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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 6, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> reporter: this is just a really sad situation all around. a very emotional time for these neighbors. this is where it happened. the apartment complex behind me. here on dent avenue. i just spoke with a neighbor and family friend who filled me on on what happened. she says around 12:30 this afternoon, the woman's husband found his wife and two kids not raving -- not breathing inside their home. according to the neighbor, the mom in her 40s had suffocated the two boys, ages five and seven, and then hung herself. the mom recently lost her job over the summer, she worked at a nail salon, and she was a stay-at-home mom. she was suffering from extreme depression. it was a shock to the neighborhood. many of the kids all played together and they didn't see
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the warning signs. they didn't know this would happen. the neighbor tells me this family has lived at the apartment complex for three years. the mother has no other kids. that is the latest information that we have. we know police will be out here for quite some time, investigating what happened. the motive is unclear, but neighbors are saying that she suffered from depression and that may be the reason why. >> such a tragic situation. do we know anything about the ages of the two children? >> reporter: yes, the two boys were ages five and seven. the neighbor said that they would play out in the neighborhood, often times during halloween. they would have get-togethers with other kids in the neighborhood. the woman i spoke to, her son is around the same age as the kids. you can imagine how her son is
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dealing with this and how other parents are dealing with this right now. >> all indications right now are that it was a murder suicide. police are obviously investigating. azenith, thank you. now to the peninsula where police and firefighters were called to portola elementary school in san bruno this morning after a can or garden teacher opened a letter with a suspicious substance inside. fortunately it turned out to be harmless. police are now investigating the source of that letter. rob roth spoke with parents and first responders and is in san bruno tonight. rob. >> reporter: all is safe and secure here now. first responders left hours ago, but police are figure out who sent a threatening substance here. san mateo county hazmat teams came quickly to portola elementary school in san bruno after a teacher received a disturbing letter wednesday morning. >> the staff letter opened a
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letter to discover it contained a threatening message and a suspicious substance. >> reporter: the teacher responded quickly, moving the students to a different classroom and calling authorities. the school was locked down while authorities analyzed the suspicious materials from the letter and monitored students and staff or any signs of toxic exposure. a chemical lab on scene determined the chemical, whatever it was, was not harmful. >> if we find any signs or symptoms of any poisonous substance. >> reporter: after giving the all clear sign, parents were able to pick up their kids. >> at work i got a notification that there was a shelter in place, that a suspicious substance was opened by a teacher. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you read that? >> get down here now. get down here now. >> reporter: parents are relieved no one was hurt. >> now i am more upset than
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concerned. >> reporter: why? >> at an elementary school, why would you send letters to a teacher like that, a kindergarten teacher? that's crazy. >> reporter: police are working on an answer to that question. they have launched a criminal investigation. >> rob roth in san bruno tonight, thank you. it was a mixture of sun and rain today. right now it is a lot of clouds out there. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. depending on where you were earlier today, you may have seen pouring rain or a little bit of blue sky. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin to talk about how much rain we received and what lies ahead. >> i saw pouring rain today, i did not see the sun. it was pointing. late last night the heaviest rain came down and woke up many out there. we saw almost 4.25 inches in the russian river area. kentfield area, about 2.4 inches.
