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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 5, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the new contract is only a temporary fix. we'll be in the same position in four months. oakland eachers teachers are back in the classroom but students are not happy. i'm frustrated, you know. the police department is right there. it feels like we're violated. >> it is happening again. another rash of car break-ins. at least 20 of them in one night. where it's happening and how police in fremont are dealing with this latest disturbing trend. good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> another day of heavy rain. >> more than 200 million americans are dealing where temperatures at below freezing as the central and eastern u.s. are bracing for another day of record cold. >> steve paulson is here and we are bracing because more rain is underway. >> more rain is underway, we already talked about. some of it is inching closer. you can see a lot of that moisture got tapped into by this low. so it's going to be another round of very heavy rain. this time, it wants to focus on the santa cruz mountains south. it going to be some moderate amounts for some, maybe a quarter inch to a half inch. then in the hills or coastal hills, inch half to three and south. watch for the heavier bull's eye. while you are getting rain to
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the north. there are heavier amounts forecast from the santa cruz to monterey. sierra, winter storm starts at 4:00 p.m. so you need sometime to get up there. but the snow level will be getting up. a rain-snow mix. 7000feet and above is where the one to three feet will be. it's pretty quiet. a little quiet to the north. santa rosa reported some light rain. cloudy skies, rain developing and then we'll continue into tomorrow. 40s and 50s. 60s for highs. >> sal is here. he will tell you about? >> the altamonte pass, steve. if you know somebody coming in from tracy. traffic will be slow. westbound i-80 at the bottom
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the altamonte pass. a crash. a big rig and another big rig. looks like two big rigs on the right hand shoulder. i want to go back to that because the traffic appears to be very slow. right there, and 205 is also going to be very slow because of that crash. let's move to san leandro. getting to the carquinez bridge. we are learning more about the protests in sacramento after the district attorney's decision not to indict police officers for the shooting of
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an unarmed black man. a reporter was arrested a i long with a pastor. the protest was in an area of sacramento that does not see much. >> the people who make the desists live in this area. the captain says that arrests mo made for unlawful assembly and cars were keyed. those arrested were processed and released. son saturday, sacramento county district attorney ann marie schubert says that are charges won't be filed against the two officers who shot and killed stefon clark in 2018. they were called to a possible car breakin. they chased him to his grand parents' yard.
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they shot him after they mistook his cell phone for a gun. the mayor said that he was disappointed about the protest. the protests are expected to continue. black lives sacramento plan to be at the police department this afternoon. >> saw, sarah. >> the time is 5:05. in washington, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says, yes, there are enough votes in the senate to pass a measure to block president trump's national emergency declaration. the president declared that emergency on the border with mexico as a way to get the money to build the border wall. the house passed the resolution of disapproval saying that the declaration violates constitutional checks anibalances. the senate will vote opt resolution next week. the president says that he
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would veto the bill and if he does, that's the first time that he will use his veto power. and house democrats will launch broad subpoenas focusing on the trump administration after he took power. the president says that he will cooperate but says that's presidential harassment. >> we think there is a threat to the american character of government. you can't turn the government of the united states into a business for one guy, his friends and his family. >> house judiciary committee plans to start holding herings as on as this month. here is the latest from alabama on the powerful tornado that ahead the state. search teams are back out
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looking for possible survivors. the sheriff of lee county near the georgia border says that at least 23 people are dead but that number is expected to go up. it was the most powerful and deadliest tornado in the u.s. in six years. fremont police say that they have seen a big jump in the number of auto burglaries. they are investigating at least 20 that happened between sunday and monday morning. they are focusing on shopping centers and apartment complexes which are becoming more frequent target. >> i'm frustrated. nothing was taken. this was a selfless lime that was done. i work hard for what i do and $1800 down the toilet. >> police are warning people not leave things in their cars and say even putting them in
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the trunk could be a problem because they are breaking windows, hitting the trunk releaser and last pulling down back seats to get to the trunk. a woman was attacked near stephen hall at uc berkeley. the woman knows the person who attacked her. neither the suspect nor the victim are affiliated with berkeley. and police in livermore are investigating a suspicious death after finding a body on a dirt trail. the body of a man on the ground was along part of royal creek early yesterday morning. police arrived. the man was pronounced dead. livermore police are asking if you have any information, give them a call. a drunk driver responsible for killing four men in one family is now facing a 125 year prison sentence. fred low had alcohol in his system when he crashed into a
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family in interstate 80. jared horn who is a baseball pitcher at cal, was the only survivor of that crash. his father, younger brother, uncle and cousin all died on the scene. the time is now 5:09. the oakland school board voted to make really deep budget cuts for the academic year. the board voted to cut budget. the school board says that this is necessary to pay for the 11% pay raise for teachers over four years in their new contract. many people spoke out passionately against the budget cuts. >> i have lost all faith or trust in this board right now. >> it's not over. we're going to ask for the funding because there is funding out there. >> glow, the students plan to take their fight to city hall and to the state capitol.
