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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> why did we get cut? yet again. >> oakland students making their voices heard after the district plans to make deep cuts, slashing programs and schools. the teachers' strike is over but the difficult budget decision has yet to be made. the rage that the teachers ratified yesterday independent of the school board, making the reductions. ready to get away. after a long wait, today southwest airlines started selling tickets to hawaii, with some fares that were hard to believe. >> i think that's pretty cool and i'm excited to get to go. >> from ktvu news, this is "the four." thousands of oakland students returned to class today following a seven-day teachers strike. over the weekend, the teachers' union and school district agreed to a new contract but the contract does not end there. welcome everyone, to "the
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four," i'm alex savidge. >> and i'm cristina rendon. now that the district is trying to deal with the budget deficit that they say will likely lead to closures. >> paul chambers joins us live from the newsroom with more on how the community is responding to these proposed cuts. >> reporter: more than $21 million in cuts were proposed today, something the district says is necessary for it to survive. the board listened to hundreds of upset and passionate students. educators, parents, and supporters who spoke for three hours. but when it was all said and done, the cuts were approved, and the crowd wasn't happy. >> you are taking every program down? it's up to you, the board, to ensure these programs are not cut in the name of teacher raises. >> reporter: sund, e union endestrike by approving a new contract which includes an 11% salary increase over four years plus, a 1% bonus, smaller class sizes and a five-month delay over school closures. >> the delays that the teachers ratified yesterday is dependent
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on the school board making the reductions that we are talking about here. the community -- the community can disagree, the community may not like that. >> reporter: those cuts include staffing for essential services, the asia-pacific islanders student achievement, foster care services and restorative justice. plus, the board approved a $27.5 million in reduction. students rallied together and demanded the board resigned. however, two members faced the crowd, including a student director who spoke today. >> i have lost all faith or trust in this board right now and i honestly feel like i don't even want to talk to them. >> it's not over. we are going to ask for the funding because there is funding out there. right now, the only solution you are leaving us is to do a
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student strike so we can get our resources. >> reporter: students say since they listening, they will work together to take it to fight in the city hall in an effort to save the programs and their school. today, some northbay elected officials got a firsthand look at the damage from those devastating floods in sonoma county. congressman jared huffman visited forest bill where a landslide in the hacienda neighborhood displaced a number of people. we also saw crews marking trees for removal in that area. county officials say the estimated damage from flooding and mudslides during the recent storms totals at least $155 million. >> it includes communities like this that are on a hillside, that is saturated, that is vulnerable. we've got red tags all around us. these folks are in danger of losing everything. and we've got situations like this in many parts of sonoma county and other parts of my district right now. a lot of people are in need and being impacted by these storms.
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>> officials have now opened up a one-stop assistance center for people living in the county. it's in the former bank of america building in grenville. that's where people can get information about local, state, and federal help as well as any services being offered. back here at home, we are also dealing with a few sprinkles and showers. nothing as bad as that, though. rosemary orozco joins us with what the conditions are. >> we have a system approaching already. this system is not going to bring us as much rain as last weekend that's a good thing for our northwest folks. our rivers are in good shape and should hold up through next system. here's a few through san francisco. sunset about 6:00. here is another view over the east bay. a lot of cloud cover, even started off with drizzles and light showers this morning. then we taper off to mainly dry whether. we still have moist air in place but for the most part it's been a dry afternoon. santa rosa at 58, napa at 57. oakland, 56, livermore, also 56 and san jose at 55. he will go tonight through the
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mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning, scattered showers will develop. right now, it looks like it is going to favor the south bay first and then work its way through the rest of the bay area as we get into the afternoon. here's a look at the system here. the subtropical plymouth moisture is taking aim at central and southern california. although we will get the rain and scattered showers, and a good amount of rain, we won't get the brunt of it like we did last week. here's a look at the futurecast model picking up for you at this hour. there is a lot of cloud cover. there is tomorrow morning, on the morning drive, it looks like especially over areas of the south bay. along the bay and coastline, we could have drizzles to start the morning. you could up windchill wipers going. should not be too big of a deal. any wetness on the roadway will slow you down. here's a look at the afternoon drive. just becomes widespread involving the northbay, and we will go through tuesday with scattered showers in the forecast. into wednesday, another round, perhaps more developed for the wednesday morning commute.
