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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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for more than three hours now for a missing person who may be buried in that huge landslide at fort funston. where cultus clips cliff collapsed at 2:40 this afternoon. we've seen a line of firefighters digging into this massive slide, with syllables as well as never dogs that have been trying to locate that person by their scent. >> here's a look of where the search is happening on the beach, north of john your drive and near lake merced. fort funston is an area heavily used by hikers and dog walkers. debora villalon is there now and deb, the son is going to go down now which triples the problem for those searching for the person. >> reporter: absolutely, andre. it was just a beautiful day out here for a beach walk, and sadly this does appear to be ending tragically. where the fire department has not yet officially called off the search, take a look behind us. that is where all the activity had been occurring, and as you can see the digging behind us right now has ended. take a look from skyfox at the scene just a few hours ago. san francisco fire crews frantically searching for a
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woman buried under tons of & damp sand. . she and a companion, another woman were walking on the beach with their dog. when the cliff collapsed above the. one woman was buried to her waist, but she was rescued. she's been hospitalized now. her injuries are not life- threatening. her companion though could not be found, and search dogs were brought in, but they do not hit on any life center. fort funston remained open to visitors throughout all of this, and some of them reacted to what has happened. >> it's pretty disappointing just having to bring our dogs here, so you never want anyone to get hurt. >> i mean they had the signs that say make of it, so, who knows with all the that is out there. >> reporter: would you be more aware, i would imagine? >> definitely, for sure. >> you never know what might
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happen just because there is a lot of science, but i feel like people don't take it as serious as they should sometimes just because i see people walking off trails all the time. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: you can go right up to the edge? >> we normally stay on the trail because i don't want anything to happen to him, but all the time we see people just climbing up on the side of the hills, and like it you can tell they are unsafe. >> reporter: when this was first recorded, the impression was that these hikers had been above the beach and fallen when the land gave way under their feet. instead as we now know, they were on the beach walking and probably feeling completely safe as you would when this heavy sand fell from above ly v and very little opportunity to escape. about half an hour ago we did see san francisco fire crews , rescue teams leaving the came
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caring there equipment very good faith and in the last few minutes, we have received confirmation of what was obvious out here, that there is no more searching, that this has become a recovery operation at this point. there's really no opportunity for anyone to survive this long under the sand, under the weight of this wet sand. but they are fighting now of course are the waves. they plan to bring in heavy equipment to try to move the sand. we were told that a cadaver dog is on the way, and that may help speed the location of this victim, but right now it's kind of a wait and see for us out here at the scene.
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back to you. >> sad news to hear that, they are calling up the search now. we were expecting this. we know san francisco was expecting this. deb, we know we were talking to mark tamayo in the last 30 minutes or so, and he was in the sun is going to start going to and about 6:00 and of course the tide is going to be rising , start rising around that time. have they given you a game plan and how they're going to work with those conditions? >> reporter: no, the people who are here on the beach aren't speaking to us at all about what the strategy is going to be. there is a command post on the great highway. some distance from us, and that is where the sort of centralized fire department information is coming from. so we will check in with them, and have what ever the latest information is from them at 7:00. >> debora villalon live in san francisco at fort funston. deb, thank you. take a look at these images from before and after, and on the left you can see the image from google maps, and on the right you can see the extent of the landslide from today taken from skyfox just a short time ago. you see how much sand fell on them as they were walking on the beach. the darker area shows how much land came down, and the rescue crews at the bottom.
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>> stay with ktvu and as we continue to follow the very latest on the search and rescue , or rather now they are just looking at finding the person at fort funston there. don't forget you can follow us on twitter and facebook for updates, as soon as we get them. we are going to go to the latest on the oakland teacher strike. today was the second day that thousands of teachers man's the picket lines as union officials headed back to the bargaining table to continue to try and reach an agreement over the start negotiations. i just heard in the re still negotiating right now, the dis so far, the two sides have reached no agreement. the teachers appear poised to strike again on monday, even ng getting their rain gear out. and just moments ago the teachers union updated the media. paul chambers was there and joined us live with the latest now, paul? >> reporter: alyana, you talked about the rain.
