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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. the mckay deal to end the teacher strike, leaders say they have most everything they wanted in the superintendent of schools says the couple my shows teachers, how valuable they are. >> teachers and other members will vote on the agreement this weekend. provided they approve it, we will see all of our students and teachers back in the classroom on monday march 4.
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>> officials on both sides say they are pleased with the deal, teachers out on the picket lines today told us they are withholding judgment. they want to see the deal for themselves. thank you for joining us. >> the strike lasted nine days with teachers and students missing seven days of classes. as you heard, union members ratify the contract, it will be back to school on monday. the teachers would get an 11% raise over three years and a 3% one-time bonus. the deal promises to reduce class sizes and put a hold on school closures or five months. we were with the union ahead of the news conference. what was the mood like? people were very tired. there were many smiles just before the union news conference. the union really held out for more than a week and they ended up with a deal that was very close to their original demands. after large rallies and seven
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school days the picket lines, friday afternoon there was light. >> we have one because of the power of parents, students, united with the community in labor. >> reporter: the president of the oakland education association stood with union members and said the tentative deal with the district was an historic victory. a salary increase was not the only thing. class-size reductions in every school, and increased student services were also part of the deal. >> more counselors, psychologists, support for newcomer students, and bonuses to help nurse recruitment. this is an important victory. make the union has stood its ground over the past week, bolstered by community members, to raise money for food and alternative options for students who would not cross the picket lines. the union leaders thanked parents and community members friday were standing with the teachers. there was an emotional thank you to the students. respect to her students, you are the reason why we went on
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strike. for our students. to improved education for you, to bring about better learning outcomes, it is because of you. >> reporter: the superintendent of oakland schools said the agreement honors teachers. but it also keeps the district fiscally responsible. >> i personally agree with so much that the teachers have been saying. throughout this process. we cannot fix decades of underinvestment in education with a single contract. but, this is an important first step. >> reporter: unclear is how the district will manage to make cuts when it faces a $21 million deficit. state officials pledge support. back no school should have to go through this. we should not be 41st in the country and spending when we are the fifth largest economy in the world. >> reporter: that was very nicely state superintendent office who played a really big role in the negotiations.
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one area that both sides have agreed upon is the call on the state for more financial support for public schools, and laws to limit charter schools. a union spokesman told me tonight that the teachers have 24 hours to review the proposal, the ratification vote is expected to be held tomorrow afternoon with results by the end of the day. >> thank you. our team coverage continues with amberly, she is in the newsroom. after talking with teachers on the picket line. >> reporter: andre, the teacher say their salary demands were met, but there is a lot this contract proposal does not address. >> [ cheering ] we make some teachers and support staff made their discontent known after the union in school district reached a tentative agreement. >> i think we can do a lot better. i think we need to do a lot
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better, we need to be worth the other students and they deserve more than this. this is a band-aid at best. >> reporter: they blocked entrances to the elementary school, leading to the cancellation of the school board meeting. at one point friday, they confronted a school board member and kept him from entering the building. teachers and supporters say the five month moratorium on school closures agreed to in the proposed contract is not enough. and does not protect the jobs of support staff. >> i personally will not vote for the contract until i know that they are not going to make any cuts toward classified workers. >> reporter: that includes psychologists, counselors and janitors. >> i support the people who support me. >> reporter: they worried the rays will come at the expense of colleagues. >> in order to fund our base, they are saying they are going to make cuts. those cuts will then impact our classified workers, which are already struggling within our schools.
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>> reporter: these teachers and supporters say they are from schools that have a largely black and latino student population. they say this contract proposal does not address the needs of the schools with the least resources for teachers say they need to review the contract proposal and read the fine print before taking a vote. >> it is hard to say, over 100 pages, we have been skimming through it. i don't have definitive answers on any of it. >> reporter: even the teachers who oppose the contract proposal say they suspect it will pass. they plan to meet with the union tomorrow and take a vote. they say strong community support they receive, this is the time to get more of what they want in terms of resources and staff. >> we will see what happens over the weekend. thank you. another school district faces a similar labor dispute, tonight roads are being counted in san ramon it is teachers there consider whether to also authorize a strike. voting ended at 5 pm.
