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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> the sacramento county da announced no charges on saturday, today the state attorney general agreed. now the fbi is launching its own investigation into clark's death, i'm heather holmes, in for julie. in announcing his decision today, xavier becerra said stephon clark ran from police and refused commands to spot and show his hands before officers opened fire. of course, we now know clark was unarmed. his death led to days of protests and after today's announcement, a small group with signs gathered outside of the police department headquarters in sacramento, and in the past hour another group of people protested at the sacramento city council meeting. >> henry lee joins us now on the outcome of the attorney general's investigation, henry? >> reporter: attorney general's reasoning was very similar to that of the da, but now this case is going to be investigated at the federal level, is that is quite common and high profile cases.
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nearly a after stephon clark was shot and killed by sacramento police, state attorney general xavier becerra has wrapped up his investigation. >> our investigation has concluded that no criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting can be sustained. >> reporter: is annette came three days after sacramento da anne marie schubert said that she would not prosecute the officers. becerra said he went with clark's mother earlier in the day. he said he recognized his decision was not what clark's family wanted to hear. >> nothing can bring back stephon clark, and nothing helped end the pain that his family carries. >> reporter: the attorney general says his office also reviewed sacramento police body camera and video from the sheriff's helicopter. becerra said the clark was a burglar assistant that did not listen to officer command. he had assumed no shooting position. >> mr. clark had advanced significantly towards the officers. he was not
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retreating. >> reporter: becerra said body cam video shows a bright light that officers thought was a gun. it turned out to be clark's cell phone. becerra made clear that he investigated the case independently from the da, at the request of sacramento police chief daniel hahn. he said his investigation did not look at the sacramento police practices, nor was it meant to review the da's decision not to prosecute the officers. threat is an effort, becerra likened the tragedy to a book no one wants to read. >> this incident reads like the bitterly familiar passages of a long, complicated, and uninviting book. >> reporter: but he said there are chapters that are still unwritten. >> let's remember that some of the best wrthese places. >> reporter: now that the state and local investigations are over, fbi agents and federal prosecutors will determine whether police violated the civil rights of stephon clark. but i am told that bar is
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quite high. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and you can see attorney general xavier becerra is a announcement by going to our website, it is posted right there on our homepage. it's a wet commute for some tonight because of the rain and more wet weather is on the way. bill martin here now with more on what we are looking at. >> we got a little bit of rain today. not a lot out there, but as you can see the wind chill is enough. that is how it is outside right now. we got scattered, light showers. some of the numbers today as compared to what we had last week are just no big deal. 0.2 inches in santa rosa. that is way down from the four or five and even six inches, 22 inches we saw in that area last week over three days, so the
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rainfall has been light. that is the bottom line, but it is going on. late tonight, or early tomorrow morning, that impacts the morning commute. a southern california as well is getting the heaviest rain right now. they can see two to three inches of rain, and as i pointed out earlier, you know, two to three inches of rain in santa rosa area is manageable, two to three inches of rain in los angeles is really difficult to manage because there's no real place for it to run off, so it turns into street flooding and what have you, and there you go. there's your flash flood watch from ventura all the way down to los angeles and long beach. they get that tail end of the atmospheric river pushing on sure there. for us, we've got the main low coming to. winds will pick up late tonight. the rain will come down around three in the morning. it's going to get going, and that's going to put pressure on the morning commute. it will be wet in the early, early morning commute, but it will be really wet standing water because of the rain that is going to roll through just before the commute, so where we have the computer model that will time and that all day and tomorrow, we will go beyond that. in the five day you will see a chance for more showers this weekend. see you back here. with more rain on the way, people in the santa cruz mountains are bracing for problems. jesse geary spent today
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checking in on potential trouble spots. >> once the rain stopped, they speed up thinking it is okay to drive a little bit faster, which is actually contrary. >> reporter: chp officer jen simmons said conditions were perfect to produce three accidents all within a matter of minutes. the drivers lost control on highway 17 near glenwood drive. >> they car slipped into the zone. i guess the road is slippery. they just kind of like you know, when out of place and what like that and hit the right. >> reporter: dexter woods that he was not hurt but learned a valuable lesson after damaging his car. the roads aren't as trite or as forgiving as they may appear. in multiple towns and is it degrees mountains, people are bracing for more rain, and the problem it is causing. as a valley churches united food bank and then lohman, the special on order is sand . the pile that was not whittling down to near nothing. a new lot is expected wednesday. >> whatever rain is happening in the county, we are the ones that you will see the highest
