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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 11, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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normal. we had a lot of moisture yesterday. that moved to southern california and into arizona which could set up into lizard conditions in colorado by midweek. for us today we are on the dryer side. that low is long gone but it did light up things yesterday. all quiet but maybe a little patchy fog. a small amount of snow showers coming from the east for the sierras. low 30s and low 40s around the area. tomorrow we will get some more but i don't expect too much. after that we are set for springlike temperatures today in the upper 50s and lower 60s.
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>> the wheelbarrow is gone but it is causing a crash on westbound 80. there's a few problems spots . now we're going to focus on your commute if you're coming north of that . if you're coming down vallejo a little bit of slowing in that area. then let's go to the east bay. will show you a live picture there in just a second. but first i want to show you this very active east bay. the dublin pleasanton livermore area, tri-valley . westbound 580 , there is a report of a car fire . and in the 580, 680 interchange, there is a crash block in the left lane. here's a look at the macarthur
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maze if you are driving in this direction you can see it is around that berkeley curve because of an earlier problem. there is a problem with some debris in the roadway. that has moved out of the way but it is slow going in this area. slow once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza it will take about 20 minutes to get on the span. traffic is moving on highway four, lesson the limit but it is still moving and there is no crash of in this highway to tell you a bit. we are hearing this morning that the black box this morning has been recovered. flight 302 crashed just minutes after takeoff yesterday, killing everyone on board. the boeing 737 max number eight has only been in service for a few months with no known technical issues. >> the information about who is
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on the plane will be clear once we get the black box. >> people from 35 countries were among the cap passengers including eight americans. several countries are grounding the plane following the deadly crash. we are live at oakland international airport. this is not the first deadly crash with that plane? >> reporter: it is not, this actually marks a second time this plane style has gone down in the last six months. the person was in october. a 30 it carried 189 people crashing in indonesia killing everyone on board. that same type of plane went down killing 157 in ethiopia.
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this is raising questions about the safety of the aircraft. the boeing says there is no need to issue the new guidance based on the information so far. but some airlines are taking precautions. china civilian aviation authority ordered all chinese airlines to temporarily around their 737 max 8 planes. other countries have done the same. in america this plane has been used by united, southwest and american airlines. southwest started using it in 2017. safety is our number one measure , we are look working closely with investigating team and all regulatory authorities and ball. we know another airplane was supposed to be debuted in seattle on wednesday but that event has been canceled in light of this event. san francisco mayor is
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expected to announce will be the city's new public defender, replacing the late defender. he died suddenly more than two weeks ago of an apparent heart attack. reportedly, the mayor has interviewed several women as possible replacements but matt gonzalez, the number two and the office says he would be honored to be named to replace his former boss . the mayor will attend a town hall event at 630 this evening at the san francisco center on market. this is the first in a series of town hall meetings that she will hold around the city. she wants to hear and address residence concerns about issues facing san francisco . there is an outpouring of support for oakland city councilwoman, her son was shot and killed in los angeles.
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the 21-year-old victim was a music student at usc and a jazz musician. he was shot about a mile and half from campus yesterday. los angeles police say four men walked up to him and attempted a robbery. one of the men shot him and then the group drove off. before attending, he worked at the oakland public conservatory of music. the founder said he was a talented musician and made a positive impact in the community. >> music was his vehicle to express the depth of who he was as a person. and he was very proud to be a jazz musician to play the music of his ancestors. >> somebody who was involved in the community and embraced by the community. >>'s mother released a statement that reads in part fichter was a son of oakland. he was a musician who drew his inspiration from the beat and
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soul of the town and belong to every nook and cranny of oakland . police are still working to find the man involved in the shooting. a student was stabbed as she walked her dog near the student housing facilities. the man approached the woman from behind just before 10:00 last night and stabbed her. he has not been caught. the student was taken to the hospital . we don't have any in information about her condition. starting today people living along the russian river in sonoma county will be able to have flood debris picked up for free. they are being asked to put debris into three separate piles. recyclables, household hazardous waste and e-waste. people in greensboro were actually hauling out damaged furniture to be thrown away. >> a couple of wine barrels right there i don't know where they came from. i have somebody's paddleboard and kayak. i have had three refrigerators that didn't belong to me. >> the debris will be picked up
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every day this week. next week there will be a final sweep for any remaining debris. sonoma county says more than 1000 tons of floodway's has already been collected. an additional 5000 tons of debris will be removed as part of this week's curbside cleanup. the overall cost of this, about 2 1/2 million dollars. disney's streaming service has fans ready to binge, up next we will look at the new prescription service that will bring disney movies and shows right into your home for one flat rate. art service is back up and running after the whole system was shut down over the weekend. the possible problems they are looking into this morning. we are following problems in the east bay, a new report of a collision l milpitas in the south bay.
