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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 27, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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landlocked. you cannot get in and out here floodwaters are all around. it is 40 right now. that would put it at the highest ever. there was so much rain. this is seven miles north northwest. the nato had 20.5 inches of rain. kes adair had 15.5. no wonder they are having flooding issues. let's hope it peaks out at 46 feet. lake sonoma almost 11. there was impressive totals across the board. occidental, 8.73. st. helena almost 7.5. dillon beach at and glenn at 6.72. santa rosa at 5.6 inches of rain . the greatest total of 8.73. the good news is that moisture
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is moving south. the heavy duty rain that is persistent and the duration will not be the same but moving south. there still rain in the forecast. we expect the load to swing in and that will enhance the rainfall but the heavy has moved to the east and south. look for a windy day as the moisture moves to the south. that is some good news to the south. we are not done yet that there is still some in the forecast. there are issues. i have a quick question. the evening commute might be better? >> it will be better but there is rain around. >> i've got it. thank you. westbound 580, let's look at the tracy commute. it it is slow. right now, which is not unusual to the
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ultima pass. dublin, traffic looks okay. there has been slow traffic on 80 westbound with a crash and one at the offramp with slow traffic. the bay bridge is crowded. this is early for this crowd coming across. people are driving more slowly. we have a crash northbound on 280. this is northbound 280, not very good driving on those roads. highway number 1 and 280. and of course, highway 37 closed in both directions. highway 37 at 101 because of flooding. no trucks allowed on the richmond bridge. chp is not allowing truck's. five. we are following breaking news in grandville. authorities have alerted the public the entire town is cut off because
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of flooding. all the roads from grandville are flooded. this is along the russian river . they have eight lot of water there. the russian river in grandville reached flood stage. >> we think we got a phone call and someone else needs to come out. >> the neighbors knows this is serious. we are putting thing up higher in the house. >> business owners have done what they can to put sandbags but again, grandville is cut off because of the flooding. further to the north, the flood level is 23 it is it is closed there as well. they closed all parts of downtown last night because water was starting to run into
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the street and officials want everyone at higher grounds to know when it is trapped. sonoma county officials ordered evacuations for many low-lying communities along the russian river, including grandville and jenner and rio dell. the sonoma county office of education reports several school districts in the flood zone will not hold classes today. and that includes the alexander valley district, west cinema county union school district as well as the grandville and geyserville school districts. other closures today, the harmony union school district, mana rio, montgomery and oak grove union canceled classes, they are west county charter middle school and l mulino high school. the big part of highway 37 is closed in both directions because of flooding. there is the alert on highway
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37 between atherton avenue to highway 101. the water started pulling on the lanes. westbound highway 37 between lakeville and atherton is open. that very same road was closed this month. a levee broke during heavy rain and flooded the rights. sandbags and rocks were stacked along the levee to hold back flood waters. highway 37 is surrounded by marshlands and often floods. more drivers are calling for road service. one call turned deadly in marin county. i to talk driver was hit in a pickup truck began a spin out north of the golden gate bridge. the tow truck driver was working on a car on the southbound side of highway 101 when he was hit and killed. the driver had minor injuries of the pickup truck and the driver the other car was not hurt but the cause is under
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investigation but it appears the pickup truck was going too fast. the napa river is above the flood stage level for several miles. we want to show you video and st. helena yesterday when the river was higher than 15 feet. it hit 19.5 in the last hour and it will start receding within the next hour. road in walnut creek could be closed until summer clock tonight after a large tree came crashing down. this is the tree blocking all lanes and both directions near civic dry. the roads are used by communities to get to highway 24. pg&e crews are there to remove that tree and restore power lines that were pulled down. ktvu has updated the weather at. you can download it for free.
