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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 8, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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a bicyclist killed in san francisco. what we are learning. and the president in alabama. the a close look at the devastation and the meeting with the survivors of the tornadoes. traffic jams are a major headache but relief is on the way for some commuters on the peninsula. the new project that just got underway. this is ktvu fox2 news afternoon. good afternoon. we are following developing stories out of san francisco. the police are still on scene at a deadly bicycle accident. we have been following the story since 9. you have new information on what happened here. >> reporter: those development's are still happening as we speak right now. san francisco police are about to clear the scene. you might be able to see that there is a tow truck that is about to tow away the white panel band that was involved in this collision, this crash here.
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at this point investigators are determining what happened here. we do have information from the police they say that the bicyclist was headed westbound on a bicycle with an electric assist feature that you can rent and use by the mild. the accident happened around 8:20 this morning. following that accident all parties stopped and we saw a black mercedes and a white panel truck stopped at the scene as well along with a white lexus that has been towed from the scene. police meant a great deal of time photographing the underside and back wheel of that white panel truck. witnesses tell us the cyclist was killed instantly when that truck ran over her. >> it was the right-of-way. there is no way that she can be -- i walked over on the other side and i looked at her and nothing happened.
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>> reporter: earlier, we caught up with matt haney, the area supervisor. he says he has fallen short of his vision zero plan, the plan to end all traffic fatalities by 2024. going back to the live picture, he pointed out one distinction. if you look here, you can see that this actually here is the bike lane. if we move across the street, you can see that once it crosses over on the other side it becomes the protected bike lane with bicycles moving on the inside closer to the curb and separated by those vehicles away from passing vehicles. we are hoping to talk with the bicycle coalition a little bit later on this morning. they have been advocating for exactly this type of bicycle lane. they say it is so much safer. they say that this is the exact kind of accident that can happen if you have a cyclist and traffic moving next to them. they say that these protected bike lanes are a lifesaver.
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>> christian in san francisco, thank you. a big milestone for caltrans, they just broke ground on the 101 express lane project which aims to ease congestion in a santa clara county. we were at the celebration and have more on what this means for commuters. >> reporter: these express lanes will spend 32 miles along the peninsula in the south bay. first, they will work is a carpooling for cars with three or more people and for those willing to pay a toll to use them. caltrans and partnering agencies broke ground on the $567 million project this morning. the rate for non-carpoolers will change based on traffic. if it is a busy day drivers will have to pay more. that is a way to discourage them from being in there. these are aerial shots taken from sky fox that shows the road. express lanes will be in both directions of highway 101 stretching from 380 in san bruno to highway 237 in sunnyvale.
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already existing carpooling's will be converted and other lanes will be billed. officials say the construction of these lanes will tackle the growing traffic issues for drivers and improve quality of life for people living here. >> when the families can go home and get home at a time and our that they can go to their children softball game, they can coach the team again. when you look at the tv, the tv stations that now have to move their nightly news to a later hour because people are on the road for so long. those are the things that impact relationships and the quality of life of all of us. that will change with the construction of these lanes. with more than 280,000 vehicles traveling on the 101 daily, the express lanes will ease construction and encourage carpool and transit and improve travel time reliabilities. >> they hope to have the project finished sometime in 2022.
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>> thank you, alyssa. >> president trump is in alabama looking at the damage left in the path of deadly tornadoes earlier this week. the president and first lady flew over to survey the damage in the hardest hit area in lee county, alabama. that is where 23 people were killed .116 homes were other destroyed or damaged. the president and first lady already met with people impacted by the tornadoes and volunteers at a disaster relief center. then, later they visited a memorial site with white crosses for the victims killed .30 tornadoes hit the southeast on sunday .12 of those tornadoes hit the state of alabama. in the meantime, in the bay area, after a little break from the rain, more wet weather is coming to the bay area. you can see and those live pictures it is nice to see some sunshine out there. we are joined with more on when the rain is expected. >> it is nice to see the sunshine.
