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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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i shook it, okay? i shook the soda. i shook it up! are you happy? it was petty and stupid and awful. i'm sorry. [ can opens ] damn it. [ slurps ] ahh. thousands of people around the bay area depend on b.a.r.t. but thousands were left scrambling when the system shut down for hours. work is underway to find out why. >> we are going to have to do a critical forensic investigation and it is going to take time.
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>> b.a.r.t. was out of service for three hours this morning and officials can only point to a computer network failure. thank you for joining us. i am andre senior. some arrived at the stations today to find doors locked. the problem with this critical said transportation system left many figuring out what to do next. as azenith smith tells us, b.a.r.t. officials don't know what led to the shutdown but nothing is being rolled out. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. trains are back running but for three hours saturday morning it looked like this. trained at a standstill and service completely stopped. the whole system shut down. >> annoyed. we are going in for an event in san francisco and so we were looking at how to get there and the ferry system had delays and we looked at b.a.r.t. and saw it had delays. >> reporter: at 2:45 a.m., crews working with the power supply encountered problems moving to critical computer
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systems. they initially thought it was due to planned maintenance work but it wasn't. >> we thought they were related. we made an assumption and we were wrong. it turns out after initial work that the plant maintenance had nothing to do with the two computer systems feeling. the larger question is why do they fail? we don't know. >> reporter: they lost traction power and train rounding. to systems of power the trains and tell them where to go. the trains cannot operate safely without them. instead of starting service at 6:00, they set up best burgess. limited service was restored by nine and full-service by noon. this writer's first question >> were they hacked? what does that mean for my security? >> now that we are up and running and getting people traveling throughout the bay area, we're going to have to do a critical forensic
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investigation and it is going to take time. >> reporter: in 2011, a group packed into the website threatening to rebuild personal information. a cyber security expert at san jose state says b.a.r.t. will review all it systems. >> they can go back and check all the systems mechanical, software, hardware and pinpoint the reason for that and try to fix it. >> if you can have a component failure, a network failure, it could be anything. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. could know as early as monday what happened. average ridership on a saturday is roughly 200,000 people. a lot of passengers but far less if this happened on a weekday. in oakland, azenith smith , ktvu fox 2 news. san jose state released bodycam footage showing officer shooting and killing a man on campus five years ago. >> put that on the floor. put that on the ground right now. taser, taser, taser. get on the ground. shoot him. >> the department made the
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video public response to a state law that requires agencies to disclose records about police students. through the february 2014 incident, officers approached antonio guzman lopez who was holding a knife. police say the 38-year-old lunged at them and that is when they deployed stun gun. when that didn't appear to work that is when they used with force. they were later cleared shooting. we turn to the weather and on and off showers and parts of the bay area today. you need an umbrella in oakland and bring your to stay dry. it will also cold. was to be this evening from the lake observatory on the summit of mount hamilton in the south bay. you can see there is a thick blanket of snow right there. let's bring in our meteorologist for more on the weather conditions. >> you are right on with snow levels primarily about 3500 feet. we saw snowfall in mount hamilton and portions of lake
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county throughout the day today. taking a look at rainfall totals, santa rosa picked up .94, can fill just three quarters of an inch. san francisco .18. oakland, livermore and san jose received 0.06. we have more showers for tonight. here is our live camera looking toward the golden gate bridge where you can see the slick road race. evidence it has rained recently for this portion of the bay area. on the radar we're showing you the snow out toward the sierras. some snow up to the north and portions of mendocino and lake counties and we still have green to talk about on the radar. this is the current radar pattern out there. we are still talking about downforce. in portions of the north bay down closer to toward marion county we have some rain. across the bay toward richmond approaching berkeley, you can see not as much coverage for portions of the east bay. scattered rain from oakland to
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east landrieu and offshore. we're going to hold on to the possibility of showers for the 7-day forecast. eventually a big change will include morning and dry pattern. all that coming up in a few minutes. daylight saving time starts tomorrow and don't forget to set your clock for one hour before going to bed tonight. that is not the only thing you may need to remember as we spring forward. rob malcolm is here to explain how the time change can have a noticeable problem with your health going forward. >> this is the time of year we turn into a time traveler. daylight saving time always bring some controversy. some lawmakers say making a permanent nationwide would reduce car crashes and accidents with pedestrians while some doctors argue it would reduce seasonal depression and obesity. they do offer tips to avoid those health problems. >> it throws me all out of whack for a week or two. i get up late, i am eating at on
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hours and hungry all the time. >> reporter: it is not for everyone, the time of year when major-league baseball is busy with spring training and scenes from winter giving way to scenes for spring. the second sunday in march means it is time to spring forward. >> it doesn't do much to me. i wake up and go to sleep at the regular time and don't worry about what time it is. >> reporter: health experts warn that losing even a single hour of sleep can cause chaos in the body. >> i can't do it. i hate losing an hour of sleep. >> reporter: it is even worse to those who came to the pressure of a saturday night out with friends. the most common symptom is feeling fatigued. >> the best strategy is several days before hand to gradually shift the bedtime and wake time earlier by 15 minutes or so. >> reporter: if you didn't do that, avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks.