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level of rainfall that is just coming down out of every watershed in this particular area, so this is a community that know to be prepared, do their best to get prepared. >> reporter: that preparation extends to waterways as well. the town of felton, santa cruz county park department employees are clearing the riverbanks of the san lorenzo river. forecast and heavy rainfall beginning tuesday could lead to flooding if logs and other debris aren't removed ahead of time. >> were trying to do a preemptive strike and clean up all the debris that we can. >> reporter: so it's a big problem? >> can be, so we do it now before it ends up in the river, and especially the river level goes up. it's all going to end up in there, so try to get it out while we can. >> reporter: chp officers and also drivers even at the road conditions were clear and dry, slow down because you can hit a curb, the road may be slick, and you can wind up in the median or worse. on highway 17 at the summit,
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jesse geary, ktvu fox 2 news. in the north bay, light rain has been falling on the recently flooded towns along the russian river, as people continue to clean up all the mud, debris, and destroy property as a result. tom vacar spent the day in sonoma county with the new problems that flood victims are facing. >> reporter: if there is one advantage to the flood damage lower russian river communities suffered, it is that once cleared debris, restoration buildings intact is usually a shorter, cheaper process than building from scratch, but there are some several drawbacks. keith what, director of the north coast builders exchange that one, it is more rainy weather. >> it does not help at all. help the water supply, does not help the building process. >> reporter: you're at santa rosa's park today, exterior construction without a full standstill, but that is of little consolation to lower russian river folks who also need contractors. >> contractors and materials. i think the material problem
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may be even more. when you look at cutting, a lot of the 2600 homes and businesses who were damaged, they are going to start from scratch with drywall and electrical work and plumbing, and yes, there can be competition for subcontractors. >> reporter: sonoma staff to from the fire recovery should be able to work with this lower russian river disaster. >> they have been stretched thin by fire is already along with regular building. adding this on is going to be even more difficult on them. >> reporter: but what's really speeding up the process when many people are calling here the fantastic effort of sonoma county, the public services, and recology picking up women bringing truck and truck of debris to this transfer station in guerneville. there are six locations in the area where folks are free to bring debris and been it for free. jesus and maria pagano lost
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everything and it will take at least five trailer loads to dump it all. >> they make it more easy for us because it's really hard right now, so they try to make it like the easy way to throw everything out. >> reporter: for the coming rains and the potential for more river flooding. >> it's only projected 23 feet, the river, so 32 is a flood stage, so we are pretty good with that we believe. >> reporter: even lighter rain still present a grave danger. >> is landslide, there's always a possibility. the ground is really saturated, and we are kind of monitoring t already slid. >> reporter: landslides, of course, a a big danger even in these lighter rains. also interfering in sonoma county, they have a ti all the debris being brought up there to account for things in terms of money and tonnage. when we get those numbers, we will pass them along. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> crews from fema and the state office of emergency services were in guerneville today to assess all the damage from the russian river floods. the county says the plants damaged 2600 properties including about 1900 homes , and they say nearly 600 businesses were infected. the united way has launched their own fund to help flood victims. the group said hundreds of families and small businesses have been affected. they are particularly concerned about low and moderate income residents. united way said they are hoping to rally around all the affected families and business owners to help them rebuild. a fire ripped through an apartment complex in daly city this afternoon. are reported two people were taken to the hospital with injuries. you can see the fire raging in this footage posted with the citizen app. the fire was reported at an apartment complex there on crestwood drive near the westlake shopping center. at least four apartment were damaged. there's no word yet on a cost. san francisco not only has the highest rents anywhere in the country. the city also has the highest
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average rent ever. details from a new survey and how other bay area cities compare. the cinequest rolled out the red carpet. what is special about this year's films. customers take aim at trader joe's single-use plastic packages and how the grocery is responding. let's take a look and see how traffic is moving along on this tuesday night. as you can see here, this is the sonoma gray. and now a look at 880 next to oracle arena, where the warriors will be playing the celtics tonight. traffic, that is the headlight setting south untoward hayward, san leandro. you can see it is pretty heavy at this hour.
