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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 9, 2019 7:00am-8:31am PST

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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> i'm frank mallicoat. we have breaking news news for you. there is no bart service today. there is a mechanical problem. sarah has more. >> reporter: of course, normally saturday service on bart starts at 6:00 this morning. and right now it is 7. the doors at the lake merit bart station closed. there are people wonder what is going on. and we know that the crews have been working on it overnight. and it is two critical system.
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one is the traction power supply system that sends power to the train and the second is the train control routing system that is how the trains are maneuvered to different routes and directions. without the two systems, bart cannot safely run trains. we know there are multiple crews trouble shooting the problem. but we don't and estimated time of when bart will reopen. and bart did suggest using the trip planner to come up with another route. and we're standing by for a media spokesperson with bart to explain what the plan is for the day and when the riders can expect to get back on bart. but right now it is completely shut down throughout the bay area. all services shut down and we're waiting to hear when the estimated time of reopening the train is. let's get you outside weather-wise. we saw sarah out there.
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and it does not look too bad yet. not yet. but it is chilly this morning. we're going to continue with that today. we have the rain rolling in. it is chilly across the state this morning. if you take a look outside, you see it is a little foggy out there. the visibility, we're doing okay. santa rosa, up to 6 miles in visibility. truckee is 45 degrees right now. unless you need confirmation it is chilly out there, we have a winter weather advisory till 10:00 p.m. tonight. there is snow level down to 2,000 feet. and we're chilly here. san francisco 46, 44 in san jose. and the fog a little bit present this mother.
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not too terribly bad. but it is starting to roll in now for a bit. so be careful heading out on the roads. this is the bigger problems, slick roads out there. we have light rain in santa rosa and nevada and to san francisco and some of it starting to roll in the santa cruz mountains right now. a will you have look outside shows you we have the cloud cover. look at the roads. they are a little slick. we have the moisture also a little breezy this morning again. if you're in oakland right now, 23-mile-an-hour wind gusts. so we will have the wind and the rain with us today. that will keep the highs chilly. 53 in san francisco an oak 53 in santa rosa. so we're well below where we should be this time of year. we'll see how this plays out today. there is 1:00. the scattered showers will be with us not throughout the day but tomorrow. here is saturday at 7:00 p.m. you can see it is keeps rolling. it is not going to be heavy showers but it is going to be a
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little bit drizzly for your saturday and sunday till we get into sunday evening. that is when we get a break. the community will come together to remember the victims of the deadly shooting at a veteran's home. it's been one year since the people lost their lives. one woman was 7 months pregnant when she and her unborn baby was killed. albert wrong took them hostage. he had been treated for ptsd. but he had been expelled because of threatening behavior. after an eight-hour standoff, it was discovered that he killed the three victims and then himself. coming up at 8:40, we will go to ktvu plus we'll talk to a representative about the
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pathway home and what has been happening in the year since the shooting. we're learning more about the woman hit and killed while riding her bike in san francisco. the victim has been identified as 30-year-old tess rossseen. a stanford graduate that worked for several high tech companies. along helen street, there was a human line of bike -- advocates gathered wanting a safe bike lane. >> a wonderful, thoughtful, sweet, active beautiful person. she was part of a large co-op community in stanford and then to san francisco and berkley.
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>> reporter: witnesses began calling 911 just moments after the crash on friday morning. one man said that he was across the street and how the woman on the bike. >> we have not completely determined which vehicles are involved and how many people have witnessed this. >> reporter: the police said that everyone involved stopped and remained on the scene. >> this is the second death that we've seen that week from people on our streets. one on a bike and one walking. so this is one of the most urgent crisis that we face in the city. >> people don't acknowledge that people are biking and walking it is a great thing for our city to grow. and if people do not pay attention, more people will die. >> reporter: she worked attic companies. she was a graduate from sanford university and a former classmate shared her memories. >> she was very much into the
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environment and the earth and being worldly and well traveled. more demonstrations are planned today calling for the sacramento police officers to be held accountable for the death of stephon clark. about 200 people carried signs and chanted into loudspeakers while marching through city streaks in sacramento last night. they meant outside clark's grandparents' home where the 22- year-old was shot and killed by the sacramento police. before the march, the demonstrators stood on the corner holding signs and demanding justice. >> we're honoring the legacy of stephon clark. he left a family and a kid behind and we're here to let his family know and the community know that we're not going forget about the life of stephon clark.
