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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PST

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apartment when something happens involving one of the deputies. the question of going forward is how will that look? >> is san francisco supervisors committee debated officially exploited idea putting in oversight body in place to investigate the sheriff's office when necessary. supervisor walton saying that aid it is not to attack the sheriff or the deputies. >> but it is about the fact that we do have allegations amick's conduct, allegations of misconduct that are investigated, and they are currently investigated by the shared apartment, and that can no longer be happened. >> reporter: is their office has faced a series of allegations including deputies a coarsening accusing inmates fighting and forcing female inmates to disrobe in front of male inmates. a dozen or more deputies e not
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are implicated. >> reporter: the sheriff that she welcomes outside oversight. >> i'm in favor of independent investigation for mischave a pr that. >> reporter: the committee is looking weather into weather the department of police accountability which already sees the police force can oversee the sheriff's office as well. walton says his office could include deputies over duties over deputies. >> it's a matter of moving the skill to incorporate it into a new agency. >> reporter: the agents say she looks forward to working on details with the plan. >> hopefully we will be collaboratively working on some ideas and some thoughts about whether or not this will continue the way it is with the dar we will try doing a distance education the different way. >> reporter: again, all of the still in the idea phase. there's no word on a timeline
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or what that oversight would be or whether there would be some kind of a change within the county of san francisco to create some voluntary or perhaps an involuntary oversight program for the sheer office. again all of that still in flux at this point, and this is again just the beginning of this journey. we are live in san francisco. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. and out to the measles outbreak here in the bay area, we now know it involved two adults and one child. the cases are being confirmed as the counties of san francisco, santa clara, and santa cruz. maureen naylor is at the health department in san jose with what we know about the three patients involved. >> reporter: we now know that people got measles. there from three different counties, and they all got it after an overseas flight including a child here in santa clara county. this latest measles outbreak started within an incoming international flight at sfo in early two men february. >> on the five the exit ended up spreading measles to two
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passengers who were on that by. >> reporter: health officials that it started with an adult from santa cruz county with measles and then to others contracted it, including a san francisco man , marking the city's first measles case since 2013. the second person to get measles with a santa clara county child was hospitalized in since release. with its distinctive rash, doctors say measles can be deadly andit's one of the most contagious diseases. >> so contagious that a person can leave a room and up to one hour later, someone else can walk into the room and get measles if they are not vaccinated. >> reporter: our current measles outbreaks in brazil, indonesia, israel, the philippines, and much of western europe. this comes at the same time cdc came out with the report last march. and that they area outbreak a year ago, the cdc says seven people contracted measles, six of which have not been vaccinated. we asked the health officer if any of these latest patients
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have been vaccinated. >> i can't answer that question, but i do know in most pretty much all measles outbreaks the majority of people who get measles or not vaccinated. >> reporter: the latest statistics show 90% of santa cruz county kindergartners entering school have been vaccinated compared to 97% and santa clara county a 95% in san francisco. >> the concern is that there may be pockets of those who were unvaccinated because they tend to maybe go to the same school, participate in the same activities. >> reporter: health officials encouraging people to get vaccinated especially if traveling abroad. and it's important to know health officials say there is very little risk to the public because of these latest cases, saying that flight was more than three weeks ago which is the incubation period for measles. >> yes, we probably would have been more cases if that was, in fact, a factor in all of this. maureen, thank you very much. 208 cases of measles have now been confirmed in 11 states this year, including here in california, oregon, in washington. five states have outbreaks of the measles which is defined as three or more fake -- more
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cases. the state of new york, texas, illinois, washington state, and now of course here in california. the cdc says these outbreaks are linked to travelers bringing back measles from countries where large heartbreaks are occurring. in san francisco, and you driver attacked and robbed in the middle of the afternoon. it happened on the driver's normal roulac when she made a stop near twin peaks, and police it is to women who are as possible. have really is at police headquarters now with on what happened? henry? >> reporter: these two women got into an argument with the driver over not having bus fare, and that entered into a robbery. a muni driver on her regular route had just pulled up to this bus stop near twin peaks in san francisco. two women got on board but had no money to pay for their ride. >> people came onto a vehicle and did not have fare, and there was an altercation between the operator and the people on board.