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so it rained. other cities, not as much. san francisco, pretty significant. 1.51. san jose, 0.6. a nice little rainstorm. it does a lot. look at that. 128% of average and santa rosa. this has been a very good rainfall year. in the mountains we do have a winter storm warning in effect. storm levels are around 1500 feet and they have been seeing snow. another foot of snow up there before things are all said and done and that further adds to the water year that is already great. we are seeing 150% for average for snowfall. showers are backing down a little bit. we do have a glitch in the weekend that could bring a few light showers, but i don't think it is enough to cancel what you're doing. when i come back, we will talk
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specifically about the next couple of days of clearing and what is going on in the week. bill mentioned the snow and heavy snow continues to fall in the sierra, with up to three feet expected from the current storm. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning. it remains in effect to tell 10:00 tomorrow morning. right now chains are required on i-80, but there are no other chain requirements on the other major highways in the area, highway 50. the ski resort has more than five inches of snow in the last couple hours and the snow total there is now a few inches shy of reaching 50 feet. earlier this week the owners of squaw valley said they are extending the season to july 7, due to this record-setting snow. the other big ski resorts plan to stay open until at least late april, due to the snow. a health emergency has been declared in sonoma county. there is concern about
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contamination from all the edup flooding there. dawn baker is live for us tonight. tom, a lot of proper toxic materials are waiting to be discarded. >> reporter: and the ray knight now is what is really concerning them. if there is toxic materials in these piles, it will wash into the drains and eventually down into the river and the environment. this is important because this is a population center and tourist destination right in the middle of human and wildlife habitat. it is unusual for a county to declare a local health emergency, but this flood, having lost an enormous amount of toxic materials from structures into the environment , says the county, simply justifies it. materials range from nail polish to cans of gasoline, to medicines, to wrap poison and everything in between. >> there is a tremendous amount
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of household waste from over 2200 homes and businesses that were impacted. this is an area with a lot of people around, and pets. we want to collect it all and dispose of it properly so there is no immediate exposure. >> reporter: the county wants people to hold onto the toxic materials until saturday when they can be taken to sunset beach, where the state department of toxic substances control will have toxic waste haulers to collect the material and transport them to a high- level toxic dump. >> they are licensed haulers, processors. they have all of the regulations and requirements to handle this, so they are the right entity to help. >> reporter: in the meantime, non-toxic debris continues to mount as people cleanout their properties. several haulers are picking up debris for more than half a dozen emergency collection sites. there, people can bring and drop off their debris. >> we are running about 120
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drop boxes per day, out of six locations, that flood debris is being accumulated and dropped off at. >> reporter: we ran into sonoma contractor michael wolff who recently built 14 homes for local residents. he said he had to help a flooded out family whose daughter goes to school with his and some of their neighbors. >> i have not seen distraction like this, ever before. but i have seen these same emotions. the person we are helping right now, i have seen her cry a few times. but this gives her hope. >> reporter: originally, the toxic roundup was scheduled for the transfer station in the hills above granville, but it has now been moved to sunset beach, so everyone can have an
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equal and easy chance getting to it, because getting to that transfer station can be a real problem for some folks. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and again, a limited opportunity to drop off those materials and only for residents. >> reporter: agreed and they want all of this off the street by sunday, monday at the latest. they are concerned that all of that material will cause them real problems, vermin and things like that, and they don't want to deal with that. don't forget to download our free ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the all- important seven-day it also has a really cool feature that allows you to upload your weather photos and videos that we can then use here at ktvu. another possible teachers strike, this time in san ramon. teachers in the school district have been talking with management since september.
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they say management is finally listening and they hope to reach a tentative agreement, but there is still a long way to go. rob malcolm is in san ramon tonight with more on the negotiations. >> reporter: that's right, good evening. teachers are not on strike, they have just been authorized to strike. they tell me that even affluent districts like san ramon county suffer from funding issues and they can't provide essential services to students, but finally, management is lessening. nadine would like to finish the school year, the senior supports her teachers. >> teachers, they are valuable roles and i think they should definitely be compensated for that. if not, they should definitely have the opportunity to strike. >> reporter: union reps and management have been talking all day, optimistic they will reach a deal. >> we have had several positive
