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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. the strike is over. oakland teachers voted to ratify an agreement with the school district. >> today, in a democr the members of the oakland education association have ratified a contract. >> the bottom line is all schools in oakland will resume as of tomorrow morning. good evening. i am frank somerville.
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>> i am maureen naylor. julie is off tonight. the teacher's union says more than 70% of its members voted this afternoon. it split into two votes with a simple majority needed. 60% voted yes for the 2016-2017 contract term. >> the teachers will get an 11% raise over three years and an immediate one-time bonus of 3%. the deal also promises to reduce classroom sizes and put a hold on school closures for five months. rob malcolm is outside the teacher's union offices, with more on tonight's vote. >> reporter: good evening, frank and marie. the president of the oakland education association says their membership has never been stronger with 95% of members honoring the strike. fights ahead.
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>> oakland educators look forward to returning to the classrooms tomorrow. >> reporter: president keith brown says it was a historic democratic vote. teachers and leaders have been huddled in the paramount theatre for the bulk of sunday afternoon, finally moving to the education building to count 3000 ballots, where 37% of oea voters voted. 60% voting yes for the 2016- 2017 contract section and 60% voting for the 20-21 season with games in every area. >> we have a contract the begins to end the teacher retention crisis. we have a contract that brings in more resources for our students, more students supports. >> reporter: it was a long week on the picket signs with some s teachers spoke earlier in the day and liked the language of the deal. >> i like this to build union power. it was an amazing experience.
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we have had huge community support. i feel there are real games in this contract. >> reporter: it may back to school on march 4, but they say the fight has just begun. >> we are committed to bring this fight to the state. looking at needed proposition 13 reform through the schools and community first ask, which will be on the 2020 ballot. >> reporter: the schools and communities first act would restore $11 billion of funding to california schools. the district and teachers want an 11% salary increase over four years plus a 3% bonus. the deal also includes more pay for substitute teachers, smaller class sizes, a five- month pause on school closures, and consolidations, and more support for students coming from counselors and nurses. >> parents, rest assured that schools will be open. send your children to school tomorrow. >> thanking for
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their support. teachers will try to disrupt a school board meeting held on monday who oppose the deal. back to you. >> rob, thank you. we've created a hotline to help parents get information about the strike, which just ended tonight. we've added the new information, as classes resume tomorrow morning. the number you can call for information is 510-874-0044. pg&e crews are working to repair power lines that came down during a car crash in the south bay on camden avenue between highway 17 and bascom avenue. pg&e crews will be working throughout the night to restore power in the area and may need to close lanes to repair the power lines. people are advised to avoid the area if possible, and to take alternate routes. in sacramento, family
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members of stephon clark say they are heartbroken following the da's announcement that no charges will be filed against the two officers who killed him. the family held a news conference led by their pastor. >> was smarter. these officers need to be charged and the da should be fired. >> officers chased after clark last march, for allegedly breaking windows. he did not have a weapon but the da says officers had reason to believe their lives were at risk. the officers say they mistook clark's cell phone for a handgun, and shot and killed him after he moved towards them. clark's brother says the people sworn to protect them have failed. >> our hearts gathering two weeks from now to honor the legacy of stephon clark. they say the 3-day event will be aimed at allowing the community to heal. protesters who opposed the decision from the da have been
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staging demonstrations for the second straight day. christy gross says today, they forced the closure of a mall in sacramento. amento. >> reporter: sunday shoppers, turned away at the door. >> i just wanted some pretzels. i am over here trying to get there and it's closed. it's unfair for everybody else. >> reporter: a small group of activists staged a silent sit in overnight saturday into sunday morning, when mall officials announced they would shut down for the day. >> they are causing a disturbance. >> we are fighting for equal rights. we still have to fight for civil rights. it's a shame in 2019. >> reporter: dozens of supporters joined in throughout totality. >> reporter: they linked arms as diners eight inside. protesters say they hope it serves to change. >> we hope big companies like
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victoria's secret and apple, we didn't know the whole mall would shut down which of course is exponentially greater than what we wanted initially. it's a great feet. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: shoppers were upset by the inconvenience. >> i know why they are protesting and i think they have a right to protest but i think they could do it at a better place. >> reporter: others in support, calling it a worthy cause. >> they should do what >> that was christy gross reporting. you can go to for more on the story, including the full press conference from stephon clark's family. two young northern california sisters, missing for 44 hours, were found safely today in rural humboldt county. the five-year-old girls survived by drinking from
