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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 11, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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was late last month and could hack at any moment, the window to hatch opened up a few days ago and we will continue for the next few weeks people watching the live stream are commenting how sweet it is. a plane crashes killing 157 people on board. now there are concerns about a specific jet, how the airline industry is responding. more shocking allegations against r kelly, a videotape may link the singer to a crime, the detailed and how it was discussed. an inspirational story of a young east bay warming finan people women fighting for people that she loves around her. good morning and welcome to the nine on this monday march 11 at, it feels more like the eight some of us are still missing that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend so this is the first monday after
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daylight savings time and is also national napping day. i am in. it comes every year on this day after we come back to work and school after daylight savings time and it might be the justification you need to take a nap to catch up on that sleep you lost and sleep experts say naps can improve alertness, productivity and mood, those of us that are lucky to work on a morning show, do you guys a nap or do you not nap? >> i never nap. >> i go back and forth. >> when you are falling asleep you feel like you want to take a nap and if i go for a run or something then wakes me up but then it is easier to fall asleep later. so it is juggle, i am a strict no napper. >> i know, if you go bold and work out and do everything around 6 am it is like okay. i am really tired i am going to go to bed here in a half hour, that is what i do. >> we will talk more about what today means to all of us in the second first i will start with some developing as we were following all morning, the
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reports that the plane crash in ethiopia has in fact been recovered, the ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed minutes after takeoff yesterday killing all 157 people on board, the 737 max eight was on its way to nairobi kenya, family members describe a scene of chaos after the crash. >> it was just a roller coaster of news, and it was frantic. a rush to work the phones to kind of try to get any information that we could get. >> eight americans were on board and were among passengers from 35 countries. several countries are grounding the 737 max eight plane following that deadly crash over the weekend, jared is live at the oakland international airport with the latest on the response by airlines to the safety concerns over that particular plane. good morning.>> reporter: good morning, of course there are a lot of people who get nervous when they fly and hearing news like this isn't easy for those people but we have talked to
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multiple airlines that are based in the united states and they are very competent in their fleet of this type of claim we did talk to southwest as one of the airlines in the u.s. that operates a fleet of 34 737 max aids, a spokesperson says southwest is in contact with boeiing and will stay close to the investigation but there are no plans to ground those plans at this time. these planes are used throughout the entire southwest network but a spokesperson could not tell us if they specifically fly in and out of the bay area, american airlines operates 24 max aids but none of them fly in and out of the bay airport. they use this aircraft, all chinese airlines temporarily grounded their 737 max eight planes siding for concerns, they came in airways and indonesia have all done the same. the ethiopian airlines crash marks the second time a boeing 737 max eight plane has gone down killing everyone on board in just six months. a boeing spokesperson this morning tells us that this point they will not issue new guidance to operators of this max eight aircraft quote that
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safety is our number one priority and we are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of his accident we are working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities. involved. we also reached out to united airlines they say that they do not operate max 8 airplanes but they do operate max nine airplanes and they say that all of their pilots are trained to safely operate those planes. in oakland, fox 2 news. r kelly is out of jail after spending three days in a cell for failing to pay $160,000 in child support, now the singer is facing more allegations for claims of a new assault tape, we have the details. >> reporter: more shocking allegations against r&b singer r kelly, a pennsylvania man leaning out old videotapes says he made the discovery. >> i noticed a sports tape, but it also had r kelly's name on it. r kelly appeared to be on the
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tape, but not in concert. instead, he was sexually abusing under age african-american girls. >> gary dennis says he does not personally know r kelly or where the tape came from, adding the tape may have come from a friend because of the sports footage on it. dennis attorney says the tape appears to show a different incident from the sexual abuse charges kelly already faced and is quick to mention there is not 100% certainty the men the tape is in fact r kelly, on sunday, pleading with the public to come forward with any other tapes that may be out there. >> however such tapes may have come into your possession, we need you to turn over those tapes as soon as possible. >> kelly's attorney firing back in a statement to tmc saying", the doubt here is self evident with reporting that the man on
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the tape kind of sort of looks like r kelly. that doesn't make it him, it is not him. the singer faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse and officials say are in connection to four women. kelly has pleaded not guilty after being charged last month. in new york, foxnews. historic police are looking for two men who assaulted and robbed a pair of women in oakland it happened on east oakland you can see one man walks up and will punch two women who have just come home, a second man then comes up and threatens them with a gun, we spoke to one of the women, she only wanted to use her first name, annie. she says all of this was quote surreal, and that when the man came up with a gun she just tried to protect her face. two robbers got away with their backpacks, wallets and cell phones and any says the police responded right away and ended up finding the cell phones, she is helping by making the video public that someone might recognize the suspects and they will be caught. two people in the bay point area suffered burns and smoke