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>> reporter: it happened before for this afternoon at burnett and park ridge along the 37 corbett line. >> avidly the two suspects began to assault the driver, and the bus driver incurred some non-life-threatening injuries during the assault. >> reporter: even after attacking the driver, they did not stop there. >> that attack, one of the suspects grabbed the bag of the bus operator, then fled the bus and ran off, ran away from the bus on foot. >> reporter: inside the bag were electronic devices. the driver who has been with muni for three years had been treated at the scene for minor in her injuries. the revealing video but not publicly. >> part of our investigation is scouring for video weather in a be on the muni vehicles, and on this case it is on a muni vehicle, so we are looking at that right now is evidence. >> reporter: every muni vehicle in the city has about 10 to 12 cameras on board. >> they do have different angles, they have sound aboard
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the vehicle, and we can use that information to identify suspects. >> reporter: muni riders we spoke to were concerned about what happened. >> it is so scary. >> reporter: june drake writes muni about once a month. >> i really trust the bus drivers. they're going to take care of us when we get on the bus, but is going to take care of them? >> it's unfortunate that it happened to the bus driver who often is probably alone, especially in a at the beginning or end of the line. >> reporter: this couple from finland has been riding muni for the past several days. >> muni metro. i've got you. get on, you understand? >> yeah. >> reporter: there bus driver made sure they got to where they needed to go. muni said safety is a top priority, and that assaults on the drivers have actually gone down 32% over the past three or four years. live in headquarters, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today, governor gavin newsom learned from local leaders and evidence in the
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discussion in san ysidro focus on the effect that the president's national emergency declaration is having on border communities. one college student told the governor he is having increasing trouble making legal crossings to see relatives in mexico. governor newsom said the opening of a new shelter that will temporarily house asylum- seekers is an example of local solutions that help immigrants. >> reporter: >> we allow our politicians with political agendas to advance the debate, and so i think substantively, the revolution subsides with in hearts and minds of the folks in this community and the community all along the border. >> those who took part in the san ysidro is a safe, well communing community, not a lawless frontier. next to the u.s. and is expected to vote on a bill that would block president trump's national emergency declaration. the democratic led house voted last week to pass the
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resolution. president trump has vowed to veto it. that the declaration is also the subject of a legal challenge that could mean it will wind up before the u.s. supreme pg&e is now seeking a judge approval to pay 235 million in bonuses, that thousands of it and deploys that you. that is after the utility's recent decision to file for bankruptcy after it was linked to several huge california wildfires during the past few years. pg&e executives are defending the move, saying the bonus money is intended to provide incentives to workers, and that they will not get the money if the power company does not meet its safety and financial goals for 2019. in oakland, police are looking for an armed and masked man who sold several laptops at a well-known oakland coffee shop it is avenue. the man was wearing a bandanna to cover his face and had an orange vest on when he hit the world grand cafi with
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maccarthur boulevard. at happened shortly before 1:00. the copy shop is in the laurel district. police say the man had a gun, no one was injured in the robbery, but the manager close the cafi over it happened to allow employees to go home early. police did not say exactly how many laptops were taken. his home fell into disrepair and needed an upgrade, then he lost it all together. how people are coming together to try to put the 77-year-old veteran back into his home. a highly popular restaurant lost in the fire reopens just a few miles up the road. and a few showers out there today. some light want as we head into the next couple of days. tomorrow we get a break, but that we get back into some showers on the weekend. (music throughout)