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had outdoors instead. two the best thing to do is to seek light in the morning. light exposure is the single most efficient trainer for our circadian rhythm. >> reporter: light exposure to goes to turn off the melatonin release and helps as we get. california lawmakers hope proposition 7 will see the light of day, passed by voters in november, legislators can vote to keep daylight savings year round. the policy change requires two thirds approval in the legislature and then passage in congress and a presidential signature. >> for me, let's get rid of it. why not? >> reporter: getting rid of it will bring politics as well. doctor say one last tip is to avoid the temptation to nap, which delays getting your sleeping habits back in order. pretty good advice. a remember the ceremony was held in your bill to remember the victims of the veterans home shooting one year ago. friends, family and colleagues
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attended the event to pay tribute to the three victims. jennifer gonzales shushereba, jennifer golick and christine loeber were killed. jennifer gonzales shushereba was seven months pregnant when she died. albert long took them hostage at the pathway home veterans assistance center fatally shooting them and then taking his own life. >> we will be stronger but it is up to each of us to do a little something and our part to make sure we can contribute to the better good. >> the facility where the shooting occurred will shut down but the pathway home organization is working with other groups to serve veterans suffering from ptsd. we are learning more about the san jose woman who killed her two sons before taking her own life. today the medical examiner's office identify the woman as 43- year-old -- the children's father discovered the three dead in their apartment.
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the detective determine the mother killed her for and seven- year-old boys and then herself. police haven't rebuild the motive. they say the mother suffered from depression and had recently lost her job. in sacramento, the women's march was held at the state capitol. there was a focus on indigenous women nationwide. the third annual international women's day march and rally called for federal and state governments to take immediate action on missing and murdered indigenous women and people. organizers the cases of missing and murdered women often go unsolved. >> and right now we are asking for help. this is detrimental to our race. >> the national crime information center says more than 5000 indigenous women nationwide have gone missing or were murdered since 2016.
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president trump is prepared to unveil his budget for 2020. at 10:30, what house speaker nancy pelosi says the plan is lacking. coming up later, several sources are reported that antonio brown has been traded to the raiders. we will have the details in "sports wrap". plus, people who live along interstate 80 say they are fed up with tourists who settle in the small towns when the highways are shut down by rough weather.
