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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 7, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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electricity was cut off. the oakland school district is planning for possible layoffs as teachers prepare to go on strike. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. we are talking about your weather. there is a big change tomorrow. >> it is cold again today. >> yes, it is. >> change is on the way with increasing clouds. mendocino county, to but we wil low 50s and upper 50s from the north to the so at the airport.
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livermore is 31. we have 27 in lakeport and 20s and pope valley is in there. it is 30 to 35. there is increasing clouds to the north and the next system will be here tomorrow. today clear. to the south, temperatures are pershing warmer. look for cold conditions in the morning and it is warmer to the south. rain is on the way tomorrow. 4:01. i hope everything is quiet. >> i am looking to see if there are surprises before we go to this traffic update. >> not really. i would say i am happy with what i see. the traffic on the tracy commute with pass,
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right there. . along well heading to is dublin. there were minor things with stalled vehicles but not a lot of slow traffic. traffic here is looking good. driving to downtown oakland and out to the bay bridge is light. it will not stay that way. let's go back to the desk. we are starting with the latest on that explosion and san francisco. the it damaged five buildings and forced people to evacuate. flames shot in the air yesterday afternoon. after that construction crew hit a gas line. no one was hurt in the lotion but many people are still not
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allowed back into their comes. 300 customers are without gas and 41 have no electric the city. here is the reaction from firefighters animator -- mayor. the explosion, cited and shocking. flames shooting in the air and a column of fire. >> when i stepped outside, it was a huge gas leak. it was spewing all over. click the flames and the smoke created chaos at parker avenue. 120 firefighters responded to the call that came in at 1:18 p.m.. the evacuated five buildings, including the lounge restaurant. the crews battled the flames and shifting when but there was no way to stop the source of the gas pipeline. >> reporter: the battle raged more than two hours.
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just as suddenly as a stark, the flames disappear. a giant candle snuffed out as pg&e managed to turn off the flow of gas. >> our understanding there was a gas line breached by workers or construction workers working on fiberoptics underneath the asphalt. we had free-flowing flames at the gas like approximately two hours. back the mayor said there was good news. >> the good news is no one was injured or hurt that is thanks to the quick response that happened with the fire department and the san francisco police department. i am grateful for the mac service. click the investigation and inspections agai. >> this is a complex web of utilities. you have water and
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perhaps fiberoptics and electric. it is not as simple as digging in and isolating a valve or pinching off a gas line. you have to go slow. 100 people are waking up this morning displaced. the red cross is helping those who were forced out. we spoke to witnesses who were stunned by the size of the explosion. >> reporter: huge flames and smoke billowed out from a popular restaurant. it was the loud explosion that alerted neighbors that something was wrong. >> i heard a boom.the owner wen outside and used his cell phone to shoot video of what he was witnessing up the street. a restaurant was on fire. >> there were flames and it's
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always bad. i mean, it was scary. neighbors were evacuated. >> there was no time. i just went. after getting a knock on door, she went with others to seek refuge inside a coffee shop. >> i heard a big noise like this. at the beginning, i so it. >> reporter: she left with the clothing on her back and her laptop. i am an international student. i left everything at home, my documents and these things. i was so worried about that. >> reporter: you hear the explosion. >> he was working from home when the fire lookout. he took this video from the roof worried that the buyer was going to spread. >> this flwere high.
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yes, i am glad, you know,rs it very well could been. >> reporter: the coffee shop owner's question why it took two hours to turn off the gas.>> it should not take two hours. i mean, is something. five buildings already. to a student says she was able to return to her apartment to pick up her belongings and decided to spend the night at a help of a friend. the red cross set up a shelter and the diner here on geary boulevard will function as a evacuation center where people can get information. amber lee, ktvu , fox 2 . >> people told to avoid that area near the site of the explosion. geary boulevard is closed.
