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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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there in the south bay, the rainfall totals so far are minimal. >> one of the hardest told to evacuate before the russian river exceeds flood stage. alyana gomez has the details. >> reporter: roadsides filled up like lakes. the quaint town of garden villas getting dumped on with more rain still on the way. >> unless you've got a vote, you not going to get to this area tomorrow. >> reporter: with the threat of the russian river course think 30 feet and 46 wednesday night, mandatory evacuations are underway. >> we are going to start going down to door and telling people to the. we want to err on the side of caution, but it looks like the entire area of the lower russian area from rio nido down to monte rio, it will be evacuated this afternoon if that is the case. >> reporterhigher ground is cle you've never seen it like this? >> i've never seen it this way.
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this is the first one. everybody has called me worried about me. i've got propane, i will be fine. >> reporter: others packed the shopping carts full of groceries, expecting to wait out the storm. >> we are up on the hill so i've got a generator and getting food for the night and a couple of days, and hunkering down. >> reporter: >> again, that was alyana gomez reporting. >> and take a look now at this interactive map pulled up a sonoma county officials. the blue markings outline the russian river. you can also see the icons they are denoting road closures, school closures, and sand bag locations. and the areas that are shaded red show neighborhoods that have lost power. bill martin is tracking the latest conditions and rainfall totals so far. bill, an impressive amount of rain, especially in the north bay. >> it's about the not pay. san jose basically trace amounts of rain, then you go north and you're looking at places like monterey in the la s a lot of rain.
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this is coming on the heels of some significant rain totals that we saw two weeks ago, so we are definitely saturated ground, creating this extreme runoff in the russian river drainage basin. which by the way, here's a more rain totals. look at livermore, 0.2, petaluma a few miles north of of seven fell, only three inches of rain, and for the more time you get the big totals, but the big thing is russian river drainage basin is huge. it is 1500 square miles. acres all the way up to will, and that water is rushing. the rain up there was significantly more than what we had here is what is accumulating and it is funneling in 1500 cubic mi coming down on the russian river. should peak by wednesday evening about e. that is as high as it has been since the 80s. evacuations. the impact of 46 feet are much of the downtown, flooded. most of the downtown if you've ever been there is in a floodplain, and it just all
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sits in the same level, so part of the town floods, most of the flood town floods. it does not go down slow. so the river is going to be a problem at the for a while, so heed the warnings. the rain, we have a little good news and that we are not going to say heavy amount of rain after tomorrow morning , so we are going to get a break there, but the damage is done. this river is coming up. this storm is causing problems all across the north bay, with trees down and rising rivers flooding low-lying roads. our team coverage continues tonight with tom vacar. >> reporter: west of santa rosa, 7:30 this morning, the fire district responded to a person stranded in a flooded car with water rising. the water already three to four feet deep, was deep enough to warrant a boat rescue from the windsor fire department to extract a woman from a vehicle and get her to firm ground.
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first responders are expecting more of these incidents. >> if they seawater across the road, the best thing is to stop, turn around, and head the other way. no telling the road conditions underneath the water or how fast the water is going. >> reporter: look at how rising waters overcame stony hill road. just south of the casino, flooding overtook a long stretch of road, and another major route subject to flooding and intense rains. and here off river road just south of the sonoma county airport, rising. >> what adds to the danger here is not just the water coming up, but what is happening right over here. restricts the g up against an flow of water. and that can cause a flood. will every at the big and healdsburg, the water was so high that it attracted local sightseers. these books marveled not only at the swiftness of the flow,
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but the unending procession of debris. branches deep and whole trees, and the pacific ocean. but there seemed to be no fear here of flooding right now as in past years. things have improved since then because they put in new spillways and stuff, but i have seen it knee-deep in the stores along healdsburg avenue. >> as we go west of healdsburg and as the water rose, we encountered many flooded out roads not marked in either our gps or by locals. they simply have not had time to keep up with increasing closures. we still have a lot of bad weather ahead. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. fired apartment in marin county are keeping a close eye on creek revels. the other camera pointed the creek. this is video of the camera taking a few hours ago. the creek has risen three feet yesterday to 7.5 feet today.
