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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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>> it's a tough job enough navigating a big button san francisco traffic without added stress of being attacked by riders. i'm heather holmes antennae for julie. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight police and muni are helping surveillance video of the bus will help them find the two suspects. it happened before 4:00 yesterday afternoon on the 37 corvette line in twin peaks. henry lee with the latest in the investigation. >> reporter: a muni driver on her regular route had just pulled up to this bus stop near twin peaks and san francisco. two women got on board but had no money to pay for their ride. >> people came on to a vehicle and did not have fare. there was an altercation between the operator and the people on board. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:00 wednesday afternoon at burnett and park ridge along the 37 corvette line. >> eventually the two suspects began to assault the driver . the bus driver incurred from non-life-threatening injuries during the assault. >> reporter: even after attacking the driver, they did not stop there. >> that attack, one of the suspects grabbed the bag of the bus operator and fled the bus
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and ran away from the bus on foot. >> reporter: inside the bad were electronic devices, and the driver who's been with muni for three years was treated at the scene for minor injuries. police are reviewing surveillance video but are not releasing it publicly. >> part of our investigation is scouring for video whether it be on the muni vehicles, and in this case it was on the muni vehicles, so in this case we are looking at that right now as evidence. >> reporter: every muni vehicle in the city has about 10 to 12 cameras on board. >> they do have different angles, they have sound aboard the vehicle, and we can use that information to identify suspects. >> reporter: muni riders we spoke to were concerned about what happened. >> that is so scary! >> reporter: june drake right a muni about once a month. >> i really trust the bus drivers. they are going to take care of us when we get on the bus, but who's going to take care of them? >> that important and that
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happened to the bus driver who often is alone, especially at the beginning or end of the line. >> reporter: this couple from finland has been riding muni the past several days. >> muni metro. i've got you. you understand? >> yeah. >> reporter: there bus driver made sure they got to where they needed to go. muni says safety is a top priority, and that assault against drivers have accident dropped 32% in 2015. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. in oakland, police say and en pointe wearing a mask stole several customers lapt afternoon. the man was wearing orange vest when he went into the world ground cafi at 37th and maccarthur shortly before 1:00. the owner told us the man had a handgun and ordered a customer -- ordered customers rather to put laptops into a bag. no one was injured. the owner closed the cafi after the crime to allow employees to
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go home. he said about eight laptops in all were taken. city official and san francisco are calling for increased oversight of the shared apartment . as christian kathy report, this follows a series of incidents involving deputies accused of crimes are violating procedures. >> reporter: a same for supervisors committee debated and of begin exploring an idea putting in oversight but if i to investigate the share office when necessary. >> supervisor shamann walton says it is not to attack the share for deputies. >> but it is about the fact that we do have allegations of misconduct , allegations of misconduct are investigated, and they are currently investigated by the sheriff's office face a series of allegations including deputies accused of forcing jail inmates to fight in gladiatorial style bouts, and forcing female inmates to disrobe with mail deputies present >> those who enforce the law are not above it. we have allegations of widespread physical abuse,
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along with the rating and strip searches of women, and up to a dozen deputies are more implement a. >> reporter: the chef that she welcomes the oversight. >> i'm in favor of investigation for misconduct. i don't have a problem with that. >> reporter: the committee is looking weather san francisco's department of and ability to oversee the sheriff's office as well. paul henderson currently heads up the dpa and says his office could expand its responsibility to include sheriff's deputies. >> we understand the work, we are familiar with doing that type of work. it is a matter now of moving it to incorporate it into a new agency. >> reporter: the sheriff say she works forward to working on details with the plan. >> we will be collaboratively working on some ideas ilities w this will be the way it is with dpa or whether we will try doing investigations a different way. >> reporter: all of this is still in the idf is. there's no word what outside
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oversight of the sheriff's office would look like, what the timeline would be, whether this would be a voluntary program, or whether there would be some kind of change within the county that would force a mandatory oversight program. and san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. northwest of chicago, sheriff arrested a gunman who killed a sheriff deputy. floyd brown was barricaded inside a car before finally surrendering to police. the shooting happened earlier today in a motel in mchenry county, were deputy jacob keltner was served an arrest warrant. those suspect of that of a third story window and shot deputy keltner in the parking lot. the deputy suffered a gunshot wound to his head and anytime officer goes to ecit is, there is a large factor of danger involved, of course, so in this case they approached an d end o operation. >> the suspect then led