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huckleberries and huddling together under a bush. firefighters tracked the carrico girls' rain boots and found them uninjured this morning. an emotional reunion followed. first responders called it a true miracle that ended with tears of joy from both family and searchers. >> i have been dealing with the mom for a couple of days. i got the privilege of calling her and telling her they had been located. it got both of us. the mother of two children who have been ally this long. a lot of things goes h your head. she melted on the phone. we had to hang up because we couldn't talk. >> the girls told authorities they were following a deer trail when they got lost about 2:30 friday afternoon. they were found about a mile and a half from home. the girls were cold, hungry and dehydrated, but in good spirits. in addition to first responders, residents and is mrs. helped
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with the search. developing news out of alabama, where at least 23 people have been killed by tornadoes. children were among those who have died. the death toll could go even higher. rescue crews are now searching for people who have been reported missing. authorities say the path of destruction was about a half mile wide and it stretched several miles from back-to-back tornadoes that hit alabama in less than an hour. >> the damage is significant. i would put it at catastrophic based on the destruction of the homes we have seen. at this time, we have 14 confirmed fatalities. and again, the search continues. >> a cell phone tower was also brought down during the severe weather. the national weather service says at least one tornado was traveling between 136 and 165 miles per hour. at least one dozen tornadoes touched down in alabama and georgia. president trump tweeted after
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the tornado, saying, "to the great people of alabama and surrounding areas, please be careful and safe. tornadoes and storms were truly violent and more could be coming. work has begun to clean up the mehdi mass in muddy mess in grenville. and you've heard about the atmospheric river. i will set you straight on where the rain is going to go. a mother killed in the north bay more than 10 years ago and her never been found. we take a look at investigators still think they will be able to catch the person responsible. on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk.
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meet the new ferry. it's the first new ferry in 15 years in vallejo. san francisco bay ferry says it's bigger and better than those became before. it can hold 445 passengers and meets the toughest emissions standards. it travels at the same speed as the traditional smaller ferries. fixis is latin for mariner's compass. two similar ferries are expected to join the fleet in the next year. krynzel residents cleaned up following flooding last week along the russian river. as we martinez reports, lines formed today to get assistance as the cleanup begins.
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almost every homeowner on main street spent sunday undertaking a massive cleanup, untangling furniture, and throwing out anything filled with mud. >> my entire garage was filled with water. literally, i opened the garage and everything was messed up. >> reporter: many say the russian river flooded so quickly, they didn't have enough time to prepare. one woman let us inside her house, which she says is a total loss. the river reached more than six feet and flooded the second floor. >> the garages are blown out. the garage doors are shot. >> reporter: one homeowner says emergenc>> during their joyride wake from the trucks louisville the garage doors out because pele they were trying as a result of that, they caused more damage driving up and down the road. >> reporter: government agencies and construction crews are now on the roads hauling away debris and hazardous material. homeowners and renters waited
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to sign up for assistance and holding permits outside the old bank of america but volunteers worry that not everyone knew about the resources here. >> i know, personally, individuals that have flooded out that are not here because they think they should be at the community meeting but they should really be here signing up for resources. >> our focus is helping the community recover. >> reporter: the meeting was held in forestville. the water receded slowly, delaying recovery work, but so far this weekend, 16 inspectors assessed 2500 properties. originally, the community assist throughout the week so people for financial resources. leigh martinez, mornings on 2 the 9. at least one school will stay closed tomorrow because of the flooding. the grenville school district is canceling classes because of
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cleanup and maintenance. monte rio and montgomery school districts hope to reopen tomorrow, depending on whether power is restored to all of the schools. people in the flood zone had a place to drop off debris. drop off sites for non-toxic flood debris will be open through tomorrow afternoon in sonoma county with several locations. the service is intended only for flood debris. people will need to show their i.d. or other proof that they live in an area hit by the floods. a reminder, you can go to for a complete list of drop off locations. chain controls are in effect for parts of the sierra tonight, required on i 80 from king bail to the donner lake interchange. there are currently no restrictions on highway 50. caltrans is expecting another busy week as more snow is expected in the coming days. >> let's bring in bill martin. we are looking at more snow and more rain. >> more rain. the main book south of here. there's an atmospheric river. we talked about it on thursday
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night before i left, but this is a little different. it taps into moisture but it's focus is going to be further south, which is really good news for the russian river. we will see rain tuesday night into wednesday, but the bulk of this heavy rain as monterey, santa cruz mountains, into the san lucia and big serve to santa barbara, and santa maria, and those areas. the models suggest that the plan. there it is in motion. you can see me. there is a river. thanks, guys. how many miles is that? almost 3000 miles. but focused on southern california. with that said, even with the snow in the mountains, a reasonably low snow elevations. this one will be warmer so snow levels will go back up. that said, scattered showers lingering around the bay area. a few light showers lasting through the evening.
