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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 8, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PST

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happened. >> former trump campaign chairman paul manafort sentenced yesterday in federal court. i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have more on why the sentence itself was very surprising, coming up. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining me and i'm joining you here. friday more than, march 8th. i'm pam cook. >> good to see the cookster back. glad you're feeling better. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> dave, who the new girl. >> pam, this is steve. steve, this is pam. >> i heard from steve. thank you for checking in. everybody checked in. i really loved that. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we do have two forecasts, one to the north and east and one to the south. to the south, you are in line
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for more rain. cold showers dropping down hugging the peninsula. also right about san francisco, oakland south. yes, that is snow at mount hamilton and maybe the even the santa cruz mountains are, might be a mix as well. san jose, just keeps going and going. some of that is a cold rain moving into areas to our south. not much rain to the north. it did favor areas to the south. now, the cold air is coming in. 30s to the north, 40s. it will be a cool day. look at all these 30s here. even some mid-30s. look for a mix of sun, cold pat these are well below average temperatures. i do believe there see that. before i go into the traffic, pam cook, i checked in via my
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representative, dave clark. >> okay. >> he is my representative. >> he spoke to you on my behalf. good more than, everyone. what it is is paving work on the altamont pass. let's go to it right now. this is the tracy super commute. you can see the lane closures and slow traffic here because of lane closures. they are down to one lane on the altamont pass on 580 right before you get to the high part of the pass. usually at this time, we don't have any slow traffic. kind of a rough morning for people coming in early and seeing that. traffic is moving okay once you get to dublin and livermore. 880 in oakland looks fine. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign chairman, has been sentenced to almost four years in prison but that is much less than many expected. doug luzader joins us from
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washington, d.c. where there is now speculation that manafort is angling for a pardon from president trump. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. paul manafort may be breathing a sigh of relief because the sentence could have been much more severe but he is hardly out of the woods. paul manafort, using a wheelchair in federal court, said he was humiliated and ashamed just before the sentence was handed town down but it could have been so much worse. he was sentenced to four years, fall short of the 20 years in sentencing guidelines. his attorney made another point after the hearing. >> i think what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one. there is absolutely no evidence that paul manafort was involved with any governmerussia. >> reporter: so why did he stress that issue collusion
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when manafort never actually faced charges for that. could that be intended for the audience at the white house. was it a reminder that manafort backed the denial of collusion. >> is the president open to a pardon for paul manafort. >> i have not discussed that with the president. that has not been raised at all in my company. >> reporter: the president has suggested that manafort was treated unfairly. manafort is scheduled to be in another courtroom in washington next week where he could face an additional 10 years. in that separate case, manafort has already pleaded guilty to essentially illegal lobbying. back to you guys. >> president trump flies to alabama today to meet tornado victims after that devastating storm killed 23 people. esident hardest hit area, lee county, alabama where at least 116
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homes were either damaged or destroyed. 30 tornadoes hit the southeast on sunday. 1 of 112 of them hit alabama. in the school district, the district and union are at odds over class size. union leadership says the district would only approve smaller classes with the right to cancel the agreement in three years. the union calls that unacceptable. the district says it is encouraged by progress made in negotiations. oakland police are searching for an armed man who stole as many as eight laptops from exhaust mears at a coffee shop in the laurel district. amber lee has a description of the person the police are looking for. >> reporter: police responded
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to an cafe duringle lunch rush on thursday afternoon. the owner was in the kitchen preparing pasteries when the gunman came into the cafe. joy heard the person yaleing really loud. i looked through the opening to see what was going o i saw a man way gun drawn. >> reporter: he says he ran out the back door and called 911. a short while later, an employee came out to tell them the gunman was gone. >> he handed a bag, i believe it was a home depot bag to one of the customers and told him to collect all of the laptops. he says there were about 30 people in the cafe including four for five employees and estimate that as many as eight laptops were stolen. he recalls that the man who collected them placed the laptop in the bag for a chief was a customer who had come in
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earlier to buy coffee and left without speaking to investigators. police would not say if that man may be an accomplice. >> we are reviewing video surveillance of the business and the surrounding areas and still interviewing witnesses. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was hurt. still, the brazen robbery left neighbors shaken. >> i'm very surprised about that. this has always been -- like i said, i thought it was a more safer neighborhood. >> the suspect was ie and banda face, back pants and an orange safety vest. he is described as 20 to 30 years old. he is 5'8" to 6 feet tall and weighs about 190-pound. >> somebody walks in way gun like that, i don't know what to do about that in the middle of the day. so there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: the owner closed up shop early after the robbery. he tell me he plans to open for business as usual friday morning and he plans to hold a
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safety meeting with his employees. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. in santa rose a police are looking for the woman in this surveillance image. she is wanted for burglarizing an 89-year-old woman's home. the suspect is white, between 35 and 38 jurors old with brown hair and thin build. she was last seen drive a newer silver four door toyota tacoma pickup truck. san francisco police searching for two women who attacked and robbed a muni bus driver t happened thursday afternoon just before 4:00 along the 37-corbett line. the driver made a stop near twin peak where two women got on but didn't have money for the fare. police say the women started hitting the driver and stole a bag that had electronics inside. >> part of our investigation is scouring for video whether it be on the muni vehicles it was vehicle so we are looking at
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that right now as evidence. >> the muni driver was streeted for minor injuries. in sacramento, supporters of the family of stephon clark are pushing for new legislation what that would change when police can use deadly force. clark was 22 years old when he was shot and killed last year by sacramento police. officers say they feared for their lives because they thought clark had a gun but it turned out to be a cell phone. now, yesterday, faith leaders rallied in support of legislation that would change the standard for deadly force from reasonable to necessary. >> there are individuals in this state who are being harassed but also who are being killed unnecessarily and we have to have a new method and a new law that si the use of lethal force. >> there is also a competing bill backed by law enforcement.