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i'll have that coming up in just a little bit. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from a half inch to an inch expected for most of the areas. we'll see a little bit more in hills, maybe 1 to 2 inches before all is said and done later in the week. mostly cloudy skies and a few showers to start your day tomorrow. 48 in san francisco, 46 in redwood city and for the afternoon, mid-to upper 50s. mostly cloudy skies and the rain increasing as we move through the afternoon. i'll have a time that will stretch south through the rest of the week. there's also snow in the sierra and an advisory to talk about. more on this coming up. san francisco said its final farewell today to public defender jeff adachi who died unexpectedly back on february 22nd. ktvu's christien kafton was inside today's memorial service and joins us live from city hall. friends and family members say he will be deeply missed. >> that's right. today, friends and family for jeff adachi defined him and described him as a warrior for justice and say he was always fighting for the underdog. og.
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>> the city of san francisco paused to remember publix defender jeff adachi. his brother saying his family is grieving his sudden and unexpected loss. >> i come here before you today, i think like all of you, with a heavy heart, and just profound sadness. >> reporter: adachi was found in a north beach apartment suffering an apparent heart attack last month. his wife and daughter appearing publicly for the first time since his death. seated across the aisle at the memorial service from the mayor. london breed saying she first met adachi as a teenager when he was a young defense attorney coming to the home of a friend accused of a crime. the mayor saying she will remember his commitment to justice. >> any time we needed help, whether i had a family member or friend in trouble, jeff was
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always the person i called. >> reporter: chief attorney for the public defender's office, matt gonzalez, said adachi was at times reviled for defending those accused of defending terrible crimes, saying adachi recognized the humanity and everyone. >> most people want to measure the accused at their worst moment. but, jeff wanted to measure people by their potential. >> reporter: rudy corpus from the antiviolence group united players remembered a man of principle. >> jeff was about the people. he was a fierce fighter. jeff fought for the have-nots. jeff fought for the people who couldn't stand up straight. jeff fought for the people who people wouldn't stand up for. >> reporter: stan adachi saying, well to many he was an icon, he will remember jeff adachi as a son, a husband, a father, and always as his brother. >> he loved life completely. and, he lived it intensely. >> reporter: going forward, mayor london breed will appoint a temporary replacement to fill
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jeff adachi's term until november, when the people in the city and county of san francisco will elect their next public defender. we are live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> quite the tribute, thank you very much, christien kafton live in san francisco. at least 23 people are confirmed dead and many others are injured after tornadoes swept through alabama. officials say a number of people are missing. a search and rescue crew has been digging through what's left of homes and businesses. fox news' ray bogan spoke with survivors who say they prayed as the storm lord through. >> reporter: dozens of homes and business owners like the ones behind me will have to rebuild after tornadoes ripped through the southeast. an aerial view ripped through the southern states sunday night. this georgia resident lost her home, but says her family is lucky to be alive.
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>> my babies, i just covered them like this, and was calling on jesus. just kept saying, "jesus, cover us. cover us, jesus." >> reporter: the national weather service says a deadly twister that hit southeast alabama was an ef-4, with wind speeds of 170 miles per hour. >> almost a mile wide. so, a monster tornado. crews in hard-hit lee county, alabama are assessing the damage and searching for people who are still missing. officials describing the damage as catastrophic, but say the area will recover. >> these people are, they are tough. they are resilient people. >> we will overcome this loss. we've done it before. we'll do it again. >> i've directed fema to provide immediate assistance to the great state of alabama. >> reporter: search and rescue operations are ongoing. officials say at least 23 people have died, but that number could go up. in smith station, alabama, ray bogan, fox news. coming up here, the day a lot of people have been waiting
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for. southwest airlines selling their first ticket to hawaii. the deals that will make you dreaming. and, the presidential field keeps growing. details on the 12th challenger hoping to unseat president trump.
