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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 5, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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death of stephon clark. and priests accused of sexual abuse are fleeing the country. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. more than 200 million americans are keeling with temperatures at or below freezing as the central and eastern u.s. are bracing for yet another day of record cold temperatures. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson is seeing the weather coming in. >> already started. >> hello, claudine. are you doing some online shopping. >> no, i was checking the radar to make shoo that you are on point. >> good retort. good morning. santa rosa at .03. not a lot.
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but that's going to increase in intensity. seeing a little southerly breeze beginning to kick in. cloudy, breezy, on the way for of course. it started for some. the deeper moisture this time looks like it wants to take aim more towards the santa cruz mountains, to monterey to big suhr. coastal hills and higher elevations, inch and a half to three. this time around, though, most of the energy is taking aim towards the central and southern sierra and central and southern california. more so than us. that's a complete reversal of what we saw. let's hope so. we don't need to see more in the north. rain snow mix around 5500 feet. rain will begin to develop. may take a while to get going for some but this mr. play into our forecast. 50s, we'll end up with upper
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50s and 60s. 6:02. sal, any rain on the traffic cameras? >> i'm looking around, looking at all my screens here. don't see anything yet. the richmond bridge, i'll put that up a little bit. i want to talk about the macarthur maze approach and interstate 80 right now. i didn't see any rain right now although it could be damp. a couple of different crashes already to the macarthur maze from the carquinez bridge. you look at the bay bridge, it is heavy and does look a little damp there. here is what i was talking about, snowing on highway 4 westbound. interestingly enough, the outer commutes around the area are looking okay. 680 looking fine. if you are driving out to the south bay, those commutes don't look too bad. so i'm looking around for some
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wet weather. it has not really hit full strange this but damp root out there. 6:03, let's go back to the death. we are following a developing story in sacramento where hundreds of developers have hit the street shouting for justice for stephon clark and they were met with a heavy police presence. activists marched after the announcement that the police officers who shot and killed clark will not face charges. >> reporter: the protest this year, much different than what they were like last year. there were hardly any arrests last year and last night, there were 80 arrests.
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the protests happened in east sacramento, an affluent area that hardly sees any shooting. >> we know that you see us. we know that you hear us. >> reporter: hundreds marched through the streets of east sac to demand justice for stephon clark. the police chief says that arrests were made for disorderly conduct. officers chased clark after a 911 call about car break-ins. they cornered him in his grandparents' backyard, mistook his cell phone for a gun and shot him. in a statement regarding last night's arrest, the mayor says that i'm very disappointed that the protest ended the way it did. i have many questions about
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what went on that preceded the order to dispersement he went on to say that no journalist should be detained for doing their job. there is a council meeting. the city website says that it is expected to draw large number of attendees at the meeting. time is now 6:05. an oakland priest acuesed of sexual abusing a young boy has fled the country. father castillo was placed on administrative leave. church officials told the paper they received complaints about inappropriate behavior by castillo and they stayed in touch with him until february 21st. police have found him but won't say anything ebbs sent that he is out of the country. richmond police are searching for people who may
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have witnessed a shooting inside the hilltop mall. this happened last night. there was an argument inside of a shoe store and several gunshots unsued. one person was hurt. he took himself to the hospital. the mall was placed on lockdown and was closed for the rest of the night. police in fremont say that there seen a big jump in the number of car burglaries. police say that they are focusing on shopping centers and apartment complexes which are often targets. we talked to one man who says that three of his cars were burgized at his apartment complex. >> i am frustrated because nothing was taken. this was a selfless crime that was done. i work hard for what i do and $1800 down the toilet. police are warning you, don't
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leave things inside of your car. and even putting them in the trunk could be a problem since these are now breaking windows and hitting that trunk release button or pulling down the back seat to break into the trunk. two men are under arrest in connection with two burglaries at the office building in palo alto. police received report of a burglary in progress at 2:00 at the office building on hill view avenue. when officers arrived, they found broken glass door, two masked suspects holding stolen property on a staircase. they are identified as cousins, mike turner and steve turner of oakland. they tried to run away but were arrested outside the building. the oakland school board voted to make deep budgets cuts. they voted 4-3 to cut $21 million reducing it staffing
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for several programs. the board says that cuts are needed to pay for the 11% pay increase for teachers in their new brand contract. many of the meeting spoke passionately on the budget cuts. i feel like i have lost faith for them. we don't need to talk to them. >> it is not over. >> students plan to take the fight to city hall and also to the state capitol. a new report finds that schools across the country are investing more money in police officers and less in counselors, psychologists and social workers. the aclu says that they could improve. they say that police presence
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in school can lead to a motliest inning school climate. happening today, a 26-year- old man is due back in a san mateo cord to face murder charges and arson. police say that pappitia tao is accused of setting a home on fire. he mistakenly thought that there were rival gang members in that home. there were seven people in the home and only six were able to escape. 85-year-old susannah tong died. he could face life in prison. we are learning more about the two little girl who is survived after being lost in the woods alone. how they made it through
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several cold wet nights in humboldt county. right now, we do see that traffic is moving along okay on the san mateo bridge but it is getting crowded getting out west. more rain arrived, san francisco, sfo and oakland has some rain right now. this is the leading edge. more is on the way.
