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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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san francisco's busiest corridor's safer for everyone. bright prioritizing the service and making it more efficient. it is expected to be completed in 2021. >> the first phase stretches from market street downtown. some small businesses along geary are worried about the disruption. christien kafton is a long geary boulevard with more on this project and a reaction. >> reporter: first i will start with a primer about what bus rapid transit really means. what it would do is take the buses from the curb lanes and move them to the center lanes. backers of the plan say it will help speed buses through the busy transit or a door, but as you said, businesses are worried that the two-year construction project will kill their business. geary boulevard in san francisco is the latest major
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thoroughfare slated for bus rapid transit, a plan that prioritizes transit lanes and in some cases takes buses from the curb lanes and has them travel in the center lanes instead. >> three, two, one, here we go. >> reporter: the city turned over ceremonial shovels of soil on the project, saying it is the next best thing to a subway. >> my dream project is to basically go underground on geary boulevard, but as you know, the money is not there to necessarily do that. we are doing the next best thing. >> reporter: the changes would take away a lane of traffic in either direction, but they say ultimately it will make geary safer, improving addition to speeding up traffic on a 34,000 passengers a day. >> the geary corridor is one of the highest bus ridership transit corridor's in the western united states. >> reporter: while city leaders are celebrating the project,
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more than a decade in the making, some businesses are dreading it. the merchants association says the construction and loss of parking spaces will squeeze local businesses passed their breaking point. >> it is a death sentence. honestly. look what is going on right now. they are going out of business. look at what is happening downtown, with the subway to nowhere. >> reporter: the mayor today said the city has helped businesses in chinatown and along vanness and will work with geary businesses, too. >> we have to do better to support businesses. we are looking for concrete solutions to support those businesses, which will be a challenging time in terms of construction. >> reporter: work is already underway. the project is expected to be completed in springnews. also in san francisco, a
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push to make streets safer for pedestrians. today the mayor announced new measures aimed at speeding up safety enhancements on streets with a high number of injuries. those enhancements include safety posts, sidewalk extensions and increased traffic enforcement. the announcement follows a series of pedestrian announcements accidents over the past week that left two people dead and others injured. now a tragic story to report tonight. san jose police say a mother and her two young children were found dead inside a program in on dent avenue. adult woman and two little boys a neighbor mother, who was in her 40s, suffered from depression and lost her job last summer. >> she was suffering severe depression and, i mean, we
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didn't notice it, because i would talk to her frequently. multiple times per week. my kids were involved with her kids. they were always playing and running. apparently, i guess, depression kicked in. >> that neighbor tells us the children were five and seven years old. detectives remained on the scene tonight to investigate this apparent murder suicide. firefighters were called to portola elementary school in san bruno this morning after a kindergarten teacher got a threatening letter with the suspicious substance inside. while the substance turned out to be harmless, parents were pretty upset at the news. >> reporter: hazmat teams came quickly to san bruno after a teacher received a disturbing letter wednesday morning. >> a staff member opened the letter to discover it contained
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a threatening message and a suspicious substance. >> reporter: the teacher responded quickly, moving students to a different classroom and calling authorities. the school was locked down while authorities analyzed the suspicious material. they also monitored staff for any signs of toxic exposure. a chemical lab on scene determined the material, whatever it was, was not harmful. >> at no time did any students or staff show any signs or symptoms of a poisonous substance. >> reporter: when authorities gave the all clear sign, parents were able to pick up their kids. >> at work i got a notification that there was a shelter in place, that a suspicious substance was opened by a teacher. >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> get down here now. get down here now. >> reporter: parents are relieved no one was hurt. >> now i am more upset than concerned. >> reporter: upset at what? >> it is an elementary school. why would you send at crazy.
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>> reporter: police are looking for an answer to that question. they've launched a criminal investigation into who sent that letter. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. now to san ramon county where officials are concerned about debris piled up after the russian river flooding. we have more on what they are asking residents to do. >> reporter: it is unusual for a county to declare a health emergency, but this flood, having washed an enormous amount of materials out into the environment, says the county, simply justifies it. the materials range from nail polish to cans of gasoline, to medicines and rat poison and everything in between. >> it is a tremendous amount of household hazardous waste from over 2500 homes and businesses that were impacted.
