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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 2, 2019 7:00am-8:31am PST

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from ktvu fox 2 news this is morning on to welcome to mornings on 2 . >> good morning . >> another soggy day around the bay with more on the rain and forecast but first, the big story, rain is mentioned in the cleanup underway in the north bay and it will be a long process . >> it's a mess along the russian river, floodwaters have receded but more on how residents are doing. were talking about teachers because oakland teachers are voting on a tentative contract . >> details on the next agreement and what's next for students. right now the emergency room at
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the new see pmc hospital in san francisco is opening for patients . >> is scheduled to open at 7 am so we will check in with her in just a moment. , first the rain does continue to fall the joining us with a look at the forecast are coming in the parking lot the guard out front was like rain till we drowned, that's how it feels . >> another day, another storm . >> i asked him most of is again a rain all night and he said yep . >> let me think about this. >> we are off to a soggy start coming in out of the cart was coming down pretty good and there's a lot of gray sky with wet weather in the forecast. today we are looking at widespread heavy to moderate rain going through the morning. then as we get into the afternoon it's not gonna go away completely but it's a hit
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or miss light shower activity. look at the entire state in on this, which is good news. moving in closer, and time- lapse around livermore on the east side with thunder and lightning pictures of your what's going on with the radar instill motion over the santa cruz mountains, it's light to margaret and toured san jose if we shift to the peninsula we have san mateo crossing the bridge rainfall even moderate pocket and 280 is a wet drive, south san francisco getting some of this to the east bay we go widespread from oakland to hawarden towards newark and union city. as we shift east, 680 transitioning to highway four all the way out into the sacramento valley where moderate rain has moved on. is a view of the north bay hit or
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miss scattered showers with sonoma cruising towards the american canyon and areas over napa. now into the sierra where we do have an advisory continuing for travelers with snow levels hovering around 5000 feet in the winter storm warning remains until early sunday into monday and we look at 1 to 2 feet of new snowfall for the higher elevations there. for us at home, take a look at the futurecast, there is 7 am, there is 11 am so notice mostly cloudy with a few bits of light blue, the blue is still there but it's very light so we will call for mostly party skies and when i come back we'll have a look at temperatures and the extended forecast . >> if you had up this morning got be careful, i just looked at the chp website and there's lots of flooding with a minor fender bender so chp is reminding everyone to slow down.
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local roads are treacherous and chp has been responding to numerous accidents through the morning. taking a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza and you could see most people have their headlights on. turn those on by the roads are wet as you see people rolling through their. they are porting road flooding and they said there is flooding across all lanes of 85 . >> it's a mess with a lot of ponding . >> chp is at the scene of a deadly crash at south bay with a car slamming into a post this single car crash happened at 5 am and he has been called to the scene, sadly . along we can have cleanup in the north people along the russian river are facing flooding. the waters have receded but lots of streets are still coded
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in mud. showing how the community is getting back to normal . >> the russian river blues outside of a safeway store a now reopened and another sign of life in a battered community were some people count their losses and others their blessings. tuesday the gilmore's rushed everything to higher ground. they are glad they did. the river filled their garage and shop even soaking aloft with their wedding album . >> we were trying to be in good spirits but that shook me a little bit but everything is replaceable, it's just stuff . >> with their house 28 feet up they are among the lucky . >> we didn't get a lot of damage to furniture is not damage, neighbor across the street? total loss . >> this will require more than
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hosing off, food items have floated into odd places with countless fences toppled or gone. but as the river columns, the people get busy . >> as the water started receding i could just kind of follow it out with the hose . >> the owner never left, the key he says is get rid of the sticky goo before it dries . >> this is our third flood of the year i bought the place it flooded. this one is designed to take water so as long as we get the mud out . >> getting beer flowing next week by -- customers show up to help with the cleaning . >> there is gratitude. people are safe friends and neighbors are reunited and they will get through this recovery together . >> there still a lot of cleanup to be done but people are eager to get back at it, it takes a
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village and we have a strong one here in grenville . happening now, new state-of- the-art hospital in san francisco is opening its doors for patients for the first time in the building cost two-point $1 billion to build and has been under construction since 2013. joining us live in the city on van nest with more on the new hospital. good morning . >> the emergency room officially opened this morning at 7 am and you can see that the signs are being unveiled so i pretty exciting morning, you can see the video from the hospitals ribbon-cutting, california pacific van nest campus opened earlier.
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the hospital is seismically safe in the first building in north america to use while dampers of design to absorb strong movements during an earthquake. the mayor says it's very important . >> we have to be prepared because in some instances people may be injured and may already be in the hospital the fact that this hospital can basically survive off the grid for four days and take care of its patients and possibly additional people who need assistance is incredible . >> there's also an underground tunnel and you can see that the sign has officially been unveiled and the sign has been unveiled as well, a very exciting morning in san francisco .