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accusations that construction workers were lured from mexico and locked in shipping containers. coming up, we'll talk about the south bay case that is calling for better protection. and the recovery effort along the russian river may be slow after last week's devastating flood. >> we are looking at a bridge that is looking pretty good. a little crowded. it's getting crowded. that means that metering lights should be going on soon. what's better than having fast,
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welcome back to morning on 2. new tonight, former pro wrestler king kong buddy has died. he was from new jersey, known for his enormous start our. he was 6'4", 480 pounds. he became a star in the 1980s and returned to wrestling in the mid-1990s. so far, there is no word on how he died. king kong bundy was 61 years old. happening today, a 26-year- old man is scheduled to return to the san mateo county court on murder and arson charges. prosecutors say that he set fire at a palo alto home on
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south humboldt street. sal is a gang member and mistakenly thought that there were rival gang members in that home. there were seven people in that home and only six were able to get out. new details on the case of a homeless man shot and killed by police in oakland. police received calls of a man who was asleep with a gun. police approached. he woke up and pulled out his gun and did not pull it down when he was ordered to do so. a federal judge appointed another attorney to help the
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compliance director sort things out. police chief kirkpatrick says that she agrees that the police department needs to change the way they handle cases involving people who are not aware of their surroundings. >> my goal is to get to best practices, if think there are any in this country regarding people who are asleep, unconscious and they are with guns and the waking up. >> the police chief also said that there are not any guidelines to handle those situations, she wants the oakland police department to be the first to develop those policies. richmond police are searching for people who may have witnessed a shooting inside of the hill top mall. the shooting happened just before 6:00 in front of a shoe store. several people were arguing and there was at least one gunshot and the group fled in different directions. male with a gunshot wound took
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himself to the hospital. the mall was placed under lockdown and was closed for the rest of the evening. and san jose city council is looking to expand protection for construction workers. this as a federal court case moves on. fernandez attracted workers from mexico to work on the silvery towers. the workers say that they were locked in shipping containers without water. in san jose, workers have been deprived of almost $3 million. >> we are here to protect the rights of workers, those who have vulnerable. >> the san jose city council says that the current law didn't have enough power behind it to protect those workers at the silvery towers. the federal case is expected
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to continue all this week. some of the victims of the sonoma county flood say it will take them a long time to recover from that devastating storm. many people lost everything they own. others are still digging out of the mud that settled on their property and are still trying to figure out what is salvageable. a few are looking past that and making plans for the future. >> i've been walking around here, seeing all the devastation but my mind is thinking, all right, we wanted to do this. now, we can. now is our opportunity. >> elected officials, federal and local say that they will rebuild. time is 5:17. sal is over there. he will get you to where you need to go. how does it look, dave?
