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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 4, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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her show to treat grave's disease. you can watch it weekdays on ktvu at 10:00 every morning. oakland students finally have their teachers back. the union and school district have come to an agreement, putting an end to the teacher strike. the details on the final deal. getting ready for chaos in the mcarthur maze. the new backups the construction project could cause and how much time you have to prepare. a proposal to bring a historic theater in oakland back to life. what one group has planned for today as they take steps to turn the original parkway back into a theater and cannabis lounge. good morning. it's march 4th, 2019. we look at a cloudy bay area here. looks like some of the rain is moving out. i want to start with something
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that gasia and i have been talking about a little bit earlier. you mentioned you lost your son for a brief moment. >> he went missing in a crowd for 30 seconds. it felt like an eternity. i remember to this day how i felt inside. this family in humboldt county, i can't imagine what they went through. >> this family in humboldt county lost two girls in the woods from friday to yesterday. they were out there, they went off like little girls would do. they were chasing deer trails. they survived by drinking water from huckleberry leaves and had some granola bars i guess. the sheriff was very happy to tell the parents, this is the reunion we're showing, that they have been found safely. >> you know what's amazing is the fact the girls got to a point about a mile and a half from their home and they stopped because most kids would say, we've got to find a way to get home. they could have been 5, 6 miles away, and by doing that, the search got a little closer and they found them. >> one of the things that you get if you're a parent, is your
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whole world stops when you can't find your kids. i've experienced it briefly. you have. >> i had an incident -- remember the old nut tree? i had my brother's two kids, one was 5, one was 8. my little niece had to go to the bathroom. so i waited outside the door. waited outside the door. finally i had a woman go in and as it turns out, she was in a bathroom stall playing with toilet paper. but i went nuts for 5 minutes. and i couldn't go in there. >> it's a different kind of misery when it's not your own child. >> we're talking about the story coming up at 5:30. more on this incredible story. the big news of the day, oakland teachers are back in their classrooms after they voted to approve a new contract with the school district. >> the school board is going to meet this morning to make more than $21 million in cuts. >> ktvu's allie rasmus joins us. the president says the cuts are needed to help pay for the new teachers' contract. >> that school board meeting
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scheduled for 10:00, 10:30 this morning at this auditorium we're standing right next to. there's a group of people. the board met to make these $21 million in cuts, they tried to meet on friday. and that meeting was canceled because of protests. so they rescheduled it for today. the protesters are back out here again because a lot of people are opposed to the $21 million in cuts that the board wants to make. let's show you the video. >> we apologize, having some audio problems with allie's report. but the headline here is teachers are back in school. the strike is over. the teachers voted yesterday to approve the new contract and they did. right after those two sides reached that agreement, we updated the ktvu hot line we set up at the very beginning of the oakland teacher strike. as the story continues to develop, we'll keep updating that number. 874-0400. we'll keep you updated
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throughout mornings on 2. >> you know that by heart. that was not in the prompter. well done. i hope you're with us in the past hour when oakland mayor libby schaaf joined us in studio on mornings on 2. she confirmed oakland is in fact in negotiations for the raiders to play in the coliseum this coming year, possibly next year as well. >> the negotiations are going well. it will not impact our lawsuit against the nfl and the raiders for what we believe was their absolute abandonment of oakland as their home base but we are going to try to keep them here as long as we can. >> mayor schaaf also told us they may be bringing an agreement to the coliseum board to vote on as early as next week. two people accused of a grizzly homicide in san francisco due to face a judge today. gerald row and angela face charges with the death of george
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saldavar. they found the body stuffed in a suitcase off pier 39. crews are continuing to dig out from the latest series of storms and more snow in the forecast for this week. caltrans posted this video of crews plowing and breaking down all the buildup along interstate 80 east of donner summit. you can see the snow several feet high. the storm in february has now been dubbed febru-buried. more snow is in the forecast tomorrow through thursday. if you're on your way up through lake tahoe, be prepared to allow extra time to get to your destinations. four-wheel drive and always carry those chains as well. cleanup continues after all the flooding. guerneville, all three schools canceled their classes today. a decision on when schools will reopen depends on how quickly repairs can be made. a busy weekend for many
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property owners and renters in sonoma county as well. they spent their time cleaning up after last week's flooding along the russian river. a lot of people telling us the water level rose too quickly. they didn't have time to prepare. that meant nearly everything they had got covered in mud and water. >> my entire garage was filled with water. so literally i opened the garage and everything was there. my washer, dryer, everything is messed up. >> government agencies, construction crews, all hauling away debris and hazardous material. property owners and renters can bring nontoxic debris to any of the free drop-off locations in the county but people will have to prove they live in the area that was flooded. we've got a list of the drop-off zones. check it out on under the web links tab. remember, if you need weather alerts, download our newly updated ktvu weather app on your smart phone or tablet.