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conversations over the past week. we are very helpful. >> reporter: teachers are asking for an annual 5% salary increase. the district has offered three. teachers say the negotiations are just about money, it is about increasing services for kids. >> we are looking at providing more support for our students. we also want to make sure that we address the class size issue. >> reporter: she says that besides suffering from an ongoing funding issue, it is hard for most teachers to afford living in the district. >> even with a highest-paid teacher salary, we are unable to live and work in our community and it takes perhaps two incomes to achieve that. >> reporter: 98% of 1700 teachers have voted to authorize the strike if negotiation sour and some parents understand the pain. >> as a community we are obligated to make sure our teachers arecare of and i think it is the least we can do, for everything they do for
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our children. >> reporter: back here live, if a strike is called it would take place in late april. the community is invited to a town hall meeting tonight. this is in san ramon. again, they are hoping to reach a deal on a tentative agreement. that town hall takes place at 7:00. >> rob, thank you. the man charged with attacking a conservative activist on the uc berkeley campus pleaded not guilty today to three felonies. that attack was caught on video. the zachary greenberg is accused of punching hayden williams back on february 19. he has been charged with assault, battery, and criminal threats. williams was on the campus trying to recruit members for a conservative group called turning point usa. neither greenberg nor williams is a student at cal. attorneys for both men talked
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briefly today about the charges. >> i would remind that one important constitutional freedom is the presumption of innocence, due process of law, due process in a courtroom, not on social media or the internet . >> what is there to say? it is sickening to watch it. it is outrageous that a young man who is exercising his first amendment rights on the berkeley campus was viciously assaulted and subjected to violent threats. >> greenberg was ordered by the judge to stay away from the victim and from uc berkeley. his attorney said he was on campus that day studying at the library. he is due back in court in april. reducing the risk of catastroph california wildfires. we will tell you about the aggressive plan to increase the numbers of trees removed in dozens of cities, including one in the bay area. the focus turns from search
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calfire today announced a major forest management planned aimed at reducing the risk of future disasters. the states fire agency released a list of 35 sites identified as top priority which includes multiple areas. the plan involves dramatically increasing the removal of dead trees and other efforts to clear vegetation by more than 90,000 acres. >> i came up with 35 different locations and the top 10 across the county. of that list, that represents the largest population and the highest number of communities.
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>> the projects also prioritize communities with significant numbers of vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or the poor. calfire plans to help the national guard for help. in alabama, all the people reported missing have now been accounted for after the powerful tornado hit a rural community on sunday. in lee county, alabama, two full days of searching ended with no increase in the death toll, which tonight stands at 23. >> reporter: anxious homeowners are still assessing the damage, two days after a massive ef-4 tornado swept through the area, leaving a path of destruction a mile wide and 23 miles long. officials say all the missing have been accounted for and the focus is turning from search and rescue to recovery. >> disaster survivor assistance teams will canvas the neighborhoods. you will see fema shirts later
5:19 pm
this afternoon. >> reporter: at least 23 people died a result of the tornado, one of at least 34 that touched down on sunday. thousands of homes have been either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. state and local officials are promising funds to help people rebuild and they say public awareness will be a key part of the recovery process. >> start getting them registered and connected for financial assistance for what they are eligible for. that will be an important first step of the recovery process. >> reporter: meanwhile, with the threat of more severe storms this weekend, folks are moving quickly to salvage what they can or protect what is left of their property, with many crediting neighbors for stepping up to help the community. >> a tornado, in my front yard. i never expected them to do this much, in that much time.
5:20 pm
i didn't think it could be done. >> reporter: president trump is expected to visit the area on friday to get a firsthand look at the recovery process. in lee county, alabama, jonathan savery, fox news. this is the time of year, getting into the severe weather in the midwest and the plains. as spring time comes and we get surface heating. we had a lot of thundershowers south last night. you probably saw that. even showing up here in nevada. you see the lightning pops, there, there, there. through modesto and up into the foothills. a winter storm warning in the area through the early hours tonight. they will get more snow. 155% of snow average up there and they will get more. for us, we have a few scattered showers. the real story has been up there. that's where you want it to be. that's the best place to put it.