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authorities on a high-speed chase before crashing his car on the interstate . after an hours long stand of, he surrendered to police. and right now we want to show you live pictures of a massive procession in honor of the fallen deputy. he was 39 years old, 35 years old, excuse me, and he had been with the department therefore 12 years. again, live pictures of a long funeral possession for the deputy killed today near chicago. tonight, a federal judge in virginia sentence president trump former campaign chairman paul manafort 247 months in prison for dodging taxes and committing bank fraud. the prosecutors have been seeking a much longer sentence up to 24 years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines. fox news lauren blanchard joins se live in washington, d.c. on
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ntencing. the significantly shorter sentencehaed. >> reporter: that is right, and judge ellis, this judge in this case, saying he did not need anyone's approval for his decision. he only needed to satisfy himself. sentencing paul metaphor to just shy of four years in prison. that was 47 months, he was convicted last year on eight counts related to attacks and financial crimes. the judge ruling that sentences could be served concurrently and that manafort would get credit for the nine months he's already served in prison. manafort was red-faced and emotional as he was read the decision, but before the sentencing was read manafort spoke to the court for about five minutes, asking for compassion and saying the last two years were some of the worst he's ever experienced, as well as the family, that he was stimulated and ashamed. manafort asked the judge e elli said he thought those 19 to 24 year sentence suggested guidelines -- guidelines suggested by federal was too
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much for this case. he thought this would serve as a beacon of warning for other trying to hide money overseas or avoid paying taxes. manafort will have to serve three years of supervised release following his prison time, but next week manafort will be sentenced here in washington, d.c. on a separate case, were, heather, he faces another potential 10 years in prison, and forces close to his lawyer say they're concerned about that sentencing, and that judge and that case. >> i want to go back to today's proceedings because manafort was wheeled in to the courthouse today in a wheelchair. we know what that is about and just how his health is? >> heather, that goes back to solitary confinement. that is what paul the courtroom that the solitary confinement has been very bad for when he tried to stand to give that statement to the court, the judge told
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him to sit down instead. he, according to our producers in there, he did not look well, he looked very tired, and basically just pointed and untrodden. he did not look well and also during that statement, we heard from him. he talked about how this solitary confinement has just been , you know, wreaking havoc on his health. he is just 69 years old, but in this case today he was not able to walk into the courtroom. >> as you mentioned another case, another sentencing scheduled for next week. lauren blanchard in washington, thank you. michael cohen is doing the trump organization clai costs. the breach of contract lawsuit was filed today in state court in manhattan. the lawsuit marks the latest chapter in the bitter feud between president trump and his former attorney, who will be heading to prison
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in may. cohen has just wrapped up a series of appearances before congress, where he repeatedly called the president a racist, a con man, and a cheat. california governor gavin newsom spent part of his day listen to border residents, discussing the impact that president trump national emergency declaration is having on their neighborhoods. the governor sat down with community leaders and the san ysidro district for a roundtable discussion. many say they are having trouble making legal crossings to see relatives in mexico. the group told governor newsom that the president's harsh rhetoric is harming the immigrant community. >> this aggressive argument about watertown as being dangerous for people are hurtful. san ysidro is a beautiful town of beautiful of a new shelter that will temporarily house migrants and asylum- seekers. coming up next, three confirmed cases of measles here in the bay area. what health officials are saying about the risk to the public. the prestigious fairmont hotel in the south they often host some of silicon valley's rich and famous guests, but a decade-old agreement for
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forbids him from picking up the homeless. what we learned about that situation. a few light sprinkles out there now as we head towards the weekend. what can you expect? a chance of a shower. was the sign of recovery in sonoma county, as a well-known barbecue restaurant finally reopened a year and a half after the devastating tubbs fire. now let's take a look outside, and see how the evening commute is going on liv san mateo bridge. all those headlights you see heading eastbound. 680, the commute direction, those are headlights heading northbound but not that that tonight. (music throughout)
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we are learning more tonight about a bay area measles outbreak that is now sickens two adults and a child. >> maureen naylor tells us health officials say the highly contagious disease was spread on board an airplane. >> reporter: this latest on the fight, they ended up hin spreading measles to two passengers who were on that flight. >> reporter: it started with adult from santa cruz county with measles , and then to