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it's got interactive radar, hourly updates, 7-day forecast. it's got it all. it has an easy feature to upload weather photos or video free to download from your apple or play stores. a developing story. an awful a lot of damage from a powerful tornado that hit alabama. so far at least 23 people have died. we'll bring in ray who just arrived at a command post in alabama. what's happening on the ground? >> good afternoon. the first thing that we're noticing as we get to the scene is the high level of security. to get to where we are right now, we had to go through three checkpoints. we're standing at a third. you have to get out of your car and walk down.
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>> we apologize for the audio problems we're having with ray. he's in alabama, an area hit hard by tornados yesterday. 23 people are confirmed dead. the storms actually made their way over into georgia. this is some of the wreckage that is now going to have to be cleaned up. at this point searchers are still looking for possible survivors after this deadly tornado hit alabama. an awful lot of wreckages there. people who live there in tornado alley. we'll work on getting ray back for you. keep the people in alabama in your thoughts because this is a very, very huge task and many heavy hearts there in alabama. other news now. the san francisco police union suing to block some police personnel records from being released under a new transparency law. the examiner reports the police union would like to prevent records from being released retroactively. the personnel records that are now required to be released include incidents related to use
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of excessive force and other police misconduct. several police departments have sued saying the law could violate the safety of officers. san francisco city attorney's office said in a statement to the examiner that there's nothing in the law that limits it, only to future records. we got a comprehensive list of law enforcement agencies that are releasing records under that new law and those that are not. you can check it out at straight back to ray in alabama. an awful a lot of damage to clean up there, ray. >> good afternoon to you again. the first thing that we're noticing as we get to the scene here is the high level of security. to get to where we're standing right now, we had to go through two checkpoints. now we're at a third checkpoint and to get past this checkpoint, you have to be escorted by a county sheriff, either deputy or member of the local police department but you can't go down there by yourself. you can see this barricade here,
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about a quarter mile down the road is where the worst of the damage is and we're looking there and you can see many of the trees have been knocked down. that is showing us just some of the damage because if you look even a little bit further, which you can't see from this view is a home that's been absolutely totaled. we were speaking with the national weather service and they were explaining how based on their initial assessments, this is at least an ef3 tornado. meaning the winds were anywhere from 136 to 155 miles per hour. they were explaining that at that level, there's possibility it could even knock down a train. it didn't necessarily knock down a train in this particular instance but to give you an idea of the power of the an ef3 there is potential to knock down a train. we've been getting updates throughout the morning, but the next one is going to be coming in about 45 minutes. and we're going to learn some key things there because the
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head meteorologist for the national weather service just went up in a helicopter to assess the damage a few minutes ago so we're waiting for a few key updates during that press conference. >> ray, what kind of tornado watch or warning, if anything, was in effect before the tornado hit? >> so the national weather service is still trying to assess how much of a warning the residents here had. but they do know this for sure. at 11:00 local time yesterday, they put out a tornado watch. then at 2:00 local time yesterday they put out a tornado warning. so while they don't know exactly how many minutes the residents had to get out, they do know that they put out a tornado warning before the tornado crossed the lee county line. so they at least had something. >> devastating scene for so many. thank you for joining us. coming up on mornings on 2
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the 9, u.s. senators are expected to block president trump's national emergency declaration. why a no vote doesn't mean it won't move forward. while some studies show the rising housing cost here in the bay area are slowing down, one says the rents are a different story. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.
