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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. villalon a naked man lurking outside homes. >> i'm relieved they caught him. it was very quick. from the pictures that were posted that helped. >> a 60-year-old man is in
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custody for peeping and prowling. >> police made the arrest after neighbors posted surveillance video on social media. the suspect is mark of men dough seno: mendocino. >> detectives from the sexual assault unit just booked him. neighbors are breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. >> very clear picture, easy to identify him. we're just happy. for her, for our neighbor. >> residents in san jose knew it was only a matter of time
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before the police captured this man. walking up to the front door. he walks up the steps. piers into a window and runs off. there for 30 seconds. >> a lot of anxiety because someone has a lot of nerve to do that. come up to your house late at night. accused on 30 cautions -- three on cautions of peeping and prowling. >> it's disturbing to have a naked guy prowling your neighborhood. >> his picture was on next door and facebook. >> it shows it's good to know your neighbors to have the support.
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to have the community come together. >> he was a lecturer at stanford depth of music. >> glad they caught him and he can't do any harm. >> not clear why he targeted the homes he did. the homeowners did not recognize him. his bail is $50,000. >> now we go to san mateo where police are looking for help in searching for a 15-year-old girl. her family told police she may have headed to los angeles. she has brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a dark colored third shirt. police in oakland are
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looking for an armed man who stole laptop from customers. the owner tells us eight laptops were taken. >> frank, police say thieves who steal laptops don't do so at gunpoint. the opener of the cafe says nothing like this has happened before. >> police responded to an armed robbery during the busy lunch rush, shortly before 1:00. the owner was in the difficult especially preparing -- kitchen. >> i heard a person yelling and looked through the open to see what was going on and saw a man with a gun drawn.
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>> he ran out the back door and called 911. an employee came out to tell him the robber was gone the thief demanded laptops and nothing else. >> handed a bag, i believe it was a home depot bag to one of the customers and told him to collect the laptops. >> there were about 30 people in the cafe. and estimates eight laptops were stolen. the person that collected the laptops had come in earlier and left without speaking to police. >> they are interviewing witnesses. >> no one was hurt but the
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robbery left neighbors shaken. >> i'm surprised. this is a safer neighborhood. >> the suspect is wearing a beanie and bandana to cover his face. 20to 30-year-old. 58to 6-feet tall and ways 190 pounds. >> i don't know what to do about that in the middle of the day. >> the owner closed up shop early. he will open for business as usual tomorrow and hold a safety meeting with his employees. the suspect fled on foot but the possibility of a blue pickup truck is involved i'm a pedestrian killed following a crash tonight in fremont.
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the highway patrol said a collision at warm springs. the chp has not provided further details. in san francisco police are looking for two women who attacked and robbed a muni driver. it was on the driver's normal route. >> a muppie driver on her regular route had just pulled up. two women got on board. >> people came on the vehicle and didn't have fair. there was an altercation between the operator and the people on board. it was just before 4:00. >> the two suspects began to assault the driver. the bus driver up cured nonlife-
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threatening injuries. >> after attacking the driver they didn't stop. >> one of the suspects grabbed the bag of the bus operator fled the bus and ran away on foot. >> inside the bag were electronic devices the driver was treated at the scene. >> we're scouring for video on the muni vehicle. we are looking at that right now as evidence. >> every hubie vehicle has 10 to 12 cameras on board. >> they have different angles, we can identify suspects. >> muni riders were concerned. >> that's scary. >> june drake rides muni once a month. >> i trust the bus drivers, who's going to take care of
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them. >> it's unfortunate that happened to the bus driver who often is probably alone, especially at the beginning or end of the line. >> this couple from finland has been riding muni. >> muni metro. get off at castro. >> their bus driver made sure they got to where they need to go. safety is a top priority. in sacramento supporters of the family of stephon clark is pushing new legislation that will change when police can use deadly force. >> stephon clark is the 22-year- old that was shot and killed by police. officers feared for their lives
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and thought clark had a gun, he was holding a cell phone. the d.a. and the state attorney general said they will not pursue charges. today in sacramento faith leaders rally in support of legislation that would change deadly force from ream to necessary. >> there's individuals who's are being harassed and killed unnecessarily. we need a new law that changes the use of lethal force. >> there was a competing bill backed by law enforcement. it would fund and implement training for officers. a hospital robot delivers devastating news. the new technology made losing a loved one more heartbreaking.
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>> a few scattered showers, and then a break and then more rain. . >> a field of dreams becomes a field of water. now a north bay little league workies about their season.