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tomorrow is a dry day. as you look outside, you can see the bay bridge traffic on sunday night, and again drizzle throughout the area right now. on and off all day. tomorrow, drive from start to finish. tuesday is the day the showers begin. i will show you the model tomorrow morning. there is a little bit of that, but that's not going to change your plans. cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, something like that. did you see that lapse at the end? the pop? that's the mid latitude system or the atmospheric river, but the north end of it moving into the bay area. you see it starting to flush in. you know where the rain is. tuesday 6:00 a.m. southern cal santa barba is where we are and we will see showers as we go into the evening on tuesday. but again, it is not going to be as big of a deal for us.
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an inch to an inch and a half of rain. maybe two in the watershed of the russian river. for southern california, santa barbara, three to five inches of rain. it looks like we are going to miss a heavy rainfall that atmospheric rivers can bring when they come to our latitude. a dry commute tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. part of state highway 1 in monterey county may be closed in the coming days as a precaution. caltrans issued an advisory this afternoon warning drivers about the possible closure in the area of mud creek and paul's slide in big serve. authorities say a major storm expected on tuesday could cost mudslides and damage to the road. an updated advisory will be provided tomorrow afternoon to let drivers know if the road will be closed. a backcountry skier near castle peak was rescued after getting injured. search and rescue teams, and a chp helicopter spotted e injure
10:19 pm
friend called for help. the chopper spotted the skiers and planted nearby. a paramedic put on snow gear and snow shoes, and hiked to the skiers through deep snow, but the weather turned bad quickly. the chopper had to return to a nearby airport. the paramedics stayed with the patient until a large snowmobile transported the skier to safe ground for medical treatment. a man says taco bell hot sauce saved his life along with his dog's. jeremy taylor and his dog were driving last sunday near wakeview to oregon, when his vehicle got stuck in the snow. taylor stayed warm by periodically starting his suv and eating the taco sauce from a few packets. a snowmobiler found the two on friday in good condition but hungry. taylor posted on his facebook page, "taco bell fire sauce saves lives." next sunday is daylight saving time. springing forward can cause people to feel more tired for the first week or so, so experts
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suggest people go to bed 10 minutes earlier every night this week so the effects don't hit them quite as hard as trying to make the transition all at once. as for parents, you will still be tired no matter what. >> i've never had trouble with it but that's what they say. two women are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in clothes from a northbay outside. the connection to an east bay operation. the sharks go for their 11th win in the last 15 games as they took on the blackhawks. joe fonzi will have the highlights coming up in about 30 minutes. some of the 2020 democratic candidates should up in selma, alabama to pay homage to the civil rights struggle. i have the highlights coming up. the fox 2 weather app, the power to prepare.