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it would not change the requirements for when deadly force can be used. instead t would fund and implement new training for officers. some good news to tell you about. antioch police say they have found a missing 16-year-old boy with special needs. kevin disappeared yesterday afternoon inside the lowe's store on lone tree way. someone on social media led them to find the teenager. police are not saying where he was located but they say he is home safe this morning. and they thank everyone who shared that post and kept a watchful eye out for him. >> that good news. still ahead, a man with no clothes on seen on surveillance video lurking outside of homes in the middle of the night. why san jose police think that same man is connected to other peeping tom cases in the past few weeks. >> and it is international women's day. coming up next, some events happening across the bay area including a off to a decent sta
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except for one commute, the altamont pass. however, 880 here in oakland does look pretty good. >> our weather looks pretty good for some and is still raining for others. a cool pattern in there but from the prince over to san jose, more rain.
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people are lining up at the solano county fairgrounds for a free dental clinic today and tomorrow. a work crew was out there setting things up and the california dental association took this video. 1900 patients are expected during the two-day dental care event. services that will be provided by dentists and oral health worker will include fillings, extractions, teeth cleanings, root canals and partial dentures. the patients will be treated first served. the doors open at 5:30 this morning. a naked man in san jose accused of peeping into homes late at night has been arrest s the police make the arrest. >> very clear picture. easy to identify him so we're
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just happy. happy for her, for our neighbor and for the rest of us too. >> reporter: residents on meadowlands lane in san jose knew it would only believe a matter of time police would capture this man captured on home surveillance video, walking up to the front door, cigarette in hand. he walk up the steps think peers into the window and runs off. there for 30 seconds, enough to rattle the quiet evergreen neighborhood. >> a lot of anxiety around because somebody has a lot of nerve to do something like that, to come right up to your house late at night. it is frightening. >> reporter: police arrested this man, 60-year-old mark veregge thursday night. they say this wasn't his first act of indecent exposure. accused on three separate occasions of peeping and prowling. in one cinaked guy prowling
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around your neighborhood. >> neighbors blasted the suspect's picture and van on facebook and on next door. >> it shows it is good goode have the community together. >> reporter: a quick search online shows veregge ways lecturer at stanford's department of music and a principal percussionist with the california symphony. >> >> i'm glad they caught him. thankfully, he didn't do any harm to anybody. today is international women's day. it is observed each year on march 8th and dates back more than a century to 1911. this the global pay gab between men and women and ensuring gender balance in government and business. events will be held around the world. here in the bay area, there will be a rally at 4:30 at civic center plaza in san francisco. san francisco mayor breed will speak with students today to celebrate international women's day. she will be at an all girls independent school in the sea cliff neighborhood. the school was originally founded back in 1908 in pacific
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heights. and lyft is offering something special for people who want to educate themselves about international are offering disc codes to visit significant monuments, statues, museums and businesses. can you get $10 to have rides to the san francisco women artists gallery or the rosy the riveter world war ii home front national historic park. >> and pam being happy international women's day to you. >> thank you. >> and welcome back. sal is right there in his office watching the commute. >> the commute is already slow. welcome back, pam. >> thank you, sal. >> nice to see you there. good morning, everyone. let's start with the gilroy commute, northbound 101. some slowing from gill troy san jose but most of it is doing pretty well as you drive into the area. you will see perhaps a couple of spots where there are some brief slowdowns but really nothing to worry about as you
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are driving through. traffic continues to look good. on 880, it is looking fine. and if you are driving on the commute here at the bay bridge, it is light. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. we'll get right to it here. people are confuseed a little bit. the rain year and water what th been using since day one. the water manager said we like water year because we don't get much rain until october 1st. a water year average is 36.28. so everything from here on out is a bonus. san francisco, 21.13.% of norma