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>> later today oakland teachers will talk about ratifying a contract with the school district, back to school on monday after seven days on the picket line. telling us what's included in the tentative deal . >> after large rallies and seven school days friday afternoon there was finally light . >> we have one because of the power of students, united with the community and labor . >> keith brown president of the association stood with union members same the tentative deal was a historic victory, a salary increase wasn't the only thing. >> more counselors, psychologists, support for newcomers students and bonuses to help nurse recruitment so this is an important victory . >> the union has stood its ground bolstered with money for
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food, there was an emotional thanks to this unit . >> to our students, you're the reason why we went on strike . >> the contract will ensure that more teachers stay in oak and and that come to teach in our classrooms and support our students by the superintendent of oakland school says the agreement honors teachers but keeps the district fiscally responsible . >> i personally agree with so much that the teachers have been seeing throughout this process. i cannot fix decades of education with a single contract but this is an important first step . >> unclear is how the district will manage to take cuts, state officials pledged support . >> no school should have to go through this, we should not be 41st in the country when we are the fifth largest economy in
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the world . >> another school district faces a similar labor dispute authorizing a strike. 98% voted to go on strike. this includes class sizes and pay, the district's last offer included a 3% raise and the teachers rejected it. the district says it wants what's best for students but needs to protect long-term financial help. before any teachers go on strike the board will conduct a fact-finding mission . >> the first spacex so made for astronauts is on its way to the international's waystation nasa took off from the space center
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just before midnight our time. we are caring a life-size test dummy named ripley. if all goes well the capsule could be used to take astronauts to the space station sometime later this year . >> san francisco police returned a -- to its rightful owner. a flute worth $15,000, up ahead. a very public argument the hear from a witness who saw the dispute before cell phone started recording. i moved to new york not knowing anybody.
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i went on linkedin, i connected with someone, and they introduced me to my boss. there are people that are willing to help, and once you connect with those people, you can write your own narrative.
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and once you connect with those people, my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good. san francisco police say they are looking into an altercation that happened between larry baer and his wife pam . >> people had to separate the couple and part of the incident
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was recorded, the couple had been arguing before the incident was recorded . >> in the video you see larry baer reaching across his wife trying to pull something from her hand eyewitnesses tell me it was a mobile phone that pam bear false to the ground screaming when three bystanders in the area including the man shooting the video moved into separate the two. in the video you can hear him say stop pam, stop to his wife. the couple had been seated in the area for as long as a half hour and appeared to be are doing most of that time . >> and you hear larry, no and then there was a woman on the floor and the gentleman was towering over her trying to grab something out of her hand and that's when he saw a bunch of people come over and she got up and ran off . >> we received a statement and regrettably today we had a
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heated argument in public over a family matter and are deeply embarrassed by the situation and we seen a number of police officers in the area talking with witnesses including the man who shot the video and at this point we've not heard about charges sfpd does tell me they are aware of the incident and confirmed they are investigating . >> in a follow-up statement, larry baer said i'm truly sorry for the pain i brought to my wife and children into the organization that it's not reflective of the kind of person i inspired to be but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again . >> a ups driver carjack last month and held hostage in san jose as being warmly welcome back to work and wrote he was honored to take the hero ups employee to lunch on his first
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day back to the job. since the hostage situation a couple weeks ago. a major milestone for the fire department with an all- female crew, the crew posted a picture to mark the historic occasion, seen here a group of people . this weekend is the 60th year of the annual white elephant sale for the oakland museum, this is larger than two football fields. organizers say they can find just about anything up for sale the donated items from clothing, jewelry and unique items as well. over the years merchandise included and arabian horses,,
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the white elephant sale is on both days over the weekend so if you want something to do check it out at 8:15 am we talk live to the organizer and show you some of the unique things . >> 7:18 am . >> more raindrops on the forecast, no more rain? >> we have rain outside right now we will break away to scattered showers and a little more soggy with the weekend those of you at the golden gate bridge where it is rainy, we are looking at cloudy conditions, widespread visibility okay here is a look at rainfall amounts from yesterday. i half-inch reported at petaluma and a little more than that in napa and oakland,
