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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> sky flocks fox flew through the rain. you can see how low the clouds were hanging over the skyline. even from the air visibility was poor. >> we have a live look at the evening commute. this is right next to oracle arena. it is a little misleading. if you look up at the top of the screen you can see how backed up 880 is. some places may get up to five feet of new snow. right now, chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 50. interstate 80 was closed for a time this afternoon. there were a lot of accidents. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin . >> yesterday you said it would be an eight out of 10 storm.
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>> yes. we're seeing upper level winds. it will further enhance the system. with that being said, we have a lot of moisture streaming our way. it is kind of a one and done. there is not a lot behind it. with this system, we will be looking at flash flood watches and flood advisories. the rain will be coming down at this time tomorrow night. look at some of the numbers we're anticipating. we're looking at four inches in the coastal hills. around the bay, san francisco, notes they north bay. with this comes wind. the afternoon commute will be an absolute mess. early afternoon and evening commute is messy. it will linger into thursday morning. this could be coming up on an
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8.5 out of 10. if this has strong winds, significant rains to produce flood advisories, and the winter storm warning. >> bill, thank you. the rain cause problems in the roads today in the south bay. crews are repairing for the stronger storms that bill is forecasting for tomorrow. maureen naylor is out. >> right now, it is only going to get worse. water officials are monitoring small streams. that includes ross creek. while they look ahead to tomorrow, today emergency crews were busy with what we saw on highway 17. >> very scary. >> a scary spinout for students headed to santa fe. it ended with their jeep stuck
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in the mud. >> it was scary. the police were very helpful, super understanding, and nice. >> reporter: steady rain fell on highway 17. it wasn't just the chp responding to these crashes. >> we have been out all day long yesterday. when the rain hit, we hadn't gone to bed. ! we witnessed the danger firsthand. this green bmw fun out while heading northbound on highway 17. only to stop facing the wrong direction. luckily, the driver managed to turn the car around and avoid oncoming traffic and continue on without incident. this driver witnessed four spinouts. >> four in four hours. one per hour. it is crazy. >> reporter: it is not over with more rain and wind. pg&e has this base camp set
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up. >> nothing to be concerned about. we want to monitor it. >> reporter: in san jose, water officials are keeping a close eye on small streams including ross creek. >> we are doing what we can to make sure that we are as ready as possible for this kind of storm. her neck the reservoir level could be raised up to 60% of current level. the water district does not expect widespread flooding. they are warning that those who live near streams to be where. they are concerned about the winds downing trees which could backup some of the waterways. >> a reminder, with the big storm heading our way you can
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always download the ktvu weather app. the coast guard has missed their first paycheck. in a statement the admiral said to his knowledge this is the first time in u.s. history that the u.s. service members have not been paid. they have received a $15 million donation from the usaa who support those in need. the money will be distributed through the red cross in the bay area. the internal revenue service is bringing thousands of employees back to work. as tax season ramps up, 46,000 for load employees will be called into handle tax returns and pay refunds. that is about 60% of its workforce. those employees will not be paid. today donald trump said that the government could be shut down for a long time if necessary to meet his demands for $5 billion toward a border
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wall. there were no new talks today between the white house and democratic readers. >> reporter: no surprises and no progress reported on capitol hill on the 25th day of the government shutdown. both sides refused to give him. or, even meet with each other. democrats rejected a lunch invitation as they continue their opposition to the border wall demanded by donald trump. >> people throughout america and their families are suffering. that is why we need to end the reckless trump shutdown. it is time for this to end. it is time for nancy pelosi and check schumer to put a counter offer on the table. >> reporter: the president said that without giving suspect? numbers are going up fast, over 50%. democrats will soon be known as
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the party of crime. ridiculous that they don't want border security. there are still some 8000 government workers being furloughed. they are having trouble making ends meet. with free clinics and food pantries for people that are hit hard. people that are using those services say it is a failure of leadership on both sides. >> they need to think about what they're therefore. they are there for us not themselves. >> reporter: the house of representatives is in session while the government is shut down. >> san francisco city leaders celebrated the reopening of subsidized housing. jfk towers reopens. the 12 story building was built in 1974.
