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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 7, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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>> i texted her and said, are you she says, no, i'm not. when you get hit with that flu. you see, get that flu shot, dave, get that flu shot. i hear you. >> more instability on the way. what do i mean by instability? off and on rain. yesterday was confined out to the valley. i would not be surpriseed if we see something similar as well. let's get out of the way here but rotating down, you get some unstable air. we get a little lull now. some rain but not a lot. some around the point rays area. marine coast, washing out. most of the activities towards san jose but it is lifting towards the northeast. some of that is headed out, maybe towards the altamonte pass. the santa cruz mountains, nothing too heavy but that seems to be the direction right now. colder senough that we have to keep some rain in the
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forecast. cooler. the system from the north ushers had some cooler air. sal will tell you it's better today or at least something new has not popped up, i hope. >> no, actually, we are looking at a commute that's better today than yesterday. you remember yesterday, steve. you tell me you drive on 80 so that commute is driving okay. driving to pone and richmond, things are better. you can see traffic here at the maze is looking okay. getting here is taking 60 minutes. it was taking more to do the drive. usually, this time of the morning, it's about this little 16 to 17-minute drive. when you to the bay bridge off t 31. back to the desk. happening today, paul manafort, president trump's former campaign chairman, will
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be sentenced in court. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. democrats say that this points to presidential corruption. doug luzader is live from washington. democrats are divided on what this means. >> reporter: there could be talk of a presidential impeachment. paul manafrot could be facing a very bad day today. democrats try to pick apart president trump's one-time inner circle. >> i believe that all of the members were satisfied with sta continues to cooperate with democrats in congress as they
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launch one investigathold impeachment proceedings today, start today hold him accountable to follow the united states constitution, think about that, this is not going to be the last ceo that runs for president of the united states. >> freshman representative talib plans to introduce articles of impeachment but house speaker nancy pelosi are under the gun, saying that the party is going into tar, too fast. >> and some are waiting for the results of the special counsel robert mueller's probe. >> that's why the rain why democrats are moving so quickly with these investigations with the possibility that mueller's probe may not wind with any major revelations. back to you, guys. >> doug, thank you. next week, the senate is ex-about expected expected to
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vote on a bill that would block the border security. department of homeland secretary kirsjten nielsen says that the border is a crisis. secondary nielsen was also asked about the trump administration's past policy that separated migrant children from their family when is they were caught crossing the border. >> we in this country do not take the children to jail. so i take that as a yes, that you understood that the zero tolerance policy was going to lead to minors being separated from the parents. >> as it has in the last three administrations. okay. >> so the answer is yes. >> now, both chambers of congress approve a measure to block the emergency declaration, president trump is almost certainly set to veto it, the first as a
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president. california governor gavin newsom had hold a discussion at the southern border. they say that president trump's divisive rhetoric and immigration policies hurt local communities. during that round table, the governor will celebrate the opening of a relief center for migrants in san diego. next months, the us supreme court is expected to consider whether the trump administration can question people's citizenship status in the 2020 sean us. a federal judge says that question threatens the foundation of our democratic system. the question asked this. is this person a citizen of the united states? critics say that the census will have wrong population up ins because some people will be afraid to fill out that questionnaire. a judge in new york in the past blocked the trump administration from adding that question. our time is 4:35. people in alabama who just endured a devastating tornado,
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they are pretty nervous because there is another storm system headed to the southeast this weekend. the cleanup is underway there as 23 white crosses were placed remembering the lives of the people who died in sunday's tornado. the devastation is extensive. look at the screen. as many were destroyed or badly damaged. >> we are now confident that we have accounted for all of the individuals. the situation now will move as it should to a recovery. >> now, the national weather service says winds during the tornado reached 170 miles an hour. the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to lift the protection for gray saying they are no longer in
