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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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argument with his wife in san francisco this afternoon. what witnesses say let up to the altercation. cleanup begins with a longtime resident and guerneville beginning to pick up the pieces after days of flooding along the russian river. >> it's absolutely overwhelming, and it is so stressful. from ktvu news, this is "the four." and welcome. word came down to the oakland teachers union and school district have come to a tentative agreement. welcome to of the four." >> this comes over week after the teachers went on strike. we are expecting a live press conference from union officials at 4:30, and we will bring you that live later in the newscast. >> but there are celebrations taking place among the picket lines from the teachers who've been off the job for a week or so. >> rob roth has been gathering reaction since the news broke this afternoon, rob?
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>> reporter: what you can see behind me are oakland teachers that are still on the picket lines and they are still picketing word the school board meeting is about to take place. officially, the strike is still on, but this afternoon there was some cheers when the announcement came that the two sides reached a tentative agreement. union leaders made the announcement to hundreds of striking teachers friday afternoon. >> thank you for standing together to bring out the tentative agreement. >> reporter: after picketing for seven days, teachers maintain their skepticism. most said they have not had time to read the detailed. >> it just came on the news. still what i'm going to be after , a little bit of a break and a beer, i'm going to go and read this thing. >> reporter: the teachers have been seeking a 12% pay increase over three years. the tentative agreement called for an 11% increase plus a 3%
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bonus, and the contract for four years. some teachers were critical. >> well, i'm glad that there's a tentative agreement. however bonuses do not change teacher's lives, so if there's a bonus attached to the agreement, we will have to wait and see you know, what the vote is. >> reporter: it appears teachers got almost everything they were asking for, smaller class sizes, more classroom support, and a five-month pause in school closures. >> it is something the membership might go for because it's right around what we asked for. there's nothing i would rather be doing than teaching our kids, and our kids miss us, i miss our kids, and yeah. i'm getting hopeful. >> reporter: teachers will have to vote to ratify the deal, and that is expected to take place over the weekend, and if they do vote for it school can resume on monday. arianna and andre? >> do we know what's going to be taking place inside a school board meeting tonight though? >> reporter: well, they said they need to vote $21 million
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in budget cuts over the next school year. if you remember on tuesday, they try to have that same meeting, and the picketers were there. is no real clear yet if the school board members have been able to get inside there, and if so, what they're going to do, what they do decide, but they say time is critical on that vote. >> rob roth reporting for us live in oakland. in a statement, oakland unified school attended kyla johnson-trammell said we cannot fix decades of chronic underinvestment in education with a single contract, but this is an important first step. we look forward to working together, directing the passion and energy that we saw during the strike until collective efforts to increase state funding and build schools our students deserve. and stay with us on the four for continuing coverage. we are expecting that briefing from the teachers union as we mentioned coming up at 4:30,
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we will be bringing it you live. we go to the flooding in a northbay. two days ago the town of monte rio was submerged in feet of contaminated floodwater, and today take a look. the water has receded. residents have been allowed back home, and the monumental task of cleaning the area up is now underway. >> on evacuation orders have been lifted. residents returning to the home, assessing the damage there. >> for more, let's go to tom vacar 20 is live from guerneville. tom? >> reporter: i just want you to see this because it's kind of amazing when you take a look at it. is a downtown guerneville. at least half if not 0.75 of the stores are open. the streets are clean. most of the workings of the count are exactly just that. yesterday if you recall, a woman from forestville who used to live here said the region will be ready for tourism by spring. may be sooner than that. it's really amazing how resilient russian river lower towns really are. at high noon after showing id,
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guerneville and monte rio residents were allowed back into their towns. earlier, building inspectors came in to evaluate structures which surprised residents who stay through the flood. >> we are all emotional ready, and they are going one by one to the houses, read tagging them yellow, red, green if they're safe cannot come so did not know if could stay or not, and that is when reality really had. >> reporter: saw a lot of folks cleaning up their homes and businesses. washing him up and hauling out debris. the debris was back to stack outside to be hauled away. remarkably, except the cleaning up , guerneville and monte rio were mostly intact with most businesses open. most notably, the safeway where the light was muddy and being cleaned up, but inside the un- flooded store was in full operations to the joy of many. >> it is important because there's a lot of freezers, refrigerators that one out and food going bad.