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a high school student hospitalized, another under arrest after a stabbing at livermore high school. offices were close call to a school about 3:00 this afternoon. they say two male students got into a fight, and one of them was stabbed. police say no other students were in board that was injured did not appear to suffer life- threatening injuries. a new survey has found that rents in san francisco are the highest in the country, and that the city also has the most expensive average rent ever tracked. the latest report from eight trucking company shows the average rent for a one-bedroom
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apartment in san francisco is $6000 a month. that's up from a previous survey in september of last year. the survey says upcoming start rps and tech companies like lyft may be driving up prices. and rising rents obviously make it even more difficult to find affordable housing. >> they will protected, and the rent can only go up in inflation, so i just kind of wanted to point that peace out, but that does mean there is a target on their backs, and they can get this amount out. >> san jose and oakland also made the top 10 list for highest rents in the country. the director of the fbi was among the thousands of people attending an annual cyber security conference at muskogee center in san francisco. the rsa conference draws people from all over the world, and to the fbi director christopher ray was interviewed by security analysts . when he took the position at the fbi back in 2017, he knew cyber threats are among the biggest facing the
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u.s. >> the scope, the threat, the depth, the sophistication, the diversity of the threat that we face now is unlike anything we've had in our lifetimes. >> there were a number of other speakers and expert panels featuring high-tech heavy hitters including leaders on facebook, twitter, microsoft, cisco, and mcafee. tomorrow police in fremont try to unveil their electric powered patrol car. the departments that they will roll out a cut to my 2014 tesla model s. the police department that the tesla is the only electric car that meets their specifications for size, performance, battery range, and safety. fremont police bought the car used. the department also has four hybrid vehicles in their fleet. the city of fremont has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2005% by the year
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2020. it is a big one. opening night for the citic westville festival in san jose, and this is the 29th year for the event, and as maureen naylor tells us, organizers say women now have a bigger role than ever. >> reporter: the cinequest film and creativity festival kicks off tuesday night with a red carpet at the california theater in downtown san jose. the cofounder of the silicon valley event 29 years ago says now it is where tech needs are. >> this year saw a lot of really virtual-reality, volumetric reality, ways, new experiences for people in terms of the way that they make work and access that experience. >> reporter: the festival will screen 256 films, 100 of those movies were directed by women. >> i saw a change in my 22 i think that. >> reporter: the old boys has
6:18 pm
thankfully changed. >> say 10 years ago, we might've had 25 to 50 films made by women to choose from. now look at this explosion. the doors have opened. >> reporter: and included in the films being shown, american muscle, the 22 action drama was directed by san jose state film instructor nick martinez. martinez's latest film is about a female street racer. he says 5000 actresses auditioned for the lead role. 45 current and former san jose state students worked on the project that took two years to make and was filmed around the bay area. >> alameda airbase, the same place where they filmed mythbusters all the time and also downtown san jose, so it has a really -- routes all over the bay ea. >> reporter: organizers expect 125,000 people to attend the festival, which they say would be a new record. it runs through st. patrick's day. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. trader joe's is pleasant to read lose reduce relies on
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single-use plastic speed at the grocery were stained said they plan to reduce the number of items sold in plastic packaging in the produce section. they already started removing the plastic sleeves on greeting cards. trader joe's also now offers biodegradable plastic bags for produce and other items. the changes come in and wake up a change that or position signed by more than 90,000 people urging trader joe's to reduce their use of plastic. the world-renowned michelin guide is releasing a guidebook just for california. the new book is due out in june. michelin said in a statement he decided to dedicate a guide to california for its role as, quote, a culinary powerhouse. it is the first time michelin will evaluate an entire u.s. state rather than a specific city. a san francisco michelin guide has been published annually since 2007. the search and rescue
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operation in alabama following deadly tornadoes, as president trump announces when he plans to visit the devastated region. the warriors back home tonight and oracle. joe fonzi is courtside with a look at how the boston celtics matchup. one of the san francisco giants' newest players arrested in arizona. the accusations he's now facing.