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flammable boursin creek, you can download our newly updated weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates, and the seven- day forecast as well as an option to send us your weather photos and your weather video. to oakland where teachers were out on the picket lines once again today. it is therefore stay on strike. today, the teachers marched to the roots academy for a rally. the teachers are striking for higher pay and smaller class sizes. the district maintains they don't have the money to meet those demands. more than 90% of public school students in oakland are estimated to be staying home or finding other places to go that are trying to help students learn during this strike. >> reporter: an estimated 97% of students are staying home
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during the oakland teacher strike, meaning they are missing out a crucial instruction in the classroom. >> the amount of students attending school are extremely low low. never seen it this low before in oakland. >> reporter: at taylor memorial united was the discharge, anthony jenkins says there are many teachers and retired teachers in a congregation, and he has a special place in his heart for his second grade teacher who helped in with his speech impediment. the church has opened its doors to children. >> our day is filled with i would say keeping their learning habits in their minds lubricated, and not allowing them to go into a place of stagnation, of just watching tv , or looking at phones. >> reporter: on today, roughly 60 students spent th more. caterer annette valentine buys groceries for kids everyday using donated money. supervise two meals a day for the children and knows for some it may be is the right thing to i was brought up in the union family, and so i believe particularly after this experience our teachers need
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money. >> reporter: has him on high school is partnering with youth uprising. that organization has opened up his computer lab as a space for students to fill out scholarships and financial aid applications. a college readiness catalyst tells us 55% of high school students districtwide have not committed their financial aid applications. the state deadline is march 4. >> when i am feeling a lot of scholarships. i am finishing up adding my final essay for my ap literature class. >> isaiah says he's grateful for the students and college advisor to come to you that pricing to help you it's one of several locations across oakland helping ousd seniors in the final year of high school during the strike. >> i applied for scholarships. i think a good about seven or eight. i applied to about 13 to 14 schools. i got into nine. >> reporter: lockyer, ousd seniors receive more than $5 million in financial aid. christina rendon, ktvu fox 2
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news. local rapper boots riley has joined the campaign to help feed students during the oakland teacher strike. boots showed his support today for a donation drive involving local restaurant known as bread for ed. it's estimated 80% of the oakland students who rely on free and discounted meals at school are in need of food due to the strike. >> in berkeley, hundreds of teachers and staff held rallies in support of teachers in oakland. this video is him from malcolm x element you were berkeley teachers stood in solidarity with oakland despite the rain. berkeley federation of teachers called it a citywide day of action to support striking and oakland man convicted of helping the islamic state is at his attorney says he is not a terrorist. and some are calling it inhumane. we will tell you about conditions uncovered at immigration detention centers across the state. a lot of preparations are now complete here in hanoi as president trump and kim jong-un prepare for their second summit.
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and kevin corke with the preview coming your way in just a few. back your own home on this rainy tuesday night, here's a live look at the evening commute. this is i-80 in berkeley. headlights are heading westbound. it is slow there in both directions. now a look at the headlights heading northbound. that is the commute direction, and you can see it is moving slowly tonight.
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a man was sentenced today to more than 15 years in prison for providing material support to a terrorist organization. prosecutors say he talked about making bombs and plotting nearly a dozen attacks in the bay area. brooks jarosz was in federal court in san francisco today, where the man apologized to his family and the yemeni community. >> reporter: well amer alhaggagi claims he was embarrassed and said he just wanted all of this to be over and move on, but the judge was stern, saying he was disturbed by alhaggagi's lack of empathy. alhaggagi was caught on camera detailing terrorism plots to an undercover fbi agent. he planned to blow up a gay club, set fire to the berkeley hills and target the dorms and eusebia prosecutors say he downloaded a bomb making manual media can for the exotic state to spread propaganda. the defense said alhaggagi was a class clown, immature, and not a terrorist, that he was joking, but they also told the
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judge he did not act on any of these plots. still, the judge considered him a danger for his lack of sympathy. he sentenced alhaggagi to 15.5 years in prison, followed by a decade of supervised release. some of alhaggagi's family cried as he stared feting the judge. while he did not receive a 33 years the government asked for, the defense believed the sentence was harsh and argues it will have an effect on the yemeni american community. >> we believe that mr. alhaggagi is somebody who like to progrowth a reaction. a trouble always appear empathetic, and the court did not see our attempt in saying and showing that mr. alhaggagi was a troll. it is an act. >> the community has taken stock of what has happened. the community will take action to make sure that a preventive strategy is in place to ensure the safety and peacefulness of not only the yemeni american