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>> it is important to create a day to log. a man died, a father died. he deserves justice. the family deserves justice. and the community deserves justice. >> that crowd blocked the road for about half an hour. the police tell us that they were keeping a close eye on the protests. officers said have not said if they made any arrests last night. sacramento district attorney is declining to file charged against 84 people last protest. in the interest of justice, no charges be filed against the protesters. people can get rid of toxic household waste from the russian flooding at the river park on every road in forestville. it will be from 8:00 this
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morning till 4:00 people. people can drop off everything from paint to propane tanks. they will collecting debris curb side all next week. >> monday morning, we'll be starting curb side collection throughout the affected areas. and we'll bring drop boxes, loaders and waste specialists and collecting any deglee debris is piled street side. >> some toxic substances can be recycled and repurposed. >> there is another sign of recover. sonoma county leaders said that there will be one stop shop for flood victims. it will close at 6:00 tonight. those that still need help contact local emergency agencies. right now is the start of the second day of the two day
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free dental clinic. it is being held on the fairgrounds hosted by the california dental association. dentists hygienists and volunteers are volunteering their time to help patients with free services include everything from cleanings to fillings, tooth extractions and even root canals. this man got to see his new dentures after having 17 of his teeth removed. >> those are mine. >> you guys are great. i love it i quit my job two years ago because of my teeth. i will be looking for a new job this week. >> i think he's happy. good luck in the job search. first come, first serve. they expect to treat 1900 patients during the two days. there is a tentative deal
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on the table. but teachers in the san ramon school district need to vote on it. more on the new deal and when the vote should happen as both sides work to avoid a strike. and we're getting ready to lose that hour of sleep. daylight-saving time is headed our way. more on why health experts are saying we may be grumpy for a couple of days. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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for today. i'll have the details coming up. bart is in the middle of a computer problem that has deadlocked service saturday with no trance operating as of 6:25 a.m. a want to show you identify live picture with our crews at lake merit where the doors are actually locked. there were people standing there. you can see our crew showing that you cannot get in the doors. this issue was reported a little before 6:00 this morning, 5:50 to be exact. what we know is that the crews were working overnight what they call the uninterruptible power supply in oakland. when they had problems it impacted the system's traction power system and routing control system. they cannot move the trains safely if that system is not reliable. so you we have our crew out
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there waiting to talk to a bart spokesperson about any eta. they are working on getting other transit agencies like buses, et cetera. the people hoping that it will be waiting and solved soon. but it's been an hour and a half. we'll keep an eye on that and keep you updated. no damage is being reported this morning after a small earthquake rattled the area. the quake hit just after 10:40 last night. it was near the area of lincoln avenue and highway 13. they called viewers told us that they felt the quake. lowest paid workers at costco will be getting a raise. they will increase the minimum
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wage to $15 an hour. the pay increase reflects a national attract and keep qualified workers. the sale force is turning 20 and they celebrated with a big party. >> that is rapper pit bull performing at the birthday party yesterday at the salesforce transit center. they employee 36,000 people across the world. daylight-saving time starts this weekend. so before you go to bed tonight, just don't forget to set your clock forward one hour. we have tips to avoid feeling fatigued from losing that hour of sleep. >> reporter: it is that time of year, baseball pros are getting ready at spring training and
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the second sunday of march when you may be in the throw of your taxes, it is time to spring ford. but health workers warn that even throwing one hour off it could cause chaos in your body. what the effects? the most common system is feeling fatigued. >> you may want to gradually shift the bedtime and wait time earlier by 15 minutes or so. >> reporter: if you are unable to do that, don't reach for coffee or a caffeinated drink. get outside. >> the best thing to do so to seek light in the morning. light exposure is the single most efficient for our rhythm. so getting that light exposure sends a signal to turn off our mel melatonin release and turn
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back on. >> reporter: if you're drowsy and adjusting to the time change, being behind the wheel with fatigue can have dangerous consequences. and avoid the temptation to nap since it will further delay getting your sleeping habits back in order. >> we get up at god's hour so go to bed an hour earlier and don't forget about it. >> sometimes i want to nap. we have a clinical psychologist to come on tomorrow to talk about sleep and why it my disrupt sleep patterns. but some are only getting five hours. >> that's right. >> maybe four. >> talking for a friend. >> i feel like i should not be the one complaining. >> what is your phone number? >> nope. >> so here we go. take a look at your screen.
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we'll spring forward tonight. and it is tonight at 2:00 a.m. that things change. the cell phones generally do this for you. so that helps. you see the light rain down to santa cruz as we take a look at the north bay from cloverdale. the same story in the san francisco. and the light it is falling apart a little bit a few sprinkles making it to mountain view. this low pressure system will continue to move in. and that will give us the showers this morning and the scattered showers throughout the day today. and it will eventually start to track to the south and slide
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down the coast and that is why on sunday later in the day, we'll see the showers taper off. unfortunately, not an entirely dry day available for our weekend. when it is all said and done, three-quarters of an inch all told in the area. so it will not be a big maker of rain. just beneficial rain that will not cause any flooding anywhere. you see the scattered showers. this is 11:00 p.m. tonight. so it just keeps rolling because of the low pressure system hugs the coast and heads south. sunday morning, a few more scattered showers and sunday afternoon, we finally start to clear out as we get into sunday evening. that means we'll start our workweek nice with a beautiful day on monday. take a look outside right now. we have a little fog out there own the visibility is doing fine. it has not lowered too far. sanity sa rosa, 42.
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we'll be cool and breezy throughout the day today. notice the temperatures well below average. we should be in the low 60s. but look at this, the coast 53 and 55 in the bay and 53 inland. so will be chilly. we have a little wind with us this morning between the ten to 20-mile-an-hour range. so you're going to feel that. tonight we'll see the temperature lift up just a couple of degrees. that will help in the north bay. we'll be in the 30s for the north bay. 39 for the overnight low and 44 in oakland. 38 in morgan hill and san jose, the showers will be on and on and a little scattered. we get through the today, it should not be any major downpours but just the nuisance rain out there. tomorrow later in the day, we'll see things clear out, setting us up for a beautiful monday. tuesday, another system coming through and it looks week. it is looking really nice next
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week. >> looking forward to that. nine-year-old bay area girl helped celebrate international women's day with no other than steph curry. >> it was all shoes, scholarship and gender equality and we'll have how more how they became friends.