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sarah's last tuition payment, sent off.
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feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. former colorado governor john hickenlooper today became the latest to join the very crowded field of democratic presidential candidates.
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the 67-year-old has a business background and calls himself an extreme moderate. as alicia acuna reports, his announcement to run comes as former attorney general eric holder gives were that he will not be jumping into the race. >> i'm running for president because we need dreamers in washington. >> reporter: john hickenlooper, joining a crowded and still growing field of democratic presidential contenders. the former two-term democratic governor running as an outsider and moderate with a track record of working with both parties, claiming his experience as both a brewpub owner and governor sets him apart from the rest of the pack. >> one thing that i have shown i can do is create teams of amazingly talented people. >> hickenlooper start a race at a significant advantage when it comes to name recognition and funding. experts say he will have to work hard to win over the name. >> use even protested at the 2016 presidential election, as
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an anti-fracking agent. this is going to come up. it is probably his weakest link. >> reporter: his entry comes as another presidential candidate, air colder, announces he's not running for president. just two days after vermont senator bernie sanders launched his campaign, running significantly to the left of hickenlooper, promising what he calls a political revolution that started with his 2017 campaign. >> but with your help, we are going to do more than that. we are going to not only defeat trump, we are going to transform the united states of things off with a rally on thursday and then it's off to iowa. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. we now know when southwest airlines will start taking its first flight to hawaii. the initial flights will be between oakland and honolulu starting march 17th. the airline started selling tickets today, and this
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morning, some fares were as low as $49 each way, with tuesdays and wednesdays being the cheapest days. but of course, those rates quickly so that. the most expensive tickets are during the peak travel season. we are talking june and july. any people still say the rates are worth it. >> the price! what could be better than -- i don't even care what time i fly. if i can fly round trip for $200. >> i fly southwest all the time. i think that's pretty cool. and i'm really excited to get to go. >> service from oakland to maui will begin april 7th, and service to kona will begin may 12th. service from san jose to honolulu begins may 5th. this prompted southwest airlines to drop prices as well. for more on these price wars, we are joined by chris mcginnis, editor of the travel skills lock on sf gate.
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chris, thanks for being here today. it was a big day. this caused a lot of excitement. have you ever seen anything like it? >> we have been anticipating this for quite a while. many said they anticipated coming to the bay area last year, and so the southwest effect has already taken effect. we've seen some of the lowest fares ever all the way up until this point and then today really rocked the boat when we saw those $49 fares. no one could believe it. >> right. hawaii has been dominated, airline wise, by hawaii and alaskan, predominantly. >> yeah, and united. >> and united. do we think these price wars are going to continue? what are we seeing from the other airlines? >> initially, the first airline to respond was american airlines. they came at $275 round-trip but you had to stop at alaska c there's was down to about $198 round-trip. the last i looked about an hour ago, it was $278 round-trip. that is still an amazing deal.
