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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 2, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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almost a year since a deadly police shooting of stephon clark, the date the sacramento district attorney announces she will not file charges against the two officers who shot him. slick roads create dangerous conditions in the south bay were chp officers responded to almost a dozen crashes on one highway alone. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. good saturday evening, everyone. i'm alyana gomestephon clark a will notcriminal liability related to the shooting death and the use of force on stephon clark. >> the district attorney said the use of force was reasonable because the two officers thought clark had a gun. when
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they encountered him and his grandmother's backyard on art march 18 of last year, investigators only found a cell phone at the scene. >> and the shooting of the 22- year-old sparking protests nationwide and the city of sacramento too was bracing for more protests on the das position was released. >> rob? >> reporter: it evening, andre and alyana. about hundred people gathered here in front of sacramento police headquarters. i'm going to get out of the way and set the scene here. you see people kind of standing around. we had some action here with the cars just reversing in front of police headquarters. everybody kind of gathering to take a look. we will try to get back to that to find out what happened. but you see here, this crowd of about 100 people, all of the reacting to the news from the report from sacramento district attorney anne marie schubert.
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the overwhelming feeling in this crowd tonight, that justice was not served, and stephon clark was victimized once again especially when details of those personal messages were made public. here's reaction from some in the crowd tonight. >> especially when it came to the cell phone records because more or less, we call it -- you got scolded the background check. we call it a black ground check, and what they did was basically went into an area of scope that had nothing to do with what happened in that particular night, you know, to where the officers got a call, you know, about somebody that was breaking windows, and these actions, and had a helicopter that pinpointed this person back you live as we keep our cameras trained in front of police headquarters. you heard from kevin carter from the four people can pay. carter went on to tell me police were negligent by not setting up a perimeter like
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they normally would do with the helicopter and gave stephon clark little time to react after demanding he showed his hands. we also heard from clark's mother this afternoon who said her sons that was intentional at the hands of police. here's what she said. >> they are executing him and my mom's backyard, and it is not right, and it is not right. however, the da has shown us time and time again throughout her term who she is and what she stands for. which is not fairness or justice. >> reporter: so back you live, still an act we have not seen very of police although as we look at the doors reduce the officers just standing inside of the building here. they have not come out to address the crowd or even engage the crowd tonight, so so far tonight things are
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relatively peaceful. andre and alyana, back to you. >> what do the protesters have planned going into tonight? >> reporter: you know right now, we are kind of playing it by ear. we did have a much larger crowd this afternoon, but it is kind of tapered off. people going to different places, so you know, we were talking. some people have said maybe they will march, maybe they will save that for monday. the da made that announcement tonight. we are thinking weather may have come to play with the poor weather that i've met come kept some people at home, but still a long way to go here to determine what this crowd will do. if they do much, we'll have that for you tonight at 10:00. >> rob malcom live reports in sacramento tonight. rob, thank you. governor gavin newsom releasing a statement that said we need systematic reform that reduces equities, increase community confidence in our criminal justice system, and reinforce the sanctity of human life. and the statement goes on to say that, "our criminal justice system treats young black and
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latino men and women differently than their white counterparts. that must change." >> stephon clark's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in january, seeking more than $20 million from the city of sacramento and two police officers. the suit alleges the officers used excessive force and he was a victim of racial profiling. one of the officers is white. the other is african-american. california attorney general xavier becerra is conducting his own investigation at the request of officials. the area weather, it was a soggy start to the weekend. >> mark tamayo is here with a look at this forecast and this other strong storm rolling in now, right mark? >> kept on developing off shore this weekend. we had the main system come on this weekend. we are supposed to have a few breaks, but we had some pretty consistent rain showers into the afternoon. thankfully we are not talking but extreme totals , but those numbers adding a. these are somethe higher numbers outward been loman, kentfield , 1.32 it's a passable.