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. sales of these sneakers will fund the a $30,000 scholarship. and the first recipient is vivian ruu. she wrote a letter to steph asking why his underarmor basketball shoes did not come in girls' sizes? two best teams in the west toe to toe. one game apart. and now it is two. they win it by 17. a nice welcome back for clay thompson. nursing a little injury. and last night, he had a big night from the corner, the 3. how about 39 for clay. here we go on the run now. marcus is on the break. and they will take it on the other way on the fly.
7:26 am
and finish on the other end with the dunk. warriors up 14. it will bury another 3-point bomb. they are up 17 at the break. and we finish with mr. durant. go coast to coast finishing the high elevation. and they win it 122-125. big weekend for some bay area high school. the division three finals oak land high school beat mcfarland near oakland. and first state title for the girls that program. and the coach is proud of the players both on the court and in the classroom. the team's grade point average is 3.6.
7:27 am
on thes' side james logan 69- 63. and the d1 final. d2 went to la hoya country day in south carolina 67-39. these are the games for today. division four facing north view. all the games will be played at the gold one center in sacramento. a strike appears to have been averted in the san ramon school district. >> the tentative deal and the vote that lies ahead. no bart trains running at this hour. we're continuing to follow the breaking news with a live report on the problem that has shut down service this morning.
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a little rain, a little sun. >> who is that? >> waylon jennings. >> classic country there. that is the original country. so, i have some fun, original things to say about the weather. you can see that we're looking outside. is it going to be the mix today of rain for most of us, getting showers. but then also some little peeks
7:31 am
and breaks here and there. because once this morning by the moves through, we'll start to see just scattered showers. so it will be hit or miss. but throughout the day, we'll all see a little rain when it is all said and done. 46 in san francisco, 44 in napa. concord 44. livermore, you're chilly at 42 for you. and is kind been the trend this week to keep the temperatures low in the morning. and we're seeing it across the state as you see 43 in santa barbara. and we have to go all the way to san diego to get down into the 50s as this hour. we have a low pressure system off the coast here. you see that counterclockwise system. we're seeing the light rain starting to roll in from the bay down to richmond. and it means slick roads. if you have to get anywhere this morning, be careful if you're heading out. the visibility still very good this morning. the showers from sam te'o to
7:32 am
fremont, you'll see them throughout the morning. and it is breezy out there, particularly in oakland where we are. are. 23-mile-an-hour gusts today. we'll be chilly. 53 in san francisco. that is all we'll see. this will be through the day today. i will track this forecast. we'll be at 7:00 tonight. and we catch a break the beginning of next week. let's go back to the breaking news this morning. there is no bart service right now because of a computer issue all across the system. we go live. we go to the lake merit bart station with the latest on the shut down. good afternoon. >> reporter: good morning. bart is still shut down in the last hour. 6:00 a.m. the bart doors are supposed to
7:33 am
open. but they are still closed right now. we have a little information. we have bart. can you walk us through what the issue at bart right now and go from there? >> we don't have any power to put the trains system. the crews were down there working at 2 this morning and they suffered a power issue. they are critical. one is power to the train and one is routing. so we don't have power for the trains. if we did, we cannot route them. so it is unfeasible to run the trains. >> is there an estimated time that this can be fixed. i know there are multiple crews working on this. anytime that we can tell the riders when they can get back on the bart. the people are working a double shift. the ones that were working on it last night or still working
7:34 am
on to resolve this. >> reporter: you've worked at bart for 13 years. and i asked you if you've ever seen anything like this before? >> i have not. this is unusual. that has never happened before. we're an aging system. i hope part of our rebuilding process, we can address this. but right now let's get through this and get the trains back up and running. >> reporter: the best advise is the trip planner? >> correct. you can plug in your destination and where you're out and take out bart as an option and all the bus routes will come up. we have mutual aid with the bus systems in the bay area. >> reporter: thank you very much. so like you heard it there. bart completely shut down bay area wide right now. we're hoping to get an update soon if there could be any estimated time of opening. for now, the bart doors closed. and a lot of people confused with questions. but use the bart trip planner out because that is the best
7:35 am
way to get the best route to where you need to be. >> i have a quick question. in terms of the other bart services, the buses and different things that people may be trying to hop on, there is no extra service, right? they're just asking to you go to the other agencies? they're not setting up any additional buses or service options for folks? >> reporter: we can bring cheryl in that again. they want to know if there any additional buses or services or anything coming in today to supplement bart being closed? >> i sat down and got an update, i heard we were trying to get a bus bridge. but right now we have mutual aid with all the bus systems. ac transit you can ride for free. i know we're working on getting some more buses. but right knew is in the
7:36 am
beginning stages. >> reporter: share still trying to figure it out. it started at 2:45 this morning. so it's been five or six hours since this started and they're trying to work out the kinks. >> yes. and it will take some time. >> reporter: thank you very much. it does look like people are confused. they're trying to get in. the oakland public school district voted to lay off staff to pay a new contract for teachers. they will cut $22 million budge get to fund the teachers' pay increase. they will lay off 112 full-time equivalent positions. it could be higher if the district decides to lay off part-time employees. they cannot give teachers raises without giving some cuts. teacher in the san ramon school district will vote next week to ratify an agreement
7:37 am
