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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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broc brock breaker impale police sound a warning in the surge of car break ins. >> we noticed the main thing that the burglars are looking for are laptop computers. >> we've heard about break ins in san francisco and oakland, now it's fremont's tarnal. police saw 22 car break ins in 48 hours and 300 break ins in the last six weeks. 11 suspects have been arrests. don't leave your valuables in the car. >> i'm at clubbed from, one of the parking lots where the
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burglaries are happening. they are passing out fliers to park smart. >> in this sunday -- sunday surveillance video a man shines a flashlight into a car, he breaks the windshield and grabs valuables and takes off. the owner is seen taking after him. >> we've noticed over two months we've had a surge in auto burglars. 300 in last six weeks which is a increase. >> the break ins occur at night. here's a map of five known hot spots. . >> people go in to get a cup of
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coffee or dinner, watch a movie in a large parking lot and that's where we have that occur. >> this month police made 11 arrests. not from fremont and not part from one crew. electronics are in high demand and that may be the reason behind the uptick. >> maybe there's a new stream of money for stolen laptops. >> we didn't have time to look far. >> people calling security all the time, their car got browning into. security guards are all over the place. >> half the victims are residents and the other half are from out of town. >> i've in that situation. cost bucks. >> if you take away the product you take away the loss, the
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majority of the time the burglars won't go into your car. >> police say burglars are popping trunks. police have extra patrols at shopping there's. we came across undercover officers. police thinking of putting up sign boards near off-ramps to warn people. >> they are popping trunks, you think i've got something valuable, i'm going to put it in the trunk it will be okay. >> the police say don't do that. now burglars are looking inside trumpings, popping trunks and the bottom line, don't put anything of value in with you i to. police in santa rosa arrested a suspect in a hit and run that injured a 7-year-old girl over the weekend.
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this surveillance video helped them track down the car that hit the girl this past saturday. she only suffered minor injuries. the suspect is dominic weaver. he had three outstanding arrest warrants. now to oakland where former president obama and warrior player steph curry were on same today for my brother's keeper. >> thousands of people including young machine of color from across -- men of color from across the country celebrated. former president obama created the organization after the
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death of tre vie martin. >> trayvon could have been my son, the fact that not just trayvon, but every single day there were young men of color who were being shot and be killed, that every single day there were young men who are dropping out of school. >> five years later 250 communities are part of the movement to empower young men of color with the tools and resources necessary to be iwan i want you to be strong. i want you to be leaders not followers. >> john legend gave a powerful
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performance. obama and curry inspired the men in the room. >> life in general, self- confidence was not natural for me. >> i was a good kid, in the sense i was kind to people, i didn't have a mean spirit, but i did not have a sense of purpose or a clear sense of direction through a big chunk of my high school years. >> the young membership on stage ask men asked about reform. >> they should be i was tack. >> one of the big take aways of the day, it was the energy in the room, you can feel it.
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so many people walked away inspired to part change in their community for the leaders of tomorrow. president trump is moving forward with plans to move funding from the high speed rail project. he announced the termination of a 929 million said rahl grant and want the state to pay back what they have sacramento. this comes after the governor said he was scaling back the project finishing only the session under construction. . earlier today the president referred to high speed rail as he lashed out at california
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over the lawsuit challenging the emergency declaration. . >> we have a right to do that. i have a right to call national security. we need strong borders, we have to stop crime and drugs and criminals and human trafficking. >> beer iso said president trump keep talking. we continue to gather evidence against you. bernie sanders is making a second run for the white house. he joins a crowded field of candidates vying for the
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democratic nomination. >> new challenges he will face. >> this wasn't unexpected and today i can speak with supporters from 2016, to see what they think about his campaign 2.0. the last time it was sanders and hillary clinton but this time there will be more competition and scrutiny. >> as he announced tuesday he's back in the race for the white house, the phone started ringing in san francisco. >> my phone has been ringing nonstop, receiving a million messages, a lot of e-mails and social media continue conducted. >> -- contact. >> people are excited that he's running and have been waiting for are the supporters
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sanders is banking on. >> i'm asking you to be part of a grass-roots campaign of 1 million active volunteers in every state. >> sanders burst on the national scene by building a grass-roots campaign. his previous platform will be part of his 2020 campaign. >> all of those ideas and more are part of the political main stream. >> that could make it harder to stand out from a crowded field of candidates. nine democrats so far. some have acontinued part of sanders progressive agenda. >> the person who missed his time. >> was quick to distance herself from sanders.