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an empty parking lot is all that remains of the former sweet peas restaurant and the fountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa. the one countrywide fire destroyed that restaurant 18 months ago, but today it is back in business. a reopen just a few miles north on highway 101. tom vacar reports now from windsor on the grand reopening of sweet teeth. >> reporter: it burned to the ground and santa rosa's fountain grove, finally reopen today in windsor. >> my wife and i, we knew immediately we were going to rebuild, but the question was how are we going to do it? >> reporter: it took far longer to find the space with enough parking invisibility to satisfy insurance and small business administration requirements. >> we are very optimistic and overly optimistic, and it took us a while just 18 months to get it built. i believe we are the first
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restaurant that has reopened after the fire, and i think there were about nine of them that went down. >> oh my goodness, how lovely! >> reporter: for customers, it's all about the ambience, the staff, and above all the southern food. >> fried chicken is my very favorite. hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, those are some of the things that got us here. >> reporter: so little trip down south? >> absolutely, yes. grits, all that kind of stuff. @ la wet >> like she said the food is excellent, and they have a variety, and their key lime pie is wonderful for dessert, and it's kind of a southern homey feeling restaurant i think. >> it's really nice. i can understand why it took a while. they made a lot of improvements. >> were just glad it's open because it is a staple in the county. it is great to have it back. >> reporter: former customers have come back and they will
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find many familiar faces. >> a little over half the people we have on staff are returning from the old location. >> reporter: that is loyalty from an employee level. >> well, we feel very happy about that, and it's been very gratifying to have the soap here. >> reporter: weather restaurant is already booked up for months, not all tables are reserved, so patient walk-ins, they are welcome. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. sonoma county has approved spending $2.5 billion to help survivors cleanup their properties after the disastrous flooding recently on the russian river. the sonoma county board of supervisors has curbside cleanup including hazardous waste will begin on monday . in guerneville and elsewhere, you can see piles of flood damage to debris stacked up along the curb a week after the flooding there. three teams of trust collectors will work all next week to pick up debris. >> it was from an email from a
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couple in their 80s, and they actually had a piano lying in their yard. how are they supposed to get the piano out there? they have no way to actually remove that from the property. that is what we are trying to help with. >> supervisor hopkins says she hopes state and federal funds will eventually reimburse the county for some of the cleanup costs. >> as they continue to clean up, let's bring our chief meteorologist to find out if they are going to be dealing with any wet weather. is it over the next few days, bill? got a bit of a break with the scattered showers, and saturday we get the more showers, so it's going to be maybe 0.25, 0.5 inches saturday morning. we did have a few sprinkles today, albeit very light and not a nuisance, but enough to let you know it is still the rainy season, i guess.
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as you look outside you can see cloud cover, mostly cloudy everywhere with a few scattered sprinkles. showing out by san francisco in the richmond and sunset districts, around fairfield, and down towards -- well fairfield and vacaville. this is, you know, it is gone quickstep. out toward san jose, and got a few scattered showers , and that's about it. generally temperatures in the 50s right now. nice day in terms of just kind of mostly dry, i guess you will. the sun to come out for a time today. as we get into tomorrow, i think you're going to see more sun, but this pattern kind of just slightly unsettled pattern. it is hanging with us, so partly cloudy skies as you head into friday morning. you can see it there, and that's going to be our nicest day, so friday will be the nicest day of the next couple because they look like saturday we are going to get a few sprinkles in there, so 50 degrees when you wake up. this is oakland and richmond and tiburon in port richmond and san jose. everyone looks like this. this is mostly sunny, partly sunny, partly cloudy, and temperatures generally the upper 50s. right , dry throughout the day on friday, with temperatures generally working their way
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back into the mid-50s, so the forecast for today is continued light showers i guess, if you will. then as we get into friday, there is a friday, and here's your saturday. that this is a guy that sneaks in on saturday morning and brings pretty much a quick system through here in the morning, and we are going to see anywhere to 0.1 inch. around the russian river, they may get 0.5 inches of rain. we will look at the five day forecast and what you can expect. following developing news involving president trump former campaign manager. a judge just sentenced paul manafort within the past hour. details on how long he will be behind bars.