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seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. welcome back, the lafayette city council set to consider a ban on flavored tobacco products later today. if approved it will also use the retailers program to help enforce the van.
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many cities and counties have already enforced a band because they say it targets young people. the lafayette city council meeting starts at 615 tonight . police are searching for two men who assaulted and robbed two women in oakland . it happened on congress avenue in east oakland . look at this video. you will see a man walks up and then punches to women who had just come home. a second man then comes up and threatens them with a gun. we talked to one of the women, she only wanted his first name used, annie. she said all of this is surreal. when the man came up with a gun she just tried to protect her face. the two robbers got away with their backpacks, wallets and cell phones. they call the police right away and the police came right away and ended up finding the cell phones. she is hoping by making this video public someone will recognize the suspects and they will be caught. to people in bay pointe suffered burns and smoke inhalation and six pets died in
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an explosion and fire. it happened at a home on sarah court near willow pass road. firefighters say it was likely caused by butane gas that was being used to make a cannabis concentrate known as honey oil. the explosion caused significant damage to the house . deputy say an inmate at the jail in dublin was killed by his cellmate. deputies say a seven-year-old accused child molester caesar a gusto was found on the cell floor, severely hurt and unresponsive yesterday morning. he was later pronounced dead. detectives say they arrested his cellmate who was inside the cell at the time of the attack. so far investigators don't know of a motive in the killing. a 20-year-old man has died in antioch after being shot.
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just after nine saturday night, police found two men in their 20s in front of the house who had been shot . both were taken to the hospital. one is expected to recover but the other, later died. there is no word yet of the suspects or arrests. bart is up and running this morning but all trains was stopped of for hours over the weekend. bart lost two critical computer systems, traction, power and train routing which stopped all trains saturday morning. they said nothing is being rolled out, in 2011 a group hacked into the website and threatened to reveal personal information of writers. his cyber security expert of san jose state says bart should review all of the systems to figure out exactly what happened. starting today caltrans writers with bikes will be allowed to board before everyone else on designated train cars. the first program will reduce the delays to make boarding
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faster and easier for all riders. it cut boarding times by about one minute. there will be ambassadors on hand to make sure the bikes aboard first program runs smoothly. cell normally takes care of traffic but allie it is your job to make sure the commute is okay . >> fingers crossed i will get everything covered so that people can can get out on the road quickly and safely. start with the south bay because that's where we want to go. i have to fix my traffic map. with bound 237 just east of sankar road, a collision involving three vehicles, one of them is a big rig. the latest note is that they have called a tow truck and some of the vehicles have now moved to the right hand shoulder but expect that to cause problems if that is your commit.
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northbound 101 in san jose there is some glass in the roadway. northbound 580 and 680 there is a report of a collision and southbound 680 at the seminole grade. that crash from earlier is still in the clearing stages and still causing residual traffic backup. 280 in san jose looks pretty good. we have seen caltrain's moving on. 880 in oakland, pass oracle arena and the coliseum traffic is no problem here is things are moving smoothly in that direction. the san mateo bridge getting a little bit slower but no specific problems to tell you about on the bridge. we are looking forward to a little break in the rain. >> you picked a good week weatherwise to fill in for sal because there's not much going on this week. i haven't been able to put my feet up on the decks until the end of december.