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it freezes, puts it in the bank, then slowly lets it out during spring and summer. in antioch, on the afternoon commute, you guys are getting good at driving in the rain. you notice that? >> there is always that one guy who goes flying by. >> one guy, but not for guys. >> okay, i hope you are right. >> this morning it was a messy morning and maybe i am optimistic, but i think people are getting better. toward the end of winter you guys are getting used to rain and we have had some rain. current temperatures, there they are. and some wind, we did have a little wind on the bridges this morning.'s sfo doing 22 miles per hour. some pretty good rain out there. the golden gate bridge, a few light showers showing up. last night at 10:00 i was
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showing you -- i am distracted because my feet are in the shop. there never in the shot. oh, you got a new floor? that's cool. now i know. okay, so if you look out tomorrow -- thanks, melissa. a chance of showers tomorrow morning, but not a big deal. by tomorrow afternoon it looks like this. a nice-looking day tomorrow. i didn't know you told me we got a new floor. nobody told me. okay. >> okay, we are losing time here. >> okay, there's the forecast. now that i know we have a new floor i will crush the next bit. >> thanks, bill. coming up, here on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> we will chill you about big changes coming to geary boulevard. and coming up on the news at 6:00, a deal between the raiders and the coliseum authority is nearly done, but
5:23 pm
there is one issue that could derail the agreement. entering an emotional appearance today, the first female fighter pilot to ever fly in combat revealed that she was raped by her superior officer. details coming up at 6:00. ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. a new construction project is underway on geary boulevard and it is promising to be ambitious, but unfortunately
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also disruptive. >> it is designed to improve bus service on one of the city's busiest streets. we are alive with more on the project and reactions. >> reporter: if you aren't familiar with what the rapid transit plan is, it would essentially move the bus. you can see the 38 coming toward us right now. it would move the bus lanes from the sides, to the center lanes, which they say would speed traffic along the corridor. but businesses say they are worried the two-year construction project will kill their business. francisco is the latest major thoroughfare slated for bus rapid transit. it prioritizes transit lanes and in some cases takes buses to theer lanes. >> three, two, one, here we go. >> reporter: the city turned over ceremonial shovels of soil on the project, saying it is the next best thing to a subway.
5:27 pm
>> my dream project is basically to go underground on geary boulevard, but as you know, the money is not necessarily there to do that, but we are doing the next best thing. >> reporter: the change would take away a lane of traffic in either direction, but they said it would ultimately make it safer. in addition to speeding up traffic on a bus line that carries some 35,000 passengers a day. >> it is one of the highest if not the highest bus ridership transit corridor in the western united states. >> reporter: while city leaders celebrate the project more than a decade in the making, some businesses are dreading it. he says the construction and loss of parking spaces will squeeze local businesses pass their breaking point. >> it is a death sentence. honestly it is a death sentence. look right now. look at what is happening
5:28 pm
downtown a. with the subway to nowhere. >> reporter: the mayor today said the city has helped businesses in chinatown and will work with geary businesses, too. >> we have to do better to support our small businesses, so we are looking at concrete solutions to support those businesses. it will be a challenging time in terms of construction in these particular areas. >> reporter: work is already underway and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021. >> kristen, i am just wondering, when the mayor was talking about how they are going to support businesses that will be affected, that is fine and dandy, but did she specifically say what they will do? >> reporter: you heard her say they want to come up with concrete proposals. at this point there don't
5:29 pm
appear to be any concrete proposals. the mayor is saying they really want to work with businesses here and businesses really want to see cooperation with the city. as i said, in chinatown and other areas they have received support from the city. we will see if the saying will happen here. >> it was blunt hearing one business owner say that will be a death sentence. a homicide investigation focusing on a victim who wasn't shot or stabbed, but rather neglected. next, we tell you about the charges that the victim's adult mother and boyfriend are facing. also, the assistant dean of admissions at stanford university, denied bail after being accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a butcher knife while they were both high on lsd. what's better than having fast,
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which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. a couple is in jail tonight, charged in connection with the death of the woman's 77-year-