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welcome back to mornings
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on 2. it's now 6:12. the two little girls who were lost in the woods in humboldt county are telling their story of survival. >> we were very hungry. >> 8-year-old leia carrico and 5-year-old caroline carrico spent two nights alone in the wilderness, huddled together to stay warm until they were found on sunday. they said they ate leaves and granola bars and they were scared, worried that bears would get them. >> my sister cried the whole night. so i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for us through the night. i thought about going to the park with mommy and daddy. i thought about going to the ocean. i thought every thought that i remembered but i didn't work. >> these little girls. the parents say that the girls learned basic survival skills on the 4h club.
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the mother also joked that she might microchip them or attach them to a gps device she bought after the disappearance. >> for more g to and click on the view at the bottom of the article. we are following the details on the tornado that hit alabama. the national weather service says that tornado carved a paste 24-mile long ang more than a half mile wide. it is the most power ful and deadly tornado in the u.s. in six years. a man in arizona didn't think that he would get stuck in a river bed that is
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normally flat. the salt river normally look like a dessert. water officials released some of the water. they even posted signs warning of the runoff other people who came to see the runoff say that they are amazed that driver tried to drive through the water. >> i woo not do it. i would not attempt it. there's barricades up. you can clearly see water flowing across the street. >> officials in arizona say that they're going to keep releasing water into the river bed as the snow keeps melting. that makes more room for water for runoff from the storms that are in the forecast for that same area this week. in nebraska, a man was arrested after police found a woman in the trunk of his car. omaha police were called about a possible abduction on sunday night. found the car which then took off when they tried to stop the driver. they eventually crashed and tried to run but police were able to detain him and they
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found a woman in the trunk of that man's cadillac. both the 61-year-old suspect and the 37-year-old victim were taken to the hospital. the man was booked on domestic violence and trying to avoid arrest. fat tuesday celebrations are happening around the world today. now today is the last day before the beginning of the catholic observance of lent. carnival dancers hit the streets of rio de janeiro, brazil, last night. that city hosts some of the biggest mardi gras celebrations in the world. new orleans is celebrating. we are right now on bourbon street in new orleans. looks pretty calm at the moment. it is 8:15 at the moment. however, you know that things
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will pick up later. a big mardi gras party is planned for today, with several parades marking the end of carnival season. more than a million people are planning to celebrate. you are good for the beignets and the coffee. you have to get the beads. >> and the king cake. >> my friend had us over the other night and we had the king kick. did not get the baby. >> i did not. >> i don't have to buy it. winner. all right, sal. let's go check the road. how are we doing at 6:17 on this tuesday. >> that's very specific. >> right now. i mean, right now. >> we are doing okay. >> i just like that. be specific. let's take a look at the approach. highway 580 westbound coming up at the taylorsville.