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>> i'm not a democratic socialist. >> sanders would be the oldest major party candidate. >> others wonder if he can attract more voters across lines. >> i think he will need to work harder and really reach out to communities of color and have organizers of those communities. >> recent polls show joe biden leading in polls though he remains artavis i've about -- evasive about running. >> sanders has a point of raking in small donations. late this evening 150,000 people donated more than 4 million in the first 12 hours after his announcement. that's more than kamala harris in the first two hours of her
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campaign. if dollars translate to votes he's off to a good start. >> is he still an independent. >> he is. he sheriffs as a democratic socialist. the dnc changed the rules so you have to be a democrat to get the democratic party's nomination. if he gets the most delegates we'll see how they are solve that issue. the raiders may play at the coliseum for one more season. the raiders and the coliseum authority have reassumed talks. they may be close to a deal. the team broke off ty sued the the nfl needs to know where they will so the league
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can compete the 2019 schedule. a megastorm that would overwhelm california's infrastructure. the threat of atmospheric rivers that continue for weeks. we're tracking rain from the north. see you back here. what's better than having fast,
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eak barack barack. highway 37 will reopen tomorrow and that can't come soon enough. debra in novato where a levee broke and flooded the westbound lanes. >> the contractor says they are on schedule tonight. they are up against water pressing the barriers and seeping underneath. this is one of the last stubborn spots. >> under flood light, turning t highway 37. westbound lanes submerged by a
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some sections ready for vehicles. >> i heard that it's going to be tomorrow, but we'll see. >> jeff hamilton is a service technician at novato toyota, but he lives in via li he. his morning -- vallejo. >> i can't wait for it to be over. we're one storm away from it happening again. >> he's right. the emergency, pumping and road repairs done in a few days are a baned aid on a aging livy system and sinking highway. >> it will be a heavy lift, i'll try to get federal money for that. >> hoping for a infrastructure bill pass congress this year. >> if we do that ll have sea level rise and protecting
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communities like the north bay on my mind. >> the washed out train tracks may quality for federal money but most of the money falls on local and state agencies. >> this needs to be elevated more like several feet, as you can imagine that's not a simple proposition. >> i have not heard road rage calls. >> chp has traffic moving. >> there's no rush to do this again. we have to anticipate it's a possibility. not just here, any roadway in the bay area. >> but this highway requpain tolerance. >> you have to like where you work. >> once open the eastbound
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drivers will have the bottleneck. >> this wasn't the only havoc from the atmospheric river. a local emergency allows them to speed repairs and seek reimburse: the next step is a county wide estimate for the damage. now to emeryville a noise complaint landed a 49-year-old man in jail. late saturday night police received a call about loud music inside cars near linden and 45th place. investigators found a gun in one of the cars, a search found drugs and a large amount of money. a tow truck driver is a hero after coming to the aid of
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a wounded chp officer. he happened to see the officer under attack on i-5 in williams last friday. officer martin sop martinson had pulled over this week. she stabbed him in the back. the truck driver helped handcuff and disarm the suspect. >> i turned her over and the blade was under her. i grabbed the blade. >> 25-year-old haily neil was marked into jail. she's facing an attempted murder charge, concealment. a weapon and driving under the influence. she denies attacking the officer. a shots mother -- san jose mother is hoping someone will find her daughter. she ran away from home last
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night. her mother tells us the 7th grader did not take her cell phone. the girl has not been in contact with here friends or family members and her mother worries she may have met someone on a social media app. we'll get rain and snow in the bay area and the mountains. 100% of average for most bay area cities and watersheds. that's good news. in the mountains we have more of that. we're doing really well for water. late in the the less rainier times. we have a weather system coming in. you can it the north. weigh call those inside
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sliders. it's coming inside and go between the sierra nevada and the bay area. we're going to be to stable side. giving us light scattered showers. the flow is still out of the north. that's an indication that high pressure is the dominant feature. temperatures are on the cool side despite the cloud cover and the chance of a sprinkle or two. overnight lows, you can look for temperatures and frost in the inland valleys. scattered showers in the forecast. not a big deal. there will be sun and clouds but maybe a few sprinkles. things get to dry up more. when i come back we'll show you the computer model. computer model.
