap into national emergency. other than the asylum-seekers, our border is more secure with fewer people crossing illegally than any time in the last 20 years. the courts should throw it out. >> some republicans say they think both sides could reach a deal to in the showdown. a compromise could include border wall funding. other gop leaders are blaming democrats for the impact. >> it is a resounding wall on their part where they are not responding. >> tens of thousands of federal workers are currently furloughed during the shutdown and are
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eligible for back pay. many national parks around the bay area are overflowing with trash due to the government showdown. the unsightly representative -- they helped clean up all of the debris. they helped pick up trash at ocean beach. a representative from congressman spears office tells us that the, trash gathered will be taken to the white house. federal workers in st. louis gave a chance to show washington they are not happy about the showdown. the workers are employed by the federal department of agriculture and some are in a program that provides home loans to low income families. they don't know when they will be paid again and they say some creditors aren't understanding about their predicament. >> there are rural housing borrowers that are waiting to get into their homes and they can't at this time because we can't process their loans.
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we need to be funded because we need our paychecks and we need to service the american people. >> she went on to say that while she could get back pay once the showdown is over the same relief would not be extended to nongovernment workers at her facility like cafeteria employees and the janitors. >> the shutdown is prompting tsa officers to call in sick. it has seen an increase in the number of employees calling off work since the government showdown began. the tsa says the impact is minimal along among the agencies. a spokesperson tells them that wait times at major airports are still within the agencies standard. tsa employees are expected to keep working during the government showdown even without pay. they are entitled to back pay if the government resumes funding. governor elect has a full slate. in anticipation of the
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inauguration ceremony. he and his wife will host a children's event of california state railroad museum in sacramento. later, he will participate in the benefit concert at the golden one center. portion of the ticket sales will help victims of the 2017 and 2018 california wildfires. performers include pitbull, common, and since. there banned from paradise who a tribute song about their hometown. this man and his wife will move to the governor's mansion after all the chronicle was first report the move. there have been earlier speculations that the family would stay in the marin county home. the governor moved out of his office and the mention just last week. join us for live coverage it begins tomorrow for the inauguration of our 40th governor of california. the inauguration ceremony will begin at 11:00. monday will be
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the last office for governor jerry brown. ending a 50 year career in government. he first served as governor from 1975-1983 before taking office again in 2011. he also served as the mayor of oakland. and other offices. he plans to move to his ranch with his wife and family. house speaker nancy pelosi will be in her san francisco district to thank her supporters to reclaim the speaker's gavel on thursday. for the second time, became the highest-ranking woman in american government. she has represented synthesis, the house for 30 years. today's thank you event begins at 11 am. up next, a rescue and it's all caught on camera. more on the cruise and the good samaritans who stepped in to help a man from a burning car in texas. giving birth while in a coma. the investigation into why
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workers at a private healthcare facility had no idea the woman was pregnant.
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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welcome back. police officers and families are still trying to find answers after a deadly shooting at a bowling alley in southern california. >> it doesn't make sense. >> police say three men were killed between the ages of 20 and 28. for the people were injured after a man started shooting after midnight on friday night in the city of torrance. police officers have not given any information about a possible suspect. >> please just turn yourself in. i don't have my baby and my grandson doesn't have his father. >> the bowling alley has been a scene of a crime before. a woman was killed in a
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shooting in the parking lot four years ago. start please are investigating after a woman who had been in a coma for more than 10 years i gave birth. there is no question the woman was . she has been hospitalized at a private facility since she nearly drowned more than a decade ago. the facility said no one even knew she was pregnant until she began moaning and saw the crown of the baby's head. a gynecologist says it's possible woman was moaning because she felt pain despite being in a coma. >> she would have been able to experience pain and would have felt pain and i don't believe there would have been any consciousness or understanding of what's going on. anyone with any nervous tissue will feel pain and can respond. >> the woman had a baby boy who was reported to be in good condition. doctors say it's unusual that no one noticed the woman was pregnant and healthcare facility won't save its increased insecurity or conducting dna tests to see if any of them could be the father.