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>> it looks okay, dave and claudine. i want to show you a picture of the tunnel and the traffic looks pretty good. it is a little bit more crowded now as you come up towards the treasure island area. so this is about the time that you can see how it starts getting crowded. this is about the time you will see that the traffic at the metering lights starts getting slower. they turn them on to ease some of that traffic on the upper deck. let's talk to the gilroy super commute. looks pretty good from gilroy to san jose up to morgan hill and into that part of the silicon valley. if you are on the road early, it does pay off. we have a minor of things that are so light that it has not affected traffic so much. it's 5:18. let's bring steve in. >> cloudy skies and rain is on the way. it's not knocking on the door. come on in. but not yet. the low is tapping into more
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moisture. this time, it will focus more amounts of rain, central and down in southern california. does not mean that we won't get any rain, but less. monterey, maybe three to four. farther south, an increase in the rain fall rate. see where that is? focused on the sierras again. down in the sierras, it's focused more to the south than to the north. and let's hope so because they have had more than their fair shares. when they go out to do the snow is your survey, they need to go to home depot or
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lowe's to get longer pipes. more is on the way. i'm heading up there today. should i go now? yeah, go now because the winter storm does not kick until until 4:00 but it goes until 10:00 a.m. on thursday. there will be some warmer air coming in. around 5500 feet, you you may get a rain snow mix. and then beyond that, lake level, you may get three to four feet. everyone says it's cloudy but here it is, starting to move in. to the north, pretty quiet. most of the energy again will be focused southward. the low has been showing some lightning strikes so there will be some instability with that. 40s, 50s coming in. you can see that moisture beginning to make it move. still a ways to go. throughout the day, we'll see rainfall increase and that deep moisture this time takes it more to the south but, still, plenty there for people to get on the rain. 50s, 60s on the temps, off and on rain. a break. weekend, don't change any
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:23. a man in britain has back the second person cured of hiv through a bone narrow transplant. the patient has hodgkins lymphoma as well as hiv. he received a transplant with were a gene resistant to hiv. he has been off hiv drugs for 18 months now with no signs of the virus. a man in california is the only other person believed to have been cured of hiv. timothy brown received a bone marrow transplant from a donor with resistance to hiv, 18 years ago. a teenager in ohio took it upon himself to get his vaccine after he turned 18
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years old after research seemed to prove that his parents were wrong. he plans on testifies today at a hearing looking on the outbreak of preventable diseases on the heels of another new study that evaluated 150,000 children and that study shows the measless and rub la vaccine does not cause autism. if you are thinking about getting away in someone of those southwest airlines low cost flights to hawaii, you are out of luck. the $49 fares all sold out yesterday just a couple of hours after they were announced. southwest airline is set to begin flights to hawaii on march 17th from oakland and then later from san jose, sacramento and san diego. happening today, new orleans is celebrating fat tuesday. a big mardi gras party is planned for today. several parades will mark the send of carnival season. more than a million people
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visit new orleans every year in the weeks leading up to mardi gras. the time is now 5:26. up a next, an incredible story of survivor. >> we found shelter up a tree branch close to the ground. >> two little girls telling how they spent two nights lost in the woods, cold and alone. democrats have just ramped up their investigations into the president in a big way. i'm doug luzader in washington. we do have traffic getting a lot busier all over the place. traffic is moving well on the upper deck of the bay bridge in san francisco. rain is on the way. everyone will get in on some measurable amount of. rain is getting closer now.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, march 5th. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm dave clark. don't leave your umbrella at home. i know because steve paulson is about to tell us why. >> well, rain is quantity way.
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as claudine says, this is a sassy looking screen. >> san jose, the rain chateaus, inch half. not surprise, 35, gusts to 40 miles an hour. the focus, though, this time, is to the south. more from monterey, big suhr and the san joaquin valley. that's the trent this time, not to the north. we are still going to get rain for everybody and you can see now beginning to march on near the san mateo coast. so some rain will be developing. if you are leaving right now, you might miss a lot of that rain but it's on the way for today, tonight and into tomorrow. 40s, 50s on the temps. 48 to 49 covers the spread. rain moves in with instability with some thunderstorms on tomorrow. that deep moisture, the tropical moisture this time wants to focus itself to the south and not to the north.