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a federal judge in virginia has sentenced president trump former campaign chairman, paul fenimore at 247 months in jail for dodging taxes and committing bank fraud. he's also been ordered to pay $24 million in restitution. prosecutors have been seeking a much longer sentence. manafort had faced up to 24 years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, but the federal judge called that punishment excessive as he expressed some sympathy for the 69-year-old veteran republican political consultant. today's sentencing in virginia came days before manafort is said to be sentence for related conspiracy charges in a case in federal court in washington, d.c. for new information
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involving san francisco's crime lab scandal is surfacing as kamala harris runs for president. harris was district attorney back when that incident folded in 2010. harris may have probably failed to disclose information. that case immediately raised concerns about possibly tainted evidence and hundreds of clinical cases. the reporter broke the store and was our guest earlier today on ktvu the nine. the judge in that case had ruled that harris failed to inform defendants a possibly tainted evidence, so in the end she dismissed about a dozen drug-related cases. >> harris has stressed the city crime lab was run by san francisco police, but she has taken some responsibility for that past scandal. the hat is closed in the first ever test flight of the spacex crew dragon capsules. is expected to come to an end
5:23 pm
tomorrow. that is when the spacecraft is that to detach from the international space station attempt to splash onto the atlantic ocean using parachutes. the unmanned capsule launched early saturday morning, and then successfully docked at the international space station a day later. crew dragon is unique because it is based x's first spacecraft bill to carry humans. a 77-year-old veteran calledhis home for 30 years until it fell into disrepair. code violations led renovations that he ultimately could not pay for. how the community is now trying to make sure this man gets his home back. homelessness means guests at a hotel can come to the decade-old agreement that allows anyone access to the first floor of the fairmont in san jose. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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a berkeley man decided to get his home back after the city of berkeley cited him for
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code violations and put the house into receivership. repairs cost much more than he could afford, and now a community group has stepped in to help either rob roth has more now on the story from south berkeley. >> reporter: leonard powell now sleeps on the floor of the home of his son's basement. >> what especially hurts is i don't have my own nest and i don't have the memories. >> reporter: s fight with the city of berkeley over code violations the renovation costs have left the 77 old on the outside looking in at the home he has lived in for 45 years. >> i wanted to be home with my books and my tv dinners at home, in my room. >> reporter: in 2015, housing inspectors found needed heating, plumbing, and wiring. repairs would cost between $150,000 and $200,000. he agreed to repair cost, but
5:28 pm
as they saw quotes for repairs, they called the court where the judge assigned a home to a receiver. target the receiver got a hold of it. they did not have any info. >> the receivership to used habitat for humanity for repairs. in the end, powell was left with a high bill, a far cry from 150,000. friends are fighting to get his home back. >> is not looking to buy a home for his 600 or $7000. >> to help pave cost, he qualified for better and for 571,000, but fall short between from carmel dell, they helped boost a gofundme page to surpass the goal of 70,000 and over a week. >> it highlights the deeper issue, and that's one of receivers. a fundamental lack of accountability, and as a result seniors all over the country are losing their properties. >> reporter: bay area receiver group would not agree to an interview. in a letter to the city, this a repair costs skyrocketed because the building permit led
5:29 pm
to asbestos removal, storage fees, and more. mr. powell will have a court date, but even with gofundme and now the community support, there's no guarantee he will get back into the house. i would be up to a judge. in south berkeley, rob malcom, ktvu fox 2 news. supporters of the family of stephan clark are pushing new legislation that would change when police could use deadly force. clark is a 22-year-old unarmed black man who was shot and killed last year by sacramento police. officers suspected to break into cars, they chased him to several backyards, telling him repeatedly to stop and show his hand. i want mike clark started coming to the opposite. they thought he had a gun and that is when they fired. it only turned out that clark was holding a cell phone, not a weapon. today but the da in sacramento and state attorney general said