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installation and six pets died, after 5:40 pm last night in a home on the record near willow pass road, firefighters say it was likely caused by butane gas that was being used to make a cannabis concentrate and known as honey oil, the explosion caused significant damage. to the house. deputies say an inmate at santa gel was killed by his cellmate, 70-year-old accused child molester, caesar augusta was found in the cell floor severely injured and unresponsive sunday morning. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital, detectives that he arrested his cellmate. he was inside the cell at the time of the assault, several investigators have not determined a motive for the killing. knew this morning, the police department just announced a break in a 28-year- old investigation. it started in april 1991 when someone discovered a body near construction of the premium
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outlets, they knew it was a woman but could not identify her, in 1998 the body was exhumed but facial reconstruction technology still could not help identify the body. and just recently, detectives with the doj missing persons unit, identify the body through fingerprint technology and she has been identified as cynthia merkley. detectives are asking for anyone who knew her at the time of her death to come forward, and provide information that could help their investigation. oakland police are searching for leads in a deadly shooting. it happened last night around 7:45 pm near eighth and washington street, when officers arrived they found a man who had been shot in the right arm he later died at the hospital, no word yet on the motive for that shooting. police in oakland say a security guard is recovering this morning after being shot while trying to stop a robbery that happened around 830 saturday night, at a marijuana related business. police say the 47-year-old guard was shot multiple times while confronting at least two people. authorities say the businesses
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sell lights and other grow equipment. they took off with the marijuana found on the property so far no arrests have been made. differences khmer london is expected to announce her pick for the city's public defender, the new appointee, will replace jeff, the public defender who died suddenly more than two weeks ago from an apparent heart attack, familiar with the selection process say they've interviewed several women with public defender experience. gonzales is number two man has said he would be honored if he was chosen to replace his former boss. also today, maryland and will appear at a town hall event 6:30 pm tonight at san francisco's lgbt q center on market street this is the first in a series of town halls mayor reed will hold all across the city, she says she wants to hear and address residents concerned about issues that are facing san francisco. coming up, do you have what it takes to be a marine?
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coming up how a young woman from east bay is inspiring everyone around her. for the first day of curbside pickup, i will tell you what you should know if you have waste that was damaged by the flood. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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some new video in our newsroom from london, watched as a man walked by a building on sunday, seconds later, a wall collapses, dale, parts in the uk over the weekend fortunately no one was hurt. some scary videos nonetheless. this is one of those days, on our second floor set and these is one of the days where these windows tell the prettiest picture behind us, no graphics required. >> pardon me if i turn. >> people ask us if this is real and it is real. and steve paulson is very much
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real, you have the graphics behind you that tell a similar story. >> i do, but you know who gives me the most questions about the weather, right next to you, standing right next to you. no, it is allie. >> i knew it. pretty soon i will be telling you it is too hot. >> we have time for that so hang in there, right a lot of 30s and fog the only fog left looks like san jose south, the rest of it is burning off it will be a beautiful day we have cold conditions 30s and 40s this morning, we are running 1- 8 degrees cooler, colder than we were 24 hours ago, cloud cover versus no cloud cover makes a huge difference. and that system from yesterday which gave widespread hail reports, oakland and san jose i think you were the two winners although it was all over the place but for oakland lasted 10 minutes and san jose it was stacked up overnight. big low that we had yesterday another part of the south, this is going to be a huge weather
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maker first in southern california and monday night and tuesday into arizona. so if you are going down there for spring training after wednesday it will get better, but until then is going to be a lot of cloud cover and also some cool temperatures wind and rain and just a powerhouse of a system as it gives and could be blizzard conditions to the front range then goes out into the northern plains. a whopper of a system there taking shape coming out of the west. a little bit of a northwest breeze that should be enough and some lee side snow showers we are kind of going there with that coming in from the east, going from reno back up to tahoe it looks like that is over but some partly cloudy there we will get one more system tomorrow that is not a big system but we will get a little bit of light rain out of it and then after that we look good wednesday into the weekend so i would not worry about tomorrow but so maybe light rain. 60s on the temperatures today will drop a little bit, probably not as much of the cloud cover comes in. after tuesday, wednesday, and mostly sunny but by the weekend, it is looking like 70s for a high temperature. 70s, for high temps. when was the last time you got
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a round of applause? been since christmas, right?>> i can make a joke but i won't. >> it has been a long time. well said, well said, it is not uncommon to see military branches reach out to high school seniors. to see if military service would be a good fit for them but recruiters say it is very important that the teens who signed up have a good reason for doing so. >> it is not always an easy path and the reason that one team is signing for her reason to serve are inspiring so many around her, we are introduced to a young woman who cannot wait to fulfill her dream in the marine corps.>> reporter: the workout is not easy but becoming a marine is not either. do you feel like you have something to prove your? >> yes, i never want to give up, i never want to do something halfway. >> that is martinez rodriguez, they just call her martinez. >> she is a senior at diablo high school and sign up for the marines last august.