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the order 3000 ponchos for this picket line starting on monday. now we just talk to the teachers union association president, and he says it's going right back to the bargaining table at this hour. it is something they want to hammer out, but the district are possibly looking at going to the entire weekend. if nothing comes of it, they will definitely go into a strike on monday. i will take a lot of people we talked to earlier today say the strike is working. >> who schools? >> our schools! >> reporter: a product as much passion and solidarity as they want. >> i did not become is going to graduate from high school, but because of my teachers i am. >> reporter: x cicadas and supporters rarely once again, this time at oaklands defremery park with students being those highlighted, calling out two officials who they feel putting teachers at risk by allowing the strike to go on. >> the kids, they are already hurting. so this one week or however long it takes, it's the only way for the district to hear us. >> this strike is going to affect me positively whether i go to school or not because of
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the day, they are fighting for the quality my education. >> reporter: oakland education association is asking for a 12% raise over three years. the district is offering an 8.5% increase in teacher salary over four years. >> with quality teachers in oakland, we want to make sure that we are not exploiting them, that we give them what they need in order to be successful. >> we are fighting these larger problems. the system of oppression against our public schools, you know? teachers don't have a livable wage to sustain and live in the city. students don't have the right support. >> reporter: many teachers have blamed the growing number of charter schools in oakland as part of the district's downfall, initial solidarity some charter school teachers joined the picket lines, even though they say they are not afforded the same protections because they are not represented by the oakland teachers union. >> i tobecause we truly, truly believe that all students in oakland should  have the right to high-quality education.
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>> reporter: once again, negotiations are going on at this hour. the district that they will go all weekend if need be. the union says they will decide that depending on the outcome later today, and as we know both sides say they would like to come to some kind of resolution, but if not expect teachers to go back on strike on monday. alyana, andre? >> it continues. all right, paul, thank you support. in these first two days of the strike, only handful of children have been dropped off at rec centers to help parents with child care. christina rendon visited east oakland youth department senators without children there spent the day. >> reporter: today it has been arts and crafts, playing in the gym, lunchtime, snacks, climbing, watching movies. >> reporter: the east oakland you developments that is solitary the school. this is more than the.
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>> third-grader's anaya jones told us a sign she majoring in arts and science lesson. it started about the talk, then kids made side and support of their teachers. >> they are taking care of other kids and educating other kids. they need to get paid more money than that. >> there were so many sense that it is clear they have an understanding of why they are here. weather teachers on strike. >> osu teachers who happen to be twin sisters are leading the curriculum at the solidarity school. >> the way this community and supporters is by not profiting the picket lines and spending their kids to school. >> we are feeding the children, educating them, we are having fun with them, so everything that they can do out there regular school, they can do at the solidarity site two a. >> reporter: the student did not know each other before the strike, only meeting for the first time. the teacher said they are set up to sustain this site longer.
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>> i like having fun and learning. >> a lot of parents are staying home with their kids. we know by next week, the need is going to be greater because people can't afford to keep staying home with their kids. >> reporter: the teacher told us their fellow teachers on the picket lines estimated 90% of students did not attend schools on the first day of the strike. in oakland, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. don't forget for the latest information on the strike, we have created a hotline, and that number is this, 510-874- 0400 . you can call at any time for updates and new developments. new details. uc berkeley police say they've identified a potential suspect in connection with an assault that occurred on campus earlier this week. tuesday's incident was all caught on camera, that is what you are watching your. williams said he was on the upper sproul plaza try to recruit members for a conservative group called turning point usa.
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things as you saw moments ago turned very pilot. police say neither the victim nor the suspect or students at uc berkeley. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. the family of a man killed in the shooter with the sheriff's deputies reaching out to the deputy who fired the deadly shot. in a letter the family of javier hernandez morales apologized to riley jill roski. karen is morale at the fired first. hernandez morales was illegally in the u.s. and have been supported three times. now in their letter, the family said the officer went to make it difficult for to pull the trigger in our family so very sorry. as much as we are hurting because we lost a beloved member of our family, we can only imagine the pain you are in. our family wants you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as much as javier. the owner of the super bowl champion new england patriots prostitution and now investigators say they have video evidence. a singer r. kelly is expected to surrender to police tonight after being charged with sexual abuse.
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in weather, the bay area in the clifford today. the weekend looking okay with a few high clouds but eventually the rain clouds make a comeback. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. more live pictures and fort funston were a person disappeared during a cliff collapse there. tonight fire official confirmed that search and rescue mission has turned to recovery operations. we will be back after the break. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as you want and only pay for data.