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it has been nonstop rain. santa rosa napa airport, don't forget about us it is a cold one. 40 degrees in san jose. our good friend john borelli, i got to meet two of john's daughters after the napa marathon . >> is surrounded by lovely ladies. 45 degrees in los gatos, yesterday we had a thunderstorm move through wealth hail, lightning and a downpour. i know there were other locations but the duration was about 10 minutes long. it was a winter wonderland for many. it is all quiet now, everything has moved southward tapping into a lot of moisture prior to
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another low moving through on tuesday. the front range, denver when a low comes through the four corners it sets up around albuquerque in the texas panhandle, that is a set up for a big time blizzard conditions for the front range in the rockies. also coming in from that low some of that moisture coming back in from the east you get the eastside upslope. they are still dealing with some light snow . 30 degrees, lakeport. we are down to 33 degrees in danville. pleasanton at 37 degrees. one more system on tuesday, it is weak. but it will drag across may be very light rain in northern sonoma county. that will be on
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tuesday. i don't think there will be much else. after that we are good from a wednesday probably all the way into the weekend. after that the rain will return we will get a break for lease five or six days . 50s for a few , low 60s for others. this is about where we should be. breezy clearing out on wednesday. the nights mostly sunny. everything points to sunshine and warmer temperatures by the weekend. southwest airlines is celebrating a new milestone. details on the event that start today here in the bay area. how you can score free tickets to hawaii. president trump's new budget proposal is out and how much money does he want for increase border security? we will be right back. cvs pharmacy.
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calls for decreased spending on domestic program, increase spending on military and $8.6 billion for border wall construction. democrats are vowing not to approve that level of funding for border security. a new report saying chinese
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spying on american soil has become worse. chinese officials are trying to steal american military technology research. that study claims hackers breached u.s. navy contractors and try to hack missile systems. they have also tried to hack more than two dozen universities. in a statement, the navy told us it does not comment on specific hacking cases but it recognizes the serious nature of evolving cyber threats and continuously bolsters the department cyber security culture and awareness . house republicans have shutdown of push to limit the voting age from 18 to 16. massachusetts congresswomen propose the measure as an amendment to a democrat backed bill to expand voting rights . getting younger teens to the voting booth will create
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lifelong voters. the city of berkeley and three cities in maryland already let 16-year-olds vote in local elections. a third sex tape showing r kelly abusing underage girls has been turned over to police. attorney, gloria allred, has taken on a client that has found a box of vhs sex tapes given to him by friends over the years. >> it breaks my heart to see a man take advantage of children and harms them in this way . >> the only people that you see this tape is law enforcement. >> r kelly was released from chicago's cook county jail saturday after an anonymous person posted bail for 161 thousand dollars in back child support . bill was also posted last week was posted by an anonymous person . alameda board of supervisors will take a final
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vote tomorrow on the future of urban shell . last month supervisors approved a recommendation to make changes to that training program. urban shell was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and other disasters. critics says the program is leading to the militarization of local law enforcement. the two sides have worked to come to a compromise . >> we were able to work on a lot of things concerning community and sensitivity and preparedness. there's a lot of things we were able to completely agree on. >> potential changes include eliminating military type s.w.a.t. team competitions and getting rid of a weapons expo at the event . there is a tough story out of palo alto, and olympian was found dead at stanford. family and friends are remembering medalist kelly caitlyn. i am in greenville where people impacted by the flood have debris and other items
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placed along the curb to be picked up this morning for curbside pickup. what you should know if you're impacted by the flood, coming a . were going to circle back and looking at your commute, if you're coming in from tracy, in the meantime here is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is slow here. we have clear skies after yesterday's thunderstorms and hail. we get a little break today and maybe most of the week talk about that coming up.