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>> now i'm just waiting to graduate and ship off to boot camp, yes. >> she is, it is our marine and training. they are young men and women that enlisted into our entry program and with the program, that is a program that we have to get them both mentally and physically prepared in order for them to go into boot camp training. >> the marines say they need to know why they are here, why they want to be marines. if you do not have a powerful why you want to do anything, that could be like what you want to be a doctor and in this case what you want to be a marine, when things get rough what is going to keep you going?>> all poolies train a couple times a week but this group also does extra training here across at overwatch, the gym had a long relationship with marines hosting competitions and training. >> for me it is my opportunity to give back, and help any kind of person to get ready for the military. >> the owner says he wanted to
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know why these young people wanted to serve. so we offered them a scholarship that would allow them to work out here for free. to be considered they had to write a letter about why they joined and one letter in particular stood out. >> it was raw, i mean just wow, you know. >> it was written by martinez who read her letter to us. >> serving the country has never been about metals or ranks it has never been about the positions i may achieve. but, about giving back to those that have given everything to me.>> she was born in mexico and lived there with her mother and her sister who had cerebral palsy. while her father was working in the u.s. she was just five years old when they all got a chance to come to the united states. >> after years of seeing my sister suffer, and my family being neglected by our government we got news that the u.s., had decided to grant us to the country and my sister maria would receive medical attention immediately after
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landing. from the moment we landed our future changed completely. >> she would get the care she needed for years to comfort >> she is going through life with a strong spirit, however only a month before her 21st birthday she passed away, i swore to fight to her and move forward in her memory. >> and poor martinez that meant joining the military. >> i have reached out to the air force and they turned on my status of the green card holder. >> when it came, she answered. >> the only question in my mind was can i do it? her recruiter is not worried. >> any doubt that she will make it through this? >> she will make it through, i have no doubt. >> the passion and drive that you can so clearly see in her work. >> i want to and i will fight for those i love. >> and she could not stop thinking about her letter. >> i was blown away, and her, the time that she took that letter and it really, made the
9:19 am
scholarship for the whole crew. the whole group got it. >> how can you say no now? >> right. >> she and her family worked out here for free. backed out by the marines and the community. >> they feel proud of what they are doing and that they know that their community is 100% behind them. >> and when it gets hard, because it does, martinez thinks about her sister maria, i do not feel as though giving up is something that she would do or want me to do.>> everything is to be able to fight in her memory. and to be able to make her proud.>> it has her why. why she says she is determined to be among the few. the proud, the marines. fox 2 news. >> coming up on mornings on fox 2, elevating her 60th birthday, how she says it is keeping the barbie doll up with the times. sacramento city leaders say
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they welcome leaders, why they want bike and scooter operators to pay more than they do right now, more on that when we come back.