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singer r. kelly is expected to surrender to police tonight in chicago after being charged with secular obesity the prosecutors filed 10 cans against the 52-year-old singer today. authorities say the abuse involved for victims including three who were minors at the time. the elected date -- the elected allegations date back to 1998 to cover more than a decade. these charges follow the release of two documentaries the detailed claims that the singer held women against a will and a cult like atmosphere. a videotape service allegedly showing kelly with a 14-year- old girl. >> aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class ii felony with a sentencing range of 3 to 7 years per count. it is also probation double. >> reporter: >> this is the second time that r. kelly has been charged with a sex crime in chicago. in 2008, he was acquitted on charges of child sonography.
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the alleged victim in that case did not testify. trouble for the owner of the new england patriots after winning his sixth super bowl. police say this video evidence of robert kraft soliciting a second at a florida massage parlor and as molly line reports, the billionaire is just one of two dozen people arrested in a month-long crackdown. >> reporter: lesson three weeks after winning the super bowl, and the pagers on a robert kraft is charged with solicitation of prostitution in florida. he's facing two counts of them is a meter stemming from two visit to what police are calling an illicit massage parlor. the orchids of a today spot. the authorities said they have the 77-year-old on tape. >> the question was that the video content mr. crafton said receiving the alleged acts? the answer to that is yes. >> reporter: crescent identified during a month-long crackdown on human trafficking and sex act and palm beach orlando. he not only one in trouble. two owners of the spa have already been elected. some two dozen other people are also named and seen on video. >> reporter: >> the video obtained shows the accident took place . on every
6:17 pm
gentleman that you have a list of, the accident took place is recorded on the video. >> reporter: kraft is the sixth time has on the six-time super bowl champs for years. we categorically denied that mr. crafton engaged in any illegal activity. because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further. the nfl policies says players, coaches, and even owners can be conduct punished for conduct detrimental to the league. he's been dating actress ricky landers since 2012. in boston, molly line, fox news. the weekend is about here, and the forecast is looking okay. a few high clouds working their way in the bay area, but it looks like a dry saturday. sunday could be different, especially up to our north.
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timing with his mother's pattern system for the forecast amore in san francisco. take a look here at the chinese new year parade forecast . we do have this, with just multi- cloudy skies but no umbrellas needed. will be on the cool side, temperatures around 50 degrees by 5:34 your saturday, so looking just find for tomorrow evening. satellite every are showing you this. look at all these storm reports showing you snowfall done in southern portions of arizona. but though showers have been winding down over the past few hours. out here in the pacific, we have clear to pilot cloudy skies. right now, in the area we have that nice quiet friday evening out there. we will come in closer, check out some of the current numbers. renate lots of 50s . you see napa has conducted a 40. san francisco 52, and san jose right now checking in at 50. here's our live camera looking up toward san francisco and at what the bay bridge . you can
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see the tower out there in the distance. visibilities pretty good for your friday night. overnight lows, definitely what about the. temperatures will be in the 30s with a few spots closer to freezing to start at your saturday morning. 30s and 40s. here's the plan tomorrow, so saturday 7:00, partly cloudy skies, and into the afternoon hours we kind of at that haiti sunshine. some clouds creating that haiti sunshine, that weather pattern throughout the day tomorrow. this is 6:00, and by then we will have mostly foggy skies. we could be talking about increasing rain chances. this is a slight chance it is sunday but next week early to monday and tuesday, another atmospheric river developing. that could lead to more rain especially up to our north. we'll talk more about this developing weather pattern all coming up in a little bit. california's attorney general on the new state law calling for the release of some police personnel records. at the giants battle the cold and rain during the last workout before starting cactus league play tomorrow. scott reiss was there. we will have a full report coming up later in sports.
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california's attorney general has been under fire for refusing to release some police personnel records. a new law makes certain types of officer misconduct and use public. >> brooks? >> reporter: the attorney general thinks that there is not enough clarity in the law. even though doctors, lawyers, and judges have their conduct and discipline in public view.