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>> reporter: is very important because this is our lifeline between you know, safeway and the post office. >> we don't have safeway, we are down. >> we are used to it. >> reporter: that was also the same case downstream monte rio were there was damage, but not total destruction, giving most residents businesses a leg up on getting back to normal. now this is not over yet . this is mueller road off of river road. behind me, healdsburg. 13 vineyards, and a bed and breakfast. not over yet. the guerneville singer- songwriter summed it up with this. >> ♪ i've got the russian river. ♪ >> reporter: a light sprinkle is falling here now, and there may be some rain over the weekend, but the worst of it seems to certainly be passed, and the folks here are very
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pleased to see that their town is in very good shape. that does not mean there is not damage and significant damage to some structures out in the neighborhoods and things like that. we did see that, but the reality of the situation is that because so many people build up high, we don't have the massive destruction that i used to see here doing previous stories. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news . >> all right, tom, thanks so much. was turned things over to how much the water is receding. it looks like things are changing now. >> reporter: we had a big change in the last 12 hours of getting below flood stage, >> and also as tom mentioned, you can take a live look at the rater. they had a few sprinkles, mostly cloud cover, so certainly getting a little bit better. as we look at the radar, you see that moisture is out there, but is nothing that's going to add to the trouble they already have out there. this did crest wednesday night. it was all the way up to 45.38
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feet if you can imagine that. this is the progress we have seen. we are now below flood stage level which is the 32 feet. we are up 34.4. this of the projection over the next 24 hours of where we are going, so you can see it is expected to improve as we move towards tomorrow night. big difference they are able to not get into and assess some of the damage. as we take a live look at site here at san francisco, we've got cloudy skies in a few sprinkles possible out there but it's mostly cloudy skies we are dealing with, not rain today thankfully. 54 in san francisco, santa rosa 55 degrees, mountain view you are coming at 56. we kept a lid on those temperature today because of that cloud cover. winds it doesn't come out there, making it easier for people to get out and assess the damage. we still have some more rain coming our way tonight. this is not:00. you see some of the letter
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showers moving in, but this is going to be a quick moving system. you see heavy showers rolling and quickly overnight. at about 6 a.m. should be rainy there in the morning, but as we get into noon on saturday, we are talking about my showers throughout the day saturday and sunday, and that's about it so that should give us a chance to dry out a little bit. we are talking about 0.5 to 1 inch of rain on saturday, and any rain in places that a been dealing with flooding is too much, but it should not be a deluge, so hopefully that will help. if you get into tomorrow, we will start would rainy temperatures. temperatures getting to the mid to upper 30s tomorrow, so a cloudy day as the day goes on the that we should get less soggy. our next big issue is next week we do have another atmospheric river setting up heading towards california, but the question is what exactly will it be pointing? i will have answers for you and that an extended forecast coming up. for now, we will send it back to alyana and andre. giant ceo larry baer and his wife are responding after video of a physical confrontation between the two
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surface. to the christien kafton is joins us live from hayes valley where the incident unfolded earlier this afternoon. christien, police have been conducting an investigation and that area. >> reporter: this is where this incident unfolded. workers in the area were saying they had to step in with the argument between this couple became physical. >> no, no! >> reporter: not in the video, you see larry baer reaching across his wife, trying to pull something from her hand. when is the time it was a mobile phone. then pam baer fall down screaming. that is when three bystanders moved into separate the two. in the video you can also hear larry baer saying, quote stop, pam, stopped to his wife. the couple had been seated in the area at least half an hour and appeared to be are going most of the time. >> we just heard larry, no! then she was on the floor, and like the gentleman was towering over her and trying to grab something out of her hand, and
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that is when i guess he saw a bunch of people come over, he let her go, and she kind of ran off. >> reporter: we received a statement from larry and pam baer that reads credibly today we had a heated argument in public over a family matter. we are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue. we have seen a number police officers in the area talking with witnesses, including the man who shot that video. at this point we have not heard about an any charges in this investigation. sf pd tell me they are aware of the incident, and confirmed they are investigating. we are live in san francisco. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. in the south become a woman found dead in the thousand oaks evernote in san jose has become the city seven homicide of the year.
