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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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areas. let's go to the solano county commute and look at 80.. driving in from fairfield to vallejo it looks pretty good through solano county getting to the carquinez bridge. not a bad commute here as you drive through the area. it continues to be okay to richmond. let's go to the south. southbound 85 there is a crash with an overturned vehicle. san jose fire working on it but not causing a big delay. this is a look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is a little bit slow in some of those outside lanes. the middle lane still look good. back to the desk. a winter storm system caused white out conditions on interstate 80 and 50 and the sierra still affecting the area this morning. i was up there over the weekend and recorded video of the backup of those conditions. there's my video. a lot of people said don't tweet and drive. i wish i was driving. we would not move for many minutes at a time.
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caltrans close down some of the highways. parts of 50 were shut down. there were several spinoffs and crashes reported all along both roots of the sierra. resorts in the tahoe area got between nine inches and two feet of snow. this week will be gorgeous conditions. people in mammoth mountain say they saw four feet of snow yesterday alone. more on the way. this is the first of several storms expected to hit the eastern sierra over the next 10 days. flights are back on schedule this morning. the weekend storms caused a lot of problems at sfo officials say 400 flights were delayed, 150 flights were canceled yesterday. we talk to one person from kentucky and they were stuck at the airport for several hours. >> we the bay.
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>> other airports did not report major delays or cancellations. this is day 17 of the partial government shutdown with no end in sight. the sticking point is to be president donald trump's insistence on $5 billion to pay for a border wall. democrats refused to include that in a spending bill. the president has floated the idea of declaring a national emergency along the southern border to get the funding for the wall. >> i may declared a national emergency depending on what will happen over the next few days. t have ridden and it will get worse. >> the only answer here is for donald trump to release his demand that i won't find anything until i get what i
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want. >> vice president mike pence met over the we can with congre staffers. president donald trump says he is now willing to build a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall but democrats say that does not change their opposition to the wall. nancy pelosi the speaker of the house says the president's behavior orders on being a dictator. the newly elected speaker spoke to ktvu in san francisco yesterday. it was during the reception she hosted wrecking her thanking her supporters. nancy pelosi praise the ethnic diversity of the new congress and the record number of women in the house. the speaker talked about the presidents idea of declaring a national emergency to pay for building a border wall.
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the shutdown is prompting more tsa officers to call in sick. the agency says they have seen an increase since the shutdown began, but the tsa is the impacts are minimal. a spokesperson tells bloomberg news that wait times at major airports are still within the agencies standards.
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tsa employees are expected to keep working without pay during the government shutdown, but they are entitled to back pay when the government resumes funding. the trump administration is changing horses in his planned troop withdrawal in syria. it contradicts president trumps promise that it will happen in weeks. >> bolton says one of the conditions for a pullout withdrawal is the deal to protect those who are loyal allies to u.s. military members on the ground. we have details from jerusalem. >> r president trumps the national security advisor john bolton met today saying that the united states will not pull
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troops out of syria as quickly as expected. that the trumpet ministration will wait. critics of president trumps says he was abandoning the kurds after his recent decision on syria. the national security advisor adding that isis will be completely defeated before the nine states -- united states withdraws. part of bolton's visit to jerusalem was meant to ensure the israelis that president trump will not rush to withdraw as he previously indicated. now, the timeline appears to be open ended with bolton's new comments. others will be moved to iraq, even once u.s. troops returned from the region. bolton will head to target to meet with leadership and and kara -- ankara. during press
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conference in jerusalem, the israeli prime minister announced that he and bolton will travel tomorrow to the n h israelis have reportedly asked the united states to recognize the heights as a part of israel. a memorial has formed for three men killed in a triple student shooting in oakland. a handmade sign on the fence reads please don't shoot, kids live here. stop the violence. it had been five gun related deaths in oakland since the start of the year. this week, bart will be considering some interesting suggestions. 439 original bart cards are set to be retired this year. 1972.