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anything less than $300 from the bay area to hawaii, it's a very good deal. i think we are going to say less than $300, now through the end of june. and through the end of may, when we get into the peak travel season, it is going to be more expensive but you will not pay $700 or $800 in previous summers. i think all of the airlines are going to continue to keep an eye on what southwest is doing and keep people on their airline instead of the newcomer. >> no kidding. so, when i looked this morning, those $49 flights were gone. i was so disappointed. it is still worth it then. >> i think it is. what you need to do is set up fare alerts on places like google flights or skies get that allow you to set a fare and if it goes below a certain fare, and it goes below that threshold, it will send you an
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email and you book the flight. >> what you think it took so long for southwest to expand into the home why in market? >> they did a good job of being a domestic carrier. it was recently they started to fly to mexico and the caribbean. what southwest wanted to do was get these flights that appeal to the rapid rewards members. these are members of the frequent flyer program, that they really, they earn all of these miles but they did not have any sexy destinations to go. hawaii is very, very sexy to frequent fires. they all want to go there. i would imagine that most of these people that are booking now, -- i'm sir, southwest, are their best customers. >> okay then, these price words we anticipate, should continue. that's good news for us. >> i do believe they continue. the other thing that we have in our favor is that jet fuel prices are pretty moderate right now. so, the airlines don't see the pressure to raise fares. competition is definitely putting downward pressure and there is not a lot of upper pressure, due to the fuel prices. >> okay, chris mcginnis with lo
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>> i'm ready. >> oh grab those tickets. thanks so much for joining us. alex? luke perry, heartthrob from the hit show, "beverly hills 90210" has died. he passed away this morning at a hospital in burbank at the age of 52. last week he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke. he had been hospitalized ever since that time. according to a statement that was put out on behalf of the family, perry was surrounded by his family at the time of his death. 911, what's your emergency? >> my mom is having a seizure. >> okay. what's your address? >> a 7-year-old girl credited with helping to save her mother's life. up next, how she was able to maintain her composure in what was a very scary situation. tune in tonight at 8:00 for an episode of "the resident," followed by "the passage" at 9:00. then stick around for the 10:00
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and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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in this week's bay area people, we introduce you to a remarkable young girl from venetia. the chief of police in that city was so impressed by this little girl that he reached out to ktvu so that we could hear the 911 call that she made. >> as ktvu's connie wong shows us, 7-year-old laura acted with composure and compassion in the face of a very scary situation.
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>> reporter: it doesn't take a lot to make 7-year-old laura smile. >> i'm in second grade and i like to draw. >> reporter: she likes to take care of animals, and says both of her mom's are vet techs. they have quite a few. but one night, a few weeks ago, laura had to step up to do more. that night it was just her and her mom, julie. >> i had just gotten home from work. we ordered food and had just finished eating. >> we were watching a show on the television and then she just started to have a seizure. >> reporter: dooley wasn't responding to laura, and so laura didn't hesitate. >> i thought i should call 911. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> my mom is having a seizure. >> what's your address? >> veteran dispatcher angela foleyit was a little girl. >> reporter: fully says this
4:25 pm
call, unlike so many others she had taken, was different. she said laura was calmer than most adults and somehow knew exactly what to do. >> it was as if somebody had told her, if this happens, this is what you do. >> mama, you're okay. mom. >> how old are you, honey? >> i'm only 7. >> are you home alone? >> yes. >> has she ever had a seizure before? >> yeah, two, or three. actually three. >> she has? you are going to stay on the phone with me until we get to the fire department. what is your name? >> my name is laura. >> is she breathing? >> yes. she's just shaking a lot. >> okay, i know that's scary. >> she knew everything, her name, her mom's name, she knew to put her dog away. >> beans, come on, beans. i'm putting my dog away. >> okay, stay on the phone with me. >> means is the family border collie who doesn't take well to visitors. >> she's very protective of us.
4:26 pm
and she knew to put her out because she knew people were going to be coming in. >> reporter: and through the call, this scared little girl stayed calm and put her mom first. >> mama, you're okay. mama, i'm laura. i'm your daughter, mama. you're at the house. mama, you're okay. i'm your daughter. the cops are coming. okay? they're coming, so you can go to the hospital, mama. okay? you just had a seizure. >> listening to her talk to her mom, it just got to me. it you could hear it in her voice. the love was there. it was amazing. >> reporter: firefighters came and laura guided them in. they got juliambulance and when they called julie's wife, heather, to fill her in, everything was under control. >> normally i would have
4:27 pm
thought she would call me and said, this happened. what do i do? but, she handled it. >> reporter: dooley is now back home and since that day, laura has gotten some attention, thanks in part to the dispatcher who heard it all. >> when i hung up the phone i looked at my partner and said, oh, my gosh, you have to listen to this call. >> her partner listened and so did the police chief and decided to give her a little recognition at school. the message from everyone from police to fire has been the same. >> good job. excellent job. we're proud of you. and as for laura, she says she knows it's possible her mom could have another seizure but she told me, she's not worried. in venetia, claudine long, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the venetia police department and dispatchers have a program called 911 for kids where they teach young children at local elementary schools about how to call 911 for help and what information they need to give dispatchers. it was a program started by a venetia firefighter. they all call it a great success.