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new information on a deadly crash in new orleans. a driver is suspected of
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killing two and injuring seven others, while large crowds gathered for mardi gras. a police report says the driver told officers he has a drinking problem. the man has been charged with vehicular homicide. police say he crashed his car on a busy thoroughfare near the route of new orleans largest mardi gras parades. democratic candidates were in selma, alabama today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday march. charles watson with more on today's demonstrations. >> reporter: several democratic presidential candidates, marking the anniversary of the historic selma march, gathering at the seminal civi hopefuls sh respect to the movement. civil rights leaders clashed with alabama state troopers while attempting to cross the edmund pettis bridge, a moment that galvanized support for the voting rights act later that year. following in the footsteps of black civil rights leaders as
10:24 pm
thousands crossed the bridge in selma, alabama sunday. the commemoration comes amid a democratic primary that focuses on issues of race. senator brown put the spotlight on that issue. >> the president talks about being a populist but real populism is never racist. >> reporter: senator booker says it's time to recommit to the fight for justice in america. >> we are at a point in our country, where we see a moral vandalism. >> reporter: the backof selma highlights voting rights. >> it's our turn to demand that we end all voter suppression in this country. >> this is presented to you by the national voting rights association. >> reporter: clinton was honored at the historic event, administration. >> make no mistake, we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: voter suppression is a key issue in the 2018 midterm elections in states like north carolina, where republican national candidates for accused of voter fraud. five years ago today, malaysia airlines flight mh370 disappeared without a trace in an aviation mystery. the families of the 239 people on board came together to mark the fifth anniversary of their loved ones' disappearance. the flight had taken off from kuala lumpur and was on its way to beijing. malaysia and china conducted searches that ended with no definitive answers but the malaysian government says it is open to resuming the search. >> our expectation is for the government to say yes, let's start searching again. that's what we want to happen because without doing that, you won't find the plane. something to fall on your lap.
10:26 pm
>> family veped over the last year cnew search. the san francisco police union has filed a new lawsuit after a new law went into effect requiring some personnel records to be made public. an unsolved murder in the north bay. the family of the victim looks back on the gruesome killing of a mother leaving a local bar. >> her smile, and her presence is definitely missed, but definitely her smile and laugh. i miss that. closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. visit
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in tonight's unsolved case, we have ashley yamauchi. >> she was killed behind a bar. we talked to her brother and investigators, and those investigators say they are not going to give up until her killer is behind bars. >> reporter: ashley yamauchi was a mother of an eight-year- old daughter. she worked as a babysitter to support a hobby. >> she collected shoes and she liked kids. >> reporter: the 33-year-old was also looking ahead to map out her future. >> she hadplanned to go to a school in new york, an aesthetician school in new york. >> reporter: on december 15 12 2008, ashley went to the fourth
10:30 pm
street tavern in downtown san rafael. she knew the staff and the regulars. around closing time the next morning, she was seen leaving the back door of the bar with a man. san rafael police got a call several hours later. >> the call came out as a naked child. >> reporter: but this was no child. it was ashley. deputy cordero of the san rafael police department and a retired lieutenant took me to the spot where ashley was found. >> she was lying make it from t waist down wedged between a chain-link fence and a blue car. >> she was asphyxiated, strangled. >> reporter: and ashley was raped. >> it was violent. she fought ferociously for her life with this person. >> as the mother of two teenage boys, investigating a crime scene as violent as this one and how it ended, you don't wish this upon any family.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: chief yamiguchi remembers the call he got from his brother asking if he had heard what happened to ashley. >> she was murdered. i said -- i thought he was just joking. i said get out of here. what are you talking about? >> reporter: more than a decade has passed since the murder. >> being that it was downtown, not in a rural area or something like that, i didn't think it would take this long. >> reporter: witnesses have come and gone, loved ones have moved away. this bar has shut down and reopened under a new name but one thing hasn't changed. san rafael police say they are determined to find ashley's killer. they've interviewed more than 90 people, including the man ashley left the bar with but there is not enough evidence to make an arrest. >> we have either talked to the suspect or somebody who knows the suspect in this thing. this is the one that got away. this is the one that wasn't solved. this is the one on my last day,
10:32 pm
that i think about, and this is the one i still think about. >> reporter: zapata says this binder may hold the key to cracking the case. he is confident it will be solved. >> i have a hard time believing we cannot close the deal on this. something will break someday. i believe it in my heart. >> reporter: john griffin split from ashley when their daughter was about a year old. he spoke to the media just days after she was killed. >> i told her that her mother had died and she just cried, and cried, and cried. it was the hardest thing i've ever had to do. >> reporter: ashley's daughter is now 18 and starting college. as the years pass, keith yamiguchi is left with just memories of his sister. >> her presence is definitely missed. definitely her smile and her laugh. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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grizzly homicide are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. angel anderson and jeremy rowen face murder and kidnapping charges. the police investigation began two weeks ago when a suitcase stuffed with a body was pulled from the water near pier 39. the body was identified as george saldivar. police inspectors say the two defendant's first had sex with the victim at a hotel but later killed him. investigators recovered video from the hotel room that shows the suspects injecting something, possibly fentanyl, into the victim. authorities say the suspects later stuffed him into a suitcase. a man is under arrest for shooting four people inside a business in downtown oakland area around 12:30 this morning, at halftime sports bar on 14th the four victims, two men and two women, were taken to the
10:34 pm
hospital and are in stable condition. police have not said what led to the shooting. police have arrested two women accused of stealing more than $2500 in clothing from an outlet store. police say the women from antioch stole the clothing yesterday from that tommy hilfiger store at the premium outlets. when police responded to the store, the 218-year-old women got into a car, driven by someone else, and led officers on a high-speed chase. officers stopped chasing the car due to the rain, but a short time later, another officer spotted their abandoned car, and the women were located nearby. police believe they are connected to an organized theft crew operating out of the east bay. they also said the driver of the car ise san francisco polic union has reportedly filed a lawsuit to block some personnel records from being released under a new transparency law. the law went into her effect january 1. the police union wants to prevent records from being released retroactively.