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on thursday, board hear several options on how to dispose of those cars, including a few unique ideas like creating a bart car museum, selling or donating shelves for businesses or burying them in the ocean for use as artificial reefs. the trans bay joint powers authority has approved plans to repair beams. according to the examiner, the plan to reinforce the beams with steel plates was approved last month by a peer review panel of the metropolitan transportation commission. so far, no date has been set for this interview center to be reopened. it is a 20,000 foot boom that floated apart. a ship toted from san francisco to the great pacific garbage patch. that is an island of trash
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three times thlifornia. it has been there since the end of october. the boom is being towed to hawaii. if it can be fixed there, it ta port of alameda. for teenagers are being called heroes for rescuing to -- 2 swimmers at rodeo beach. i noticed two people in the high surf waving their arms and yelling for help. two of the boys called 911 while the other two instructed the two swimmers to hold onto their ankles as they paddled to shore. both swimmers were evaluated and released. a santa clara teacher waking up $25,000 richer. >> betty magna was elected from
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7000 local applicants at the extra yard for teachers summit. that money is a check for the down payment on a future home. way to go. extra yard for teachers is a cfp foundation primary platform dedicated to recognizing, honoring, and empowering teachers. >> nice. i love that. 4:40 is the time right now. it is a big day today. next, we take a look back at this time as san francisco's mayor. good morning, we do have traffic that is getting busier as a lot of people will be back to school and back to work. highway 24 looks okay so far from lafayette to oakland. >> we have a little bit of a break, but already clouds are moving in in advance of our next system. there will be a series of systems. we are not done yet by a long
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welcome back to morningstar 2. gavin newsom assumed the governorship later today. a lot of people see how he leads. >> it is kind of a quiet position, but we will explain how newsom could lead
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differently from outgoing governor, jerry brown. >> perhaps it was an omen in 2004 when gavin newsom was sworn in as san francisco mayor of the youngest in a century. >> it is official. congratulations. >> 15 years later, he replaced governor jerry brown who when first alexi smack elected was 36. >> i think he is going to carry over governor brown's legacy and try to put his own imprint on it. >> expect bold statements from newsom similar to the 2004 decision to allow same-sex couples in the city to get married. even though it was eventually shot down, that move is widely credited with launching the movement that eventually led to the legalization of same-sex marriage. >> i think he will turn his energies to other areas like early childhood education, preschool, public education for all, public health for all,
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housing, these are the issues i think he is going to turn that same energy towards. >> newsom kept turning out big ideas such as project homeless connect. the event provides the homeless with a free one-stop location for things like dental care, eyeglasses, hiv testing, groceries, and housing. the program became a hit and has expanded over the years. >> also in 2004, newsom launched the more controversial care not cash initial cutting of welfare checks in exchange for housing. mac it is the idea of being tough on the homeless backfired , and i don't think you will be experimenting with those kinds of programs. >> the universal health program he introduced in 2007 maybe one he will replicate on the state level.
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it was the first time and local government attempted to provide health insurance for all constituents. >> he has already made a promise of $1.8 billion for early childhood development. >> he was also a champion of environmental protection. in 2005, he committed san francisco to fighting climate change. >> gavin newsom had two terms of blunders. in 2007, it was the same year he was reelected to office. >> i want to make it clear that everything you have heard and read is true. i am deeply sorry about that. >> he admitted to a sexual affair with the wife of his campaign manager and former deputy chief of staff. i am also sorry that i have let the people of san francisco down. >> they expect a lot of their mayor, and my personal lapse of judgment aside, i am committed
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to restoring their trust and confidence. >> among his failure, newsom's inability to persuade the 49ers to play football in hunters point. the team eventually led south to santa clara. then, there was the failed 2004 attempt for an additional sales tax which led him to fire hundreds of city workers just to balance the budget. >> gavin newsom learned something concrete at the city level that will well serve him in dealing with local municipal issues, water issues, school issues -- >> and environmentally friendly issues. he also signed a measure asking san francisco restaurants to voluntarily ban trans fats from their kitchens. the support was particularly surprising from a man who made his fortune as a restaurant tour. what is no surprise is newsom's tirelessly advocating for
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stricter gun control. it is likely totally strengthened during his time as governor. >> i think gavin newsom has national ambitions, so he can't afford to mishandle california. >> newsom's time as the mayor of san francisco was considered to be successful. in 2007, his political aspirations became evident when he left that role to assume the role of lieutenant governor under governor jerry brown. >> will bring you live coverage of newsom's inauguration today. he is scheduled to take the oath of office and then speak just after noon. there are a lot of great events happening before that. we will it is good to see you again, my friend.