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the san ramon valley school district has 36 schools answers 32,000 students. the teacher say the sticking points here include large class sizes and pay. the district's last offer was a 17% salary hike over six years, is about 3% per year. the teachers rejected that offer. this physical confrontation between larry and pam baer , the couple seen in public struggling over a cell phone. the incident happened earlier this afternoon in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood. they talk to witnesses who say the couple had been arguing before it got physical. >> reporter: in the video you see larry baer reaching across his wife trying to pull something from his hand. witnesses say it was a mobile phone. she falls to the ground screaming, that's when bystanders including the man shooting the video moved into separate the two. in the video you can hear larry baer saying quote stop pan,
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stop to his wife. most of the witness say the couple had been seated in the area for as long as a half hour, and appeared to be arguing most of that time. >> that he reached at her and then she was on the floor, and the gentleman was towering over her and trying to grab something out of her hand. that's when i guess he saw people come over and let her go. and she got up and ran off. >> reporter: received a statement from larry and pam baer to the giants, it reads, regrettably today we had a heated argument in public over a family matter. we are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue. the number of police officers talk with witnesses including the man who shot the video, at this point we have not heard about any charges. police say they are aware of the incident and confirm they are investigating. >> larry and pam baer followed up with additional statements.
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pam told the chronicle, i would like to clarify the events of today. my husband and i had an argument in public about which we are quite embarrassed. i took his cell phone, he wanted it back and i did not want to give it back. i started to get up and the chair i was sitting and began to tip. due to an injury i sustained in my foot three days ago, i lost my balance. i did not sustain any injuries based on what happened today. there and i always have been and are happily married. >> in a follow-up statement otto warmbier larry baer said i am sorry for the pain i brought to my wife, children into the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of person that i aspire to be. but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure that i never behave in such an appropriate manner again. san mateo county, the district attorney announced he would not file charges against sheriff's deputies who used tasers to subdue a man who later died. that confrontation last october
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ended in the death of jeanette oka because he died of a heart attack after being tased and restrained by deputies. they called the situation tragic but said there was not evidence to indicate the deputies acted outside of the law. >> it is tragic. this is sad. there is not anybody out there, anybody, witnesses, deputies, sergeant, and not mr. kobe who wanted this to occur. >> this is all cop initiated confrontation. cops created it, a cop created a confrontation, and then fought their way out of it by beating this man up and tasing him and then finally killing him. >> an attorney for his family says he should not have been stopped by deputies in the first place, much less taste three times. prosecutors say the deputies approached the kobe because he crossed the road against the light, and outside of the crosswalk.
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a murder mystery, tonight at 10:30 pm, unsolved, the case of the mother who was killed behind a bar, by investigators are still confident they can crack this case. weather, a nice break in the rain. already a few showers moving into portions of survey, the timing of heaviest downpours as we head into the weekend. the russian river finally back where it belongs. it has tossed debris in all sorts of unexpected places. a look at the damage and the cleanup just getting underway.