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some more numbers for you, not as high. you can see san francisco and santa rosa , even redwood city all close to 0.37 of an inch. concord, 0.55.he's what happened in the bay area across the more area. the rain moving through their area, even lightning strikes as well. we have some lingering showers paying us a visit. not everywhere, but you can see some lingering green on the radar, so keep the umbrella nearby for tonight. this is nothing major. we are not worried about flooding here, but still we have them scattered showers to deal with tonight and basically right up to the weekend. in the sierra, they have kind of a rain snow mix. the rain, snow primarily above 7000 feet, 6500, 70,000 feet. winter weather advisory advice
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read until 4 p.m. on sunday, so that is what's happening into the sierra. we do get a bit of a break up to two more after basically dodging a few more rain showers out there, but then another system, we are tracking offshore that could set up another atmospheric river event , but this one could be very different. we will talk about that with your five-day forecast in a little bit. >> we will see you then. wet road from the rain triggered many accidents in the south bay on highway 17 throughout the morning and afternoon. leigh martinez shows us how speed the wet roads made for a dangerous combination. >> reporter: a stranded driver was not sure if his truck was still drivable after crossing into the median on highway 17 near summit road. >> car spun out, hydroplaned. >> reporter: but he was more concerned about finding his cattle dog. >> the weather was halfway down and the dog got spooked and jumped out the window. >> reporter: the rainy morning and afternoon on highway 17 was plagued with multiple accidents. >> we had numerous collisions this morning starting around 6 a.m. when the dayshift guys came on. a couple spin out on highway 17, slammed into the guard rail. >> reporter: chb sense since
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speed has taken a role, there try to take a tactic to force driver to slow down. >> they will have their rear amber lights on and they will be going at a policy speed limit to keep the flow of traffic for the normal. we found in the past that when we do that, we simply can prevent it. >> reporter: highway 17 runs in the santa cruz mountains and has frequent trends and elevation changes. that was especially changes when it rained. something several drivers found out saturday from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m.. more than 10 vehicle accidents were recorded on highway 17. in los gatos, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. and assistant center is due to open tomorrow and guerneville to help flood victims. the center will provide relief to residents in sonoma county affected by the recent rains and flooding. among other services, there will be county representatives there to help with building
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permits, as well as taking applications for food benefits and medi-cal. the center will be open from noon to 6 p.m. on sunday at the former bank of america building in mainstreet in guerneville from monday to saturday, the center will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. sonoma county officials are hosting a meeting for flood victims at molina high school in forestville at 2 p.m. at 2600 properties were inundated by the flooding. of those, 1900 our home, and 578 our businesses. the estimate for the damage at $155 million countywide. you can stay up to date with the conditions around the bay area and northern ktvu weather app. interactive radar, hourly updates, and the seven-day forecast. also there's an option for you to send your weather photos and videos too. a three hour standup has come to an end after a arms&
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unarmed subject barricaded himself. residents in more than a dozen homes nearby were told to shelter in place, and chris's negotiators were called in. after several hours, officers went inside the home and found the suspect dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the person's identity has not yet been released. mountain view police have arrested a french national in connection to an attack. michael wendy adonis was arrested yesterday after police said he grabbed a woman monday night on thhed her multiple times. she suffered injuries to her face. adonis is facing a series of charges, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. details on the search underway now in humboldt county for these two girls right ear. two young sisters who authorities say wandered into the woods. we know what oakland teachers will vote on a