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authorities in alabama have now identified the 23 people killed in deadly tornadoes on
6:23 pm
sunday. tragically, seven members of one family are among the dead. fox's ray bogan is in lee county, alabama, were search and rescue efforts continue tonight. >> reporter: rescue crews continue to search for victims two days after deadly tornadoes tore through alabama and georgia, and for some families as they return home they know the worst is just beginning. >> i lost all five vehicles, i lost my house, and everything is just gone. >> reporter: people in lee county now see the damage left behind. the national weather service releasing new storm survey information showing the sheer size of those tornadoes , including one now the deadly is to hit the u.s. since 2013. president trump offering his support today to the families affected, and thanking first responders. >> it has been a tragic situation, but a lot of guard work is being done, and we have been in constant touch with the governor. and also, the governor of georgia. >> reporter: at least 23 people
6:24 pm
are now dead , including three children need alabama's corner says those victims have now been identified, some of whom died just feet from their homes. >> just keep those people families in your prayers. there is one family there that was married and connected and there are over seven people this man lost in one family. so it is a tragic situation. >> reporter: parts of georgia, florida, and south carolina were also struck by tornadoes. people there are rallying around each other, showing up to help one another pick up the pieces. >> we just try to make the best of the situation. >> and all we gotta do is stick together. >> reporter: president trump says he will trave friday to alabama in evacuation orders and santa barbara county orm move and . people live if living several areas burned in major what fires were told to leave their homes by 4:00 this afternoon. you will recall in january of last year debris flows
6:25 pm
destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes in montecito. police officers and firefighters who responded to last month pipeline explosion in san francisco were on her today at city hall. they were -- the owners came during the board of supervisors meeting. the first responders acted quickly and were credited with the fact no one was hurt that they. the explosion that ensued in geary boulevard and parker avenue took more than two hours to put out. >> it is nice to feel appreciated, and the city and community, we appreciate that. >> federal endeavor gators determine a third-party contractor caused the explosion while doing expectation work. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with what hiv researchers are calling a major milestone. in a fight to find a ds. accusations of corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice. how president trump is responding to the new investigations launched by house democrats. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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now two hours top stories. california's attorney general xavier becerra announced his office is not going to file criminal charges against the to sacrament the police officers who shot and killed 22-year-old stephon clark. on saturday, you will recall the sacramento dh also announced that she is not going to file charges. the decisions have led to more protests including outside the sacramento police department today and at a city council meeting tonight. with more rain on the way, people in the north bay in santa cruz mountains are bracing for more problems on the road. the chp urging everyone to slow down, especially in the trouble spots like highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. one officer told us en the rain comes, it stops -- excuse me, when the rain stopped, drivers think it is okay to speed up, but that also leads to crashes. and guerneville, some people spent the day hauling
6:30 pm
truckloads of debris to a free drop-off site. there are six locations where people can drop of ruined belongings. female was also in the guerneville area today assessing the damage. the coming storm is not expected to bring new flooding, but there are concerns about saturated ground potentially causing mudslides. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news tonight at 6:30, and medical researchers are reporting a milestone in the search for a cure for hiv. >> is a the virus has actually been eradicated in a patient from london . is only the second time that is happened in 12 years. rob roth tonight on what this can mean for others with hiv. >> reporter: almost 16,000 people in san francisco are living with the virus that causes aids, hiv. one of them is former san francisco supervisor, jeff sheehy, who was diagnosed 22 years ago when people were still dying from aids. >> there was total terror.