with the district to avoid a strike. it came after two hours of negotiations yesterday afternoon. it includes a 4% pay raise and smaller class sizes and school nurses and counselors. it covers 1700 teachers. >> i'm very happy. i think that our point was to be a service to our students. declining enrollment that we're experiencing for the first time, rising tension in health care costs and not enough money coming from the state to cover all the increases. that is the tension that you're seeing in different school districts and also took place here. >> the vote to ratify the agreement is scheduled to happen tuesday through thursday. 14,000 health care and technical workers are threatening to go on strike this month. they are ignoring the demand for higher pay and they are threatening to hit the picket lines on march 20th. in a show of solidarity,
7:38 am
thousands of workers may stage a whackout. would workers were robbed at gunpoint near the campus in the city inner sunset neighborhood. henry lee said that ucff please are increasing the patrols. >> reporter: the first incident happened as the victim was walking near 8th and noriega. >> suspect pulled out in a white suv and pulled out a shotgun and demanded all his personal property. and he did. >> reporter: but that was not enough. >> he came around, unlock your phone he had him unlock his phone and take off the tracking. >> reporter: another employee was walking on ninth when the same suv pulled up next to him. >> two suspects get out of the
7:39 am
vehicle pointing firearms and demanding property. the victim complied. >> reporter: but this time before driving away. the robbers asked him to unlock his phone and disabled the tracking. and the investigations are under investigation by the police. but also the campus police are investigating and urging people to be aware of suspicious activity. >> be aware of your surroundings. sometimes some of these things can be avoided. >> reporter: the employees were concerned. >> now a lot of women working too. i got to be on guard now. i hope they catch them. >> reporter: many workers wear badges making their affiliation with the campus clear. so some wonder if they're targeted. >> so let's rob them. >> people in and out of the hospital at time including
7:40 am
night and dark. so it is concerning because people come in and out of the hospital. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. time is 7:40. and justify date to the case involving an arguement between the giant ceo and ceo larry baer and his wife pam. the san francisco district attorney's office are reviewing the footage to determine if anything criminal took place. the giant's executive was seen struggling with his wife over the telephone and they fell to the ground and screamed. it happened at the outdoor plaza in the haze valley neighborhood. they later apologized for the incident and has taken a leave of absence from the team. we're learning that a wide ranging sexual harassment scandals that cost the state capitol $2 million.
7:41 am
but between the senate and the assembly, the stay spent $1.8 million to investigate the claims. legislative leaders did not reveal how it was spent. four lawmakers and multiple staffers eventually resigned. >> in this situation where these are elected officials that should know better, if in the investigation turns out that they did engage in this improper behavior, part of the penalty, perhaps, is they should have to refund the taxpayers for the cost of the investigation. >> the legislature has come up with a new contact and discrimination claims. president trump offered words of comfort to the victims of the deadly tornadoes in lee county, alabama. he embraced some of the survivors of the tornado. the tornado was a mile wide and
7:42 am
packed 170-mile-an-hour winds the president said that the damage was indescribable. >> it is hard to believe, actually. and the fact that we wentlessly helped. it helped a lot of people. but we saw things that you would not believe. >> the president and first lady paid their respects to a memorial with white crosses for each of the 23 people killed by the tornado. new calls to improve safety for pedestrians and bike lifts and bicyclists. actor actor jussie smollett has been indicted by a grand jury after the the police said that he staged a racist and homophobic attack against himself. we'll have more on this case coming up.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
we're going ease into it with the doors here. a little mood music. a little rain out there. no need to hurry. we have a break coming too. i'll tell you about that coming up in your forecast. we need to give you good news too, right. actor jussie smollett faces more than a dozen felony charges. he has been indicted by a grand jury on claims that he filed a false police report. and we look at what is next. >> reporter: a grand jury in chicago indicting actor jussie smollett on 16 felony counts, alleging that he concocted a
7:46 am
racist and hoe mow, racist and homophobic against himself. his lawyer called is prosecutor overkill. >> i'm outraged and offended. and i think anything short of prison time would be a miscarriage of justice. >> reporter: actor jussie smollett said that he was attack the by two men in masks with racist and homophobic. in late february, detectives suspected that he staged and acted out the whole thing.
7:47 am
initial the case drawing outrage from 2020 candidates and celebrities alike. after police announced they believed it was a setup, the president tweeting, what about mag ga and the tens of millions of people that you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments. he said that his smollett's character has been removed from the final episodes of the season. he has deep inside his role in the attack and he faces possible jail time. santa clara county opening up some warming centers over the weekend for the homeless. they will be open through monday, to help people who live on the street to get out of the rain and the chilly temperatures. the daytime warming centers are in libraries, communities and senior centers throughout the county. the county said that more beds
7:48 am
will be available. and san francisco mayor has announced 80 more beds for the home beds. he wants to open 1,000 shelter beds this summer at two navigation centers in addition to more than 200 beds at the new bryant street center. funding comes from money already in the current year's budget. time is 7:48. dy some gardening. i had a lot of weeds from all of the rain coming down. >> that it. that is why we'll see that incredible desert bloom that we were talking about. this is the thing. we've had a lot of rain and you'll have a lot of amazing things popping up in flowers and all of that good stuff. but today, we still have to deal with the clouds and the showers. this is a live look outside. and the visibility is fine. i just checked.