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taking the big board, looking at the new york stock exchange you can see the dow is up about a third of a percentage 81 points, 25,534 shares of boeing weighing the dow down this morning, those stocks are currently done more than 7%, with safety concerns about the newest 737 jets. the board of supervisors is taking a final vote tomorrow on the future of urban shield, last month the supervisors approved a board appointed community recommendation to make some changes to that training program. urban shield was created after september 11 to help first responders prepare for terror
9:23 am
attacks, and other disasters, critics say the program is leading to the militarization of local law enforcement. the two sides have worked to come to a compromise.>> we were able to agree on a lot of things, concerning community and sensitivity. and, preparedness, so there was a lot of things that we were able to agree on.>> potential changes include illuminating military type swap team competition then getting rid of a weapons expo at the event. starting today how trade riders will win bikes rather will be able to board before everyone else on designated train cars, they say the bike board first program will reduce delays, and make aborting faster and easier for all the writers, they ran a trial of the program and found that it was 40 times by about one minute. the city council is considering new regulations and fees on rideshare companies like lift, right now their scooters and bikes are more popular than its car service, and now city leaders want to impose a pro- ride fee. they explain how this could affect uber writers.
9:24 am
>> reporter: it is more than just a hobby it is a mode of transportation, and these e scooters and e bikes are getting people and sentimental from point a to point b. >> i think they are great. they get you what you want fast. >> sacramento city councilman jay says these electronic devices are welcomed addition to the city, helping cut down on carbon emissions and traffic congestion. >> i think it has been great. we see these bikes all the time, people are using it as a serious mode of transportation. hopefully it will affect things, i use the downtown much easier than trying to find a parking space. >> as they become more popular, they need more regulation. the city council will be voting on a new ordinance that will charge nearly $4500 in permitting fees to bike share companies like uber which is that. >> we want to make sure that everyone is safe here, that we have a healthy industry. the money will help regulate
9:25 am
the bikes and find new parking stations. >> if they make more money than is fair they can charge them more, that because they are taking the city's parking spot so i think it is fair you have to pay for the parking. >> they proposed cost to operate in sacramento, will be 17 times higher than los angeles and 26 times higher than dallas. uber did the math and said that they would pay nearly $1 million just in device fees over the next year. >> the city trying to get more money like always. i think they should just stay the same. they are great. and i am happy they are here. >> if the regulation passes, uber says it could prevent them from expanding their service within the city and even drive other companies away. but they maintain the proposed rate hides are fair, and only will make writing through the city safer. >> we actually have lowered what we were first proposing. to them, i think that we would
9:26 am
like it a little bit less extensive than that, but we want to charge enough that we can construct parking spaces for these so again they are not running around if we have to make adjustments overtime we can certainly talk about that but we want to make sure again that we have enough resources to do that for the city. knew this money, seven cisco is on a new list for the best public cities, of course for public transit, redfin ranked cities on how frequently public transportation runs and if it is conveniently located, san francisco ranked third on that list, new york city came in first followed by new york city new jersey. coming up on mornings on tuesday, we are going to show you what is happening along the river this weekend we will talk about how this could get neighborhoods finally back to normal. stomach authorities in ethiopia and kenya are going through evidence from yesterday's plane crash, when investigators know about what led up to that cross. at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation.
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president trumps budget proposal was delivered to the house budget committee earlier this morning, it calls for decreased spending on domestic programs and increased spending on the military, and $8.6 billion for that border wall construction, democrats once again vowing not to approve that level of the funding or security at the border. >> the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again, so we hope he has learned his lesson, it will be a tough budget, we are going to do our own caps this year. i think it is long overdue.>> so, i think it is exactly the right prescription. >> some political analysts say the issue will come of the border while funding could lead to another government shutdown. >> it has been nearly 2 weeks now since talks broke down between president trump and north korea's kim jong but there is growing concern, the
9:30 am
resume could be preparing to launch another missile. we are in washington with the latest. >> reporter: new activity detected on satellite images is raising concern the regime appears to be rebuilding its long-range missile site. it is the same site kim jong agreed to shut down during the singapore summit with president trump last june. but now, 12 days after talks broke down during our second meeting, questions over the regime's activities are mounting. including is north korea preparing to launch a missile soon? what is happening now is that part of face-saving that is going on with the north koreans, i think that is part of it to be sure, or is it a major policy shift to return to past hostilities and to pass crisis. i do not think we have the answer to that. >> north korea's left missile launch came in 2017, before the trump administration began meeting with the country's leader. on sunday, national security advisor john bowman says the u.s. is watching north korean activities closely but added, it is still too early to judge
9:31 am
