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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 7, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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>> after hours of negotiations, still no new contract between teachers in san ramon and the school district. coming up, the one issue that's holding up the deal. good morning to you and welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday morning, march 7th. i'm dave clark. pam cook has the day off. the bay area was pretty much spared from mainly otherweather problems from that big storm that blue through in the past 24 hours. yes, a lot of umbrellas were out in downtown oakland and, at times, the rain was really coming down. a few trees were toppled but no major incidents were reported but we know, we saw it. let's check the weather now with steve paulson. >> more of the same as far as rain but not intensity. let's take to the far left, let me see if i can show it to
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you, right in there. still some instability and possibility of thundershower activity that could play into the weather. santa rosa, it's 37.03, above average for the weather year by a good margin. anything that happens here would be a bonus. san francisco about two inches away. over 100% everybody else. even san jose is above normal. we get a little bit of a break this morning except for a few showers on the marine coast and santa cruz. highway 17 again would be an issue. 40s, 50s, cooler air to the north playing into our weather today as colder air to moveits way over the areas. 50s on the temps. 4:02. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, steve, well, right now, we do have a
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look at the tracy super commute. we'll start there and you can see traffic here is moving alyou are coming in from tracy, 205 and 580, no major issues there. this is the good time to do it. we have a nice drive heading out to the pleasanton area. crash on highway 17 near the reservoir. i was looking at it here on my list and it dropped off so maybe gone. be careful if you travel on highway 17. there was an earlier accident and it's gone. interstate 880 in oakland, traffic is moving well and at the bay it's light. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. san jose police say that a mother and her two young son were the three people that died in a san jose apartment on the south tragic
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case of murder-suicide. the mother who is in her 40s killed her two sons before killing herself. ktvu south bay reporter azenith smith says that neighbors say that the mother suffered from depression and had trouble finding a job for months. >> reporter: neighbors consoled each other, grappling with the deaths of two young boys from their complex. the mother took their lives, before taking her own. >> the husband was crying, hysterical, very emotional, confused. a lot of neighbors came over to help and went upstairs. >> from sky fox, police response after the 911 call of a suicide call. the father of the young boys made the heartbreaking discovery of the bodies.
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>> he does not speak english. i kept saying, what's going on, what's going on? and he said this and my mom was like, oh, no, i cannot go into the room. >> reporter: a neighbor stepped in and fund the children in the back room. >> one neighbor what lived on top of us, he was the one who wind side to see the boys on the bed. they were purple. >> parentally, i guess, depression kicked in and apparently seemed like she killed the kids first, suffocating them and then took her life, hanging herself. >> reporter: neighbor maria flores last saw the mother with her children sunday playing outside. the mother was in her 40s, a stay-at-home mom who lost her job at a nail sathe mother had show during halloween. >> reporter: flores showed the
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picture of the boys. her son was friends with them. >> they were racing down the apartment complex on the bike. >> neighbors saw any sithe fami barrier. they wish they had noticed something to prevent. >> i guess it was not noticeable. we see them smiling and on the inside, we don't know what's going on through. two men in oakland are recovering after being shot in separate shootings. the first was on adde line street. about 90 meant later, another man was found shot on east 12th street near vantage point park. the investigations continue. new information overnight about the contract dispute between teachers in the san ramon school district and the district. there is still no new contract but both sides say that they are close to a deal.