6:23 pm
for 40 years in california, police conduct has been kept secret. it's making the ag hesitant to release anything until there is a clarity. major editorial boards are blasting attorney general xavier becerra . of first amendment coalition said he's breaking the law. it's a barrage of criticism since his decision to withhold police personnel files. >> it is an open question. there is not yet certainty. >> reporter: the new california and law senate 1421 opens police records and cases of officer lying, engaging in sexual inappropriate behavior, or using force causing injury or death. 2 investigate and the american civil liberties union found at let the state are refusing to comply. arguing the lot is not retroactive and anything before this year should stay secret. >> once you dispose a person's private information, you don't
6:24 pm
get a second chance to do it right, and so what we are trying to make sure is we do it right the first time. >> reporter: becerra's vision not to handle files from the justice department officers he overseas is having a ripple effect in the bay area. palo alto police and san mateo sheriff department told to and investigates the records would be released by now have reversed course, and they're not alone. we told we were to 11 agencies flip-flopped because of the service becerra's position. >> we have not told anyone what they should do. we poorly explained to those requested information from us what we are going to do, and so what others do, respect what any agency does, how they handle that. >> reporter: some california agencies are making the files public, so far 62 releasing records. still there are nearly 200 and review. all while the right to know lot is being argued and for court jurisdictions. >> at the law from these court decisions, these rulings becomes clearer, i will be the
6:25 pm
first to get out there and do what the courts tell us interpretation of the law is. >> reporter: los angeles county and contra costa county courts have already ruled in favor of releasing records. police union have appealed and the issue may ultimately end up in the state's for brain court. brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. an update on the repairs on the return saylorville bridge, how long the work is expected to take as work continues on a permanent fix to ensure no debris from the upper deck falls on drivers below. the areas new definition of middle-class might shock you. we will show you results of a new study and how the bay area city ranks on that list.
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with our top stories, sally rescue crews have now suspended the search for a person apparently buried in a landslide, as san francisco's fort funston. we were told two women were
6:29 pm
walking on the beach when the cliff gave away at about 2:40 this afternoon. what woman was involved in the fight was rescued with nonlife running injuries. fire crews spent hours digging in the slide with double to try to find the other woman. we are told u.s. park police will take over for the recovery efforts. union police say a 15-year- old is under arrest now after allegedly stabbing a fellow student at james logan high school this morning. the school on eighth street was put on lockdown at around 10:50 this morning. the student was taken to the hospital while police searched the attacker. a 30 cannot release an update on the victim's condition. we are told a second student may have also been hurt here. there's no word on a motive. thousand the oakland teacher spent a second on the picket lines. the teachers union and school district have resumed negotiations, but so far there is no deal to avert the strike which is expected inue into next week. the two sides said talks would continue to the weekend as well. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. new research suggesting the term middle-class does not
6:30 pm
mean what it used to, especially here in the bay area. >> the story is getting a lot of traction on twitter. a lot of people pretty upset about this. jesse gary told us the numbers and! household income that was thought to make a family welk the just but some in the middle of the pack. >> reporter: now a new study finds middle-class has taken on a whole new meaning. how much money would you need to be middle-class >> 75,000. >> reporter: according to a survey of 200 cities by go banking rate, an online personal finance resource, some cities require a household income to be close to a small fortune to be considered middle- class.