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old father. police say he was neglected and this is, in fact, a murder case. we are live now with more on this homicide investigation. >> reporter: heather, this is the home where the victim was found. he wasn't shot, he wasn't stabbed, but he was neglected and investigators are calling it murder. martinez police were called to this home last week. someone inside said lyle lawrence, a retired postal worker, was in a bedroom and ng. >> we responded with medical personnel. upon our arrival, we realized that the mail was actually deceased. >> reporter: this is a picture of the victim from his daughter's facebook page. the home is now red tagged as investigators it was unsafe to
5:34 pm
live in. >> investigators noticed signs of neglect. the house was in disarray, so they started an investigation. >> reporter: police arrested lawrence's daughter, a school bus driver. also arrested was her boyfriend, edmund st. john, an auto mechanic. both live at the home. >> all indications so far as this is more of a neglect incident. i don't want to say no foul play, but no significant signs of a struggle or any kind of attack. >> reporter: still, prosecutors have charged lauren lawrence with murder and involuntary manslaughter. the couple has been charged with child abuse and elder abuse, for subjecting their grade school aged child to the conditions in the home. >> we all have a duty to take care of our loved ones. i realize it can be difficult sometimes to do that. >> reporter: neighbors say the overgrown yard and front porch must be a reflection of
5:35 pm
conditions inside the home. >> we haven't seen him for quite a while, so we thought he was sick or in the hospital. i asked a few neighbors and they didn't know what happened to him. >> he was an awesome neighbor. >> reporter: this man, who didn't want to be named, says he saw the victim several years ago with a back injury and using a wheelchair. he says the male suspect moved in about 14 years ago. >> they eventually did care -- >> reporter: the couple appeared in court this morning, but did not enter a plea from jail. live in martinez, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the chevron refinery in richmond sent out a community warning today. the company says a power outage affected some processing units this morning. it says the flares were highly regulated to release pressure during the refining process. chevron issued a level one warning to people living in the
5:36 pm
area, which is the lowest on the scale. pg&e's says its equipment is not responsible for the outage. across town, and unrelated power outage forced the closure of richmond high school. the power went out at about 1:00 in the afternoon and this morning, parents got a notice that about 8:00 saying to keep students at home because the power was not back on. the problem appears to be with the school's equipment. today the district says it still doesn't know if school will be open tomorrow. and assistant at the stanford admission office has been arrested on attempted murder and assault. he is accused of stabbing his girlfriend while in a drug induced state. we were there as the man made his first court appearance. >> reporter: a judge denied bail for james shirvell. the 26-year-old is accused of
5:37 pm
stabbing his live-in girlfriend with a butcher knife while the two were on lsd. >> there is nothing in his history that indicates any reason for any kind of psychotic break. i think it was a bad acid trip. >> reporter: in court, his family and friends vouched for his character and so did his girlfriends family. they read a letter on his behalf. she called what happened a horrific accident in which he seemed possessed by another force. >> he has a degree from yale university. he has been employed at stanford for the past two years. had no prior contacts with the court. >> reporter: according to the attorney, shirvell had taken lsd on for prior occasions. this time he grabbed a knife and began stabbing his girlfriend repeatedly in the back and shoulder, collapsing her lung. >> the officer determined that domestic violence incident occurred. >> the charges and injuries are very serious. the victim is in the hospital,
5:38 pm
recovering from her injuries. >> reporter: officials released a statement saying shirvell has been placed on leave and will not be coming on campus or performing any admissions work. the judge requested an evaluation of his mental health. >> it is unfortunate he has to be in custody until that is done. >> reporter: the judge might reconsider bail once i cited evaluation is complete. health officials in san francisco have confirmed the first case of measles involving a city resident since 2013. the department of public health says the patient was exposed on an international flight. health officials say the person is being treated and monitored. there has been an increase in cases of measles nationwide. the cdc declared in 2000 and measles was eradicated in the united states, but now says
5:39 pm
lower vaccination rates have reintroduced measles in some locations. the u.s. is counted 200 cases in 11 states, a third of which are in the pacific northwest. the death of actor luke perry is shining the light on the risk of stroke. he was only 52 years old. if you suspect you or someone else is having a stroke, doctors say time is of the absence. today we spoke with doctor david hong, the regional director of stroke programs with sutter health. he says they implemented a new protocol for getting help to stroke victims faster. >> it is really a mini hospital. a hospital on wheels. what we do is we drive the unit to the patient. we put them within the ambulance and in the ambulance they get a cat scan done, right in the ambulance. there is a cat scan inside the ambulance. there is a pharmacy in the ambulance, so you can give treatment right away.