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thank you for joining us it is monday morning, march 11, i am dave clark . >> good morning, i am pam cook. thank you for joining us this monday, is going to be sunny but chilly . >> pam it is called. >> it will be nice later. we are anxious for a walk, we have had a lot of rain. >> moses, nevermind. it is cold for many, the breeze can always make it cooler. not very often you see early march, downtown san francisco colder at 45 degrees and inland locations warmer. cordelia is 46. they have a light southwest breeze. travis is not that far away, fairfield is 37.
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there is a big difference if you have a breeze or no brits. our system from yesterday has moved out, it left its mark with many reports of hail. that's a pretty good show there. now it is tapping into a lot of moisture and we will funnel that into southern california also into arizona and phoenix, tucson, go into wednesday, blizzard conditions for much of the front range in colorado. eastside snow shower sneaking into the reno area. for the bay area, 30s for temperatures and 40s for some. foster city upper 30s. fremont, mid 30s. on the san mateo coast a little northerly breeze. napa airport and novato that will be the theme as the logos south the high-pressure will give us a nice day. but one more system on tuesday
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with a little bit of rain north of santa rosa and calistoga. other than that the rest of the week looks dry. 60s on temperatures for most today. things are getting busy with the traffic. we are going to go right to the maps, starting off westbound 580 . usually the commute starts to clear up but not the case right now because of a big rig blocking the right lanes . you can see there are in the process of getting a tow truck to move out of the way. sunil grade, that accident has been cleared but had has left a lingering backup. highway 24 in lafayette, it is slow going on this stretch from walnut creek. once you get to orinda and closer to the tunnel it does open up. this is a new problem we just spotted, westbound 80, west of
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powell. this area around the berkeley curve has had a couple problems this morning. you can see a tow truck in the process of clearing a two vehicle crash. blocking the far left lane. they are checking to see if anyone is injured. if you don't have the latest information on that we will continue to follow up on it. this is going to extend your drive time throughout the east shore freeway, westbound 80 all the way back into richmond. we will continue to keep an eye on this but you give yourself some extra time if you're approaching the bay bridge told plaza we are coming west on interstate 80 this morning. back to you pam. >> thank you allie. people who live near the russian river will get some extra help cleaning up the piles of hazardous debris caused by the flooding. curbside will begin, we are live in grenville this morning with what people need to know. good morning alyssa. >> reporter: i am right around
6:33 am
river road. this entire area is completely flooded, you had to use a boat to get through this area just a couple weeks ago. you can see, though water has left behind a lot of trash, it got so high that all sorts of things floated into town. things like refrigerators, trash, coolers. we saw broken glass, pieces of people's home, even furniture. at this home they have stacked up some of the items they hope to have picked up this morning. this service is free for those residents impacted by the flood. over the weekend people started bringing waste to drop off sites. >> we still have eight more to go at least eight or nine properties already, this place has eight apartments and a business . >> i want to say thank you to mr. hernandez and the santa rosa 2030 club who showed up here today and had six volunteers and started hauling off stuff. we really appreciate you.