5:30 pm
they will not pursue charges against the officers who shot and killed clark. today in sacramento, faith leaders rallied in support of the bill that would change the standard for deadly force for police from reasonable to necessary. >> there are individuals in this state who are being harassed but also who are being killed unnecessarily, and so we have to have a new method and a new law that basically changes the use of lethal force. >> there is also a competing bill backed by law enforcement. it would not change the law on went deadly force could be used . instead, it would fund and implement new training for officers. the issues surrounding homelessness are once again making headlines. this after homeless resident in san jose was denied the use of a bathroom at a luxury hotel downtown. as jesse gary tells us, what happens next is a lesson in the
5:31 pm
law and a little-known provision that everyone can enjoy. >> reporter: in the shadow of splendor, squatters roam freely, and when nature calls you had a clean, safe place to go or give any thought to using facilities inside the famous fairmont hotel. robert overbey has been homeless for nearly 3 decades. >> i am logical enough to know that some places , people don't want you there. >> reporter: the 22 story fairmont is opulent on the inside, and according to an agreement, manager signed with the city 30 years ago open on the first floor to all. it was part of a deal to secure $20 million of public funding to help the one splattering landmark. >> they are putting a lot of public dollars into it and they need to get something in return comes a public access seems to be the best way to go. >> reporter: rick doyle unearth the copy of the declaration of covenants, conditions, restrictions that's part of the deal. section 4 pertaining to the fairmont's first floor reads members of the general public shall be allowed access to and the right to use on a nonexclusive basis. >> they have to allow members of the public and that includes
5:32 pm
homeless to be able to use the bathroom. >> reporter: san jose's homeless problem has been well documented be over 4300 residents will have permanent housing. advocates say that bathroom issue jessica poses the city's wealth and poverty. >> of course they are not wanted in the fairmont. that is what the big cheeses stay, but it's unfortunate that it had to come to that, the people say they are looking to use a restroom and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: thermogenesis the claimant on camera interview and said the email estimate which reads in part our hotel had a covenant with the city, and we are proud to honor this agreement. we worked hard to ensure our hotel remains a place where locals and guests can feel welcome. >> we had to remind the fairmont from time to time of the covenant. >> reporter: back in cesar chavez park across from the hotel, robert overbey says knowing the law likely won't change his behavior. >> reporter: do you think you're going to try? >> no. thme in there.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: overbey says it's not just the fairmount. he gets a cold reception anytime you try to use the bathroom anywhere around here. the city manager says the hotel can't institute reasonable restrictions on things you might want to bring in, but they cannot bar anyone using the first floor restrooms, and the city can go to superior court to force compliance. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco's ability to house the homeless during the wet weather was the subject of a hearing at city hall this afternoon. supervisor matt haney said in february fewer than 100 extra shelter beds and mats were provided. the department of homelessness said that they worked to identify sites that can handle more people during the storms and increase staffing to help vulnerable people. >> plus, they add to their responses an increased effort on providing items such as gloves, emergency blankets, socks, and so forth, offering those two clients, as well as
5:34 pm
providing transport to available placement. >> demonstrators held a diane outside the meeting. they accused the city of paying lip service to helping the homeless, while sweeping them from the streets. >> a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a high-speed chase in a standoff. coming up next, the latest on this days long investigation just outside of chicago. said the child to day care. next thing you know they are sick. how one bay area day care has turned to a new technology to cut down on germs. ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating.