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steph curry and girl from a
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teaming a gender equality. during halftime at last nights game steph curry and riley showed off his new signature she is to celebrate international women's day. you may recall that the 9-year- old gained national attention last november when she wrote a letter to him asking why his under armour basketball shoes did not come in girls sizes. they collaborated on designing the new shoes. sales of the sneakers will fund an annual $30,000 scholarship. the first recipient is vivian wu, a senior at oakland tech who has a 4.2 gpa and has completed more than 300 hours of community service as an advocate for marginalized communities. the silicon valley auto
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show continues today. thousands of people have been checking out the cool cars on display there. features hundreds of new models including new electric and hybrid vehicles that will go on sale this year. the show has a large collection of custom cars too. attendees are also able to test drive the cars. the event continues tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the mchenry convention center. a free two-day dental clinic that treated and estimated 1900 people wrapped up in vallejo today. the california dental association holds it every year at the solano county fairgrounds. dentist and hygienist volunteer their time and all of an offer cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions and root canals. people we're told waited in line before dawn just to get in. longtime advocates of the lgbt seniors in san francisco were recognized today for the efforts. there were roughly 100 people who attended the ceremony today. several city leaders saved commendations from the city. they are california senator scott weiner, david campos and christina lockey. lgbt aging policy task force chairman was also a recipient. they help create new care and isolation bridge programs that help clients access local services. >> we have a growing lgbt
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senior population and it is great that it has grown because it wasn't that long ago when it wasn't necessarily growing because so many people were dying because of the early hiv/aids epidemic. >> the number of semper cisco residents served by the lgbt senior programs has soared more than 70% over the last four years. today crews searched six days for a marine who went missing during a backcountry ski trip in yosemite.
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he set off on february 23 and was supposed to return to bridgeport, northeast of yosemite national park on monday or tuesday. authorities are worried about the series of winter storms that have dumped record snow and created avalanche dangers in that area. semper cisco fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the flames that consumed a home under construction. the fire was called and just before 4 a.m. in the 300 block of wayland street. the house belongs to a family who is living next-door during the construction. no one was hurt and nearby homes separate just minimal damage. people live along interstate 80 say all the recent snowfall has caused a lot of problems when the interstate shuts down, tours get trapped in the crowd into the small towns on their way to the sierra. some say the cause a big mess while they are at it. we have more on the community meeting held tonight to address the concerns of the residents. >> reporter: neighbors here are fed up. every time the interstate closes down have to do with traffic and trash. there hoping this community meeting will lead to resolutions. they call it a blanket of white but neighbors along interstate 80 and filling any warmth. >> we are not really set up to handle the flow of people that want to come up and see the
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snow. >> reporter: record-setting snowfall in area of the sierras close the freeway several times over the last few months. tourists heading to ski resource forced to wait it out and headed to small towns like alto. >> the use the facilities as dumps. >> reporter: neighbors have to deal with traffic, trash and worse. >> someone going to the bathroom on our porch and leaving their trash. i live right down here and we have dealt with that. we can't get to the post office, you can go grocery shopping. you can't get out. >> reporter: there are also safety issues due to jammed streets. >> we had a child trapped in a vehicle in a rollover accident on interstate 80 and first responders can get out. >> reporter: the held a community meeting to talk about possible solutions. one of the biggest issues comes from gps that tell drivers they can skip the closure by going through small towns. >> people need to understand the gps is wrong. there are no side streets or shortcuts to get to the ski areas. >> reporter: another issues people using private porches on private property as bathrooms. >> we are trying to get porta
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bodies so when the road does close we can get some porta bodies staged. >> reporter: also shifting their focus to road signs and social media to warn drivers heading appear to turn around. neighbors hope they won't be left out in the cold and that all this talk will lead to real action. >> will they are listening's to us. this is a first step. >> reporter: they don't want the momentum to stop here so they plan to keep meeting to talk about solutions moving forward. and whether we are still talking about lane in the bay area and snow in the mountains. here is a look at satellite and radar showing you this. if you're trying to pinpoint where the circulation is you can see it right now here on the pacific. that is an area of low pressure producing scant rainfall and snow toward the sierra. low elevation snow for as with syllables primarily around 3500 to 4000 feet.