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it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven-day forecast and it is easier to upload weather photos and video . president trump and kim jong-un kicked off a summit in vietnam. lauren joins us now from hanoi the latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the leaders walked out and hands. this was the beginning of the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. we saw the leaders sit down where the exchanged brief remarks followed by the off camera one-on-one meeting. we saw them then and they are here right now, joined by aids at eight dinner. it is to go another 40 minutes or so. president trump will return to his hotel where he is spending
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the night. during those remarks, president trump was talking with kim jong- un praising the relationship between the countries and how much progress is being made. there is more to do. president trump is doubling down on a point he is been making remarks we heard earlier today, to make a point that if you didn't rise, your economy can do what happened with vietnam and it has grown over the last few years. listen to what the president sa >> your country has tremendous economic potential, unlimited. i think you will have a tremendous future and be a great leader. i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help it to happen. >> reporter: the big question for the next more substantial meetings tomorrow that we expect is whether or not the president is going to push kim
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jong-un for more real and verifiable substantial promises when it comes to denuclearization. the president was asked if he was planning to walk back request for negotiation and heat set for my, no he was not walking back. he would press for and was asked if he was planning to call for an end to the korean war. he said we will see, depending on how the meetings go we will hear tomorrow, thursday here in hanoi. he will hold a press conference and we will get more information how the one-on-one meeting went and the dinner is going right now and also how all of those meetings tomorrow if there is anything that comes out of them. >> that is lauren live in vietnam. you. michael cohen, the former lawyer a president trump will
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testify at a congressional hearing. copies of the prepared opening statement indicates he is ready to testify that president trump is a racist, a con man and a cheap. he spent nibehind closed door, talking about his former boss. at 7:00 this morning, you can watch the testimony on ktvu plus. will bring you mornings on 2 right here on trip for, especially with the weather this morning and our traffic coverage. a vigil will be held tonight to remember the late public defender, jeff adachi . they will march 7 street to city hall tonight. he died suddenly on friday. authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death. it is day 5 of the teacher's strike teachers are refusing to go back to the
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classroom without a contract. the update on negotiations and the strike. stranded in the snow on amtrak for a day and a half, we will see how the trip to california turned into a nightmare. westbound 24 to the tunnel looks all right. we have problems in walnut creek a major road is down and there is pressure on the other roads surrounding it. the moisture has moved out of the north and is pushing east and south. we will not see heavy totals.
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welcome back. this is day five of the oakland straits. demonstrations our plan today. teachers will rally at each school and the foot bridge over interstate 580. the union will protest at 3 pm at a school board meeting. negotiations will resume between the unit at school district. students will hold a rally near the plaza. the teachers are happy about the support they are getting from students and parents. demonstrators marched to the
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rain to root international academy. a middle school suffers from low test scores and falling enrollment. it is scheduled to close at the end of the school year. >> we marched through the streets of east oakland for 98 near elmhurst to trace the steps that students have to take if they are forced to leave ritz academy. >> the teachers are demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes and the end to schools that are close. administrators say the low attendance caused by the strike is costing the school district $1 million in state funding every day. we created a hotline to help parents get information. that number is 510-874-0400 you can see it scrolling across your tv screen all. call anytime as we update that recorded message throughout the day.
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we have a happy ending about a dog trapped along a cliff. look at this video. it shows the dog on a precarious spot on the cliff. the dog and its owner were visiting the area the dog slipped and became stuck on that narrow ledge, 25 feet from the ground. firefighters used a ladder to reach and rescue the talk. authorities are urging dog owners to keep pet owners on a leash so they do not wander away. seven eclipse are giving way unexpectedly. a lot is happening this morning because it is wet out there>> highway both directions. there is flooding and you cannot get through. more people are on the richmond brace and it is not allowing big grids because of windy
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conditions. truck drivers have to go a long way around or use detours. let's talk about the gilroy super commute. 101 is okay with no major issues in 17 has no major issues to the valley. as we look at the east bay, we have a big problem on nature valley road between walnut and civic. the road is closed because a tree is down. you can see traffic will be slow peer people use 680 and other roads. it will not be pretty and that area. we talk about this is the bay bridgetoll plaza that is bacstanding water. we e incidences this morning where the fire department has to rescue people who drove into standing water.