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this is an area with a lot of people in and around and pets, so we want to collect it all up and dispose of it properly, so there is no immediate exposure. >> reporter: the county wants people to hold onto their toxic materials until saturday, when they can be taken to sunset beach, where the state department of toxic substance control will have competent toxic waste haulers to collect the material and transport them to a high level toxic dump. >> they are licensed haulers, processors. they know all of the regulations and requirements, so they are the right agency to help. >> reporter: in the meantime, the amount of non-toxic debris continues to mount as people clear off their properties. there picking up for more than half a dozen emergency sites. there, people can bring and drop off their debris. >> we are running about 120 drop boxes per day out of six
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locations. that debris is being accumulated and dropped off at. >> reporter: we ran into contractor robert wolf who recently built 14 tiny homes for northbay veterans. while he has plenty more work, he says he had to help out a flooded out family whose daughter goes with his and some of their neighbors. >> i had not seen destruction like this ever before, but i have seen the same emotions. the person we are helping right now, i have seen her cry a few times. this gives her hope. >> reporter: again, the toxic cleanup is this saturday at sunset beach, not at the transfer station above grenville. too hard for a lot of folks to get up there. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. across the bay area, umbrellas route again for another wet commute.
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while they are tapering off in some parts, we are not completely done with the rain yet. we go now to chief meteorologist bill martin for more. what are you seeing? >> we are still seeing scattered showers, but a big break as we go into the next 48 hours or so. a few sprinkles in the morning and again on saturday, but kind of a break, after what was significant rainfall in the morning hours. over four inches in vedado, the wettest spot on earth. then kentfield, almost 2 1/2 inches. san francisco, 1.1 inches, that is significant. oakland had almost an inch of rain at 0.9. so it was very wet out there. showers continue and this adds up to one heck of a water year, not just here, but in the mountains, where we are running 120% of the snowfall average, which is super important.
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this is important for our surface reservoirs. certainly, the averages, for here. but the big story is the mountains. your savings account is what is in the mountains and that is what we use all spring and summer long. as i speak, there is a winter storm warning in the mountains. they continue to get foot upon foot of snow. i read that squaw valley will be open until 4 july. no surprise there. west of the sierra nat nevada we have some thunderstorms. we will continue to see snow concerns on 80 and 50 in the lake tahoe area. it has been one heck of a winter and it's not over yet. when i come back we will look at the next system that will pa the weekend with a five day forecast. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a four alarm fire at an abandoned commercial building.
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it was first recorded around 10:00 this morning. crew said the flames under control in about 90 minutes. the flames caused major damage to the vacant building, but there are no reports of injuries. we are learning new information about the proposed deal to keep the raiders in oakland for one more season until they moved to vegas. the coliseum authority said the deal is 95% done, but warned that if the authority and the raiders don't reach agreement on the one remaining issue, it could take the entire deal. so far no information has been released about what that last remaining issue is, but there is speculation that it involves finances and taxes on the raiders headquarters and training facility. coming up tonight, and east bay school bus driver and her boyfriend arrested after her father is found dead inside her home. the charges of elder abuse and murder that this couple is now
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facing. also devastating news involving alex trebek, the host of jeopardy. today he announced he is facing stage iv cancer. first, the potential for another bay area teachers strike. the 11th hour talks taking place in the san ramon school district. a look now at the wednesday night commute. those are the tail lights heading towards university avenue. very slow going, as it normally is this time of night. let's head to san mateo to look at the san mateo bridge, where again, it is pretty heavy as expected on this wednesday night. [phone ringing]
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negotiations are underway in the east bay to avert another teacher strike, this time in the san ramon county school district. >> the good news is, both sides are optimistic they can reach an agreement before teachers walk off the job. rob malcolm has our report tonight. >> reporter: nadine would like to finish the school year, but the senior supports her teachers. >> teachers are valuable roles and they should be compensated for that. if they are not, they should definitely have the opportunity to strike. >> reporter: union reps and management have been talking all day, optimistic they will reach a deal. >> we have had several positive conversations over the last
6:16 pm
week. we are very hopeful right now. >> reporter: teachers are asking for an annual 5% salary increase. the district has offered 3%. teachers say it's not just about money, it is about increasing services for kids. >> we are looking at providing more support in terms of counselors, nurses, speech and language pathologists. we also want to address the class-size issue. >> reporter: besides suffering from an ongoing funding issue, it is hard for most teachers to live in the district. >> even with the highest paid teacher salary, we are unable to live and work in our community and it takes perhaps two incomes to achieve that. >> reporter: 98% of the 1700 teachers have voted to authorize the strike and some parents understand the pain. >> as a community we are obligated to make sure our