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northwest of chicago, 37 arrested a suspect did gunman accused of killing a sheriff's deputy. the testified defendant identified as floyd brown. the shooting happened in a motel and mchenry county were deputy jacob keltner was serving an arrest warrant. the suspect jumped out of a third story window and shot the deputy in the parking lot. the deputy suffered a gunshot wound to his head and i. >> anytime a lot was an officer to execute a warrant regardless of how minor, how major it is , there is a large factor of danger involved of course, so in this case they approached an unknown and sad to say, they came out on the bad end of the operation. >> the suspect then led authorities on the highways chase before crashing his car and the interstate. after an
5:38 pm
hours long standoff, he finally surrendered to police. two security guards are expected to survive after being accidentally shot at the shooting range in quincy, massachusetts south of boston. the shooting was reported at about 2:00 local time. there are reports one of the guards accidentally shot himself in the arm, and that the bullet then hit the second guard in the buttocks. a former police officer in florida was convicted today in the deadly shooting of a man who was stranded on the his ghw nouman raja was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder for the death of 31-year- old corey jones back in 2015. the prosecutors say that raja was in plainclothes and in an unmarked fan. they say he never identified himself and acted aggressively when he approached jones. prompting jones to pull out his
5:39 pm
gun, which he had a permit to carry. raja shot him repeatedly. jones was scheduled to perform in a stretch pant the morning that he died. today's guilty verdict had his family rejoicing in prayer. >> it was the truth that sent him to jail. it was the truth that gave us justice for corey. >> now rogers the first officer in florida and 30 used to be convicted in an on-duty shooting. he faces a minimum of 25 years in prison. >> in washington, the u.s. house of representatives has passed a resolution an-semitism against muslims, and bigotry against minorities. the resolution was rushed for a vote today following days of debate over how to respond to minnesota democratic congresswoman ilhan omar's remarks on israel, which were widely seen as anti-somatic. omar said the jewish allies pressured lawmakers to pledge allegiance to the the foreign
5:40 pm
country. the resolution passed late this afternoon with every single democrat in the house voting yes. this more evident north korea is starting to ramp up its rocket and missile testing sites following that failed summit with president trump. now that is the word from south korean intelligence officials. they say they have spotted increased activity at a research center where the north is believed to be building long- range missiles capable of targeting the u.s. mainland. south korea is also confirming yesterday's revolution that the north is restoring facilities that a separate long-range block it site. that closed after the for someone with president trump. >> i would be very, very disappointed and chairman kim, and i don't think i will be, but we will see what happens. it will ultimately get solved. said the two countries are working closely to keep an eye on the north's other weapons facilities. national security advisor john bolton is floating the idea of
5:41 pm
more sanctions. until kim jong-un get serious about giving up his nuclear program. parents probably know it's inevitable when the kids go to daycare that at some point they are going to come home sick. >> children learn to share germs before they learn to share anything else. >> how one east bay daycare center is using technology to try to cut down on illnesses. plus fans of local star wars," rejoice. the set has been set for the grand opening of a new of go star wars" themed parking park. we are getting some breaks. to more looks like a good one.
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a home daycare facility in east bay is apparently the first in the nation to begin using a new high-tech device that it helps will prevent children from spreading diseases. the fda approved the device , the measures -- that measures the children temperatures. some daycare staff can determine whether a child is sick and possibly infectious. rob roth 12 have a look. >> reporter: at this daycare, this is how each little bud starts the day. >> good! >> reporter: at this high-tech device that take the temperature. >> children learn to share germs before they learn to share anything else. >> reporter: the device called the wello station.
5:45 pm
is used in medical clinics, hospitals, and jails, but as of the first time it's been tested and in his ability. >> this device is helping us control the spread of contagious infection. >> reporter: at 100.1 degrees, the child is not allowed to state and possibly infect the other kids and staff. the device could possibly catch a child infected with the dreaded measles days before the rash appears. >> one way to potentially prevent you know, measles outbreaks would be to have people detected early, which as we talked about you know of feverhappened earlier in the case of measles, so that would be one way to kind of screen them out and get out of the daycare or school. >> reporter: the wello has been approved the food and drug information. uses infrared technology with multiple sensors and signed trained on the child's forehead and bridge of their nose. the company says it is accurate
5:46 pm
within two point degrees. the results are subject to hit the privacy laws. >> the daycare has nothing a temperature high enough to send a child home yet, but the operators have noticed a change in parents. >> what greatest parents have been calling and ahead of time and messaging us before even coming into daycare, saying their tireless not feeling well, and they are not going to be coming in. >> kids that are sick with fever's are staying home because the parents know there's can ability there. that make sense. >> reporter: under law, daycare cannot take a child temperature orally or anally. >> we go and we touch therefore had. >> reporter: the manufacturer is hoping to enter the daycare market soon. >> if this daycare center can demonstrate some success in preventing other kids from getting sick, what you're going to see you are going to see these scanners spreading, no pun intended. >> reporter: in pleasanton, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the university of california at president janet napolitano has released her recommendations for tuition next year, and it will remain unchanged for in-state
5:47 pm
undergraduate students that napolitano says the tuition for said residence will remain at $12,570. tuition for out-of-state students will increase by $762 for a total of $42,324 next year. next week, you see regions are expected to approve that increase as well as the freeze intuition for in-state students. the latest winter storms have be added this lake tahoe area tonight. the nati has lifted its winter weather advisories. however, chains are still required for drivers heading to lake tahoe and interstate 80. there are no chain requirements and highway 50 and the sierra. in gold country, the brain is letting up after causing flooding and the sound of 10 normal. the justify releases video of the floodwaters yesterday come that essentially turned the downtrend streets into rivers. the police chief in sonora, flooding the result of a perfect storm.