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i agree with you. you feel the breeze also when you walk out the door today. we are little chilly and breezy. in fact, the entire state of california is a little cool at this hour. he would have to go all the way to palm springs and down to san diego just to find some 60s. it is a little bit chilly. he certainly will not find any 60s in the bay area. in oakland we warmed up a little bit .55 where the studios are but just 51 in san francisco and we look down to san jose, they just pulled out of the 40s. it is been a chilly morning and that breeze is out there. certainly you can see the clouds as well. notice that they have a few sprinkles on the camera there. that has been the story. the wind, but also a few showers that have been rolling south of san francisco mostly. here's the wind about 70 miles per hour. we are gusting in concorde, up to 24 miles per hour and this is a look at the radar. we see the scattered showers that we saw on the camera there rolling through. a few of them now and that should dissipate as we go
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throughout the afternoon and we should see some clearing and get a little bit more sunshine in there for everyone is the day goes on. temperatures will not be impressive today. we're talking about a high of 56 at the most, most of us will be in those low to mid 50s. let me time this out and show you when the next hit of rain is coming. we go through friday and are looking pretty good. we should clear out and get some good sunshine in there and then overnight saturday we get the next system in here. i think the heaviest rain comes in the morning. that is saturday at 8 am. it is of the counterclockwise circulation so showers will continue throughout saturday even a few into overnight sunday. there is sunday at 8 am and it will finally clear out and we get a better look for sunday. overnight tonight, some showers and cool temperatures as we drop down again into the 30s in some spots .45 in san francisco, so we will talk more about your extended forecast next tuesday. also looking at a possibly rainy day. back to you. >> san francisco police are searching for two women
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attacked and robbed a bus driver. this up and wednesday afternoon before 4 along the 37 corbett line. the driver made a stop and the two women got on but they had no money for the fair. police say the women started hitting the driver, then stole it back that contained electronics. >> part of our investigation is scouring for video, whether it be on the municipal vehicles, in this case it was on a any vehicle. so, we are looking at that right now as evidence. >> the muni driver who is a three-year veteran was treated for injuries. the man accused of carrying out a vicious and deadly stabbing at a bart station in oakland has been delayed again. john lee cow is charged with killing neo-wilson at the station last july. today, hearing was scheduled to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial. there was a delay over a second doctors report. another doctor did find that he was not competent to stand trial. a man in san jose accused of
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peeping into homes late at night has been arrested. 60-year-old mark veer gay is accused of three similar incidents in the past few weeks. surveillance video shows a man naked walking into a home on meadowlands lane. that helped to lead to the arrest. >> a lot of anxiety around because somebody has a lot of nerve to do something like that, to come right up to your house late at night, it is frightening. >> he is a principal percussionist with the california symphony and has been a lecturer at stanford university department of music. his bail is set at $50,000. concert talks are set to resume at the san ramon valley district. they want to avoid a strike but say they have not been able to reach an agreement on class- size. targeting teens with the district and the union, they plan to pick up negotiations at 1:30 this afternoon. >> we are looking forward to getting back at the table with 1:30 today. we have had positive progress this weekend we are hopeful of
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the outcome of today's meeting. >> this morning we saw teachers at doherty valley high schools wearing . to show support for the union. the president of the san ramon education association met with the superintendent yesterday to go over some of the tentative agreements they made during the last session and to clarify each side's position. >> a well-known coffee shop in oakland was robbed during the busy lunchtime rush. still to come, what police say the thief was targeting and the information they hope will lead to an arrest in the case. >> a new era in space travel, the dragon capsule back on earth, what this means for future missions. all tyson any'tizers chicken, is raised with no antibiotics ever. [ music winding down ] they're a great decision for snacktime. allowing the band to practice at your house... not a great decision. keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers.
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the space x capsule landed safely using parishes. the capsule was the first spacecraft bill to carry humans by space x and on this test run it is carrying a dummy. the capsule launched on saturday successfully gawking at the space station and then returned to earth. nasa is hoping to use this capsule to transport astronauts to the space station is starting this summer. you s astronauts have had to use russian rockets since the space shuttle fleet was retired eight years ago. two top officials from the trump administration are leaving their post. air force secretary heather wilson, and white house communications director, bill shine both resigned this
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morning. shine said serving the president was the most rewarding experience of my life. he was previously an executive at fox news and plans to work for the trump 2020 campaign. wilson said it was a privilege to serve along members of the air force. she is a former congresswoman from new mexico. happening now, harris takes her presidential campaign to south carolina. the senator plans to visit to rural counties where community leaders will join her for discussions. this is her third visit to south carolina as a presidential candidate. south carolina is considered a must visit state for candidates. today is international women's day. it is observed every year on march 8 and dates back to 1911. this year's theme is balance for better. initiative is aimed at gender equality, including reducing the pay gap between women and men and ensuring the quality.