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let's look at the forecast. >> if you don't live in the east bay, you do not realized how busy that get >> that is a huge deal. that is near walnut creek.'s >> we have a crew on the way and we will find out when they expect to reopen. every minute is closed, it impacts traffic. the damage is done. a share tweeted this out. fernville is landlocked. you cannot get in or out of town. all roads are flooded because there is been a lot, a lot of rain. the only problem i have with showing this is by the time i put the information, gets updated. it is 40.4 feet. it was not supposed to get there that is the issue. it is expected to top out at 46 point one which is the highest since 1995. you major impacts in downtown
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granville. you already see that. flood warnings for healdsburg and 26.27. it will top out any time. granville is supposed to be tonight at 46 feet but rises fast. st. helena is close to topping out which is just about where it should be about now. the same for the napa river. it is a love -- timing, i put this information and then it goes up higher. we will try to get to that as often as we can. the rainfall, we talk about, for what it is worth, if your in a modeltar for the gfs. absolutely nailed , 8 pl7 and g
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at 6.72. a lightning strike with the sable's decision that atmosphere . this is not a thunderstorm set up but now the plume has moved out, we have a little wave in the atmosphere that might provide instability but the heavy rain has stopped. the heavy totals will move off right there we have light rain and in stable error following. 50s for the times and end up with the 60s it is a blustery breeze from the south southeast. the sierra is a mess. winter storm warning continues. we have a break except for areas to the south and the peninsula. you are getting in on that rain but not as heavy. winter storm warning goes through tomorrow morning. this is the next system saturday. 50s and 60s for the
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temperatures today. there is a deadly train collision in new york and what investigators say about the cause of the crash. the option for terminally ill patients, the arguments for and against physician assistants with end-of-life. ♪ here comes the sun
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abuse. the new measures includes requiring makers of pain drugs to test the long-term affects and tell smaller prescriptions. opioids were blamed for 47,000 deaths in 2017. nevada could allow terminally ill patients to take medication to [ event concluded ] life. they could have six months or less to live. one says he wishes she could've gone more peacefully. >> she was forced to lay in a bed and slowly waste away. she would have rather been able to simply take a pill or several pills or whatever it takes. >> it is more than a piece of legislation. >> it is not clear when nevada state lawmakers will vote. california lawmakers passed that
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end-of-life option act in 2016. >> san jose is locating homeless camps. the unanimously approved moving the camp on a site near the san jose airport to a new site at willow street on property that is owned by the county water district. the site will be replaced with a tiny home community that could be up and running by 2021. cosco be out amazon and customer satisfaction with online shopping. they interviewed 300,000 customers about more than 400 copies. they scored higher than amazon which had a run at the top spot it is based on quality and reliability for online shopping. we are days away from that spring forward time change. we will lose an hour of sleep.
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abuse, we adjust. sleep experts say now is probably a good time to start that adjustment process. you can ease into the time change by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. it is 5:26. it is designed to save lives. a proposal about changing the legal blood alcohol limit to drive. president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen turned on the president will testify today . we will have more on what he is expected to say. we have traffic moving okay on the richmond bridge. it could be tough driving with a high profile vehicle. they may not let certain vehicles onto the bridge. right now, it is not raining as you approach the toll plaza.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 . it is wednesday, february 28,
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2019. >> thank you for watching as. the rivers, we are keeping an eye on them. >> i was telling dave, as soon as i put the information up, it changes. look at these. they were about to crest. the napa river, i will get to it as fast as i can. granville is landlocked and you cannot get in or out of 10. all roads are flooded. it keeps going up faster and faster. healdsburg looks like it is about to crest. i put it at 6 a.m. granville is 40.4 and will top out at 36 point one. that is the highest ever. it looks like the napa river is closed as well and will top out at 19.05.