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redwood city, a little less than quarter of an inch in san jose and over areas of livermore in san francisco. but, the storm continues to move through and we continue to accumulate over the next 24 hours or so. here's a view of the entire state where you can see most of the state getting wet with the sierra getting snow. a three hour time lapse we picked up on a few lightning strikes, little bit of thunder and lightning moving through as well. if we get back over areas of the santa cruz mountains it's fairly widespread and over areas of san jose and highway 101. along the peninsula we get rain oakland has some pretty good rain stretching toward 24. hayward going towards 580, dublin, union city, fremont and into the east bay heading towards concorde and highway
7:20 am
four. widespread over the sacramento san joaquin valley. into the north bay, scattered showers and we will continue with the rain for the next couple hours and then we will slowly break away to on-and-off scattered showers for the rest of the day. here's a look at what's going on in the sierra winter storm warning until tomorrow morning expected to be pretty treacherous and hazardous of the west slope. here's a look at futurecast as we move through you will notice we don't see the heavy steady rain that we have spotty showers and here's a look at the sunset heading out to dinner you still may need the umbrella, it's a little soggy as we get it going tomorrow morning, more of the same, partly sunny, mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers upper 50s for the
7:21 am
afternoon and in the extended forecast you will see a bit of foggy weather for the weekend a dry on monday and another system is bringing rain on tuesday. >> more rain . >> four letter word. [ laughter ] >> big changes ahead for tesla, why test drives will be obsolete. the governor opens up will visiting an elementary school, his personal story designed to encourage students to read, more on that when we come back. what's better than having fast,
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, in south bay a woman has been found dead in the thousand oaks neighborhood in san jose, the city seventh homicide this year. officers called to know field when you're prole avenue before 2 am thursday an adult woman was found dead inside the home. the cause of death has not been revealed and police also say they don't have a motive in the killing and right now no suspects have been identified. the woman's name will be released after her relatives have been notified. the city of sacramento is bracing for possible protest as the district attorney prepares to release her report on the police shooting of stuff on clark, it's expected sometime before the first anniversary of the shooting which was march 18. clark, who was 22 years old was shot after being chased into his grandmother's backyard.
7:25 am
officers say they thought clark had a gun but only found a cell phone. his death set off weeks of protest . today in san jose, congressman rochon is holding a town hall likely talking about this week's congressional testimony of trump's former attorney, michael cohen.: testified that he arranged test money to stormy daniels and suggested that trump and donald trump junior may have committed financial fraud in those payments. there is an event from 1 am until 230 . campaigning in nevada facing questions about time as attorney general. the presidential candidate was in north las vegas and shared her vision and wants to repeal
7:26 am
the 2017 federal tax laws. the senator is the fifth candidate to swing through nevada in the last two weeks . a report yesterday in the la times revealed that the california department of justice paid more than one .1 million to settle sexual harassment claims while harris was attorney general. she says she was not aware of the settlements and takes responsibility for what happened while she led the department . the governor is headed back to school to demonstrate support for early education . >> this is a story . >> he read to students at sacramento elementary school and told them about his old own struggles with dyslexia and was joined by his wife classroom reading is part of read across america day which celebrated the birthday of dr. seuss. the governor's proposed budget calls for more funding for early education programs. >> it's a deal you cannot beat . >> cool, flowers for free,
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>> i think we are all kind of feeling that right now, it seems like it's been raining since christmas day. i don't know about you but i just wanted day off, you just have three or four days stretches where everything is green and everyone is happy. sometimes you do a scene for the music request that we didn't have a scene this morning but i'm looking at rate west coming in.
7:30 am
all of them are rain related because we can't get it off our mind . >> we typically get one or two weeks in january where temperatures reach almost 70 degrees and we feel we get up break in winter but that didn't happen this time. we had snow levels two or three times this season so it does feel a bit cool and soggy and the radar is showing its will soggy out there. moderate rain falling across the bay area it will break away to scattered showers and we will not lose this pattern completely and right around 6:30 am picking up on a few lightning strike a little east of livermore off the coastline, if you have thunder or lightning let us know. a new view with scattered showers, petaluma, vallejo, napa stretching north toward st.