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community, but the american community which we are part of. >> reporter: during all the court proceedings, there has been a massive outpouring from the yemeni community. they also released a statement with more than 150 signatures to the court. and that damon they recognize the hateful things alhaggagi said and did, and in response plans to develop a community program to discuss the case and talk with young men about online activity and what to do if approached by someone making violent or extremist comments. >> brooks, i'm just curious. they signs that position, talked about what they were going to do. to they have the yemeni community? do they have issues with how long he was sentenced to per person? >> they certainly wanted to see lifetime. they thought he could be really
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debilitated in the community be the judge did not take note that there was such a huge outpouring, but he's a look, actions have consequences, and at this point, i do not feel that you are not a danger to the community. you have to pay for what you did do, and so the community there has to move forward without him for now, but they plan to be there for him and 15.5 years when he hopes to get out. >> brooks derose in our newsroom tonight. senator dianne feinstein said the confirmation a federal judge to the ninth circuit would break a century-old senate tradition. senator feinstein stat on twitter the nominee eric miller would be the first circuit judge ever confirmed without so- called blue slip approval by either home state senator. republicans voted last night to end the debate on the nomination of eric miller to the appeals court. if he is approved, miller would be the third judge appointed by president trump to sit on the ninth circuit.esident trump for attorney michael cohen
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testified behind closed doors in washington today. he arrived on capitol hill this morning for the first of their congressional appearances this week. he met with the senate intelligence committee to testify about issues including the russia probe and hush money payments to women who alleges they had affairs of mr. trump before he became president. tomorrow, cohen will testify in public before the house oversight committee. he is set to begin serving a three-year prison sentence on may 6th after pleading guilty to campaign-finance fraud and lying to congress. >> the american people deserve to know whether donald trump has been functioning as the president of the united states of america or as the equivalent of an organized crime boss. >> we are going to find out just about everything there is to find out about these allegations, and so far there is not much, if anything, to show for it. >> white house press secretary sara sanders said in a statement, quote, it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted leyla cohen and his word , and pathett anot opportunity to spread his lies. you can watch cohen's testimony tomorrow on ktvu plus. we will be carrying his entire hearing live beginning at 7 a.m., and for complete bay area news coverage, you can tune into morning on 2 on ktvu.
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that stage is now set in p&l for the second face-to-face meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un. kevin corke is in hanoi with a high-stakes nuclear stomach that begins just hours from now. >> reporter: note that security is tight here in hanoi, but that did not stop thousand from coming out to get a glimpse of president trump in north korea's kim jong-un. the north korean leader greeted by crowds and music at his red carpet welcome ceremony, kim jong-un drawing even more onlookers as he drove around the city. and stark contrast, president trump arrival on air force one just a few hours later. the president greeted by several u.s. and vietnamese officials, tweeting in part, quote,arrived in vietnam. thank you to all the people for the great reception in hanoi. >> translator: everyone has been really excited and following the news since we learned about president trump
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meeting the north korean leader. >> reporter: the pomp and circumstance comes ahead of the highly anticipated summit, and while the white house has been lowering expectations for a major breakthrough on denuclearization, america's regional allies and competitors are pushing for more tangible results. >> translator: all parties of the international community hope north korea and the u.s. can make more concrete progress in achieving denuclearization. >> reporter: the lawmakers predictably mix it in their response to this latest round of talks. must republicans backing the president maximum pressure campaign, where democrats say it is all smoke and mirrors. >> but the united states must do is continue to apply our pressure, every bit a maximum >> there have been no specific steps by the north korean yet to denuclearize. >> reporter: today summa kicks off and what it is anticipated to be a very brief, one-on-one interaction between the president and the north korean leader. that followed up by a dinner. in hanoi, i'm kevin corke, foxnews. still ahead here, san jose exemplifies just how expensive it is to buy a house here in the bay area. a new report estimates how much
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money you need to earn to be able to afford a median priced home, and it is a lot. in boston looking for redemption after contrapuntal loss to the bruins last week. mark will have the rematch later in sports. former vice president ago does biden discusses the bid for president. what he said in delaware.