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there is no word on when it will reopen. drivers are told to use california or fulton the crews work at the developments on the story and the investigation into what happened. we have a slideshow and video on . this morning, firefighters in east bay investigating the cause of a fire overnight. this started in bethel on gateway road. this is a rv and mobile home park. we have a call to firefighters to find out if anyone was hurt. teachers are meeting today to prepare for a possible strike picked they are scheduled to meet at 5:00 tonight in the garage on east 12th street. the teachers plan to assemble strike related ticket banners. administrators are making plans
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to students in class. rob tells us both negotiations to avoid a strike. >> reporter: officials say they plan to keep school open such as this one in chinatown teachers go on strike. >> we are bringing in individuals. some maybe subs or those that are here in the central office. it will look differently based on our schools. >> reporter: teachers announced they are prepared to strike picked the fact-finding report is due february 15th. the teachers are seeking a 12% pay hike over three years. smaller class sizes and support, they are offered 5% pay increases but -- >> we are in the process of developing a counter offer. oth. >> reporta fair
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proposal? >> reporter: it is unclear if they set up a new bargaining session. >> we have a teacher crisis. we do want to be able to provide more compensation to have teachers. >> reporter: it could be a challenge. the superintendent and the school board are set to cut $20 million in the budget. those are expected to include possible layoffs and program reductions. >> we all want higher pay a smaller classes and support staff. we must figure out how to make this happen within our current financial reality. >> we are not in favor of cutting support for students. we are looking to reinvest in public education. >> reporter: teachers and administrators agreed there has been miss management in the past and that sacramento and washington need to provide more money
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fox 2 news. walks gone wrong. we in undercover issues with popular dog walking apps, including a dog that was killed during a walk. check the film company plans to make eight movie about a tragic stabbing and what the company plans to convey through the film . as we look at the morning commute, you can see traffic here on the golden gate bridge. it looks good as we drive south and north. if you 20s, a couple, there are a lot of 30s and changes on the way. it is 27 and lakeport.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are talking about the risk of dog walking apps. we received a dozen complaints about the lack of accountability from the companies. >> owners are telling us horror stories. they are unable to hold the company responsible. candace has the story. >> reporter: from the creepy
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-- >> we saw a man walking around. >> reporter: the plaintiff seen. >> reporter: there was lubricant and a camcorder on the table. >> reporter: we received and vetted multiple reports of dog walking on wrong across the country. the companies are growing platforms that connect busy owners to dog walkers. one we told you about it january were a couple's camera recorded adam kick and whip their pet. >> reporter: he was charged with animal cruelty and after report, our cameras were there to see you still walking dogs. he did not respond when we asked about concerns.>> we watched it and we cried. >> reporter: we found this is far from the only incident dog walking apps are dealing with. in orange county, edmonton said
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she hired dog sitter for a few hours. >> they are drinking alcohol and the behavior is odd. so, he takes the camera down and faces it away so you cannot see what happened. >> reporter: chad lucas of oakland sake the walker hard through rover left a mess. >> i believe she was not taking care of the animal. on thursday, threw a party and there was snow in the house. >> reporter: he came home early to find his walker in the shower and servicemen in the house and a personal lubricant near the couch. >> it is self-explanatory. >> i did not have it and my keys were stuck in a car. i grabbed what i had in my car with my first personal time. >> reporter: there was one out
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of houston. no amount of money could mend his situation. >> she was killed on december 10th. >> reporter: the wheaten terrier was 10 months old when she was hit and killed by a car. >> be careful. >> i should have come home but we trusted the most important thing in the world. >> reporter: it took more than a month for them to personally call them after the company sent a settlement offer for $188. that is as long as they agreed not to talk about the case and delete negative comments on social media expert we felt disrespected. ?>> reporter:wag mac was only has a f. date have a pattern of complaints and in november
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requested them to review the advertising claims. spent the fact that we scheduled this situatio and they were back at home.>> reporter: we reached out sending each company details on the cases we identify. both declined interviews. any statement, wag says they are taking concerns seriously. and january, the ceo wrote a letter to customers say they updated the policy on settlement letters to address sensitivity issues and read viewing customer services. we understand the homes are their sanctuaries and should be respected. >> they are in business. their job is to make money. truck michael says when you hire a worker from an apt and something was wronld the compan responsible. >> you got to know these platfoe, wag and
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such have lawyers that right these ironclad contracts that make them independent contractors. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> these platforms, when they put it out to the public, they don't want to be responsible for what these independent contractors and workers do. if you sent someone to my house ? who was it? what is their address or how do i contact them if something goes wrong? if they don't give that you, what does that tell you? i don't want to do business with you.>> reporter: he learned that lesson too late. >> i carry a lot of guilt. >> we love you. he and sarah are still hurt but one is >> we called r. they brought us winnie. apparently the day after the past, they had another litter.
