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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 5, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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atever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. f0 protesters disrupted the meeting in sacramento after california's attorney cleared two police officers in the shooting dead of stephon clark. >> no criminal charges against the officers can be sustained.
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>> more unrest with the decision not to file state charges in the police shooting death of stephon clark. protesters disrupt end the meeting and promised more to come. >> emotions running high. two announcements in four days. first the district attorney, now the attorney attorney general passing. >> we want the people who were arrested last night to have all the charges three minutes, some wanted more. >> you're done. no you're done. sit down. >> the mayor lost patience when a man jumped up on the table.
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the police intervened. >> outside city hall dozens of people who can't get seats erupted. they were watching on a video feed. tensions as high as they have been since a year ago when two officers shot stephon clark mistaking his cell phone with a gun. the attorney general believes the officers had reasonable fear for their lives. >> these kinds of tragedies, they're tough, there's no win here. we have to move forward. >> the took a 10 back with a -- step back ward with this protest. dozens of people were detained and held. many were trying to disperse
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when officers got physical. >> what in the was that about last night? >> we were severely failed and last night was the shame of the nation. >> to push young folks who this here hands up down into the bushes and hitting them. we did nothing but stance in our rights holding up our hands and met with terror. >> the mayor is disappointed by the police tactics and wants answers. community leaders plead that any progress not evaporate. >> let us not have a situation like this or anything like this could happen again. >> this is a moment for courage, this is a moment for leadership to be leadership. there's a community that wants to live in peace.
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can we make it so? >> all of this came during a public comment session that went on for hours. the council adjourned without making remarks themselves. what remains is a federal probe if his civil rights were violated. an oakland man arrested in connection with an attack has been charged with three felons. zachary greenburgh was charged with assault. williams trying to recruit memb turning point usa. neither greenburgh nor will items are -- williams are
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students. jenna with the numbers and what the adl sees in them. >> it collected data from many sources. here's what the study found. in 2017 the number of reports of white supremacist prop gant was was 421. look at 2018. california was one of the areas most impacted. >> mark bloom said it was a shark when flyers showed up out site >> we had the flyers on light poles. >> it was not a complete surprise. >> we've seen it on comments
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and university campuses and at rallies. >> a new study says 182% increase from 2017 to 2018 of propaganda. with the highest activity in california, texas, colorado, new york, illinois, florida and virginia. >> sometimes they are meant to intimidate and the banners across highways spread the message. >> 319 incidents occurred on college campuses. of the increase was off campus with flyers like the ones in the east bay left in public places. >> sometimes it's the logo and web site in a book in the
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library. even the free ones next to the mailbox. >> distributing propaganda are not illegal but it's an attempt to normalize the views. have a wider viewership into the main extreme. >> news about a high school party where students cannot see salutes over cups in the shape of a of the -- swastika. >> there was a to isn'ting propaganda at private gatherings. daley city where fire ripped through a city. two people were taken to the hospital with injuries. you can see the fire.
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it was at an apartment complex near the westlake shopping center. four apartments were damaged. there's no word on a cause. >> now to the weather, more rain on the way. this is a live picture from east way looking west. >> in the santa cruz mountains people were bracing for the rain. some loading up on sand for the sandbags, valley churches united, another load of sand is see highest level of rainfall. it comes out of every watershed of the this is a community that snows to be prepared. >> bill martin is cracking the rain. >> we're getting rain right now and going good after midnight.
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that impacts the morning commute. santa rosa .10, there's been light thus far, i want to point out southern california, look at the cells, that's the southern moisture. look at the lightning hits in bakersfield. we have scattered showers now. around clearlake, there's a flood washing in effect. stays in effect through friday. any more rain puts it up over the edges. in santa barbara, all through los angeles, lightning show. if you knowdown there they are talking about this. because of that lood watches in effect. that's where the main event is. out here not bad. somewhere around 2:00, there:00 in the morning we'll see half
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an inch and there will be standing water to morning commute. evacuation orders in santa barbara county the storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the areas burned in the thomas fire. 3,000 people have been told to get out of their homes. you recall a mudslide in january of last year destroyed hundreds of homes and killed 21 people. look atpictures. a spokesperson for county fire department posted these pictures on twitter. they were taken from the sterns wharf area. >> those are something. in the north bay emergency crews are worried about landslides. the next rain come as residents along the russian recover are trying to ruf ir from the
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flood. sonoma county are picking in trucks to pick up debris. they make it easy for us. they try to mac it the easy way. >> there's six locations where residents can drop off debris for free. for some property beyond repair. 35 structures have been red tagged. inspectors issued 600 yellow tags indicating they pose some risk. health officials in san francisco have confirmed the first case of measles involving a city resident since 2013. the patient was exposed to measles during an international
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flight. there's been an increase in cases of measles despite the fact there's the a vaccine that prevents the disease. there's 200 cases in 11 states including 70 in the pacific northwest. coming up tonight, a giants placer aarrested while in arizona for spring training. >> a little boy with autism in need for help. the search for his stuffed animal he re deal with his anxiety. and the reward. >> a teenager gets ahorse turned on him over a confrontation over loud music.