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wow, stock market on a monday, not waking up -- maybe it has a case of the mondays. it's down more than 1%. the other indexes nasdaq and s&p are also low. traders apparently are worried about u.s.-china trade talks. u.s. and china actually reportedly nearing a trade agreement that would result in the lifting of most of the sanctions imposed on chinese goods. if they can work that out the
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market might turn around. under the new agreement, beijing would lower tariffs and other measures impacting u.s. imports. the deal said to be in its final stages of negotiations. expected to be completed later in the month. new this morning, the u.s. has officially closed its consulate in jerusalem. it downgrades the status to the palestinians. the state department says the move, quote, does not signal a change on u.s. policy. for decades the consulate functioned as an embassy to the palestinians. after president trump's two-hour speech, the president is dealing with an uptick in the russia investigation. kevin is at the white house with more. >> it's very clear. >> reporter: democrats began the week taking aim at president trump. jerry nadler says his panel is requesting documents from over 60 people as part of the russia
9:16 am
investigation. the committee has the power to recommend the president be impeached. >> we do not now have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do an impeachment. before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the american public that it happened. >> reporter: the president has maintained his innocence in the probe, claiming he's facing harassment by, quote, crazed democrats. >> there's no collusion. so now they go and morph in to let's inspect every deal he's ever done. >> i think congressman nadler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election. >> reporter: the president also dealing with pushback from his own party. republican senator rand paul says vote in favor of the resolution, blocking the national emergency at the border with mexico. the move means the senate will most likely overturn the declaration which could lead to
9:17 am
president trump's first veto. majority leader mitch mcconnell has yet to set a date to vote on the resolution. as for the house, it approved the measure last week. at the white house, i'm kevin corke, fox news. former colorado governor john hickenlooper has announced he's running for president. he was former mayor of colorado. hickenlooper persuaded several republicans suburban mayors to support a tax increase to pay for a rail network around denver. he also imposed limits on methane emissions, expanded medicaid, and also signed gun control bills. hickenlooper becomes the second governor to jump into the 2020 race for president of the united states. the latest betting odds in las vegas, still on kamala harris as the democratic favorite to win the white house. beto o'rourke is right behind her. he's not announced a presidential campaign.
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bernie sanders has the third best odds among democratic lawmakers. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a 7-year-old girl from benicia being called a hero. up next, how she says she was able to stay calm during an emergency and a listen in to her call to police that saved her mother's life. the ceo of the giants caught on camera during an altercation with his wife. the action announced this morning after he admitted to what he's called unacceptable behavior. cvs pharmacy.
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the first baby has been born at the new california pacific medical center campus in san francisco. the hospital says the baby boy arrived about 11:45 yesterday morning. the new facility opened its doors to patients saturday. the hospital's first nicu patient arrived also on that day yesterday, 12-year-old miari was transferred to the new van ness campus. she and 29 other babies made the
9:21 am
short journey to the new multi-billion-dollar hospital. a young girl stayed very cool and very calm in a very scary situation. >> we're about to meet laura. she's 7 years old, a second grader. >> she was home with her mom when her mother had a seizure and how she responded has a lot of people talking. claudia is here with her story. >> you have to listen to this 911 call. that's pretty much what everyone has been saying after they hear it. 7-year-old laura had to make that call. her mom was in trouble and she needed to do something. it's really hard not to tear up a bit when you hear this little girl's composure and the loving caring she showed her mom. >> reporter: it doesn't take a lot to make 7-year-old laura smile. >> i'm in 2nd grade and i like to draw. >> reporter: she likes to take care of animals and since both of her moms are vet techs, they have quite a few. but one night a few weeks ago, laura had to step up to do even more.