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officers were called to know fields were integral avenue just before 2 p.m. yesterday. an adult woman was found dead inside that home. the cause of her death has not been released. police also said they do not have the motive in her killing and the suspects have been identified. the woman's they will be released after relatives are notified. four san mateo sheriff's deputies and sergeants involved in a deadly stun gun incident will not be facing charges the san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe announced today that investigators have found the use of force during the incident wherewas killed to be, quote, lawful. the da released data body cam video which is your looking at a. of the 36-year-old in redwood city, the man there from wildwood sitting running along traffic. the responding deputy called for backup and says that okobi attacked him. deputy fight his dunkin multiple times that him and later okobi died at the hospital. >> in this case i have found that the four deputy sheriff's and the sheriff's sergeant did not violate any california penal code law in the context
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back on that day. >> the family of mr. okobi is represented by civil rights attorney john burris. they are said to hold a news cause bridge in about an hour. burris has said previously, he will likely file a lawsuit. henry lee is digging into this case and we will have more on the ktvu fox 2 news at 5. get ready for retail stores to start spying on your shopping habits. we're talking official recognition here, we will tell you how they will soon be embedded in brick-and-mortar stores. a major shift for automaker tesla. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. time to talk some tesla now. to select announced it will close most of its doors and focus on online sales. the only stores left open will be in high traffic areas. there are 10 tesla stores here in the bay area, so for more about the announcement by tesla and what the future of this company look like, we are joined by tim higgins, taken on a reporter for "the washington post," and they could finally sell the model 3 at its, $35,000 price tag. do we know if these are related? >> absolutely related. this had been a long-held goal for tesla to bring the model 3 at $35,000.
4:17 pm
it's a hard thing to do largely because of the cost of batteries which make logical so much more expensive, so we've seen tesla over the past two years or so really push and try to get the price down. they start production in fremont in july 2017, and it's really been out of grassed. here they are getting up and making some dramatic cuts to do that. >> one of the prices is over $40,000. it was promised to be 35,000 and somehow the price was leaking out over 40 something thousand dollars comes of this is definitely a change here. we know how many people could lose their jobs from the move to cut those stores? >> tesla hasn't said yet how many people are going to lose their jobs or family stores, but it is going to be a hit to a lot of people, and remember this comes after the company laid off a large number of people earlier this year since they've been trying to whack that price down. this is the third time they've adjusted the price of the model 3 since the beginning of this year, in part because they are
4:18 pm
facing pricing pressure at the federal can attack resid for electric cars for tesla is phasing out this year, and essentially making the car $7500 more expensive to consumers by year's and. >> let's talk about the effects of something like this. you buy a car, there are companies where you can buy your car online, but this is tesla. it's a whole new type of car. how is the company going to adjust to not having showrooms or you can test your cars and buy them online? >> it takes just about a minute to order the car online and buy it and go through it. i remember several weeks ago he was talking to how he wanted to do home deliveries the office deliveries. they bring the car to you, you get it, that sort of thing. but the big disruption here to the entire u.s. automotive industry is the idea of a new car seller telling selling directly to consumers to the internet. this is something like general motors report cannot do because of basically 100-year-old franchise laws in states across the country that really protect those independent dealers from
4:19 pm
factory carmakers from selling directly to consumers, so here's a potential advantage for tesla or in my make things harder for them because they don't have that store network. >> they don't but they have brand recognition at this point, so people definitely know what that car is all about, but let's talk about this. if you buy this thing online and you get it and you don't like it, how is tesla going to handle this? dissatisfied customers? >> the company that i tried on my sales before, they talked about how one of the things they see is customers want to test drive the vehicles. that is a big part of the car buying experience traditionally. one thing that tesla has done is extend the return policy so you got seven days to bring it back if you don't like it. you drive less than 1000 miles, you just bring it back and say i don't want it. >> very similar to other car companies. tim higgins, wall street
4:20 pm