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there is a rally this afternoon at 4:30 at civic center plaza in san francisco. the mayor is speaking right now with students who are celebrating international women's day. she is at an all girls k-8 school in the seacliff neighborhood. the school was founded back in 1908 in pacific heights. a shoe that an eight-year-old girl helped to design is making its debut. last year riley morrison wrote a letter to warriors star, stephane curry, asking why his signature shoe did not come in girl sizes. after getting her letter he asked armor under to create girl sizes for issues along with a special shoe in honor of international women's day. he presented bradley with that shoe at his shop in oakland yesterday. proceeds will go to a college scholarship for girls in the bay area. >> we cannot shake the rain because as you said earlier, more is on the way. >> it depends on where you are.
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right now, some spots are getting rain and some are getting sunshine. it is a little bit all over the place with the weather today but as the day goes on things will improve for us. we really don't have the next system until overnight tonight. if you don't have son now you will be getting some soon however, it is breezy out there and we do have another system rolling our way. i think the heaviest showers will be early morning on saturday. rainfall totals are not too crazy, up to half an inch we are looking at this weekend. but, here we are looking live at sfo and they have had some rain that role in. i saw blue skies and a little rain and then a little more rain coming out is backing off of it. santa rosa, 54 degrees, the same for napa. and san jose coming in at 52 at this hour. so, here is the radar. these are the showers we see right now rolling right by where the airport is. again, their light showers, we don't have a lot of heavy cells, you don't see a lot of orange and . on the map, but you do see a little pink, and that means freezing conditions as you get up to elevation. san jose is likely to see light showers roll through as well
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and as we zoom out here you see that once that gets through here we should start to get some decent clearing in the south bay. they have really been hanging onto that rain and those sprinkles as we have gone out throughout the morning into the afternoon. the wind is certainly, you cannot ignore it. he walked out the door and 21 mile per hour gusts in san francisco. nevada, 20 to miles per hour. check out concorde, it is a very strong westerly wind. so, cool, breezy conditions. temperatures not really getting above the mid-50s today. we should be in that 60-62-63 range and we are not there. we will not get there today. as we look through the forecast, as this clears out we get to about 10 pm and you see that next system rolling in, it will come in overnight, i think the heaviest showers will be in the morning. there is saturday at 7 am, they go throughout the day and you start to see the scattered showers as we go throughout seven on saturday and then again overnight on sunday. about sunday at 7 am. finally, we get to sunday afternoon, this is sunday
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evening and we get some clearing. all told, looking at less than half an inch of rain between saturday and sunday, that is before it starts to clear out. so, not too bad as far as totals go. we have done incredibly well is october 1. you can see that we are at well over 100% of our normal averages that we would see this time of year in santa rosa, over 37 inches of rain since october 1. incredible february. overnight tonight, looking out for the showers, it will be cool out there. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. here is a look at your extended forecast. i think the better day of the two is sunday, the second half of the day should be relatively dry. those lingering showers should kick out after we get through the morning and then monday, a beautiful day. tuesday, another chance of rain, and on the other side of that, by the way, i saw a dryer stretch coming. i'm crossing my fingers for that. >> a judge has ordered chelsea manning to jail. she refused to testify to a grand jury investigating wikileaks. she told the judge she will accept whatever you bring upon me. amending objects to the secrecy
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of the grand jury process and says she already reveals everything she knows in her court-martial. the judge says she will remain jailed until she testifies or the grand jury testifies. they asked that she be sent to home confinement instead of jail because of the complications that she is facing. a federal judge in virginia has sentenced president trump's former campaign chair, paul manafort, 24 years in prison for tax and bank fraud. the sentences more lenient than what paul manafort faced under federal sentencing guidelines. they had called for up to 24 years but the judge called that length of time excessive. manafort will receive credit for the nine months that he has already served. he will also have three years of supervised release following his prison time. next week he will be sentenced in washington dc on a separate case where he faces another 10 years in prison. new funding for fire survivors. how much people in coffee park could receive to help them rebuild after losing their homes in the 2017 wildfire.