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. a sunnyvale woman accused of spraying water on a boy for playing his music too loud. >> the boy and his mother are upset they filed a police report. they are sharing the story so
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it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> you can hear the music playing and see water sprayed from the front porch of a home. likea walker took the video as a woman sprayed water on him. the woman gestured to turn down the music. he complied but she sprayed him. >> i was in shock. i didn't know why. i brought phone and filmed it. there were no words exchanged but the woman sprayed him again. she had filmed him before. if sect time he called 911 and his mother. >> the reason i was not overheated if i did anything i would be perceived as the threat instead of perceived at
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the victim. >> he will continue to walk the root but he won't amplify the music. he will use ear buds. >> in the six or seven months i walked the route, nobody else has complained. >> we went to the woman's home to get her side. >> but she declined to answer questions. after interviews elijah and the woman they sent the report to the attorney general with the recommend the woman be arrested. >> the woman's behavior is not acceptable. >> i would like for an example to be set that you can't do this to kids. you can't do this to people period. >> the d.a.'s office will
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review the matter and make a decision if criminal charges are warranted. one high school student was hospitalized and another placed under arrest after a stabbing at liver more mice. two male students got into a fight. no other students were threatened. giants out fielder cameron he was seen swerving and speeding. he had bloodshot and watery eyes. he said he had five big glasses of wine at a restaurant. the team says it's aware of the situation but has no comment at
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this time. the fda chief that focused on combating the opioid crisis is reopening. this comes at the same day the first lady addressed the epidemic. >> millions word of fentanyl off the streets a key member combating the epidemic will be stepping down. >> food and drug commission will leave the post in way out, president are doubling down on their fortunates. >> i now we can make a real difference and save lives. i do believe we can be known as the generation that ended the
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opioid epidemic. >> the first lady ending her tour for to be best interestish i've asking the media to step up their coverage. >> i challenge the press to devote the lives lost and the potential lives that could be saved. >> mike pence met with agents in arizona to talk about the drug crisis at the southern border. >> president trump has officially the opioid crisis a public health emergency. his administration is spending building -- building to -- bill
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johns to fight it. >> 21-year-old peter glad weighted in concord and was a cadet at west point. he died in a ski accident. his parents won a court order to retrieve his sperm. the rare procedure was first performed 40 years ago. it's unusual that has led to ethical concerns. still ahead, the red carpet is rolled out in the south bay. how women are making their mark this year. >> the warriors dug a hole in the first half at oracle. would they find a second gear and turn it on in the 2nd half. >> new details of the treatment that appears to have cured a man's hiv. what it means for others.
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. the fta approved first medication for depression decades. it's a cousin to ketamine. it comes in the form of a nasal spray and has to be administrated by a doctor.
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it's the first new depression since prozac. hiv has been eradicated in a patient for only the second time ever. >> almost 16,000 people in san francisco are living with the virus that living are aids. one is jeff. >> it was total terror. the idea of hope is the hope we can put it behind us. >> the announcement tuesday that doctors erradicated hiv from a second patient is a major break through. >> it astonishing. for a diseases that complex. >> the patient has not been
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identified but the man had hodgkin's lymphoma. that man received a bone marrow trance plant. 18 months later there's no sign of the virus. >> we're 18 months in and we're confident this will be a long- term remission. >> the first person cured of hiv says he's glad he no longer shares that by himself. >> i knew i was the only person cured and i didn't want to be the only person. i gave my other life up and that became my mission. i felt i had an obligation to make sure there were more of me. >> he takes three pills a day. he serves on the board for the
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california institute of regenre tiff medicine. we're so close to figuring out a way to cure this disease. >> researchers are presenting their findings in seattle. this is not a cure for but it is a piece of the cure puzzle. coming up, president trump continue demeanors house democrats calling the new investigation of the white house a disgrace. >> a young boy's search for a missing stuffed animal. he uses the toy to meet life's challenges. >> i feel he's an actual creature. i miss him a lot.