journal automotive tech report, thank you for your insights by this latest move my tesla. >> thank you. more retailers are turning to technology to get a sense of your sobbing this is an. reporter tracy has more in this look at your cash. >> the trying to figure out how do we beat the beat, had he beat amazon? >> reporter: big brother is watching even while you are shopping. more and more companies turning to facial recognition to connect with customers. according to forbes retailers like walgreens, kroger, guest, and ralph lauren say they are using the technology to improve marketing to customers. >> the mall is going to figure that out. figures are going that out, and that is key behind how you're going to shop at retailers in the future. >> reporter: software can detect age, gender, and even the shopper's moves. >> bayliner the status to us to suggest to us behaviors animal that they are hoping are going to kick the butt of amazon. that is a whole go behind this is how you win back the
4:21 pm
customer at a traditional brick- and-mortar mall space? >> reporter: aragon ghost was used tracking technology to register what a shopper picks us or puts back in the shelf. similarly, retailers are testing facial recognition to better understand how shoppers interact with merchandise, technology, or displays. >> it using this kind of technology to understand did they keep is there that long, and how are we feeling about being there, and did we come with someone, and if not why not and how often does that happen and what time of day, so more and more they can learn about us, the more and more they are hoping they can get into our pockets to spend some money. >> reporter: according to "the washington post," walgreens is testing a wall of sensors and is cooler doors. also tailoring ads for different kinds of shoppers. >> you when i have the option of engaging it fully or
4:22 pm
passively being part of an anonymous kind of sample. >> reporter: and kroger is partnering with microsoft to test stores capable of visually flagging items on a shoppers lift at this shelf, so they can find what they need, take advantage of a personal offer, and break through the store faster. >> not only can retailers learn more about you and me, but also so that i as a customer can have a whole different experience when i show up. >> reporter: tracy, foxbusiness. tensions are still high between military troops in pakistan and india, but a good chester is easing the situation. more on the role president trump has in all of this. tune in tonight for "last man standing," and followed by "the cool kids." join us for the 10 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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skirmishes began the fourth day between indian and pakistan troops. tensions have been rising after a suicide bombing that killed 40 indian troops two weeks ago. pakistan made a major move today to ease the confrontation a bit. >> reporter: a festive atmosphere at the india pakistan border as the pakistani military releases an indian pilot who had been shot down on wednesday. and pakistan's prime minister is hoping the pilot's return will be taken as a goodwill gesture and lead to de- escalation. he's being praised by the international community , but
4:26 pm
not everyone in pakistan supports the decision. >> translator: the decision should not have been made so quickly. first we should have gotten india to confess to the attack and their mistake. it was the aggression. >> reporter: tensions ratcheting up two weeks ago after following a suicide bombing that killed dozens of indian troops. india responding with airstrikes which were followed by retaliatory strikes by pakistan, leading to ongoing skirmishes. india's prime minister is praising the performance of his country's military, pointing to the pilot's release as proof the strong response is having an impact. >> this is a new india. this is an india that . >> reporter: most countries the nuclear powered and imported u.s. allies. president trump said he is now working through diplomatic channels to help end the fighting. >> we were in the middle trying to help both of them out, see if we can get some organization
4:27 pm
and some peace, and i think probably that is going to be happening. >> reporter: dozens of flights across asia have been canceled because of the fighting. pakistan said they will open its airspace on monday. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. no new talks have been scheduled between the u.s. and north korea which abruptly ended in new york, but north korea did get something in has one of for a long time. the pentagon announced it is suspending its annual large scale wargames with south korea. they tell fox news the threat from the create has decreased and subdued summits, though smaller exercise will continue. >> the military exercises, i gave that up quite a while ago because it cost us $100 million every time we do it. we fly these massive bombers in from guam. >> reporter: as for the collapse of the talks in vietnam, north korea said they wanted almost full sanction relieves in turn 41 closure of the facility. they only asked for partial lifting of sanctions.
4:28 pm
the parents of the american college student who died after being determined and detected in north korea and said they disagree with president trump's defense of korean leader kim jong-un over there son's that. president trump said during his meetings with the north korean leader in vietnam this week he brought up the case of otto warmbier who was arrested for taking a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. he died in 2017 shortly after being sent home in a,. president trump said he does not blame the north korean leader for that because he said kim jong-un told him that he did not know about it and the president said he would take him at his word.