6:17 pm
teachers are taken care of. i think it is the least we can do, for everything that they do for our children. >> reporter: of a strike is called, it would happen in late april. the public is invited to a town hall meeting tonight to listen to those contract terms. that town hall taking place at 7:00. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. almost 1000 san mateo county workers walked the picket line today on the final day of a two-day strike. about 900 employees of the human services unit say they want a pay increase and better working conditions, such as voluntary time off, the option to telecommute, and the end to forced overtime. >> we want the county to be fiscally responsible, of course we do. but when workers lives are not valued or respected, that is the frustration we are dealing with. >> the county values its employees. they are the foundation of the great work we do and we are
6:18 pm
also committed to compensating them fairly. we also have to be fiscally responsible and balance that compensation with a model that is sustainable for the future. >> the county has offered workers a 12% raise over three years and says they are willing to continue negotiating on other non-economic issues. >> drivers coming off the lower deck of the bay bridge in oakland will notice a new bill board today with a direct message to senator dianne feinstein. it urges the senator to protect our communities and support the green new deal. senator feinstein has to support the vague proposal that aims to address climate change. the senator says she prefers legislation that can pass and be paid for. the ad is scheduled to run through early next week. state officials are looking into what is next for ratepayers as pg&e's moves through the bankruptcy process. lawmakers met at the capital this week to discuss the
6:19 pm
bankruptcy filing. the states largest utility cited billions of dollars of potential liability related to the recent wildfires. by law, wildfire victims and investors should receive equal consideration in the bankruptcy process, but officials warn wildfire victims should be on guard. creditors will likely lobby to have their interests considered above those who suffered losses in the fires. >> you are in a preliminary place where you're not yet seeing the leadership saying this is where this will go and you are in the business stabilizal case against pg and d is comply with targets in a wildfire plan that the company submitted. a second federal judge ruled that the trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 u.s. census is illegal. the judge said the move threatens the very foundation of our democratic system.
6:20 pm
he also added that the question violates the constitutional requirement that the census count everyone in the country. a judge in new york previously blocked the trump administration from adding the question. the u.s. supreme court will now review the issue. still ahead, and explosive confession from a u.s. senator and first pilot to fly in combat. it is about being sexually assaulted in the air force. >> perpetrators abuse their power in profound ways. in one case, i was prayed upon and raped by a superior officer. also i had, a nasal spray gains fda approval. and we will hear from kd and this man, when mark joins us later in sports.
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today a senate hearing on preventing sexual assaults in the armed services led to a startling confession. the senator of arizona, martha mcsally, revealed that she was raped by her superior officer while she was a fighter pilot in the air force. >> reporter lauren blanchard joins us live with the details. >> reporter: it was a very emotional hearing on capitol hill as senator mcsally told
6:24 pm
her story of being raped by a superior officer while she was serving in the military. >> i was horrified at how my attempt to share my experiences were handled. like many victims, i felt the system was raping me all over again. >> reporter: senator martha mcsally speaking before the senate. she says the change needs to start with those in charge. >> if the commander is a problem or fails in his or her duties, they must be removed and held harshly accountable. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the air force says they stand behind mcsally and all victims, adding, we are steadfast in our commitment to eliminate this reprehensible behavior and breach of trust in our ranks.
6:25 pm
while the 2018 report on sexual assault in the military has not been released yet, the 2017 report shows startling numbers. sexual assaults in the thousands. sexual assault reports involving servicemembers increased by 10% from 2016, across all four military services. >> it is obviously a big problem and if we can find a better way to address it we should. >> reporter: officials argue the increase shows more people feel comfortable coming forward, rather than an increase in incidents. mcsally says while the military has come a long way to -- there is still more to be done. president trump's former attorney turned over more documents related to a planned trump tower in moscow during a closed-door hearing in washington today. michael cohen submitted documents that appeared to show
6:26 pm
the president's lawyer made changes to a statement: prepared to give to congress in 2017. he said he misled congress about the pursuit of a trump tower moscow project, later admitting the negotiations continued during the campaign. michael cohen faces three years in prison. ktvu fox 2 news is next with details on the elder abuse and child abuse a couple is accused of. and singer r. kelly is back in police custody. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow)
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now to tonight's top stories, a major overhaul is set to begin on geary boulevard. officials say it will make geary safer and make the busy transit line more efficient, with buses in the center lane.