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and the snowpack is just through the roof. still some activity down towards the peninsula, about san francisco, oakland south. over towards mount hamilton looks like getting a little bit of snow. there has been about 2/10 of an inch of rain around gilroy. not a lot but there is a little there and i know milpitas, san jose, over to palo alto picked can produce some low snow levels and brief heavy cooler to the east as well. some low 40s, mid-40s. danville might sneak in some upper 30s before were. this system will continue coming down out of the northwest to get some shower activity. there will be another system
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saturday and one more tuesday. then it does look like a break. >> people are getting a little cranky out there. not a lot of rain with these systems but i would plan on some rain coming in on saturday, maybe early sunday. 50s on the temperatures. these are well below average. we should be about 60 to 64. occasional rain today, mainly to the south. a break monday and one more system tuesday. our newly updated weather app is free to you to download from the apple and google play stores. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven- day forecast. it also has an easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. a local hospital is facing criticism for how doctors chli family that says it made losing a loved one even more heart breaking. >> a different kind of technology keeping kids healthy
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at a local day care. the high tech menussed in the east bay to identify sickness before it can spread.
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welcome back to mornings on 279 afamily is at odds with a h center in fremont where a family said they received a medical diagnosis through a robot. >> reporter: when ernest qu department in fremont, his wife
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of 58 years, his son, his daughter cath run and grand daughter all worried about the 79-year-old man. he was in the icu with anna lisa by his side. >> the nurse came around and said the doctor would make rounds. i thought no big deal, i'm here. shortly after, a robot arrived in the room with a doctor who appeared on a video screen. she took this cell phone video so she could show her mothreali screen, she said she and her grandfather learned that mr. quintana's lungs were failing and he did not have long to live. >> i don't know if he will get home. >> reporter: she says that heart breaking news hurt even more delivered through a machine. >> devastated. i was going to lose my grandfather. we knew that it was coming and that he was very sick but i don't think somebody should get
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that news delivered that way t should have been a human being come in. >> reporter: her mother katherine says the family is also upset because ernest quintana had trouble hearing the doctor through the robot speaker forcing anna lisa to relay the terrible news. >> she had to repeat everything that the doctor was saying. >> reporter: the senior vice president michelle gas kell haines gave us a written statement that says in part we offer our sincere condolence. we use video tech analogy as an appropriate inhaynesment to the team. they asked hospital staff about how the robot was used. they say the answer. >> policy. that is what we do now. that is what we're told. >> reporter: the kaiser
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statement said this. >> i don't want this to happen to anyone else. it just shouldn't happen. >> kaiser permanente says they are reaching out to the family. the quintanas say with this new technology, they hope that this hospital and others with robots will re-examine how they are used with patients and perhaps change some of their policies. their policies. there is a measles outbreak here in the bay area. coming up, the santa clara county health department weighs in on the new cases and the warning for people would may be especially vulnerable to the virus. >> plus, what facebook promises to do ad of false information about vaccines. >> good morning. we do see the traffic is off to a nice start. if you are driving around the bay area, you will see the traffic continues to look pretty good coming around the
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corner. we'll tell you more coming up. >> still some rain, favors the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley. maybe a little snow on hamilton. are we ever going to see an end to the rain. yes, but not this weekend.
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good morning. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it is good to have pam cook back, feeling better. >> thank you. >> that flcant stop her and that cool air this morning, it feelki of refreshing. steve is right here. >> it is cold. >> us. >> good more than, pamela. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we do have some rain, falling showers, but it is peninsula, south bay, south of san francisco-oakland. north and east of that, it is mostly clear and colder.
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there are some isolated showers, brief, heavy rain. that will be the pattern here. san jose can be one of those situations where the santa cruz mountains takes the rain but not when it comes out of the northwest. they can get a bit more. they are close but it will be favoring areas around santa cruz, the pips as well. one system went by yesterday. didn't do too much. now the cold air is spilling n30s and 40s on your temperatures. we'll get a mix of sun, clouds and a few isolated showers. that system will sweep in here on saturday on rain i think sunday morning. one more system on tues


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