4:29 pm
the parents of otto warmbier released a statement this morning, saying, quote, we have been respectful during the summit process. now we must speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto. no excuses or lavish praise can change that. the russian river is finally below flood stages . neighbors and guerneville can finally see the paved road. we check in with sonoma county sheriff's office for an update on the cleanup. national unplugged day. will you participate? andre, will you? one day of no funds or gadgets. we will give you the details coming up on "the four." we are expecting a life of different officials connected with oakland teachers were intensive deal has been reached, so the union is expected to hold a press conference any moment now, and the school district is supposed to have it press conference at 5:00. we will bring you all that live here on ktvu. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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people evacuated from guerneville and other towns along the russian river are being allowed back into the area today as floodwaters across the bay area or northbay rather continue to receive. according to the county, the russian river has now dropped more than one foot below flood stage in guerneville. on wednesday reached about 140 feet above -- 14 feet above flood stage inundating hundreds of low-lying areas. >> and more on the situation and guerneville and surround areas, we are joined on the phone by sergeant spencer crum. sergeant crum, always a pleasure to speak with you. want to know firsthand what challenges neighbors are facing as they are making their way home today. many of them are seeing the damage may have been worse than they thought. >> now we start the cleanup process, so we got to go out and guerneville today and meet with a lot of the neighbors and we both agreed . it was so
4:33 pm
heartwarming that everybody was helping everybody out. you know, they were just cleaning up everything out of their houses that was soaking wet and just moldy and gross and so we are starting to clean up right now. >> are there any updated numbers on how many homes and businesses are impacted by what happened? >> so christology from the emergency management division is working on that with permits so sonoma, and the number structures, the amount of damage he says is going to be out in the next few days. we are not quite ready to put a number on it yet, but we will let you know as soon as we get that. >> okay. >> tom vacar live at the at the top of the hour, and it looks like the town of guerneville had quickly rebounded from the devastating flood and a number of businesses were open, the
4:34 pm
roads were pretty dry, but there are some areas that are not doing so well, and with the insurance claims the way the flooding causeds as high as they can be, so you know of any efforts by the community or anything to help out some of the people weapon impacted by the floods? >> i think we are early on that right now. i know we attended a briefing. fema was in love saturday along with the california office of emergency services, so they will be providing support. will get a local assistance center set up in guerneville, and we will be doing our best to help our community. >> sergeant, what can you tell us? what do people who live in the area right now, what do they know from you at this point? >> well right now, it is cleanup efforts. it is you know, get their wet stuff out of your house. we are going to set up some bins, and it will start helping everybody get this cleanup started, but right now i think the general public needs to know if you don't live in guerneville, you're not a neighbor, don't come out and be a look in lieu. if you want to help your friends, neighbors, by all means go for it, but we don't
4:35 pm
need a ton of tourist out there causing destruction and causing more grief on the devastated neighbors. >> we are still on target to reopen the town of guerneville tomorrow to people who don't live in the area, correct? >> about 12:30 we open it up to both residents and the public alike. it is fully opened. and at the local grocery store there opened up 1:00 today. as we went there, most of the businesses were bouncing right back and we were about 50% of them open as we were driving around, so that was good to see. >> sergeant crum with the sonoma county shared apartment, thank you for your insight and giving us information on what folks there can expect in the latest days. we have everything you need to know on our homepage at . berkeley city council is tightening rules for people who live in their rvs. the council voted last night to ban rvs from parking on city streets between 2 a.m.
4:36 pm
and 5 a.m. also the council directed staff to create an rv permit program. at the meeting many people complained about things like trash and lack of parking because of people parking their rvs and living in them. while others said with the bay area housing crisis, it's the only alternative some people have. >> i find it appalling that they would even consider a proposal that's going to criminalize rv living without first fully creating another option for all these individuals. >> the city came and removed a lot of trust, but within a couple of days was back, and it's growing and growing. >> the city says it receives more than 1500 calls or complaintsrv parking in 2018. it is the one day of the year when people are urged to unplugged from their cell phones, but we are taking it one step further. we speak with an expert about breaking up with your phone. can you do it? in my be easier than you think. find out? >> i want to hear that story. i have a very good relationship
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tonight, people all over the world will be urged to put down their phones, tablets, and laptops for national day of unplugging. the nonprofit group reboot launched the annual project 10 years ago inspired by the original event.