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currently there is still some green to show you out there and you can see in portions of the north bay from novato to santa rosa and portions of marin county. moving out toward the east bay, san leandro, hayward county and city, not as much coverage for the inland east bay. san jose has clouds in place with scattered showers nearby. we have more development offshore here and right around the santa cruz mountains and around morgan hill to gilroy talking about more scattered rain. it is chilly out there. 40s across most areas right now. napa 49, semper cisco 48, santa rosa 46 and san jose in the upper 40s. here is our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge for your saturday night, we have rain showers and reports of heavier rain in portions of marin county closer
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to mill valley. still some slick roadways. be careful for tonight and into tomorrow. we're going to hold onto scattered showers and overnight low starting out tomorrow morning will be in the 40s for most areas and a few spots could get down to the upper 30s. are tomorrow morning with scattered showers in san francisco. you see our sky cast showing you some clouds and a chance for showers at 12:00 and another for 3:00. the highs tomorrow will only be in the low to mid-50s. here is the plan. this is 5:00 with scattered green and at 9:00, we can't go completely dry but still lots of break in the action. this is sunday at 5:00. look what happens by sunday night and into monday, this almost looks unreal. a big change in our forecast. we're talking about a warming trend and finally a dry weather pattern. we will have your 5-day forecast in a little bit. this large tree fell on some power lines in san mateo county knocking out power to more than 6000 residents today. it happened around 11 a.m.
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you can see the bridges fell into a home in redwood city causing minor damage. power was eventually restored and we did not hear of any injuries related to this issue. two small tornadoes touched down in central arkansas this morning. no one was hurt with several buildings and homes were destroyed southeast of little rock. summer residence returned to find their homes completely gone. heavy thunderstorms and area also knocked over trees and power lines leaving thousands without power. >> we keep our place nice and clean and it was taken away with no warning. >> the storm comes just one week after powerful twisters swept her alabama killing 23 people. police are cracking down on minors buying alcohol. the citations made today around the bay area. more than one dozen people are shot and killed at a nightclub in mexico. the details on this coming up after the break.
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the department of alcohol beverage control and california law-enforcement crackdown on underage drinking lost today. it was called the shoulder tap 2010 operation and resulted in 27 arrests in the bay area today. the photos you see were taken in concorde and gilroy this afternoon were officer cited men for buying alcohol and giving it to minors. during last year's operation, or the 3200 people were cited across the state for offenses like not checking id when selling alcohol or minors trying to buy alcohol. soon you will be able to watch every single disney movie on demand. later this year its entire library will be available on its streaming platform called disney plus. everything from present to star wars will be available. it also means that disney will
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end its deal with netflix. the company hasn't said how much the service will cost, only that the price will be last less than what it cost to pay for netflix. the first city to ban cast/store using only credit or debit cards for purchases. is a trend among many store owners across the country. a new law in philadelphia will require most retailers to accept cash payments. store owners might adapt the credit only policy to make transactions faster but critics say it discriminates against those without bank accounts of those who are tech savvy. similar legislation is being considered in san francisco. the famed santa anita racetrack will reopen to training on monday. it was closed for almost one week after 21 horses died in just 10 weeks. in a statement official said the training will be restricted to joggers and calipers and training and racing will shut down on tuesday. officials said they have been able to make changes to the soil so it is safer for this horses. they believe all the winter
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rain in southern california have factored into the horses deaths. we go to mexico where at least 15 people have died after a shooting at a bar. it happened outside of la playa men's club in the city of trenton . it is about 100 80 miles from mexico city. officials say this is one of mexico's most violent regions. in balances and heavy police present were visible outside the club this morning. local reports in the shooting started with armed men rushed inside the bar before sunrise and opened fire. according to a prosecutors officer, 13 men were found dead inside the nightclub and two others died at the hospital. seven others were hurt. at this point no arrests have been made. investigators are continuing to look for evidence at the scene. semper cisco 49ers and oakland raiders our morning the passing of former defensive end cedric hartman. the post video on their twitter
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page. he played for the 49ers for 10 seasons and was selected in the first round by the team in the 1970 nfl draft. he appeared in 139 games with the team. at his time in san francisco, he signed with the raiders and won a super bowl ring from 1980 season. the readers also tweeted a message honoring him. he died last night. he was 70 years old. president trump will unveil a budget plan. why some democrats are already saying it is an effective. singer r. kelly is no longer behind bars. coming up, the anonymous donation that got him out of jail. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style.