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others contracted it, including a san francisco man, marking that city's first measles case since 2013. the second person to get measles with the santa clara county child who was hospitalized and since release fina with its distinctive rest, doctors say measles can be deadly and is one of the most contagious diseases. >> so contagious that a person can leave a room and up to one hour later, someone else can walk into the same room and get the measles. if they are not vaccinated. >> reporter: to our current outbreaks in countries including brazil, indonesia, israel, the philippines, and much of western europe. this latest bay area outbreak comes the same week the cdc issued a report about one last march that started when a 15- year-old boy traveled from england to santa clara county. that bay area outbreak a year ago, the cdc says seven people got measles, six of which had not been vaccinated. >> we asked the health officer if any of these latest patients had been vaccinated. >> i cannot answer that question, but i do that know them is pretty much measles outbreak, the people that get measles are usually not vacuum dated. >> reporter:
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>> the concern is that there may be pockets of folks were unvaccinated because they tend to maybe go to the same school or participate in the same activities. >> reporter: health officials say the general public is a very low risk from the latest outbreak because the flight was more than three weeks ago, which is the incubation timeframe for measles. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. taking a look at the weather ase head into saturday, and that is the next rain event essentially. we had a few sprinkle today, but saturday it was morning hours, we could see your point one to 0.5 inches of rain. we will watch that saturday morning. i think saturday afternoon not too bad. sunday is a better day for the weekend, we are getting a little bit of a break tomorrow. parley's summit cloudy skies.
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as you look at the, you can see some rain falling. we have some significant showers in san jose earlier today. now we've got some light showers falling just out towards the panola area, towards albany. we got showers out in richmond come a few showers out in the new avista area, some showers down towards san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. a few light showers there as well. just you know, a new set shower as best compared to what we've seen. these are current temperatures. you can see it rosa, 49 degrees right now. that's pretty darn cool for the time of day. outside you can see the clouds look inclement, and the slower clouds often indication of them showers are sprinkles. as we go into the evening, there could be a few more sprinkles out there, but you get the idea. i think we are basically starting to clear out from here. here's what the model does. it starts us off in the morning partly cloudy, then we end up in the afternoon not too bad. multi-partly to mostly sunny, so nice-looking friday start to finish, saturday morning some showers.
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i did not show you a computer model, but when we come back i will show you one, and we will get you set up for the weekend. a restaurant destroyed in the one country fires a year and a half ago is starting a new chapter. as tom vacar tells us, the owners of sweet t's "new location a few miles were that old restaurant burnt to the ground. >> reporter: sweet t's burned down and finally reopened today in windsor. >> my wife and i, we knew immediately we were going if to to find a space with enough parking and visibility to satisfy insurance and small business administration requirements. >> we were very optimistic and overly optimistic, and it took us a while just took us 18
6:19 pm
months to get it built. i believe we are the first restaurant that had reopened after the fire, and i think we are about nine of them that went down. >> oh my goodness, how lovely! >> reporter: for customers, sweet t's is all about ambience, staff, and above all the southern food. >> fried chicken is my very favorite . hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, those are some of the things that god is here. >> reporter: a little trip down south? >> absolutely, yes. grits, all that kind of stuff! >> like she says the food is excellent, and they have a reality, and their key lime pie is wonderful for dessert. it's kind of a southern, homey feeling restaurant, i think. >> it's really nice. i can understand why it took a while. it made a lot of improvements. hoping to take some of this chicken. been waitin >> we are just glad it's open. it's a staple in sonoma county. it is great to have it back. >> reporter: former customers who have come back will find many familiar faces. >> a little over half the
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people that we had on staff are returnees from the old location. >> reporter: that is loyalty from an employee level. >> we feel very happy with that, and it's been very gratifying to have those folks here. >> reporter: though the restaurant is a reporter for a month, not all tables are reserved, so patient walk-ins, they are welcome. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a high-tech device that's preventing the spread of flu and other illness at the bay area take care. how it works, and why some say it makes parents more accountable for their sick children. the l.a. lakers reveal a plan to limit the playing time of lebron james, so mark will tell us if he thinks this means the lakers are throwing in the towel. for the first time ever nasa is sending an all-female team on a space walk, and it is that to happen soon during women's history month.