10:35 pm
the records now required to be released include excessive force instances and other police misconduct. several police departments have sued saying it could violate the safety of officers. the san francisco city attorney's office said in a statement there is nothing in the law that limits it to only feature records. the city of san francisco will hold a public memorial tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for jeff adachi. his office held a candlelight vigil last wednesday night. now, local leaders and the local community, and the many clients he served, are still trying to make sense of his death. friends called him a champion for justice, and civil liberties, but questions arose about his death after a police report was linked leaked. a big week radrops out there now. we are setting up this week. robert mueller is reportedly closer to releasing
10:36 pm
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. democratic lawmakers are not waiting for the special counsel to launch their own investigation. republicans are blasting a new russia investigation, calling it
10:39 pm
purely political. >> reporter: house democrats are no longer relying on the special counsel's office to investigate president trump. they plan to look into everything from the president's campaign and business dealings to his tax returns, taking multiple avenues to lay the groundwork for impeachment. the house judiciary committee will take its first steps by issuing document requests to more than 60 people from the white house, the justice department, the trump organization, as well as the trump family. on abc this week, community chairman jerry nadler, said they are a long way from impeachment, but he made it clear they are hoping to find enough evidence to get there. >> before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the american public it ought to happen. you have to persuade enough of the opposition you're not just trying to -- >> reporter: it's a high bar. >> it's a very high bar. we may not get there nothing to
10:40 pm
rule of law and kevin mccarthy criticized democrats for trying to build a case for a problem that does not exist simply because they want to take president trump down. >> i think congressman nadler decided to impeach the president, the day the president won the election. they are setting a whole new course because there is no collusion, so they want to build something else. >> reporter: the president's former attorney, michael cohen, will be back on capitol hill to testify on wednesday, so the next week will be another busy one for investigations. that is not likely to change soon with democrats investigating the administration on multiple fronts. in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. it looks like trenate to reject president trump's declaration of a national emergency at the u.s.-mexico border. kentucky senator rand paul is the latest republican to
10:41 pm
indicate he is going to vote against the president. he will be joining three other republican senators. that could be enough for a majority. even so, the president says he plans to veto any bill that opposes his emergency declaration. the white house is putting a positive spin on the second summit with north korea. the pentagon announced the u.s. and south korea will launch two large-scale military exercises. critics say it's a major concession. but the u.s. is agreeing to suspend drills at north korea. john bolton says the hanoi, vietnam summit was not a failure, even though president trump walked away without a deal. >> i think he made a very important point to north korea and other countries around the world about negotiating with him. he is not desperate for a deal. >> bolton says the greatest leverage comes from economic sanctions. all of this, as the white house continues to face questions about controversial remarks regarding the death of student otto warmbier in 2017. president trump told reporters
10:42 pm
he took kim jong un at his word when the leader said he did not know about otto warmbier's mistreatment while in prison in north korea. four in 10 voters say they would reelect president trump in 2020. an nbc news poll shows 41% of voters say they would definitely or likely would reelect president trump. the poll shows 48% of voters say they would rather vote for the democratic nominee then have president trump serve a second term. the poll surveyed 900 voters last month, and also found 58% say they doubt the president's honesty in the russia investigation, and 60% disapprove of his decision to declare a natial order to justify building a border wall with mexico. more on the project aimed at building the tallest skyscraper on the west coast. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the rain with the complete bay area forecast coming up. >> ♪
10:43 pm
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thank you for watching ktvu fox 2 news, where the power of 2 comes from day after its open the first baby has been born at the california medical pacific campus in san francisco. the baby boy arrived at 11:45 this morning. in addition to the birth, the first nicu patient arrived
10:46 pm
today. she and 29 other babies made the short journey to the multibillion-dollar hospital. l.a. could be getting a new skyscraper that's even taller than its own wilshire grand, which is currently the tallest tower west of the mississippi. the planned 77-story building would be a mix of condos, hotel rooms, and commercial space. the downtown project, with its sleek, tapered design is aimed at adding a little pizzazz to the l.a. the old. the plan wiyear and a half. tesla will soon be unveiling the model why. the new electric car will be the fifth since the company was fodeunin 2003. the model y won't falcon wing d ask mac but it will cost 10% more than the model 3, the most affordable.