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still to come here, we'll talk with an expert about social media's effects on teenagers and some of the trouble signs you should be looking out for. and next, house democrats take aim at president trump. what they are requesting, and potential political ramifications. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. uh uh - i deliverberty the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. the chairman of the house judiciary committee demanded dozens of documents today from members of the executive branch to the president's business associates. as fox's laura blanchard tells us, this is just the start of a
4:31 pm
new investigation into possible obstruction of justice and corruption by president trump. >> reporter: a new investigation into president trump gets underway today with a massive document request from congressional panel. >> howard jones protective rule of law. that's our court function. >> reporter: president trump facing increasing scrutiny from lawmakers. the house judiciary committee requesting documents from more than 80 people and entities connected to the president. donald trump junior, michael cohen, and the white house all receiving letters, asking for information. >> impeachment is a long way down the road. we don't have the facts, yet. but we're going to initiate proper investigation. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller and the southern district of new york, which are are aware of the move. the probe will focus on three main concerns. obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power. >> this is all about tearing the president down. i'm not saying the republicans wouldn't do the same thing, if
4:32 pm
the shoe were on the other foot. but this is all part of a reason that the american people don't trust congress, and don't trust washington. >> reporter: president trump maintains he is innocent of any wrongdoing and frequently refers to the investigations into his conduct as a witchhunt. still, the white house says officials will review the committee's request and respond at the appropriate time. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing? no collusion. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee chair is asking the white house and others to respond to the request by march 18th. two weeks from today. in washington, laura blanchard, fox news. california attorney general xavier becerra took action against the trump administration's changes to family-planning funding. he filed a lawsuit against a new title x rule which he says restricts access to critical preventative care and birth control, and prohibits doctors from providing referrals for abortion.
4:33 pm
among other things, the role is expected to redirect tens of millions of dollars from planned parenthood to faith- based groups. >> they constitute an unprecedented interference with the provider patient relationship. so, we feel strongly that they are clearly unconstitutional, and we're very confident about the strength of our suit. >> the lawsuit also has the support of several lawmakers including those in the democratic legislative women's caucus, and governor gavin newsom. lyft is going public. the ridesharing app beat out uber by announcing its ipo. it filed its paperwork to raise as much as $100 million. lyft could begin trading in late under the ticker, lyft. an exact date has not been determined but this is the first for a big year of tech
4:34 pm
with lyft rival uber, as well as airbnb, pinterest, and post mates expected to go public this year. a new study find social media stars can inspire children to eat junk food, but not health food. researchers in the uk study nearly 200 children ages nine to 11 and found children who watched youtube and instagram stars on eat unhealthy food would up their intake of the junk food but the kids who watched influencers eat healthy food gave that food a pass. doctors say as humans, we are designed to be very responsive to the sweet and salty parts of junk food, but not programmed to over eat vegetables in the same way. this research is the latest in studies showing how social media affects kids and teens, and many studies suggest social media has a negative effect, even contributing to depression and anxiety. for more, we are joined by michael shea, a clinical social worker. thanks for being here. why do you think it is that so much time spent on social media is causing teenagers and young people to feel more depressed and lonely? >> well, i appreciate you having me here.
4:35 pm
a lot of times what happens is, these kids are watching these little devices, and they're engaging in it and there's a lot of information that is hitting different receptors in the brain. that's keeping them very active, and very involved. but, the activities are not activities that are consistent with their developmental phase. so for instance, teenagers are all about identity formation. they're about their sense of being individuals, their sense of experiencing abstract thinking. well, that's not being engaged when they are in the media, and constantly in this device, looking at it. what they are missing out on is the human interaction. >> in an overall sense, are we seeing more teenagers and young people suffering from anxiety as a result of the time spent on social media platforms? >> yes. and that's a great question. so in ucla, they did a series of questions, when students
4:36 pm
enter college, and they ask about how they feel overwhelmed, or do they feel a sense of overwhelmed. and, they took a look at this longitudinal study from 1985 to today. and, they noticed exponential increase, 10% increase, 18% of students said in 1985, they experienced anxiety and depression. to 2016, they said, 41% of students entering college felt a sense of anxiety. >> and there is a shift there. >> they attributed this to the number of tasks. and also, because of their social media. >> so, how much time is too much time on instagram and snapchat? and can you find a balance? you know, if you find a teenager at home? >> i think that you and i both know that by virtue of the fact that social media is a technology, it's helpful. we all utilize it.