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. protesters disrupted the city council meeting africa southern california attorney -- after california attorney general said they will not charge the cops that shot
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stephon. heavy rain forecast. this is i-80 by oracle arena where warrior fans are headed home. the heaviest rain are expected south of the bay area. winds could hit 40 miles an hour. >> president trump has declared a major disaster in alabama where at least 23 people were killed by a tornado on sunday night. 90 people were injured. this video shows neighborhoods left in ruins. assistant could include grants for housing and low cost loans to cover uninsured losses. a 11-year-old boy with autism is searching for his stuffed animal. >> this is not just any toy but a therapy companion he's had for years to cope with anxiety.
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the boy's parents says the boy has not been the same since the animal disappeared. >> he's devastated and distraught after losing his wolf named ted. the family has plastered these posters and offering a reward in hopes of finding the stuffed animal. >> whether you see lucas you will see ted. >> he's been with me for so long. >> from his first plane ride, to hawaii, new mexico, to meeting celebrities. when it was time for school yearbook photos ted was there. >> he happens me when i feel alone. >> their connection deeper than
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most children have with their stuffed animals. >> he has autism, anxiety. it gives him someone to hug and feel safe with and he can tell his worries to. >> the stuffed wolf helps him cope with everything that's overwhelming. >> he left his wolf in the lobby at varsity. >> when we left i was in pain and i didn't realize he wasn't holding him. ted has a gps trigger. the family suspects a patient may have picked up the animal not realizing the value to lucas. >> i see my son depressed. >> i have a wolfpack.
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>> since ted's disappearance he's received 37 the extra stuffed animals. to him it's not the same. >> all three are not equal to 1 of him. >> the family hopes whoever has ted the wolf will see lucas' pain and return him. >> i'm not giving up for years. >> lucas showed the reward money he's saved up. $7, his parents are pitching in another $100. the toy has a tag. >> i hope someone out there recognizes that littl realizes just how important it
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is to him. new survey found that san francisco, new york and shows have the high -- shows have the highest rent. the sauer vie -- survey shows san francisco has the highest rent. next is new york with a one bedroom apartment, in san jose the median rent is. the survey suggests that upcoming stock ipo may be driving up rental prices. on wall street stocks were slightly lower: slightly lower: . president trump is calling the democratic led investigations in his political
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and business harassment. the committee is looking for evidence of obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. >> congress has a responsibility to do over site. that's what the house committees are doing. >> it's a shame and the people understand it when they look at it and say presidential harassment. >> the investigations could set the stage for impeachment. these investigations are more wide ranging than the russian probe. hillary clinton has ruled out another run for the white house. >> i'm not running but i'm going to work and speak and stand up for what i believe. >> clinton made the comments in new york. she would do everything she could to happen a democrat win
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back the white house. the field of contenders now includes a dozen candidates including six u.s. senators, two governors and two former house members. michael bloomberg confirmed he's not going to run. he thought he could beat trump but realizes how difficult it would be to become the nominee. he decided not to run in 2016. the most expensive new car everhas a buyer, see the new bugatti that sold for $12 million. >> we have rain out there. there's sprinkles now but it gets going after midnight. why art work has one bay
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trouble. they have 24 students and rely on donations. in 2017 a donor gave four pieces of art to the school. administrators had it praised for 2.8 million. they borrowed against the price. as time wept on we looked to find ways to sell that art and establish the true valley and discovered insat 3 million it was nice posters. >> as a result of this the school has laid off the communications director and head of the school and cut pay to the majority of the staff.
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they should stay afloat because of increase enrollment. buy gatti sold the most expensive new car ever. it sold for 12.5 million after making the debut in switzerland. the buyer of the car has not been named publically but it was sold to a buy gatti -- bugatti this -- enthusiasts. for to succeed year amazon founder jeff beeso is the top spot.
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jenner started her line in 2015 million. bes values at $900 there's debate if she's night for the warriors. steve kerr called it opening no quest film festival. film festival.