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you can see that it is wet. it has been raining but not hard. the windshield wipers or on right now for the morning commute. this is the bay bridge. the traffic is moderate, about a 20 minute delay. 80 westbound, a couple of different crashes in hercules and san pablo. traffic is going to be moderate there. no major issues on the san mateo or dunn barton commute. the rest of the south bay commute still looks pretty good getting into that west valley. let me see. yes, i do have 280 here. northbound 280 looks pretty good. let's bring steve in. >> all right. of the rain has moved in, will
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pick up later. you don't have rain there? don't worry. it will be there. so much rainy weather, brother steve, that the fat furry squirrels of 94703 have gone into sleeping. >> upper 40s in the oakland hills, 50s in town. that light rain has begun. there it is. not to heavy yet. but it's picking up on intensity. sfo with sot light rain. probably already setting the lows for the day. half inch to an inch and a half for some but greater amounts in the santa cruz mountains and some of the coastal hills. look for a cloudy, breezy day. heavy rain still back here. this is a lightover running of the warm sector coming in. it's here, though and it's arrived. a lot of the energy will be
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south. south wind picking to 36 miles an hour. isolated 3-inch amounts. down to monterey and big suhr. you can see the focus of the moderate rain is. they are looking for more rain than we were out of the system to the south. if the system holds, that's where it will be. it will be a rain snow mix at the 5500-foot level but above 7000 feet, that will be snow. it goes until 10:00 a.m. on thursday. upper 20s, some low 30s. that's the rain beginning to make it move so if you are leaving now, you might dodge some that have rain but the heavier rain will come later today. 40s and 50s are the temps and the system rotating around that jet stream support and some dynamics coming into play. if you want to call that
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atmospheric river, that tap is coming to the south compared to that system which went right around marin county north. 50s, 60s on the temps. off and on rain. cool system brushes off. rain, maybe some rain late saturday into sunday. claudine? >> steve, i checked. you're right on the zip code. as always. vacant store fronts in san francisco that could mean millions of dollars for fran. and a third run at the white house. what hillary clinton is saying about taking on president donald trump in 2020. remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash]
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happening today, a teenager who chose to get vaccinated against his parents' wishes will testify in front of congress. the ohio teenager took it upon himself to get vaccinated after he says that research seemed to prove his anti-vacs parents wrong. a study evaluated more
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children who shows that the vaccine does not cause autism. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that there is enough votes to block president donald trump's emergency declaration. the president declared the emergency to get more money for his border wall. the house was hassed a resolution saying that it is cons constitutional. congressional democrats have asked 81 people and groups linked to president trump to submit documents in a broad investigation into abuse of power and obstruction of justice. the investigation will focus on events after president trump watts elected. they're going to include the firing of former fbi director james comey, hush money payments to two women and the business dealings with russia. president trump says he will cooperate but also called the investigation presidential harassment. a new record shows that border agents are using their
6:26 am
weapons less often. the associated press showed 15 instances where officers and agents used firearms during the 2018 budget year. that's down from a high of 55 reported incidents during the same time in 2012. and down from 17 during 2017's bummed year. complaints of excessive force prompted the agency to called for an audit and investigation by a research and policy group in 2013. as the crowded field of democrats running for president continues to grow, hillary clinton has now confirmed she's not going to run in 2020. >> i'm not running but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. what is at stake in our country, the kinds of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me. >> the interview is the first time that mrs. clinton has definitely rebutted remores
6:27 am
that she will take on president trump again. she has spoken to several of the presidential candidates and said, quote, don't take anything for granted. and we'll tell you where a car was headed before crash everything into the back of a rig big. and we have more on the hiv cure.
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there is the opening bell. look at that timing, right on the dot. there is the new york stock exchange. home depot announced it will be hiring 80,000 workers at stores across the country, just some of the news making the market watch today. we'll continue to monitor stocks along with business and tech knews in today's dollars and cents. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> victims of the sonoma county flooding are trying to recover what they have lost. >> i've been walking around here seeing this devastation, but my mind is thinking, all
6:31 am
right, we wanted to do this. like, now, we can. now is our opportunity. >> elected local and federal officials say that even though people will rebuild, the possibility of floods and other disasters, that just keeps growing. congressman jared huffman who represents the county says that climate change is making floodings bigger and stronger. he says that businesses, governments need to work together. steve, you called it. i went outside a moment ago. it was light rain on the ground. >> thank you, dave, but that was easy. you dialed that one in today. >> yes. rain is on the way and tipping the bucket. heavier rain south. right now.