6:31 pm
hope that we can finally put this epidemic behind us. >> reporter: but set the announcement today that doctors in london have eradicated hiv from the second patient is a major breakthrough. >> is kind of astonishing we made as much progress this quickly, if you think about it. for a disease that is incredibly complexed. >> reporter: the patient has not been identified by researchers say the man had hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in addition to hiv. then and received a bone marrow transplant for the cancer by a donor who had a gene mutation resistant to hiv. 18 months later, doctors say there is no sign of the virus. >> we are not 18 months and, and we are confident that this will be a long-term remission, but it is too early to say it whether this is a cure not. >> reporter: the first cured of hiv 12 years ago, timothy ray brown, says he's glad he no longer share that distinction by himself. >> i knew i was the only person cured of hiv at that point, and i did not want to be the only person, so i have pretty much gave my life, my other life up, and that became my mission
6:32 pm
because i felt like i had a moral obligation to make sure that there were more of me. >> reporter: sheehy takes three pills a day for hiv. he serves on the board for the california institute of regenerative medicine . he said the breakthrough may help researchers find a cure through gene therapy. >> we are so close to figuring out a way to finally cure this disease, that is taken so many lives. >> reporter: researchers are presenting their findings at a conference in seattle. they say this is not a cure for everyone with hiv, but it is one piece of the hiv cure puzzle. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. e order designed to do more to prevent suicide among military veterans. the program will establish a grant system to provide funds
6:33 pm
to state and local veterans groups. it will also create guidelines to coordinate research on suicide across multiple agencies. the administration says an average of 20 veterans take their lives each day, and 14 of those are not under va care. >> so many of our veterans are not in our system. with 20 million veterans in america, only 9 million are in. we need to do a better job of bringing them in and public awareness is the key. >> others, no word yet on how much this word will cost. they found the va left $6 million unspent for suicide prevention efforts. the commission of the food and drug administration scott gottlieb announced he's stepping down after two years on the job. he is expected to leave his post in about a month. gottlieb he is a physician and former drug company consultant. he won praise from critics for relieving an effort against team vaping and for confronting the appleyard and put diction conference. no word who will replace gottlieb at the fda.
6:34 pm
president trump slammed has democrats following democratic led investigations. the house judiciary committee on monday requested documents from more than 80 people and entities connected to the president, including his two sons, don jr. and eric trump. the committee is looking for potential evidence of obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power. >> congress has an independent responsibility, a very solemn one, to do oversight. that is what the house committees are doing. >> it is a shame, and the people understanlook at it, the a presidential harassment. >> the investigations by house democrats could potentially set the stage for impeachment and are separate and more wide- ranging than the russian investigation headed up by robert mueller. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg announced he's not going to run for president. bloomberg was set to be toying with the idea of becoming a candidate, and he had predicted that he would have beaten
6:35 pm
president trump had he run. bloomberg is now urging voters to nominate a democrat who would, quote, be in the strongest position to defeat donald trump. a member of the san francisco giants is arrested in scottsdale, arizona. we are learning some new information about the source of all that cash that had some drivers stopping to pick up 20s on the east bay freeway yesterday. what's better than having fast,
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officers arrested jeffrey rolen at his home in los gatos on february 27. police say the arrest came after a tip from the national center for national and exported children. any information about this case or the endowment on your screen is asked to call about the the police. >> reporter: and oakland priest accused of sexually abusing a boy has left the country. church leader said they received a complaint about inappropriate behavior by alice castille and placed him on administrative leave back in january. oakland police said castillo disappeared three weeks later. police located him but are not disclosing where he is. police told the diocese that the criminal investigation is complete and that the case was turned over to the district attorney. and oakland men arrested and caressed connection to an arrest has been charged with
6:39 pm
three felonies. they've charged zachary greenberg with assault, battery, and criminal threat. greenberg is accused of punching hayden williams back on february 19. williams was on the cal campus trying to recruit members for a conservative group called turning point usa. neither greenberg nor williams is a uc berkeley student. are san francisco giants outfielder cameron maybin has been arrested on suspicion of dni.'s police and scottsdale, arizona arrested maybin. they reported that they pulled him over at 2 a.m. after scene swerving. police that he had bloodshot and watery eyes. he apparently told police he had consumed five big glasses of wine at a restaurant. the giants signed maybin to a minor-league contract about a month ago. the team set it's aware of the situation but had no comment at this time. still ahead, working to support small businesses and san francisco . the action to crackdown on empty storefronts,