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will along the russian river, in sonoma county, signs of life after extensive flooding. today all the evacuation orders were lifted. we saw families watching down guerneville's main streets. the river has receded below flood stage with waters left behind a muddy mess. the streets of guerneville are covered in mud and debris as it is owners and residents return to survey damage. look at this view, it shows how much the water has receded, where several feet of water stood just days ago, now dry. >> the evacuation order was lifted at noon allowing people to return home and tonight communities around the river that were cut off by water for
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two days are again accessible. we're live in greenville with the recovery. >> reporter: it is so nice to see the pubs open, people out on the street again, many have been going stir crazy the past few days. whether you are a flood veteran or newcomer, the general opinion is, this flood was worse than expected. >> [ music ] >> reporter: the russian river blues, outside guerneville's safeway store now reopened. another sign of life any better community. are some people count their losses, others their blessings. this day the gilmer's rushed everything to higher ground. >> here is the high watermark. they are glad they did. the river filled their garage and shop. even soaking a loft with their wedding album. >> it was a shock. we been trying to be in good spirits. that shook me a bit. everything is replaceable. it's just a few
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>> reporter: their house, 28 feet up, they are among the lucky. >> we did not get a lot of damage. it did not come into the house, the furniture is not damaged. the neighbor across the street, total loss. homes and businesses that took a direct hit acquire fourth and hosing off. big items have floated into some odd places. countless fences are toppled or gone. as the river columns, the people get busy. as the river columns, the big pubic of his books back i am following the river out with hose. the owner of the brewery never left. get rid of the sticky goo before it dries. >> we are used to this. this is our fourth one. as far as business is concerned this is designed to take water. as long as we get the mud out. hitting beer flowing instead by early next week. customers have shown up at the
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brewpub to help with the cleaning. >> what are you celebrating? >> being a life. and there is gratitude. the people are safe. friends and neighbors are reuniting. and they will get through this recovery together. >> there is still a lot of cleanup but i think people are eager to get back at it. it takes a federal village and we have a strong one here in guerneville. their questions and concerns about how to tackle the mess. sunday afternoon public officials will hold a community meeting to talk about best practices. the health effects and everything from towing cars, to mold, to propane tanks, and that is going to be at l mulino high school from 2 to 4 pm. >> that is the sunday. thank you so much. >> the water was so high at an
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antique shop and reach the ceiling. insight furniture was thrown about in a chair was hanging from the light fixture. we talked to one homeowner who has lived in guerneville for five years he says this one caused an overwhelming amount of damage and he does not have flood insurance. >> we had a lot of water all the way to the ceiling. it is a total loss here, with what is left inside. >> some residents who decided not to evacuate told us that during the ordeal they depended on each other, sharing drinking water and other supplies. it is so nice to have a break from the rain. as a result the river level, the water level has been coming down. reached its crest about two days ago. flood stages, the russian river, 32 feet, we talk about that number it was the crest value wednesday 9 pm just over 45 feet, the most recent report, it is down to 26.9 feet and forecasted to gradually go down
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as we head into saturday. by 6 pm saturday could be down to 23.1. here is our next system, more rain headed our way, about half an inch to possibly over an inch. winds not too much of a factor, 20 to 30 miles per hour, more snow with a winter storm warning in place. as we come in closer, across the bay, not all of this green reaching the ground but still light rain reports. the rainfall will intensify over the next couple of hours. light rain approaching fortunes of the south bay. here is our life camera looking out toward the bay bridge toll plaza. not much in the way of damp pavement just yet. that will be changing. here is a look at the timeline. early tomorrow morning, 3 am, to 6 am, heavy downpours as the front moves across the bay. rainfall likely first thing tomorrow. 40s and 50s and here is the forecast model. 3 am tomorrow, this is 6 am, the heaviest rain event in terms of the time of the
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system. that will be first thing tomorrow morning. we will talk about your sunday forecast coming up. a uc berkeley police have arrested a man in connection with an attack. the officers arrested zachary greenberg on suspicion of punching williams, this was back on february 19. the victim on campus trying to recruit members for a conservative group called turning point usa. it turns out that neither greenberg or williams were students. it is not clear what charges greenberg will face. a judge has ruled that cameras will not be allowed in an open courtroom for the upcoming trial. the attorneys for terrace argued that audio and video could shift the narrative and robber clients of a fair trial. they are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in a fire at the warehouse in december of 2016. a ups driver who was
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carjacked last month and held hostage in san jose received a hero's welcome back at work today. buddy garcia posted this picture on twitter, he wrote that he was honored to take the hero to lunch on his first day back on the job. after that harrowing our deal. when police moved in, the ups driver ran from his truck and shortly before he shot and killed the suspect. march is women's history month, the mountain view fire department are making history, they now have an all-female true. that is them right there on the biggest apparatus in their fleet, a 100 foot killer trust. they posted a picture on social media, marking the historic occasion. you can see here, jenna graham, engineer patty juergens, and rear tiller driver allison castillo. awesome job. congratulations to them. still ahead, businesses boarded up, vandalism that hit
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one san francisco neighborhood, and police are saying about the case. the family of an american who died in north korea speaks out and pushes back on comments made by president trump. the sharks were back home, taking on the avalanche and beginning their first trip to the playoffs. if they held on to get the wind, later in sports. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it.