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. tonight at 10:30 a bay area winery cut off from the customers. >> we sell direct to the public. every day we're down is lost income. >> why there's no easy fix for a mudslide. manny machado was one of the two biggest free agents. he has a deal to play with one of the giant's rivals. a bay area soccer coach under arrest. the charges he faces. this is not a bed.
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. a girl as soccer coach is under arrest for suspicious of sexually assaulting a member of the team. child molestation, contacting a minor to commit sexual offenses and sexual battery. the mother of the girl tipped off if police. estrada was a coach and worked as a tutor. oakland schools are ready for a possible teacher's strike on thursday. they need to keep schools open using other staff members. the principal at international community elementary said her heart is with the teachers but because she's an administrator she will have to cross to pick it lines.
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>> we'll do what we need to do. i plan to bring coffee and donuts and support my teachers in the small ways i can and support the students and families. >> alderman is one of 30 fingerprints meeting with tony thurman tomorrow to request more money for education. a report found nine schools in san francisco in the bottom 5%. what's being done to help realize their potential. >> the california dashboard was released to meet federal every student succeeds standards. 27 california schools need assistance. the district says the schools highlighted in the report are the same schools their data says need assistance.
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>> the same schools are under served, the african-americans, english learns,. >> the district is working on strategies from restraining teachers to community engagement to help five schools. heart elementary, brown middle. cobb elementary. cobb elementary. . >> you will see these students explaining their thoughts. it has worked. the school is a work in progress but teachers are learning best practices with and from one another. students are out the multiple
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ways to reach an answer. >> a small group will move ahead and this group stays here. the job. having open environments of conversation, a style of discussing their work, you will see the whole class understanding more. >> this approach works at muir they don't want a one size fits all solution. >> the context varies depending on-site and location. we want to learn the places where things are working for the target population. >> acknowledging that some schools are struggling the public schools point out some schools are thriving. 40% of the schools are high or very high on the dashboard. the key is making sure schools success what do you think of this.
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no speed limit on parts of i-5 and 99. the proposal that would have the freeways resembling the audubon. why it could be days before it reopens. >> see who filed the first lawsuit following the gas fueled fire in san francisco. what's better than having fast,
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%f0 tism first legal claim has been filed in connection with the gas line explosion and fire in the city. it was filed on behalf of two people that lived in a building that was destroyed. it names verizon and several contractors. those contractors were laying fiber optic cable for verizon. >> they used a backhoe and drove it into the pipeline that created the inferno. what safety precautions were taken by the contractors. >> the lawsuit seeks civil damages but does not specify a now to the south bay and a
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winery that's been closed following the storm. >> the winery has been cut off as a result of the mud lyde, mudslide. >> the runoff remains and the ground is causing a big problem for a winery in the santa crude mountains. this is supposed to be the way up to the vineyard, a mound of mud, dirt and trees covered the driveway. above it the trees lean. the winery tasting room is suppose to be open daily. >> i think it happened wednesday night. the winery has been closed since. we've a tasting room and sell everything direct to the public. every day we're down is lost income. >> this is how long the slide is and water is still running
10:34 pm
down the mountain. behind me is suppose to be a driveway but covered in mud. the winery hopes to reopen by the end of the week. cal trans is monitoring the slide but because the land is private they are only responsible for keeping the highway clear. >> if we move the mud from the bottom it will continue to slide. it's not just our property, it our neighbor's property that is coming across our driveway. >> cal trans wokers are monitoring another threat, they are concerned about the water across the way freezing,
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they are sanding it. an experienced skier dade after falling into deep powder at hurricane florence inly mountain resource -- heave andly mountain resort. he was inbounds floor the california-nerve state bound. they believe he suffocated or died of exposure. san francisco is hosting the chinese new year's parade and public safety is a top priority. how to sign up for text message alerts and how the parade is starting to take shape. >> we're able to push the limits more every year. we have some amazing statutes that our carvers worked on. >> this is our first look at the eye catching over the top