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a day care in the east bay is not the first in the country to use a high-tech, hands-free device to come back the spread of the flu and other infectious illnesses. >> the device has been approved by the fda and was originally designed for the healthcare industry. rob roth tells of the child ca pleasanton are now using it to get an instant reading on whether a child is sick. >> stand a. >> reporter: a little bud daycare, this is how each little blood starts the day. at this high-tech device, it takes the temperature. >> children learn to share germs before they learn to share anything else. >> the device is called the wello , made by the wello
6:24 pm
inc. it's used in hospitals and deals, but this is the first time it's being tested in a daycare facility. >> the device is helping us control the spread of contagious infections. >> reporter: at the top temperature reaches 99.5 degrees, the day kechi takes notice. i 100.1, the child is not allowed to stay and possibly infect the other kids our staff. bay area emergency room dr. larry said the device could possibly catch a child infected with the dreaded medial days before the rash appears. >> one way to potentially prevent you know, measles outbreaks would be to have people detected early, which as we talked about, you know a fever happened earlier in the case of the measles, so that would be one which kind of screen them out and get them out of a daycare or school. >> reporter: tawanna station has been approved by the federal food and drug info. the company says it is accurate
6:25 pm
within 0.2 degrees. the results are subject to hipaa privacy laws. the operators have noticed a change in parent. >> what's been great his parents have actually been calling in ahead of time and messaging as before even coming into daycare, saying the child is not feeling well, and they are not going to be coming in. >>'s kids that are sick with fever's are staying home because the parents know there is some accountability. >> reporter: under law, take his cannot take a child's temperature orally or rectally. >> we simply did health checks prior to this. we go and touch their forehead. >> reporter: the manufacturers hoping to enter the daycare
6:26 pm
market soon. >> get this day care center can demonstrate some success, in preventing other kids from getting sick, what you're going to see is the scanner spreading. no pun intended. in pleasanton, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with efforts to revise police training and policy statewide. the two competing bills being discussed by state lawmakers, and the rally in march held today in san francisco. little-known agreement now in the spotlight allowing any member of the public to access the ground-floor of one of the most luxurious hotels in san jose. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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women who they say attacked and robbed a muni driver. it happened on a 37 line twin peaks this afternoon. two women got to pay the fare. they then assaulted the and stole her bag. police are currently reviewing surveillance video from the bus. police in oakland are investigating an armed robbery at a coffee shop.
6:30 pm
several customers at the world grand cafi had their laptop stolen today. the cafi is on maccarthur near 37th . the owner told us the suspect was wearing a bandanna to cover his face and was armed with a handgun. no one was injured in the robbery. and happened shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. city officials in san francisco are calling for more oversight of the shared apartment. as follows a series of incidents involving deputies accused of crimes are violating procedures. one highly publicized case involved the deputies forcing inmates to fight like gladiators. one option is to have the agency that currently oversees san francisco's police department wdepartment. >>you're watching ktvu fox 2 news tonight at 6:30. hundred the people rallied in the state capital today in support of a proposed bill aimed at limiting when police can use deadly force. sport is a specific guidelines are needed but opponents argue that public safety could be compromised .