6:34 am
not everyone has been able to use those drop off sites. the flows generated more than a lot of people could handle on their own. we saw large pieces of debris littering roads and waterways and private property. here's the most important thing people should know about the curbside pickup. the county wants the debris separated into three different piles. the first pile, recyclables, second pile household hazardous waste and the third pile other debris. they are offering this on the weekday for the next two weeks. the overall cost of the debris removal effort is expected to be 2 1/2 million dollars . a lot of people are already prepared to have their items in those three piles. live, alyssa harrington, ktvu mornings on 2 . victims from the 2017 wildfires will get more details today about funding that can help them rebuild. coffee park people whose homes were damaged or destroyed may
6:35 am
be eligible for funding, up to $100,000 if they have not yet begun to rebuild. the money is available through the city of santa rosa disaster assistance loan program. a meeting on the program is scheduled for 6:00 tonight at the finley center in santa rosa. a 27-year-old man may have gone to oakland airport yesterday hoping to be killed in a suicide by cop situation. the alameda county sheriff's office says the suspect was holding a folding knife yesterday and approached to unoccupied patrol cars. a female deputy pulled out her gun as she confronted her suspect. but with the help of other deputies the suspect was taken into custody . >> we are very proud of our deputy, the most important tool was her verbal communication skills. she took what could have been a very serious situation and was able to take it down, de- escalate the situation. >> the suspect was arrested for
6:36 am
brandishing a weapon and threatening deputies. the sheriff's office said he will have a mental examination. a stanford graduate student who won a silver medal at the olympics three years ago was found dead on her property with the attempted suicide. she helped the women's team when silver at rio de janeiro. her sister told the chronicle that she suffered a concussion a few months ago and has not been the same it mentally since then. sacramento city council considering new rules, regulations on rideshare companies. they would charge these companies a fee per ride on scooters and e bikes. it would charge $4500 and permit fees for every bike and scooter. the money would pay for new parking stations for
6:37 am
bikes and scooters. >> if they are making more money it's fair because they are taking the city's parking spots. i think it is fair you have to pay for parking . >> just the city trying to get more money like always. but i'm happy they're here . >> uber says they will pay more than $1 million in fees in just the next year. it would make it 17 times more expensive to operate in sacramento than in los angeles. sacramento city council is expected to vote on this tomorrow night. a record amount of americans receive plastic surgery last year . information shows 18 million people receive cosmetic surgery in 2018. that is up by watermelon compared to 2017. the top five surgeries are breast augmentation, by both suction, nose, eyelid surgery
6:38 am
and tommy talks. the most popular minimally invasive procedures are -- . >> today is national mapping day. they observe it every year on the day after the return of daylight savings time. gives everybody justification to take a nap. the experts on sleep say a nap can improve your alertness, productivity and pam your mood. >> it definitely does, napping is great. today you might want to head to oaklands jack london square. southwest airlines will belaying service to hawaii on
6:39 am
sunday and the airline is celebrating that all week. there will be live performances and giveaways including a chance to win a round-trip flight to hawaii for two. the events will run every day between 445 and 7:00 at night. they plan to extend service from san jose to hawaii in may. but the cruise and jack london square they are going to celebrate. >> they do fun stuff . still ahead, the best public transportation in the country, how san francisco rings compared to chicago x and new york? who is calling out after a loss over the weekend with the phoenix suns? there is a report of a crash in the south bay but in the meantime we are keeping an eye on the macarthur maze. one crash on westbound 80 is clearing we will have a look coming up. not expecting any hail or thunderstorms today but it will
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be clear on a little fog now. that is the only fly in the ointment bit it will be moving south. million when you call 100 90.5
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course you know where to go yet $20 in public of the car's relationship with the government would relate using your video card you $1000 or one what your number one you matchup what you your request 3541 44 viewers to be wanted by 96 point like you like he was in the work will
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the raiders agreed to trade antonio brown in exchange for two draft picks. the nfl year begins wednesday . brown in his new team also agreed to a contract extension worth $50 million. more than 30 million guaranteed. the raiders didn't stop there. they agreed to trade a starting guard and a fifth round draft pick to the new york jets for a six round pick the trade made salary room to get antonio brown. the warriors lost six out of their last 10 games, last night to this phoenix suns. cold shooting ended up costing the warriors the when they made only 10 of 43 shots, 115-111 loss. warriors all-star says that another reason the team
6:44 am
struggled beyond shooting . >> i expected our crowd to be into it i know it is not the playoffs. but it is our last go around at oracle at least you could stand up when someone makes a good play . especially at the beginning we need that energy. >> the words will be in houston on wednesday to play the rockets. we are expecting to hear more about kevin durand's injury today . he was diagnosed with an ankle contusion after getting tangled up with the sons player late in the game. he left early for the locker room but he was not limping when he left the court. oakland a's regular season starts next week in japan. we have an inside look on how the oakland a's players got a new glove during spring training. >> reporter: every kid remembers his or her face baseball club. for many it is