5:31 am
is supposed to top out. there is lots of numbers. northwest of granville, a 2- day total, it is impressive but custody or at 15 plus. like sonoma almost 11. there is some good news. the heavy plume has finally moved out to areas of the north. is it moved south, it is moving but not parking. we do not expect totals like that. lowfor most. there is a blustery day with wind out of the south. the sierra, good luck. it is brutal. this is saturday. this is west southwest in the 50s and 60s. solano county, we are
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looking at it here on 80 westbound, a tough drive with debris all over the place. vallejo has slow traffic. people getting on the road and they hear about slow traffic, it is getting slow into fairfield. 37 is slow with a detour. they had to detour because of a closure in novato between 101 and atherton avenue because of flooding. use atherton avenue as the alternate route. walnut creek between walnut boulevard and civic is closed because a tree is down. if you live in people do all kinds of crazy things. we might have people drive on pleasant hill road and the other roads. 80 westbound between is a 25-minute drive.
5:33 am
the nonstop rain caused flooding all over the bay area but north of the golden gate. sarah is in sonoma county where we are talking about the russian river with serious problems, especially near burnsville. sarah?>> reporter: we are 10 miles outside of granville. we stopped because sonoma county sheriff did tweet that granville is landlocked. the roads in and out are completely flooded. you cannot see much around me. we can talk through the biggest concerns in the granville the russian river at granville is 40.4 feet, which is a major flood stage. if it gets high, much of downtown granville well flood pick the weather service extended the flood warning until tonight means flooding is
5:34 am
happening or will definitely happen. this is very serious with multiple agencies warned residents to pack up and leave before it is too late. >> neighbors are honestly used to flooding and are resilient. they are nonchalant when we talk about flooding but the numbers are causing concern. >> reporter: there are mandatory evacuations in place and shelters are set up. one is at the sonoma county fairgrounds. in sonoma county, mornings on 2 . the chp is reminding drivers to not drive through standing water, even if you think it is not deep. flooding closed many roads and drivers try to go through standing water and became stuck. this woman had to be rescued her carpet the water on thai road was almost 4 feet deep.
5:35 am
marin county emergency crews are busy going from one call to another. the fire department took this video to show you how fast the runoff is racing down canyons and streets near fairfax. the storm can be blamed for power outages across the bay area. that is causing problems. also, the storm is causing or not causing problems in the bay area airports. that is the good news. many airports, including sfo limit the number of arrivals and departures. so far, we can tell you that there are no delays at sfo or santa rosa. we will monitor the airports. don't forget our newly updated weather app is free from the apple and google play stores with interactive radar and hourly updates. it also has
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that easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. in washington dc president trump's warmer loyal michael cohen is to testify. we are live to talk about the testimony and the opening statement which contained explosive claims about the president. good morning. >> this will get a lot of attention. the prince of had eight preemptive strike. >> reporter: president trump maybe reveling in the attention in vietnam were summit with kim jong-un but this guy is on his mind, michael cohen who is set to testify in front of a house committee today. this morning, the president tweeted and he said he was disbarred by the supreme court for line and fraud and did bad things. he is lying to reduce his prison time. >> i this opportunity was given
5:37 am
to me to clear the record and to tell the truth. >> reporter: he spoke yesterday behind closed doors. today, he has prepared remarks to unload on his former boss becky is a racist and a con man at eight sheet. he is expected to talk about payments to women who claim to have affairs with president. he says he has no direct evidence of the illusion with russia. he accuses the president of advanced knowledge of the wikileaks dump. >> it is sad. it is a revealing to hear the whole store or close to the whole story under it. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty to lying to congress. can't be trusted? gates went after him on twitter. do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriend's? maybe it would be a good time
5:38 am
for that chat. i wonder if she will remain faithful in prison. she is about to learn a lot. he deleted the tweet but questioned honesty. >> will find out if there's anyone he is not like to. >> will be emotional today. he will testify for three committees, including the senate intelligence committee. democrats yesterday, they argued amongst themselves about what will or will not be covered in the testimony today. all right. thank you. the oakland man was sentenced to mateen years in prison for plating guilty for supporti sentence of amer alhaggagi , he supported supporters of isis who we met in online chat rooms. video showed him explaining plots to the fbi agents to blowup a club and set fire to
5:39 am
the berkeley hills and target dorms. the defense lawyers argued for a lighter prison sentence. >> we believe that amer alhaggagi is somebody who likes to provoke reactions. he will always appeals to be anti- empathetic. >> they have taken stock of what has happened and they will take action to ensure a preventive strategy is in place. >> 150 residents sent a letter to the judge, asking for leniency in the case. the judge mentions to a lack of remorse any sentenced 14 to 15 years in risen. lawmakers are considering a bill to lower the amount of blood alcohol limits for driving in california, currently 0.8%. lawmakers are proposing legislation to lower to 0.5%.