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welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. house speaker nancy policy is critical of the new budget plan by president trump set to be unveiled next week. the bay area democrats calling it an effective towards meeting
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the needs of americans. jillian turner has more from washington, dc. >> reporter: president trump set to release his 2020 budget plan on monday. a whole month plan passed the statutory deadline. they blame the delay on the partial government shutdown that lasted for five weeks. greasing the skids for the rollout, the president gave the state of the national economy a glowing review yesterday. >> the economy is very, very strong. if you look at the stock market over the last few months it has been great. certainly since my election it has been getting close to 50%. we're obviously very happy with that. >> reporter: the white house tells fox news their plan to balance the budget by 2034, that is 15 years from now. and the president will stick with strict spending caps despite the fact that lawmakers have found workarounds with their own special budget deals. the speaker of the house says she is unimpressed with the plan and that last year's trump tax cuts need to go.
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>> this has to be revisited not just because of the unfairness but because of the impact it has on the budget. and what it means in terms of meeting the needs of the american people. >> reporter: the president has earmarked $750 billion for defense spending that includes funds for the border wall. he believes under the current proposal he would have enough money to completed by the end of 2020. over all the plan increases request for some agencies but cuts others, most notably the epa. the next step for the budget goes to the house and senate. capitol hill insiders say they're likely to end up debating the proposal until the next spending deadline of october 1. this means that another government shutdown is now a real possibility in just a few months. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. presidential hopeful bernie sanders wrapping up his three- day tour in iowa with a visit
10:32 pm
to des moines today. he made his pitch on why he is the best candidate to win the democratic nomination and his hope for the campaign. >> i hope very much two things. number one, that the nature of our campaign is not belittling people, opposition research or attacking other people, but is a serious discussion about the important issues facing the american people. >> during his visit to the state, he hosted multiple rallies including one at the university of iowa campus. the long list of democrats running for president is expected to get even longer even though we are more than one year away from the 20 elections. the number of democrats seeking the can to 60 means fewer candidates running in senate races. look in texas where beto o'rourke is a big star but shut off minority leader chuck schumer and decided not to challenge john cornyn. >> i think after beto ran after
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senator cruise got stars in his eyes and i don't blame him. >> in georgia, where david perdue is up next year, stacey abrams is teasing some sort of campaign. the new york times reports the latest new wildcard, ms. abrams believed to have been considering a second run for governor of george's and is now seriously examining a senate or presidential run. after receiving a 47 month sentence for financial fraud, former trump campaign manager paul manafort is doing court the week. he will be sentenced in a separate case of illegal lobbying. he faces another 10 years in prison on charges of conspiracy against the united states. repealing a guilty back in september. the judge in the latest case will decide if they will add the second sentence to us prison time or if they were running concurrently.