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people in coffee park whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the 2017 october fire may be eligible for up to $100,000 if they have not started rebuilding their homes. the city received a $1.2 million grant and is offering low interest, deferred payment plans for the reconstruction or rehabilitation of qualified homes and that coffee park area. there is a meeting scheduled for monday to explain eligibility for the fund. it will be held at 6 pm at the family center on college
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avenue. there seeking a judge's approval to pay $235 million in employee bonuses despite filing for bankruptcy. the utilities is the bonus money would be paid at the end of the year to thousands of workers as an incentive. pg&e filed for bankruptcy in january saying they faced billions of dollars in potential liability from california wildfires. the company executives say they will not distribute the bonuses if the company fails to meet its safety and financial goals for this year. let's take a peek at stocks, because a week report on hiring by you as employers added to investors worries about the global economy and send stocks lower on wall street. the dow jones has recovered some of its deeper losses from earlier in the session but right now it was done about one half of 1% losing just a little over 120 points. the s&p is down just one half of 1%. and back to the jobs report, it shows a slow growth in hiring
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with employers adding just 20,000 jobs in february. this, after job gains average 186,000 over the past three months. in employment rate fell 3.8% from 4 in january and analyst expect job growth to rebound in the 2nd quarter. today is a major milestone for a tech company in san francisco. salesforce is celebrating his 20th birthday. the company is planning a party for workers at the plaza. salesforce says the festivities will include a concert from a surprise grammy award-winning performer. employees are also giving back to the community by participating in activities that support local charities including the san francisco education fund and saint anthony's. that is a people are expected to take advantage of a free, today dental clinic in the vallejo today. tomorrow, volunteer dental professionals are offering everything from cleanings to dentures. for many people this free clinic is the only way they can get dental care. >> reporter: on the
12:25 pm
fairgrounds, they are transformed into a warehouse sized dental office. inside there was row after row of workable dental chairs filled with patience reclining with their mouths opened wide. before the doors opened at 5:30, there was a line of 200 people waiting for free dental care. >> it is thousands of dollars, you know? so, she is going to get them done at no charge and good god, that is great. >> the clinic is hosted by the california dental association, the work done by dentists and hygienists volunteering their time. free services included everything from cleanings to fillings, tooth extractions, even root canals. >> they are going to fill two cavities, which is pretty great. i will be able to save around $400. that is good. >> access to care is an issue for most of these people either they cannot afford it or they do not have access. >> i have private insurance through my job but i was laid off. >> olivia youngblood was waiting to get the remainder of her top teeth extracted. she will have to wait another
12:26 pm
six months to come back and get to dentures. >> i tried the last time when they removed the side, i cried. >> he knows what this feels like. >> five months ago i had my teeth taken out, 17 teeth, and i am back here today. >> his reaction when he saw his dentures now -- >> those are mine. these guys are great. yeah. i love it. i quit my job two years ago because of my teeth, so i will be looking for a job this week. >> the free clinic goes on today and tomorrow. you don't have to show proof of income or need pretty don't need to bring any id if you want to receive some of the free services here, the advice is to get here early. doors open at 5:30 on saturday morning and be prepared to wait in line because it is expected to fill up fast. one preschool is going high- tech. see how a bay area daycare is
12:27 pm
using technology to cut down on the spread of illness. plus, a field of dreams flooded. now a bay area little league is worried about the upcoming season. how flood damage will impact their ability to play ball. we will talk about the planned remembrance tomorrow.