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it was renovated through city and federal funding. all of the apartments were modernized. many were made more accessible. the mayor said they also got energy efficient upgrades like new water heaters and double paned windows. >> i hope you enjoy this community space. it is beautiful, clean, bright and open. i am looking around, i can't believe what i'm seeing right now. this is absolutely amazing. it belongs to the residents of this community. >> reporter: the mayor also introduced to two city ordinances. if approved the process will be streamlined. what did the governor see, hear, and what is he promising? 10 acting as if the campaign is still going strong, california
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governor gavin newson and the mayor attended an intimate roundtable at the library branch . >> there is no magic solution. we cannot solve this issue overnight. >> reporter: a fast fix would join the help the people that joined the politicians. >> when we say our ideas, are we coming back to roommates? 10 it has gotten harder and harder. my kids are coming up with my parents. >> reporter: a small business owner, the help wanted sign is always out at her pizza shop in san pedro's where square. >> i compare this to a pressure cooker. the pressure is building. >> reporter: the governor is
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asking for 1.75 billion dollars to aid the construction of affordable housing across all income levels. it is a carrot and stick approach to get local governments to do more. >> we can move toward prefab housing. modular housing. east isles. new arrangements that can allow for expeditiously moving construction forward. >> reporter: many of the ideas outlined have already been implemented in san jose. mayor sam liccardo says that 1100 units of units have been built with 900 more towards years and. >> reporter: according to the governor, this is the only way to keep longtime residents from leaving. and it gives the would be buyers a shot at the california
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dream. >> i am hoping that this is a great start to changing this housing crisis. >> reporter: government is looking for a list for companies that are ready to do business. in downtown san jose jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, why police and tree cutting crews were out in force at people's park. plus, -- >> some east bay librarians worry they will be out of a job. (music throughout)
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police officers joined tree cutting crews at 4:30 this morning. they moved into people's park with a dual mission. disease trees needed to be moved. officers were there to deal with the protesters that were in the park. the trees were scheduled to come down weeks ago. when the activist showed up they held off on the process. this morning, that all changed. >> the primary force was to enforce the law. we do not have the resources. it is not our mission to run an urban campground. secondly, we had an important tree issue we needed to complete.
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>> uc berkeley said that some left on their own. those who didn't, were arrested. teachers in the states largest school district have returned to the picket line for the second day. >> teachers front the l.a. unified school district converged downtown for a rally. the school superintendent said today that only one third of students showed up to class yesterday. they said that cost the district $15 million in state funding tied to enrollment. teachers are at odds with the district over pay, classify, and support staff. talks broke off on friday. at this point, there are no new negotiations scheduled. the threat of a school strike is also looming in oakland. they are calling for a one-day strike this friday. teachers want higher pay and smaller classes. earlier, the union president
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talked about the likelihood of seeing oakland teachers on the picket line. >> we are committed to ending the teacher retention crisis. we are committed to having quality schools for our students. we will strike like our brothers and sisters in los angeles if necessary. >> teachers in the district have been working without a contract for 18 months. this afternoon, the district issued the following statement. " we have received word that some oh usd high school's teachers are planning to stage a one-day sick out this coming friday. we urged them not to engage in this illegal labor action which is not sanctioned by their union " we want our teachers to know that everyone on the board of education and in district leadership firmly believe that they deserve to be paid more. we are committed to working with the oea to come to an equitable contract that works for both sides " >> the oakland unified school district is changing the way it hands out money to school libraries, and in an ironic
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twist, the seemingly equal distribution of money to each school is seen by many critics as very unequitable, especially for schools in poor neighborhoods. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us live. >> reporter: they want to give $20,000 for every school using measured g funds. some library and say that is not fair. this elementary school in oakland said that the salary is paid by the pta. some other schools pay libraries salaries by the fund. this space was transformed from an old storage room. >> i reopened this library. this library serves oakland.