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. sonoma county approved 2 1/2 million to help people clean up their property after the flood. in guerneville and other towns you can see piles of debris. three teams of trash collectors will pick up the debris. >> i received an e-mail from a couple in their 80s and they had a piano in their yard. how are they supposed to get that picked up. >> she hopes that state and federal funds will reimburse the county. the floods left damage. the little league facility took
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a hit too. organizers are concerned about opening day. >> it's just three weeks away. we know about the rain fields all over the bay area are damp. this had people using oars, not bats. >> coaches players reporting for sebastopol little league. >> there's lots of holes that you can step in, really mushy. >> only last week the ballpark was 10 feet under, heavy rain over whelmed the field. kayak could round the basses. even a telephone pole in the bleachers. >> the infield a wet sponge. >> we'll get the season kicked off. it would be nice if it wasn't
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26 days before opening day. >> the biggest loss the snack shack. >> i figure the water went through there. the food, fringe and freezer were saved. >> this guy was on its face. >> the big items the drink case and dispenser and ice someone are ruined. >> it's soaked. it was a mess. >> now the shack is red tagged since it's a public park the city shoulders the repairs. there's a backup plan to feed hungry players and fans. >> we'll barbecue. >> tailgate it. >> parents are relieved to see the season proceed and a larger diamond is used.
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they are being careful not toker the up the turf. >> we did everything ground balls on the dirt. the outfield we can use, but when we have half a field it's hard to have a super productive practice. >> the little league needs $30,000 to bring the snack bar back to life. >> more than 60-year-old the league is counting on community support. >> springtime it time to play basketball -- baseball. this league serves 300 children and made $500 last year. >> let's hope people think about the youngsters, especially as they try to recover from the flooding. a restaurant in santa rosa
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that was destroyed in the fires in 2017 is beaucoup at a new low -- back open. >> tweet tea is open in wind son. the owner knew he was going to reopen but it took 18 months. former customers will notice a lot of familiar faces. >> little over half the people we have on staff are returnees from the old locations. >> that's loyalty. >> we're happy with that. it been gratifying to have those folks here. >> reservations are booked but walk in customers can wait for a table. >> a few lingering sprinkles. showers in san jose and showers in oakland. the showers are dying down
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but there could be mortonment you see -- more. you see the showers, oakland has showers, half moon bay, fast moving light showers, by the morning hours this should be done. and we'll have temperatures overnight. cool enough i suspect with the ground moisture we'll see fog. we're back to a dose of valley fog tomorrow morning. santa rosa. in clayton and concord. cooler than they have been. in the low 40s. the wind will kick up. 7:00 a.m., in san francisco, that's how the sky looks. a nice dry day from start to en. on saturday we'll have rain
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saturday morning. that's tomorrow. we get into saturday the wet comes back. i'll let you know how it will impact your saturday and sunday i'm a stretch of highway 1 in big sur has taken a beating and will be closed until further notice. an inspection revealed problems. cal trans has closed it several times following major landslides in 2016 and 2017. the storms have ended concerns of a drought in california. look at this drought map that was released in november. it shows all of california facing a severe water shortage. look at the new map released
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today. most of california is in the white. that's the parts of the state that are not in any danger. president trump will travel to alabama tomorrow to visit victims of the tornado. the president's visit have not been announced but those killed in the storm lived in a one square mile area of alabama. seven were from the same family. a measles outbreak in the bay area. later in sports a season- ending shocker. what happened when stanford hosted the cal basketball game. paul manafort sentenced in virginia. how long will he serve?
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i'm paul monfort kass sentenced to nearly four years to prison. the punishment handed down was more lenient than what he faced. what's next for manafort. >> the judge saying he didn't need approval for his addition. he only needed to satisfy
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himself. sentencing manafort to 47 months in prison. >> the judge said he hoped the case would be a beacon of warning for others attempting to avoid paying taxes. he thought the 19 to 24 year sentence was excessive for this case. manafort was convicted on eight counts related to tax and financial crimes. manafort would get credit for the nine months he has served. this half the campaign chairman for president trump spock to the courtroom asking for compassions. saying i feel humiliated and ashamed is an understatement but he did not tell the court
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he's sorry. the 69-year-old has been living in solitary confinement causing his health to suffer. lawyers say it's for his safety. he requested to be sent to a federal court in maryland. >> he will have three years of supervised release following his prison time. next week he will be sentenced in d.c. on a separate case. in washington the u.s. house of representatives condemned antisame titch -- semitism. it was rushed to a vote following a debate how to respond to omar's remarks on israel that were condemned.
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omar said the jewish state allies make -- every single democrat voting yes. gavin newsom listened to san diego residents excuse the impact of federal border policies. the effect that the declaration is having on communities. one is having trouble making legal crossings to see relatives. >> the depicks of border towns being lawless and hurtful is wrong. >> the governor said the opening of a new shelter that will house asylum seekers is a
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sample of local solutions that help. see how the sheriff responded to calls for independent monitoring after deputies violating procedure. a robot tells a bay area family that their loved one is toshiba to survive. -- too sick to survive. >> it should have been a human being come in.
