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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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push to create new housing in california. >> reporter: asking as of the campaign is still going strong, california governor and the mayor attend an intimate roundtable housing discussion at the seven trees library branch. >> we cannot solve this issue overnight. >> reporter: it would benefit the people that joined the politicians. from a student that just married. >> when we say our ideas, are we going to come back to roommates? >> reporter: from the nonprofit worker that has to leave the state or commute. >> my kids are coming up with their grandparents. >> reporter: for a small business owner, the shrinking pie of the housing has led to shrinking employees. i compare the housing crisis to
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a pressure cooker. the pressure is building. >> reporter: the governor says that he is asking the legislature for $1.75 billion to aid the construction of for affordable housing across all income levels. he is linking staying funding for having to transportation. it is a carrot and stick approach to get government to do more. >> we could head toward new arrangements that could have construction moving forward expeditiously. >> reporter: current construction funding for 1100 units of affordable housing and 900 by years end. >> that is okay. >> reporter: addressing and satisfying housing demands that are outpaces supply according to the governor is the only way
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to keep longtime residents for leaving. and, it is the only way to give would be byers a shot at the california dream. >> i am hoping that this is a great start to changing this housing crisis. >> reporter: governor newsom sign to direct of orders. in downtown san jose, jesse gary box 2 news. libby schaff announced a new partnership with kaiser permanente today. kaiser has committed to spending more than $5 billion. the kensington garden apartments will be upgraded and turned into affordable housing. it is all part of kaiser's thriving community fund which already has $200 million for
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homeless and other projects. the ceo of kaiser said today that he saw a need to do something every day that he has to work. >> on a personal level, it was also every morning when i was driving down interstate 80. it was front and center to see how bad the problem is. i am able to project under the ua encampment that is not unique to oakland. it is all over the country. >> reporter: the aim is to help at least 500 people living on the street in oakland. the thriving committee hopes to address this issue across the country. jfk tower on sacramento street near webster in the fillmore district has fallen into disrepair. today, the city leaders celebrated the reopening of the tower. all of the apartments re. many accessible. the mayor said they also got
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energy efficient upgrades like new water heaters and double pane windows. the upgrade was paid for through city and federal funding. there is a lot more wet weather on the way. the umbrellas were out today and the windshield wipers were on.'s >> taking a live look now from our camera at the golden great gate bridge. we saw more rain today than yesterday. tomorrow is expected to bring the biggest downpours. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us to tell us just how much rain we can expect. >> this is a one and done storm . we will see rainfall rates increase. these are the numbers from today. kentfield had .75 inch. it is significant rainfall. that's not bad for a regular winter storm. tomorrow storm carries a lot more pop. it has and atmospheric river
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with it. it is not a major 4000 stretch of atmospheric river but it has moisture to work with. it is going to focus on the central bay area. the north bay, south bay, central bay, and east bay. it will be equally distributed as far as rainfall totals. here's a satellite image. this is one of the reasons, that atmospheric river. this is the motor here. in the notch behind the low, the winds are blowing up to 160 miles per hour. when that hits, we will see wind. the wind advisory will verify es. y rain. we may see flood winter storm advisories is a certainty. when we come back, i will get the computer model out. that was all analysis.