4:37 pm
we use lyft and, we utilize it to get our reservations and whatnot. but i think what happens is, when we're missing out on those things, like, our meals, engaging, or when we are engaging and communicating with one another, like through text, or through social media, that we could actually call up or go to see somebody, we are missing out on that biological, fundamental need of literally what we are doing right now, which is conversing. engaging. trying to find out some solutions and possibilities to help people. >> all right. and so speaking of helping people, let's say you have a son or daughter at home, who you are worried is spending too much time on social media. are there specific things that parents should be looking out for? >> right, that's a really, really good question. so, i think isolation, or over focusing.
4:38 pm
or, i think there is a reality today that we have to ask our children, what are you putting out on these platforms? can you share it with me? because then, there becomes a dialogue and a process where you can get feedback from one another, which means something. and i think the other thing we need to do as adults is, stop looking at teenagers disparagingly. i mean, our teenagers are brilliant. they have resources and solutions that sometimes i would never think of. and i think by engaging in conversation, even if it's about their social media, to find out why they are going down that path, tell me a little bit about that. i think we as adults can make a difference. >> i'm always fascinated by this. because, i wonder why something we label as social media that is supposed to bring us closer together, it seems to inherently make people feel more isolated. >> well, and i think we are dealing with a fundamental reality. loneliness is something that none of us are exempt from in the human experience. but, how we deal with it, and i
4:39 pm
think so many adolescents and teens are going toward social media, because we want to belong. that's the fundamental need, to be long. so, i invent parents, and even teachers to look for their sweet spot, where they their passion, and fan the flame, versus constantly getting on what they're not doing. >> okay, we'll have to leave the discussion right there. michael shea, clinical social worker, appreciate your time. good discussion. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. appreciate. san francisco giants ceo larry baer is taking a personal leave of absence beginning today. in a statement releasing this morning, the giants' board of directors said, he acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again. the board is referring to this video that surfaced on friday,
4:40 pm
showing he and his wife in an argument that turned physical when baer tried to take back his cell phone. baer apologized for it. in a statement this morning, the board said the giants' executive team will handle the day to day operations of the club while baer is a way. up next year on "the four," the unusual growth of wrestling in one east bay high school. wymore high school girls are hitting the mat to compete with and against the boys. mostly cloudy skies over the bay area this afternoon, as we head into the evening hours, or rain in store for tomorrow. i'll have details on the next system in the next forecast into your weekend coming up. hi? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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a unique high school wrestling team is thriving in san ramon, thanks's to the students who make up the roster. >> ktvu's joe fonzi talks with the boys and girls who wrestle with dority valley high school. >> you sure get some cardio from this. got it? >> got it. >> reporter: at first glance in the dority valley wrestling room, it's obvious there are some tough, physical work going on. it's not so obvious that young women make up roughly a third of the team out there, mixing it up with the guys. girls have been wrestling on high school teams for years but were usually one or two the boy that wasn't the best dynamic. >> you never want to be the one boy that has to go up against a girl because it felt like a no-
4:44 pm
win situation. you win, you beat a girl, you lose, you lost to a girl. >> i used to wrestle 14 years ago in ohio. i was one of two girls on the wrestling team at the time. i got a lot of forfeit, because it's hard for a guy to wrestle a girl. >> reporter: it's pretty hard to find that stigma at dority valley. it started a couple of years ago with then head coach, roberto clemente. >> we would have one or two girls wrestle with us every couple of years and it wasn't until last year, and i kind of attribute a lot of our recruitment to the movie "van gaal". >> reporter: "van gaal" is about an olympic wrestler in india who dreams of having sons to follow in his footsteps. he is blessed with daughters, who defy cultural stereotypes, and become a on the big wrestler, just the same. >> these girls wake up every
4:45 pm