4:40 pm
it is challenging people to shutdown the device and reconnect with loved ones. today on "mornings on 2," the executive director of reboot spoke to ktvu of the effect of cell phones on personal interactions. >> there is research that is showing that if you are having dinner with a friend and have a phone on the table, that your conversation is going to be changed just having the phone on the table, and there are these micro-anxiety bits that you feel when you think about something going on, and it's really problematic, changing the way we interact with each other. >> alyana taking away both your phones. >> take it out! >> he says people should use this day to be mindful of how they spend their time and pick up the habit of unplugging once a week. >> that's gonna be pretty annoying when you're dating somebody and they've got their phone on the table at dinner. well, let's take things up a notch when we are on the topic it put you to the test here. can you break up with your
4:41 pm
phone? joining us not to discuss this is captain price, the author of uncle how to break up your phone" and probably the expert on the not too. >> we are not talking about taking your phone altogether, but breakup to make up, right? >> that is a great way of putting it, yet. breaking up with your phone just like you break up with a real person does not mean you are swearing of human relationships for your life. it means you realize something is now working with the current relationship and you want to take steps to find that at that something that is better for you. >> i think some people are very addicted to the phones and don't realize it, so how would you define a phone addiction? >> oh boy, i mean addiction can be a controversial word. i think we have it behavioral addiction to our devices, but instead of dwelling on that term i think i would ask people to ask themselves how do you feel about your relationship with your phone, and also very importantly how did the people who love you feel about your relationship with your phone, some questions to ask yourself is how often do you file phone craving, where the field twitter anxious when you cannot get to your phone, if you find
4:42 pm
yourself spending more time you should by checking twitter or instagram or your email, things like that that might instigate that you are not the one in control, that is the key question. are you in control with how you're using your phone, or is your phone in control of you? >> i heard about those ghost messages, like when you think you received a text message, you think you're phone is vibrating, and there's nothing there, and you check again and say why is nobody picking up? >> fambrough vibration, that is a real thing, and a lot of people have experienced that. you like i swear it's a notification. sometimes your phone is not in your pocket so that is your answer, you feel a vibration that is not supposed to be there. >> that is when you've got a problem. >> in all seriousness, what kind of damaging effects can a relationship with your phone really have on your life, and of course your family's life too? >> well in my book "how to break up with your phone," i am constituted this be how our
4:43 pm
brains are changing us and not just into the relationship which i think is somewhat intuitive. if you're spending time with someone but you are constantly turning to your smart phone, you are telling them you would rather not be there and they are not important to you because you're constantly turning your attention somewhere else. one of the things i found when i was researching my book was disturbing and a more surprising weight which is to say the average person spends about four hours on the screen for now, anything you do on your phone for an hour days going to change your brain, so we have to be careful that the changes are ones we want to have, and in the case of our smart phone some of the changes are that they are impacting our ability to stay focused, so if you feel like your pension span is shot, you are not crazy, you are right. our ability to remember things, our creativity, certainly our relationships, our physical health, our sleep, and it's having an impact in our stress levels and stress hormones in ways that might have applications for our long-term health. so it's really not, not an un- trivial matter. this is quite serious and even more so when it comes to kids, so i use breaking up is kind of a playful way to talk about it,
4:44 pm
but the underlying issue is serious and should be paid attention to. >> last would've device where we go? possible way people can break up and make up at their phones? what is the strategy here, put it on a couple hours a revisit it later? what you success? >> there is a plan that gives a lot more detail than i can get into, but start to catch yourself when you are reaching for your phone. i recommend you put around a rubber band on your phone so every time you encounter the rubber band you like why is a rubber band around my phone, and you actually have to recognize he just reached for your phone. then you can decide if you want to continue, so that will be my first step. >> captain price, the author of how to break up with your phone. i'm going to be looking at that but myself because i have an issue with my phone as well. thank you for giving us also helpful advice today. if you are interested yourself in the book, you can find a link to our website, . just click on the web links tab. effect that the developing story we brought you at the top of the hour, the oakland school district and teachers union.