9:22 am
that night it was just her and her mom julie. >> i had just gotten home from work. we ordered food and we'd just finished eating. >> we were watching a show on the television and then she just started to have a seizure. >> reporter: julie wasn't responding to laura, so laura didn't hesitate. >> i got the phone to call 911. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> my mom is having a seizure. >> okay. what's your address? >> reporter: veteran dispatcher michelle foley answered the call. >> it was early in my shift. i work night shifts so i just started. i could tell right away it was a little girl. >> reporter: she said this call unlike so many of the others she's taken over the last 21 years was different. she said laura was calmer than most adults and knew exactly what to do. >> it was as if somebody told her if this happens, this is what you do. >> momma. you're okay. >> how old are you, honey? >> i'm only 7. >> are you home alone, you and your mom? >> yes. >> has she ever had a seizure
9:23 am
before? >> yeah, actually three. >> she has. okay. okay. you're going to stay on the phone with me until i get the fire department over there. what's your name, sweets? >> my name is laura. >> is she breathing? >> yes. >> she is. okay. >> she's just shaking a lot. >> i know. that's scary. >> she knew what she was doing. she knew everything. her name, her mom's name, she knew to put her dog away. >> beans, come on, beans. i'm going to put my dog away. >> okay. stay on the phone with me. >> beans, come. >> reporter: beans is the family border collie who doesn't take well to visitors. >> he's very protective of us and she knew to put her out because she knew people are going to be coming in. >> reporter: and through the call, this scared little girl stayed calm and put her mom first. >> momma, you're okay. momma. i'm your daughter,
9:24 am
momma. momma, you're okay. do you know who i am? i'm your daughter. the cops are coming. okay? they're coming so you can go to the hospital, momma, okay? you just had a seizure. >> listening to her talk to her mom, it just got to me. it broke my heart. i was like, wow. you can hear it in her voice. the love was there. it was amazing. >> reporter: firefighters came and laura guided them in. they got julie in the ambulance and when they called julie's wife heather to fill her in, everything was under control. >> normally i would have thought she'd called me and said, this happened, what do i do? she handled it. i was like, man, you just handled that. >> reporter: since that day, laura has gotten some attention, thanks in part to the dispatcher who heard it all. >> i said you have to hear this call. >> reporter: her partner listened and so did the police
9:25 am
chief. he decided to give her a little recognition at school. the message from everyone, from police to fire, has been the same. >> excellent job. we're proud of you. >> reporter: as for laura, she says she knows it's possible her mom could have another seizure but she told me she's not worried. >> i got it covered. >> reporter: pretty sure she does. >> there's a program in benicia called 911 for kids. this is a picture of one of the presentations where they go and teach children in the local elementary schools about how to call 911 for help, what information they need to give for dispatchers. it was restarted after a hiatus last year. i asked laura if she had a chance to go yet. but she hadn't gone. i think she's got it down. i think she's okay. >> i'm sure she can teach it. had her parents ever sat down and said, if we get into trouble, here's what you got to do? >> her moms say it didn't really come up. her mom julie did have a seizure one time before, she saw it
9:26 am
happen. so maybe out of that she pulled out what to do. they're both vet techs, both moms. so they have a lot of animals she cares for. 7 years old. so remarkable how she handled it. >> surprised how smart kids are. you don't think they know as much as they do, but they do. >> they do. she impressed us all. >> laura has a bright future i think. >> she does. she's got it covered. >> got it covered. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, another incredible story. two young sisters who were lost in the northern california wilderness. they were gone for two days. how they survived, their safe return, and why searchers are calling it a miracle. wendy williams is back. why she was away from her talk show for about two months and how soon we'll see her on the air. [phone ringing]
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i'm tired of the rain. there. i said it. steve, i know that there's a little bit of light rain coming in today. >> don't say that, sal. don't say that. you know how fast things can turn. >> i know. >> i understand what you're saying. george in el cerrito said i'm 92% of my seasonal average. he uses the rain year. i'm at 24 and a quarter. my numbers go back to '94, '95. you'll be adding to those numbers. here's the key is that santa rosa will probably go over there. this is the meter the water managers use. there's not much rain that falls in july, august, or september. most of it falls after october. but they're at 35.70. they only need about .58 to get to their annual average. san francisco, 20.85. they're about 2-plus from their
9:30 am
seasonal average. remember nearly 17 inches of rain fell in santa rosa in february. still light rain moving through. it's been from southern marin county, over the bay, oakland, berkeley, san francisco south. some sun. muggy conditions. a lot of humidity in the air. another system on the way tomorrow. thaemp it's not tapping into this very deep moisture. we'll still get rain out of it between tuesday into early thursday. the wettest locations will probably be around 2 inches. that's our system. if it tapped into that, then we'd be looking at 3 to 6. that's not happening but there's still plenty there and we're going to get rain out of this. but the bulk of the heavy rain is more toward l.a. and santa barbara. don't look for too much here in the way of clearing. 50s on the temperature. that system plays into our weather for tuesday, wednesday. thursday looks like a cooler pattern. this atmospheric river is going to favor areas south of big sur so it's not coming over us.