day at 4:00 in morning and they show up with hard work. and they try so hard and achieve something nobody else can. especially as a girl in india. that was so inspiring for many of us. >> i watched it, and, it really reaffirmed my belief. and i was, like, i think this is the right sport for me. >> reporter: this year, more students than in the program's history, both boys and girls, came out for the team. at dority valley, wrestling is kind of a gender equalizer. >> you are not a girl in the room, you're not a boy in the room, you are a wrestler. you are just one. you are a whole family and that's what i like about this sport. >> reporter: most of these girls stay with it, and have the mindset that this is going to change my heart forever. we try to treat everyone with equal respect. >> the guys are not afraid to work with us and go full out, which is honestly a big help to us. girls, even though sometimes we do get our butts kicked, the
4:46 pm
guys know how we girls can help them as well. we support each other, we pick each other up. so, there will be sometimes that we say, you need to do better and we are going to put you down but at the same time, help you. >> unlike dority high school, there are enough wrestlers to help girls with teams, who sometimes have to combine with other schools or travel further for their meets, but the growth of the program means it's not a rare occurrence when a girl has to rescue a boy in a competitive match. >> for the first time this year, the state tournament was a combined effort. the boys and girls champion decided at the same event. that's not a development that surprises anyone at dority valley. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. we are going to shift over and talk about the conditions across the bay area. there is a live look at the conditions on the golden gate bridge and a lot of clouds out there. a lot of folks woke up this morning, rosemary, to some pretty serious drizzle.
4:47 pm
place, and all of that cloud cover at this hour. we woke up with light showers in drizzle and it took until the afternoon before mostly cloudy skies, mainly dry weather took over. into full already temporary. we have another system that will be moving in as we get into the next 12 hours to 24 hours or so. here's a look at the water vapor loop. this gives you a good idea of the center of the storm. we have the sub tropical moisture plume of air and water that's going to make its way into the central coast and southern california. so, this is going to be the brunt of the rain right in there. that is not expected to hit us. we will continue with scattered showers. moving through wednesday, it will increase at some point and we'll see a decent around your k. is what we saw, advisors coming out of the national weather service but it struggles to reach the eastern and northern edge of what we would consider our bay area.
4:48 pm
and, it does include areas like vallejo and martinez. and, venetia. actually, martinez is on this side. in any event, we've got this flood advisory here that will go in place tomorrow afternoon, and last until noontime. the rest of the bay area, no advisories in place. included in this national weather service, a sacrament to advisory. so, a flood watch that will start late tomorrow, go until thursday. as far as the sierra, going to get more snow. there is a winter storm warning for the sierra that starts tomorrow, and, a winter storm watch for areas over lake tahoe. for us here at home, the rain begins tomorrow. should be light and scattered in the beginning and then it becomes a little bit more widespread. wednesday morning, looks like it becomes a little more dicey on our roadways. we'll be watching that for you. as far as rain amounts, anywhere from a half inch to 2 inches for our urban areas, a little bit more for the hills. here's a look at futurecast, timing it up for you. this afternoon, mostly cloudy
4:49 pm
skies. tomorrow morning, we begin to see the light rain approached the bay area. light, scattered showers, not a big deal but it will be on the morning commute and that is enough to slow you down. here is the trouble with the afternoon commute. scattered showers, widespread, moderate pockets over the bay area wednesday morning. it looks like we could see some widespread, heavy rain. maybe even thunderstorms on wednesday, before we begin to dry out wednesday afternoon and thursday looks drive. here's a look at the temperatures outside under mostly clear skies. 56 in oakland, 55 in downtown san francisco and upper 50s in napa. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers developing. 40s in the forecast, 44 to start your day in santa rosa, and 46 in redwood city. mid-to upper 50s, under gray skies, and, scattered showers, rain increasing into the afternoon, and your extended forecast shows you the rain and the showers will continue into wednesday. we've got a dry break on thursday, partly cloudy friday, and then into the weekend,
4:50 pm
another chance of scattered showers will move in. >> as we were talking about, this storm is nothing like what we saw last week. >> our rivers are in good shape and are expected to hold up soon. frank joins us now with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 this, an incredible story of survival. >> it really is. two years old, 5 years old and 8 years old, missing for nearly 2 full days in humboldt county. it was cold and raining. obviously, the parents feared the worst but incredibly, those two girls survived. today, the family talked about what it was like to be reunited, and the little girls describe how they survived. again, it is just an amazing story. we'll have that coming up at 5:00. and up next, incredible video of a massive avalanche. thankfully, nobody was hurt, we will explain what was going on here in this cell phone video right after the break.