7:31 am
helena east widespread alumni 80 fairfield all the way down to east bayshore richmond, a little over san mateo it looks like it comes down a little bit and tapers off with green on the screen and then as you take a look through pacifica half moon bay. san jose through gilmore, highway 101, even a little more fog developing. a winter storm warning until tomorrow morning with 1 to 2 feet of snow expected but it's gonna be heck nick hitting up and down the slope. here's a look at where we are seeing fog develop. everyone looks fairly good if you're getting onto the highways it looks like livermore
7:32 am
less than a mile on the stretch of 1-80. when we come back i have the timeline for the weekend and a look at temperatures, more on this, coming up . well despite the mornings rain, there are no concerns about the russian river overflowing its banks. all evacuation orders were lifted for flooded communities and last night we saw signs of life with families walking down the main streets. but the waters left behind a muddy mess and residence and business owners return to survey the damage. take a look at this view is showing just how much water has receded where several feet of water said but now it's dry . >> the water was so high at an antique shop it reach the ceiling inside. furniture was strewn about in a chair was hanging from a light fixture. we talked to a homeowner who
7:33 am
has lived in kernville for 25 years and said, this flood cause an overwhelming amount of damage and sadly, does not have flood insurance. >> we got a lot of water all the way to the ceiling. it's pretty much a total loss with what is left inside. >> during the ordeal they depend upon shared drinking water and other supplies.. more than 21 feet of snow and the shortest month of the year is still coming down. if you're heading up to the sierras highway 50 into myers, chain controls are in effect . >> san francisco is opening its doors to patients, the building test two-point $1 billion to
7:34 am
build and has been under construction since 2013. live in san francisco this morning with more . >> good morning, signs have been unveiled and the doors are open. you can take a look at here's proof. the doors are open, and exciting day for this hospital, been in the works for six years 2.1 billion-dollar project that we will take you to some video of what it looks like inside and the unveiling of the signs that happened 30 minutes ago. the venice campus opened a few minutes ago and has a lot to offer. it's a 12 story building with nearly 300 beds. it uses 14% less power than the average hospital and rainwater will be used for a rooftop garden. patients from both california campuses will be moved to the venice campus in the hospital
7:35 am
will replace all inpatient care at those locations. the hospital is seismically safe and is the first building in north america to use wall dampers that use strong shakes during an earthquake. this took six years to complete and the celebration is well- deserved . >> there's been so much hard work, blood sweat and tears that of gone into the project and we have such an amazing team , project planners, everyone has been involved all the way down to the front line and it super exciting to move into this brand-new state-of-the-art facility . >> back her life, very exciting day with patients from other campuses moving over here around 8 am and will get into the emergency department to talk to the first patients making their way in here around 8 am, stay tuned for that. for now in san francisco, ktvu,
7:36 am
fox news . >> oakland teachers will vote on whether to ratify a tentative agreement calling a weeklong teacher strike a big success, teachers are now worried about what the district will have to cut to pay for the new contract. >> some teachers and support staff made their discontent known after the union and school district reach a tentative agreement . >> we can do a lot better. we need to do a lot better and be worthy of our students they deserve a lot more. this is a band-aid at best . >> they block the entrances to the elementary school. at one point on friday they confronted a school board member and kept him from entering the building. teachers and supporters say the five month moratorium agreed to it in proposed contracts but it's not enough and does not protect the jobs of support staff . >> i will not vote for the contract until i know they
7:37 am
won't make any cuts towards classified workers . >> this includes psychologists, counselors and janitors there worried the rays will come at the expense of colleagues . >> i should support people who support me . >> teachers and supporters are from schools that have a largely black and latino population. the contract pozole does not address the needs of the schools with the least resources . teachers say they need to review the contract proposal and read the fine print before taking a vote . >> it's hard to say, it's over 100 pages that we've been trying to skim through it, i don't have definitive answers on any of it . several stores in the san francisco caster district are cleaning up after someone broke the windows. five businesses have had windows smashed, the bus shelter was also vandalized.
7:38 am
san francisco police say one person has been arrested and it's not clear if that person is responsible. anyone with information should give them a call . >> they will not file charges against deputies who used tasers to subdue a man. ending in the death of opal b who died of a heart attack after being tased. the staff called the situation tragic but said there's not enough evidence to indicate the deputies acted outside the law . >> it's tragic, it's sad, there isn't anybody out there any witnesses or deputies or sergeant who wanted this to occur. >> this is all confrontation, the cops created a conflict and a confrontation and then fought their way out of it by beating this man up and then teasing him and then finally killing him
7:39 am
. >> an attorney for the family says he should not have been stopped by deputies in the first place must last tased three times. he crossed the road against the light and outside of a crosswalk . a man accused of shoplifting and punching a police officer in san francisco now faces charges. 26-year-old man was leaving the store at fourth and market around 3:30 am when the security sensor went off and the police officer on patrol nearby confronted the suspect to police they then punched the cop knocking him to the ground unconscious. the suspect later , nearby was arrested and his name is not been released the officer is now recovering from the injury . >> police have recovered a $15,000 flute stolen during an auto burglary back on valentine's day in san francisco's richmond district. police recovered the flute from a 33-year-old transient they arrested in the tenderloin the day after the theft. police have since returned the
7:40 am
flu to its rightful owner. 1000 people in california live and work daily in volcanic hazard zones. examining the states volcanic eruption risk. far less attention for volcanoes than landslides and other natural disasters but we should be more aware, we wouldn't say imminent there's a 60% chance of some kind of volcanic activity at one of the volcanoes in california . >> geologists say they don't want to pay a doomsday scenario but want to raise awareness among californians . >> you can pick up a beautiful bouquet of tulips for free, 100,000 tulips are arriving at
7:41 am
union square, one of the organizers of today's event is the consulate general of the netherlands based in san francisco all you have to do is show up at union square this afternoon to take home a bunch of these colorful and beautiful flowers. coming up, we talked to the general in the netherlands and about today's giveaway and the famous dutch export, the tulip . tesla is making a big change . >> closing most of its stores and only selling cars online. when we come back, i tesla says it's actually a good move for the customer. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> good morning to you, who remembers this sign, orange juice jones the rain there it is on the screen so we have soggy weather to start the day and we are gonna break away to spotty shower activity and i will detail your weekend coming up in just a bit . me this morning, the north korean leader is returning home after trump in vietnam, he waved to a group of spectators after boarding the train and paid tribute to [ null ] chi