9:31 am
the 7-day outlook for rain, heavier rain is now toward bakersfield, santa barbara, and fresno than it is for santa rosa or the bay area. we're not looking for excessive rainfall. right about where we should be. we are looking for rain this week, just not excessive or heavy. but we'll get some tuesday, wednesday, maybe a little on thursday. teachers are back in the classroom after voting to approve a new contract with the school district. the teachers union says it was split into two votes, both which passed with a simple majority. 58% voted to approve the contract terms for the three years after that. we know the teachers will get an 11% raise over 3 years and a one-time immediate 3% bonus. the deal also promises to reduce class sizes. it also puts a hold on school closures for five months. teachers are back in the classroom, the union says the
9:32 am
fight to improve public school education is not over. keith brown, oakland education association president, says the union will begin pressuring lawmakers for more funding for public schools. >> we are committed to bringing this fight to the state, looking at the needed proposition 13 reform through the schools and community first act which will be on the 2020 ballot. >> oakland teachers with 95% of members honoring the strike. for more on today's top stories, let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom. >> here are some of the top stories we're following. in sacramento, the family of stephon clark is furious after the district attorney said no charges will be filed against the police officers who shot and killed him. clark's family and their church pastor held a news conference about their anger and grief.
9:33 am
>> my stance is this was murder. these officers need to be charged and the d.a. should be fired. >> one year ago, police chased stephon clark for alledgedly breaking windows. the officers say they mistook the cell phone he was holding for a gun and say as he was moving toward them, they shot and killed clark, believing according to the d.a. their lives were in danger. stephon clark's brother says the police who are sworn to protect them have failed. >> our hearts are shattered. our family is traumatized. we're in agony ever since the callus murder of my brother. >> the clark family says in two weeks they'll hold a gathering to honor the legacy of stephon clark. it will be a three-day event with the goal of helping the community to heal. a man was arrested in oakland, accused of shooting four people in a downtown sports bar. it happened early yesterday morning at the halftime sports bar on 14th street between webster and harrison. two men and two women who were shot were treated for their
9:34 am
wounds. still no word yet on a motive. around the russian river, people in the flood zones still cleaning up the damage this morning. government agencies and construction crews are helping to haul away debris and hazardous materials. some homeowners and renters applying for assistance and building permits. the community assistance center will stay open all week for people to sign up to get financial help. a public memorial service in san francisco for public defender jeff adachi is happening today at 11:00 a.m. it will be at san francisco city hall. mayor london breed is expected to speak. there have also been candlelight vigils and a march in adachi's honor since she died 10 days ago. and that's a brief look at some of the top stories we're working on. new this morning, san francisco giants ceo is taking a personal leave of absence and it all begins today. the statement released this morning by the giants. the giants' board of director
9:35 am
said mr. baer has acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that it never happens again. he's referring to this video that surfaced friday afternoon showing baer and his wife in an argument that turned physical when baer tried to take back his cell phone from his wife. baer apologized for it and in a statement said the executive team will handle day-to-day operations of the club while larry baer is away. a search for two missing sisters in humboldt county has a happy ending. >> it was a frantic search that lasted two days. >> how the little girls survived for two days in the wilderness. >> it's really such an amazing story. 5-year-old caroline and 8-year-old leah survived in a rugged area of humboldt county by drinking freshwater from
9:36 am
