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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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>> tragedy tonight for the family of an oakland city councilwoman. her son was shot and killed in los angeles. what we are learning about the young man's death.>> hit with hail and thunderstorms this afternoon, some people making the best of the weather by skipping down the street. >> good evening everyone. i am heather holmes. >> the son of the councilwoman. he was killed early this morning during a botched robbery in los angeles. he was a music student and the
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university confirmed the death. la police say he was shot during a robbery attempt at a liquor store about a mile and a half from the school's main campus. he was rushed to a hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. the councilwoman previously suffered the loss of her grandson when he was shot and killed in 2015.>> ufc released the statement that they are deeply saddened by the death of victor. he was a gifted musician and a beloved member of the trojan family. his loss will affect all of the faculty and students who knew get more information on this story. we will have that for you tonight on the 10 pm news.>> this is what it looks and sounded like rkeley hills area. we tweeted out this video hail pounding the sidewalk and what looks like a river of water
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running down the street. >> there was some snow on bay area peak taken at about 11 am at the lincoln observatory. you can make out a little bit of snow on the hill and the roof of the observatory building.>> skiing in oakland, mary sent us this video of a skier making their way down the way. bill martin is here now with a look at the conditions. it was really hailing this afternoon. >> it just depended on where you were. some areas like san jose are getting hammered earlier today, they did not have much going on. most areas had a quarter of an inch except fremont came in at .6. the low pressure center has been slow to leave. it is snowing in the mountains now and they continue to get three or 4 inches of snow at a
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time. that low-pressure, you can see it right here. that is the deal right here. the system is starting to track off. it is still pulling in a lot of cold and stable air. in san jose, look at the storms moving up the way here. thunder and lightning. this line of showers is moving off in this direction. you're probably hearing some of the rumbles right now but you will also see some as the potential of the ground heating up. it allows for dying down. we still have an active complex
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in san jose. when i come back, we will look at what you can expect for the rest of the week. we will see you back here after the break. >> we will have a chance tomorrow to have some of the flood debris picked up for free. >> angela martinez is in burnsville tomorrow night. >> it is a clichi used after natural disasters alan cooper is literally trying to put the pieces back together.>> i would like to put it back to the way it was. >> floodwaters broke apart the fence and neighbors helped track down fewer pieces. they found many other things that don't belong to them. >> i've got some of these kayaks over here.
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i've had three refrigerators that did not belong to me. it was within an inch of this deck. it was right there.>> neighbors and volunteers sent another day hauling out furniture.>> we've had eight known properties already. >> thank you to mr. herman hernandez who should appear today and had six volunteers to haul off stuff. >> even though the cleanup seems daunting, cooper says they will bounce back before the tourism season. cmac they are going to be having curbside hiccup instead. they are asking residents to put out all their waste outside.
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>> eight americans are among the 157 people killed in a plane crash in ethiopia. the boeing 737 went down six minutes after taking off from the capital of ethiopia. a number of those victims were united nations staff.>> reporter: today is a tragic day for all of us. >> a flight crashes shortly after takeoff killing everyone on members on board, people from at least 33 different
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nationalities including some americans among the dead. they were departing the international airport sunday morning bound for kenya. >> the pilot mentioned he had difficulty.>> a relative of one of plane touched down on time. >> it remains unclear what caused e releasing a statement
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after the crash saying the technical team will be traveling to the crash site to provide technical assistance under the direction of the ethiopia accident investigation bureau and u.s. national transportation safety board. officials from a federal aviation administration will also take place.>> this is the second time in six months that the relatively new boeing 737 eight has been involved in an air disaster. last fall, a lien air jet crashed off the coast of indonesia killing 189 people. they went down and investigators say an aircraft updated software which caused an abrupt nosedive. the change in the flight control system wasn't explained
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to cruise. >> a man is under arrest for banishing a weapon and threatening deputies. fabian was carrying a knife when he approached two vehicles at 8:45 am. with the help of additional deputies, she later arrived at the scene and she was safely taken into custody. >> a fire broke out at ood corr today. it happened at about 10:30 am in one of the two barracks that inmates are housed. they moved the inmates away from the fire as firefighters work to put out the flames. it took them less than half an hour to contain the fire. the under investigation but it appears to have been electrical. fortunately, no one was hurt.>> police are looking for a man who has not been seen in three
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days. 63-year-old mark horror borton left at 11:30 pm. police considered him at risk because he suffers from medical conditions and needs his medication. he is a white man, 164 pounds and was last seen in a red vest and black jeans. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >> police in oakland say a security guard is now in stable condition after being shot while trying to stop a robbery. it happened around 8:30 pm last night at a marijuana related business. police say the the business sells other plant related equipment. so far, no arrests have been made. >> a 20-year-old man is dead after a shooting in antioch. they found two men in their 20s
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with gunshot wounds. they were taken to the hospital and one of them is expected to survive in the other died. there is no word if any arrests or suspects are in this case. >> new figures show gas prices are up in the country. they found the price at the pump has gone up an average of six cents per gallon in the last few weeks. that is nine cents lower than last year at this time. the bay area has the highest average prices in the country at $3.29 a gallon. the lowest lost everything in last year's deadly campfire was given a car. andy and lindsay drove away from the show in a 2014 toyota rav4. both are teachers in the chico unified school district. since that devastating fire, getting to their jobs has been challenging. the car was donated by geico and it will help the couple get back on the road and rebuild
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their lives. cmac could we be headed for another government shutdown? the president's budget proposal that includes another $8 billion for border wall funding. >> a third case has been turned over showing r kelly sexually abusing underaged girls. we hear from the man who found the tape. they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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>> president trump is expected to release his 20/20 budget proposal tomorrow which will include an additional $8.6 billion in funding for a border wall.>> is of paramount in portions. he is going to stand with his
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wall and with border security. it is essential.>> the request could lead to another government shutdown. they released the statement that president trump hurt millions of americans and spread widespread chaos when he shut down the government to try to get his expensive and ineffective wall which he promised would be paid for by mexico. we hope you sex tape showing r kelly abusing underaged girls have now been turned over to police. >> it breaks my heart to see a celebrity whose music i used to love take advantage of children and harm them in this way.