4:45 pm
they have reached a tentative deal now effectively ending the strike, so we can go live to the press conference due to at any moment, but we will go over some of the details what we know by now as part of the tentative deal. total compensation increase by the way is 14%, and 11% ongoing summary includes with a one- time 3% bonus for educators will be part of this. is also going to face and a class-size reduction at all schools, a five month posit any school closures, they also more students report here. the talking lower caseloads for special education teachers and counselors, and a charter cut. the board will have a charter school moratorium here, so we are waiting on word for this press conference with the teachers union to kick up any moment now. we understand the oakland school district is also going to have a press conference in the 5:00 hour which we will also bring to you as well. how to know teachers have been on strike for seven days as we saw at the top of the hour when
4:46 pm
rob roth was out there. >> teachers were still out on the picket line still you know, making their voices heard in all this because this is just a tentative deal on the table, and there has been a number of deals. just yesterday we had talked about how the deal that was laid out yesterday with a 10% -- sorry, i think it was an 8.5% hike, so that was double what the district had offered earlier on when the strike first happened, so they slowly in been creeping toward that goal of this 12% rate increase or salary increase over three years, now we see some people coming up to the podium, so we will listen and live to the teachers union on the strike. >> while we wait for them to talk am i can tell you what the superintendent of the oakland school district said today. she said today marked a sea of change for the district as we take a major step in support of our teachers and students. that coming from the superintendent of oakland public school today after word of a tentative deal with the teachers union was announced earlier today. let's listen into the press
4:47 pm
conference on the teachers union. as a waiter, i can tell you that the oea tentative agreement will be ratified by majority vote of its members, and the vote will be scheduled shortly. there is a school board meeting later on tonight, and there still, as alyana gomez talked earlier, there were still some teachers out there still holding their signs on the picket lines even though this tentative deal has been reached. but again it still to be voted on, so that to be ratified, so it looks like teachers are going to continue on the picket lines until that is after done. >> there is a rush because the school district is losing $1 million a day. >> i am the senior pastor of taylor memorial united methodist church, and historical church, and historical city, oakland, ca. i would like to invite you all into this house, and i would
4:48 pm
also like to share just a brief story because we have been a solidarity school supporting our teachers and our students in the city of oakland. being a solidarity school, we have fed dozens of dozens of students every day from elementary school to middle school and including high school. we have had the teachers here that i've been working, working tirelessly to give the children an academic structure and also an -- a structure where they were able to do other different activities, including outside. i do want to share with you just one of so many stories. we had parents and grandparents and great grandparents who have dropped off their children and grandchildren, and when they drop them off here, we have given them a breakfast and
4:49 pm
lunch and snacks throughout the day, but one thing that i learned is that parents, we would invite them to come here and sit and eat with their children either breakfast or lunch or both, and some parents would leave out, and they would have tears in their himes, or grandparent, and i would ask them, is everything okay? and i have gotten stories like i have never taken my child out to eat at a restaurant, and they said this was the first time that i have sat at a table and eaten with my child. i have heard grandparents say this is the first time that i have sat at a table, and then got to watch my grandchild go and play. said i appreciate this opportunity. i said this is not just the work of taylor memorial, but
4:50 pm
this is the work of the type of teachers we have in oakland and the way that they have given love. these -- the students that have been here when the teachers come and, they would run to their teachers to hug them and tell them how much they missed them. this has just been a blessing, and this is because we have the best teachers that i believe in the state of california and the united states of america. our teachers have pored their hearts out, even in the midst of a strike, even in the midst of making demands that they deserve. they have given themselves like this, so i would like to at this point introduce the president, keith brown, of oea. thank you. >> good evening, and i would like to thank pastor anthony jenkins for his tremendous support of students in oakland
4:51 pm
by opening taylor memorial united methodist church to our students during the strike, and also for providing a space for the open educational association to use during the strike, and this relationship that we have between taylor memorial and the oakland education association will make oakland a stronger community. im keith brown, teacher at bret harte middle school and on release and president of the oakland education association. we have achieved so much in this seven day, seven days of our historic strike in oakland. inspired an employer who has said the sky is falling , that they could not pay for a living wage, they could not pay for lower class sizes, they could
4:52 pm