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concern is nothing for two young sisters who were last seen in the community of humboldt county yesterday afternoon. they are believed to have walked away from their home on a road into a heavily wooded area nearby. 5-year-old caroline carrico and a julia curry coercing outside the home around 230 last afternoon. they are described as white with blonde hair and hazel eyes. the national guard, and other agencies are helping with the search. anyone with information on the possible whereabouts about these young girls should call the humboldt county sheriff's office. president trump gave a campaign style speech at a
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conference in maryland. mr. trump slammed the media. house democrats and took aim at the russian investigation. >> robert mueller never received a vote, and neither did the person that appointed him, and as you know the attorney general says i'm going to recuse myself. and i said why the tell me he before i put him in? >> and the settlement with kim jong-un that ended abruptly and without a deal, the president saying he had a, quote, very good meeting and made progress. the consent of activists that was attacked on the uc berkeley campus last month appeared with the president today. mr. trump urged hayden williams to sue the alleged attack at
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the university of california. the president said he plans to sign an executive order that would require colleges and universities to support free speech in exchange for federal research dollars. a $2 billion hospital in san francisco is complete and ready to take in patients. the california pacific medical center 's van ness campus is a state-of-the-art facility that takes a four city blocks. sara zendehnam spoke to the hospital very first patient. >> reporter: it is a gloomy but exciting day in san francisco . after six years of construction, the doors of a new sutter halls hospital opened this morning. ryan bray is number one. the first oncology patient to be transferred to sutter health california pacific medical center's brand-new van ness campus in san francisco. >> he's the first one, and see
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the new hospital. it's really quite an honor, and it's really a beautiful hospital, yet. >> reporter: after more than 150 days at another cpmc campus, he came to the new location saturday, and the first thing he noticed? >> i'm 6'5", and the showers were really small at home, so the bathroom here is quite nice. >> reporter: bray is one of many patients moved from the hospital pacific and california campuses to van ness campus. doors open 7 a.m. saturday after the project started in 2013. >> we are very excited about finally being ready to take care of the people of san francisco again. >> reporter: the state-of-the- art building at 274 beds, 12 stories with views of the entire city, offers innovative healthcare options, and is the first in the nation with seismic technology to withstand an earthquake. >> so if we were ever a big disaster here in the area, we
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are still going to be standing and we are still going to be able to care for the community. >> reporter: for patients like bray diagnosed with leukemia in may, this is more than just a hospital. >> second family to me, so i'm glad we are able to experience this altogether. >> reporter: in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland school district and its teachers union were supposed to vote on a tentative contract till today, but it is now been postponed until tomorrow. the oakland education association tells ktvu logistical issues of the reason for this change. the 3000 teachers are expected to ratify the agreement reached yesterday. the proposal calls for an 11% raise in three is an immediate one-time 3% bonus. the district also promises to reduce class sizes and post a hold on the school closure for five months. if teachers approve the contract, they plan to return to class on monday. another east bay school
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district is facing a similar labor dispute. teachers in the ceremony school district to authorized a strike. the san ramon valley education association said 98% of its members voted to go on strike. the teacher say sticking with a large class sizes and pay. the district it was last offer was a 3% raise. this the teachers rejected it . the district says in a statement in wants what is best for students, but they need to protect the district's long- term financial health. caltrans entry of its trains derailed in recent days in the same stretch of track and it's making your. the incident happened late last month the caltrans says each time the trains came off the tracks at a railroad switch. the trains did not have passengers on board, and none of the crew with her. maintenance crew say they believe they have identified the problem, and caltrans says repairs were completed by wednesday. amazon may soon get further involved in the grocery business. the tech giant already owns whole foods, but it is now reportedly considering opening its own line of stores, selling product for groceries and health and beauty items at a lower price point. a pickup service is expected to be offered as well as delivery.