6:45 am
something that arise on christmas day. even major legal feel like kids at christmas when they get a new glove . >> is an awesome time to be able to get everything started and get new items. >> a christmas gift i would always ask for is baseball stuff so it does feel like that. it is cool to show up every year and see everybody and get all your new gear. >> reporter: christmas came on their first day of their full workout. wilson, one of the major fan manufacturers delivered the players new glove. >> years ago we would show up with black and brown gloves. nowadays the guys are really customizing them to team colors. it is really turned into quite a deal. >> team colors, custom ordered a pair of gloves then he got traded to the a's from the texas rangers. a red white and blue love doesn't work so well on the
6:46 am
oakland a's. >> i like a little flair so i like the colors. i didn't get my new ones yet because i just got traded in december. i am looking forward to getting the older colors. >> this color will be in stores this year i was trying to think of what kiss my like. i have always liked having the dark inside with the lighter inside. it's all for fun. >> reporter: getting the glove is one thing. then comes the process of breaking it in . >> people put them in microwaves and drive their cars over them and everything else. >> mostly catch for a while until it is mostly broken in because if i drop ground balls they will get mad. >> reporter: that doesn't happen much for mark chapman. he won a gold glove at third base. there is no question the glove and now the process of acquiring one is seriously evil since the days with the most
6:47 am
common advice given to a youngster about how to catch a baseball was? use two hands. changes for the cost of some tesla cars. the company announced the price of these cars are going up by 3% on average. that comes after the price dropped by 6% last month. customers have until march 18 to place an order at the lower pricing. tesla plans to keep about half of its retail stores open after saying most of them would close. today, is the last day to use those gift cards for payless shoe stores. they will honor the gift cards and allow returns and exchanges through the end of this month purchase before's february 17.
6:48 am
there are more than 40 payless stores here in the bay area that will now close for good. soon you will be able to watch disney movies and shows on the man. disney says that the fire library will be available on a new streaming platform called disney plus. everything from classic and new animated movies to marvel and disney movies, they are also ending its deal with netflix. they haven't said how much the service will cost but only the price will be less than netflix when it launches later this year . captain marvel had a record- breaking weekend at the box office. the movie made $153 million in domestic ticket sales, global sales total more than 450 million. this is the sixth largest worldwide opening weekend and history and the largest for a
6:49 am
marble single character film. how to train your dragon moved to second place in its third week in the theaters. the day a family funeral made 12 million this week . remember april the giraffe who became an internet sensation two years ago when more than 1 million people watched in a live stream waiting for her to give birth. she is expecting again and could give birth any day now. the zookeepers in new york say april is carrying her fifth calf so they set up another live stream on youtube. you can watch her give birth. this morning, pam, more than 37,000 people are watching for the new giraffe. we are also still waiting and watching for a new baby in the bay area here, these are live pictures, two great horned owls are nesting in the presidio.
6:50 am
one egg was laid last month. him a hatchet any moment. the window to hatch opened a couple days ago. it will continue till next week. people watching this live string, yes i'm talking about you mom. they can hear small noises. dave clark will you please be quiet while i am taking care of the babies. i didn't mean anything, nothing personal . >> she just wanted to say good morning. what a gorgeous shot. must check back in with allie for a look at traffic. >> i wish i could keep working and looking at that. we're going to show you the map because we are following traffic tieups in the south bay. in particular there has been some active in the last half hour. northbound 280 at stevens creek there is a two-car crash in the right hand shoulder. north of that, 237 just east of
6:51 am
sankar, tow trucks have been called with a three vehicle collision. that should be in the clearing stages as well. if you look at the 280 crash it is backing things up from what you can see in this live picture of 280 in san jose. north and southbound directions very sluggish there because of that crash at stevens creek. your drive time is going to take about 37 minutes this is been bumped up because of earlier problems on the westbound 80 corridor. if you approach the bay bridge toll plaza those crashes have been moved out of the way but it is still slow going as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. this is what it looks like right now you're looking at a 20 minute delay to get on the span. we will send it over to stephen it is nice to see that clear sunrise in the distance. >> we will have a beautiful day
6:52 am
today after yesterday when it got a little crazy. lots of reports on hail. we were both in pleasant hill yesterday and it was pouring down. not this morning it is clear and cold out there. lots of 30s that we will end up with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. i washed my car yesterday and then it clouded up and rain. robert i'm sure you had some company on that . after tuesday go ahead and wash your car and you will have dry weather at least into the weekend. 30s and 40s on the temperature, 34 degrees is the low from yesterday. that was quite the show, lots of reports for hale, oakland and san jose were the front runners. it went on for about 10 minutes. many reports from san francisco to petaluma, probably as well.