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50s, 60s on the temps. >> 5:31. this is when things pick up. and the metering lights are on. >> they are on and there is a stalled bus in one of the lanes, west of treasure island that one of our crews saw. a busy morning at the bay bridge as we look at the mcarthur maze. you can see the traffic looks okay as it approaches the bridge. traffic is okay at the toll plaza. once you get to the bridge, the traffic is moving along okay. looks like the lights are all right driving across. i think you can actually see. may not be the same lights or always on, but there is lighting up there. as we look at the vacaville, fairfield, vallejo commute, traffic is already. a little bit of slowing as you drive across the carquinez bridge. back to the desk. >> thanks, sal. fremont police are
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reporting a spike in the amount of car break gins within the last year and it's becoming more and more common for those happening at the apartment complexes, including 14 breakins at four apartment complexes. police say that some are related becaused the the proximity and m o. a man may be facing prison sentence. itao set the fire to the house, thinking that there were were rival gang members in the home. out of seven people, six got
5:33 am
out, susannah tong died in the fire. and the oakland school board cutt the budget. sacramento, dozens of protesters were arrested after another night of marches to protest recent decisions not to prosecute two police officers who fatally shot stefon clark last year. activists from black lives matter were arrested along with a pastor and a journalist. the district attorney said that she will not file charges against the officers nst the officers >> one year ago, stefon clark
5:34 am
was unarmed. he was in his grandmother's backyard when police officers shot and killed him. the district attorney said that officers feared for their lives, they mistook a cell phone that clark was hoping for a gun. clark supports now want the state attorney general xavier becerra to bring the charges. >> we hope that attorney general becerra does, even when sacramento district attorney didn't have the current to do, which is prosecute the two police officers involved in the killing. >> attorney general xavier becerra says that he will be wrapping up his investigation soon and make a decision as soon as he releases that report. the state of california is suing the trump administration over a new rule limiting
5:35 am
access to abortions. it would prohibit clinics receiving federal funds to provide abortions or refer. >> what the trump administration is doing is attacking is gender equality. >> 20 other stairs and the district of columbia are filing a separate lawsuit over the family planning rule. it is set to go in effect in may unless the courts block it. and a climate emergency has been filed. it is an intention to make all public transportation in california carbon free. >> mind you, this is without any new taxes. this is about more smartly aligning our state transportation dollars, the green house gas fund, utility
5:36 am
programs, bonds programs. other pots of funding that we think can bring the full might of california to bear. >> several bay area city including oakland, hey board, richmond declared their own climate emergency with goals to reduce the carbon emissions. president trump is expected to sign an executive order today aimed at helping suicide among military veterans. the order will give officials one year to develop suicide prevention plans focusing on state and local communities. the task force will also keep searching in the mental health field to learn more about post trauma sick traumatic stress. democrats have launched their own investigation into possible corruption, abuse of power by president trump by sending subpoena requests to
5:37 am
80 people linked to president trump. fox doug luzader has more on the scope. >> reporter: the people at the white house are now dealing with the scope. president donald trump sound affable enough. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing? no collusion. it's all a hoax. >> but no hoax what's happening on capitol hill. democrats, led by house judiciary chairman jerry nadler are carpet bombing the white house with document requests. seeking dozens and dozens of documents from dozens dozens of people. democrats are careful to avoid going too far. >> we exhibit to act quickly
5:38 am
to avoid lawlessness but if that leads time people. , so be it. >> others are not waiting for the investigation. california's maxine waters is not careful tweeting, now is the time to show your patriotism. >> i'm saying some of them are doing this for purely political reasons and if they think that american people are fooled, they really are underestimating the american people. >> reporter: democrats are trying to work pretty quickly here. they want the lion's share of these documents in less than two weeks. >> doug luzader, in washington, thank you. a man in nebraska is arrested after police found a woman in the trunk of his car. police in omaha were called about a possible be a seduction sunday night. they found the car which then
5:39 am
took off when police tried to stop the driver. he eventually crashed, tried to run away but police caught him. that's when they said they found a woman in the trunk of that man's car. the 61-year-old suspect and a 37-year-old victim were taken to the hospital. the man was later booked on several charges, including domestic violence and fleeing to avoid arrest. no word on the woman's condition and the investigation continues. the father of a young woman who was caught in landslide at fort funston says that he is grateful for the work of the recovery crews. keira sunshine scarlet was walking on the beach with her dog and a friend when the landslide occurs. >> the first night, they were saying that roughly half of
5:40 am
the sand that had fallen washed out to sea and, so, i think that equipped of accepted the fact-we kind of accepted the fact that care ra became a mermaid. >> time is now 5:40. ahead, a city hall memorial. how the public defender was remembered by friends and colleagues after his sudden death last month. somebody has come forward to claim the mega million pot of $1.5 billion. >> we do see that traffic is getting busier. almost every commute that you are looking at all the way tunnel. rain is beginning to make its move on shore, very light for now but more chance of
5:41 am
rain underway.