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it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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appearance of otto warmbier
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are pushing back against comments by president trump. he said community unlikely was unaware of how the american student was treated while in custody in north korea. the 22-year-old died shortly after returning to the u.s., the president is facing a backlash from both democrats and republicans because of those comments. >> after the trump kim summit in vietnam, the parents of an american college student who died after being imprisoned in north korea have strong words for north korea's leader. they returned otto warmbier to the u.s. in a vegetative state. he died shortly after. president trump said he believes kim jong un's claim that he was not aware of how warm beer was being treated. but his parents are firmly placing the blame on kim jong un. saying his evil regime is responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. the president clarified on twitter, writing, of course i hold north korea responsible, i love auto and think of him
10:25 pm
often. at the same time, the pentagon is suspending the annual large- scale wargames with south korea. north korea has pushed for the suspension of joint military drills in fear of the u.s. attacker the cancellation comes a day after the president called the military exercises very expensive. >> the military exercises, i gave that up quite a while ago because it cost us $100 billion every time we do it. we fly these massive bombers in. from guam. and when i first started a certain general said yes we fly them in from qualcomm it's right next door. right next-door is seven hours away. >> reporter: in addition to the high cost, to u.s. defense officials say north korea has decreased, the threats have decrease. smaller exercises will continue. the governor headed back to school today in sacramento. take a look. >> this is a story.
10:26 pm
she became a great engineer. >> his kid's wife read to students at washington elementary school. the governor told students about his own struggles with dyslexia. event as part of a read across america day which celebrate the birthday of the children's author, dr. seuss.'s proposed budget calls for more funding for early education programs. >> still ahead, big changes for tesla. help this announcement could stop price and reverse. unsolved, the case of a mother killed outside a northbay bar. why her family and investigators remain confident the case will be solved. specs something will break someday. i believe it in my heart.
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in tonight's box to unsolved, the case of ashley yamaguchi, the mother of an eight-year-old girl and a nanny known for her right small. expect more than a decade ago she was killed behind a bar in san rafael, and release spoke to her brother and investigators, they say they will not give up until her killer is behind bars. >> reporter: ashley yamaguchi
10:30 pm
loved kids, the mother of an eight-year-old daughter, she worked as a babysitter to help support a favorite hobby. >> she was into collecting shoes. that was her thing. she liked kids. she was a nanny. >> reporter: she was looking ahead to map out her future. >> she had planned to go to a school in new york. on the night of december 15, 2008, she went to one of her favorite spot, the fourth street tavern in downtown san miguel. she knew the staff and the regulars. around closing time early the next morning, she was seen leaving the back door of the bar with a man. san rafael police got a call several hours later. >> the call came out as a naked child, but this was no child. it was ashley. detective court aerial of the police department and a retired lieutenant took me to the spot where she was found. >> she was lying in the back parking lot. >> reporter: she was naked from the waist down, wedged in between a chain-link fence and
10:31 pm
the blue car. >> she was a 68 she was trying what. she was also but she fought desperately for her life. >> she was a it was a violent fight, she did not surrender. she fought ferociously for her life with this person. >> as a mother of two teenage boys, investigating a crime scene as violent as this one, and how it ended, you don't wish this upon any family. >> reporter: yamaguchi remembers the call he got from his brother asking if he had heard what happened to ashley. >> she is murdered. and i said, i thought he was joking. i said oh get out of here. what you talking about? that's not funny. >> reporter: more than a decade has passed since her murder. >> being that it is downtown, it was not rural, i thought, it would not take this long. witnesses have come and gone, loved ones have moved away, this bar has shut down
10:32 pm
and reopened under a new name. but after 10 years, one thing has not changed. san rafael police say they are determined to find ashley's killer. police have interviewed more than 90 people including the man ashley left the bar with. but there is not enough evidence to make an arrest. >> i think we have talked to the suspect. or i think that we have talked to someone who knows the suspect. >> reporter: retired from the police department last year, without arresting the killer. >> this is the one that got away. the one that was not so. this is the one on my last day that i think about. and this is the one i still think about. he says this binder, one of many, might hold the key to cracking the case. is confident it will be solved. i have a hard time believing we cannot close the deal on this. something will break. someday. i believe it in my heart. >> reporter: he spoke to the media just days after she was killed. >> i told her her mom had died, and she cried, and cried and cried.