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here is a look at the stories we are following for you. san francisco police are investigating a collision involving a truck and a woman on a motorized bike and possibly another vehicle. this happened around 8:20 a.m. the cyclist was in the bike lane and she died at the scene. the truck driver is cooperating with investigators. there is no word yet on who is at fault. ground was broken for a new express lane on highway 101. the $567 million project will at 32 miles of express lanes in both directions between 380 and san bruno and 237 in sunnyvale. more than 200 and the thousand vehicles travel on the stretch of freeway every day. the rate for non-carpoolers will change based on traffic. caltrans hopes to have the project finished by mid-2022. president trump in alabama today getting a firsthand look at the damage left in the path of deadly tornadoes from earlier this week. he went on a flyover in marine one to survey the damage and
12:31 pm
the hardest hit area is lee county alabama where 23 people were killed and 116 homes were either damaged or destroyed. the president and first lady also traveled to a memorial site . 30 tornadoes hit the southeast on sunday .12 of those tornadoes struck the state of alabama. in the meantime, in the bay area, getting a little bit of a break from that rain. the sun is out in many spots as we bring in this live picture looking out at the golden gate bridge. do not get used to it, something is burying out there in the pacific. >> reporter: that seems to be the story. we have had it over and over again but, that is gorgeous. i have to say you have to take it in. it is beautiful today. there are spots out there still seeing some showers but if you get the sunshine, it is pretty nice. and we are cool out there also. we are in the 50s all the way from sacramento right down to los angeles. and certainly in the 50s here in the bay area.
12:32 pm
in fact, some spots just got out of the 40s not too long ago and when it first came in at 10 am there were a few still in the 40s .51 in san francisco, 54 in napa and mountain view 52. that is fremont, they are only 50 degrees right now. still chilly and we have wind out there. you can see that we have raindrops that were on the stammer, but this tells the story as you start to see the blue skies behind their also. it is going rather quickly. the wind is ramping up, 20 mile per hour gusts and 24 miles per hour in concorde. it is a westerly flow and it is not giving and easily today but the showers will start to dissipate as we go throughout the afternoon. this is a live look at storm tracker 2. we saw storms moving down towards san mateo and points south. we will see those again start to ease up as we go throughout the day today. what will not ease up is the cool temperatures. we are only going to see highs in the mid- 50s today, when we should be in the 60s. a bit breezy, sunshine out there for many of you, and as we look at the future forecast, you can see we get better as the
12:33 pm
afternoon goes on until overnight in the next system roles in. here we are 8 am on saturday morning we have have your showers role in. a little bit rainy on your saturday and sunday, and then we finally catch another break. we will talk about that when we come back in a few moments. a community remembers tomorrow to mark one year since an army veteran with ptsd went on a killing spree. albert wong took three women's hostage. he had been expelled due to threatening behavior, the standoff lasted almost 8 hours before authorities moved in. that is when wong stopped communicating with them. they found the three bodies of the clinical workers who he had shot and killed before killing himself. tomorrow's vigil starts tomorrow afternoon on washington street. the ceremony will include remarks from associates at the mental health treatment program. oakland police are searching for an armed man who stole as many as a flat tops from customers at a coffee shop in the laurel district. this happened at world around cafi just before one yesterday
12:34 pm
afternoon. the owner was in the kitchen preparing pastries when a gunman came in. he said there were 30 people inside at the time and the thief demanded laptops from customers and nothing else. >> he handed it back, i believe it was a home depot bag to one of the customers, and told him to collect all of the laptops. >> witnesses say the man was wearing a beanie and a banana to cover his face. he had black pants and a norm safety vest. he is described between 20-30 tall. they say at this point they are reviewing surveillance video and surrounding area to find him. city leaders in san francisco are calling for an independent oversight of the sheriff's department. this follows a series of incidents involving deputies accused of crimes or violating department procedure .1 highly publicized case involved deputies forcing inmates to fight each other. there are
12:35 pm
other allegations of wrongdoing among the sheriff's deputies in san francisco. those who enforce the law are not above it. we have allegations of widespread physical abuse along with degrading strip searches of women come up to one dozen deputies or more are implicated. >> i'm in favor of independent investigations for misconduct. i don't have a problem with that. >> san francisco city leaders are considering several options, one would have an independent agency that currently monitors the city's police force to also oversee the sheriff's department. the flooding in sonoma county could have taken some of the fun out of opening day for the little league. heavy rain damaged the field and the snack shack with a new season set to start in just three weeks. we will see how much money is needed to fix that damage. >> use two hands. >> reporter: coaches and players reporting for little league, but the field underfoot, be careful with your cleats. >> there are lots of holes that you can step in really mushy.