not -- they were saying they could not make the investments for needed student support, such as nurses, counselors, psychologists, and speech therapists. educators supported by parents, supported by labor, supported by the community prevailed. our power in the streets prevailed. our love for our students prevailed, and our determination for a better future for the students of oakland prevailed. here are some key highlights of this historic victory to the power of our strike for oakland students. a living wage, experienced teachers will now be able to stay in the classroom. we won our 11% salary increase with a 3% bonus on
4:53 pm
ratification. we forged the oakland unified school district to invest in our teachers and oakland, which will give our students experienced teachers in our classrooms. we have also made investments for our substitute teachers in oakland, which will help with the teacher retention crisis. school closures, we now have a five month pause in school closures to build parent and community support to keep all public schools open. and to reject any further privatization of our public schools. this is a very significant win because of the power of our strike, the support of the community was very vital, and the support that these schools,
4:54 pm
because of the power to strike, will remain open as we continue to fight. lower class size, improvements in the education of our students , phased and class- size reduction in every classroom at all schools. we forced the oakland unified school district to take this step in improving student learning conditions, especially at our schools with the highest need. we have a charter school moratorium. board president andy has committed to introduce a resolution calling for a state wide charter school moratorium similar to the one passed by l.a. usd as a result of the united teachers of los angeles's
4:55 pm
historic strike. more student supports, and this is a very important victory because i have always said that we will not reach an agreement until we had the needed investments directly impacting our students, that we would not reach a settlement until we got systematic changes to dramatically improve public education in oakland, because of the power of the strike we have that. we have increases in student support, lower caseloads for special education teachers and counselors, more counselors, psychologists, support for new comer students, and bonuses to help nurse recruitment. so this is an important victory that the ousd is now making sure that there are investments in student support. we built power.
4:56 pm
we reunited the community during the seven days of the strike, and we had one the because of the power of parents, students, united with the community. -- at the expense of public schools and our students. now we are looking at a real pathway to a charter school moratorium. through the power of the strike, the people of oakland has spoken. the people of oakland has a saying that our students are a priority. they spoke, they wanted real investments in our children, real investments for our students.
4:57 pm
we outlined a very clear choice during the strike. either you are on the side of the students, parents, and community that want to improve education for our students, or you are on the side of the wealthy who seek to privatize education and close schools -- and take away needed resources from our students. our strike made those lines even stronger and more people are standing on the side of the students because of the power of the strike, which is the right side. to the parents and communities, thank you so much. it is because of you that we have this victory for our students. the city of oakland has been very resilient. just the example of pastor jenkins, where the community of
4:58 pm
faith leaders coming together creating solidarity schools, feeding our students during the strike, having strong picket lines at our schools' sites of parents and students standing with teachers. it is because of the power of the community, that our students won . and to our students, you are the reason why we went off strike, for our students to improve education for you, to bring about better learning outcomes. is because of you that we took a stand and said that it is  time for oakland, the city of oakland to prioritize our students, and one thing that i have to say about -- during the
4:59 pm
seven days of the strike as president of the oakland education association, i am released from the classroom, so you know i miss teaching a lot, but during the strike going out to the different school sites, rallies and marches, just seeing so many of our students, seeing former students really had a deep impact on me. seeing one of my former students come up to me and just say at a rally and we were looking around. there's thousands of people around us. say good job, mr. brown! i am proud of you. you know, to hear that from one of your students, it really means a lot, but it is because of the students that the community rallied together in this historic strike. to the billionaire privatize her's, your hate was counteracted with a city full
5:00 pm
of love. you will not win as long as we have -- >> we've been watching a live press conference with the oakland teachers union. it is the oakland education association pwc their talk is keith brown. he the president of oea and they have been filling us in on the tentative deal that is been reached among the teachers union and the school district, and we'll have more details coming up here in a moment at the top of the 5:00. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. it is news. teachers and the oakland school district have been waiting for. the teachers union and the district have come to a tentative agreement. this agreement comes after a seventh day of missed classes. >> within the last 15 minutes, the teachers union discussed the tentative deal, calling the strike historic.


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