5:40 pm
there is either a live doctor, or more recently, telemedicine. >> risk factors for strokes include high blood pressure, smoking, excessive alcohol use and art conditions. strokes can affect men and women at any age. 15% of stroke victims are under the age of 50. a heartbreaking message today from a tv icon. >> hi everyone, i have some news to share with all of you, in keeping with my long time policy days how stupid, r. kelly, with all i've been through st, to h alone, four, five, six, 50 you said. how stupid would i be to do that? >> coming up next, more of r. kelly's interview since pleading not guilty. and why he was taken back into custody just hours after this
5:41 pm
interview aired.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
alex trebek announced today he has been diagnosed with stage iv pancreatic cancer. >> like 50,000 other people in the united states each year, this week i was diagnosed with
5:44 pm
stage iv pancreatic cancer. normally the diagnosis is not very encouraging, but i am going to fight this. >> trebek has hosted jeopardy since the mid-80s. he also joked that he has to keep working, he has no choice, because he has three years left on his contract. singer r. kelly was arrested again today, this time for failing to pay more than $160,000 in back child support. this comes two weeks after kelly posted $100,000 in his ongoing sex abuse case. we have more on the bizarre way kelly is responding. >> reporter: singer r. kelly returning to court, this time for unpaid child support owed to his wife. it is unrelated to the 10 count indictment on sex abuse charges. kelly has pleaded not guilty and did so again during a bizarre interview with cbs this morning. >> so they are lying on you,
5:45 pm
that is your explanation? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: kelly was questioned about past accusations and new ones, some revealed in a re he was also asked about strikingly similar allegations. >> is this camera on me? that is stupid. use your common sense. i didn't do this stuff. i am fighting for my life. i -- >> reporter: after composing himself, the interview went from passionate to peculiar. >> i need someone to help me not have a big heart, because my heart is so big. >> reporter: kelly says he believes social media played a part, giving money hungry accusers a platform to spread lies about him. and overhaul of the world's largest social media site. up next, the message from mark
5:46 pm
zuckerberg today about privacy. >> the platform has garnered both praise and criticism. and we are looking into rain out there continuing and more potential this weekend. see you back here. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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facebook users can expect more of something many of wanted for years now, privacy. at least that's the promise of
5:49 pm
mark zuckerberg. we have details of the planned transformation of the world's leading social network site. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg took to the platform that has garnered plays and storm. he writes, i believe we should be working for world where people can speak privately and freely, knowing their information will only be seen by who they want to see it and won't all stick around forever. the 34-year-old billionaire social media tycoon says facebook can evolve to build services people want. >> i'm not surprised, because facebook has been under pressure to increase privacy. people are very concerned. >> reporter: facebook has a checkered past when it comes to privacy, dating back to 2006 and the launch of its news feed. recently it acknowledged the private information of 50 million users was shared with cambridge analytica during the 2016 election cycle.a matter of
5:50 pm
but when. zuckerberg outlined six principles that will serve as the foundation for his privacy focused platform. from private interactions, to encryption of messages, safety, to secure data storage that won't be compromised. >> can they rebrand themselves? >> i think facebook can offer services that gives a lot more privacy in the sense they are not sharing the content with a wide circle of friends. >> reporter: some users we spoke with seemed split. >> i think they could do it. put up some type of firewall, some type of thing where someone can take your information. >> the security is already there, people just mess everything up. so it is not what facebook does, but the way people use it. >> reporter: zuckerberg seems to concede he has an uphill battle.
5:51 pm
his company can actually change, but he says that process of change will be done openly over the next two years. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, let's look at the radar right now. let's take a look at santa barbara. they went off in santa barbara last night. i will back off of the radar and you will see the lightning hits. look at these hits yesterday, moving onshore at santa barbara. this was last night about this time. actually a little later. very aggressive stuff. for us we had some lightning strikes off shore. nothing really materialized, but we do have that winter storm warning in the mountains. a few lightning strikes, as well. that stays in effect for a few more hours. chaining up on iad and highway 50, certainly a real possibility throughout the evening hours as showers
5:52 pm
continue. with light showers you can expect a little bit of wet on the road, but it is not horrible. this morning was significant rainfall coming down. we had rainfall rates this morning and late last night. significant rainfall rates last night and this morning. the wind has kind of mellowed out. they were up around 35 or 40 in the hills. sfo, 22 out of the south. golden gate bridge is looking good. you can see a few sprinkles on the road. tomorrow looks like this. mostly partly sunny in the afternoon. mark and i go around and around. mostly cloudy, partly sunny. there is actually a definition of it, but i try to be optimistic. when i see any sunshine at all i am calling it partly sunny. the next system rolls into maryland is a cooler system. it lingers. it's not a big deal.