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track singer r. kelly was released today after $161,000 in child support was paid on his behalf. the cook county sheriff's department says the money was posted this morning by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. kelly was arrested on wednesday after his ex-wife said he missed when eight months of payments for their three children. >> the man was paying $20,000 a month in child support. he paid it religiously until he couldn't make any more money because of all of the statements being made and all of the rumors and all of the innuendo and frankly because of the charges. >> he was jailed on charges of sexually abusing for women in pleading three underage girls. an anonymous benefactor posted $100,000 bail in that case as well. kelly has denied all the allegations against him.>> reporter: european officials are clarifying what travel
10:35 pm
documents americans need to visit in 2021. this comes after reports that americans would need a visit out. there are saying an application of about eight dollars is all that is required for americans. the approval will be valid for three years, allowing people to make multiple injuries. confusion around the rules led many to believe that travelers will soon need a visa to reach europe. unlocking the secrets of the ocean. coming up, how scientists plan to give us a live look under the waters of the indian ocean. we are still talking about showers for tonight and into sunday. if you have been waiting for an extended period of summer sunny, warmer weather, we have that finally in your forecast. we have that coming up after the break. ♪ under the same, (music throughout)
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an unprecedented deep-sea mission aims to unlock the secrets of the indian ocean. the british led group of scientists are planning to document the effects of climate change on the health of the earths ocean and a live broadcast early next week. the team will record changes happening some 1000 feet beneath the ocean surface in relatively unexplored waters near seychelles. they want to see what impact rising water temperatures are having on marine life. and scientifically we need to understand what is happening to the ocean. we need a baseline and need to understand the impact of both climate change and other effects on the ocean at the moment. >> public will be able to watch the footage of live in the coming days on the associated press website. that is www. ap dot org. the seven-week expedition is expected to end next month. in our weather about the
10:39 pm
ocean where talking about showers for tomorrow and then eventually a big change in the overall weather pattern. we are also talking about the time change. i guess this will be her last reminder as we head back to daylight saving time. spring forward for tomorrow. take a look at sunrise and sunset information. sunrise at 7:28 a.m. and sunset at 7:12. we are back to daylight saving time on sunday, march 10. here is the radar showing snow showers toward the sierras and still some snow in the mountains in northern california and even closer to home with snow levels above 3500 feet. right now on radar we are not showing your widespread activity but it is widespread in portions of the north bay. if you look at the sector here in portions of novato, marin county and toward sonoma county , napa and st. helena.
10:40 pm
we had heavy rain reporter in napa a couple of hours ago but not nearly as much coverage on this panel here. it looks like some scattered showers near san leandro and the hayward area. it looks like san jose has lingering clouds and we have more development near the coastal hills and for the santa cruz mountains and around morgan hill and gilroy some scattered rainfall. it looks like maybe some snow here possibly out toward mount hamilton for tonight. current numbers, it is chilly. santa rosa 46, livermore 45, oakland 47, san jose in the 40s. the wind speed are around 8 to 15 miles per hour. services go airport is right around 12 miles per hour. outside right now we have slick roadways and showers nearby. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge reporter saturday night.
10:41 pm
you can see the view out here in the pacific. we have this current system impacting the bay area weather for today and also into your sunday. but look what is developing upstream in the flow. is big h, this big bridge will give us dry weather and some warmer weather. have to wait a little bit but it is headed our way for much of next week. here is the deal for tomorrow. as this area of low pressure just offshore it will keep the possibility of scattered showers in our forecast, especially for tomorrow morning and as it kicks on out we are talking about the dry trend in the 5-day forecast. here we are at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with clouds and scattered showers. by 9:00, backing off a bit and coverage at 12 some showers can pop up in there is a possibility of an isolated thunderstorms with wind around 10 to 20 miles per hour. on sunday night, things clear out rapidly and this will set the stage for a drive monday with more sunshine out there. forecast high tomorrow's will be mainly in the 50s. around 54 to 55, 58 degrees.
10:42 pm
here is a look ahead at your 5- day forecast. monday looks okay with a slight chance of showers on tuesday. it may fade quickly. andre, after tomorrow there is a pretty good chance we could have an extended period of dry weather. if you want to go for a bike ride, hike or anything you want, you can ditch the umbrella because outdoors looks pretty good. >> that does it for the 10:00 news. stick around for sports rep. there will be more on u.s. apps efforts as they take on pepperdine. the radar raiders have acquired one of the biggest names in nfl.
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good evening, everyone and
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welcome to saturday night sports rep. we start tonight with the story that has been talked about at great length but does appear to have an ending. according to multiple reports, the raiders and pittsburgh steelers have agreed to a deal that will send antonio brown to oakland for a third and fifth round draft pick. among sources saying this are espn and the nfl network. brown has made it clear for some time that you wanted to be traded and reports have been going to the bills and 49ers among others for the last few weeks. tonight brown posted a picture of himself in a raider uniform. no trade can be finalized until this wednesday. that is the beginning of the new league year. college basketball's march madness is in full swing with the pack 12 women at the wcc men deep in their conference tournaments. the pack 12 on the biggest trap at


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