huckleberry leaves, eating granola bars, and huddling close together under a bush. the humboldt county sheriff shared the good news with reporters yesterday. the search mission lasted 44 hours before they were found safely. 200 volunteers and crews from mendocino and marin counties and also the national guard helped find the young sisters. caroline and leah went missing friday afternoon. they said they were following a deer trail and got lost. they were found about half a mile from their home sunday. >> i've been dealing with mom for a couple days here and i got the privilege of calling her and telling her they've been located. it got both of us. obviously the mother of two children and they've been missing for this long, a lot of stuff goes through your head. she was -- we had to hang up because we couldn't talk. >> the girls were cold, hungry, and dehydrated but weren't hurt and happy to be reunited with their parents. a rally is to be held this afternoon at san jose state university to call for more
9:37 am
support for the university student homeless alliance. 1100 students have signed a petition in support of the group's demands which include a minimum of 12 beds in the dorms for homeless students where they can stay for as long as 60 days. also $2500 in emergency grants for students to remain in housing if they can't afford their rent. >> we hope by the end of the year, by the end of the semester we have something already, at least a plan that is working accordingly and having students who are right now sleeping in their cars and the libraries to have a place to sleep. >> they'll meet tomorrow to discuss their demands. everyone knows it's expensive to live in the bay area, and a new report shows this month we're home to three of the most expensive rental markets in the country. san francisco takes the top spot where rent for a one-bedroom apartment has hit a new high. just short of $3700 a month. new york ranks second. in third is san jose where a one-bedroom place costs more
9:38 am
than $2500 a month. boston and los angeles round out the top five with oakland coming in sixth at $2300 a month. the national average is $12 00 a month. that's a big difference. happening today, first lady melania trump is starting a three-state tour to promote her be best campaign. this is at an elementary school in tulsa, oklahoma. the be best initiative is designed to promote childhood well-being, online safety, and the dangers of opiates. she'll be in las vegas tomorrow for a town hall on opiate abuse. she's expected to meet with an unnamed technology company in seattle. the mcarthur maze may required parts of the interchange to be shut down for months. the issue is the clearance heights on some of the mesa's connectors. caltrans's guidelines call for a vertical clearance on bridges of
9:39 am
16 feet, 6 inches. caltrans tells the chronicle some big ligs are carrying loads too tall to make it through the maze meaning they have to go around. the work is scheduled to start in april 2022. road closures range from three months to 15 months. if that happens -- >> you're going to be busy. >> i cannot explain to you how busy. it's going to affect our friend mike mibach. steve. everyone drives through there at one point. >> absolutely. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. we hope. let's talk about changes in oakland. happening today, a hearing on a proposal to reopen the historic theater. the hearing will be at 3:00 this afternoon in hearing room number 1 there at city hall to discuss permitting for the proposed project. there's a supervisor in san francisco working on getting
9:40 am
cannabis smoking approved in some parks where they have cannabis-related festivals. i smell marijuana in many places i never thought i would. the change happened -- >> didn't take long. walking through the city. especially san francisco. around market street. >> and the east bay is not immune. >> not just because it's legal. the wrestling team in one east bay high school is turning heads for all the right reasons. >> you're not a girl in the room. you're not a boy in the room. you're a wrestler. >> why more high school girls are now getting the mask to compete with and against the boys. a piece of space history is now in oakland. where you can go see a special exhibit that includes a rock from the moon. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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a unique high school wrestling team is thriving in san ramon. >> that they are. it's all thanks to the students who make up their rosters. >> the boys and girls hitting the match for dougherty valley high school. >> you should get some cardio from this. got it? >> reporter: at first glance, it's obvious there's some tough, physical work going on. it's not so obvious young women make up roughly a third of the team, mixing it up with the guys. girls were usually one or two standalones on the boys' team. that wasn't the best dynamic. >> never want to be that one boy that has to wrestle a girl because it seemed like it was a no-win situation. you win, you beat a girl. you lose, you lost to a girl. >> i used to wrestle back in high school 14 years ago in ohio. i was one of two girls on the