7:49 am
and we're still 6, 7, 10 miles visibility in some spots. it is dragging the showers in here. and it has been a little rainy this morning. we let get a little more. and if you head further down to the city and showers rolling in there and a little further south, we had some coming over the santa cruise mountains, not making it to san jose. if you're heading out this morning, you want to be careful. so the low pressure system is tracking and bringing the showers throughout the day today. and it will be more of it this morning. it will still be on and off today and this evening. sunday later in the afternoon, early evening, they'll start to taper off and we'll catch a break. when it is all said and done, we're not looking at a lot of rain here. the hills will get up to about an inch of rain as you roll
7:50 am
across the weekend. let's time out for you. we go throughout the day today. the bulk of that rain rolls through and we get into the evening and these are scattered showers. this is sunday morning. you can see how the system will start to track to the south and eventually give us a break. but not really into sunday. there is midnight sunday night into monday. so we'll be looking good as we look towards the beginning of the week. a little chilly out there. 44 in santa rosa this is a look at the beautiful golden gate bridge. 42 in livermore and 44 in san jose. today we will not see the temperatures be impressive as we have the cloud cover and the cooler air coming in with the system. so the showers cool and breezy. and the temperatures will scrub gelling to get into the mid- 50s. tonight we'll see the temperatures rise up a little bit here, about 39 in santa rosa, 41 in san jose.
7:51 am
we'll spring forward. to make sure that you remember that. you'll see the clocks go forward within hour. so we'll lose that hour tonight. monday morning, we'll start off sunny and beautiful, a gorgeous day on tap. tuesday a potential tv little rain but it looks like a little bit of rain. wednesday and thursday look gorgeous. so we got some better things coming our way and the rain is a little annoying. but it doesn't stop you from getting up and getting out. >> i'm going to hold to you wednesday. >> that is your day off, right? >> no. but it nice to work on a nice day. women's world cup only three months away. and their criticism of the u.s. soccer federation. we'll tell you all about it coming up.
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. pedini has amended the final report on pipeline safety related to the san bruno expo close 20 tentative more than 673 miles of strength testing to replace 114 miles of a transition pipe, and install 2017 automated valves. the company also reports making improvements and the recordkeeping processes. inclusion of 2010 killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. federal investigators blamed the litany of failures
7:55 am
including insufficient inspections, substandard materials, and week well the critical sections of the pipeline. struck three months before the woman's world cup scheduled to get underway, more than two dozen members of the u.s. soccer team filed a lawsuit demanding equal pay. the women say they are not paid the same as the men's national team, even though i have been a lot more successful. players filed a federal this commission lawsuit against the federation yesterday. the players are seeking damages for the inequities in eir salary and asking for back pay. as well. strike young warrior fans will get a very special treat for the four-time nba all-star demarcus cousins hosting the inaugural the best way pro camp. boys and girls of all ages and skill levels take part with the bogeyman. the first registered for the camp would cost $299 by the way, and we held this afternoon usf. tickets will learn the fundamentals, basketball skills
7:56 am
buggy as well as local coaches. each camper will receive a souvenir autograph from the big man, team photo, and a gift package which will include a pair of shoes, source, and unlimited addition t-shirts. struck all of the wintering has created great distance from a life of the american and second rivers. still had has already begun to spawn upstream of the kayla fannon shabbat left protecting the season for the salmon population. the impact of a long drought are still lingering. >> we have definite problems with the fish populations and particularly the salmon that did not recover as fast from the drought as everyone had hoped. this is one of the areas we have not que figured it out yet. >> wildlife experts say fortunately the high water helps flush out the delta system and create more room for young fish to grow. stuck today's the 10th annual world naked bike ride in san
7:57 am
francisco and it could be a chilly day pick the right start at 11 am, just west of the ferry building and there are other rides taking place around the world. event is designed as a global protest against the dependence on fossil fuels and also the statement on body image organizers say that you do not have to be naked to participate. their encouraging cycle too where created customs with maybe some bubble wrap, or translucent vinyl. they also suggest bringing a trap or something a case a quick cover-up as needed. >> why don't they do this race in the summertime? it is chilly out there. struck summer in san francisco can be cold as well. >> that is true. talk i think that i like to grab my bike with my clothes on. stay with us. when continue, we will follow more on the breaking news this morning. it is all about bart and the shutdown. the stations are locked up right now. no trains are running, even though people are waiting. coming up, and update on the
7:58 am
bar to power outage. what the agency is saying about when they think you might be able to restore service. in a few hours, the town under simon killed lester shooting the military treatment center. will tell you about remembrance ceremony planned for what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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>> ♪ midnight writer by the allman brothers. give us a request onto twitter. we take a look out over the bay area, this morning goes are more then yes you will get more rain. but there is change on the horizon. maybe not today, but eventually. come to mornings on 2 i'm putting long. >> i'm frank mallicoat.