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>> people in new zealand saw and heard an unusual display in the sky overnight. >> you never see that again in your life. >> if you look closely you can see 20 fireballs streaking across the sky. people say they saw what looked like a shooting star and then heard a loud boom before it broke into. astronomers are trying to figure out if the light was a falling satellite or perhaps a meteorite. we are checking on the status of the pacific coast highway in malibu. mudslides forced emergency workers to shut down the highway. both directions overnight were closed. several car starting getting through. they got stuck. all the heavy rain affecting los angeles and ventura county. the same areas affected by november's devastating will the fire. the weather that you predicted came to fruition. >> i thought yesterday afternoon, this not bad.
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>> there was a break for a little bit. >> the sky opened up and then it was raining. >> it was a miserable day and one more coming our way. in addition to the rain, the wind is back with another wind advisory expected later this morning. it will be even a little longer than what we saw yesterday. that was a look at the golden gate bridge where it is already soggy out there. a look at where we landed in the last 24 hours. a more than a half inch of rain coming in. about an inch and a third. here's a look at storm or two. as we move closer you can see widespread over the north bay a few heavier pockets reported in the napper area. we have a pocket of moderate to
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heavy rain. it is coming down over the bridge as well. widespread of her san francisco toward the coast line. heading east and crossing the bay bridge. it is shifting down along the peninsula all the way into the santa cruz mountains. the south bay as well as enter east bay as we get into tahoe. tahoe has an advisory that will continue until tomorrow morning. people trying to come down from the hill -- the mountain will be a treacherous conditions with white out conditions. are wind is anywhere from 20-35. very similar to yesterday. another wet and breezy day. here's a look at the timeline as we get into lunch hour. is widespread. as we get into
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the late night hours it finally begins to wind down. we get a break for your bay area on monday. is a look at temperatures. within a few degrees for most, as we get into the afternoon, widespread and low to mid 50s expected with breezy and wet conditions. starting with a few scattered showers possible early on monday. it does not go away. more rain on the way for tuesday and wednesday. mostly cloudy on thursday. not a lot of change going on there. for the latest on weather conditions around the bay area and northern california download our free to be weather app. our team is also posting updates on facebook twitter and instagram. i have to say, i love the weather app. i use it quite a bit. >> i use it all of the time. are you going to have a long trek down 80 coming home? >> you really are. i'm guessing eight maybe 12
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hours. it's going to be one of those days. right now is probably the best time to get out of dodge. >> just skip the morning. >> is hard to do. >> i know it's will be hard. but that 12 hour drive. start the search continues for a host for the oscars. >> kevin hart stepped down after being accused of posting homophobic tweets in the past. we will tell you what he is now saying and who is urging him to maybe rethink that decision. a fallen officer shot and killed during a traffic stop. how the community one -- honored the corporal.
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the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only december 26th to january 6th. ikea. thousands of mourners all came together to arner this corporal. he was shot and killed during a traffic stop the day after christmas. he attended yesterday service for the corporal sing. he was remembered as a beloved friend who loved serving his community. >> we will say goodbye today. you will always be in our hearts . >> saying goodbye to a fallen hero. >> we probably more than anything wanted to be home on
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christmas night with his wife and young son. instead he made a selfless choice to serve his whole community. >> this corporal remembers the day as a fiji born american hero who had a calling to serve. >> when he gave me the opportunity to protect and serve he was willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. >> hundreds made the trip to crosspoint church in modesto looking for one last chance to remember the always smiling, family living fishermen that always wanted to be a cop. >> he used to watch cops and videos that he always wanted to become a law enforcement officer in america. >> honoring his character. >> thank you for being the man that we all want to be. inc. you for being the police officer , the k-9 officer, the corporal that everybody should strive to
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be. >> his sacrifice. >> never did i think we would be standing here saying goodbye to such a great man. >> after the service streets were lined with family, friends, community members and law enforcement. standing side-by-side not letting a little rain distract from the duty of saluting a fallen hero. >> to honor a fallen american who came to america the right way for the right reasons. >> showing up for corporal sing in his department and most importantly his family. >> that was tish palma dessie. this is the first line of duty death for the department. he leaves behind a wife and a five-month-old son. uc berkeley is calling at
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an unimaginable tragedy. >> what we learned about the 19- year-old football player who died after what's being called a medical emergency. details on the first demonstration of the year by the yellow vest movement in paris.
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grab a cup of coffee and roll out of bed and tune into ktvu. we have more rain on the way. we want to give a shout out to xavier who requested marine five . it has been a wet week.