5:48 pm
charmaine nara has a look at the damage and how residents and businesses are dealing with all that water. >> reporter: raging waters. leaving behind a trail of damage in downtown sonora. >> this is the first time in i don't even know how many years that we had rain like this. >> reporter: bobby ennis has called sonora home for nearly 3 decades. he's never seen the creek this high, flooding homes the nearby businesses. >> i've seen it get close to this, but not drains clogging u now. >> reporter: the sonoor the cou followed by heavy rain. >> pretty much started the perfect storm. businesses were plummeted, embankments damaged, were washed away by high waters. leaving vehicle stranded. >> with the rainfall pushing the hail that collected on the
5:49 pm
rooftops and the trees, into the culberson drain to start clogging up the water flow, so we had a lot of flooding. >> read at the road they were evacuating people. >> reporter: michelle johnson was on the job as a mail carrier as she took a moment to capture footage of the rainwater's. >> then it's completely flooded, then you can go over bridges. >> reporter: well luckily no one was injured, people in this town are taking necessary precautions. >> i hope that the next storm that comes there, bill. in that area is pretty concentrated. they get a lot of rain, and all i me that water was raging final in the sewers. there were also some issues with storm drains and things like that. but either way, it is pretty significant video. partly cloudy tomorrow. nice day though, dry. saturday, this is our next weather system. gets in here tomorrow morning, maybe 0.1 inches for most of us, but most area of the 0.5
5:50 pm
inches. scattered showers out there now, and you can see most of the activity just kind of to the east and southeast of the bay area. oakland is getting a few light showers down by hollister, morgan hill, gilroy. then you see some stuff up by fairfield and vacaville area, and it's really like. if you been out and about, it's enough to go it's raining. although i did hear couple reports of some what significant rain and places down the south bay earlier today. morgan hill look like it's getting some rain now, but again it is pretty short-lived stuff. it is not hanging on a long time, so we are not expecting you know, massive accumulations, if you will. these are the current temperatures. 50 in livermore, 51 and one agree, tomorrow will be a little warmer. maybe upper 50s. a beautiful live camera shot. you can see -- what is the word? winter like, i guess. the cloud cover, it just feels like rain, doesn't it? it feels like we've got some
5:51 pm
rain coming. it's also cumulus clouds and cirrus clouds out there. the tomorrow morning looks a lot like this. for everybody, tomorrow afternoon looks a lot like this for everybody, so partly to mostly sunny throughout the day with some clouds seeping in and out, but right. a little bit of breeze in the afternoon. marvin west northwest wind developing, northwest wind, which we have not seen much of this year, so it's kind of signaling a change in seasons too. it is friday morning, and you c clouds, and here comes saturday morning, and here's the deal. about 7 a.m., and you don't need me to tell you what that is. so that is 7 a.m. to around the time in afternoon we look like we have some like this, so we will file you there. as you get into sunday morning, sunday morning looks good. maybe a little valley fog comes back two on sunday morning, so we will try that for you as
5:52 pm
well. overall compared to what we saw last week and the week before that and we can week before that, this is kind of an easy- going deal. although it is a drag sitting on your we can a little bit. the five day forecast, and you can see with a little chance here, a little chance here, but yeah. this is though thing you worry about your. sunday looks okay. saturday morning looks pretty wet, and we do get into something again on tuesday, so we'll keep an eye on that for you too. when i say little, it is nothing staring us down. there's no long-term or long- range wet pattern, and that is what you look for now because we have hit a point where ground saturated, everything that happens magnified, every rain event, like everything is magnified, the mud flows quicker, the river flows quicker. it's about 70 degrees. >> it's been a wild! >> well, we will get there because what we don't realize is with others weather, the sun angle is changing. we are not far from the
5:53 pm