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we will get the computer model out and find out how long it will last. today's rain made driving dangerous across the bay area. there was plenty of proof of that in south bay. we're showing you the conditions as crews prepare for that condition tomorrow. >> reporter: a scary spinout for two students headed to santa cruz ended with their jeep stuck in the mud. >> a little jittery from the adrenaline. i was scared. the police were very helpful and super understanding and nice. >> reporter: as steady rain fell again on the highway. >> we responded to 3-4. >> we have been out all day long yesterday. when the rain hit, we ready much had not gone to bed. >> reporter: we witness the danger firsthand. this green bmw spun out while
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heading northbound on highway 17 only to stop facing the wrong direction. luckily, the driver managed to turn the car around, avoid oncoming traffic and continue on without incident. this truck driver said he witnessed for spinouts while waiting for his tow truck. >> four in four hours. one per hour. >> reporter: it is not over. with more rain and wind in the forecast. pg&e activated this base camp in anticipation of outages with the upcoming storm. >> it is going okay. nothing to be concerned about. we want to monitor it. >> reporter: in san jose, water- filled officials are keeping a close look on streams. reservoir levels are currently at 60%. >> for the potential for flooding around the county, the
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potential is there.eporter: the is not expect wide spread flooding. they are warning people that live along small streams to be cautious. in the meantime, they are also worried about winds that could downtown down trees. caltrain is asking people to avoid driving to the sierras. this is what it looks like on interstate 80 today just past cisco grow. the tahoe area is expected to receive 2-5 feet of new snow over the next few days. chains are in effect. heavy rain in southern california has counted evacuations in montecito which was devastated by mudslides one year ago. the santa barbara sheriff department issued that in evacuation order this morning. and covers areas burned by fires. the evacuation orders are in effect in ventura county as
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well. in northern california, the sheriff in butte county has told people to be ready to evacuate. coming up, a dispute over dixie. why parents in marin say that the name in the dixie school district is unwelcome. what they want to do about it. a teacher strike, when and why they may be walking off the job. the government has reached the 25th day of closure. right now, a look at the evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. it doesn't look that bad. traffic is a little heavy. here is another live look at interstate 80 in berkeley. this is a whole different story. it is jampacked in both directions in this rainy tuesday night. back with more in a moment. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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new at 6, a battle is heating up over a marin county school district. a group of parents wants the dixie school district to change its name. they claim that the name dixie is a nod to the southern confederate union. andre is there. >> reporter: the school board is gathering right now behind
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me. people have been coming in for the last hour or so to take part in this meeting. there are people that want this name change. there are others that want to keep dixie, dixie. is a name just a name or something else? board members of the dixie school district may despite decide that. >> the name dixie came about during the civil war. it was >> reporter: it was no accident that on martin luther king's birthday, griffin made another statement trying to get the name change. here he is on tuesday delivering a petition asking them to change their name. he had some recommendations. big rock, john muir, live oak, terra would valley.
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>> reporter: this is the original one room dixie schoolhouse after it was established in 1863. whether the name dixie was chosen as a nod to the confederacy is other contentions. it was chosen as the district's name during the civil war. opposition has emerged such as we are urging the school board to keep the name. it claims that the district was named after mary dixie, and indian known to the founder. griffin disagrees. >> we are looking for the research that confirms that. she lived 140 miles from here. the average horse gallop 10 miles per hour. the other sad thing is there were native americans enslaved in this area. >> reporter: it is -- the
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petition has collected more than 1900 signatures. >> this is a symbolic change. if people are not willing to do this, it is apparent how reluctant people will be to take a look at more serious issues. >> reporter: people are still coming to attend. this is a very controversial issue. griffin has tried this before. as i mentioned, he has tried this for the last 20 years. the last time he tried this was back in 2015. that was a big push when they wanted to remove the confederate monument out of state buildings. we are told that the school district will have 40 days to respond to the request. >> there will be no vote or anything like that tonight, they will just take it under consideration? >> reporter: consideration right now. they do have 40 days is what we understand. >> all right, thank you.
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today is the birthday of marc dr. luther king junior. he would've been 90 years old today. these pictures were posted on a twitter account. on mlk day, americans across the country remember him with services, speeches, and community events. the federal holiday to honor dr. martin luther king will be next monday, january 21. on capitol hill today, the house approved a resolution condemning white supremacy. the resolution passed 421-one. the one member of congress who voted no said he didn't think the resolution went far enough. he has come under fire for saying that white nationalists, white supremacist, how did that language become offensive.