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>> it was a little foggy yesterday. >> good morning. let's get a quick look at your weather. it came in like a lion yesterday. >> we will take it. we have another round coming our way. the wet and windy conditions will be with us in the bay area on sunday. mount diablo came in at 72 miles per hour at 52 even oakland seven miles per hour. the wind advisory starts at 10 am. it is breezy but not near anywhere close to what we will see later today. here's a look from san francisco across the bay. it is a soggy start. the gray sky is in place. it is widespread over the north bay at this time. california continues north all the way down to southern california to see the wet weather.
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the sierra in the snow picking up. picked up anywhere from a half it to a foot of snow. that will continue with another round more expected for the next 24 hours. here's a look at storm tracker two. the northbay all the way down to the city is a bridge recovered. perhaps into sausalito. the central bay recovered at this point from san francisco down to the east bayshore all the way into hayward. it stretches toward lafayette. still mainly dry as an west. san francisco all the way down into areas of los gatos. it will continue to slide across the bay as we get to the second part of the morning. a lull over the sierra. it will be picking up as well. several advisories in place across the state. wounds in oakland reporting at 16.
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napa at 10. fearful nine. the next system bringing in with it the rain and the wind and the sierra snow. with that several advisories in place. we are expecting to see anywhere from three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half for most of the urban areas. two inches expected for the hills. it could be 40-45 miles per hour wounds. windy enough to topple trees and power lines. the winter storm warning means that we have whiteout conditions expected for people trying to get home from sierra. timeline of the storm and what to expect in the extended forecast coming up. the trump administration said overnight that it is dependent on multiple factors. national security officer said
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the conditions include, defeating the remnants of isis in northeastern syria and protections for militias that have fought along the u.s. there is no timeline for withdrawal. a drawdown was conducted within weeks. >> a football player has died at the age of 19. bryce turner was a quarterback and died yesterday. he was hospitalized near his home a week ago in southern california after he suffered a medical emergency during a non- team work out. our hearts are broken with this unimaginable tragedy. he was a young man with a bright future. he was a valued member of our football team. the cause of death has not been released. three women from berkeley have several -- separate crashes. a car hit a pedestrian at sacramento and lincoln street. 69-year-old woman suffered serious injuries. just after midnight on saturday morning a car and hit two women
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crossing martin luther king junior way. school board president and her wife's. those are listed in critical condition. the drivers in both our cooperating. police in the south bay area are looking for a motive that led to the deadly officer shooting in santa clara. the suspect first set a fire at a gas station where he worked. he went to the station off lafayette in santa clara early yesterday. that is where he started firing a rifle and a handgun at people on the road and at the gas pumps. he went inside the convenience store and continued to shoot his weapon. >> this suspects actions and behavior is completely consistent with what an active shooter situation looks like. something that we have unfortunately seen occur in many other jurisdictions.
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>> santa clara police received several 911 calls. officers confronted him and shot him and say it's a miracle that no one else was injured. the suspect is being described as a 55-year-old man. santa clara county corners will release his name and hometown after relatives have been notified. days after oakland police released a new number of reduction violent crime. foreman died in two separate shootings. troubleshooting happened at 90 p.m. when police arrived they found three main suffering from gunshot wounds. the shooting is gained related. they have not been released with the names. the other two were from oakland. is just 29 and 31. police have not released suspect information and have not said if they've made any arrests. another man died from an unrelated shooting in oakland. it happened at 1:20 am. police are not sure of a motive. have not made arrests.
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stock french belief fire tear gas in paris during the first yellow vest demonstration of the new year. thousands of demonstrators marching through the streets to protest the high cost of living. police taking action after demonstrators set cars and motorcycles on fire. protesters attacked government offices. smoke and tear gas could also be seen and smelled near the french academy as well. former u.s. the secretary has died. he served in the carter administration and guided the pentagon through turbulent period that included the invasion of and can a stand. ãafghanistan. he considered the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in which eight u.s. service members died. his greatest regret and most painful lesson learned. he was 91 years old. a minute looked to be alive
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after he was rescued from a burning car in texas. the police department released dash cam video showing a group of people rushing toward the burning car. that was hit in a wrong way crash on new year's day. a 70-year-old man trapped inside and was eventually freed. the man would not have survived without the heroic efforts of the group of people the 28-year- old driver of the roadway vehicle did die at the scene. more festivities underweight leading up to the national college football to two game. >> the game will be tomorrow. some of the other events planned for college football fans. the faceup of the sacrament to kings. a wrecker that was sent.