5:40 am
a bold theft was caught on camera. the crime was in broad daylight and the police say it is closed major highway. we will take you there to see the damage. it is tricky driving on the commutes if you are hitting the rights. we will update you on what you can expect. the moisture has departed from the golden gate north and has moved. some areas are getting rain that did not have some. the heavy totals are done.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . we have new images of
5:43 am
flooding in petaluma overnight. this is the police department. officers have been making sure people are safe pick the city is dealing with at least a dozen road and intersection pleasures. look at those photos steve is telling us he hears some of the off ramps and on ramps on the highway on 101 might be affected as well. in other news, a crisis in venezuela is putting the spotlight on the venezuelan community in the u.s. ported is the home. president trump went to ime to meet with venezuela's there to show support of those who want what nicholas maduro to step down. >> south florida are the influential portions of the population. they are the ones that are going to be involved
5:44 am
in regime change and rebuilding venezuela. >> mike pence went to columbia. he met with opposition leader juan guaido . delegates voted to strengthen the band on same-sex marriage and the ordinations of lgbtq energy. also, practicing homosexual clergy must remain so that. the church has 7 million members and observers say members could leave the church. the police are searching for a group of thieves who carried out this robbery on monday at a beauty supply store. it was caught on camera. video shows running through the alto store as the alarms were going off. they loaded make up into bags and ran away.
5:45 am
the police say it took less than a minute. >> that is a bald. especially right here. it is a place where a lot of people are at. >> that is wild.>> there was another robbery yesterday at the same store as news cameras were rolling. a man ran out of the store was suspected stolen merchandise. he jumped into a getaway car that was waiting in front of the store. the investigation is underway. a commuter train hit a truck on line. the truck was trying to beat the gate when it was hit by a railroad train last night. the train was carrying two other people and was going full speed when the crash happened. >> we confirm the gates were functioning. there were three fatalities from the vehicle. we had seven passengers taken to area hospitals for
5:46 am
precautionary measures. the engineer and conductor were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> the collision caused the train to hit the station form, causing serious damage there as well. snow has reached dangerous levels at resorts and on the rise. interstate 80 is closed. snowplows are trying to clear the rights. the road closures starts in colfax to the nevada state line. caltrans will reevaluate the situation later. highway 50 is open but chains are required on all vehicles except for will drive with snow tires >> we heard from a friend who said there is avalanche controlled blasts going off every few minutes. it is an intense about up snow. a lot of things you should be aware of. highway 37 is closed in both
5:47 am
directions. gravelle is cut off because of flooding. >> people are driving in standing water so the fire department has to rescue people . we will start off with the east bay or the traffic is normal at the ultima pass for the tracy super commute. driving out to 238-380 interchange with flooding. as we go to the bay bridge, it is grounded out to the bay bridge. traffic is a mess on the peninsula with different crashes on 280 at south city daily heading north and south. 37 is closed in both directions between atherton avenue and highway 101 because of flooding on both sides of the road. geisha road is closed because of a tree that is down. leave yourself extra time.