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the first orchid open in los angeles before the end of this with more locations to follow in san francisco, seattle, and chicago. >> amazon, taking over retail. >> taking over. meteorologist mark tamayo, that is your story. >> and boy, it's one of those days. on the west side, it was pretty good rain. across to the east side, still a little sunshine. >> a little bit today. you are the scientist. >> i know i am, but it has been quite a day here, quite the week i should say to. today still some scattered rain especially for this morning. still talking about some great on the radar. you see some lightning strike from earlier this morning moving across central california. right now, we still have lots of clouds in place, a little bit of some green showing up on the radar right here, so we hold onto the showers. even if you're not covered, you might have that heavy mist or drizzle, enough to trickle the windshield wipers. in the sierra they have the rai now, so the snow levels are
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kind of up there about 6500 be. great numbers in the 52 right around 60 degrees. this is kind of the warmer weather pattern. he probably experienced that stepping outside with temperatures in the 50s. here's our live camera looking out for the golden gate bridge. you can see here, but still overcast. the fog making a comeback, and flick roadways for tonight if you will be driving. in the sierra, this winter storm warning has ended. it is converted to a winter weather advisory so backing off on the urgency, but still possibly above 00feet, they can pick up 8 to 12 inches. this in place until 4 p.m. on sunday. back in the bay area, scattered showers to start off the day. want to be everywhere, but lots of clouds. you might be dodging raindrops for thing in the morning. are skycaps showing you clouds and maybe a few scattered showers throughout the day kind of moving overhead and moving
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on out. this is 12:00, and this is 3:00 by midafternoon on your sunday, so the showers today, zipped on by, but this guy offshore, that is our next component that will make up our next at ms. river. we will talk about that in a second. a few showers for your sunday. monday partly cloudy. monday look like a nice day, and tuesday, showers could be developing. now next week, this is an atmospheric river we are talking about. the one difference, it looks like this time around the bulk of the heavy rain will be the most intense rain focus just to the south of the bay area, especially out toward the central coast. that is something we will be wanting into next week. we will still pick up the rainfall though. you can see amounts of rain ranging the bay area from one to two inches, maybe more for that. especially for the coastal here's. is slushy with what happened last week, or early in the we, it looks like the main area picking up the happiest, most intense rain south of the bay area. tomorrow, here we go. some clouds and the possibilities till a few scattered showers. nothing too major, but still
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packed her that into your plans and sunday, and highs will be in the 52 right around 60 degrees. your five day forecast, and monday looking very nice to me. just know rain threat at all. partly cloudy skies. make sure you go outside and enjoy the outdoors. today, bringing a chance of showers especially by the afternoon, and rain likely into wednesday. hopefully this storm will behave itself and not bring those intense downpours, but we will be watching it closely. >> it's been misbehaving quite a bit. >> in my take monday off. >> thanks mike. usf was an early action today on the hilltop to take on lm you. the giants flip-flopped with your you today with manny machado spring debut with the padres. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad?
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. the 60th annual what white elephant sale for the oakland museum is taking place this week and. organizer so you can find almost anything for sale at the warehouse on lancaster street near the waterfront. it is larger than two football fields. donated items include
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furniture, clothing, jewelry, and art. proceeds go to the oakland museum to attract exhibitions and help fund educational programs and building upgrades. the what elephant sale is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and tomorrow. admission is free. >> at all train set there. old-school there. i used to have that way back in the day. we're talking college basketball now, joe fonzi. >> mornings is right around the corner. a tina look so promising at the beginning of the basketball season fated to the middle of the pack at the wcc regular- season wraps a. usf at home this afternoon against loyola marymount. the dons were down six at the half. they trailed by five in the second happy the frankie ferrari does something about that with three of his 13 points. within two. then right at the four minute mark, usf took the lead. dimitri with time to measure three of his 12 points. done 61-60. now they are tied as they count down at the two minute mark. eric johnson with the corner
6:27 pm
three. the lions never trailed the rest of the way. usf is 21 and nine overall, budget nine and seven in the conference. cal hosting washington state in honoring the 1999 nit championship team. what got into the bears? connor, matt bradley, five minutes to play. on the next possession, the lead was 10. darius mcneil with the steal, then mcneil takes care of business and so. the bears when 76-69 after going when-list winless in the first 15 pac-12 games. the bears have now won two in a row. probably the most interesting that happens to the giants in spring training today involved a member of the opposing team. this was the day manny machado made his san diego padres debut, going 0-1 with a walk. garcia, the catcher nobody is talking about through one the other way for solo home run.
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the 1-0 lead-in unless. the padres loading the bases, and in candle loaded them. free runs come around. the scores, the giants made some noise in the late innings but went down 7-6. another group of giants and the texas rangers could not manage a run between them. they called it after nine. the a's host to cleveland, and five pictures combined in a 1-0 shutout. have a good night, see you soon. alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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