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we are back. requested by glenn. thank you for your suggestions this morning. we are ready to play anything that makes you feel good. >> that's a good start. >> this is a great song. another rainy and windy day. details on the weather coming up. we are minutes away from one of the big events linked to the college football players national games. we are live in san jose where athletes in another sport are
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preparing to show off their skills. it is a cold morning if they're still out there. >> yes it is cold. there is so much excitement that it doesn't even matter how cold it is. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see how much fun everyone is having at this hour. there is a band playing. the 5k kicks off at about 20 minutes. it's called the extra yard 5k. toasted in connection to the chippy chicken tomorrow. it gives fans a chance to participate. there's a treat at the end of the race. have an award ceremony. >> the top overall male and female will be entered into a drawing to win two tickets to the national chairmanship game. the family-friendly event goes on from 10 am. throughout the
7:41 am
entire date there will be a lot of things going on. it starts with the 5k that's kicks off and 8 am. it's a really fun family- friendly event. is a lot of excitement. we will bring you more about excitement and about 30 minutes. >> we will check in with you at about 30 minutes. there are several other events for college football fans. we have the extra yard for teachers summit continuing. but started attending and. that features workshops and engaging students as well as speakers with stories of how they are motivated by their school. it is opened to all teachers with school id and families. for everyone there is a market. that includes tailgate games. it also begins at 10 am. at noon, the playoff seen central a visit santa clara county convention center. there are exhibits about college football, autograph signings, band performances. tonight at 6 pm, there will be
7:42 am
performances as a playlist of life. it is all leading up to the college championship game. it features alabama and clemson. that's the fourth year these two teams have met. how about the warriors and kings. sacramento had a three-point party. it was an nba record dew point party. -- three-point party. >> hold on of that. 30 have a 10 by steph curry. he was not as happy about 13 turnovers. two teams will meet again in oakland next month.
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>> at halftime they said it should be the end of game score. what is likely their biggest game in the past month. san jose hosting tampa bay. 34 seconds in the first period. evander kane also scored twice giving him 200 goals in his career. the lightning played well enough to earn a point. that ended with the sharks winning 5-2. our attention goes to college hoops and the top bay area team just might be. might be the best in 20 years. they took on pepperdine. he had 18 and they led by for. usf now down to add crunch time. he will gun it from three-point land and he will head it up and in. after two foul shots the last
7:44 am
shot made three. there is for ari. he made it a three to push this into overtime. it's not going to work. desperado came over. number seven gonzaga hosting santa clara. this was a big-time blowout. he had a sweet little spin move. he had 25 points as gonzaga roles santa clara by 43. st marys hosting byu. three in the first half. their out front by seven. in the second half with sloppy play by the cougars. it is going to go the other way. he will put it up and and what they don't.
7:45 am
they were ever be -- here we go. the turnover of david singleton find prince ali. ali will take it up and in. we will need no help. he takes it in. the lead is for at the half. cody riley and mrs. brown on the lob in the circus bucket. 5-9. ucla wins it. >> lots of good memories watching basketball. and indoor arena. this is a good movie day. i saw a movie yesterday. green book, it's really good.
7:46 am
we also have the golden globes tonight. this is a view of the soggy weather. we have another day of a wet and windy weather coming our way. when advisory not in place just yet. the wind a little breezy but not too bad. when advisory for the bay area starts at 10 am and goes until 10:00 p.m. it expired at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. and even longer stretch of windy weather that could topple trees, power lines which is something to be aware of. here is a look at where the rain is falling. we have the widespread rain over the north bay this morning. have your pockets reported inside american canyon. stretching toward the bridge as we shift into the central bay. is fairly widespread from the coastline. over the last half hour we saw something creep inland.