6:32 am
william tweedy. good morning, steve. vallejo is currently .52. there is some of that rain, not the light but the darker. starting to move the move over san pablo bay. associated with a line that stretches from marin county, coast down towards cruz, beginning to pick up. as you know, in february, it was focused but marin county north on the heavy rain. this time focused to the south. santa cruz mountains, that's where the deeper moisture looks to be going. two parts to this system getting heavier rain. i think it will pick up more than the north bay. half inch to an inch and a half. isolated, where that moisture sets up. some of the rain totals here, not excessive, that's the good news but look for rain to pick up off and on and tonight and into tomorrow. highs near 60 degrees. 6:32. sal will probably tell you traffic is impacted by the rain.
6:33 am
are we go seeing that a little bit? >> yeah a little bit although people are used to it after the season that we had. marin county has not become too buzzy, a little slow now. it's gradually getting there but the weather you talked about, steve, is here as you look at the wet pavement on the richmond bridge approach. windshield wipers on intermittent here. westbound highway 4 looks relatively dry compared to that. highway 24 is slowing down. so definitely seeing some more slow traffic because of the wet weather. i do want to mention that if we head out to the south bay, northbound 87 at kirkner, a crash cleared but traffic is slow from 85 knocked. let's go back to the desk. >> a man in britain has become the second person cured of hiv
6:34 am
through the bone marrow transplant. ali rasmus is outside of the center where a doctor received a grant. >> the same organization reports doctors here at usf to find a cure for hiv, the virus that causes a.i.d.s. now, researchers think that they may have come closer to doing that. that man from britain has become the second person to be, quote-unquote, cured of hiv. the reason that we say quote- unquote is because he has not had any hiv signs in the last
6:35 am
18 months. he has hodgkins and also hiv. he has been off hiv drugs for 18 months without a sign of the verse. the first person to be cured of hiv in a similar way is a california man named timothy ray brown who went under similar treatment 12 years ago. you'll hear from him and then a lead physician in this case. >> we are now 18 months in, but we are confident that this will be a long term remission but it's too early to say whether this is a cure or not. >> i would like to meet the london patient very much. i would say take your time and if you want to become public, do it. and it's been very useful for science and giving home to hiv- positive people. , to people living with hiv. >> as you can tell from the quote, the london patient has not yet been identified.
6:36 am
just yet. we reached out to medical researchers here at ucsf who are working on several projects and on projects that are funded. there is a need for blood donors right now. they suffer from blood shortage. 900pints of blood have been used because of transplants, several patients with heart surgeries. doctors say that donors of all blood types are needed but they do need type 0 negative because they can be used by any patient. >> the time is now 6:36. new information for you on a deadly crash that we told you about last week in oakland. the alameda county coroner has
6:37 am
identified the three people killed in a deadly crash. they are the villarreal family, the 17-year-old brother in the hospital. they crash neighborhood a parked big rig on the interstate near the memoryville border. the family started this gofundme page. the family members say that this happened on the way to see their father at the hospital. the father is in critical condition. the chp says that speed and wet roads may have been been factors in that crash. we are learning new details in the case of a homeless man shot and killed by oakland police. police got the call of an unarmed man lying two houses. police approached him and he woke up, reached for hires gun and did not pull put him down
6:38 am
when ordered to do so. the officers were cleared but the compliance director disagrees with the chief. the chief agrees that the department needs to change the way it handles cases involving people who are not aware of their surroundings. >> my goal is to get to best practices if there are any in this country regarding people who are either asleep or unconscious and they are with guns and the waking up. >> the chief goes on to say that there are not any guidelines on how to handle those will situations, or if there aren't, she wants the oakland pd to be the first to develop those policies. uc berkeley police are investigating a sexual assault on the campus. police say that a woman was attacked sunday morning near stevens hall and that the victim knows the man who attacked her. also, neither the suspect nor the victim is affiliated with the uc berkeley.
6:39 am
if you have any information, call uc berkeley police. san francisco supervisors will vote on whether to require owners of vacant store front to register their properties and pay a fee. boarded up fronts have become an issue for the city. the proposal will order them to say a fee. the new rules will consider a tore front empty or vacant if it's been emptied for 30 days. and the state of california is suing the trump administration for a new rule limiting access to abortion resours. the new rule would bar clinics receiving federal funds from referring women to an aworst provider. >> the president is attacking female equality and autonomy.