6:31 pm
christina rendon is in the newsroom tonight with more on the two pieces of legislation, christina? >> reporter: there are two competing bills, one backed by supporters of the family of stephon clark and another backed by law enforcement. the first is assembly bill 392 or the california act to save lives. it would change the standard for use of deadly force from quote, reasonable to me necessary, and it also requires officers to attempt alternative methods before resorting to deadly force. supporters of the family of today in support lied at the of the legislation . clark was a 22-year-old unarmed when he was shot and killed last by sacramento police. officers that he had a gun, but he was holding a cell phone. this week, both the da and sacramento and the state attorney general said they would not pursue charges against those officers who shot clock. supporters of assembly bill 392 say they could prevent police shootings from turning deadly. >> there are individuals in this state who are being harassed, but also who are being killed unnecessarily, and so we have to have a new method and a new law that basically changes the use of lethal force.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: there is also a competing bill backed by law enforcement. that what is senate bill 230. it would not change the law on one deadly force can be used, but it would require the state to adopt some best practices for officers and fund and implement new training for police, and it's the first bill we talked about passes and becomes law, it would be the first update to the state's use of force policies since 1872. in our newsina rendon, ktvu fox 2 the santa clara county coroner's office that they will determine the cause of death of a woman and her two young children who were found dead in south jose yesterday afternoon. they believe the mother killed her two boys, and then herself. the father found the bodies at
6:33 pm
the apartment there on 10th avenue. the unesco district where the older boy apparently attended school said in a statement we are taking immediate steps to now provide support to our teachers, staff, and parents. students are being informed based on the information we have as guided by on-site crisis counselors. the highway patrol is warning drivers to be aware of objects that are being thrown at course on highway 152 in santa clara county. the chp has received several reports of a man throwing objects passing cars between positive fruita and dinosaur point. investigators are looking for middle-aged white man with a thin build. he barely does this during nighttime hours including during the evening commute. fortunately, so far there are no reports of any injuries. surviving issues. this after a homeless resident and san jose was denied the use of a bathroom at a luxury hotel. as jesse gary tells us what happens next is a lesson in the
6:34 pm
law. >> reporter: in the shadow of splendor, squatters roam freely, and when nature calls, if you have a safe place to go or give any thought to using facilities inside the famous fairmont hotel. robert overbey has been homeless for nearly 3 decades. >> biological enough to know that some places, people do want you there. >> reporter: the 22 story fairmont is opulent on the inside, and according to an agreement managers signed with the city 30 years ago, open on the first four to all as part of a deal to secure $20 million of public funding to help the once floundering landmark. >> you putting a lot of public dollars into it, and you need to get something in return, so public axis seems to be the best way to go. >> reporter: city attorney rick doyle unearthed a copy of the declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions that is part of the deal. section four pertaining to the fairmont's first floor reads members of the general public shall be allowed access to and the right to use on and on an exclusive basis. >> they have to allow members of the public, and that
6:35 pm
includes homeless to be able to use the bathroom. >> reporter: san jose's homeless problem has been well documented. over 4300 residents don't have permanent housing. advocates say the bathroom issue juxtaposes the city's wealth and poverty. >> of course they are not wanted in the fairmont. that is where the big cheeses stay, but it's unfortunate and had to come to that, that people basically looking for a rest and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: fairmont managers declined in on camera interview and emailed a statement that reads in part our hotel had a covenant with the city, and we are proud to honor this agreement. we work hard to ensure our hotel remains a place where locals and guests can feel welcome. >> we had to remind the fairmont from time to time of the covenants. >> reporter: back in cesar chavez park across from the hotel, robert overbey said knowing the law likely won't change his behavior. you think maybe you are going to try? >> no. because i know they don't want me in there. >> reporter: overbey says it's not just the fairmont . he
6:36 pm
gets a cold reception, anytime he tries to use the bathroom around here. the city managers at the hotel can into the reasonable restrictions on think you might want to bring in, but they cannot bar anyone using the first four restrooms , and the city can go to superior court to force compliance. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. pg&e is seeking a judge's approval to pay $235 million in bonuses to their employees despite the fact that they filed for bankruptcy. pg&e says the bonus money is an incentive for thousands of workers. pg&e file for bankruptcy in january, saying they are facing billions of dollars in potential liability some deadly wildfires in california for you. the company's executives say they won't distribute that bonus money if pg&e fails to meet its safety and financial goals this year. coming up, a retired veteran and postal worker now in a legal battle with the city of berkeley over his home. how the community is stepping in to try to help. >> what especially hurts is i
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sonoma county today approved spending $2.5 million to help people clean up their properties after last week's disastrous russian river flood. the sonoma county board of supervisors said curbside cleanup including hazardous waste will start on monday. in guerneville and elsewhere, you can see piles of flood
6:40 pm