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last night, teachers held a town hall meeting to tell parents and students the latest on the contract talks. the teachers union and the school district met for 13 hours yesterday. they agreed on 11 of 12 items proposed by teachers, including salary and benefits but there is still one big disagreement: class size and support staff. the school district wants to keep the right to cancel that particular agreement after three years. >> it's about our colors and how librarians and nurses all the things that we have been coming to the table. >> to us, we made outstanding progress. 11 different tentative agreements which is excellent work. we still have more work to do and we look forward to getting back to the table and plan the
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paul mgn chairman, is expected to be sentenced in federal court in virginia. he could get up to 40 years in prison for tax and bank fraud, relating to money he earned while working as a political consultant in ukraine. next week, he could be sentenced in a separate case in washington, d.c. protesters in sacramento keeping their message alive with a new demonstration against the police killing of stephon clark. about two dozen protesters staged a sit-in outside of the sacramento police headquarters. they stopped near sacramento city college. the demonstration follows the controversial devision by the california attorney general and the sacramento district attorney in separate
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investigations that cleared the officers fer and more efficient. the work began on the first phase of the geary rapid transit plane at geary and o'farrell but not everyone is happy. >> geary boulevard is the latest major thorough fare, plan that prioritizes and some areas take buses from the travel lane. the city turned over ceremonial shovels of soil on the project saying that brt is the next best thing to a highway. >> the dream project is to go underground on it geary boulevard but, as you know, the money is not there to necessarily do that. but we are doing the next best thing. >> the change that would take away a lane of traffic in either direction but city leaders say that the change
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will make geary safer, improving crosswalks along the boulevard in addition to speeding traffic on the bus line that carries some 54,000 passengers per day. >> the geary boulevard is the busiest transit corridor in the western united states. >> reporter: some geary businesses are dreading it. david heller heads up the merchant association. he says that construction, loss of parking spaces will work together to squeeze businesses past their point. it's a death sentence. it's a death sentence because of what's going on on vanness right now. they are going out of business. look at what is happening downtown with the stockton, the subway to nowhere. >> the mayor helped businesses in town and vanness and will work we as a city has to d
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more. we have to look at what the businesses are going through which will be a challenging time. >> work on the brt is already underway. that work is expected to be completed by the spring of 2021. in san francisco, christien kafton. and. mayor breed's announcement follows a series of pedestrian incidents over the past week that left two people dead and several hurt. your time is now 4:11. flooding in sonoma is causing a health emergency. coming up, what authorities are doing to protect the community from hazardous waste. and a controversial middle school is getting a name change. we'll tell you why after the break. break.
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>> good morning. now, we do have a nice-looking commute out there for you. it is not raining at the bay bridge, not raining in many areas and that's helping us out with the commute already. >> but it is raining for some towards san jose and the santa cruz mountains. nothing compared to yesterday but not drying out there. there is still some around.
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welcome back. right now, the san jose school system is listening to suggestions for renaming a middle school named after california's first governor. peter burnett is accused of being a racist after he pushed for americans. after another powerful storm battered the sierra foothills. the sheriff's office says that flooding in son mo forced the closing down of like a fast-ming river than a downtown neighborhood. sonora police chief says that
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the flooding is caused by what he calls a perfect storm. >> with the rainfall pushing the hail that collected, into the culverts and drain, starting to clog up the water flow. >> even though the heavy rain stopped, the flood watch is expected to stay until noon time. the sonoma county board of supervisors supervisors declared a health emergency. people are worried because of the and trash. >> the mailman delivered your mailbox. >> a pastry shop that has been
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around for nine years is in ruins. she lives in the back and there is no flood insurance. simply too expensive. >> reporter: what do you have left? >> nothing, really. i'm going to try to salvage what i can, you know, but basically everything is ruined. >> reporter: for flood victims, sorting out this mess may seem a lot to ask but that's what officials want, rather than toss everything in dumpsters, household hazardous waste from paint to poison must be disposed of. stocks in front much houses lining streets including river road, leading into these resort communities. >> reporter: what is it that you guys need? what we are hearing is debris removal. at the monthly meeting of the russian river chamber of commerce, flooding is prlem. >> we need to stay hope. lost homes are being is grass
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profit giving gift cards. >> you go to the store to buy o i had people cry on my shoulder because, you know, they are in such desperate situations. >> local leader, pressing county supervisors to spend the money to clean this up, pointing out that area generates significant tax revenue from tourism. >> we can bring people back. if you want money, sonoma county, you give us what we need to clean this town up. that is what i'm asking of you. >> reporter: the russian river chamber has more than 200 members, many planning to show up for a thursday morning meeting of the sonoma county board of supervisors. the board will consider allocating funds for this cleanup and so far, and federal dollars have not u
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want to go this morning. sal is here. he is ready for the commute. how do we look? >> we are looking at the commute and so far, it's better commute than it has been in the last few. steve says it has been raining in parts is the south bay and we are looking at the gilroy commute. i don't see anything major in the way of obstruction or crashes. the gilroy super commute coming up, you can see that track is looking it good. 17 had earlier problems. but the crash has been cleared up. looking at interstate 880, it looks pretty good here. hopefully we'll have a better day. yesterday was not terrible but you can tell it was slower because of the rain the bay bri let's go to my friend, mr. steve paulson. >> today is different frit's no
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when it is a rain year, it is a rain year. when it is dry, all signs fail in dry weather. all dry signs usually fail in a rain year. the onshore push continues, series of low drop in. and look far left. the system beginning to make a move and up in the sierra, here we go again. some snow showers not as heavy but the sierra snow continues to stack up. i think that these need to be updated pretty soon but anywhere from five to 12 inches of snow fell and probably around 9:00, this might be 9:00 a.m., this update this is an incredible amount of snow. as a percent of normal from the date, 155, 150, 152 and that water equivalent you melt that down, how much do we get? 42inches over the normal. 41.