8:01 am
with the forecast in a moment about first the top story. bart has been shutdown at this hour. >> we have another update on the breaking news. it is certainly people that are frustrated because there is no bar services systemwide and have the computer problem. do we have any idea of what it could be fixed and when we could see the trains back in service? >> unfortunately, clotting we do not have any idea of an estimate a time for trains to start running again. we actually got another update from bart about five minutes ago. not a good update. they are telling people not to use their trip planner apple because apple doesn't work. if you go on a desktop computer and google it and then you can definitely use that there. do not use the app come up because it still shows bart is running the trains. as we know, it is not running. bart justin told us to let our viewers know that if you're planning a trip how much use the desktop and not the app.
8:02 am
that is the update we got about five minutes ago. you can still see the doors close at the bart station at lake merritt and we know there's only one confirmed bus bridge with sam trans at this time. bart is working on more bus bridges. about what happened here, according to bart, the computer issue happened around 2:45 this morning while crews working on the power supply in oakland. the issue impacted two critical systems for the first is a traction power supply system which sends power to the trains and the second the train control routing system. that is how trains are maneuvered to different routes and directions for without the systems bart cannot safely run trains. another multiple crews troubleshooting the problems to get both systems up and running which is the number one priority but this issue is serious. >> we can provide service to the bay area that is our job. that is our main purpose to get people from point a to point b safely and we cannot do that right now. actually working toward and everybody is working toward the
8:03 am
main goal is to get trained up and running safely.>> reports of a lot of people for the last couple of hours that you have come to lake merritt, bart station to get in the door and they realize they canceled a lot of people a lot of people have left the area taken it uber, lyft on the roger where they need to go. there is no estimate of times that trains will be running again and like i also mentioned, the app, their trip planner apple is not working at this time. if you want to plan your trip to bart come at you she goes to desktop computer. we're told it is working there. in oakland, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. i see the folks thing is i did was i do not see any signs what kind of notification process are they going through to the people are not realizing this is going on and are showing up at the bart stations crossing their fingers?>> it is a pretty tough situation. we were at the north berkeley bart station two hours ago and there was a sign that said the
8:04 am
bart trains were not working. he is a lake merritt station. the doors are closed and locked with there are no signs of after this point. everyone that is coming here and trying to open the doors, we are the ones telling them that bart is not running right now. they are on social media. if you go on the twitter page, they're updating it on social media. for our viewers, it is the best place to get updates and if you continue to watch ktvu this money we will bring you updates as we get them. >> it is tough. think some people are in regular motor they just go to the bart and they do not realize it is going on. thank you so much for the update and we will continue to follow this. frustrating. >> i guess. and the first time i know the one spokesman said that she is been there for 16 years and nothing like this has happened on her watch. >> i cannot imagine. we had bart sometimes that we knew about and could warn people about. suck but someone trying to go to work this morning and had no other way to get there. not everyone can afford to take it mode of transportation. >> sometimes it is one line but
8:05 am
the entire service system. >> luckily it is not a weekday, select somebody just posted the going to place locked doors and. selectively everyone is here you guys in telling them and hearing sarah sarah started to realize what is happening. hopefully that will get better. we do have rain out there which is probably adding insult to injury if you are one of the people standing outside of the stations. it is light rain and we are taking alive look outside. it is a great day. and update doubt about it. we have the rain coming in and a low pressure system off of the coast keeping us cloudy and rainy, and a little chilly. 46 in san francisco. the same store in oakland. 47 and napa, and haworth are good morning at 49 degrees. are actually warmer than most people in hayward this morning. the entire state is actually chilly. it is not just us in the bay area. you can see the what is along the coastline and if you go to truckee it is 25 degrees.
8:06 am
here is a low pressure system bring us the showers. you see the counterclockwise circulation. it will eventually track to the south but for now it is bringing in rain and you can see it's, for those of you anywhere along the 101 corridor. we have a showers rolling from cloverdale down to santa rosa, novato and down into richmond and concord. more if you showers making the right in and san mateo for you also and that will be the story going through the day. some scattered showers for most of us at one point or another. wendy also and we have the southerly flow. the 21 mph gusts and nevada at about 25 miles in oakland. that is why it is tough to be outside if you're trying to make it to the train. we are not going to be high. warm today. we see a high of 53 and seven cisco. low to mid 80s is where we will be. we should be in the 60s. has retracted this through 2 and 3. 1 am into sunday this will continue. we get a break after that and we will have those details in the extended forecast. back to you.