7:45 am
minh by placing a wreath at his gravesite , meantime the parents of otto warmbier are blasting kim jong un saying the evil regime are responsible for unimaginable realty and inhumanity. otto warmbier was held in north korea for yarn a half before returning to the u.s. in a vegetative state and dying a few days later . the today summit ended without an agreement between trump and kim jong un. the government did get something it wanted for a long time, the pentagon announced it suspending a large-scale wargames with south korea. u.s. commanders say the threat has decreased since the two summits with smaller exercises that continue . >> military exercises i gave that up quite a while ago because it costs us $100 million every time we do it. we fly massive bombers in from guam . >> the uss north korea wanted
7:46 am
to end economic sanctions in exchange for shutting down one nuclear facility but they say they only asked for a partial lifting of sanctions . >> if you want to head out to the showroom to test drive a tesla you better do it quickly. tesla has announced its closing most of its stores and shifting car sales now stick to the internet. ann rubin reports, the company says the change will actually benefit customers in the long run . >> when it comes to car sales, tesla has always done things differently . >> the sales model for tesla makes it compelling because they have these stores that are in a mall . >> tesla announced its closing most of the storefronts and shifting sales online. they say cutting costs will enable them to improve service on the cars and lower prices, dropping the model three to $35,000. industry analyst say it's a bold move .
7:47 am
>> maybe he's getting his space business mixed up with his car business because they are taking their car business where no carmaker has gone before . >> could in all online model work? people say most people do car research online but eliminating a showroom and test drives his unchartered territory . >> were in a new age so i think direct selling, clearly works, direct selling on the internet only has not been proven yet expect the newer generation just kind of buys stuff . >> return policy would eliminate the need for test drive. but buying something sight unseen is a big name . >> it's a big name, everybody knows it and it looks like you have to get a feel of the automobile, you want to know how you feel and you have to
7:48 am
teach a new dog new tricks expect the transition will take several months and eight they say a few locations in high- traffic areas may stay open as information centers. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu, fox 2 news. tesla is announcing discount program for owners who bought a vehicle prior to the price , of the company is offering certain software upgrades at half-price. i'm gonna economist the stores, it's kind of nice to go in and sit in in small the car and touch it . >> yes . >> no chance . >> right. [ laughter ] spirit there's a chance of rain. how is that for a transition? >> i like it . >> we have a lot of shower activity going on outside the doors. it will begin to taper off as we get into the second part of the day but if for getting out that's what you're dealing with. all that water on the lens at the golden gate bridge, we have
7:49 am
a three hour time lapse on here so when we all rolled into work this morning it was coming down pretty good with the moderate rain moving onto the central valley and will continue up towards the sierras. if you are traveling, be prepared, here's a view of what's going on for us here at home with a few lightning strikes off the coastline around livermore around 6:30 am, maybe you heard it and sought outside the window. here's a view of what's going on in the north bay, we are definitely seeing drier weather along highway 101, if you get into the napa valley and it still pretty steady, there's a look at 1-80 and fairfield along the east bay shore to about emeryville and oakville towards highway 24. we have rain walnut creek on 680 , concord towards four towards brentwood along 580. we have scattered showers around livermore here's a look at the san francisco area and peninsula where it's widespread
7:50 am
over bay bridge, golden gate bridge, half moon bay with light rain and widespread over south bay in santa cruz. as you can see us get into the snow levels around 5000 feet or so for today, again we are looking at 1 to 2 feet of snow for higher elevations. 6 to 12 inches reported in the last couple days over areas of the ski resort. here's a look at the futurecast, mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and we are now into the evening hours, mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers getting into tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy scattered showers. it's not gonna be completely solid widespread rain for the next 24 hours but hit or miss on and off and as far as the next 24 hours and were looking for a lot more earlier in the week, low 50s for most trailing
7:51 am
behind a little bit with upper 50s to low 60s and the extended forecast, so tomorrow's a little drier and we start to see and then dry on monday and another storm is coming on tuesday. this one looks wetter but right now the model looks like itself so let's hope it stays there because we don't need any more flooding in the north bay . >> thanks, rosemary expect marches women's history month . >> in a moment a message from nancy pelosi, gains made by women on capitol hill coming up. [phone ringing]
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i found a lot of jobs on linkedin and i realized i can do this. so, i applied on the website and now i'm here. . san jose sharks happy to be home at the tank. lucky to make it two in a row after beating the colorado avalanche 4-3. sorensen leaving this scoring charge. playing with stitches on his upper lip after taking a puck off the face. shorts are in the stretch at home in san jose. neighbors cannot work to kick off the new season facing montrial and the quakes had the worst record in major league soccer last year and they kind of hope to turn it around. they are led by their star, chris wanda lasky and they have
7:55 am
a new head coach who recently coached mexico and a terrific player and competed in a couple world cups in argentina. tonight's kickoff is set at seven a clock. today is the start of the world's most famous dogs sled race, there are 52 teams comprised of musters and dogs that travel nearly 1000 miles across alaska. today's run is ceremonial and only 11 miles long to the city of anchorage. the actual competition begins tomorrow and the last time competition was 9 1/2 days. this year's race is scaled-down as each team is limited to 14 dogs . >> the many organizations deliberate history but of women achieving the right to vote securing the right for women to
7:56 am
vote and the work of women is bringing quality an opportunity to everyone. more than 100 women representatives are now the highest number in history . >> people watching will see people who look like them and share their experience. sharing their experience and the rest of that. >> international women's day is friday march 8 . up next, a new state-of-the- art hospital opened about an hour ago in the city of san francisco expect the mayor says this will help the city keep ahead of the curve when it comes to healthcare, when we return alive report from the california pacific medical center hospital . >> larry baer apologizes for his actions, a public dispute with his wife now under investigation with sfpd and major league baseball.