6:31 pm
on its top 10 list, numbers one through three are bay area cities, san francisco, oakland, and fremont. each requires well over 100,000 to be middle-class. san jose at six, sunnyvale eight. they also looked at growth of median income, dating back as much as five years. >> i was born and raised here. we understand how much it costs to live in the bay area. >> reporter: bay area residents have watched real estate prices for decades go from high to crashed to high again and almost out of reach. >> when i moved here at the height of the .com boom, we made good money. it was great, and now that say money does not go anywhere. >> price is another system for allocation of a scarce resource, and here land is a pretty scarce resort. >> reporter: dr. colleen heath says the laws of supply and demand tell part of the story, but also middle-class is more about how you live. as opposed to how much you make. $200,000 may seem like enough for a household of two people, but here experts say it centers a lifestyle. an purchase with i may be middle-class at 2000-class
6:32 pm
people have in the u.s. >> reporter: it's more statistical proof that the cost of living in northern california really does set us apart. >> we are not middle-class, so i had to look for sale prices. >> reporter: in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a grand reopening was held at an affordable housing development as san francisco's western addition neighborhood. the westside courts development is the second oldest housing development in san francisco. it was first built in 1943. the property underwent a comprehensive $95 million renovation and rehab , and the court is a three-story, 136 unit housing development located near broderick street. london -- mayor london breed group in the community and says she knows firsthand how important it is to invest in community housing. san francisco mayor . is taking steps to secure the opening of e this fall. she formed a cancel settle
6:33 pm
shovel city departments to deal with the impact the warriors' new arena will have on the city. one of the biggest concerns of course is traffic. the city is trying to add more transit only laying in the area . transit officials also working on a plan to enlarge the muni platform and further the arena to handle more transit more passengers. and observing crew was able to get doily today before it led to a bigger spill. the crew aboard the 714 foot long maton masonia noticed a small sheen in the estuary near their ship and upon further inspection discovered the source of the leak was a 10 inch hairline whole crack. the oil was communally pumped into another tank to stop the leak and a boom was set up around the sheen peta's got inspectors say only about a quart of fuel leak out. caltrans has worked to repair the richmond to salve san rafael bridge. crews put in a metal plate as a
6:34 pm
temporary fix. caltrans as replacement of that joint will be completed by march 2. the agency now says as a safety measure, it will replace 31 other expansion joints during the overnight hours. caltrans is one lane will remain open in each direction during the work. along highway 37 in marin, crews are finishing to repair the broken. flooded part of the highway in the last big storm. crews have placed giant sandbags here called rip rap to call back the upcoming storm. the longline stretch of the road was paved six inches fire to intimate minimize flooding. westbound lanes were reopen last wednesday after they were closed last week. more fallout for actor jussie smollett, as the producers of the hit fox show "empire" make a decision about his future on the show. america is waiting for the mueller report and what it will say about the president and his
6:35 pm
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seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. special counsel robert mueller is wrapping up his investigation and could really he's finding soon. the investigation was launched 18 months ago to look into russian interference of the 2016 election and possible collusion with the trump campaign. as fox's ray bogan is telling us, the has already resulted in 37 indictments and four prison
6:38 pm
sentences for trump associates. >> reporter: paul manafort is facing eight years in prison for conspiracy, maybe more, after a judge ruled he misled investigators. according to bloomberg, prosecutors in new york are ready to file charges against manafort in case he is pardoned by the president. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani telling usa today his team expects the result of the russia probe in the next two weeks. democratic lawmakers are looking to the report as a roadmap for impeachment proceedings, but the what has predicts the findings will vindicate the president. >> there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was anything, so that is a nice part. there was no phone calls, no nothing. >> the idea that president trump needed to collude with russia in order to beat hillary clinton is frankly laughable. >> reporter: know what has actually been charged with criminal conspiracy to enforce their elections. we have confirmation hearing, william barr said as attorney general, he will release as much of the report as possible. >> under the current
6:39 pm
regulations, the special counsel report is confidential, and the report that goes public would be a report by the attorney general. >> reporter: l'anse makers insisting that might not be good enough. >> i hope every word of it is really speed if we do not really succumb if we reject anything, a lot of people i going to say the collusion is in the reductions come in this line, and this paragraph. >> are very pleased with what the president is doing, and i think the mueller investigation will result in no evidence of collusion. >> reporter: if the result of the russia probe on a publicly released attorney general william barr, congressional democrats will have the option to subpoena special counsel mueller and force the issue. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. to new details in the jussie smollett case. the empire actor was charged yesterday with filing a false police report over a hate crime attack that was allegedly
6:40 pm
staged. 20th century fox said smollett did return to work after bonding out of jail, but the shows producers now say they are removing him from the final two episodes of the season. chicago police that he carried that the alleged plot to try to boost his pay. legal experts say his defense could focus on the brothers who were allegedly paid to carry out the attack. >> they are going to turn around and say how was the evidence collected? let's focus on the two witnesses that came forward and claimed they were part of the hoax. what was the deal with their plea deal given to these individuals? >> smollett's attorney has denied the allegation. he's due back in court next month if convicted of filing a false police report, he faces up to three years in prison. finishing touches being made ahead of san francisco's famous chinese new year parade. we will show you the last minute preparations and the security measures being taken to ensure everyone's weather, l sunshine here in the bay area for today. stephanie clifford tonight. the weekend is looking okay, but next week talking the marin
6:41 pm
coffee to possibly heavy rain. we will update your five-day forecast coming up. let's go to heather holmes now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stores we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. a push for more state control over pg&e. help it can make more things difficult for the utility to raise its rates. and state workers tarted to clear debris from the deadly camp fire in butte county. we will tell you about the big challenges that they have been facing.