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president donald trump's nominee for attorney general, william barr testified today for the senate judiciary committee. he assured the committee that he would not terminate the russia probe. >> bob mueller could only be terminated for good cause. frankly, it is unimaginable to me that bob would ever do anything. >> reporter: bar disclosed during the meeting that he has known and has been friends with robert mueller for 20 years. he is spent the last several years as a private attorney. he was chosen by the president to replace jeff sessions. president donald trump told supporters on a press conference call today that the government could remain shut down for a long time. fox news david spent tells us that there were no new talks
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today between white house leaders and democratic leaders. >> reporter: no surprises and no progress made on the 25th day of the government shutdown. both sides refusing to give in or even meet with each other. democrats rejected a lunch invitation from the white house as they continue their opposition to the border wall demanded by press donald trump. >> we have small business people throughout america and their families suffering. that is why we need to end the reckless trump shutdown. it is time for this to end. it is time for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, for once, to put a counter offer on the table. democrats are pushing an interim bill that would reopen the government while the negotiations continue. the president say that is a nonstarter. numbers are going up fast, over 50%. democrats will soon be known as the party of crime. ridiculous that they don't want order security. there are still some 800,000
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government workers being furloughed. many now say they are having trouble making ends meet. there is also a big impact from the loss of government grants and services. people who use services say it is a failure of leadership on both sides. >> they need to think about the people and not their agenda and what they want to accomplish. they are there for us. not themselves. >> reporter: democratic leaders have canceled a planned recess next week. in washington, david spent fox news. the internal revenue service is asking more than half of their furloughed employees to go back to work. approximately 46,000 workers will be called back in. the employees will not be paid until the shutdown ends. the irs said that it make tax refund payments on time. still ahead tonight, a tense situation ends with a
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police shooting and one man dead. authority say it started as a stabbing involving a woman and a young girl. then, a house fire. it ended with a deadly shooting. we are going to get the opinion of dion sanders. tonight, we look back at the life and career of actors and singing legend carol channing and her ties to the bay area. irfield italy
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shot a man late last night in the an hours long manhunt after he stabbed a woman and a teenage girl. police say that 37-year-old nathaniel holland sent a vacaville home on fire with three children inside. the two stabbing victims and the burn child are hospitalized in stable condition. a canine team down holland hiding in a wooded area. >> we had mr. holland locked in a perimeter. officers saw him in the creek bed. >> police said that after holland was cornered he stabbed the police dog. that is when police officers opened fire. the dog is expected to survive. police are investigating a home invasion. a man was asleep upstairs when
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he heard noises downstairs. when he went to investigate, that is when he was confronted by two men wearing masks and carrying weapons. the suspects forced the victim upstairs. they ransacked his room. the suspects took off and so far, they have not been down. san francisco police released a sketch today of a suspect who brutally beat a woman. it happened at 6:45 in the city of visitacion valley neighborhood. the victim was found in a car across from her home. the man is described as a black man in his 30s. he is about five feet six inches tall with a skinny build. in the east bay, a man who crashed his truck into a please car was arrested after five hours cannot. 40 six year old francisco limo was taken into custody at about 10:00 this morning. he is facing charges of attempted assault with a deadly weapon and driving recklessly while availing a police
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officer. it all happened when a u-haul collided with a parked patrol car in walnut creek. the officer was outside the car at the time. the driver took off and eventually stopped on buskirk avenue in pleasant hill. he remained in the truck for five hours before finally getting out and being arrested. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a change on how oakland public schools will fund their libraries. >> it really did feel like they were telling us to start looking for a job. >> see why distributing funds evenly between schools could lead to jobs being cut. teachers in the larger school district are back on the picket line for the second day. also, we're learning why a bay area is considering joining the picket line. ibeen building them fora 115 years,hat's
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now to our top story. a wet weather system is moving to the bay area at this hour.
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the rain is being blamed for number of spin outs. and a much stronger storm is expected to hit by midafternoon tomorrow. that has prompted them national weather service to prompt a flash flood watch. >> governor newsom held a session today on the state housing crisis. the first would identify state owned land that could be used for housing on the second would expedite development of the housing. in marin county tonight the dixie school district is considering whether to change their name. the schoolhouse dates back to the civil war. backers of the change submitted petitions for new names today because they say the use of the word dixie is offensive. the district has three elementary schools and one middle school in lucas valley, -- and marin would.
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the oakland unified school district is changing the way it hands out money to school libraries. >> they want to distribute money equally to schools rather than giving more money to schools who needed the moche. the change has some librarians concern that could be out of a job. >> reporter: two years ago librarians transform the space from an old storage room. >> this library was closed for five years. >> reporter: this library serves students in oakland. but the oakland unified school district is uncertain. her salary is paid for by a bond passed by voters more than a year ago.schools with the most need. now it wants to give schools the same amount of money. $20,000 each. she says that's not nearly enough to cover her salary.