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chase. make more of what's yours. fficers and firefighters. >> the police officer and firefighters that responded to the explosion at gary were
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honored tonight. that explosion on february 6 and fire at gary and parker took two hours to put out. >> we don't do it for the accommodations but it's nice to feel appreciated. >> federal investigators determined a third party contractor caused the explosion. tonight is opening night for the cinequest film festival. organizers say have a bigger role than everthe cinequ kicked off. now it's where tech meets art. >> this year a lot about virtual reality, new
10:47 pm
experiences for people in term of the way they make, work and access the experience. >> it will screen 256 films. 100 directed by women. i see a lot more young women in various fields. >> the old boys club thankfully has changed. >> it's very exciting for for women. now look at the explosion, the doors have opened. >> including in the films american mussel, it was written and directed by nick martinez. >> my dad used to street race in the 60s. >> his film is about a female
10:48 pm
street actor, 5000 tried out. >> alameda naval and in downtown san jose. it has a roots all over the bay area. >> organizers expect 125000 to attend the festival. day. as we check in with the weather, rain up north, rain down south and thunderstorms in between. for us a steady rain. it's getting ready to get going. see where the rain is and whether it is not. it's in the next couple hours we'll get going. it's going to be a late night
10:49 pm
event into the early morning commute. look at the lightning hits. look at the hits. we showed you pictures earlier. there's a flood watch for southern california from ventura south to los angeles and we could see rainfall anywhere from half an inch to 2 inches of rain. winter storm warning in the sierra. this is short-lived, the wheelhouse is late tonight, midday tomorrow, it's not gone, gone but it's gone. here we are right now, boom, 4:00 a.m. that's going on. significant rain, especially around the santa cruz mountain. this may wake you up. it tees up the morning commute. even though it's not nasty rain
10:50 pm
there's water running off the roads. half inch of rain, inch of rain. that's 7:00 a.m. rapidly clearing up and the rest of the day is a lot like today. it's the main event most of us will be sleeping. after that thursday morning, thursday afternoon, maybe a sprinkle. friday looks good and saturday we have a chance of something similar. i was thinking about the car. >> i know, right. >> frank was justifying the $5 million price tag. >> tomorrow morning it will be wet about 4:00 a.m. we won't be awake. by noontime it like today. it's a nonevent for most if you're not in the very early
10:51 pm
commute. coming up on the 11:00 news. a warning about certain make up. samples tested positive for asbestos. >> the celtics hand the warriors the worst home loss in the steve kerr era.
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. mark is here with sports. what happened tonight? >> i'm ♪ going to argue with the warrior fans. they think a magic button will be pushed. no reason to worry. >> when you look at the start to finish. start with the fact. this is the worst loss in steve kerr's era on the home court. not often a world championship team looks ridiculous on national television. steph and cairo come -- kyrie come in. here's a kyrie steal. marcus morris hits the jumper. get out to a 11-0 start. early the warriors fight back.
10:55 pm
stephon curry was decent. get to within 11-7. this is a thing of beauty. that's the kind of emotion you have to bring in a game like this. 18 points. more wow. marcus smart. no look for taylor. check the replay on that pass. that is big timetable. kyrie with a nice three. 14straight threes missed by the warriors. hayward had three points in 28 minutes off to eric baynes. they are words. a technical to cousins.
10:56 pm
nasty stuff. think how different it is since they won the first championship. fifth home loss by 20 or more points. steve kerr assesses the damage. >> looked to me like we were jogging up the floor. you can't play basketball jogging, you have to sprint. your cuts have to be hard. we did not go all out. it was embarrass. >> demarcus cousins said after the game, see you tomorrow, the coach said and ready to work. more positive in arizona for the oakland a's. a lot of people excited to see jesus lazaro. struck out six. gave up no hits and no runs. he might be something to watch
10:57 pm
for the a's. another newcomer, 2nd baseman will take over for jed lowrie. the a's take care of the rangers 4-1. giants had one of the rare spring days off. the guys come to play this spring. after a shaky first season nice to see longoria playing better ball. he's six for 11 with a couple home runs, hiding .545. they need him to hit, drive in a lot of runs and play defense better. the key for the giants to have a successful season is simple. played well, but we didn't have a group for the whole season. we have to have the pitching
10:58 pm
staff healthy. >> seeing will be believing. we must check this out. prior to the game it looked like the warriors might have a hot evening against the boston celtics. this is pregame. throws as high up in the air and hopes it comes down. on the other side of the fence. want to get away. defense by th embarrassing. kind of like the warriors game. this is ole miss walk-off homer by thomas dillard. watch the beer salute. that's spontaneous, all the fans. at the same time. that's a tradition when there's
10:59 pm
a walk-off homer. in major league baseball it spring training. the phillies, there's more work to be done. again, i stress it is just spring training. and the best centerfielder in baseball mike drought has work to do. then he kicks it. work out the kinks. you can tell he's embarrassed. blame it on the sun. all worth checking it 11:00 and time for more news. coming up next. >> more rain is on the approaching storm is expected to bring heavy downpours on the parts of the bay area overnight. >> we're tracking the current conditions and what you can expect for the morning commute.
11:00 pm
. there's a good chance the morning commute will be messy especially if you're on the road early. bill martin with what we can expect. >> it will be wet on the road. not as wet in the sky. it will be the early morning commute will be hammered. the rain is moving onshore now. a lot through santa barbara. the main impact will get here at two, three in the morning. that's santa barbara county getting hammered. outside right now, light scattered sher


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