damage, debris stacked up all along the curb. the week after the flood, three teams of trash collectors plan to work all next week to pick up debris. >> i received an email from a couple who were in their 80s, and they actually had a piano windup in the yard. how are they supposed to get the pn out there? they are living on social security, they have no way to remove that from their property. that is what we are trying to help with. >> superstar visor hopkins is hopefully the state and can mec 77-year-old leonard powell is fighting to get his home back after the city of berkeley cited him for code violations and put the house into receivership. all this started about four years ago and having expect to determine his home needed heating, plumbing, and upgraded wiring. cted to make repairs but that the repairs were going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it was more than he could afford. power was called into court, and a judge assigned the home
6:41 pm
to her receiver. now, powell, retired postal worker, sleeps on the floor and his son's basement. >> i want to be home with my books, and my garlic, my tv dinners, at home in my room. >> the receiver group says repair costs skyrocketed because of building, asbestos removal, and storage fees they raise more than he will be able to return to the home where he has lived for 45 years. >> a san francisco it was ability to house the homeless to recent storms was the subject of hearing at city hall this afternoon. supervisor matt haney said fewer than 100 extra shelter beds and naps were provided during last months rain. the department of homelessness said it increased staffing to
6:42 pm
locate vulnerable people and offer them a ride to existing shelters. official said they worked to identify sites that can handle more people. >> during storms, we have to find sites that are available 24 seven during the period of activation, but as in this last time in mid-february, that was not something we found, so we took a site that was only available in the evening and try to augment that by where people could get in, out of the weather during the day. >> a group of protesters held a die inside today. the demonstrators accused the city paying lip service to helping the homeless while sweeping homeless camps from the streets. a mountain lion ventures a little too close for comfort. where the 60 pound animal was spotted and tranquilized, and where she is now. back here with the rain forecast that will get to in the bay area weekend.
6:43 pm
let's go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories that are coming up in the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus. a push to seal old arrests and convictions. we will tell you about the bill introduced today that could impact up to 8 million californians with criminal records . we'll have continuing coverage on today's frightening oakland coffee shop robbery, where several laptops were stolen at gunpoint. you will hear from the owner of that cafi about exactly what took place today. ♪
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a female mountain lion was spotted in saratoga today, was captured, and then released to an open space preserve. the santa clara sheriff's department that a resident spotted the 60 pound mountain lion in the area of parker ranch road and called authorities. authorities said the metaline was sedated, tagged, and released to their free mail older open space preserve in cupertino. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin for another check of the forecast. a lot of people eyeing the weekend. >> it's getting close. also tomorrow is friday. with the weekend coming, of course showers at we've seen all week. we got showers saturday morning. sunday look like the nicest, driest if the weekend. saturday morning looks wet, so that includes you know you get your soccer games, and a lot of folks get things going with the kids on saturday morning, or your caulking looks pretty wet. in noon it takes off and
6:47 pm
saturday showers. we did have some today. it did not measure up too much. it was not a ton of accumulation that you're seeing widely scattered out there. not a big impact on the afternoon commute, but with that said, up in their field you got a few sprinkles there, and as we go to the evening that should start to really back down quite a bit in terms that happens. get ready for nice-looking day tomorrow, which will end up being partly to mostly cloudy or partly cloudy, that kind of a thing, and just a nice- looking day. dry there. hopefully our first dry they from beginning to end, and does not look that dry out there. that's definitely inclement environment, but as you look at tomorrow morning , i will put a little sprinkle in the santa cruz mountains. friday afternoon, in the mountains you will know it keeps going. winter storm warning has been dropped, but they will get snow flurries there pretty much throughout the weekend. here saturday morning, so this is you know, i don't know what
6:48 pm
you got planned upper saturday morning, but this will get you a little trouble, especially if you are outside. moves through quick by around lunchtime, 1:00, and you get nothing in this backwash year which will be cloudy, kind of what we are seeing today. so saturday afternoon looks the best they. saturday, and sunday morning look at the valley thought that's formed. that's usually a good indication of high-pressure and stable environment. sunday afternoon, some showers showing wraparound stuff, but this in the mid-, 50s. here's a five day forecast, and you can see a little bit of yellow in each week except tuesday when the next sensor system comes our way. >> we will be looking for it. it is the first for nasa. r the end of the month, appropriate since it is women's history month. nasa astronauts christina ctte and ann mclean are scheduled to
6:49 pm
take a spacewalk there in the international space station and completing this all-female crew will be canadian space agency flight controller kristin. she will be on the consul for the spacewalk at the johnson space center in houston. we know when the new "star wars" attraction is going to open. disney says that "star wars: galaxy's edge" is opening may 31 in the disneyland resort in anaheim, and august 29 at florida. during the first few weeks, just planning to visit the "star wars" attraction needs to make a reservation in addition to having a valid theme park admission. man, that looks fun! the l.a. lakers appear to be talking about throwing in the towel. the lakers plan to limit lebron james is player time for the remainder of the season.