6:40 pm
why people say it will help mom- and-pop shops. we are looking at some rain that is going to be coming down pretty hard later on tonight and early tomorrow morning on that wednesday morning commute. let's go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. paintings believed to be worth almost $3 million donated to an oakland music school, but it turns out they aren't the real thing. we will tell you why the school now finds itself in a financial bind. and san francisco's only remaining fortune cookie factory, we will tell you why this iconic business is now facing a tonight live at 7 over at ktvu plus. ♪ at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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storefronts are a common site in san francisco with skyhigh rights there, but today city leaders took a step they hope will address the problem. >> christien kafton was in city hall when the board of supervisors considered new financial penalties with building owners with vacant spaces. >> reporter: san francisco's board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve a new plan in the tracking vacant businesses and having property owners pay a fee if they are left empty. it does not count a space empty if it has sign for rent or
6:44 pm
for lease. the new rules would change all that. >> i think this problem is huge. even in my neighborhood i have 156. i can't imagine what it is like downtown. i was just shocked to see all the empty storefronts with a for rent, for lease sign. >> better tracking will help ensure vacant storefronts are probably identified. >> reporter: the legislation requires property owners to notify legislation if a building is left empty for 30 days or more. it's aimed at getting a realistic view of how many storefronts are left vacant and ultimately is getting this reopened again. viewer says those buildings are written down as a loss for tax purposes, meaning the empty storefronts can attract vandals and the homeless. san franciscan say they are happy to hear something is being done about vacant businesses, and they say they see them everywhere. >> it know that the only reason why
6:45 pm
they are doing that is for gain. >> reporter: today's vote was only part of the city's plan with dealing with vacant businesses. eric also pitching an idea to charge business at $250 per day tax if they are vacant for more than six months. voters here in the city of san francisco will have the ultimate say on that idea. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more about where all that money came from that was found on the southbound lanes of interstate 880 in hayward yesterday. and instagram users that he and others were driving back from a funeral, and he said the money was thrown out of a car window intentionally in memory of their lost loved one. quite a few drivers stopped and picked up $20 bill from the freeway. apparently this is a tradition among some there in the east bay, although we are told usually they use one dollar bills, not $20 bills. >> that is something. that is something i've never come across. >> neither have i.
6:46 pm
>> it would be pretty dangerous. >> you know, i've never heard of that kind of thing too, remember somebody by throwing money out the window. >> it was an interesting story yesterday, where it came from. >> that the fact the photographer came across it, yeah. >> so what is going on with the weather? we've got rain, scattered showers out there, and it gets going tonight. tonight after midnight it starts with relatively insignificant rain, not to the tune of flood warnings, but the tune of 0.25, 0.5 inches of rain. southern california is a beneficiary of most of the rent, santa barbara as well, and some scattered showers moving to the bay area right now. the darker greens representing wipers not on full but kind of on the lower setting but not intermittent. i just call it low. but we've got an afternoon commute that is being impacted slightly by some showers. tomorrow morning's commute will be impacted and we will see that coming. it will be impacted greatly then this coming you can see outside the golden glaze on the
6:47 pm
roadside. our golden gate bridge, definitely wet out there but not running water into the gutters. this a light persistent rain to the tune of a quarter of an in- state a, 2/500 of an inch, that kind of thing. but as we go coordinated tonight, the system turns into a rain producer as it slides in over the bay area around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. the main impact will be southern california where there is a flood watch in effect for ventura, south of los angeles. again, they don't do well. they get two or three inches of rain, there's a big problem for them because there is nowhere for that wanted to go. it runs off in the urban environment. we have reversed. a bunch of stuff. so with that said, showers tomorrow morning. here's what you are waiting to see. here is the showers now, and tomorrow morning about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning this so it rain, and that a significant rainfall rates one 0.5 inches in our. that will fill the roadways with standing water which will create a messier later afternoon commute, right?