10:33 pm
that is the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life. ashley sauter is now 18 and starting college. as the years pass, chief yamaguchi is left with only memories of his sister. >> her smile, and her presence is missed. her smile and her laugh. i miss that. a woman found dead in a thousands oaks neighborhood of san jose has become the city seventh homicide of the year. officers were called to this area near pearl avenue. and adult woman was found dead inside a home. the cause of her death has not been revealed. police say they do not have a motive in the killing. no suspects have been identified. the woman's name will be released after her relatives are notified. the city of sacramento is bracing for possible protests at the da there prepares to release a report on the police shooting of stephan clark.
10:34 pm
it is expected sometime before the first anniversary of the shooting, 18. he was 22 years old, was shot after being chased into his grandmother's backyard. officers said they thought clark had a gun, but only cell phone was found.'s death set off a week of protests. lift least financial details ahead of its ipo. it's that it grew revenue from about $343 billion in 2016 to more than $2 billion in 2018. despite this big numbers the company has yet to turn a profit, it lost $900 million last year. sears is expected to start training on the nasdaq for the end of march, it's rival huber is expected to file its own ipo later this year. on wall street stocks closed higher with gains by healthcare and tech companies. investors were encouraged by a bloomberg report that a u.s. china trade deal could be completed within a month. the nasdaq in positive territory at 62 and the s&p
10:35 pm
gaining 19 points. martha stewart is partnering with a major marijuana grower for her latest business venture, she said she will help develop a new line of cbd-based health products for pets. cbd is a compound found a cannabis that does not cause a high, canopy growth is one of the largest producers of marijuana. another candidate joins the race for the white house. the governor washington says they can climate change a priority will set him apart. and and whether some light rain moving across the bay area. the most intense part of the system? that will leave it overnight. we will talk about the timing and looked toward next week possibly another lift. in three minutes, a state- of-the-art new hospital in san francisco, a brand-new facility set to open tomorrow.
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for several stores in san francisco castro district are cleaning up after someone broke her windows. within last few days at least five businesses along market street have had their windows smashed. a bus shelter was also vandalized.
10:39 pm
boards cover the windows as repairs are made. one person has been arrested. it's not clear if the person is responsible for all the damage. police are investigating and they say anyone with information should call. a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today for better health new hospital on san francisco's venice avenue. center health says the 274 bed hospital is a state-of-the-art facility. it is the first new hospital in the heart of the city in a generation. >> we are already seeing position and physician groups locate around the hospital. it is not just the hospital. his entire neighborhood will become a healthcare hub and we need to keep making sure we are ahead of the curve. today was a chance for people to see and tour the brand-new medical facility, the hospital opens for patients at 7 am tomorrow. another democrat has joined
10:40 pm
the race for the white house. dan springer tells us how washington governor jay inslee hopes to set himself apart from the crowd. after months of exploring a presidential bid, today jay inslee made it official. >> i am pledging today that if i am given this high honor, i will make a fighting climate change the number one priority of the united states of america. he joins a crowded field for 2020. but he is the first sitting governor and is selling himself as the one candidate who can save the planet. >> i am ready for president because i am the only candidate will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority. >> reporter: his announcement video says chose him talking about climate change early in his career. before governor he was in the legislature, and congress. in 2007 he co-authored a book on the environment in which he wrote, cole is killing us.