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>> i don't know what schools can fund librarians or how many positions will be around. it is possible i might not have a job what is most likely for me as i will look elsewhere. >> reporter: a recent email states is trying to push more resources out to the sites in the district is committed to helping staff find replacement if the money can continue to fund their position. >> it did feel like ousd telling us we would have to look for jobs. >> reporter: and she worries it will reverse an amazing amount of progress in st two years. >> it may seem equal, $20,000, but it is not fair and it is not equitable. this will disproportionately affect schools in low income neighborhoods. >> reporter: she is fortunate her salary is paid for through the pta and not measured funds. she asked that measured g
6:32 pm
spending stays the same. >> essentially i am turning away $20,000 that i could use. it is and solidarity of these librarians. i could not in good conscience spend the money. >> reporter: she invested time, purchased books on her own and got a library certification at the request of the district. while her future is uncertain she is going to do the best she can. >> i would hate to walk away from this library and have it return to a storage room. >> reporter: and ousd spokesman said it is aligned with what he ousd wants to do and can only use this funding for libraries. it is something they are still working on. in oakland, ktvu news. the threat of a teacher strike is looming in oakland. they are calling for a one-day strike this writer.
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teachers want higher pay in smaller classes. this afternoon the union president said the likelihood of seeing the oakland teachers on the picket line. >> we are committed to ending the teacher attention crisis. we are committed to having quality schools for our students, and we will strike like our brothers and sisters in los angeles if necessary. >> teachers in the district have been working without a contract for 18 months. the district issued the following statement, "we want our teachers to know that everyone in leadership firmly believe they are deserving of being paid more. we want to come to an equitable contract that works for both sides." teachers were on the picket lines today for the second day, teachers from the l.a. unified school district converge downtown for a rally. the superintendence that only one third of students showed up
6:34 pm
for class yesterday and that cost the district $15 million in state funding tied to enrollment. teachers are at odds over pay, class-size, and support staff. talks broke off last friday and at this point no new negotiations scheduled. one day after we learned about pg&e plans to file for bankruptcy, san francisco is working on a contingency plan in case they need to be its own provider. they told the board of supervisors they will have a plan ready in five months. pgn easement bankruptcy will not have a major impact on people living and working in the city. >> people would not see any real change in the day to day activities of their lives. life would go on, the systems would work. >> at the request of the mayor the spfs he is looking into buying pg&e equipment or
6:35 pm
infrastructure. however there are a lot of hurdles to get there. one affect of the bankruptcy that it will feel i'm residents won't is a delay in payments that pg&e collects for the agency and that could be up to $10 million a month. >> there might be a gap in those remittances coming to us. we just need to plan as a responsible agency, we just need to plan for that. >> some supervisors said with pg&e threatening to file bankruptcy it is the perfect time for san francisco to start its own energy system. netflix is getting ready to raise prices. the high definition streaming service will go from $11 a month to $13. new pricing is affect you immediately for new members. existing customers will see the price hike over the next few months. this is the biggest price hike since the company launched 12
6:36 pm
years ago. experts say it is due to the large investments by netflix in creating original content. coming up a standoff between police, arborists, and protesters in berkeley that ended with a dozen arrests. hundreds of people from honduras setting their sights on the u.s. is a new caravan of immigrants hits the road.
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2000 central american migrants are heading for the u.s. border as part of a new caravan. >> group left early this morning.
6:39 pm
our reporter is in honduras with this story. >> reporter: three months after a caravan of 7000 central american migrants reach the u.s. border another one has begun with the third one scheduled in just a few days. it goes from honduras to guatemala into mexico. the goal is entry into the u.s. to find work. there hope is that the caravan will be too big to stop. >> it can be dangerous if one goes on their own. you can be kidnapped or killed and one doesn't know what will happen in mexico on their own. >> reporter: basic questions remain murky. a flyer on facebook said the departure date. but it is not clear who will feed, clothe, and transport the crowd it could grow to 10,000 or 15,000 over the next few weeks. the caravan relies on charity. >> go with the people in the
6:40 pm
caravan and walk with them and sleep with them and you will see there is no financing. what there is is a lot of solidarity. >> reporter: this is the first leg of the journey, 150 miles to the guatemalan border. a lot of the women and children that we saw earlier this morning bordered buses to the guatemalan border. a bus ticket costs about seven dollars. for many of the young men setting off on a $3000 -- at 3000 mile journey they don't have seven dollars for a bus ticket. the city of tijuana has decided to close down its largest shelter which at one point housed thousands of migrants from the last caravan just as another, possibly larger one, appear said to arrive. in honduras, steve harrigan, fox news. still ahead, nike is out with new cutting-edge and tech savvy athletic gear. we will tell you about the new shoe that uses an app to
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tighten your laces. tracking the rain out there it is wet on the roadways this morning and this evening but tomorrow it really gets going. tomorrow afternoon's commute will be a mess. rain and snow in the mountains, see you back here. coming up at 7 p.m. we look at the proposed border wall. we will talk to a former i.c.e. agent about what works for security at the border. the help san francisco mayor is offering for tsa workers who are on the job without pay.