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the two sisters who were lost in the woods in humboldt county are sharing their amazing story of survival. >> we were pretty hungry. our stomachs grumbled the whole night. >> 8-year-old leia carrico and 5-year-old caroline carrico spent two nights in the wilderness together, huddling together to stay warm. they hate granola bars and berries and were afraid that bears would get them. >> my sister cried the whole night. i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for us. >> i thought about going to the park with mommy and daddy. i thought about going to the ocean. i thought everybody that i
5:44 am
remembered but it didn't work. >> these girls are so well spoken. the parents say that it the girls learned basic survival skill. they did that in their 4h club. the mother joked that she might microchip them or hook them to the carabineers that she bought. and go to for more on the story. at a san francisco public memorial service, family members, friends and colleagues of the late public defender jeff adachi remembered him as a man of principle. hundreds of people were at city hall for this memorial service. jeff adachi was a man who was remembered who lived each day at its fullest. he was found death and an apartment on telegraph hill after suffering an apparent
5:45 am
heart attack. jeff adachi was at times criticized for defending people accused of terrible crimes but he made a point in recognizing the humanity in everyone. >> jeff was about the people. he was a fierce fighter. jeff fought for the have- notes, fought for the people who could snot stand up straight. jeff fought for the people who people won't stand up for. >> san francisco mayor breed said that she'll always remember jeff adachi's commitment to justice and his brother stan says that he will remember jeff as a son, a husband, a father and always his brother. the medical examiner has not determined the official cause of business. jeff adachi was 59 years old. whomy wood is mourning the loss of actor luke perry who died yesterday less than a week after suffering a stroke.
5:46 am
he was best known for his role in 90210, in the role of dillon. >> i was devastating, you know. as a youngster growing up, 90210 was a fixturement mouse hold, you know. everybody made it home to watch that. >> what was luke perry's appeal, do you think? >> i think he was like, a protector, at least in riverdale. and then also like watching the interviews and stuff, he seemed like a fatherly type of person. >> luke perry was 52 years old. our time is 5:46. meantime, san francisco giants fans are reacting to the news that san francisco giants ceo
5:47 am
larry baer is taking a personal leave of absence after a spat between him and his wife. the giants said that mr. baer has knock knowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure this does not happen again. some giants fans say that they are glad for the scrutiny. >> players are in the limelight and administration is in the limelight, too. >> in a personal situation like that, i don't think that, you know, outside should get involved. >> the giants also say that they are cooperating with major league baseball. the giants are in the mid of spring training right now looking to make improvements on last year. the team already made improvements at the plate after coming off the second worst offense in the mlb last
5:48 am
season. our time is 5:48. sal will be in the official sal seat watching giants games later but right now he is in that traffic seat watching the commute. >> i'm looking at some of the drives here, dave. traffic is busy if you are driving on the commute. i want to mention a new crash, westbound 80 at san pablo road. we have slow traffic in hercules heading out to the area. no major issues heading to the by bay bridge. 580, well above 205 so we have quite a commute here this morning as a lot of people are heading that way. this is a look at the mcarthur maze and the traffic is okay here. it's 5:48. let's bring steve in.