6:30 pm
but merchants fear the two-year construction project will hurt their business. the project is expected to be completed by spring of 2021. hazmat teams were called to portola elementary school in san bruno this morning after a kindergarten teacher received a threatening letter with a suspicious substance inside. the students were moved to a different classroom and the school was put on lockdown. the material was revealed to be harmless. an investigation is underway to try to determine who sent the letter. police in san jose are investigating the deaths of a mother and her two young sons as an apparent murder suicide. the boys were five and seven years old. detectives were called to dent avenue this afternoon when the children's father apparently discovered the three dead inside the apartment. a neighbor tells us that the mother, who was in her 40s, had suffered from depression. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a couple is in jail tonight, charged in connection with the
6:31 pm
death of the woman's im wasn't stabbed. authorities say he was neglected and in officials are calling it murder. >> reporter: police were called to this home on escondido drive last week. someone inside said lyle lawrence, a retired postal worker, was in a bedroom and not breathing. >> we responded and upon our arrival we realized that the 77- year-old male was actually deceased. >> reporter: this is a picture of the victim from his daughter's facebook page. the home is now red tagged as investigators say it was in no shape to live in. >> they noticed signs of neglect. the house was in disarray and so forth, so they started a preliminary investigation. >> reporter: police arrested lawrence's daughter, lauren lawrence. also arrested was her boyfriend, an auto mechanic. both lived at the home.
6:32 pm
>> all indications so far as this is more of a neglect type incident. i don't want to say no foul play, but no significant signs of a struggle or any kind of attack. >> reporter: still, prosecutors have charged lauren lawrence with murder and involuntary manslaughter. the couple has been charged with child abuse and elder abuse for allegedly objecting their son to the conditions at the home. >> we all have a duty to take care of our family members and loved ones and especially folks getting on in age. i realize that can be difficult. >> reporter: neighbors say the overgrown yard and front porch must be a reflection of conditions in the home. >> we hadn't seen him in quite a while, so we thought he was sick or in the hospital or something. i asked a few neighbors and they didn't know what happened to him. >> he was an awesome neighbor. >> reporter: this man, who
6:33 pm
didn't want to be named, said he last saw the victim several years ago with a back injury in a wheelchair. he says the male suspect moved in about 14 years ago. >> they eventually took care -- >> reporter: the couple appeared in court wednesday morning but did not enter a plea. from jail, they declined to comment. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. stack the woman in the center of a high-profile murder case returned to court today. tiffany lee is charged with plotting the murder of her ex-boyfriend. prosecutors say she directed her current boyfriend and another man to kill two tilt ch authorities today filed a motion to sever, which would separate the trial into a new case. both are due in court next month. a stanford admissions officer has been accused of stabbing his girlfriend while
6:34 pm
in a drug induced state. the assistant dean of admissions was arrested on charges of attempted murder, domestic violence and assault. the suspect made his first court appearance today. >> reporter: a judge denied bail today for stanford assistant dean of admissions james shirvell. the 26-year-old is accused of stabbing his live-in girlfriend with a six-inch butcher knife while the two were on lsd. >> there is nothing in his history that indicates any reason for a psychotic break. i think it was a bad acid trip. >> reporter: in court, his family and friends vouched for his character and so did his girlfriends family. they read a letter on his be half where she described his good intentions. shicccident, where he seemed possessed by an evil force. >>has a degree from yale, he has been employed at stanford for the last two years on a full-time basis. no prior contacts with the
6:35 pm
court. he lived an exemplary life. >> reporter: according to the attorney, shirvell had taken lsd on at least four prior occasions. this night he grabbed a knife and began stabbing his girlfriend repeatedly, collapsing her lung. >> the officers determined a domestic violence incident occurred. >> the charges are serious and the entries are also serious. we have a victim in the hospital recovering from her injuries. >> reporter: stanford officials released a statement saying shirvell had been placed on leave and would not be coming on campus or performing any admissions work. a judge requested an evaluation of his mental health. >> he has to be remanded to custody until that is done. >> reporter: the judge said she might reconsider bail once a psychiatric evaluation is complete. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. singer r. kelly was arrested again today, this time for failing to pay more than
6:36 pm