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6:44 pm
so preps are underway for san francisco's annual chinese new year parade, which happens tomorrow night. >> hundreds of thousands of people are expected in the city for the colorful celebration. rob roth tells us it's one of the largest lunar new year celebrations in the world. >> reporter: the barricades are stacked along the parade route. the lanterns were hung, and san francisco prepares one of their biggest event of the year, the chinese new year parade. this woman flew in from texas. >> they have a lot of cool once, but nothing as cold and they get this one. >> reporter: a hotel in union square is sold out this weekend, and the manager says the rate is the reason. >> they can stay in the room and want to the parade route while they enjoy san francisco. >> reporter: the street great hundreds of thousands of people. >> we missed the parade, and i
6:45 pm
told my husband next year we have to go to this parade. >> reporter: workers are still planning on finishing touches to some of the 20 floats featured in the parade, but they are all basically done, although it is never easy. >> we work in the rainy season so it's always a challenge . you can see have of our facilities are outside, so we are working with the elements, we are working with all kinds of just elemental challenges. >> reporter: 2019 is the year of the pig, and if lawmakers seem to enjoy crafting them. >> some of the user a little bit more serious. the snake is a little more intimidating. so the pig is just really a fun, colorful, cartoony kind of animal people really gravitate towards. >> reporter: with so many people flocking to san francisco, police say they will be out in force in uniform and in plain clothes. they also say no drinking in public, no firecrackers, and one more message. >> if you are going to park your vehicle here, to take your property out of the vehicle, we have a lot of break-in,
6:46 pm
vehicle break-ins here in the city. >> reporter: for those planning to come, it's best to use public transportation because driving through downtown san francisco could be brutal. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. do not forget you can watch the chinese new year parade right here on ktvu. our live coverage begins tomorrow night starting at 6:00 and last until 8:00. let's check with mark tamayo not to see what people can expect if they're heading out to san francisco for the chinese new year parade. >> you about a month before this parade our technical crew, they always ask what is the weather going to be like the gets if it is raining, that is another element to deal with. i always say i don't know? today we know, though. looking pretty good for tomorrow. if you're heading out there, no umbrellas needed. bundle up with temperatures dropping off rapidly. here in san francisco at the routes, we are expecting lots of ground cover. you notice the change of the afternoon. more clouds increasing, and the temperature in the parade kicks off at 5:30 right around 50
6:47 pm
degrees and of course we begin our live coverage during the 6:00 hour, so just some cloud cover over san francisco as we head toward the saturday evening. right now, we have clear to polly cloudy skies. is a look at the satellite. the radar beams trying to detect rainfall. that could be a different story as we head into sunday into monday. upper 40s and napa right now, san francisco 52, san jose 49, and fremont in the 40s. here's our live camera looking outward san francisco. the setup, looks like looking at towards union square for tonight, and if you're heading to san francisco for this evening, as i mentioned bundle up a temperatures dropping off over the next few hours. a lot happening at in the pacific . it kind of tells a story with our weather forecast. to more increasing high clouds working their way into the area. sunday, with this guy up here there is a chance of a sprinkle light shower primarily up in the north bay, and he might hold off until it afternoon into the evening hours. monday and tuesday, another atmospheric river developing, so this is just a narrow plume
6:48 pm
of moisture directed toward one spot. it's hard to tell exactly where that could wind up, but they could possibly he be here the bay area and could be up toward north, so this does bear some watching for monday and into tuesday. here's just a rough draft of some of the rainfall projections, and these numbers will probably change quite a bit, but at least for right now they could be two to four inches, central they want to pray, and southbay not as much. based on what the forecast models, they come to a better agreement. we can find two numbers but if these were to verify, we could have some flooding concerns once again, especially up in the north bay. this will lead to more snow in the sierra. they picked up quite the snowfall this month, and you na weather service. monday morning right wednesday morning, possibly two to four feet of more snow. just
6:49 pm
amazing in the sierra into next week. forecast high for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. dawning of the day with partly cloudy skies, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon, and that will set the stage for more cloud cover as we head toward sunday. slight chance of a sprinkle our shower , especially up in the north bay by sunday afternoon, and we could be tracking some more rain clouds, possibly heavy at times into next week, so that does bear some very close watching by monday and tuesday. good tomorrow. >> bank for doing us a solid. space tourism is becoming closer to reality as it sent its first passenger into space. the rocket plane sort 55 miles in the air before safely returning to mojave air in spaceport in central california. the to be the first commercial space flight passenger later this year. so far more than 600 people from 58 countries has paid $250,000 to take a trip to space. >> can you spot me a couple hours?