10:41 pm
he supports the green new deal calling it a good start. environmentalists are thrilled to have them in the race. >> in the last election, there were zero questions about climate change in all the debates. the fact that we have someone like governor in sleep running just on climate change, you can almost guarantee that what happened again this year. >> reporter: but will voters care? and january surveys found democratic voters definitely do. missing the environment as the third most important issue. and among all americans, climate change ranks 17th. his critics point out that for all of his talk on climate change, he has no signature accomplishments. none of his goals and targets have been met. statewide greenhouse gas emissions are up 6%. the state legislature has not passed his priorities, and voters have twice rejected carbon tax initiatives. >> it is now higher than when he started in office. so for a state that claims to be a climate leader, we are actually going in the wrong direction. neck the governor needs to dramatically increase his whole
10:42 pm
file, 2020 poll shows an barely registering so he will have to raise a lot more money than he is so far. his five-month-old pack his race just $242,000. nearly all of that from washington state. our sports director is on deck, he has cactus league play. would you buy a car without driving it? tesla's bold move and how it played on investors today. and our meteorologist is tracking whether. the rain is coming back. the two systems coming our way.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. >> reporter: tesla took a beating today, the car company said it does not expect a profit in the first quarter. shares fell 8% on that news. >> they also announced they are closing most of its showrooms as it moves to an online sales model. >> this is why the company says the change will benefit customers. when it comes to car sales, tesla has always done things differently. >> the sales model makes it so compelling because they have, a
10:46 pm
mall. >> reporter: tesla announced it is closing most of its storefronts and shifting all of its sales online. they say cutting costs will enable them to improve service on the cars, and lower prices, dropping the model three to $35,000. industry analyst say, it is a bold move. >> maybe elon is giving his face the suspect up this carpets. they are taking their car business where no car maker has gone before. could in all my model work? people already do most car research online. but eliminating a show room to test drive is uncharted territory. >> we are in a new age. i think direct selling clearly works. direct selling on the internet only, has not been proven yet. >> i guess the newer generation just buy stuff. executive say the return policy will illuminate city for test rice. they can bring a car back after
10:47 pm
seven days if not satisfied. car shopper say buying something sight unseen is a big leap of faith. >> it's a big-name. around this area, they are on the streets a lot. what about areas that they are not. >> you have to get the feel of the automobile. you want to know how you feel inside the automobile. that's the only way i've ever bought a car. it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. officials want to stress the transition will take several months. and they say a few locations in high-traffic areas may say open as information centers. >> they announced a short time ago the discount program for owners who bought a vehicle prior to yesterday's price cuts. the company is offering certain software upgrades at half the price. annex storm is inching closer. there are some light and moderate retail so far.
10:48 pm
things will pick up for the short arm over the next 2 to 3 hours. here is the deal. we are expecting periods of heavy rainfall. some gusty winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will gradually come on board. we are thinking between two and five or six the clock saturday morning. already lots of clouds, some green showing up. not all of this is reaching the ground. things will materialize quite a bit between now and about midnight and 1 am. you see the coverage moving into portions of the south bay. here is a live camera look out toward the toll plaza, the pavement is still dry for now. keep in mind, tomorrow morning, we will have heavier downpours. if you're heading to the sierra, another warning in place. at 10 pm, lasting until 4 am
10:49 pm
sunday, up above 8000 feet we could be talking about one to possibly two feet of snow. this is a warmer system so snow levels closer to the 6000 foot range. here is this area of low pressure, that is offshore, marching closer. the heaviest rain, first thing tomorrow morning, into the afternoon. we will's to have showers that will taper off on some activities. there is a chance of a few scattered showers into sunday. we are watching out for this development into next week. possibly another atmospheric river. the latest forecast hence this could be focused to the south of the bay area. especially closer to santa barbara. this could change, it is something that bears watching. there is so much rain up in the north bay over the past few days. it could impact portions of the bay area if that model changes. 3 am tomorrow, heavy rain, a few hours from now.
10:50 pm
six and 7 am, plan on downpours. then more breaks in the action. not completely dry but a possibility of a few scattered showers. we hold onto that chance into sunday. as you can see into sunday morning. highs tomorrow, in the 50s to low 60s. looking ahead, your five the forecast, the storm might wake you up tomorrow morning. five or 6 am, and it looks like a chance to get outside for a walk tomorrow. chance of showers into sunday, and tracking maybe some more rain clouds next week or tuesday. more rain but it is also nice to have these brakes. >> when does the rain finally subside again? >> you want to shut it off right? >> we are heading there. spat get more sunshine. >> not just yet. >> thanks so much. a public altercation, camera involving larry baer and his wife coming up on the 11:00
10:51 pm
news, a new apology tonight from the giant ceo. >> the sharks are back home. taking on avalanche and beginning their first work for the playoffs.