7:57 am
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insanely good.
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there is a new addition to start you off. can you stand the rain?>> the answer is no.>> i can stand for little bit.>> i can stand in the rain.>> but i can't stand it very much longer. welcome. >> we will have more on our soggy saturday coming up, first some headlines. and rain is topping headlines to point because it is moving day despite the rain for one of
8:00 am
san francisco's newest hospitals.>> california pacific medical center will move more than 200 patients to venice hospital. we will see how the move is coming along. and larry baer was captured on video at a san francisco park.>> this is the video. this is his wife and they appear to be struggling over cell phone and the video has gone viral. we will here from the giants and the major-league baseball league. and how about the white elephant sale? >> admission is free and it benefits the oakland museum. we will take you inside shortly and show you some unique items up for sale. let's get to the forecast first and see how things are looking.>> it is going to be wet for the next few hours and we won't see a lot of sunshine but the rain will not be steady.
8:01 am
we do have another storm moving through the bay area. temperatures are relatively mild starting out in the low 50s and santa rosa and napa at 50 and san jose at 54 degrees. the wind is generally light and we do have a little bit of fog. this the three-hour time-lapse and you can see thunder and lightning over areas like the livermore area earlier this morning off the coastline and you may have seen some of that or heard that. this is a view of storm tracker were we are getting a nice little break toward napa and some light rain reported there. antioch going west toward 680 and it looks like areas over walnut creek have a little bit
8:02 am
of a break. the east bayshore is covered from areas over berkeley and oakland and crossing the bay bridge this morning. south san francisco and into the south bay it is widespread and has been for the last hour. so the steady rain is moving through this morning and then this afternoon just spotty showers with mostly cloudy conditions. the sierra will continue to see snow for the next 24 hours. there is a winter storm warning that will expire tomorrow morning at 4 am. 1 to 2 feet of snow before it is said and done. here is a view of the visibility in and around the area. not very bad if you have to get onto the highways. you can see the darker shades of gray indicating that the fog is out there. we will look at the futurecast and a timeline of the weekend
8:03 am
coming up. a new state-of- the-art hospital in san francisco finally opening its doors for patients. the patient building cost $2.5 million and now it is ready to open. >> reporter: good morning. right now we are in the parking lot at the patient discharge center and this is being used for intake right now so patients are being transported the other campuses to this one. this ambulance brought the first patient at about 8 am this morning. so a very exciting day. this is a campus that has a lot to offer. it is a 12 story building with 300 beds and it will use 14% less power than the average hospital. patient from the pacific and california campuses are being moved to this campus
8:04 am
and the hospital will replace all inpatient care at those locations. the hospital seismically safe in the first building in north america to use dampers that will absorb shakes during an earthquake. the celebration is well- deserved.>> we are excited that many years of planning and hard work are finally coming to fruition today. >> reporter: so patients are just beginning to be transported right now and they will be transported throughout the day today and tomorrow. in the last half-hour like i mentioned, we will talk to one of the patients was being transported. you hear from them coming up. later today oakland teachers will vote on whether to ratify a tentative agreement with the school district. if they do ratify the contract, it will be back to school on monday.