12:36 pm
>> only last week the ballpark was 10 feet under. heavy rain overwhelmed the watershed next door and it flowed over the fence tops and into two fields. for a few days kayakers could round the bases and when it receded debris was everywhere. even a telephone pole in the bleachers. >> it is still squishy. y. >> reporter: the infield, still a wet sponge. >> we will get the season kicked off. it would have been nice if it wasn't 26 days before opening day. but, we will make it work. >> reporter: the biggest work ãlost, the snack shack. the main fundraiser. >> i figured that the water would move through there. >> the fridge and freezer were saved before hand with small appliances. >> this guy was turned on his face like that. >> reporter: big items, the drink case and dispenser plus the ice machine are ruined. a storage shed was also flooded. some stuff is salvageable but most of the year is shot. >> it is so. it is a mess.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: now, the shack is . tagged since it is a public park the city shoulders the repairs but testing for contaminants and bring things to could will take time so there is a backup plan to feed hungry players and fans. >> we will barbecue our stuff and set up tables outside and it will be like a picnic. >> parents are relieved to see the season proceed. grass will grow but little league needs $30,000 to bring the snack bar back to life. >> a lot of people played in that original 1957 team. >> reporter: more than 60 years old, the league is counting on community support. >> it is springtime, it is time to play some baseball. it would be nice if it would stop raining. >> reporter: they keep the fees low and made just $500 profit last year. a donation account has been opened at the redwood credit union to help them recover. in sevastopol, deborah be alone, ktvu fox2 news.
12:38 pm
a day care is apparently the first in the country to use the high-tech hands-free device to combat flu and other infectious diseases. this was originally you used in the healthcare industry but child care workers in pleasanton are using it to get an instant reading on whether or not a child is sick. >> reporter: at little buds daycare, this is how each little but starts the day. at this high tech device that takes their temperature. >> children learn to share germs before they learn to share anything else. >> reporter: it is called the willow station, made by willow a cat of dallas texas. it is used in medical clinics, hospitals, and jails. this is the first time it is being tested in a day care facility. >> this is helping us control the spread of contagious infections. >> if the child's temperature reaches 99.5 degrees the daycare takes notice. at 101 the child is not allowed to stay and possibly infect the other kids or staff.
12:39 pm
bay area emergency room doctor larry burchett says the device could potentially catch a child infected with the dreaded measles days before the rash appears. >> one way to potentially prevent measles outbreaks would be to have people detected early, which as we have talked about you know, a fever happens earlier in the case of measles, that would be one way to screen them out and get them out of a day care or school. >> reporter: the station has been approved by the federal fda and uses infrared technology with multiple sensors inside, trained on the area between the child's four head and the bridge of their nose. the company says it is accurate within .2 degrees, the results are subject to hipaa privacy laws. the daycare has not seen a temperature high enough to send a child home yet, but the operators have noticed a change in parents. >> what is great is that parents have actually been calling and ahead of time and messaging us before even coming into daycare saying their child is not feeling well, and
12:40 pm
they're not going to be coming in. >> reporter: under law, day cares cannot take the child's temperature orally or rectally. the manufacturer is hoping to enter the daycare market soon. >> if this daycare center can demonstrate some success in preventing other kids from getting sick, what you will see is these scanners spreading. >> robert roth, ktvu fox2 news. hospitals across the bay area are introducing new technology, but that might not always be a good thing. we will explain why one family says the change in the way that doctors delivered the news made their experience even more devastating.