$160,000 in back child support. kelly's spokesperson says the singer was ready to pay $60,000 and walk out of today's court hearing. now he will remain in jail until he can come up with the full amount. the arrest comes less than two weeks after kelly was released on bail in the 10 count indictment on sex abuse charges. he has pleaded not guilty in that case and did so again in a strange interview with cbs this morning. >> is this camera on me? that is stupid. use your common sense. i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i am fighting for my [ bleep ] life. you all got me [ bleep ] >> kelly has denied any wrongdoing and says the accusers in his sex abuse case are lying. coming up, one of the most
6:37 pm
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your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit the host of jeopardy revealed today that he is fighting an aggressive form of cancer. >> just like 50,000 other people in the united states each year, this week i was diagnosed with stage iv
6:40 pm
pancreatic cancer. normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but i am going to fight this. >> alex drabek shared the news himself in a video posted online. he says he plans to keep working, joking that he has to, because he has three years left on his contract. he has 78 years old and has been the host of jeopardy since 1974. a new drug by johnson & johnson is the first new drug therapy for depression in decades. it is the chemical cousin to a mind altering drug called ketamine. it works by triggering the feel- good part of the brain containing serotonin. it comes in the form of a nasal spray and has to be administered by a doctor. it is best suited for patients who are severely depressed and have failed to other
6:41 pm
antidepressants. mark zuckerberg outlined a strategy today to protect user privacy. we have details on the planned changes at the world's leading social networking site. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg turned to the platform that is garnered praise and scorn to announce a change in direction. he writes, i believe we should be working towards a world where people can speak privately and live freely knowing their information will only be seen by who they want to see it and won't all stick around forever. the 34-year-old billionaire social media tycoon says facebook can evolve to build services that people want. >> i'm not at all surprised, because facebook has been under a lot of pressure to increase its privacy. people are very concerned. >> reporter: facebook has a checkered past when it comes to privacy, dating back to 2006 and the launch of its news feed.
6:42 pm
most recently it acknowledged that the private information of 50 million users was shared with cambridge analytica during the 2016 election cycle. wednesday, zuckerberg outlined six principles that will serve as the foundation for his privacy focused platform. from private interactions with friends, to encryption of messages, safety when using facebook, to secure data storage that won't be compromised. can they rebrand themselves? >> facebook can offer services that give a lot more privacy, in the sense they are not deliberately sharing their content with a wide circle of friends. >> reporter: some users notion. >> i think they could do it. put up some type of firewall. where someone can come and take my information. >> i believe the security is already there, just people always mess everything up. so it is not what facebook does, but the way people use
6:43 pm
it. >> reporter: zuckerberg seems to concede he has an uphill battle building faith among the masses that his company, facebook, can actually change. but he says that process of change will be done openly over the next two years. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, eight area high school basketball teams are headed to sacramento where they will be playing for the state championships in their divisions, hoping to bring home the title. we have scattered showers out there right now. it looks like we will get a little bit of a break coming up, but then a chance for more of that. all right, let's go to cristina rendon in the ne for some of the stories they are working on on the 7:00 news. >> new video of flooding after torrential rain and why there is a push to rename a middle school that honors one of california's governors. those stories and more, coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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okay, finally a little bit of a break in the rainy weather. some of us seeing some sunshine and blue sky out there. let's bring in our chief meteorologist to find out how much rain fell and if we are done with it or not. >> almost all of it, and we did get a bunch of rain. >> last night for me in the city, not so much today.
6:47 pm
>> the city got 1.1 inches. that is a big winter storm when you get an inch of rain in san francisco. two inches of rain in marine county. we are still getting light showers out there now. as you look at the current radar, there is the winter storm warning with numerous lightning strikes. a winter storm warning creating issues on 80 and 50, as it has all winter. good stuff. not worried too much about flooding right now. i know there are concerns because the lake is so high, but most of the creeks and streams and rivers have come down. certainly the russian river has. san mateo got a few light showers, fume fremont, a few as well. san francisco airport, quite a few delays this morning because of the wind direction and the rain.