8:07 am
the today the community will come together to remember the victims of the deadly shooting veterans home. it has been one year since jennifer the gonzalez, for go look lost their lives. cerebral was seven months pregnant when she and her unborn baby were killed 30 said that last year the morning of march 9, albert wong took a few moments hostage at gunpoint he had been treated therefore ptsd but had been expelled due to threatening behavior. after an eight hour santa for 30 discovered that wong had killed the three victims and then herself. in today's remember the ceremony thursday noon at the veterans memorial park and washington street off of highway 29. the event will include remarks and officials the pathway to mental health program. one trend wood seven goes to ktvu plus we'll talk about that about today ceremony and what has happened in the year since the shooting. we are learning more about a woman who was hit and killed on an electric bike at seven
8:08 am
cisco 30 old test rusting died yesterday after being hit by a truck at howard and sixth street the south of market neighborhood. rusting was from berkeley. a stanford graduate who had worked for a number of high- tech companies. her friends say she was a sweet and very kind person. flock is a wonderful, thoughtful, street, active and beautiful person. part of a large community from stanford, and then it has blossomed into san francisco, and berkeley.>> bike safety advocates say rusting death shows an urgent need to better protect cyclists and pedestrians in san francisco. yesterday they came together to call for a protected bike lane on the streets while rusting was killed.>> if we do not acknowledge that there are so many people biking and walking on a street the today -- that
8:09 am
is a good thing for our city as we grow. if we do not design streets for us to come up will die.>> police say that everyone that was involved in the crash did stop and they are cooperating. six people have been struck and killed by vehicles and the city so far this year. strathmore demonstrations are planned calling for sacrament of police officers to be held accountable for the death of stefano clark. >> about 20 people carried signs enchanted into loud speakers were marching through city streets in sacramento. the met outside clark's grandparents over the 22-year- old was shot and killed last year by sacramento police. before the march, demonstrator stood on the corner of florin rd. holding signs and demanding justice. >> they are honoring the legacy of stefano clark. he left a family. he left the kids behind and we are here to let his family know, but also let the whole
8:10 am
community a meadow view, sacramento come and not only that we will not forget about stefano clark.>> and we will create a dialogue. a man died. a father died. he deserves it justice. his family deserves it justice. the committee deserves it justice. >> the cloud block blocked florin rd. for having our after the march. police tell us they were keeping a close eye on protests. officers have not said whether or not they made any arrests. structure comanche county and very stupid refusing to file charges against the ones arrested yesterday. doesn't announced monday night two days after she but now she would not arrest those that shot schubert next year. she said it was in the interest of justice that no charges befalling protesters. struck a dropout site were people can get rid of toxic household waste left from the russian river flooding. the collection site of that sunset beach river park on river road in forestville. will be open from 8 i am until 4 p.m.. people can drop off everything
8:11 am
from paint to propane tanks. >> monday morning we will begin curbside collection throughout the affected areas. we will be bringing drop boxes, loaders, inspectors, hazardous waste specialist through the communities and collecting any debris that is piled street side. >> the california department of toxic substances toxic waste complacent the environment if put into a regular landfill. but some toxic substances can be recycled and then repurposed. struck another sign of recovery following last week's disastrous flooding along the russian river. sonoma county leaders announced that today's the last day of emergency health center located in kernville. the center set up at a former bank of america building to be one-stop shopping for flood victims. the facility was shut down tonight at 6:00. the county says those still needing help to contact local
8:12 am
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antelope, i hear you. esses by angelo. you shook me all night long by ac/dc. is angelo just getting home from a party? i am jealous, angelo. you can see these guys out there. we have rain clouds. we have little tips of son trying to make it through. i do have rain in the forecast. but i have a break coming up as well. i have the details and meteorological terms pick have to go to school to learn that. looking for warmer weather.
8:16 am
were you one of the lucky ones who snagged the southwest airlines $49 deal to hawaii? i was not because the bargain tickets sold out so quickly. but they made for competing air carriers to lower the hawaii affairs as well so the story continues. the clinical left got, american, delta, son country and united offering special deals this week. joining us to talk about the deals in trouble to another warm spot we are joined by the senior editor at trouble sue and i have to tell you. you know that i have been watching this. >> we have been talking about this for months. spec that money aside what? it was gone. i couldn't get them.>> it was sort of and under the radar. they didn't really announce it. just popped up on the website. they were selling hawaii flights all of a sudden. >> i was very sad that a mistake. after that the fares were not -- >> it was really meant to make a splash and make the news of the day, which it did. here's the good news.
8:17 am
you are right. most of the route for the spring season are already sold out. $49 and above come a certainly. the good news is that it is impacting the industry. if you have not flown to hawaii in a couple of years and think, i cannot get there for under 600 and $700, it has the landscape has changed and you are seeing fares under $300 out of the bay area and is just an easier thing to budget. we have seen vacated vacation package pricing come down to although the meeting splash with the $49 fares came and went quickly, hawaii is more affordable. >> when people say i want to go to hawaii and people asking why do i not go to hawaii more for people on the west coast. what is a good fair to hawaii from now on? >> if you see anything under 300 round-trip get a it is short-lived and most of the big carriers have been offering that. i got an email this morning from united promoting hawaii. alaska came out the next day
8:18 am
was pretty low fares under $300 round-trip. if you see it under $300 a jump on it right away. you are seeing more of that flooding the landscape. i would say between $300 and for hundred dollars or for hundred $80 it is a good deal. then you will release the impact on markets when you combine it with hotels and you get these vacation packages are pleasant holidays has him pumping out right high-end value priced packages. you have to be on the lookout. don't go during christmas. will be excited. try to avoid the popular holidays but overall the news is good.>> bring $49 back. i will go. >> be on the lookout. b a -- let's talk about musco. people say i don't want to pay 500 for hawaii, mexico has always been a good option, but you are saying, be better now. >> are factors making it an extra good bargain right now. we are the peak season of travel from executive order. the winter season is when we see the price peaked that is
8:19 am
the case. we are slowly starting to see them come down. come down dramatically by mid- may and into the summer but a couple of things. geopolitics are playing a role. because of what is going on politically, that border people are making decisions as to whether to or not to go to mexico based on that. we are seeing large groups and conventions slowing down a little bit. but of companies holding large meetings would rather be seen spending the dollars on the side of the border that is effecting availability south of the border that the mexican government has abolished the mexico tourism board. their left dollars. just a few are coordinated efforts currently promote travel south of the border. all that easily translates is to unusually good bargains. >> the hotels have to do more their own in the going to alert people in the only way that we can if we follow extra for structure. >> some of these companies appear in the u.s. or having to promote some of the packages south of the border.