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. our top stories tonight. police in oakland are investigating an armed robbery in a coffee shop. eight customers had their laptops stolen. the owner told us a suspect was wearing a bandana and armed with a handgun. a hahnemann accuse a man accused of peeping into windows while naked is wanted. video showing the man led to
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the arrest. >> halfy rain the damaged the field with the new season set to begin in three weeks. they need $30,000 to repair the damage. to fremont, it was hard to learn their loved one was too sick to live. they couldn't believe it when they got the news from a robot. >> kaiser said that they express the condolences but earnest passed away on wednesday and they hope it doesn't happen to another family. >> when earnest went into the emergency department his wife, his son, his daughter and granddaughter all worried about the man. he was in the icu when the nurse came in. >> the nurse said the doctor
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was going to mac rounds. i thought okay. >> shortly after a robot arrived in the room with a doctor on the video screen. she took the video. >> i didn't realize this was going to unfold. >> she says she and her grandfather that his lungs were failing and he didn't have long to live. >> i don't know if he will get home. >> that hurt more delivered through a machine. >> devastated i was going lose my grandfather. we knew it was coming and he was sick. i don't think someone should get the news delivered that way. >> her mother says the family is upset because earpest --
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earnest had trouble hearing. >> she had to repeat everything. >> kaiser gave us a written statement. . >> katherine said she and her mother asked how the robot was used. >> policy, that's what we do now. >> the kaiser statement said this is a highly unusual circumstance. we regret falling short in meeting expectations in the situation and we'll use this as an opportunity to review our practices and standards with the care type. >> i don't want this to happen to anyone else. >> today kaiser said they are
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reaching out to the family and they hope this new technology this hospital and others will really reexamine their policies and think about the patients and how the robots are used. a bay area measles outbreak has three confirmed cases. an adult from santa cruz family spread the measles on a flight. the others are a man from san francisco and a child if santa clara county. the flight was three weeks agoment authorities could not say if anyone had been vaccinated. >> i know in all measle outbreaks the majority are not vaccinated. >> health officials are encouraging people who have not
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had the vaccine to get it. facebook will remove groups and pages on their site that spread false information about vaccines. anti-vaccers operate on closed groups. vaccine hoaxes will not appear on facebook and that facebook will reject ads that feature unverified claims. roy wale face 40 charges linked to 9 victims in six counties. waller was a resident of ben erbia. he was arrested last year. city leaders in san francisco are calling for independent over site of the
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sheriff department. this follows deputies accused of crimes. a publicized case involved deputies forcing inmates to fight. >> those who enforce the law are not above it. we have allegations of physical abuse, strip searches of women. >> i am in favor of independent investigations for misconduct. >> san francisco city leaders are considering several options. one would have the independent agency that monitors the police force to oversee the sheriff department as well. >> george gascon supports the bill clearing arrests for low
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level offenders. this new bill authored by phil would clear records of arrest that did not result in a conviction. the idea is to make employment and housing more available able. >> because they had the criminal record oftentimes they end up not being able to get housing or work and that doesn't allow them to reintegrate with the community. 2nd offenders would not be able to clear their record. still ahead, keeping kids healthy at day care. the high-tech machine identifying sickness before it spreads. >> tomorrow looks like a dry day with showers forecast for
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the weekend. how much vacation time do you have saved up. how a bay area man got a check for $400,000.
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. cal trans district four direct ir received $400,000 payoff for vacation he didn't use. he's one of several that referred checks over $100,000 for vacation they didn't use. it's been a tough week for abercrombie & fitch, family dollars, chicos and charlotte russe announced stores are closing. it amounted to 1100 chain stores shut down in 12 -- 24 hours. pennies, gap and tesla are closing stores as well. on wall street the dow fell.
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the nasdaq down your and the s&p down 22. air b and b is planning on buying hotel tonight. it is worth 465 million making it the biggest acquisition. air b and baton rouge built a -- airbnb built the business. keeping young kids healthy. children learn to share germs before they learn to share anything else. how a day care is using technology to cut down on illness. >> bill martin has the forecast.
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. a day care if the east bay is the fist in the country to use a hands free device. it was designed for the health care industry. the child care workers are now using it to get a roading on if
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a child is sick. >> at lil' bud's day care, this is how they start the day. at the high-tech device that takes the temperature. it is the willow station. it's used in medical clinics hospitals and jails, but this is the first time in a day care facility. >> it is helping us control the spread of contagious infection. >> if the temperature is 99.5 degrees the day care takes notice. at 100 the child is not allowed to stay. the device could possibly catch a child infected with measles days before the rash appears. >> one way to prevent measles outbreaks would be to have people detected early, we
10:47 pm
talked about a fever happens earlier in the case of measles. the willow station has been approved, it uses infrared technology with censors trained on the area between the child's forehead and the bridge of the noise nose. >> the day care has not seen a temperature high enough to send a child home but they have noticed a change in parents. >> parents have been messaging us saying the child is not feeling well. >> day cares cannot tack a child's temperature orally or rectally. >> if this center demonstrates success in preventing other kids from getting sick.