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her future employment is uncertain. her salary and benefit benefits are paid for by measured g. for the past couple of years, they want to give these schools the same amount of the money. that is not nearly enough to cover a salary. >> i don't know what schools are able to fund librarians. it is possible that i could be refund. it is possible that i could not have a job. what is put probably most likely if i will look elsewhere. >> reporter: it is a funding change to push more resources to the side. they are committed to helping staff find a replacement if they cannot fund the replacement. >> it did feel like they were telling us that we needed to start looking for jobs. 10 the funding change could rivers an amazing amount of
5:19 pm
progress in the last two years. >> and make things equal. every single school $20,000. it is not fair and it is not equitable. the result of this spending will does appropriately affect low income neighborhoods. >> reporter: she is fortunate that her salary is paid for by the pta and not measured g funds. >> even though i am essentially turning away $20,000 that i could use, it is in solidarity of these librarians. i could not in good conscious spend the money. >> reporter: she has spent time, purchase books on her own, and done a recertification. she is focused on doing the best for her students while she still can. >> i would hate to walk away from this library and let it go back to being a storage room. >> reporter: and osu d
5:20 pm
spokesperson says that they are in line with what they want to do. principles can only use this money for libraries. when we asked how this would affect library and salaries we were told that it is something the district is still working on. >> cristina rendon in oakland tonight. christina, thank you. three storms are moving in tomorrow. it rained in some areas. it was certainly stronger than yesterday. it is not nearly as strong as this bad boy right out here. it is a powerful tropical storm with functioning jet stream winds that will increase the volatility of the rain and the snow and the wind advisory. you can see up here the upper level winds. when you see something like that amongst this weather, you realize that the jet stream is
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going to feed more turbulence into the storm. there is a more vertical list. it is a strong looking weather system. here's the upshot. it is one and done. one and done. if we had a bunch of these lined up, we would be super worried about major flooding. we will see some urban flooding. specifically, the afternoon commute will be something that you will have to contend with. what i would do is bail out a little early tomorrow. this will be right on the afternoon commute. the winter storm warning will be in effect in the mountains. winter storm advisory around here. i would not be surprised to see flood advisories popping up in the bay area. it is for standing water. ponding of water on the roadways. you know what happens tomorrow
5:22 pm
at the san francisco airport? delays. they lose a runway. you will see flight delays. no question about that. there were probably some delays today. probably small once. tomorrow should be pretty aggressive. this is tomorrow morning. the morning commute, wet. not bad. like today. that is about 1:00 that this thing starts to show up. that is significant rain. that is at 1:00. it gets more significant at 5:00 in 6:00. this is the main event. wednesday at about 9:00. there will be thunderstorms possible. wind. i think you will see trees down. it is going to be a significant strong winter storm. not unusual for this time of year. it is one and done. when i come back, we will time out the rest of the week and get more specific with some of the rainfall totals.
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>> bill. thank you. the latest on the vacaville crime spree. coming up tonight at 6:00, a san francisco man woke up and came face to face with strangers inside of his house. the latest on what happened coming up at 6. plus, using dr. martin luther king's birthday today to call for change. they want to rename a school district in marine county. ♪
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a man was shot and killed by police today after an hours long manhunt in vacaville. the man is suspected of stabbing a woman and a teenage girl. police also say that he set a home on fire with three kids inside.'s >> police say that officer shot and killed the suspect after he stabbed a police k9. >> reporter: it was chaos. >> i try to go through the front door. the smoke was so active, it floored me. >> reporter: can lives across the street. he helped one of the kids pull his little sister out of the home. >> we looked in there. when the smoke started to clear, we did not see her right in there. i don't know if he went in there further and drag her out. i don't know. he just said, i got her, i got her. i went over and by god he
5:27 pm
had her. >> reporter: it was this man 37- year-old nathaniel holland that started the fire with six kids in the home after he stabbed a 43-year-old woman and a 16-year- old girl. the adult woman, their mother. firefighters got the flames out. police searched for holland. >> he left the house on foot running from the area. >> reporter: eventually, he made his way to 711. the clerks recognized him as the man that the police were searching for. >> after he walked outside, i showed his picture from the facebook page. >> i think that him is what mike coworker said. >> reporter: he purchased a multi-tool. he made his way to this creek bed. the officers eventually caught up with him. >> we had mr. holland locked in in the perimeter. they saw him in the creek bed. a canine was released.
5:28 pm
>> reporter: he started stabbing the dog. call and was hit. despite efforts of officers performing cpr, he did make it. >> arson investigator spent the morning gathering evidence at the home. law enforcement had been called due to unsanitary and dangerous living conditions in the past. coming up, the president's choice as attorney general gets grilled on capitol hill. one of his answers could have a big effect on california and legalize recreational marijuana. plus a partnership between the city of oakland and kaiser the goal of creating hundreds of affordable housing units.