5:48 am
big rigs are allowed on the richmond bridge but they ask you to be cautious if you drive a high profile vehicle. i'm sure you heard about petaluma with issues including 101. the rain totals are calming down . we have 2- date total. john says 8.7 storm totals for the month of february, 19 inches overall. that is a lot of water. the wettest calendar day on record was yesterday. that's the wettest ever. i mean, again, there were it di i mean, if santa rosa gets up, there is a rule of them, we could double and triple and almost what drupal because the vado picked up 20.5 inches of
5:49 am
rain. gravelle is normal nine. st. helena, 7.5. dill beach is 6.7. these are updated. hills burke and russian river near the crest at 26.42. russian river in greenville is 41 expected 46.1 tonight. napa river as well and st. helena. this is updated. it is expected to go to to 19.50 in the next hour. they are close to cresting. let's hope that happens and it starts to receipt. water is still coming in. the rainfall moved east and doe but the upper level system swings in. there is coin
5:50 am
behind us. we have 50s on the tabs. the southwind picks up. it is illustrate for some. northwest of the hawaiian islands, that is your system saturday with more snow. 50s and 60s for the tabs. there should be low to mid 50s to the south. we getting break thursday and friday. plans for thousands of new homes in silica and home and some are affordable. google has plans to build homes. what's better than having fast,
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it is 5:53. almost 200 amtrak passengers are back after being stuck on a train 36 hours. the train was from seattle to los angeles when it was stuck in organ. union pacifica was not able to clear snow entries until yesterday pick it took for chick hours to tow the train back and passengers were happy to get off of it pick >> only pack five diapers. you know? likely, a nice lady came in and gave me some pull-ups. i did not know what i was going to do. >> amtrak did not let passengers get off the train.
5:54 am
they defended for passengers with the operator says passengers will get a full refund and other compensations. a major the highway collapsed in several places. the pavement buckled and cracked . the highway is closed between brookings and golden beach. there is no detour. it is still in the preliminary stages but google wants to break ground on a huge housing project. executives have unveiled the plans last night at city council be. they want to build 5700 new homes on shore line over, not far from the google headquarters >> the vision is to transform the area into residential
5:55 am
neighborhoods called shorebird and walking. >> the plan addresses three of the most pressing issues facing mountain view today. housing, affordability, traffic, and sustainability. >> google says the harms would be mostly rental units would serve all income levels. 20% would be set aside for affordable housing and it would double the amount in view. the san jose shark scott aftergood's dart against the bruins. boston tied the score at 1-1. the bruins scored twice in under a minute later, boston scored again and the sharks lost 4-1. the sharks are in second place in the western conference and are going back to the shark tank to host colorado friday.
5:56 am
gravelle is cut off this morning from the rest. the evacuations are underway as the roads in and out fernville are blocked by rising floodwaters. president trump is in vietnam. coming up, we will take you live to vietnam and look at the concerns around this second summit meeting. it is going to be a tough drive. even some of these roads here are doing better in water creek , a major closure that will affect this whole region. i couldn't find a job.
5:57 am
i had so much doubt in me. my current supervisor reached out on linkedin. we set up a phone interview and from there i was hired. linkedin was the matchmaker.
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a major thoroughfare in walnut creek, this could reopen.
5:59 am
good morning. thank you for joining us on this stormy wednesday morning. i am pam cook. >> we are following breaking news in kernville. the entire town is cut off by floodwaters. all roads are flooded in one way or another. the water level of the russian river in kernville raged 40 feet and flood stage is 32 feet . >> we have video showing additional flooding the police department shared this this is highway 12 because of flooding to santa rosa between yana road and petaluma avenue. >> we allie is in one creek where a downed tree is blocking a major road that is heavily used. of course, sal is watching all
6:00 am
of the rows. >> steve is tracking this powerful winter system. steve? >> it is moving south of the area. it targets the northbay but it sat there 48 hours. we are happy to be over the update here there is 9.5 inches of rain in larkspur which is in line with other totals. kes adair at 15.5. the nato, is the window at 20.48 with a 2- day total. the russian river is going up so fast. it is expected to top out this evening at 46.1 feet. this is the fifth highest all-time and the highest since 1995. the rain to the north, the


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