9:44 am
boys wrestling team at that time. i got a lot of forfeits because it's hard for a guy to wrestle a girl. >> reporter: it's pretty hard to find that stigma at dougherty valley. it started a couple years ago with then-head coach roberto clemente. >> we'd have one or two girls wrestle with us every couple years. it wasn't until last year. i attribute a lot of our recruitment to the movie. it was because of that movie, they started finding the sport. >> reporter: it's about an olympic wrestler in india who dreams of having sons to follow in his footsteps. he's blessed with daughters who defy cultural stereotypes that become olympic wrestlers just the same. >> these girls wake up every day at 4:00 in the morning and show us hard work and they tried so hard. they achieved something nobody else can. especially as a girl in india, that was so inspiring for many
9:45 am
of us. >> i watched it and it really reaffirmed my belief. i was like, i think this is the right sport for me. >> reporter: with the seed planted, a funny thing happened. this year more students than in the program's history, both boys and girls, came out for the team. at dougherty valley, wrestling is kind of a gender equalizer. >> you're not a boy in the girl. you're not a girl in the room. you're just a wrestler. you're one. you're a whole family. and that's what i really like about this sport. >> most of these girls stick with it and have the strong mindset that this is going to change my life forever. we try to treat everyone with equal respect. >> the guys are not afraid to work with us and go full out which is honestly a big help to us girls, even though sometimes we do get our butts kicked. the guys know how we girls can help them as well. we support each other. we pick each other up. there will be some times that we say you need to do better. and we're going to put you down. but at the same time help you get back up. >> reporter: unlike most other
9:46 am
high schools, dougherty valley has enough wrestlers for a separate girls team. they still sometimes have to combine with other schools or travel a little further for their meets, but the growth of the program means it's now a rare occurrence when a boy has to wrestle a girl in a competitive match. the boys and girls championships decided at the same event. that's not a development that surprises anyone at dougherty valley. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> what a great story. and i think it's great that more women, more girls are wrestling. i wrestled. love the sport. there's not a better sport. but years ago in the late '70s, early '80s, when i was wrestling, there might be one girl on a team and if you did wrestle her, it was like, you better beat her, but if you beat her, come on, it's a girl. it's exactly the stigma. now that the girls are coming
9:47 am
out in force, i think it's terrific. >> good for them. let's highlight other young athletes doing wonderful things. we do so in a segment we call "that kid's got game." this week i'd like you to meet 8-year-old tommy morrissey from florida. >> he was born missing most of his right arm but that hasn't stopped him from loving the game of golf. he started swinging at 1 and started getting national attention for skills by the time he was only 3. st. louis cardinals recently reached out to him. his little league team goes by the same name, by the way. morrissey got to hang out with the team at spring training camp in jupiter, florida. what a thrill. it looks like he's just as good with a baseball bat as he is with a golf club. he hit a home run in his first game of the season with his cardinals when he got back home. wow. >> he has a nice golf swing too. >> got a pretty good sweet swing there. >> strong little guy. >> we love the see the things your little gals and guys do. get it on video and send us a description of the athlete in
9:48 am
your life. submit it to the ktvu facebook page or twitter. we love it when you use our hashtag #thatkidsgotgame. a golden bear senior is going out on top. up next, amazing performance in the last game of the russia investigation season for cal's women's basketball team and the record she has now set. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make-or-break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®.