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for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. oakland mayor asked for a new partnership with kaiser permanente. kaiser plans to invest $200 million into its driving immunity fund with the aim of helping to reduce homelessness. kaiser is headquartered in oakland. their ceo said he saw the need to do something every day that he headed to work. >> at a personal level, every morning when i was driving down 980, it was front and center for me to see how bad the problem is. i was able to see the
5:32 pm
encampment. it is not unique to oakland. it is all over the country. >> the aim is to help over 500 people living on the streets. they will also address homelessness in other cities across the country. joining us is the oakland mayor. tell me about the specifics of this plan. you must be pretty excited.! it is exciting. kaiser is redefining corporate responsibility. they announced greetings today frank. the 500 homeless individuals that they have pledged to take care of our 500 oakland or's over the age of 50 with at least one chronic health issue. they have pledged to take these individuals off the street and get them permanently housed. it is on top of that that they announced two innovative funds. first, a $50 million equity fund for the bay area. they announced their first investment out of that fund. it is a 41 unit welding that is in the san antonio neighborhood
5:33 pm
of oakland. the idea is to gentrify neighborhoods. find apartment buildings that are currently occupied with working-class families but who are feeling insecure about their housing. to buy that building. to put permanent affordability protections on it and to put it under the ownership and management under nonprofit organizations. today, they announced that they are purchasing that 41 unit building. this is going to mean housing security for hundreds. this was just the first investment over this $50 million fund for the bay area. and, on top of that, they announced a $100 million fund that is going to be a loan fund. again, not an equity investment . lending money that will recirculate. this is available for all of
5:34 pm
their markets across the country. >> how much of a difference do you think this will make? we heard the ceo of kaiser talk about what everyone in the bay area sees all the time. that is those massive encampments. i know that oakland has three tough shed communities and that you are going to start a fourth. is all this making a difference? >> absolutely. we have to do it all. we have to have emergency intervention like the tough shed communities to get people off the street, into safety and services. we started that experiment a year ago. so far, 70% of those people have exited to permanent or transitional housing. we have to have rapid rehousing centers. kaiser helps us in the estimate invest in our center. the permanent solution is people . we need to expand the supply of permanent affordable housing and permit homelessness in the first place. kaiser's two funds, the equity
5:35 pm
fund for the bay area and a national blending and, again, they put in 50 million. it is matched by enterprise community partners. they are going to be challenging other companies to contribute to this investment fund. it is going to be a revolving fund. it is a loan fund. the money comes back. very innovative. >> this is a regional problem. do you ever get concerned that if oakland is doing all of this that it might attract people who are living on the street in other cities to come to oakland? >> frank, we have to address homelessness on a national level. it is not acceptable that in a country and region as well the as hours that people do not have the basic human needs of food and shelter. kaiser is committed to not just play a role locally but,
5:36 pm
nationally. bernard was one of the first ceos that jointly when i was a founding member of mayors and ceos for u.s. housing investment. this is a bipartisan group of mayors that are trying to change the way that our federal government invest in housing and housing policies. these are the kinds of things that we have to do to transform our system. it really is a moral outrage. >> it really is. is great to see kaiser step up. mayor, we are glad you came in to talk to us this evening. >> i am excited about our partnership. >> we will have you back to talk about how goes. i appreciate you coming in. in the east bay, a man that crashed his u-haul truck into a patrol car and let officers on a chase has been arrested. 40 six year old francisco lima was taken into custody at 8:00
5:37 pm
this morning. he faces charges of attempted assault with a deadly weapon and driving recklessly while evading a police officer. it began at 3:00 this morning. the officer was outside of his car at the time. please try to stop the driver. he took off. he eventually stopped on buskirk avenue in pleasant hill. he refused to get out of the you how for five hours. the man finally got out of the truck at 8:00 this morning. he was arrested. san francisco police released a sketch of a man that they say severely beat and 88- year-old woman. it happened at about 6:45 on january 8 in the visitacion avenue. the suspect is described as a black man in his 30s. anyone with information is
5:38 pm
asked to call san francisco police. a 24-year-old driver is under arrest tonight after running from the scene of an accident with an air soft pistol in oakland. it was reported as a solo spinout near the colosseum. initial reports indicated that the man took off running with a gun toward oracle arena. police then cordoned off the area and shut down the pedestrian bridge that connects the colosseum to the bart station. this is the same man that was arrested last october for standing on top of a ban on the shoulder of i 880 waiting a pellet. now to washington, is donald trump's nominee for attorney general faces questions about the russia investigation. of particular interest in california, barr said he would not go after marijuana companies in states where can a bus cannabis is legal.