6:48 pm
as you get into the 7 a.m. hour, maybe not as much coming down from the site, but you've got standing water, and you know those spots. you know those spots, where it's been raining all morning, there's going to be water sitting there, so be ready for that. that is 7 a.m., and the later afternoon commute kind of you know later big morning commute, no big deal. it's that early morning commute, and the afternoon commute tomorrow morning, it's going to look a lot like tonight's commute, so it was not such a big deal. as we get into thursday, looks good, and thursday afternoon looks good. you still see a rotation at that system clears. a winter storm warning remains in the mountains through thursday morning, andy will
6:49 pm
get some snowy. they will get 1.5 feet, two feet of snowy in some places. there may be highway issues as well. certainly went to is going to be sketchy, and thursday morning will be wet too or snowy . forecast highs, and the five day forecast, and you can see it right and that's exactly what you want to see one -- you know what i noticed? the mile goes this way around that thing. i usually go down the back way. to get shorter . >> i don't think anybody has any idea. >> if you look at this, it seems like a long thing. but it is a straighter line there, so that is what i'm going to do. >> he found a little shortcut. >> it is a direct line. >> they are talking about a desk over there. >> i like it. it just means i get to see you sooner. >> isn't that cute? >> thanks, bill. 11 bay area high school basketball teams are playing in the northern california regional champion happening tonight. division i boys, james logan from union city will play against branson from marin county. for the girl, oaklands on division i will take on
6:50 pm
stockton's bear creek. all of the games may start in just a few minutes coming up at 7. a number of different schools will be hosting the championship match ups. the winners will then move on to the state championships that are happening this weekend in sacramento. the warriors are back home in oracle arena hosting one of the elite teams in the eastern conference, the boston celtics. john fonzie is at oracle arena. we will hear from him coming up next in sports. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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big game about to get underway at oracle. boston celtics in town, mark? >> whenever the celtics come to town, it is like back to 60s bill russell. that is what you think of off the bat. prior to the season with le bon leaving cleveland, everybody figured boston is ready to stop into that top spot to face the warriors in the final. they have not had a smooth ride, but the warriors and pretty much everyone else figures they will probably be there when the tough times come. joe fonzi is out at the oracle tonion this. jill? >> reporter: is people that were favorites to win the east when the season began, but the celtics lately have fallen on hard times. , and they have followed heir to fifth place in the east.
6:54 pm
seven grant thinks the celtics are a work in progress. >> you know they are still getting used to each other, getting gordon haywood back and kyrie back, and you know, another experience with the guys, so it's going to be some ups and downs for the season. they are trying to figure each other out. >> you look to that sound. of course they are a threat. will get to where they want to go. then at the end of the day, teams know what they are about, like us. there is no easy night. you get everybody's best shot. >> reporter: this game the first of the key stretch for the warriors when they will play five very important games. the one tonight against the celtics, a home game against denver, then they played the sun at home, but go on the road after that to play houston and oklahoma city. here's a team they have not beaten him three times this year, so this could be a key stretch for the warriors as far as determining that number one seed in the west. it all starts tonight against the boston celtics. at oracle arena, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:55 pm
abstract in the schedule. down at the cactus league, the a's, we've got a lot of people excited about a young left- handed pitcher. they might think he is there a to the future. jesus, 2 2/3 innings, he struck out six, gave up no hits, and no runs to the texas rangers. that is the defensive side of it, and providing some offense newcomer, the guy taking over the second base, and the a's down the rangers for hawaiian 4- 1. trying to make it with texas. the san francisco giants had the day off, but one of the guys they need, and one of the guys that have come out swinging the spring is evan longoria. in his first season with the giants last year , it was not the best. he did sustained a serious injury when hit by a pitch, but so far 6 for 11, two homeruns, a
6:56 pm
.545 batting average. >> he's got to be healthy. you know, i think that is -- we saw a time where we played pretty well, but we did not have a whole group out there for the whole season. just got to keep guys out on the field, you know, have are pitching next step healthy, and i think we all believe we can win. no frank, she is -- eva longoria has no relation. check this out. the pelicans were winners over utah three straight wins for them, and their coach alvin gentry pretty excited about a regular-season win following the game. >> obviously, they were hurting us on the pick and roll with well, with both guys, with favors and gobert running to the basket, but excuse me.
6:57 pm
sorry. >> you earned it. >> he earned it. so check this out. we're still in spring training here, all right? reese hoskin, phillies first baseman, yeah. >> oh man! >> he's usually pretty good, and the best centerfielder in baseball is mike trout. he still in spring training mode. >> oh, geez! >> luckily it did not go inside the park. you can tell. all worth checking out on this tuesday night. we'll have all the warrior highlights for you tonight at 10:00, and that is the sporting life for right now, guys. see you later. go on and have a great night. the news continues over on ktvu plus. we will
6:58 pm
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