7:47 am
fearful right now 13 miles per hour. an apple at 10. a winter storm warning for sierra. it is going to be really dangerous getting down the mountain. whiteout conditions of the possibility. for us, the wind advisory is widespread. wind gusts 50-65 miles per hour for the hills. 40-45 around the bay area. it is still coming down around much hour. for end of the evening our it is finally tapering off. mainly dry for tomorrow morning. 40s in areas like livermore. 50 degrees in berkeley. 46 santa rosa. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. afternoon highs in the 50s. slight chance of a few scattered showers. mainly dry but not going to
7:48 am
last. more rain on the way for tuesday. the way you use a credit card rewards could change. >> how banks are changing the rules of her consumers found ways to game the system.
7:49 am
the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future?
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please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. welcome back. a great way to learn -- earn
7:51 am
hotel mileage. >> banks are changing the game as more consumers have learned how to maximize those rewards. >> signing up for new credit card is what is not what used to be. they have to with the perks in the point. do you want airline miles, cash back and free hotel stays. according to the wall street journal the big banks may be cutting back on some of those rewards. speak what we are looking at is a shift. reward cards have proved to be successful. the problem is cardholders have learned how to game the system. and industry analyst calls it card schoening -- churning. >> they could design a bonus and then they dump it. that's not profitable for the issuers. >> it is costing banks 50% more over a year. the banks have started giving away less up front.
7:52 am
cards like j.p. morgan's chase sapphire reserve now offer 50,000 points as a signing bonus. at one point the bonus was 100,000 points. one american express is coming back on its son up offers. the city group is also producing perks like free hotel stays. just because the upfront. start with the used to be doesn't mean there isn't city of value to take advantage of. banks are offering more perks over time as a way to retain car users. >> we see a number of hotel cards during this. they give you a free night every year you keep the card. >> r kelly is speaking out against serious allegations. >> what he said after a new ducky series shows several women accusing him of brainwashing and abusing.
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r kelly is denying allegations from a documentary. in the ducky series several women accused the finger of brainwashing and abusing them. he is also accused of abusing teenage girls.'s acquittal in 2008 is also part of the documentary. hours before it premiered the lawyer threatened to file a lawsuit if the series aired. >> kevin hart does not plan to host the oscars despite support from ellen degeneres. he stepped down from hosting after old tweet surfaced. the comedian talked about the controversial tweets and during the interview degeneres defended heart and urged him to reconsider his decision to host the oscars. there are reports that heart will not host the show because he does not want to be a distraction.
7:56 am
the party of the year is hours away. the biggest stars of film and tv are getting ready for their golden globe was. >> the golden globe awards kicking off the coveted award season with a star-studded party. the gloves and a coming screen actors guild award silver the best in film. a nomination or a when can carry its weight in gold. >> campaigning is so important for all of these movies. we are in the heat of campaign season. there are wounds being developed how to win these awards. >> front runners include a star is born. mary poppins returns, green book and device. when you have power people will always try to take it from you >> there is a lot of amazing
7:57 am
material produced. it's an amazing compliment to to be included. >> with so much talk about recognizing diversity, both black panther and crazy rich asians have shared in the wealth. >> hollywood is improving in terms of the diversity front. crazy rich asians who did not let movie? >> the red carpet is getting ready for the stars for the movies and tv shows that you love. see who wins big as we bring you all of the latest from this year's golden globes. the senator continues to travel around i will to become the 2020 presidential campaign. >> the massachusetts democrat recently formed an extraordinary committee widely seen as the unofficial confirmation of a white house run. yesterday was day two of her three day tour of the hawkeye
7:58 am
state. part of the focus is on income inequality and the middle class along with president trump's 2017 tax cut. the iowa trip terms more than conference goers will be casting their ballots. >> it will be here before you know it. a lot of people have been calling in sick. >> will tell you how the shutdown is prompting more tsa officers to not go to work. arguments in washington continue in effort to into the shutdown. what the president has to say about the lack of progress being made.
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welcome back. here's a live look at san jose. here is the 5k. we are waiting for to start any moment. it looks like they are starting. >> don't they know they are up on tv right now? >> they don't care they just want to get moving. it is cold out there. no one seems to mind. this is one of the many events that are associated with the national college football championship game. there keeping everyone busy. >> imagine the alabama fans. what's up with this weather is what they are probably thinking.
8:01 am
>> we are trying to hold on to the start to see them get going. it looks like it may be a little bit. i imagine they will get going and a little bit. we will keep an eye on them. >> you know -- good morning and happy sunday. we will get your weather in a moment. more rain on the way. first another shot. there we go! >> and the music is playing. >> that is great.