6:53 am
now the lowest taken a turn off the southern california look at the moisture it is tapped into. it is sending it out only into southern california but also to arizona. not so much today but by tonight and tuesday they are looking for widespread rain. then it looks like it will track around northern new mexico into the texas panhandle. that set up can be lizardlike conditions for the front range in colorado. not that we see this too often, but occasionally it does happen you get light snow showers coming eastern nevada. it doesn't look like there is much left but some of that has been making an appearance the last 12 hours. 30s for many but 40s for summer on the bay area. now all 30s here for morgan hill, san martin and gilroy, 36. even the santa cruz area and cupertino down to 35. it is closer others as well. 30s and 40s, that northerly
6:54 am
breeze is trying to kick in. probably won't be that strong. it is going to take a turn at baja an impact much of southern california and arizona. teens up in the mountains, 45 in las vegas. this is the last system in the current pattern that will drive across tomorrow. there's not going to be a lot of rain with this but there will be some, about santa rosa, st. helena north. that will be tuesday, after that we are done and the weekend but we're not done with the rain . looks like it will be back around the 19th or 20th . until then we have been below normal but we will stay average until around wednesday and then we will start to go above . of the forecast models don't have a pickup or something sunny and warmer by the weekend with 70s for highs. a woman is recovering after being attacked at a zoo by a jaguar. the role she was breaking when they jaguar pounds. let's check in to see what is coming up with the next hour.
6:55 am
>> when i join you in minutes police spend a lot of time reacting to crimes. one type of policing predicts were offices will have to respond and then put some there had a time. we will examine predictive policing and why it raises a number of concerns. >> silicon valley is looking to make a splash by creating a monument to itself. some in the south they want to hear your ideas on a monument to the birthplace of many tech giants and how much money could be put behind the idea. we will be right back.
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department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. two paragliders were killed over a field in san diego. they collided and fell 75 feet to the bluff p a helicopter was sent in to retrieve the bodies. >> we have seen paragliders around but never saw anything like this. one was in the 30s and one in his 40s. a come climbed over a concrete barrier to take a selfie is recovering after a jaguar clawed her and left a severe cut on her arm. it happened at the wildlife
6:59 am
world zoo in phoenix. she jumped over a concrete barrier to take a selfie and the jaguar grabbed her arm through the cage. the zoo said that the concrete barrier meets federal guidelines and they are reminding visitors to respect zoo barriers for your own safety. a young man that drives his beach in carmel to impress since girlfriend ended up getting stuck in the sand for 7 hours. the police took this photo of the man and his girlfriend before it was towed off the beach. the man was cited for driving on the beach. the same type of aircraft crashes two times in six months. and there are safety concerns about this type tv plane. we'll tell you southwest's response to the situation coming up. recovering in the north bay after devastating floods. the new program no help people
7:00 am
clean up flood debris and damage. i know it feels very early. but it is 7:00 this monday, march 11th. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i know how much you like the cold weather. so you were enjoying this. >> cold weather and lack of sleep, a winning combination. >> did you see the hailstorm yesterday? >> i was inside all day afternoon but i heard about it from my family. >> 30s and 40s. it is cold out there. and livermore airport, 36 cold degrees. and the system moves to southern california and it will continue to move there and bring in moisture. that it will be a big time rain event in california and arizona and probably a


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