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10:54 pm
sharks back in the tank. >> we have victory to talk about. what could be better. the sharks heading into the home stretch of their season. it is a good piece for them. they have a whole lot of home games coming up. marcus sorensen, 12 stitches in his mouth last week, back on the ice. hockey players are tough. not only see back, he's producing. shot on goal, redirected by sorensen, watch the gentle celebration. he had two goals tonight, second period, face-off, breaking into some open ice just a little hint of it there. myers 22nd goal of the year, sharks continue to do business, up 3-2, you are going to see a sensational cross i pass, having a great year. 36 goals for him, 4-3 final.
10:55 pm
the sharks have 11 home games in the last 17. good stuff ahead for them. who needs bryce harper? that's what the giants are placating themselves with. fans, happy hour, a night game down there. his second pitch of the night, deep. he goes, 1-0, bumgarner had a good outing. struck out five. bottom of the eighth, one on, here is the guy, this is a tape measure shot. to deep right. two run homer, the giants wind up winning 5-3 in the cactus league. swinging over to hohokam, in mesa. their mascot, to watch, matt olson, beat the shift right
10:56 pm
there, with a two-run single, and they lay it on the rockies, a nice spring so far for penders. down the left field line, he has himself a two run double, 6- 3, the a's on top of the rockies. we have some winners to talk about. nfl coaches, all the scouts and brainpower, hoping they will find some winners the nfl draft is two months away. but this guy is the talk of the town, apparently in town just to be measured, which came in at five foot 10 1/8, he will not participate in the drills he said that he will meet with the arizona carlos who have the number one pick, he says if he had his druthers he would wind up with the giants. >> i think with those guys, at the same time i don't get to choose where i go. that was the case, i would love to be in that situation. >> check this out, showing their wares.
10:57 pm
that f, he is the son of terry metcalf, for a big-time player. he is a wide receiver, 1.6 body fat, 1.6%. 225 pounds 27 times, 15 was the highest by any other wide receiver. he strong and he looked good. >> washboard to say the least. >> this means women's hoops, basketball. good time of year to find yourself on april. that's where stanford is, five straight wins against wsu, williams, to carrington, she had 19 points and eight rebounds. 44- >> 44-19 at the half. stanford clinching a bye in the first round of the pac-12 tournament coming up.
10:58 pm
and cal had it going on. cal freezing to victory over the huskies. got to keep the warriors in the news is someway somehow. they played the sixers, huge nationally, televised game with the war years on a two-game losing streak. pro mowing a shot to have a program on apple television, here is a look and listen on his karaoke drivetime view. >> [ music ] >> part of his karaoke carpool, and you will see that on apple tv. a little preview of what is going on friday night, it is time to check this out. we all know about team managers, they would love to
10:59 pm
get a chance to play. here is an example of a young man who did get his shot and his specialty was, in a college game, check this out, on friday, >> sammy jones and he got the pass. all right, team manager at fullerton state sammy jones, they let them play in the final 30 seconds, and he came through. how about this, he got the neck out punch. and nfl game tonight, they had some fun with that. hoping to get the crowd riled up. all worth checking out on a friday night, that is the sporting life, it is 11 pm and time for more news. >> thank you so much. next at 11, we just heard larry, no. and a woman was on the floor.
11:00 pm
>> an altercation between giant ceo larry baer and his wife in a san francisco part, -. tonight the couple is apologizing for what happened. >> the 11:00 news starts now. >> a heated argument becomes a physical confrontation and tonight larry baer is apologizing. hello, the argument between baer and his wife pam happened earlier this afternoon at a park in hayes valley and it was caught on tape. >> oh my god, no. >> in the video you see larry baer reaching across his wife, trying to pull a cell phone from her hand. the struggle, she falls to the ground, screaming, and that is when three bystanders moved into separate the two. in the video you can also hear larry say stop pam cost up to his wife. before it got physical. witnesses said the couple had


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