8:02 am
day 16 in the partial government shutdown with no end in sight. there were meetings yesterday at the white house but they did not provide much headway in the president says he will not budge on the border wall number. in the meantime, garbage is piling up in the national parks. we will tell you at two local politicians did to help ease the pain. california said goodbye to new police corporal. >> standing room only at the 33- year-old funeral. he was living the american dream . we will have more on his service coming up. >> it has been a messy weekend so far. do not put that umbrella away. the storm system continues to bring rain and strong winds to the bay area. you have a wind advisory in effect. it will go until 10 pm tonight.
8:03 am
all the rain caused flooding yesterday. have power outages and hundreds of flight delays. check out san francisco's waterfront with the large waves. this is all a long pier 14. >> it is super windy. the waves look huge. we were going to what walk to the ferry. is pretty insane. it still beautiful. >> still beautiful but maybe from inside the rain is causing dangerous conditions around the bay area. they are reminding all drivers to slow down and take your time and be extra careful. you can fill the wind on the bridges. a bit of a mess here. there loving it here in the sierra. a lot of snow in the mountains. they had about two feet of new snow. you saw these letters as well. all the snow causing problems on the road. slick conditions caused several spin outs.
8:04 am
>> the roads are slippery. the roads are scary. you have to have chains. >> it has been very slow and stop and go and completely stopped for about two hours. >> if you are headed up to the sierra today or heading back down, transits says chains are still required on interstate 80 and highway 50. i would suggest a nice evening at tahoe and drive home tomorrow. does it helped to wake up early and trying to drive? >> definitely it's a lot safer. i have they leave sooner than later. is going to be a rough one. into the evening hours, moderate to heavy rain over
8:05 am
some areas. as we get into the overnight hours, it finally tapers off. here's a look at san francisco in a look at the bridge. we have a lot of clouds in place. you can see from the lens that there is what weather out there. 10-20 miles per hour. we have a few hours or so before it officially kicks in. the winds will be picking up between now and then. here's a view of the entire state. the entire state saw the what weather. moderate pockets of rain reported from napa and stretching toward american canyon. you will see into the san pablo bay. and the click it's a tough one to get past this point. as we shift into areas over san francisco the light rain continues along the coastline all the way down the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. it is why spread over the east
8:06 am
bay as well. this occurred in the last half hour. we have rain for you and san jose. moderate rain reported at times. a little bit available at the sierra. you can see it is already creeping in and the advisory goes into tomorrow morning. it does not expire until 4 am. wins at 13. oakland 18 miles per hour. fearful eight. it could reach any 50-60 mile- per-hour throughout the day. for the rest of us 40-45. strong enough to topple trees and bring down power lines. about an inch and a half of rain fall. for the sierra another foot of snow. a winter storm warning indicates whiteout conditions is a possibility on those highways. i will have a look at the
8:07 am
timeline of the system and in the extended forecast and what you can expect coming up. people are being helped by the red cross after an early morning fire burned their home. it started at 4 am. firefighters tweeted photos of the aftermath. it took about one hour to get the fire in control. the far left three adults and six kids without a place to stay. is of the fire is still under investigation. people in santa saw county remembering the life of corporal rundell seeing. >> we will take it by today but you will always be in our hearts. >> at the crosspoint church in modesto filled for his service yesterday morning. streets were lined with people after the service as he was eventually laid to rest in houston. the 34-year-old was shot and killed during a dui stop. it was the day after christmas.