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danger. there were less and all in minn now, there are 5000. the move would eye lou states to hold wolf hunting and trapping season. wildlife advocates are opposing this, promising there will be a legal challenge. the hayward city council is moving to provide protection for tenants. under that ordinance, land lords will have to have a cause before moving to evict tenants, lying violation -- like nonpayment of rent and violation e. a man caugstay
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away from williams and the cal campus. police in san francisco are looking for information that could lead them to a stabbing suspect. investigators say that stabbing occurred near 30th and mission in the vernal heights neighborhood about 5:15 last night. the man who was stabbed is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. he has not been able to give a description of the person who attacked him. the time is now 4:38. the admissions director in stanford has been charged with stabbing his girlfriend. >> a judge denied bail for 26- year-old james shirvell shirt, accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a butcher knife while the two were taking lsd. >> there is no reason to think
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psychotic break. >> friends and family vouched for him. and so did his girlfriend's family. >> he had no prior contacts with the court. he has lived an exemplary live. >> according to his attorney, shirvell had taken lsd on at least four prior occasions. on this night, he grabbed a knife from the knife block. >> officers on the scene established a domestic violence. >> charges are serious. we have a victim in the hospital recovering from her
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injuries. >> stanford said that shirvell had been placed on leave. the judge requested an evaluation of his mental health. >> i'm perfectly willing to do that. it's unfortunate that he has to remain in custody until that's done. >> the judge may reconsider bail once the psychiatric evaluation is complete. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is now 4:40. devastating news about the host of the tv show jeopardy. republican senator martha mcsally reveals that she raped in the military. now she plans on changing how are handled in
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the military. track is moving better than yesterday. it's dry on the senate ye bridge as we head to the peninsula. we are not done yet with the rain, most moving south. last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is now 4:43. arizona republican center martha mcsallyy says that when she was in air force, she was
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the victim of sexual assault by a superior officer. she talked about her experience during a senate hearing on sexual assaults in the military. >> an emotional hearing on capitol hill as senator mcsallyly tells her story of being raped by a superior officer while serving in the military. >> i was horrified about how my attempt to share my experiences were handled. like many victims, i felt the system was raping reporter: sen speaking to the senate subcommittee. mcsallyy says that change needs to start with those in charge. >> if the comman deproblem or fails in his or he duties, they must be removed and held harshly accountable. >> reporter: a specs person for the air force saying that
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it stands behind mcsally and all victims. while a report has not been released yet, the 2017 reports short startling numbers, sexual assaults in the thousands. the defense department data shows sexual assault reports involving service members increased by 10% from 2016, across all four military services. >> obviously, this is a big problem and if we find a further way to address it, we should. >> reporter: defense departmentthat the increase is due to victims reporting rather than an incries. a popular tv sh hwith well wishes. he revealed he is fighting an
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aggressive form of cancer. >> just like 50,000 other people in the united states each year, this week, i was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. normally, are the prognosis for this is not very encouraging but i'm going to fight this. >> alex trebek shared the news yesterday in a individual yeo address. he is 78 years old, has been the host of jeff did i since al time is 4:46. a winter weather advisory is iney be affect until noon time today for the beautiful lake tahoe area. snow showers are expected today. now, chains are needed both interstate 880 and highway 80 if you want to drive up to the mountains. there will be some snow and roads will get really slick if you have to drive. and wonderful news for fans of
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one of the biggest ski resorts in the tahoe area. there is so much snow that squaw valley will stay open until july 4th. sal should be able to get out there and hit the slopes and snow board, too. just an idea. >> i may not have to worry about chains at a certain point. the snow will be there long after it's snowing. >> you will know the coright now. i'm looking around to there is anything unusual. you can see the traffic here in the east bay, looking around to see if fic and guess this is the commute on the altamonte pass and, yes, there be busy on w traffic there.