6:40 am
these clinics enable us to control our own lives, pursue our own dreams on our own terms. >> 20 other states and the district of columbia are also suing. democratic lawmakers in california are pushing their their own new green deal declaring a so-called climate emergency in california and would be a nonbinding resolution that aims to make all transportation in california carbon neutral by the year 2020. that can be done, supporters say, if you redirect $120 billion to green house gas reduction programs. >> this is without any new taxes, more smartly aligning our state transportation dollars, greenhouse gas reduction fund, utility programs, bonds programs, other pots of funding that we think can actually bring the full might of california to bear. >> now, several bay area
6:41 am
cities, including oakland, berkeley, high wad and richmond declared their own climate emergencies with the goal of reducing carbon emissions. new this morning, former professional wrestler king kong bundy has died. the native of new jersey whose real name is christopher pauly, has died. he starred in the 80s in wrestling and returned in the 90s. king kong bundy was 61 years old. hollywood is also mourning the death of actor luke perry who died yesterday at the age of 52, less than a week after he suffered a stroke. luke perry was best known for his role on tv show bevel hills 90210.
6:42 am
he was a heart throb, playing dillon mckay. recently, he starred as andrews in riverdale. he died at a hospital in burbank. southwest is offering a big discount on its first flights to hawaii. why you may have a hard time, though, getting those low cost flights to paradise. and money up for grabs out on a freeway. look at this. the cash on the road in the bay area. it stopped traffic. well, if you are getting out on the roads, i don't know if you're going to find anything that good but you're going to find some wet roads out there. we'll give you more on of on the morning commute when we come back. we have a forecast that's right on the money. we have rain coming in and more on the way. what's better than having fast,
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a strange, very unusual sight yesterday on independent state 880 in hayward about noon time yesterday. ktvu photographer george bussos saw drivers there in
6:46 am
the southbound direction picking up $20 bills off the road. look at him. he is going to grab one right there. or her. no word where the money came. from the chp says there were several calls on the money on the freeway but when police arrived, all the money was gone. the winner of last october's $1.5 billion jackpot came forward and claimed it. someone in south carolina won it but elected to remain anonymous. the winner elected to take the one-time cash option of $887 million. that person waited 102 days to claim it.
6:47 am
another champion visited the white house. the dakota bison dined on chick-fil-a served on silver platter. it seems to be the option now. the $49 fares from southwest to hawaii sold out. sorry. southwest is due to begin flights to hawaii and march 17th from oakland and later from san jose, sacramento and san diego. chipotle is expanding the new line to vegans as part of the life stole bowls for customers focused on their health. chipotle first introduced the
6:48 am
vegan protein option sofritos. hyundai will start using digital keys for its cars. it will allow users to unlock and start their hyundai with their smart phone helping to reduce ought though theft because experts say that a rising number of cars are stolen after drivers leave their key fobs inside their vehicles. tesla already uses those and others are develop it. the food and drug administration is accusing wahl green, wal-mart and others of selling tobacco products to minors. the the food and drug
6:49 am
administration has done its investigation. walgreen's says that any employee who violates the facility could be terminated. an owl egg may be hatching any time soon. the owls laid a pair of eggs and one bottled a battle with a red hawk and cold, rainy weather. we are watching. we'll see if the little owlet will hatch. >> shhh. we'll be right there when it hatches. >> sal is right out there, watching the roads. >> that's right. northbound 101 at mckie, this crash is still in the left lane, has been there for a bit here. you can see that the traffic is coming up on it and you have to get over on northbound 101 here at mckie so the crash is right there and you can see that the traffic has to get
6:50 am
over this way and that's causing slow traffic. you can see 280 is probably a better bet here as you drive through. so the accident that we just showed you is right here on the maps so 280 and 85. 85 is slow and so is 82. 880 south from heyward. heading north. that looks pretty good. at the bay bridge, it is backed up. no doubt you have seen the wet weather in our pictures so take that into account. you can add 10 minutes to your commute. >> let's bring steve in. >> all signs points to heavier rain. they have had too much rain to the north. marin down at this north took all of the heaviest rainfalls.