10:47 pm
it will be unveiled on march 14. space x has achieved another milestone in its quest for commercial space travel. the dragon capsule docked on its own with the international space station this morning. cargo versions of the dragon capsule need to have the space station's robotic arm drag them and attach them to the international space station. the only passenger on this flight was a mannequin named ripley after the sigourney weaver character in the movie "alien." the first human to make the trip is set to depart later this year. a moon rock collected duapollo mission will display i the rock was collected during the apollo 16 mission in 1972. the space and scie received the rock from nasa this afternoon. the rock is being displayed as part of the space center's 50th anniversary of the launch of apollo 9 back in 1969.
10:48 pm
let's reestablish this atmospheric river is going to focus on the santa cruz mountains south. the russian river should get a pretty good break in terms of the torrential rains we saw last week but it's nonetheless an atmospheric river. a lot of moisture streaming in. san luis obispo, santa barbara. we talked about closing parts of highway 1 because of concerns about rain. there is the stream of moisture. you can see, it's pretty significant all the way about 3000 miles of moisture. it's coming in around point conception. that is will south of the area. we will get rain but on the northern end of the strongest dynamics. that typically means an inch and a half. in the mountains it would be snow but it's going to be warm so the snow levels will be pretty high. outside, we do have a few lingering sprinkles.
10:49 pm
we do have sprinkles out there and we will have more tomorrow morning. i will show you that in the model but it's not a dealbreaker on the commute. just some sprinkles in the area. the bay bridge tonight, just one of those nights, sunday night, everybody getting ready for work. easy commutes tomorrow, easy commutes on tuesday. i think tuesday afternoon might get a little wet but it's really about wednesday. wednesday morning and wednesday afternoon commutes, that's when our rain will be here. start to finish. tomorrow morning, a little bit of that. then you get going during the day and it looks like that. that's for tomorrow. san francisco, oakland, everybody in the upper 50s, low 60s for san jose, partly cloudy. as you look at another computer model, this will take us out 72 models hours. tomorrow afternoon, we saw the shift, and then here comes
10:50 pm
tuesday morning. see all the rain cells? that's the atmospheric river showing up down south. then it starts to work its way over the top of us. the parent low moves inland. that's going to set us up with showers starting tuesday evening into wednesday morning. and into wednesday afternoon. then it breaks out. overnight tuesday into wednesday afternoon, that model actually backs wednesday out into the rain, so maybe it's not going to be wet on the wednesday afternoon commute but tuesday into wednesday afternoon is our wettest period. most of the rain falls south of here. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. mild, 62 in morgan, 62 concord, the 5-day forecast, something like this. plenty of sunshine. again, this is a good forecast because a week ago, that atmospheric river, we weren't sure it was going to go south but the models are coming together to suggest that as the solution for the next couple of days.
10:51 pm
>> thank you, bill. how to train your dragon: the hidden world is the most popular movie for the second straight week. >> wow. >> it's a hidden dragon world. >> the third installment of the city grossed an international $30 million, bringing its domestic total to just shy of 19 dollars. close on its tail is the final installment of the medea franchise. the medea family funeral had a $27 million ticket sale debut. bubble angel and lego movie 2 ditch rounded out the top five. coming up, the oakland teachers strike is officially over. more on the vote and how teachers are reacting.