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new figures show the san jose area is the most expensive region in the nation when it
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comes to buying a home. number two, no surprise, is san francisco. >> ktvu snow maureen naylor suggests you need to make $250,000 a year if you want to afford a home in the south bay. >> reporter: to make this san jose neighborhood your own will cost you a lot. >> i look at open houses around here. it is just ridiculous. the price? >> reporter: according to, people need to make $255,000 a year to afford a median priced home. the highnation. the san francisco area was second-highest required a $199,000 year salary. seer here in santa clara county, a lot of people are nowhere near that virtual. the latest census figures show the median household income is about $109,000 a year, and to bridge that gap, many people are looking for other sources of income. >> they have to, otherwise nobody would be able to buy a house. >> reporter: the president of
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the santa clara county association of realtors say many homebuyers are relying on family. >> people are selling their stuff, selling their savings, you know, yeah. people are just coming together to support each other. there is multiple families that are going to buy a property. >> reporter: the report find the median home price of a san jose area is $1.25 million. which is what this two bedroom, one bath home in willow glen is selling for. this neighbor said she had to help her two adult daughters get into the housing market. >> my husband and i helped, you know? not all of it, but you know, some. >> reporter: and why did you help them? >> because they would not have been able to. >> reporter: andrea urton is ceo of a nonprofit that provides for homeless. she said many of her employees are simply not able to afford homes. >> with got an employee he's
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looking to leave with his wife who happened to be a schoolteacher. this summer, they are moving to texas, and the number one reason is they cannot afford a rental, let alone to buy a home in this market. >> reporter: the most affordable region named in the report was pittsburg, were a salary of $38,000 a year can afford you a median priced home like this one around $140,000. and this is what the median home price in san jose gets you in pittsburg . for $1.2 million, a 5000 square-foot colonial home with a three car garage. >> i think we have to pick the housing market or we are going to be in serious trouble. >> reporter: in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next to the house democrats go to overturn president trump national emergency declaration. we are telling you how the republicans joined the effort to oppose the california attorney general released this report today. it is a snapshot of conditions and detention centers in deportation. we will tell you what is reports of coming up.
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now to our top stories.
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evacuations in order and sonoma county with major flooding expected along the russian river tonight. the evacuations are in fact guerneville, duncan mills, monta real, and more than 20 other small communities along the river. shelters have been set up at the center for the arts in sebastopol, and at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. a federal judge sentenced a 23-year-old oakland man to more than 15 years in prison for providing material support to a terrorist organization. amer alhaggagi pleaded guilty last year. undercover video showed alhaggagi detailing plots to an undercover fbi agent to blow up a gay club club, set fire to the berkeley hills, and target dorms at cal. in oakland, teachers are at the picket lines once again today. this was the fourth schoolday
6:30 pm
that's couldn't have missed because of the strike. teachers have marched in the rain to ritz academy for a raleigh. the teachers are striking for higher pay and smaller class sizes. the district maintains they do not have the money to meet those demands. the walk that involves about 3000 teachers and is affecting about 37,000 students. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. california's attorney general revealed a report. >> christian captain tells us that the aim of this report was to provide a sense of how immigrants are being treated in detention facilities around the state. >> reporter: california attorney general xavier becerra unveiled the results of his office is looking into the taint immigrants. the 80 clarified that this look at 10 detention centers around the state is for those other civil detention. is waiting for detention hearings in the immigration cases. >> the civil immigration detention facilities that exist in california, not criminal detention, civil ntion. and there have been a lot of concerns that have been raised in the way that the tension has been undertaken. >> reporter: the report examines 10 facilities statewide and did a deep dive
6:31 pm
into three of those, including the west contra costa county detention facility. the results revealed some detainees can find in their cells for 22 hours a day. detainees were held an average of 50 days with the longest attention lasting more than four years. language barriers leading to legal and medical issues, including difficulties for some detainees looking to receive medical and mental health care. in some cases, the ag staff said the stories they heard were heartbreaking. >> hearing stories of adults whose -- we had an adult whose baby was torn from his arms when he was detained. >> reporter: the ag offer details about the west contra costa county facility, saying some detainees had to use biohazard bags as makeshift toilets. the report providing a snapshot of conditions, and in some cases leading to improvements. >> and we did find in many cases where there was contra costa facilities or others there was an interest in trying to address some of these concerns. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement released today the detention facilities must meet rigorous performance
6:32 pm