10:36 pm
floats for the southwest airlines chinese new year's parade. >> it's the year of the pig, you will see pigs everywhere. pigs, i think the quality of the pigs people are gravitating toward is the abundance and joy of the animal. all the dazzle and sparkle. a thousand pounds of glitter and 700 gallons of paint. >> there's 20 floats. we did 19 of them. >> 200,000 are expected to come see the floats on saturday and the city is trying to ensure that not only do you have a good time but that you stay safe. the department of emergency services is encouraging people to tech lunar sf to 888 nevada
10:37 pm
nerve to receive messages. >> the type of alerts would be emergencies. vehicular or pedestrian traffic. watches and warnings. >> attendees are encouraged to report suspicious activities. leave cars empty. and no fireworks. >> the goal for the float builders is to keep you entertained. >> our team puts so much love into the places. we give it our all. we hope that people come out and enjoy rade. >> you watch the chinese new year parade saturday night from will be ben and julie. we're getting ready for it.
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still ahead, a new medical school offering free tuition. and a new start up to keep patients young. a cool night, and into tomorrow, there's a chance of showers, i'll show you what that means. no speed limit on parts of i-5 and highway 99, why the lawmaker says this would make the road safer.
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. a california state senator has introduced a bill eliminating speed limits. two high speed lanes on five and 99. there would be no speed limit on one lane in each direction. the lanes would run on i-5 between the grapevine and sacramento and the 99 between bakersfield and stockton. the lanes would make the freeways less congests and more safe. >> you know it is safe be you will pay attention. we looked at study or the data in germany, their traffic accident rate is lower than in
10:42 pm
the states. >> high speed lanes could be constructed with gas tax money or using cap and trade dollars. the food and drug administration ordered a start up to stop offering plasma transfusions. we told you about the treatment last month. it's offers in six u.s. cities including san francisco. there's no proven benefit to the transfusions. the company was started by a medical school graduate that charges $8,000 for a litter of plasma. stocks were higher today. the dow picked up eight points coming off 8th straight week of gains.
10:43 pm
the nasdaq was up 14. still ahead, a visit to spring training in arizona. first the threat of a megatomorrow and what it would mean. >> bill martin returns with the bay area forecast.
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. government scientist are warning that california has another big one to worry about it it's only a matter of time before we see the megastorm. the atmospheric river lasting longer. the possibility of such a distaste. >> experts say the state is unprepared for such a storm and it would be damaging and deadly. >> the sky over oakland was clear and the air crisp on this february evening. >> i'm an oakland native and never fell the cold like it is now. >> bone chilling cold and extreme weather. slides in the north bay and before that, the massive wildfires. >> all of these are the sit of
10:47 pm
of a changed climate. according to the gee logical survey a megastorm is inever stable delivering a storm that would overwhelm the infrastructure. >> the things we thought were 500 year events are 100 year events and 50 year events that means we're in a climate change world. >> a megastorm could cause three times the damage as a major earthquake. researchers call it an arc storm. it could last weeks and send 1.5 million fleeing. >> it's more and more extreme
10:48 pm
in recent years. more than we imagined. all the rain and the snow. >> extreme weather may be cyclical but folks we spoke to say they believe it's manmade. >> the since is undeny able. you have to bury your head in the sand not to see. >> it's worrisome, you hear about this everywhere. the weather pattern is changing, not just here. >> experts say that the state's infrastructure would not with one knows when such a storm might hit. . the basic megastorm idea is tag
10:49 pm
another one. then you have infrastructure failure and that is the lech levees, you add more water into the inland levees, they are old, and they are easy to break. we've seen that happen. it's possible. sos a 9.3 earthquake. this is part of living in california. 10, 15 year droughts are possible. 50 year droughts have been recorded. you never know, it's california. as you go outside a few scattered showers possible. they will be light. the system is coming from the north. it's not the typical coming from moisture from the ocean. it's coming from the north. that's why it's cool. the idea is tomorrow this is how it looks in the morning and
10:50 pm
may see a few sprinkles. tomorrow afternoon more sprinkles possible. and late in the day maybe a few more sprinkles. this is a pretty dry system. in it as you see here, tomorrow morning, the scattered showers, it's hit and miss stuff. it won't washout the day. and on thursday the winds go back offshore. thursday and friday are money. saturday looks good and sunday more wet weather. we had a bunch of rain and snow and we're getting a much-needed break. tomorrow won't add into the reservoirs or the rain gauges. the forecast highs tomorrow after a cold start and the five- day forecast. we talk about all these things.