the regime's intention. >> i do not want to get out in front of the facts we actually know at this point. >> replacing the annual spring wargames, the president trump agreed to cancel at the first summit, north korea has expressed it displeasure with the new smaller exercises calling them a quote open challenge against efforts for peace incivility. in washington, chris jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. a new report on chinese spying says that americans soil is seeing more chinese spying happening, according to the wall street journal a cyber security firm says that chinese officials are trying to steal american military technology research. the study claims they breached u.s. navy contractors and try to access summary technology and designs of missile systems. it also says that beijing has tried to hack more than two dozen american universities the senate bill is expected to be reintroduced to combat china's spying in the u.s. in a
9:32 am
statement the navy told foxnews it does not comment on specific cases but quotes recognizes the serious nature of involving cyber threats and continuously bolsters the department cyber security culture and awareness. happening today curbside cleanup begins for communities along the river that were affected by recent storms and flooding, alyssa harrington live to explain what people need to know today, alyssa? >> reporter: debris cleanup is underway you can see behind me some heavy machinery lifting items like furniture, refrigerators, we even have some people wearing hazardous waste suits, to get some of those materials that they need to load up and then get out of town, what is going on today, what is the task at hand for you and your workers to get all of this out of town? >> so today it is a partnership with sonoma county works department, we have all the haulers in sonoma county as
9:33 am
well as hazardous waste crew. and we are essentially starting to get that collection that was approved last week by the board of supervisors so we have four teams are spread out in affected areas, and each crew is going to be working at specific areas most maps are posted on so-called emergency. org page, and by the end of the week we are hoping to sweep all of the impacted areas and get the curbside debris picked up all the way. >> how can people help all of you out, we talked about sorting out your waste into different piles? >> absolutely, thanks. so, hazardous waste is the first thing we are asking people to set aside in a separate area, there are crews that are coming around with us that are trained to both package and process and transport that. so if that can be pulled from the debris piled and set aside that would be the first thing, the next would be electronic and appliance, pull those aside and set those in a separate area. if there is yard debris, that
9:34 am
can also be separate, the rest we will come by and pick up. and sort through if there is any metal, or wood that is salvageable, that also can be reprocessed, and recycled. the rest we are going to pick up and all the way in these debris boxes. >> we drove around town and some streets are almost clogged with debris, how long do you think is good take? how long will you be out here helping people? >> our initial estimates were assertive it would be picked up in the drop off locations last week so we have two thirds of the way to go. really today is going to be a good test to see if those estimates were correct. so we are going to be remeasuring by the end of the day and measure the end of the week. so at this point, i think we are on track. a lot of new material did come out this weekend but that was anticipated. >> thank you so much. this is a free service provided by the county for people impacted by the flood. live, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. a look at today's top story let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom. >> here are some of the top stories we are following san
9:35 am
francisco mayor london breed announcing her twice for the city's public defender, a news conference is set to start at any moment now, we are watching the new appointee will replace jeff, the public defender who died suddenly more than two weeks ago from an apparent heart attack, people familiar with the selection process say mayor breed has interviewed several women. who have public defender experience. an inmate at the santa rita jail in dublin was killed by his cellmate according to sheriff deputies, who say 70- year-old accused child molester caesar augustus was found severely injured and unresponsive yesterday morning. he later was pronounced dead at the hospital. his cellmate, 19-year-old paul soprano was arrested, he was inside the cell at the time of the assault. meantime oakland police still searching and investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night in the old oakland neighborhood, it happened about 7:45 pm near
9:36 am
eighth and washington street, police found a man who had been shot in his right arm. he later died at the hospital. there is no word yet on the possible motive. and that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. thank you dave, the voice recorder and the digital flight data recorder from the ethiopia airline flight that crashed on sunday have now been both were recovered from the wreckage, we have more. >> reporter: officials in ethiopia still gathering pieces of a plane that crashed in route to nairobi killing all hundred and 57 people on board. the black box and cockpit voice recorder had both been recovered with investigators helping they will shed light on what brought down the plane. just minutes after takeoff.>> there was so much smoke that we cannot even see the plane, the body parts of the plane were falling apart and exploding so we could not get any closer. >> the cost immediately calling into question the safety of the boeing 737 max 8, an airplane
9:37 am
of the same model cost in indonesia last year killing 189 people. a number of countries including china, indonesia and ethiopia now grounding their 737 max 8's until the cause can be determined. the ceo of ethiopian airlines says his company will cooperate fully with investigators. >> we have more than 300 flights a day and is of various significant airline to the operation that is running very smoothly. this is a very isolated and unfortunate incident. >> meanwhile the mourning process is underway for grieving families who lost loved ones on the flight. the passengers came from 35 different countries. and included eight americans. family members describing a scene of chaos at the airport after the crash. >> it was just a roller coaster of a news, and it was just a frantic rush to work the phones to kind of try to get any information that we could get. >> officials from the ntsb are now on their way from the u.s. to open their own investigation. ktvu fox 2 news.