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you are back. what is happening on the roads? >> you know what, it is getting more crowded. people are back. this is the day when a lot of people do come back, not just me. westbound 580, we're going to start at the 205 interchange, you can see some traffic driving into the area. traffic it seems to be okay. traffic is moving well in both directions here. you are expecting more people who are back at work today after some people had a couple of weeks off for the holiday. what about the rain at 4:49, let's bring steve in? >> i've been trying to put together all of the rain totals. look at the cloud cover streaming in.
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thank you for that information. other locations, 4.41. santa rosa, 2.59, redwood city, 1.73, there is a big spread between redwood city and palo alto. take a look here and some of those coming in. fairfax is in their st. helena, 3.82, napa almost 3, oakland, 1.59, and three quarters of an inch is one system moves out. here come the third already spreading a lot of cloud cover and some light rain. it looks like most of this is north of the golden gate, but that has kind of been the theme anyway. we are in the 30s to the north.
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the wind is all over the place. there is still a little bit of a breeze. that will be your next system late tuesday into wednesday. once things get going, that there is saturated. the rain totals again, i think these are underdone. there will be some heavier amount northward. everyone will get into more rain this week. 50s and mid-50s and low 50s to the north. too much cold air is trapped in the cloud cover coming in. it will probably be a pretty good spread on the temperatures. tuesday into early wednesday, a break, and the next system comes in friday. we will get a break saturday with the next system sunday. did you watch the golden globe awards last night? there were some snobs -- there were some snubs and some surprises.
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welcome back to morningstar 2. it was oscar sunday that is coming up after last night's golden globes. the winners are waking up with coveted new trophies on the
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shelves. >> hollywood's party of the year is setting the scene for award season with a night full of honors headline making moments. >> thank you for showing us the power of embracing your true self. >> they are the champions, a bohemian rapid city rhapsody. >> green book leaving with the most trophies, three total. best comedy or musical, best screenplay, and best supporting actor. >> another individual honored, christian bale getting political. >> supporting actress regina king used the platform to address gender parity. >> i am making about, and it is going to be tough to make sure
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that everything that i produce is 50% women. >> among the notable tv gavin newsom seven, the americans . >> also the assassination of gianni rosati. surprisingly only taken the stage once, the presumed front runner. lady gaga one for the original song. it is just the start of those linkages. at the globes winners celebrate, voting begins for oscar nominations. >> ashley, thank you. the time is now 4:56. coming up next at 5:00, did you see berkeley campus mourning the death of a cal football player. with the athletic department is think about the sudden death about a 19-year-old redshirt sophomore. good morning.
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reduce the traffic that is getting a little bit better on some commutes, believe it or not, because it is not raining anymore. 880 still looks okay driving into downtown oakland. >> it is not widespread rain, but the next system is giving us the overrun. it won't take long out of the system on sunday has moved through. there is about three or four more systems yet to go. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes,
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good morning. wet and windy weather put a damper on weekend festivities ahead of today's national championship game at levi stadium. we have the weather for the game plus >> where are we on shutdown negotiations? haven't come too far over the weekend. i am doug. we will have the latest developments just ahead. >> from it ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. did you see rain this morning? >> i did not. >> steve is here. he will tell you if you need an umbrella. >> i would take it for the next week. let's get to some of these rain
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totals. there is already the over one beginning to move in many north of the, mainly north of the golden gate. napa almost 3, the city 1.29 and san jose .78. there goes one system and here comes the next one. this is lighter, this is a warm sector but once things get juiced up, the atmosphere will bring light rain and that is what we will see her. the system still has a way to go. 30s to the north, 50s to the south, huge difference on some of the temperatures here. 40s and 50s. everyone is within a couple of degrees. at your next system already developing, it will slow down a little bit but out ahead of that, there is already a lot of moisture which will give us mostly cloudy skies and some light rains. i think there will be more tha


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