6:48 pm
i guess it is the incoming flights they have the most trouble with, changing runways and things like that. so they had delays. the next system comes in tomorrow. it is dropping right by the coast. it will not really push and land right away. as it comes down the coast, it could give us some wraparound moisture. the thing with this, is we are on the wrong side of it. the north end, essentially. that is where you typically don't see the correct dynamics for rain. saturday, the next system comes in. i am still not calling it a wet day. let's look at it. tomorrow morning, not a game changer. tomorrow afternoon, you're fine. there might be a sprinkle. here is friday morning, friday afternoon. here comes saturday. this guy roles in saturday morning. slides in about noon to 2:00 and then slides out quick, so it could change a lot between now and the next couple days.
6:49 pm
we will watch it for you. i hate it when there is rain on the weekend. especially when we have rainy weeks like this. the weekend doesn't look as bad as it looks there. it doesn't even look bad there. but we are getting nice breaks from the rain after what has been an incredibly wet winter. >> it sure has. bill, thank you. eight high school basketball teams from the bay area are headed to the championships this weekend. they go on to play the winners of southern california at golden 1 center in sacramento on friday and saturday. oakland, oakland high, oakland tech, meadow park and pinewood of los altos all won their girls titles. university i, james logan in fremont and -- won the boys titles. >> congratulations to all of them. we will hear from katie and
6:50 pm
raymonde, next in sports. (music throughout) tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.
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the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. not a very easy day after for the warriors after that
6:53 pm
embarrassing loss last night. >> my grandfather always said if it smells like fish on monday, it won't smell any better on friday. >> that's a good way to put it. it >> that is the situation with the warriors. let's put it simply, they got blown off their own court last night by the boston celtics. this is the fifth home loss they have sustained by 20 or more points. also the third home loss since steve kerr took over. the celtics owned this thing. no way to sugar coat it. they got run off their own court. >> we got embarrassed, but it is about competing. i don't think we came out, you know, with the right attention letter. laying with that competitive spirit that we need to play with in order to win games. we just got to compete. we compete, can't nobody beat us. >> does this team need more
6:54 pm
anger sometimes? >> i thought we move off of joey. >> not anger? >> okay. >> remember when steve kerr said there has to be more joy? good news on the way perhaps, andrew bogut tweeting this out . let's go. so pumped to see you all soon. at 10:00 we will hear from andrew bogut as he had a press conference going onaustralia to there are a lot of definite's with the oakland athletics this year. they will definitely be a contender, no question about that. who will catch for them will be up for debate. joe fonzi has the spring- training story. >> reporter: the identity of the person who catches the majority of oakland's games this year is very much up for grabs. the candidates, chris harmon, a
6:55 pm
free-agent signing in his eighth season. josh fegley, his eighth season with the a's. and nate conley, starting his 12 year, the last two in san francisco. all three have been backups most of their careers, but wouldn't mind one bit being an everyday guy. >> something i have waited for for a while. i have accepted my role the last few years here and done everything i can for the team and i think this is a good year to reward me for that. >> every day, whether i play once a week or every day, whatever they need me to do i am ready to do it. >> learning how to sit is sometimes as important a part of being a major leaguer is learning how to play. for the past four seasons, he has been the picture of consistency in a backup role. >> backing up to the best catcher in the world, you won't play much. so i have been around for a
6:56 pm
little while now. i know how to prepare in each role. >> reporter: that is very well what the a's may ask for multiple catchers this year on a daily basis. in mesa, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> meanwhile, from the giants camp, a tweet from cameron maybin who was arrested for a suspected dui. life's greatest lessons are learned at the worst of times and from the worst of mistakes. i am deeply sorry to all of those i let down, my family, friends, supporters, teammates and the entire front office. life is about growth and i am choosing to learn and grow from this valuable life lesson. in the meantime, it has been a while since we talked about the san jose sharks. they are getting ready for montreal. 16 games left in the season. 10 of them at home. the trade ad acquisition,
6:57 pm
nyquist, from detroit. looks good so far and he realizes he is in the midst of an extreme playoff push. >> you know, every team you play against him now, they have pretty much something to fight for. whether it is a higher seed in the playoffs or trying to get into the playoffs, because the race is so tight. you're just playing good teams from now on in. >> a little time to check this out. spring training baseball yesterday. we showed you a couple flyballs the outfielders were having difficulty with. he wasn't even close. blame it on the sun out there. >> you don't see that everyday. >> spring-training -- strikes you later everyone. good night. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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