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thank you for watching ktvu fox 2 . >> where the power of 2 comes from you. tree cutting cruise in
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berkeley with a dual mission. the tree cutter say five diseased trees needed to be removed. officers were there the to handle protesters who were illegally camping and blocking access to the trees. the trees were scheduled to come down several weeks ago but when the activists showed up berkeley held off on removing the trees. this morning though all of that changed. >> the primary purpose was to enforce the law that prohibits camping on public property, specifically in this case university property. we don't have the resources and it is t our mission to run an urban campground. secondly we had important tree work here that needed to be completed. >> about a dozen legal campers were in the park when tree crews arrived. some left on their own and those who didn't were arrested. is a dark, dreary, rainy day around the bay area and we are expecting even more rain
6:45 pm
and wind tomorrow. let's go to bill martin for the timing. today we got about one quarter inch or half-inch. some areas a little more three quarters of an inch in the north bay. tomorrow will be many times that, we will see 2-3 inches of rain in parts of the bay area especially the coastal hills of the north bay. scattered showers are winding down and that is how it goes through tomorrow morning. we are in a transition between now and tomorrow. this is tomorrow and tomorrow is a good-looking storm. this thing is the reeled deal it is the top two storms or the strongest we see all season. with that said it is one and done essentially, a little behind it but nothing much behind it which is very fortunate. when you look at a system like this if you had another one like this behind it, within 12 hours she would have problems, that is how it goes. we don't see that occurring. there will be problems in small stream flooding, mudslides,
6:46 pm
debris flow, and some of the fires around northern california we are already seeing evacuations in montecito and santa barbara in the burn zones. flood zones from last year they are telling people tomorrow we want you out of here tomorrow morning in designated areas. it will be a good storm. but not a big one behind it and that is why you are not seeing a lot of urgency on my part to warn you of anything. it will be wet and -- on the afternoon commute. you will see it now. wednesday morning and then here it goes. about lunchtime it starts to rain. pretty wet roads, around 5 p.m. -7 p.m. it starts to rain and around sevenrates of an inch and a half or two inches in our. thunder and lightning perhaps,
6:47 pm
big wins, really turbulent atmosphere. you don't see a line mike that that is like a squall line you see in the midwest. that is what the model is projecting, doesn't necessarily mean it will be that way but pretty close. not much behind it, here is thursday morning and then thursday afternoon. we get a chance to try out and beyond that we get friday and saturday which is pretty dry as well. and that is what you look for and that is what you know juliann frank, when you do this 30 years and you start seeing storms back to back of this caliber then you have to start getting sandbags. the system is really positioned nicely so we will be able to get great snow in the mountains, great reservoir filling. really good opportunity to catch up on some rain totals. put us over 100% in most places. >> and it continues to give us brakes as it moves along? >> you are right as it goes forward i hope so too. actress and singer carol
6:48 pm
channing is being remembered from the bay area to probably. she died of natural causes earl home in rancho mirage at the age of 97. she got her start in the play gentlemen prefer blondes. it was her starring role in hello dolly that brought her fame and a tony award in 1964. channing was born in seattle and her family moved to san francisco when she was three months old. she graduated from lowell high school in 1938 and often refer to the city at some. >> she is an amazing product of our public schools and has been a great san franciscan. a leader in the arts, the supporting arts, and also an advocate for the lgbt community when it wasn't necessarily popular. so we are just really grateful for her contributions and service throughout her lifetime, her family and friends in the city of san francisco will miss her dearly. >> channing appeared in another broadway shows and a handful of films but she was always
6:49 pm
associated with hello dolly. she continued to play the role into her 70s. broadly lights will dim tomorrow night in her honor. ♪ a high school student from new jersey has been cast in steven spielberg's remake of west side story. 17-year-old rachel zigler was chosen from 30,000 applicants after responding to a casting call last year. the team will start against a cast of broadway veterans. she describes herself as a singer/songwriter who works as a wedding singer in her spare time. filming is set for the summer. nike says they have developed a new with lacing that is controlled through and app on your phone. the company says the shoe also adjusts to the shape of your foot with a motor hidden inside the sole. jason tatum will wear the new shoes and a game against the toronto raptors tomorrow night.