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>> reporter: they will welcome rory to the family and a reminder that no amount of convenience is worth another loss. ktvu, fox 2 news . >> that is heartbreaking to hear that. 4:20 is the time. let look at traffic. >> we do see traffic is going to be doing okay if you are driving on these commutes. you can see traffic is moving along all right. it has been a nice looking drive with no issues in morgan hill. traffic is doing well in the valley. i don't see major slowdowns or commutes that you have to worry about. you can see that picture of northbound 280 looks good. it is nice and dry. the bay bridge, traffic is light. it will probably not day this way. right now, it looks good.
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let's go to steve. >> it is a holiday it stays that way. right. we have clear skies and 20s and 30s and 40s. the system is dropping eight with another northern system and a colder one is moving and sunday and monday. the next 10 to 14 days looks very active. the sierra snow continues to stack up. to 90 inches. and the sierra snow, it is doing better than we are as a percent with rainfall. we are slowly making up ground. 111% in northern sierra. that includes lake tahoe. usually, it is the other way around. the snow and 21 inc, 22, i would say we
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are doing very well. temperatures in the 30s to the 40s. 41 in oakland. this is better than the airport and santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. 27 and a lake port. we are about 3 degrees warmer. 30s in the east bay and 34 in brentwood. there is 41 in el cerrito. driving down from the north, that looks to be the theme going forward. we see increasing clouds to the north but not to the south. south has sunny conditions. it is -2 in truckee. cloud cover is on the move. you have the cold air mass that is not going anywhere. >> and clouds in the afternoomo
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highs today in the 50s again >> highsn . >> okay. don't forget you can k whether app. there is the forecast as well as video. you can submit your weather pictures and we enjoyed seen those now that we have had this extreme weather. keep in mind the weather app is updated and ready for you. the south bay mayor is stirring up controversy by taking a page from president trump. what he set about building a wall. the giants are adding to the roster before the season starts. we are telling you who they are reportedly meeting with in las vegas. [phone ringing]
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the mayor is criticized for making a joke about building a wall during his state of the city address. he joked last week that cupertino should build a wall around the city to keep people from moving in and that san jose should pay for most of it. it was criticized as being insensitive about the housing shortage. >> we have a big problem with the city from saratoga and
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other people from other cities. we came up with this proposal. >> they believe that housing is something to be solved city by city and seen as a regional problem. the truth is, we don't have walls around the city. >> the mayor has no result -- no regrets. >> they are planning to build 10,000 new housing units. lawmakers have two bills to consider that was standardized police misuse of for >> the bill requires additional officer training on de- escalation tactics and alternatives to deadly force. the key difference between them is one is endorsed by law enforcement and the other is not picked the author of the bill that is not says she welcomes law enforcement and put on her legislation. what is happening in virginia has the nation watching and the officials have
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to resign. i meant washington with more on implications. [ music playing ] ♪ here comes the sun you, all of you. how you live. what you love. [ laughter ] that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. [ chattering ] .
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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 . >> thank you for joining us. a cold morning. >> it is. >> snow and rain are heading our way. >> there is going to be staggering snow totals. >> i have a call-in. they will call me later to confirm. >> i'm not the only one. i will say it right now. if you work outside and you need a break, i don't see a break. we will get a today but the nex dropping to the 30s and 40s. these are cold syst


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