standards. the safety, rights, and health of detainees in i.c.e.'s care are of paramount concerns, and all i.c.e.'s facilities are subject to rid stringent, regular inspections. the resort is expected to be released to state lawmakers and the federal government. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the democratic control holds overturned voted to overturn president trump declaration of and a national emergency. 13 republicans joined democrats to block his effort to the resolution going to send our at least the republicans are planning to join democrats in opposing the president. they are susan collins from maine, lisa murkowski from alaska, and thom tillis of north carolina. >> everything that the president wants to do with this money, i completely agree with. has going about it for that one piece, the emergency powers peace is the area i have concern. >> if the bill passes the
6:33 pm
senate, president trump is expected to issue his first veto. congress could try again, but it would need 60 votes in the senate to overturn the veto, which appears unlikely. former vice president joe biden said today don't be surprised if he decides to run for president. biden made the remarks at the university of delaware. he said his family is already reached a consensus that he should make a run for the democratic nomination. biden is 77 years old. he said he realizes that the campaign would be, quote, very, very, very difficult. biden decided not to run for president in 2016 after the death of his son, beau, due to brain cancer in 2015. eric swalwell says he would not run for reelection for his house seat in 2020, if he decides to run for president. swalwell told the chronicle he would nonvoters to think that he had a lifeboat waiting for him if he fell short in the democratic primary. swalwell is 38. he says he's weighing the impact of the campaign on his wife and two young children, and an announcement could come in the coming weeks. the alameda board of
6:34 pm
supervisors voted today in making changes to the urban shield program. a large crowd filled the meeting room at the county administration building in oakland. alameda county sheriff spokesman ray kelly told ktvu that the board voted to make a number of changes to the program, but did not give any details as to what those changes would be. at today's meeting, there were some people who supported urban shield, while they were others who were against it. >> we do not support increasing the use of militarized weaponry and tactics in everyday law enforcement. these training exercises perpetuate racist and xenophobic stereotype. >> i have not had an opportunity to save someone's life using training i specifically received, but i know people who have who have attended this training. they brought this information back. >> urban shield was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and other disasters. a deadly fire earlier this month is now turned into a
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you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. a deadly fire that took place earlier this month has now turned into a homicide investigation with gang ties. >> jesse gary tell us police in san mateo discussed the new
6:38 pm
twist today. >> reporter: relatives the 85- year-old susana tonga was the type of grandmother anyone would want. >> she was a good woman. she was loved by the community, and what happens, you know what i mean? like we don't want that to happen to anybody else's grandma. >> reporter: february 19, first responders rates to call the's homes in the 100 block of south humboldt street. flames were burning and with multiple victims inside. >> we were dispatched to what we thought was just a house fire. >> reporter: firefighters responded from station 24 which is just a couple of blocks from the fire scene. they ar first responders were able to rescue six people, but susana tonga did not make it out alive. >> we all miss and love her. >> reporter: the subsequent investigation received reveal there was an accelerant put in front of the home. investigators you surveillance video from a neighboring home to track and arrest a suspect days later. san mateo police have arrested 26-year-old fifita ponifasio
6:39 pm
tau of east palo alto for intentionally setting the fire that killed tonga. the motive behind the alleged crime, shocking even to veteran officers. >> this is a gang-related incident. it was a gang on gang incident, and the gang members that set the house on fire acted independently of his gang. >> reporter: investigators won't say which gangs are involved or what prompted tau to seek revenge and set this house on fire, ultimately killing their beloved grandmother. >> i am still in shock right now. >> reporter: relatives say they are struggling to make sense of the new revelations, as they se fox 2 news. still ahead tonight, the latest winter storm is pounding the sierra. what you need to know about the road closures and driving conditions. we are watching the rain near the russian river. look at the total, just a little over 24 hours of rainfall up in the general
6:40 pm
area. we will talk about the forecast in the next couple of days. we go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stores we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. we continue to follow a lot of problems up in the north bay are related to this wet weather. we will tell you about the deadly crash that happened on highway 101. a claim the lives of a tow truck driver who was trying to help out the another driver at the time. a push to get more strict on drinking and driving here in california. the proposal that would lower the amount of alcohol you can legally have in your system while you are behind the wheel. we'll have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7 over ktvu plus. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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more than 100 amtrak passengers are finally free after being stuck on a train in the snow for a day and a half. the coast scarlett was heading from seattle to l.a. on sunday when he got stuck in oregon after a downed tree block to the track. the train was stuck for 36 hours with 183 people on board as the snow piled up. finally, the tracks were cleared , and the train made it to eugene, oregon today. some passengers set patients and certain supplies like diapers were running low during the delay. but they were told most of the passenrsto take things in stride. >> exhausted, but they treated us very well. and we were warm. >> amtrak says the train will eventually make its way back to