4:51 pm
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almost 5 months after hurricane michael leveled communities in the florida panhandle, many residents are still living out of tents with no significant sign of recovery insight. that category 4 hurricane plowed down 80% of the resort town of mexico beach. >> as reports, many residents there remain hopeless as their hope for faith faith. >> reporter: mexico beach is still unrecognizable to the mayor. >> i still don't remember whose
4:54 pm
house, or how big it was. >> we had 2700 homes, we are down to less than 500. >> reporter: al is mayor of mexico beach where mexico made landfall. >> and nobody showed up here, they made landfall, they give us talks, they give us hugs and now we are into the reality of how to pay for this. >> reporter: in mexico beach like many neighboring towns and communities, a lot of tarps remain. >> this is where you live. this is your home? >> yes. >> reporter: dennis murich uses one for shelter. his home of 40 years, decimated. >> no matter how hard you get k >> reporter: misty gregory lives nearby in a space she shares with her boyfriend and her daughter. >> we have a 2-year-old and a pet. but there's so many other people out here in the community that are suffering. they have less than what we have., people think, oh, there's a baby in a tent. but, they don't realize, how much worse it is for the surrounding areas.
4:55 pm
we got lucky. >> reporter: they're surrounded by people who live in nine other tents in one backyard. >> this is home to me. this is home to me. >> reporter: jacinta wheeler is grateful for the kindness of strangers, but like the other 8000 people who are homeless, says this isn't the life she dreamed of. >> and nobody wants the american dream. and, if this is the dream, then, i don't want it. >> reporter: allie raffa, foxnews. officials in colorado are keeping a close watch on snow- covered hillsides after a huge avalanche, you can see it coming down the hillside, was caught on camera. this avalanche roared through a canyon on copper mountain yesterday. it just covered parts of interstate 70 in colorado. the driver recorded the video on his cell phone from about 2 miles away. he pulled over, and he waited for that snow to crash down from the mountain. he wants to cover his car,
4:56 pm
even. but thankfully, not enough to trap him. i can't even imagine how scary that must have been. >> absolutely frightening. we hear about these avalanches all the time. obviously in colorado, here in california as well with all of the snow we've had. but it's incredible to see it unfold like that on the video. just the size and scope of one of those avalanches. >> the full he is okay. that does it for us at 4:00. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts right after this break. have a good one. alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. >> i was getting bored. >> i'm glad to be back with my friends. >> back to school in oakland. happiness in the classroom but anger at the school board eating. the strike is now over. drastic cuts need to be made. approximately $21 million in cuts. >> teachers but it over the weekend to approve a new contract with the oakland school district. today, the district started dealing with the budget deficit that will likely lead to school closures. paul chambers in our om tonight on how our community is responding to the cuts. >> reporter: there were a lot of people thatwere upset. the e meetduring the school day. still, hundreds came out to here their voices heard. the board approved more than 20
5:00 pm
100 million 20 hundreds of community members held a multi- purpose room for three hours upsetting students per, educators, students, and supporters. they lined up one by one. >> if you take my program down you take every program down. it is up to you to make sure that these are not cut. >> they approved a new contract which includes a new 11% salary increase over or years. plus a 1.3% bonus. the new contract is only a temporary fix. we will be in the same situation in five months. >> the race that that teachers ratified yesterday is dependent on the


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