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that's still a lot of water and we are still getting snow up there. people are asking me, what's the difference between the rain year and water year. >> the rain year is what people have been using for years and years, going from january to june 1 but because we don't get a lot of rain during june and july, the water people say, let's have water. and that starts october 1st. we have nng to make a move and most of it goes towards san jose, towards alan rock and the san jose foothills and also towards santa cruz mountains coming in, isolated areas coming through. cool air to the north as that system sweeps air will arrive today.
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clouds, some showers, possibility of thundershowers, more to the little better ingredients. get a break on friday. saturday morning, 10:00 to 2:00, we'll get some light rain, should clear out pretty rapidly. a break on sunday. one more system on tuesday, it dave. >> what a pattern. the newly updated ktvu weather app is free to download. it has and updated forecast. murder by neglect. that's how police describe the death of a 7-year-old. the search tornado survivors in alabama has ended. the cleanup is underway now.
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welcome back to elon musk. it is 4:24. a woman in martinez and her boyfriend are now facing felony charges in the connection of death of her 77-year-old father.
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henry lee has more. >> responded along with medical personnel and upon our arrival, we realized that 77- year-old male was actually deceased. >> this is a picture of the victim from his daughter's facebook page. the home is now red tagged after building inspectors say it bass in no shape to live in. >> officers noticed signs of neglect. the house was in no shape to be lived in. >> reporter: police arrested the daughter, and her boyfriend, edmond st. john, an auto mechanic. both also living at the home. >> indications this is more of a neglect type of incident. i don't want to say no foul play but no significant signs of a struggle or any type of attack. >> prosecutors charged laura lawrence with murder and involuntary manslaughter. the couple has been charged with elder abuse child
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abuse for allegedly forcing their grade school age son to be in an unsanitary home. >> we have a duty to take care of our loved ones and folks getting on in age. i realize that can be difficult to do that. >> reporter: neighbors say that overgrown yard and front porch must be a reflection of the conditions inside the home. >> we have had not seen him for dwight a while and we thought he was in the hospital or something. i asked, you know, a few neighbors and stuff and they didn't know what happened to him. >> he is an awesome, awesome neighbor. >> reporter: this neighbor who did not want to be named said that he saw him a few years ago with a wheelchair. the male suspect moved in about 14 years ago, he says. >> they eventually took care of lau, yeah, on months but did not enter a plea. from jail, they declined to comment. the tiemployee is in jail
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accused of stabbing his girlfriend several times. up next, what happ moments before and why she says it was all a horrifying accident. and the president's former campaign chairman will be sentenced later today. up next, what a judge can decide for paul manafort.
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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2, thursday mon, march 7th. pam cook has the day off and, pam, i'm thinking about you, too. feel better. >> steve paulson has details of the weather. >> i texted her and said, are you she says, no, i'm not. when you get hit with that flu. you see, get that flu shot, dave, get that flu shot.
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i hear you. >> more instability on the way. what do i mean by instability? off and on rain. yesterday was confined out to the valley. i would not be surpriseed if we see something similar as well. let's get out of the way here but rotating down, you get some unstable air. we get a little lull now. some rain but not a lot. some around the point rays area. marine coast, washing out. most of the activities towards san jose but it is lifting towards the northeast. some of that is headed out, maybe towards the altamonte pass. the santa cruz mountains, nothing too heavy but that seems to be the direction right now. colder senough that we have to keep some rain in the


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