6:51 am
we went into february, march sewing different signs. the heavier rain looks to be towards the santa cruz mountain. deeper returns here and darker returns? where are they going? more towards monterey and santa cruz than they are to the north. so far, everything seems to be coming in as advertised. seven-day outlook does show heavier amounts south. we have heavy duty rain and big suhr, monterey, santa barbara looks to get more. projected rainfall totals greater to the south than to the north. so far, everything seems to be working in our favor. half inch to an inch and a half for most locations around here although i would not be surprised to see an inch plus. cloudy, breezy. heavier rain is beginning to move in later on back here. so we're just getting the warm overrunning right now but the
6:52 am
warm moisture is making its move to the sierra. snow will begin until the winner warning will not kick in until 1:00. the storm warping will go until 10:00 a.m. on thursday, above 7000 will see a foot to maybe three feet. 40s, 50s on the temps. east bay temps, upper 50s. every is really close here, 48 to 49. the jet stream will start to increase some of the rainfall tonight into tomorrow morning but the initial surge look to be south today from that atmospheric river if you want to call it that or wet jet as somebody called it that. like that. everybody in on the cloudy skies. rain, 50s and 60s on the temps. on thursday, a cool system
6:53 am
will brush us. the rain may be coming more south. we'll deal with that as we get closer to. >> time is 6:53. the city of richmond has a new basketball court. the assist by steph curry and the warriors to help fix the basketball court that used to be run down. >> first, let's check in with gasia for the next morning on 2. >> good morning, dave. pg&e made waves when it declared bankruptcy. now the utility was considering the move months before it came out. and if you think a morning workout is the only way to go, think again. we'll debunk some myths surrounding evening exercise and tell you why you may want to raise your heartbeat before you go to bed. we'll be right back. cvs pharmacy.
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san jose city council will talk about protection for federal works. after a subcontractor is accused of mistreating and not paying workers. they got people from mexico to work on the tower. and they claim that he made them live in locked warehouses and shipping containers and no running water and did not pay
6:57 am
them when he said he would pay them. one out of every construction workers is a victim of wage theft. and workers have been deprived of almost $3 million. >> we're here to protect the rights of workers, those that are vulnerable. >> san jose city council said that the current law did not have enough force of it to protect the workers at silvery towers. the father of a young woman who was killed in a san francisco landslide said that he's grateful for the work of the recovery crews. 22-year-old keira scarlett was walking with a friend and her dog on the beach last month when a hillside crumb peopled on to the beach. her friend and her dog survived after rescue crews dug them out. but they were not able to find
6:58 am
scarlett. we talked to her father. and he told us that she loved the beach and he believes that she was washed out to sea. >> they were saying half the sand that had fallen actually washed out to sea. so i think we kind of accepted the in fact she became a mermaid that night. >> mrs. scarlett said that he and the rest of the family were able to visit the slide area and throw sunflowers out in the ocean and say good-bye to scarlett. her dog that survived the slide is living with her younger sister. kids at the richmond's boys and girls club have a new refurbished basketball court and steph curry was there for it. he played with the kids on the new court the warriors, chase bank and the foundation chipped in for the new floor on the
6:59 am
course and some other upgrades. they have restored more than 8 no basketball courts in the bay area in the last 20 years. mom's bar and girl has been a fan first for 20 years. but a spinoff of the restaurant has struck out. momo's parent company confirmed that the location at walnut creek is closing. no reason was given to why the closing is happening. the company has not head when the restaurant will be closed. an a priest accused of
7:00 am
sexual assault has fled the country. the response from the east bay and the diocese. my windshield wipers were on intermittent. >> it is a cold rain you don't there too. i'm dave clark. i know where steve paulson is with our forecast. the rain has begun. some of it is light. but it will pick up in intensity as we head into later today. is everything okay with my mic. bob said light rain. this is redwood city. on the metal roof there, any chance it will be raining for an extended period of time? it does look like it may rain but then give us a break this weekend. the next 72 hours will give us clouds and rain. upper 40s on the temperatures. and some of the rain moving over is not too heavy but it is light and


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