10:52 pm
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download the new fox 2 weather app, the power to are as we get into the homestretch. the san jose sharks still have designs on ending up with a number one record in the western conference. patrick kane and the chicago blackhawks tonight. the sharks got on the scoreboard first. tim he'd beats cam ward. the first period ended in a 1-1 tie. the sharks broke the tie in the second period. the park with some heat on the
10:55 pm
other side of the ice. the sharks in front 2-1. again, the blackhawks tie it before the period is over. the sharks broke the tie early in the third. this time, joey soran cuts marcus sorensen. chicago would not score again. beautiful. less than three minutes later, michael haley will chase the puck down and he will center it to brent fern. would did he do? he tees off. carlson redirects, adds an empty-netter in the final three minutes and san jose winds 5-2. now, within 3 points of first- place calgary. the pac-12 regular season is over for the women, which means the conference tournament gets started in las vegas. here is all against washington
10:56 pm
state, with 32 points coupling down a conference single-game record 30 rebounds. this was all for the 30th straight game. that's some pretty good 30-30- 30. the bears roll over the cougars. conference tournament and a rematch on thursday. stanford at washington with the number two seat in the conference tournament wrapped up. time running out in the first quarter, anna wilson puts up a 3 to beat the buzzer. that gave stanford a 12-point lead. the game, never in doubt, nice ball movement by the cardinals ending with a jenna brown pass to williams who knocks down a a bye week. they will play the winner of the cal-washington state game on friday. the pac-12 men have one more week of the regular season. wner john lake there
10:57 pm
to see washington and stanford. washington up by five with less than 6 to play. oscar da silva makes a pretty assist to josh sharma with 16 points. now it's washington by one. stanford needs to stop it but jason know turns up for 2. the huskies up 3 with 33 seconds left. lots of options for the cardinal. da silva gets the put back. it's a 1-point game with 18 seconds left. washington missed the free throw on the other end. stanford has one last chance. k zeke paula doesn't have to shoot the 3. he doesn't come close. washington hangs on 62-61. stanford has one more game against cal to conclude the regular season. in the desert, they will see lots during the regular season. one part of what they saw today, they hope to minimize in 2019. they were in tempe against the angels. doing the kind of thing a little brother would do, this is a pretty good 1-2 punch. mike trout against marco estrada. good job at the crack of the bat. that one is not coming back. 2-0 angels. past
10:58 pm
>> reporter:, you have to face albert pujols. this one doesn't add to the total, but it does show the big guy still has some pop. 10 angel pitchers limited biase to just 1 on 3 hits in a 4-1 days loss. the eagles in las vegas, according to the u.s. rugby team. all u.s. stephen thomason with a nice pitch to madison hughes against samoa. the u.s. win in the shutout 27- 0. nascar, also in vegas. the penske team, joey lagano and brad keselowski, dominated. because loseke was the winner last week. we tried to make it two in a row. going download 23 left. on the last lap, because lasky tries to return the favor but lagano was able to hold him off and wins. the penske goes 1-2. you are
10:59 pm
driving the pencil car with a pennzoil logo on the infield. there's only one thing to go do. there you have it. >> looks like a big advertisement right there. >> thank you. coming up next at 11:00. >> we have a contract now that will put our students at the center. >> the oakland teachers union has ratified a contract with the district so classes will resume tomorrow. >> the 11:00 after a 7-day strike, oakland teachers returned to the classroom tomorrow. i am maureen naylor in for jullian taylor. >> and i am frank somerville. more than 16,000 teachers cast their votes.
11:00 pm
the teachers union says more than 70% of the teachers voted today. it was split into two votes, both of which passed with a simple majority needed. 64% voted yes for the 2017-2018 contract term and 58% voted yes for the 2020-2021 contract term. rob malcolm in oakland with more on the deal and how teachers are reacting. >> reporter: good evening. the union says their membership has never been stronger with 90% of members honoring the strike. they say the ratified deal means kids are back in the classroom and it lays the groundwork for a difficult fight ahead. the classrooms tomorrow. >> reporter: president keith st democratic vote. teachers and union leaders have been huddled in the paramount theatre for the bulk of sunday afternoon, finally moving over


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