6:50 pm
love to take you. >> sounds worth the money, though. the it is avoided the rain in arizona and got in a full nine innings in cactus league play. >> while the giants battled the call before the first game tomorrow. rrow. [phone ringing]
6:51 pm
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time to talk some baseball now down in arizona, where the weather has not been cooperating for the last few days. >> the players, the coaches, they are all ready for spring training. it's just spring-training ain't ready for them. yesterday, the a's got a couple innings and will was supposed to be there opener. they got postponed or canceled because of the rain. today the weather was not great, but you know what? in peoria, it didn't really matter against the mariners. were supposed to play yesterday, and some of the stands toughed it out. he pitched one inning. it did not go that well. mitch take some deep into the cloudy skies.
6:54 pm
thick air, but did not matter for him. bay area product, by the way. ichiro, 45 years old, and still thinking he can play. you know what? that looks like and each euro spring right there. a little blooper in the right. it falls in for a base hit. and it will score a pair of runs . i wish him the best. it would be cool to have a 45- year-old out there. the a's highlight jesus, one of the top prospects in baseball. gave up one unearned run. get the strike there, but the mariners like i said they were loaded with highlights the that they take of the it is h-one. and scotsdale, the weather not a whole lot better but our scott reiss was there to check out the proceedings. giants aren't expected to play the first exhibition game until tomorrow. here is scott reiss in the rain. >> reporter: well mark, another day of winter training kept most of the giants players indoors for the entirety of today's ion.
6:55 pm
temperatures were in the high 30s this morning, and rain persisted too much of the day. a couple starting pitchers, dereck rodriguez and jeff samardzija, dave throw live batting practice, but not much else of note happened on the field. the most significant development of the spring might still be to come. bryce harper remains without a team. reports indicate the national and white sox are not in the mix, which leaves the giants as one of three teams that appear to be vying for harper services. >> he can get what he deserves at some point. if it is with us, we will -- i don't know if you have any lockers in here, but we will gladly clear one. >> he's obviously a great baseball player. >> any team that get them, they're going to be better. >> reporter: the giants are set to begin cactus league play tomorrow against the angels, and the weather might actually cooperate for a change. the forecast calls for sunshine, and temperatures in the mid-50s. and scotsdale, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 sports. talking to get, got a be careful of those
6:56 pm
contracts. clayton kershaw in the off- season signed a three-year, $93 million extension with the dodgers, and guess what? l.a. is shutting him down right now. indefinitely. the manager, dave roberts, said he just did not feel right throwing this week. he says no one is alarmed, but it is an arm thing, as kershaw spent time on the disabled list the past three seasons with back related problems, but this is an arm thing. $93 million for the next three years. warriors took care of their business. tight when you get sacramento. last night, and as usual back into the community today, in particular draymond green. that was draymond today in downtown oakland at the ymca unveiling a refurbished, brand- new court. as you look closely, that is his
6:57 pm
serving as the mcl with the always affable draymond. when he's not talking to a referee. but they had a camp and thanks and part two warriors community services, but pg&e and the good tidings foundation, and eventually the conversation turned to the warriors and how they are meshing with that big guy in the middle. >> we still have a lot of moving to do. it's exciting. because i think even where we are today, like i don't think many teams can beat us where we stand today, and who knows? we have room to grow. it's exciting for me. i love a challenge, and incorporating the markets demarcus has been pretty seamless, honestly. his game is a hard game to play, but it has been as seamless as it could possibly be. he's been a great addition for us. >> all right, warriors always out on the community. the continues on the plus next.
6:58 pm
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