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makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. today the first new ferry in vallejo in 15 years goes into
9:51 am
service. the new boat is named pyxis. san francisco bay ferry says bix pyxis is bigger and better than those who came before her. it can carry 145 passengers, meet the toughest standards and travel at the same speed as traditional smaller vallejo ferries. pyxis is latin for "mariner's compass." two other similar boats are expected to join the fleet in the next year. tesla will soon be unveiling its model y crossover suv. the new electric vehicle will be tesla's fifth since the company was founded in 2003. the model y won't have the falcon wing doors of the model x but it will be bigger and cost 10% more than the model 3 which is currently tesla's most affordable car. tesla ceo elon musk plans to unveil the model y in l.a. on march 14th. meanwhile, volvo is known as the worldwide leaders of safety in cars. now it's sending a strong signal
9:52 am
about the dangers of speeding out on the hallway. volvo will limit the top speed cars can go at 112 miles per hour. volvo says it will help it achieve its vision. by 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new volvo. that's their hope. it says the major causes of crashes are speeding, intoxicated driving and distracted driving. it hopes to raise awareness about driving under the influence or not paying attention when you're behind the wheel. filmmaker steven filmmaker says he intends to support rule changes that could block netflix from oscar eligibility. spielberg and others are planning to support a regulation at an upcoming meeting at the board of governors that would disqualify streaming sites such as netflix from the oscars, this after "roma," produced by netflix, came close to winning best picture here at the oscars. a spokesperson for spielberg
9:53 am
says he feels strongly about the difference between the streaming and theatrical situations. others in the industry point out netflix has been an important supporter of minority filmmakers and their stories. officials in colorado keeping a close eye on snow covered hillsides after this huge avalanche was caught on camera. the avalanche roared through a canyon on copper mountain yesterday and covered parts of the interstate 70. a driver recorded it as it was happening. he was about 2 miles away. eventually he does pull over and waits as the snow continues to crash down from the mountain and watches as snow covers his car, but thankfully it wasn't enough to trap him inside. spacex has achieved another milestone in its quest for human space travel. a dragon capsule successfully docked on its own yesterday at the international space station. the only passenger on this flight was a space suited mannequin. spacex could fly astronauts to
9:54 am
the space station later this year. nasa has relied on the russian spacecraft to take its astronauts to the space station since 2011 when the space shuttle program ended. a moon rock collected during an apollo mission is now on public display at the space and science center in oakland. the rock was collected during the apollo 16 mission in 1972. an apollo 9 astronaut unveiled the rock on loan from nasa yesterday afternoon. the moon rock is being displayed as part of the space center's 50th anniversary celebration of the launch of apollo 9 back in 1969. l.a. could be getting a new sky scraper. the planned building would be a mix of condos, hotel rooms, and commercial space. the downtown project with its sleek tapered design all aimed at adding pizazz to the l.a. skyline which critics call rather dull. the plan will likely be approved in a year and a half.
9:55 am
a reminder, the tallest building in the state, the wilshire grand center in downtown l.a. opened in june of 2017. the 73-story building is 1100 feet tall. it's currently the tallest building that's west of the mississippi and is 30 feet taller than the sales force tower in san francisco. we now know when southwest airlines will start taking its first flights to hawaii. the initial flights will be from oakland to honolulu march 17th. this morning some were as low as $49 each way, with tuesdays and wednesdays being the least expensive days. those rates quickly sold out. the peak travel season is when you'll find the most expensive tickets. last week southwest says the faa gave approval for the airline to begin flying from four california cities to hawaii. so besides oakland they'll include sacramento, san jose, and san diego. service from oakland to maui begins april 7th. service to kona starts may 12th. service to honolulu begins may 5th. after taking a break for
9:56 am
more than two months, wendy williams is coming back to tv. the show confirms williams will be on the air today. williams took a hiatus from her show in december. rumors circulated about where she went. in a statement, williams said she needed time away to treat her graves disease. several hosts filled in for her including nick cannon. you can watch it here weekdays on ktvu at 10:00. washington state in their pac-12 tournament thursday, the same they played yesterday. here's what enigwe did. she pulled down a conference record 30 rebounds. that's titanic. this was also the 30th straight game in which she had a double-double. that's a pretty good 30-30-30 in your final regular season game. the bears rolled over the cougars. the final was 80-58. >> very nice. it's good having you in for
9:57 am
mike, by the way. so keep in mind, the rain is returning. i know you're sick of rain but it's coming back. so keep that in mind as you make your way around tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll leave you of this pretty shot of the bay bridge. clouds in the sky. you know that means there's more rain to come. >> more rain. okay. okay. i know we need it. let's go.
9:58 am
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