5:53 pm
it will go right down the coast. it will keep temperatures on the cool side, maybe a few sprinkles. not a big deal and saturday we get back into it. here is the model. tomorrow morning, right. tomorrow afternoon. a nice day. i think it is a nice day. as you go into friday morning, a little bit of sun. friday afternoon, things start to shape up. saturday morning, this wants to slide through. it looks wet throughout the middle part of the day on saturday. there are the forecast highs. i used to have an english teacher, heather, who lived close by and when i started in the business, i was really bad. i would say this is, or something, and she always let me know. >> i still get those. >> oh my gosh, yeah. >> bill, thank you. a famed california
5:54 pm
racetrack shut down after a series of mysterious horse deaths. i am jonathan hunt in los angeles. i have the details, coming up. and coming up at 6:00, president trump's former attorney and so-called fixer continues to cooperate with investigators as he testifies on capitol hill. also a bombshell revelation from arizona senator martha mcsally, as she talks about her own sexual assault while serving in the air force. (music throughout)
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your poand protect . with love, california.
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. the fda has approved a new drug for depression and many are calling it a breakthrough. it is the first new drug therapy for depression in
5:57 pm
decades. it is the chemical cousin to a mind altering party drug called ketamine. it works by triggering the feel- good part of the brain containing serotonin. it comes in the form of a nasal spray and has to be administered by a doctor. >> most medications take weeks or a couple of months to work. it works in hours. after the first or second dose of the medication, we know if it will help the patient. >> doctors say it is best suited for patients who are extremely depressed and have tried other antidepressants, but they haven't worked. to southern california now, where a famed racetrack has suspended racing indefinitely. this follows the death of 20 racehorses just since christmas. jonathan hunt has the report from los angeles. >> reporter: 21 horses have died at santa anita's fame racetrack over the last two months. most recently a horse was euthanized after pulling up rhame lame during a race.
5:58 pm
that happened just two days after the track shut down for inspection and then reopened. now it is shutting down indefinitely. >> i hope they do something to help these horses. it is sad. >> reporter: the chief operating officer telling the associated press, we want to do all the testing that needs to be done. when we believe we are in good shape, we will start to train over again. the park is under national scrutiny, with animal-rights group peta calling for a criminal investigation into horse trainers and veterinarians. peta says it is relieved the track is shutting down, but more needs to be done to find answers. >> it is a little late. it is basically a bloodbath. >> reporter: officials say they will look at whether rain has been a factor in the deaths. southern california has received roughly a foot of rain
5:59 pm
in february alone. the tracks are not built for the wet weather, which combined with cold temperatures, can make the dirt harder. >> it is difficult, because i'm sure the trainers and jockeys want to keep racing and have their employment. >> reporter: there is no timetable for when the track will reopen. they are scheduled to hold the breeders' cup this fall. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news. >> san francisco city leaders say it is an improvement project that should've been undertaken decades ago. unfortunately, small business owners say this project could be a death sentence. >> it will hurt the city in the long run. the biggest employers in the city are the small business merchants. >> and official groundbreaking ceremony today for a project or long geary boulevard to improve mass transit. good evening everyone. >> the goal is to make one of
6:00 pm
san francisco's busiest corridor's safer for everyone. bright prioritizing the service and making it more efficient. it is expected to be completed in 2021. >> the first phase stretches from market street downtown. some small businesses along geary are worried about the disruption. christien kafton is a long geary boulevard with more on this project and a reaction. >> reporter: first i will start with a primer about what bus rapid transit really means. what it would do is take the buses from the curb lanes and move them to the center lanes. backers of the plan say it will help speed buses through the busy transit or a door, but as you said, businesses are worried that the two-year construction project will kill their business. geary boulevard in san francisco is the latest


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