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205 and 580 coming through. you will see the traffic in livermore and dublin does not look too bad. most is concentrated in the typical area as you drive through here. as, looking at the south bay, looking at highway 17, it is snowing. traffic is okay. this is a look at interstate 880, north and south and moving well into the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a small delay but not that dry. >> i would hope that the drive up in july is smooth, sal. july, right? we need chains, it's july. no. there is a lot of snow up there. i believe -- i believe they set a record, squaw. i'm waiting to see a response to that, on snowfall. there is so much snow up there. we still get onshor coming in and wetake you up to the sierra, isolated cells flurries being
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reported at tahoe and truckee. but the snow continues to stack up. five to seven around kirkwood and kirkwood. the amount of percent above, it's 160% for the date in the sierra. everyone is well, well above here. the snow-water equivalent, melt that, you get 35 inches. southern, 42%. the 41% in central. the ummer rafting around. around city now, a little peels of energy coming in. south san francisco, san mateo coast, not a lot going right
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over the golden gate but some of that is stretching from the east bay, hayward, back towards san leandro. some moving from san jose back into the santa cruz mountains. we are not done yet. east bay temps, about the same. there is not much of a difference. everybody says cloudy skies. you can see the moisture down towards santa cruz area, down to monterey and in southern california, it's quieter but that spring training. looks really cool going forward down towards phoenix and scottsdale for the next five to seven days. we'll sin to have some off and on rain, so a mix of clouds, a lot of clouds. some sun showers, possibility of an isolated thundershower, too. i would think it would favor
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the valley, too. we get a break sunday afternoon, into monday. >> all right, steve. time is 4:51. we are not sure where the raiders will play next season. come up, the issue keeping the raiders from reaching a new deal with the colyseum authority.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:53. the colyseum authority says it
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is close to a new deal for the raiders for them bark plain for the 2019 season and possibly 2020 if needed. ktvu's amber lee has details on the negotiations for another season of raiders football in oakland. >> this christmas eve game was thought to be the raiders' last at the colyseum. the chance that team may be playing one or possibly two more seasons here is welcomed t game was going to be the last one and a lot of people didn't get a chance to go so it would be nice to still go to some games while they are out here. >> reporter: fans who attended that game say it was a roller coastens. >> it is discouraof closure. >> there may be closure by friday. the colyseum authority is nearing the end of negotiations with the raiders to work out a deal. >> it is very frustrating right now to not know, you
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know, are they going to really stay? >> reporter: colyseum authority executive director scott mckibin says there is one significant issue of disagreement that is holding up the agreement. he spoke to us as he is headed out of town. >> we were hoping we would get this worked but. >> reporter: he declined to say what the issue is only ohm to say that, if there is no agreement, there is no deal. >> i'm optimistic. we are making progress. >> reporter: a source tells knee this is over taxes having to do with the raiders training facility in al media. the proposed deal would have the raiders play 7 1/2 million dollars to play in the 2019 season and another $3 million if they return for s me he rope get the issue resolved by friday if not, the very latest
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on monday so the board can vote on the deal one week from friday, march 15th. the warriors play the denver nuggets tomorrow. and you will see a familiar face, andrew bogut who played with the warriors, as you knthe australian national team and he re-signed with the warriors. nor big infrastructures project is underway in san says businesses. arexcited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults
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may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. san ramon unified school district and teachers negotiated for 13 hours yesterday. they want to avoid a strike. we'll tell you where things stand. we never expected happen so it's sad for us here. >> a tight knit san jose community def stated after
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investigators found a mother and her two young children dead at home. 5:00 on thursday morning. i'm gasa mikaelian. pam cook has another day off. >> and i'm dave clark. the bay area was pretty much spared from the major system that blue through. the umbrellas were up and out in downtown oakland. at times, it came down hard. a few trees were toppled but no major incidents were reported. >> a little water on the road as i came through but not like yesterday. >> dave and i were smiling as we came in. no problem. >> no problem. still some rain. we are not done yet. nothing too heavy. if you are heading to arizona, by the way, they are cooling off. so spring training is not going to be very warm here in the next couple of days and light snow continues up in the mountains. i mean, the beat goes on.
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so if you are going up there, there might be some delays although it should be winding down. the onshore, deep moisture continues for us. with that, you can get some light rain. for city, along the san mateo coast, towards hayward and union city, that line stretches toward the dunn barton bridge. >> the dunnbo is getting rain? >> some but not much. 40s and 50s on your temps, even down to monterey. southern california, quiet. look at the cloud cover racing into's. more cloud cover than any rain. cooler temps underway for us. 50s. those are below average this time of the year. >> five in the morning. sal will focus on what? >> we are looking at if the rain is moving through, they might have some problems asso


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