5:39 pm
a central issue at today's confirmation hearing was whether or not william barr would impede in the investigation. barr said he would allow robert mueller to finish his job . >> i will not be bullied into doing anything that i think it's wrong by anybody. >> barr served as attorney general under george hw bush. he also said that he would refuse any order by the president to fire robert mueller if there was not good cause. barr also said that mueller's findings may not be made public. city an american citizen was among those killed today when terrorist stormed a luxury hotel in the capital of kenya. the somali terrorist group auch
5:40 pm
a bob claimed responsibility. authorities have not yet said how many people were killed in all. a police officer said that at least 15 people have died. it is also not known how many attackers there were or what happened. the siege was contained late this evening. extremist group also carried up the 2013 attack at a shopping mall in nairobi that left 67 people dead. 10 years ago today, one of the most incredible landings in aviation history happened. coming up next, the miracle on the hudson. netflix, a bigger bill. how much will its customers be asked to pay?
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it stood for 64 years but took just seconds to come crashing down. one of the last remnants of the happen z bridge. spectators on both sides of the hudson cheered as the bridge came down
5:44 pm
today marks 10 years as the miracle on the hudson. it was back in 2009 that u.s. airway flight 1549 was leaving laguardia airport headed for charlotte when its engine failed after it hit a flock of geese. a hero named captain sully sullenberger landed the plane. today, captain sully sullenberger reunited with several passengers on an anniversary event. he reflects on that bitter cold january day. >> if you could have set in the jump seat, not that you would've wanted to be there with us, if you watch us work together you would have thought we had been working together as a team four years. i met him on monday and we started this for date trip, three days before this challenge of a lifetime. >> wow, that teamwork played paid off.
5:45 pm
the 150 passengers and crew on board were okay that day. netflix is about to raise their subscription prices. the most popular plan will see the largest hike from $11-$13 per month. the new pricing is effective immediately for new members. existing customers will see the price hike over the next couple of months. this is the biggest price hike for netflix customers since the company launched 12 years ago. it is likely due to heavy investment by netflix in a regional content. netflix shares shot at more than 21 per share. overall, it was a positive day on wall street. the dow was up over 155. the nasdaq gained almost 118. the british parliament
5:46 pm
today rejected brexit. the defeat was excited. it was crushing. it raises questions whether mae can come up with a deal with the european union to get through parliament. the sticking part is how to handle the border with ireland. some observers fear that a no deal brexit will plunge the country into a recession. still to come, broadway loses a legend. carol channing has died. ♪ [ music ] the one character carol channing played more than 5000 times. also, her strong ties to the bay area. that is coming up next. we are tracking the rain. we have more rain coming as we head into tomorrow. the grain that will have big impacts on the drive.
5:47 pm
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. broadway and hollywood have lost a legend. carol channing has died . how she is being premier remembered. >> reporter: the legendary carol channing has died. she died early tuesday morning at her home in southern
5:50 pm
california. her publicist says that the entertainer died of national natural causes. ♪ [ music ] her career spanning decades on broadway and tv. she was best known for one character in particular, the title role from hello dolly. ♪ [ music ] she won a tony for it in 1964. she played the role in almost 5000 performances in broadway and beyond. she went on to star in film with an oscar nomination and a golden globe when win. she was also on television shows like magnum pi, the love boat, and the carol burnett show. she received a lifetime achievement award. carol
5:51 pm
channing was 97. >> hello gordon, it is so nice to have you where you belong. >> over the years we have done stories with carol channing. she was raised in san francisco and went to lowell high school. if you would like to watch the stories that we have done with her you can find them on our youtube channel. >> my mom and dad went to lowell high school in 1942. they were in high school with carol channing. they liked her. she said she was very well- liked. >> i never knew. okay, we have the weather to talk about. we have significant rain coming our way. that rain is going to be sped along by this jet stream that is in the upper atmosphere. this you have some very powerful winds. as it moves over our
5:52 pm
area tomorrow afternoon, it will ratchet up the wind speeds and the rain. it will develop rapidly as it gets closer to the shore. the jet stream is coming right behind. it is starting to spread out. letter out. that is going to create turbulence and spin in the atmosphere. that will be more intense weather for us. especially tomorrow afternoon. scattered showers right now across the bay area. you can see the rain falling now. light scattered showers. in the mountains, it is snowing now. it is going to really get going as we get into tomorrow night. that is where that winter storm warning gets going. this is the model. this is tomorrow morning. tonight and into tomorrow morning it is low-grade. somewhere around lunchtime, boom, this thing is showing up.