5:49 am
>> thank you very much, sir. >> you're welcome, sir. >> 40s and 50s, very close, 41, 48, steve, 48 to 51. oakland and san jose, the morning trifecta there. the rain is underway, beginning to show up near the san mateo coast. this is the warm sector leading edge, the deeper moisture looks like it wants to take him this time towards the santa cruz mountains and then monterey down towards central california and down to santa barbara half inch to an inch. for this time around, you can see where the focus of the heavier rain, central valley and to the south. less amounts to the north. that does not mean that you won't see the rain here.
5:50 am
but the two to three to four will be in central and southern california. snow at around 5500 feet, might be a rain-snow mix there. and then you get on another level at one to four feet. 20s and 30s in south lake tahoe. 29degrees. truckey at 27. the south, southeast breeze begins to kick in. there is so much snow there and more is underway. a percent of normal, 159% of the normal. how much water do you get? 40inches, 43. that's a lot of snow that has to melt between the time we get to now and summer. some light rain, get the darker green, the yellow reaching the ground. other locations, not yet. still high based. the lowest back here, coming
5:51 am
around, that you get jet stream support and that will rusher in the heavier rainfall. half inch for some in the higher elevations but the focus this time, let's hope so, is on the santa cruz mountains south as that deeper moisture begins to make its move and that will slide south. santa cruz mountains, you miss out on it this time around. cooler. clouds increase on the weekend, could be some rain. right now looks like it's going south, claudine. >> thank you, steve. dash cam video showing the moment that people risk getting out of their cars on a busy freeway to try to snag loose $20 bills.
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kids at the refurbished boys and girls club have a new basketball court to play with and stephen curry was there. the warriors foundation chipped in for the new floor. more than 80 floors have been refurbished. momo's bar and grill has been a fan favorite across the oracle for years. but the walnut creek location
5:55 am
is going to be closing. momo's opens on north california boulevard four years ago. no reason was given for the reason and the company has not said when the restaurant will close its doors. >> the company that makes oxycontin may be filing for bankruptcy. purdue pharma is facing 2000 lawsuits saying that the company con tributed to the opioids. purdue, however, denies the claim, saying that there was a label. filing for bankruptcy will allow them to negotiate the lawsuits under the supervision of a bankruptcy judge. chipotle introduced the vegan protein options. the company says that demand
5:56 am
for the safritas have continued to grow as many customers look for plant-based proteins. around noon yesterday, ktvu photo journalist george bustos saw cars stopping, it trying to pick up $20 bills blowing in the wind. we don't know where bills came from. officers arrived but the money was gone. the winner of last october hear 's $1.5 billion jackpot has come forward but chose to remain anonymous, which is probably smart. there is a $878 million one-
5:57 am
time payment. the winner waited 102 days before coming forward. he or she had until airport 1st to come forward. and the cuts that oakland unified is expected to make in order to stay on budget. and we have slow traffic. it's beginning to develop in some of the commutes now, especially opt bridges. we'll tell you where it's slow. if you are a fan of the rain, you have hit the jackpot because it's hit right now. we'll tell you how long it's going to last.
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5:59 am
dozens of arrest in sacramento overflight during a protest against the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. we'll hear the message from dep strait fors about the
6:00 am
death of stephon clark. and priests accused of sexual abuse are fleeing the country. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. more than 200 million americans are keeling with temperatures at or below freezing as the central and eastern u.s. are bracing for yet another day of record cold temperatures. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson is seeing the weather coming in. >> already started. >> hello, claudine. are you doing some online shopping. >> no, i was checking the radar to make shoo that you are on point. >> good retort. good morning. santa rosa at .03. not


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