10:48 pm
you will see the scanners spreading. no pun intended. contract talks between the teachers union and school district are set to resume tomorrow. the district and the union are at odds over class size. union officials say the district would only approve smaller classes if they had the right to cancel in three years. that was unacceptable. looking at the clouds right now, a few scattered showers, this is tonight. be all of this in between is tomorrow. that will be a nice break. we get back into it saturday morning. you can see where it's raining and where it's not it's all
10:49 pm
over the place. north of san jose has showers. real light. in line with what we've been seeing today. cool overnight. things are going to clear. we're going to see valley fog. dew points are high. temperatures are low. clear skies in san francisco right now, fog free skies. tomorrow looks like this, partly sunny, partly cloudy. mid-50s in the afternoon, late in the day mostly on the partly sunny, kind of breezy, which is more typical for this time of the year. showers today and we end up with a few lingering showers, by that, this is the morning, let me back that up.
10:50 pm
this is around lunchtime. a few of the green areas want to swing close to the bay area. the chances hitting you are light. maybe you get a little bit of a sprinkle but not much. on saturday, you see this guy go through 7:00 a.m., it starts to rain, and look how quickly it starts to pull apart. we get a few lingering showers after that. sunday is the best day of the weekend. saturday is wet in the morning. tomorrow will be real nice. it all relative. real nice compared to what we've seen. this time we've been so wet. in the mountains it continues to snow. they will have snow flurries
10:51 pm
through sunday. >> i saw a sign, who've has been praying for rain, please stop. i think we've had enough. coming up on the 11 lock news, steph curry keeps his promise to a young fab. >> sharks begin their playoff push with 10 of their last games at home. did he win at the tank tonight? ♪
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♪ ♪ i on express.
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. mark is here with sports. sharks have the fourth best in the nhl, they have a favorable schedule. that only matters if they take advantage of it. little kid, big hat. looking good. this guy coming into his own in and around niemi. sneaks it past him.
10:55 pm
that's his 30th goal of the season. joe thornton from behind the net. it hits a montreal defender. he will take it. thank you very much. and a 3-1 shark lead. luck doesn't hurt. jones a, beautiful pass for myer. 5-2 time. 10 goals for the sharks in their last 2 games. 5-, 5-2. nothing to write home about, they have a signature win and comes at a good time. remember lou cam panely. he sees a good one. matt bradley with a 3 point
10:56 pm
banker. apollo with a three. they go on a 10-1 run. now sanford down only three. van over, what a game he had. slam-dunk plus the foul. go up six. van over had 24. scour-59 the final and they are going to the pac-12 tournament with a three-game win streak. consider how they were doing. cal women, the coach says she has the best basketball player in the history of cal basketball going for her. there's teammates worth talking about. smith had three threes.
10:57 pm
this is the player she's talking about. down under, 31st consecutive double-double for her. 77-58. they have stanford next. spring is the time for eternal optimism when it comes to baseball. for the a'ss that reasonable. for the giants tell me where it is. believe in the tooth fairy. topping the concern, they can't hit. the a's up 1-0. joe panik with an rbi single. that guy is having a horrible spring. the a's had 10 hits. four doubles and 2 homers, here's one of them. matt chapman leaving the yard.
10:58 pm
marcus simien 5-1 the a's cruise. the best receiver in the nfl is not going to be a raid error on 49er, it appears the steelers will complete a trade with the bills that would send antonio brown to buffalo. when word leaked out brown said fake news. i think he may be in denial but that could be confirmed. >> west arrived where we must check this out. a guy trying to make a major league team than to have his son in the stands.
10:59 pm
>> wow! wow! hi dad! he's my dad. he's at the baseball game. >> that fan has an inside job going on. jacob hahnemann gets it to his son jack. pretty happy camper. you know hunter pence is trying to make it with the texas rangers, deep and gone. maybe he has his stroke back. that's a three-run homer. we wish him the best. that's worth checking out. it's 11:00. time for more news. coming up next, somebody walked in with a gun like that, i don't know what to do about that in the middle of the day. there's noting we can do. >> frightening moments in oakland as customers are robbed
11:00 pm
of their laptops by gunpoint. . the cafe owner says the gunman got away with eight laptops. live coverage from amber lee. >> police say no arrests, the cafe owner says he's been in business a long time and there's been no trouble until today. >> police responded to around armed robbery in a cafe. he was in the kitchen when the gunman came into the cafe. >> i d


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