8:05 am
>> reporter: after seven schooldays of picket lines, right afternoon there was light.>> we have won because of the power of parents, students, united with the community and labor. >> reporter: the president of the oakland education association stood with the union members and set a tentative deal was an historic victory. a salary increase was not the only thing. class-size reductions and increased student services were part of the deal.>> more counselors, psychologists, support for new coming students, and bonuses to help nurse recruitment. this is an important victory. >> reporter: the union has stood their ground bolstered by community members who raised money for food and opened alternative options for students who would not cross the picket lines.>> to our students, you are the reason
8:06 am
why we went on strike. >> the contract will ensure more teachers stain oakland and that come to teach in the classrooms and support students. >> reporter: the superintendent said the agreement honors teachers but also keeps the district fiscally responsible. >> i personally agree with so much that the teachers have been saying throughout this process. we cannot fix decades of underinvestment with a single contract. but this is an important first step. >> reporter: it is unclear how the district will make cuts when it faces a $21 million deficit. state officials pledged support.>> no school should have to go through this and we should not be 41st in the country when we are the fifth largest economy in the world. another school district is facing a similar dispute.
8:07 am
teachers in the san ramon district have authorized a strike. 98% of their members voted to go on strike. they said more than 1600 members voted this week. the teachers say sticking points are pay and class sizes. the district last offer was a three post 3% raise. they say they need to protect the district's financial health. the public relations board needs to conduct a fact-finding investigation before teachers go on strike. san francisco police and major-league baseball are investigating an incident that involved larry baer and his wife. in this video he reached across his wife to try to pull a cell phone from her hand and she fell to the ground. you heard her screaming. that is when three bystanders
8:08 am
moved into separate them. in the video you can hear him saying stop to his wife. witnesses said they had been seated in the park for as long as a half hour before the altercation and the witnesses say it was the culmination of what appeared to be a long argument.>> the gentleman was towering over her and trying to grab something out of her hand and that is when he saw people come over and he let her go and she got up and ran away.>> in a statement released yesterday the couple said regrettably we had a heated argument in public over a family matter. we are deeply embarrassed and have resolved the issue. in a follow-up statement larry baer said i am truly sorry for the pain i've brought to my wife and children in the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of person i aspire to be, but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure
8:09 am
i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again. uc berkeley police have arrested a man in connection with an attack. they arrested zachary greenberg on suspicion of punching hayden williams. the victim was on campus trying to recruit members for a conservative group called turning point usa. neither of them are students at uc berkeley. a judge has ruled that cameras will not be allowed in an oakland courtroom for trial. the attorneys argued that audio and video could shift the narrative and risk their clients right to a fair trial. they are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter one for each person who died in the fire at the ghost ship warehouse. now back to the weather. we heard from rosemary about the rain. this is some video taken about 6 am this morning. it was coming down pretty well. the roads are drying up, but there might still be some
8:10 am
standing water on some of the roadways. it is very slick out there as well. let's take you outside life. you can see the golden gate bridge toll plaza and cars are making it through just fine. there is flooding on telegraph avenue in oakland and eighth street in san francisco and slang committee drive in marin county. some of the off france off ramps are also wet. this is down in the south bay. the car ended up in a ditch and the single car crash happened at 5:20 this morning. it will be a long weekend of cleanup in the north bay. people are facing quite a mess left behind by the rain and the flooding. the waters have receded but a lot of streets are coded in mud
8:11 am
and littered with debris. evacuation orders were lifted yesterday and people were allowed to return home to see the damage.>> there is still a lot of cleanup to be done but people are eager to get back to it. we have a strong village here. sonoma county staff will assess the damage to homes throughout the weekend. they have set up drop off locations for debris and the red cross will also be handing out cleaning supplies through tomorrow. the first spacex are astronauts is on its way to the international space station. it is called the crew dragon and took off from the nasa space center in florida. it is carrying a life-size test
8:12 am
dummy. if all goes well it could be used to take astronauts to the international space station later this year. if you want to do shopping today when we come back will have a preview of the white elephant sale. it is the 60th year for this popular event. and, harris takes her presidential campaign to nevada. more on that when we come back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
with all of these accidents and flooding it is only fitting to play blame it on the rain. thanks for that request. the rain is coming down and we are going to have scattered showers saturday and perhaps lingering into sunday. every year the crowds come for an an annual tradition to pack a warehouse. they all have a mission. stop and shop till you drop. the proceeds go to the oakland museum. we are joined by judy wilkinson the president of the oakland museum. we were talking in the
8:16 am
break when this all started. 60 years ago it began with an idea and they had a little bit of success back then that made them want to keep going.>> that is correct. they made $500 and they said this is so good, let's keep doing it. >> this is one of those events we see every year and they plan for this and they want to get in there and get all these things that they did not know they needed. what is this about? >> this is in oakland tradition and we support the oakland museum of california and it truly is a community event. everything here is donated and all of the 1000 volunteers a from the community. the shoppers are from the community and it is truly the community that is contributing to the oakland museum of california.>> because the
8:17 am
people that come every year have a strategy. but what about the people who are at home right now? there is a line. so for people who have not done this before, what is your best advice to getting in there and taking enough time to see all the stuff that is in there?>> one thing i would advise people is parking is very hard down here and we are in the neighborhood to be considered. there are two options other than driving. we have a free shuttle back and forth between the bart station and we have a partnership with lyft, which will give you a discount. that will save you some time from trying to find a parking spot. then, when you get in the building, if you have never been here before, get a directory and walk the warehouse and see what we have and then start heading into the departments.>> we are looking at video right now of everything
8:18 am
from snowboards and boots to dishes and items that i don't know how to describe. what is the most interesting thing you have their when you look around? >> i have a display here if you would like to see it. we have some wonderful children's clothes that are darling. and some still have original tags. and in the shoe department we have designer blue suede shoes. we have ostrich skin boots, we have an ostrich egg and we have in jewelry and ostrich necklace.>> are most of the thing smaller that you can carry out? or are there very large items as well?>> there is furniture and we have huge art pieces.