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and a family is at odds with an east bay hospital because of the way that they were told that they loved one had only days to live. this all started last sunday when ernest king tana went to kaiser's emergency department in fremont. he was in the icu and was informed that her doctor would be in shortly with test results. moment later a robot arrived
12:44 pm
with a doctor appearing on a video screen. it was through that live feed that he learned that his lungs were failing and he did not have long to live. >> he already has a problem hearing, so with that and everything he could not hear. she had to repeat everything that the doctor was saying. >> he died on tuesday at the age of 79. kaiser released a statement and said this is a highly unusual circumstance. we regret falling short in meeting the patient's and family's expectation in this situation and we will use this as an opportunity to review our practices and standards with the care team. we are learning more about an outbreak of measles in the bay area that has affected two adults and a child. the health department tells ktvu that the highly contagious virus was spread on an airplane. >> reporter: this latest measles outbreak started with an incoming international break at sfo in early to mid
12:45 pm
february. >> the ended up spreading measles to two passengers who were on that flight. >> reporter: health officials say it started with an adult from santa cruz county with measles and then other contracted it including in san francisco man, marking that city's first measles case since 2013. the second person was a santa clara county child was hospitalized and since released. with its stink of rash doctors say measles can be deadly and is one of the most contagious diseases. >> it is so contagious that a person can leave a room and up to an hour later somebody can walk into that room and get the measles if they are not vaccinated. >> reporter: there are current measles outbreaks in brazil, indonesia, israel, the philippines, and much of western europe. this latest outbreak comes the same week the cdc issued a report about one last march, that started when a 15-year-old boy traveled from england to santa clara county. and that bay area outbreak one year ago the cdc said seven people got measles, six of which had not been vaccinated.
12:46 pm
we asked the health officer if any of these latest patients had been vaccinated. >> i cannot answer that, but i do know that in most of this is pretty much all measles outbreaks, the majority of people who get the measles are not vaccinated. >> reporter: the latest statistic shows 90% of kindergartners entering school have been vaccinated, compared to 97% in santa clara county and 95% in san francisco. >> the concern is that there may be pockets of folks who are unvaccinated because they tend to maybe go to the same school or participate in the same activities. >> reporter: health officials say the general public is at a low risk from this latest outbreak because the flight was more than three weeks ago which is the incubation time frame for measles.ktvu fox2 news. you know what, we were just saying that a lot of blue skies and a lot of cooler temperatures. >> you notice that, right? it almost feels like you can check with yourself and say are we supposed to be this cold
12:47 pm
this time of year? the answer is no. we are supposed to be about 5-7 degrees warmer than the temperatures we have been running at. it is a little chilly out there. beautiful in some spots, getting blue skies and clouds out there, sprinkles out there. we have a little bit of everything. but, as we go out there throughout the afternoon today it will be getting a little bit better. we have high-pressure trying to bring sunshine right now. it is not the strongest system. we are staying cool but we are also getting the breezy conditions because we have a low pressure system on its heels pretty start to get a pressure gradient. we have a system that will come in, and bring us rain saturday into sunday. that is about half an inch or less. so, it is not a ton, but still a little bit what for your weekend. current temperatures right now as we look outside here in santa rosa and napa, both coming in at 54 degrees. oakland 55. cooler in livermore, 51 for you and san jose about 52. this is the rain that has been rolling through. not everybody is seeing it, but if you are in san francisco, if
12:48 pm
you have been down in the san mateo or maybe palo alto, redwood city, you see the showers roll through. further south and that also into san jose and i have to point out that when you go up in elevation you see those pinks, that is kind of freezing temperatures. so, very chilly out there for us today but this will continue to get better as the day goes on. you can see behind it, not quite as much action here. things will ramp down. what is not ramp down is the wind which is very gusty up there if you are in concorde, 24 miles per hour. san francisco, gusty and winds out of the west at about 21 miles per hour. you feel that for sure when you walk outside. temperatures will only get into the mid-50s today. again, we should be in the low 60s. this partly cloudy skies will stick around throughout the day. the cool temperatures and breezy conditions but, this is what is coming as we head into the evening. here we are around 11 pm and again, we should have relatively clear skies out there. but, the clouds will be moving in is the next system tracks in. it is a quick mover, kind of a quick hit here as we get into about 7 am on saturday, you will wake up to the showers in the morning unless you get to sleep in, and then maybe you will miss it.
12:49 pm
by about 1 pm, again, just down to the light showers we have seen today, which are hit or miss. not everybody all the time, but some of you some of the time. that is directed at saturday into sunday. there is your sunday morning. then, finally, we start to get some really decent clearing as we get into sunday afternoon and evening which sets us up for a very nice monday. so, saturday into sunday, again, these are the rain totals, less than half an inch in most spots. so, not looking out for a whole lot and goodness knows, we got plenty as we look since october 1 how many inches of rain, over 21.37 in santa rosa. oakland, 13. so, well above where we should be. tonight, looking out for the rain overnight, temperatures will below, 30s and 40s. another chilly evening on top. here's your extended forecast. i think the better day of the two in the we can will be sunday. dryer in the latter half of the day. monday, gorgeous, and then rain possible again on tuesday. thank you. caltrans stations may soon have new names. like facebook menlo park station or salesforce san francisco station.