equinox. but when the sun comes out it's going to be one because it is much higher this time of year. >> can't wait. in southern california, a pair of bald ingalls is very busy exiting. a mother eagle laid an egg yesterday at big bear lake there in the san bernardino national forest, and a live camera has been fixed on the bird's nest, allowing nation numbers to keep an eye on the parents and now the new addition. forestry official said the parents share tial -- and the bernardino bernadino national forest. down to only one, this block buster in bend, oregon is now the last one anywhere in the world after the second to last blockbuster stopped renting movie today in australia. that store is going to close later on this month. the storm in bend, oregon still has about 4000 active accounts, and they sign up a few new ones
5:54 pm
every day. some of the new accounts the are tourists who travel out of their way to see this last brick-and-mortar relic of blockbuster. >> been going to blockbuster since i was about five. yeah, came here to pick up some movies. >> i like the personal touch, and i think is a bigger selection. >> boy, that brings back memories, doesn't it? a good portion of the store's incomes come from selling merchandise related to being the last blockbuster in the world. >> i think i actually have a blockbuster gift card. perhaps i can send it to someone there and then let them go to town with it. okay, big news for you star were fans. disney and answered that "star wars galaxy edge" will open in disney resort. a similar park willater. galaxy's as well have and experiences that brings visitors into the world of the recent star wars trilogy. the main attraction is a massive replica of the
5:55 pm
millennium falcon. the justice department is cracking down on fraud targeting some of the most vulnerable americans. i'm catherine in washington. i've got details coming a.
5:56 pm
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new u.s. attorney general william barr announced the largest ever justice department sweep of elder fraud cases. fox news catherine herridge has more now from washington. >> reporter: one have is most major enforcement action since taking office, attorney general william barr announcing a major crackdown on elder fraud. the justice department charging more than 225 people in connection with scams targeting
5:58 pm
senior citizens. they are also helping to bring civil cases against many of those charged and working to get the stolen money back to the victims. >> it's despicable because the people involved are vulnerable, and because of their stage in life they don't have the opportunity frequently to recover. >> reporter: the crackdown was sparked in part by a fraudulent call made four years ago asking for $50,000 payment in exchange for millions in winnings from a lottery that did not exist. the con man called former fbi and cia director william webster who helped with the feds bring him to justice. >> older people are uncertain about taking these matters into their own hands, so i think it is important to let them know there are ways in which they can check out these calls. >> reporter: but in most cases, the front led to significant losses to the victims would more than 142,000 complaints registered in 2018 alone. the
5:59 pm
most common fraud was a technical support scam based in india. barr said he will be working with tech company to make it easier for seniors to protect themselves. >> i'm hoping the meeting will help us work together to help protect these victims. >> reporter: the justice department said more than 2 million victims aged 60 or older were involved in the investigation. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. a muni driver attacked and robbed after two women got onto her bus and would not pay the fare. >> they are going to take care of us when we get on the bus, but who is going to take care of them. >> it's a tough job enough navigating a big button san francisco traffic without added stress of being attacked by riders. i'm heather holmes antennae for julie. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight police and muni are helping surveillance video of
6:00 pm
the bus will help them find the two suspects. it happened before 4:00 yesterday afternoon on the 37 corvette line in twin peaks. henry lee with the latest in the investigation. >> reporter: a muni driver on her regular route had just pulled up to this bus stop near twin peaks and san francisco. two women got on board but had no money to pay for their ride. >> people came on to a vehicle and did not have fare. there was an altercation between the operator and the people on board. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:00 wednesday afternoon at burnett and park ridge along the 37 corvette line. >> eventually the two suspects began to assault the driver . the bus driver incurred from non-life-threatening injuries during the assault. >> reporter: even after attacking the driver, they did not stop there. >> that attack, one of the suspects grabbed the bag of the bus operator and


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