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>> they were released from cook county jail yesterday after an anonymous benefactor posted bail $161,000 in back child support. dale was also posted by an anonymous person. >> the search continues for a u.s. marine who went missing during a ski trip. matthew kraft left for the trip february 23. he was supposed to return to the town of bridgeport on monday or tuesday. sheriff's deputies say his car was found near the lower grades authorities are worried about the storms that have dumped record snowfall. the weather hathe sear that much more difficult. >> the city council is set to ban flavored tobacco products tomorrow. they would also implement a tobacco retailers license program to enforce the ban.
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they have recently banned or are considering a ban on flavored tobacco because they say it targets young people. the lafayette city council meeting start tomorrow night at 6:15 pm.>> the rail service says the bikes board first will get rid of delays and make it easier for all writers. they want to make sure the new program n smoothly.>> whether o autoshow had it all. >> the event just wrapped up in the show us some of the different cars including the most expensive car. it goes for more than $500,000.>> for the most expensive car in the show,
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$540,000, to the most sensible, $14,000. >> the autoshow displayed hundreds of cars from manufacturers at the convention center. the four-day event showed off do models and 2020 preproduction models not even for sale yet. for the bay area, there is one type of car more popular others >> 25% ofvehicles sold in 2018 were either electric or hybrid. we've seen a lot more electric vehicles in the marketplace. cmac whether you are looking for a new car or dreaming of the day you can drive away in these, it brought out the kid in everyone. >> we always see people get interested in what is new and out there.>> many of us may feel off today because of daylight savings time.
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>> they may experience some grogginess in daytime sleepiness temporarily for a few days. really, the question is being able to adapt as quickly as possible.>> jessica burns stump shared a few tips to help us adjust to the time change. create a buffer zone before bedtime, dimming the lights, taking a warm bath, anything to prepare the mind and body that it is preparing for bed.time ag cmac it is a tough one in the morning when you springing forward. all >> it is one hour. it was never that big of a deal to me. you just change all the clocks.
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>> let's take a look at some of the rain out there. scattered showers showing up in san jose. they are moving from the northeast, to the southwest. here are the thundershowers. they're going this way. way and cruz mountains. we have some showers on the peninsula as well. we did have one earlier up around livermore. we saw thunder and lightning and plenty of hail. the current temperatures are on the mild side.
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we could say goodbye to the increment weather for a while. tomorrow, there is not a chance for a shower. look at that. all clear, nothing but clear. we have a big-time break from rain, showers and cold. temperatures tomorrow will warm up into the 60s and we will see temperatures towards the end of this week in the 70s. >> we haven't had a run like this. in the winter, we typically get some warm days here and there.
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by tuesday and wednesday, you will be thinking it's warm. >> it is not a heat wave by any means. go off. >> i will take the sunshine. thanks bill. >> coming up, a huge trade in the nfl involving the raiders. we will be back with sports. what's better than having fast,
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>> joe joins us talking more about antonio brown coming to the raiders. how well do you think it's going to set in?>> we will have to see how well he fits in. the new season does not start until wednesday at the raiders have already been very active.
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oakland is the team that managed to swing a deal for antonio brown after brown was rumored to be headed to any number of teams since the season ended. the raiders finalized a three- year deal in exchange for a number three and number five pick in the upcoming draft. the browns will get $12 million more in guaranteed money. the raiders did not get a lot for the fifth round pick. do have three first round picks in the upcomingdraft. there was a good effort against the giants.
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they got home and tried to make it short of two. the game was tied and they walked off at second and third. 5-4 oakland. meanwhile, another group of athletics beat the white sox 7- 6. another group the giants lost to texas 7-6. if you're going to spring training games, don't put too much stock in the game. >> i'm trying to figure out why the raiders would do that.
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the best defensive player in the nfl and trade for someone like antonio brown. cmac that is a good question and a lot of us are wondering that. a lot of us thought what happened to mac last season was about salary and what he was going to get but you're right. >> see you later everyone. have a good night. we will see you at 10 pm.
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