12:50 pm
the governing board yesterday approved adopting a naming rights policy. the san francisco examiner said the policy will allow companies and other entities to buy naming rights to caltrans stations and actual trains. they say each agreement for each naming right could bring in between 200,000-$1 million per year. in honor of national school breakfast week the superintendent celebrated its 1 millionth breakfast served. dr. vincent matthews is at the middle school today as part of a series of weeklong celebrations aimed at promoting healthy eating habits in schools. >> today we are celebrating a program that we have here in the district. it is after the bell breakfast. make sure that when students come into the classroom they still have the opportunity to receive breakfast. we know that if students are hungry it makes it much harder for them to concentrate on whatever subject is being taught right then or later in the day. >> the district is more than
12:51 pm
7600 students eat breakfast at school every day .50% of them qualify for free and reduced meals. still to come, an emotional homecoming as we take a closer look at the special reunion for families after soldiers returned from a nine month deployment to afghanistan. you know when you're at ross
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and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is.
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so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. another peek at stocks before the session closes pretty dow jones has made up earlier losses but is still on the losing side. done by about 32 points the s&p issuing a nice recovery but is down one 12:45 percent, the same on the nasdaq. it has been 10 years since the stock market bottomed out during the great recession. we will speak with an expert to explore really what we have learned over the past decade, including ways to protect your money now that there is a volatility back on wall street. that is today on the floor. a berkeley military that has a new battle on his hands .77- year-old leonard powell is
12:54 pm
fighting to get his home back after the city cited him for code violations and put his house into receivership. the started four years ago when housing inspectors determined his home needed heating, plumbing, and upgraded wiring. he said he was directed to make repairs but the repairs were going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars he said so it was more than he could afford. powell was called into court and a judge assigned the home to a receiver. >> i wanted to be home with my books and my garlic, my tv dinners at home, in my room. >> the receiver group said repair costs skyrocketed because of permits, lead, and asbestos removal and storage fees. people started a go-fund-me page and have raised more than $75,000 to help them. he does have a court date on monday but there is no guarantee he will be able to return to the home where he lived for 45 years. if you are interested in
12:55 pm
donating to leonard powell's go- fund-me page you can go to our website at and click on the web links. troops from the national guard's 40th infantry division are waking up back home in their beds for the first time in nine months. a group of soldiers landed in sacramento yesterday and reunited with their families after the deployment in afghanistan. we will see their homecoming. >> reporter: it has been nine months since not all of has been waiting for that hug. his son has been deployed in afghanistan since june 2018 leaving an empty seat at the christmas table. >> it is kind of surreal and it did not seem real until he left, now it seems surreal that he is home and it has been nine months.we are proud of him because he is doing what he loves. >> reporter: now, his family finally has their soldier back home. >> it has been a long nine months. the emotions that you more than you thought they would. >> he is one of a handful of national guardsmen and members of the 40th infantry returning home to northern california.
12:56 pm
>> it feels good, i'm glad that i went. it was definitely life- changing. >> happy to see familiar faces. >> she is a little bigger, i knew that there. i got plenty of videos. >> after nine months of important work overseas. >> working every day with the afghan national army. >> reporter: as the soldiers enjoy their heartwarming reunion with their families, their thinking about their brothers and sisters still deployed, asking the public to remember them as they continue their sacrifice abroad. >> it is definitely going on over there and it should not be forgotten about .2 many people have lost their lives quite frankly over there and we have made some progress. we cannot lose sight of that. hopefully this will conclude at some point soon. >> reporter: 100 troops with the california national guard are returning home this week after their nine month mission overseas. this marks the first time it is a combat mission for the 40th infantry since the korean war. >> and a number of those
12:57 pm
homecomings, always emotional. take you to the men and women who served this country. before we say goodbye, a quick spraining is a spring-training update, the a's are down 3-0. things were watching everyone, have a great weekend.
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