6:44 pm
seattle, and passengers will get a full refund or other compensation for their ticket. tonight, interstate 80 remain shutdown in both directions from baxter to the nevada state line due to dangerous whiteout conditions. as a reporter tells us, people were waiting in the car for hours now hoping the freeway will reopen sometime tonight. >> reporter: this is a line to know we are. around noon today, cars waited for over an hour just east of alto on interstate 80. once traffic started to move, that is when drivers got the bad news. caltrans said spin out and slippery roads were one. not all were impressed by that reason. >> disappointment and caltrans, just seems like yeah, i know it is snowing, but it is a weekday. they should, you know, they should clear the road. >> reporter: the question for
6:45 pm
other sitting stationary with how long to wait. >> we are going to hang out here at least another 2 to 3 hours until they open up the road again, and after that you know, we don't know. >> missed it by 10 cars. yeah. >> reporter: jim ceci almost made it through before the roads shutdown. but after being turned around, he did not like his odds of getting through today. >> that is probably about an 80% chance and not going to happen. the more it snows -- it is starting to snow here now. the more it rains and snows, the less likely it is. >> reporter: while the frustration level was very high for drivers in the sierra trying to get over the hill on tuesday, they did say they believed on wednesday the road would be much clearer and easier to drive on. in the sierra, i am eric rucker, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:46 pm
so let's talk a little bit more about our weather. bring in our chief meteorologist. we've got 80 closed, and you were saying a minute ago it's behind us. 14 inches of rain and that one location? >> is that stunning? in a little over 24 hours. yesterday afternoon, and here we are, coming up on 15 inches. jenna which is at the mouth of the russian river which is the area that is going to flood tomorrow to well above flood stage for the first time since -- at this level, first time since the 19. this drainage basin, so that whole russian river drainage basin is being inundated with that kind of precipitation. not san jose, not fremont, livermore. they're getting a couple hundredths of an inch in rain. it's really been coming down on their, and that for tomorrow at 10:00, 10:00 tomorrow night we are going to peak at 46.1 feet. that's a big number and that was the last time. there was one in the 80s there was a little higher than that of flood, but this is going to big one, and you can see it causes problems for everybody, a lot of problems in evacuating towns. a good portion of that town is going to be underwater, and a lot of the homes, all most of the homes around the river. here's the thing about the russian river. you know, it is a parabola,
6:47 pm
right? it is a u, and there is nowhere to go. you are in a floodplain were everything you build on in the russian river is of flood, but everything that is flight is going to be in a floodplain. look at the rain right now. the atmospheric river is focused on a northbay, and all this debris flow, mudslide, all the sort of issues. northbay is in critical mass. in terms of tipping point, in terms of we cannot handle this much rain, and if you go south, san jose saying what the big deal? fremont, what is the big -- not a lot of rain. that is going to shift. the rain will pick up tonight in the south bay. maybe 0.5 inches of rain, maybe more. there's not a lot behind the system. there is tomorrow midnight, and then it clears. there is tomorrow morning commute. it turns into scattered showers until saturday. this is good
6:48 pm
news because again, you don't want to keep adding water to that northbay. really, it is amazing how you are at the north tower of the golden gate bridge, you are up there by marin county. i'm literally saying the north tower. the open space up there, you know, by mount tanner. then you go to san francisco, you are looking at six inches versus a half inch in san francisco. what is that, 10, 12 mind? it is amazing the difference is. you go further north from mount tam, and you're looking at 6 to 8 inches. you look at 14, 15 inches north of that. >> summit rain! >> that is the kind of rain you get in a tropical storm , and there is no way. nothing can hold them a trend, and the ruver is pretty goodg right now, they are going to get 40 some feet, and they are going have town flooding. >> there is issues with levees too. >> especially in the southern valley, and there's a lot of
6:49 pm
levees, and those things are getting pressed. this is what happens, the tipping point. >> thank you, bill. a famous singer from the 1970s is ending his north american farewell tour right here in the bay area. >> ♪ that is peter frampton in the middle singing "show me the way." frampton says he will kick up his farewell tour in june with his last concert in north america set for the concord pavilion. frampton is 68 years old, and the problem is he is a rare degenerative muscular disease, and he says he wants the tour while he can still play the guitarconcord pavilion is set for october 12. janet jackson has announced her first-ever residency in las vegas. the show title "a metamorphosis" will and 17th, and rental august that mgm's park theater, where lady gaga is currently in residence. jackson said the concert will
6:50 pm
include a tribute to her 1989 album, rhythm nation, 1840 which turns 30 years old this year. tickets for her biggest show goes on sale saturday. the shocked look for some redemption on the road against the boston bruins tonight after a controversial loss at the shark tank last week. unfortunately, all they got was a old-fashioned beat down. michael explain coming up next in sports. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week.