8:08 am
people who knew him described him as an example of the american dream. >> when you gave him the opportunity to protect and serve, he was willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. >> he was born in fiji and moved to the u.s.. he leaves behind a wife and a five-month- old son. talks continue to in the partial government shutdown which is now in its third week. trump said no progress has been made. the president has proposed a border wall and is the main sticking point. the president tweeted this, the only reason they don't want to build the wall is the walls work. under my percent of the illegal border crossing will decrease. we will say billions of dollars a year. a properly pleaded constructed wall will pay for itself many times a year. house majority leader nancy pelosi says the democrats will not pay for a wall and tweeted
8:09 am
this, donald trump threatens to have a shut down, they are taking actions to reopen the government in order to meet needs of the american people. she also said that next week house democrats are going to start passing individual appropriations build to open all government agencies and they will start with the department of treasury and the irs. mike pence is leading the talks this weekend with congressional aides. trump will be at camp david this morning to talk about border security at a separate meeting. democrats and the president has not budged on his demand for $5 billion for his promised border wall. he may go around congress and declare a national emergency in order to build the wall. some lawmakers are are already predicting challenges. >> how you can describe what's going on in the border right now which is other than the asylum-seekers, our border is more secure with fewer people
8:10 am
crossing illegally then it has an anytime the last 20 years. the court should throw it out. >> some republicans say they think both sides to reach a deal to in the shut down. they believe a compromise could includes border wall funding. it is a resounding wall on their part they are not responding. >> tens of thousands of federal workers are furloughed during the shut down. they will be eligible for back pay when it all ends. tsa officers will call in sick. the agency says it has seen an increase in the number of employees calling off work since the shutdown began. tsa says its impact is minimal among the agencies 51,000 employees. a spokesperson tells us that wait times at the airports are
8:11 am
still within the agencies standards. tsa employees are expected to keep working during the shut down. without pay. they are entitled to back pay. one of the many events for all of the fans for the college football championship. this one is for the athletes who would like to support a good cause. also while getting an exercise themselves. she is down in san jose where people got off and running just minutes ago. >> there aren't too many runners who right now because they are running around the root which is amazing because it's three miles. they are doing it for a good cause. it benefits teachers with teaching programs all across the area. and also butte county which is incredible. this goes it helps students helping that were affected by the campfire.
8:12 am
this is what it looks like before the runners left us. they are doing it for a good cause. is great that they're out here braving the cold. it's called the extra yard 5k and hosted in connection to the temperature game tomorrow. it goes through san jose and wraps up it cesar chavez plaza. there is live entertainment and they will and award ceremony. several top man and woman runner will be entered into a contest to get tickets to the game. >> we are all out here to support local running events. with it's great to get everyone out regardless of for disability. we have runners who are fast and not as fast and are working towards it. we have a lot of teachers in our group.
8:13 am
>> we expect the race to take about two hours. it is scheduled to go on till about 10 am. it doesn't matter what your ability is you could be really fast or slow, you can walk or run. is a good family friendly event. there will be events throughout the entire day until about 10 pm. there getting people excited about the temperature game tomorrow. it is leading up to the college game. it features top-ranked alabama against clemson. it will make it the third time in four years these two teams have met. an attack on a famous bookstore in san francisco. >> why staff think a political mission outside may have sparked someone to smash a window. he is getting ready to be
8:14 am
sworn into office. we will talk to him about the incoming government -- governor coming up.
8:15 am
nancy pelosi will be in her san francisco district office to think supporters. she became the highest-ranking woman in the history of american government. she represented san francisco in the house for 30 years in today's thank you event begins at 11 am.
8:16 am
gavin newsom will be sworn in as the governor. it will complete a today celebration that includes a full slate of events. weird when life to talk about what's ahead. >> the chronicle did an analysis about what could go wrong for gavin newsom. he goes into this with a surplus in the budget. where are the biggest concerns for where this could off track? >> if we look at what gavin newsom did during the campaign, he made a number of promises to a lot of different groups. he talked about healthcare, early childhood education, job training in a variety of things that will cost a lot of money. governor brown set him up this is that the california economy is doing well. there is a number of surplus items in the budget.
8:17 am
gavin newsom is a different type of governor. this is a generational change. a big change as well. gavin newsom being one of the leaders of the anti-trump movement. immigration, healthcare and all of these issues will be challenges. we will know right away what his priorities are because he's going to set for the budget leader in the week. >> he made preschool education a top priority. you mentioned the homelessness, while fire danger and that's pretty have a guess on what he will hang his hat on the most? >> early childhood education will be an important element. we have had some signals that that will be part of his budget. he has to decide what it's going to look like for healthcare is going to be something that the progressives likes. that is what you have to look like with gavin newsom.