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6:52 pm
not a lot of home games left for the warriors, mark? you think they can overcome their recent struggles? >> that might be a good thing. i mean if you think about it, it's really one of the most ou of their last eight games total,
6:53 pm
most of those on the road, but just at home they've lost five games in particular by 20 or more points in oracle. that just does not happen. a couple more examples of that against that boston game, just watch this. total airball bike kd, watson get back on defense. they are just not there. steve kerr said it's kind of like they were jogging, and boston immediately converted from the other end. here's another example of sloppy play by the warriors and alleyoops that goes awry, but they get back on defense? not really. boston get a wide-open three from kyrie in the corner, and there you go. you know, steve kerr has not been as relaxed as of late. although he is smiling right there, kind of smiling with sad eyes , but i think if you watch this interview about what's going on, he looks truly disappointed it is team right now. >> we've let our fans down many times this year and home,
6:54 pm
particularly are big ones against great teams, we owe it to our fans to give them our best stuff. been lacking, and it's disappointing, but we've got a great opportunity ahead of us to close the season strong and to play well and get in the playoffs, and it's all there for us. >> the team seems more tense than usual, and who can blame them? you talk about people disappointed? how about the fans paying all that money for those were your seats? a little history in th plac nba scoring listthe lakers have row and are 6.5 games bafor the regular season and limit his minutes. the brain trust there
6:55 pm
has decided don't risk him. where talking about big fans paying money to see lebron james, they want to make sure they don't get hurt for next year. their season is done, but with regards to that record. his former team a richard jefferson and channing frye, they congratulated lebron. he was a huge ball hog, never passed the ball. it's like why don't you try passing? come to me. it was ridiculous! >> took him long enough, what is it? 19 years?see it. >> took him long enough. what has he played, 19 years? san francisco giant hosting the open eighth. we will review the exhibition baseball. have highlight out of scottsdale by 10:00. one of the more pleasant surprises for the giants, jeff with a terrible year he wed a
6:56 pm
one in five record. he's healthy again, says no shoulder issues to speak of. and so far pitched five innings, no runs. of course he needs offense of support. that's what everyone is worried about with regards to the giants this year, and samardzija says it's a great opportunity for a lot of youngsters to show up and shine. >> you see it all the time. you see guys get to that encamp and turn it into .500 during the year, and turn it into a trampoline year for them. you know, hey! there will be a lot of opportunity, and hopefully still a couple guys see it for sure. >> one little thing we are working on and that is -- >> joe fonzi trying to sneak in with the question. let us check this out. can you imagine? >> wow! wow! >> here you go, dad! >> he's at the baseball game.
6:57 pm
>> actually, his 14th month old son, and that is jacob trying to make it as a major leak out filler. were trying to make sure one can get the souvenir. charlie blackman, there is something that baseball is missing, characters in the game. this guy, well there he is today, and he's in training camp with the throwback 70s look from charlie blackman. one of the nicest guys in major league. remember in the nba, they used to wear their short like that? >> that takewhere that. >> that then. now? >> see you later, everyone. good night. >> no short shorts, all right, guys?
6:58 pm
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