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mark is here now with sports. sharks in boston. they already played, and it did not go well. >> as frank would tell you, he would be first to tell you, hockey can be a beautiful game. hockey can be an absolutely brutal game, and it was pretty much the latter and a couple of different ways for the sharks as they wrapped up a four game road trip, taking into boston where the sharks asked to take a 1-0 lead in this thing. power play situation. tomas hertl from back of the net will get it out to logan, who will find the front and back of the net. his 23rd of the year. in the sharks have an early lead, but wait, they are down 3- 1. power play situation, and a disaster. brad scores, beating erik karlsson who just does not look
6:54 pm
right. he's got a groin situation, and one of the best defenseman in the nhl defeated badly there. nastiness here. seven inches, 40 pounds bigger than evander kane, just elbowed him high, and a big fight ensues. he should be suspended for that, and he was only penalized five minutes. brent burns nails at shari intentionally. come on! >> ouch! >> it was a bit of retaliation because they did not feel that evander kane got justified you know, penalty on the other team, that is the final. they are to-2. two of their final 18 games will be played at home. the a's on worked pretty bad tennis spring training today. 17-5 by the angel. i know you don't want to see
6:55 pm
highlighted that. they harken back to the gaze of ricker ricky henderson. >> reporter: it's pretty well documented that baseball players are creatures of habit. last year, bob melvin had a couple of all-time a's, dave stewart, and ricky henderson, addressed the team on the first day of post squad workouts. why not do it again? i to get a little superstitious that time. we had ricky speak like we did last year, showed a little video, so here we are. >> reporter: henderson did more than speak. he was an active code for the first week of camp. the biggest difference henderson see between this year and last is the confidence the a's have gained by being a playoff team. >> now you know you can do it. now you know that you know, you are not afraid of it. like you are in the big-time club. you're not afraid and runs scored has seen the game change in the 15 years since he played, but he does feel the
6:56 pm
players are still listening. >> everybody want to be a home run hitter. they don't want to set the table. i get a big kick out of the joy and satisfaction that the kids -- that they really pay attention and they want to hear what you got to say. >> reporter: any current baseball player would be well served to listen what ricky henderson has to say. in mesa, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you talk about a guy who love the game of baseball? great seeing him down there. the bryce harper situation just continues. you want big money, but how about this? colorado has major the best third baseman in all of baseball, are not a will be with them a long time. how about eight years, $260 million? that's a quarter of $1 billion. he will be in the highest position played player. he's won the gold glove six times, three-time home run champ. does it all, and he's only 27 years old. but that is peanuts
6:57 pm
compared to what the 49ers kicker got today. not really. $5 million. that is a lot, actually. the 49ers have franchise robbie gold to automatic. he's at 82 of 85 field-goal attempts over the past few years, last couple with the 49ers. 97.1%. chicago bears wanted him badly. they don't get him. the 49ers lock him down. last night we showed you boogie cousins innocently picking up this issue right there and flips it off the court. that is dangerous! that could sprain an ankle stepping on that. they gave him a technical foul. today, rightly so. the nba rescinded that technical. >> on them for doing the right thing. >> but he does not get penalized. see you later, everyone.
6:58 pm
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