8:18 am
then you move on from there and move on to other things that are much more serious. they will center around healthcare in children and education and job training. >> how much of this is fallen him to continue his work. we talked about how the high- speed rail and water projects did not finish as he wanted to. how much does it say that this is me as governor and i'm not necessarily going to say goodbye to some of those other issues but i'm going to move them over for my own. >> if you were to talk to jerry brown today, you would see the captain troy was one of the biggest accomplishments that he started with our lunch was a bigger. these are obviously challenges and you have to leave money in the budget. for these unintended that might
8:19 am
be unforeseen. all of this will challenge gavin newsom but he has to set his mark on someone different. he's going to continue some of the legacy projects but at the same time make his mark in the national spotlight. that will be an important component as well. >> speaking of the national stage, how he will go from governor and interact with president trump in terms of what's going on nationally, how much of that do you see coming in later as he establishes himself as governor and then hits the national stage. where does this come in all at one time? >> he needs to have some policy successes. things that really notate or demarcate his role as a politician. to do that he will need a strong california economy, he needs policy successes. it's very difficult to do that
8:20 am
when you have an early set of primaries in 2020. all these other people who potentially could be californians running for president. 2020 is too early for him. in the mix for 2024. this guy has an upward trajectory and need successes and will look for that early in his tenure. >> we appreciate the chat this morning. still have, we are talking about police in texas because they made an arrest in the murder of a 7-year-old girl. we will tell you investigators believe more evidence could lead to more suspects. life can change in an instant.
8:21 am
8:22 am
be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. a benefit concert to help fire victims to help governor newsom. >> two men from paradise who
8:23 am
took their grief and channeled it into a creative way to help others will also be performing at the concert. >> ♪ i can remember the first time that i fell in love with this town. mint >> these lyrics role in emotional inspired by life in paradise. >> ♪ >> they aren't country superstars. they aren't making millions off of their song. they are paradise natives can't fire survivors as well. >> i was thankful that i got out. a lot of people could not. >> he and his brothers house burned to the ground. family members lost their homes. >> my parents called me with they were coming down skyway. they were in tears inking they
8:24 am
weren't going to make it. >> the color taken out of paradise. lush greenery replaced by charred hillsides. they took their pain and confusion and put it to music. >> we wrote music about our towns. >> i came up with a song about the fire. the call it one of these days. >> ♪ one of these days we are going to rebuild my church on the corner. @>> -- ♪ >> they finally see robel and ash. they those lyrics straight from his heart. music helped him grieve and he's hoping that it will help us neighbors as well. >> it's not about me at all. it is something for everyone. >> it says on a side of the side of the road. future paradise seems bleak.
8:25 am
does not change the way they feel about the home time. >> @-- ♪ >> back to you. >> that is a nice tune. >> i think it's great. they deserve the acknowledgment. music helped a lot of people survive times. is is great also on a rainy day. >> inc. you from your suggestions for keeping us going. we will start at 10:00 a.m. and go all the way to 10:00 tonight. another look across the east bay. mount diablo the winds are
8:26 am
gusting about 70. the could see a repeat for today. here's a look at storm trucker to. let's get closer and look at what's happening here widespread over the home. moderate rain into napa. stretches to belayer. from vallejo down to american canyon. you are seeing some moderate rain and it stretches over towards mill valley. closer to the coast. down on the possible moving into the inner east bay. some of the lighter shade of green you are just on the edge there of more rain coming your way. there's a look at the santa cruz mountains. snow levels down to about areas near blue canyon. just below the 5000 feet mark.
8:27 am
there will continue to drop in the winter storm warning. whiteout conditions go all the way to tomorrow morning. it will be treacherous up there with a wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. widespread wind gusts to 40 miles per hour. is a look at future cast. noticed the entire day we are down to 5:00 p.m. it finally tapers off tonight. we are driver tomorrow. temperatures in the low 50s. cool and breezy and wet into the 50s. your extended forecast shows you we will get a break on monday. more rain in the forecast on tuesday and perhaps wednesday. is the cloudy on thursday. the storm door is open. for the latest on weather conditions around northern california download our free weather app. our weather team is also posting updates on facebook and twitter. thank you for sending in your picture from patcher -- had a
8:28 am
message from somebody who said it's raining. it should be raining by now >> we want to thank you for joining us this morning. we have xavier taking on marquette. >> you can go to our website for the latest news. have a great day. we leave you with journey.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome to fox college basketball. on the journey to march madness we bring you all the marquee matchups. >> what an electric atmosphere. >> this should be fun, enjoy it. >> watch out, here we go! >> spectacular! >> fox is the soul of college basketball, with the biggest names from the best conferences coming out to play.


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