10:51 pm
there's weather variables, california's droughts, earthquake, floods, we have it all. any one of those are possible. an earthquake, a drought, an arc storm. that storm last week with one behind it. that would do it. that would push us over the edge. >> are we seeing more rain? >> there's a little bit. nothing sus substantial. besanders jumps into the race. one of baseball's two big free agents reached a deal with one of the giants key opponents in the west. wrap
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. mark is here with sports. we're talking about the huge deal in baseball. >> stunning the baseball world. i'm calling it think bryce harp for more. get ready for a raise in you're hot dogs.
10:55 pm
the biggest surprise is not that manny machado signed a contract. the san diego padres out of nowhere out of left field get a shortstop or a 3rd baseman. it's a 10 year deal worth 300 million. the biggest free agent contract in american sports history. were they the sleeper in this thing. manny machado has been called a generational talent. he can play third or short. the odds on favorite looks like the white sox. look at the rereaction from the executive vice president of the white sox. >> i'm wearing my shades so you don't see the shock in my eyes. it is disappointing. i would be lying if i said
10:56 pm
anything other than that. we stepped up to where this morning i honestly believed we had the best offer on the table. >> last year there were controversial things. he has the edge. when you see a guy like him on deck that gets in the pitcher's mind. >> eric hosmer soon-to-be his teammates. it makes it to sense to me. the dodgers one of the richers organizations had him for half a year, they wanted nothing to do with the guy. that tells you allot. good luck. we'll see. we have our own teams to worry about. look at the frost on the a's
10:57 pm
field in mesa this morning where joe fonzie was. everyone talking about the fact they won't sneak up on anyone. went to the playoff. defense had so much to do with it. simeon has improved at shortstop. matt chapman gold glove winner and ollison a gold glove. and they are still at that point they are happy to be in the big leagues. >> something i dreamed about, this year i was honored more than i could have imagined. i'm thankful the a's gave me the opportunity and it feels good. >> it was very cool to have the gold gulf with chappie. it was nice. the sharks, great game last night at the tank.
10:58 pm
they come up shy to the bruins but it does not overshadow the effort of joe thorton. he had himself a game. first hat trick in eight years. boston tied it. the hat trick and everyone, they love him on this team. >> he's been an elite player and great to see him help us with the third goal. you saw the excitement. >> when he got the third one. we got excited looking for the fourth one. he was getting warmed up. >> he was feeling it last night. to put a hat trick up at almost 40 years of age it was a special night. the all-star break just about over and the warriors go
10:59 pm
back at it thursday. jimmy fallon and steph curry played a joke on the media. have a look and a lesson en. >> the phrases were energizer bunny, flipping pancakes and wham bam can of ham. >> i got here thursday morning to now, i'm trying to gets a much in as i can. have to be like the energizer bunny. having the back and forth competitions, flipping the pancakes. the last one looked good and i was like wham, bam, can of ham that's going in. >> that was good. he got them in seamlessly.
11:00 pm
>> all worth checking out. that's the sporting life and it's time for more news. >> and next, our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principal of economic social racial and environmental justice. >> bernie sanders making a second run at the white house entering a crowded field of candidates looking to replace president trump in 2020. . bernie sanders fund-raising is out pacing other democratic hopefuls. but the political landscape is


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