5:53 pm
it is relentless. it is a strong storm. it will be with us for 5 to 6 hours. here we are at 6:00. you can see the heaviest part of the storm is still to come. that is the afternoon commute. that is big wind and big rain. somewhere around 8:30 or 9:00, this will pass by. it is going to be very productive in terms of rainfall. i think we will see some small stream flood advisories. not atypical for this time of year for this type of storm. it is very typical as a matter of fact. temperatures generally in the 50s tomorrow. the heaviest rain starts tomorrow after lunchtime. at the afternoon commute is going to be a mess. but, it is a one and done deal. there is a little bit behind it. it is not like there is another one the size staring us down. we will have a chance to run the water down.
5:54 pm
it is mostly small streams and creeks. >> today's commute, not a great commute. a lot of water out there on the roads. >> it doesn't take much in the bay area. >> nature doesn't. >> bank you. still to come, a picture of a police officer and why it has people very upset. why this picture and the blue lives flag that she was holding is found to be disrespectful. new margaret caravan is heading to the u.s.. they are heading to the u.s. from honduras. also, parents calling for a change. i they want their school district to be renamed. at bayer our roots run deep.
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one of the many images that we have seen of a police officer from davis that was shot and killed during a traffic stop is now causing controversy. in the photo, you see her in a blue dress holding a thin blue line the flag. that flag is meant to show us the sacrifice. >> reporter: a thin blue line marks a memorial for natalie corona. the 22-year-old police officer was shot and killed on the job thursday. >> the flag represents law enforcement. it is a tribute to officers that have been killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: after seeing this photo, some groups are coming out against it. in a facebook post, they called the flag she is posing with
5:58 pm
anti-black and disrespectful. it is often used as the blue lives matter movement. >> the whole reason we have a problem with that is that it was created to counter the fact that black lives matter. it said blue lives matter more than black lives matter. it is built on racism. it is an anti-black symbol. r the original post has since been deleted. but for long law enforcement, it struck a nerve. >> it is ridiculous number one. number two, i think that people are probably trying to make something about them when it is not about them. it is about a fallen officer. >> reporter: saying the flag is a way to honor officers. especially those that have lost their lives. this is ktvu fox 2 news at
5:59 pm
6. one week on the job and california gov. gavin newsom is taking steps to address the housing crisis. >> this is the housing crisis. it is not an exaggeration. is impacting communities. it is not just impacting your paycheck and pocketbook. it is impacting our lives in a profound way. look, california dream is in peril unless we address this issue. >> the governor came to a silicon valley after signing a pair of executive orders to jumpstart new housing. >> i'm frank somerville. the housing crisis took center stage at a roundtable meeting in san jose. that is where governor newsom outlined his two executive orders. the first is to get an inventory of all state owned land that can be used to develop affordable housing. the second is to expedite the
6:00 pm
prospect and take in proposals on how to develop that land by september 30. it is part of an unprecedented push to create new housing in california. >> reporter: asking as of the campaign is still going strong, california governor and the mayor attend an intimate roundtable housing discussion at the seven trees library branch. >> we cannot solve this issue overnight. >> reporter: it would benefit the people that joined the politicians. from a student that just married. >> when we say our ideas, are we going to come back to roommates? >> reporter: from the nonprofit worker that has to leave the state or commute. >> my kids are coming up with their grandparents. >> reporter: for a small business owner, the shrinking pie of the housing


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