6:50 pm
they go on sale next month for $350 a pair. football hall of famer and two sport athlete deion sanders has words of advice for kyler murray today. we will hear what sanders had to say coming up next in sports. tune in tonight for new episodes of lethal weapon at 8 p.m. followed by the gifted at 9 p.m. and then of course the 10 p.m. news and 11 p.m. news all right here on ktvu. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning's commute was a wet soggy mess for most of us. >> when you are up we are on with the to the minute news and traffic updates on mornings on 2. kyler murray, football, baseball -- >> this guy has not played a minute of professional sports and he has been the talk of the down. the worriers and sharks will be the talk of the town later tonight but right now we think jumping off the page i think of bo jackson and deion sanders as well. deion sanders right up there with bo is the most successful to play professional. he was with the 49ers and atlanta and the dallas cowboys and play with the atlanta braves and briefly baseball and briefly with the san francisco giants.
6:54 pm
he was on espn today and he talked about what he would do if he had it to do all over again and maybe a little advice for kyler murray. >> if i was in his shoes on picking up the baseball bat and am not looking back. i think he could do whatever he wants to do he is that kind of athlete. sometimes i have regrets that i did not give it more, but for kyler murray that is stuff in his position. i don't think he realizes the ridicule that you go through once you declare and say i will be a football player. now people talk about your height, size, what you can't do. he has not dealt with that yet. >> a little surprised he would say pick up the baseba ep runni getting closer to d daytime on that. meantime the 49ers get good news, deforest butler will be one of the many pro bowlers to go. where do they playbe hawaii, noy pays attention. maybe it is in florida. he is the story, 12 sacks, that
6:55 pm
is a career-high, put constant pressure on the quarterback, that was a rarity for the 49ers. because fletcher cox of the eagles was hurt, he is inserted into the lineup as a pro bowl player. the sharks going at it tonight against the pittsburgh penguins and of course ed crosby, always entertaining. the sharks are rolling, they one 6 straight, but this is kind of a historical event for the great joe thorton. his 1000 game as a shark. remember he came over from monterey, when they were playing boston. a little more profound. peter devorah the coach of the sharks certainly knows what this guy rings to the teal all day long. >> in the dressing room he sets the culture, and he has here for a long time. that culture is based around his personality which is we are going to have fun but we will
6:56 pm
put in an honest days work and that is what he is all about. >> by the way the pro bowl frank is in orlando. >> i know that i just told you that you smart alec! [ laughter ] >> meantime when a college basketball player gets a visit from a police officer before the game, it is not always a bad thing. check this out. >> sorry to interrupt yawls meeting. i am looking for an on -- [ indiscernible - low volume ] is this you sir? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah! >> his let's go down under, these two kangaroos on a golf course in australia. they are fighting over closest to the pin right there. last night anthony davis and the pelicans go down.
6:57 pm
he thinks he was fouled, he lost tissue, he is arguing with the referee meanwhile the game continued on the other end. meanwhile he is cherry picking down there, one shoe on, one shoe off, he will score the bucket and get his shoe back on. that is pretty cool about that player. >> oh my gosh he looked so nervous at first. well all the guys were in on it. >> yeah, he was a walk-on player, made the team, and then they decided he is worthy of a scholarship and they wanted to give it to them in a little unusual way. >> that was awesome! >> when a police officer comes in the locker room you are not usually thinking it is a great thing. >> that is a beautiful story. >> and then the reaction is priceless. >> see you later everyone. >> thank you for joining us. good night. >> ktvu fox 2 , where the power of 2 comes from you.
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that's the smell of new comic books. (inhaling deeply): oh, yes. they're on me today, boys. you're paying? have you been selling your sperm again? no, i'm celebrating. as we speak, the space shuttle is docking at the at the international space station where it will deploy the wolowitz zero-gravity waste disposal system. oh, get over yourself. it's a high-tech toilet. leonard: just think. thanks to your hard work, an international crew of astronauts re." is that supposed to be funny? i believe it is. the combination of the star trek reference and the play on words involving the double-meaning of the verb "to go" suggests that leonard is humorously mocking your efforts in space plumbing. okay, make your little jokes,


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