8:20 am
>> left talk specifics. >> a couple of things that came up this week. published on the travel website. there's fresh availability right now. this is an all-inclusive package down to part of i tell. airfare to stanford is gone you can pick and choose your favorite airport and airline. you spent the night at a place called the grand port luxury resort all-inclusive. that is it right there. look at there are margaritas.>> margaritas. >> it a $600 beginning in may, into july. the prices are a little higher now, but if you can wait until mid-may we see the prices drop. >> looks like a fabulous resort.>> the shelter los campos. spec this is if you want to travel like frank. i think frank stayed here and loved it. this is at the hilton los cabos beach resort. this is one of the few swivel beaches in kabul st. lucas. ups upscale property because frank would not stay anywhere else. there is golf and a couple of
8:21 am
infinity pools. six restaurants. but this is an alternative to the all-inclusive model. it is priced at $179 per night with breakfast daily. about $100 and adventure activity credits like the dolphin encounters and that sort of thing.>> is a big deal. it is very hard to find. a some of beats. >> frank found and it is a place to go. >> you and i were talking about rosarito beach but that was a big response when i lived in ucla. >> southern california. people drive here. this is about 80 miles south of san diego. you can type tag is on as an extra get away. this is the rosarito beach resort hergott three day into night stay for $299. you get request and massages. just a lot of good value for people who want to do a bit more. >> this winter you also gets on- time. thank you so much. we appreciate it. stay with us. we will be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
kyla said we may have sunshine in may. actually later in the week. >> she is being nicer than that. >> i have more to give in the sunshine department. just not so much this weekend. monday would be beautiful. hang in there. you will be have showers coming in right now. a that a heavy rain coming down and the next 45 minutes. here's a look at a low pressure system off of the coast bringing the showers and now from the north bay down to the peninsula and it's hard to see the doctor greens and yellow showing up is pretty light right now petaluma entity north bay moving further south we are starting see more juiced up cells rolling and were received together. take cover if you're out and about with the wind and rain we will be it will not be very pleasant rolling cross- references got heading out towards oakland further south this is being kind of veteran
8:25 am
with the darker green, yellows stormy weather will be a little nasty over the next whether or so. the low pressure system tracking and eventually check into this that and that is what it will get out of here and get a break the rain and showers with us through the morning. they think the heaviest of the rain will be this morning and as we get into the afternoon the scattered showers taper off getting into sunday afternoon and early evening hours when it finally starts to track to the south. you're looking at the urban areas, quarter financial to three quarters of an inch of rain. the hills will be back at the inch range. it is not better tracking this part of the city models you are showing comey getting into the overnight hours the heavy rain falling this morning sunday and i like i am a little backend before finally sites to the south now we start off with the work week beautiful. starting off rainy and cloudy
8:26 am
taking a lifelock we see the clouds that have rolled in 45 in santa rosa 47 and 48 oakland and livermore. in the mid 40s the low 40s all morning at san jose about 46 degrees. we will have showers with us: three to addition to the temperature is not getting war. we will be in the 60s looking to get to the mid-50s through the day with the cloud cover with the cooler air in place. the overnight lows slightly warmer the north bay 45 in san francisco and 41 in san jose. tonight is that you want to spring forward at 2 a.m. one hour ahead and we will lose an hour which could be a little rough for those working up tomorrow morning. be prepared that it is coming tonight. we will see those scattered showers continuing through the night into tomorrow. it is monday that we will finally start to see some nice
8:27 am
sunshine and then we have cloudy day with a potential of a few showers tuesday. wednesday and thursday are looking really nice. cannot see past wednesday on the five day forecast, but it is quite a nice start of sunshine and. >> it has been a while. >> i think that we are due.>> e- m-s the son. select some unadulterated sunshine. mornings on 2 continues. we are heading over to ktvu plus. we have color tube villanova taking on stay home right here on channel 2. >> we are going back to ktvu plus mornings on 2. the breaking story that there is no bar to service through the entire system. this is something like, when has this ever happened. they have computer problems affecting routing and traction. these are very important to think. we will continue to follow this. we will see you over there on the plus.
8:28 am
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at ross. >> we are fox sports! >> welcome to fox college basketball. ♪ >> on the journey to march madness, we bring you all the marquee matchups. >> what an electric atmosphere. this should be fun, enjoy it. >> watch out, here he goes. >> that is spectacular! >> fox is the soul of college basketball, where the biggest names from the best conferences come out to play.


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