8:19 am
we have everything and you can outfit yourself from head to toe and you can outfit your home from room to room. there is something for everyone here.>> it is interesting to look through and that is part of the adventure to go through it and find the special items.>> exactly. we had somebody that came when year and one man found a figure and he said he broke his grandmother's figurine and she stopped being mad at me.>> you can shop and make sure that your grandmother is not mad at you anymore. all for a good cause. we appreciate your time this morning and we wish you the best. this is a great place to go and especially get a break from the rain.>> i hope everyone comes by and stop over and say hi. >> thank you so much.
8:20 am
this is the white elephant sale along the waterfront. it opens at 10 am and runs until 4 pm and that is today and tomorrow. it is not uncommon for long lines to form outside this event.>> this is a big deal. if you are interested, you better get down there quick. we have some rainy weather to deal with an widespread and moderate rain passing through this morning and then for this afternoon we call for spotty showers and mostly cloudy skies. the entire state is getting a little bit of rain and we have snow in the sierra and you can see it is beginning to move through areas of nevada as well. here at home we have the south bay covered from san jose through gilroy.
8:21 am
the santa cruz mountains are also covered and we are going to continue to see this taper off some. for the most part we have moderate rain falling over areas over the santa cruz mountains. this is along the peninsula. this stretch along 101 is slick, and stretching toward the golden gate bridge and shifting east there are spotty showers and light rain along alameda and hayward. and this is along highway 24 where it is also wet. along highway 4 near antioch is also wet. and here is a view of the north bay where there is a bit of a break. sausalito has some light activity. this is the futurecast.
8:22 am
during the lunch hour mostly cloudy and a few light scattered showers. and now into sunset and it will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and scattered showers. just on and off rain as we get through the next day and half. this is a view of how much rainfall we are expecting. we have already received a quarter inch to a half inch of rain and temperatures this morning in the upper 40s to the low 50s. so relatively mild out side. a little bit of fog to deal with this morning. livermore has visibility at about one mile. this is the extended or cast. partly cloudy on monday and another storm on tuesday. >> another one. the governor opens up while visiting an elementary school.
8:23 am
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today in san jose congressman is holding a town meeting. he will talk about the congressional testimony of michael cohen. the representative sits on the house committee on oversight and reform and he questioned michael cohen. he testified that he arranged hush money to stormy daniels. he suggested that president trump and donald trump, jr. may have committed financial fraud in those payments. the town hall meeting is at an elementary school and it runs until 2:30 pm this afternoon. , here is is campaigning in nevada. the presidential candidate was in north las vegas yesterday
8:26 am
and shared her vision of the country and announced that she wants to repeal the the 2017 tax law. she is the fifth candidate to go through nevada in the last few weeks. the la times revealed that the california department of justice paid money to settle sexual harassment claims while she was attorney general. she said she was not aware of the settlement until the times brought it to her attention and takes responsibility for what happened. the governor is heading back to school to demonstrate his support for early education.>> this is a story of rosie the riveter. >> he was reading to students at a sacramento elementary school and told them about his struggles with dyslexia. he was joined by his wife. this is part of read across america day, which celebrates the birthday of dr. seuss. the governor's proposed budget calls for more funding for
8:27 am
early education. one last check of the weather. >> the rain is moving through this morning and scattered showers this afternoon. some people say what is the difference? the rain is more steady and scattered showers will be on and off the rest of today and into tomorrow. then we get a break on monday and another system comes through on tuesday.>> we have heard that story before. we continue and we have college basketball and michigan state against indiana.>> we will update the news on our website, on twitter, on facebook, and instagram and we will see you in just a few minutes.
8:28 am
my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good.
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♪ >> we are fox sports! >> welcome to fox college basketball. ♪ >> on the journey to march madness, we bring you all the marquee matchups. >> what an electric


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