9:38 am
there is an outpouring of support this morning for oakland city councilwoman, lynette gibson-mcelhaney, her son was shot and killed in los angeles during an attempted robbery over the weekend, 21- year-old, victor mcelhaney was a music student at usc and was also a jazz musician. andre senior tells us about the impact he made right here in the bay area. >> reporter: video and pictures shared with us from a friend carol shows a young man who lived with a love for music. it was victor mcelhaney's passion, it was his education. by early sunday morning, the music of victor mcelhaney was silenced. >> called me this morning, first thing and woke me out of my sleep and i knew something was not right. >> what angela wellman heard over the phone, brought her to tears. >> i cannot believe that, even having to have this conversation. >> a man she called us onto her
9:39 am
and a son of oakland was shot during an apparent robbery, a mile and a half from the university of southern california campus. where he had been attending school to study jazz. a woman seen breaking down in tears at the scene where police say four men approached victor mcelhaney and shot him. >> i heard the news this morning. the early while i was getting ready for church and i was, extremely devastated. kind of in shock and disbelief. that such a bright soul was taken from us. >> when word spread, angela wellman, where he worked with, they gather to mourn the loss. >> is about all the kids and what everybody was really special individual. >> no doubt even more so by his mother, she released a statement sunday that red in part quote, victor was a son of oakland, he was a musician who drew his inspiration from the beat, soul and sound of the town and he belonged in every nook and cranny of oakland.
9:40 am
in a statement, our hearts agree with the family and friends of council member lynette gibson-mcelhaney, the tragic death of her son victor at the hands of a violence is an unspeakable loss. >> this is the second time that councilmember lynette gibson- mcelhaney has lost a son, her 17-year-old grandson was killed in oakland back in 2015 and now, just four years later, the passing of her son victor come another painful loss of a family member gone and taken by gun violence. while this death is tragic, his life for many in oakland represented what was good with the city. >> represents all the positive aspects of oakland, somebody who was involved in the community, somebody who embraced the community. >> andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, the lafayette city council is considering a ban on tobacco products, if approved the city would implement tobacco retailers license program to help enforce this van, many counties of course recently banned or are considering a ban
9:41 am
on flavored tobacco because they say it targets young people, the lafayette city council meeting starts at 6:15 pm tonight. coming up on ktvu mornings on 2, baseball players excited to get the tools of the trade how they are able to get personal and helped design something most of them have dreamed of having all their lives. two what do you think of that music? it has haunted him day and night, that is what a man says. what the chainstore is doing about it. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. we will take you live here at the city hall where the mayor london bridge has introduced her pick to be the next public defender and we are
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seeing that person now, he has been chosen to succeed jeffs seed, he is filling that vacancy, he has been, he was a deputy public defender up until now, he currently manages the public defender's office and has been named the new public defender for the city and county of san francisco.>> record number of americans underwent plastic surgery last year, some new information out this morning shows 18 million people had cosmetic surgery for seizures in 2018, that is up by a quarter million compared to 2017. the top five surgeries are breast augmentations, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and tommy talks, most popular minimal invasive procedures are botox, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and micro dermabrasion's. >> perfect.
9:45 am
the oakland a's regular season kicks off next week they are heading to japan to take on seattle for a couple of games, joe has inside look at a new glove given to the players during spring training. >> reporter: every kid remembers his or her first baseball glove. for many it is something that arrives on christmas day. even major leaguers feel like a kid at christmas when they get a new glove. >> it is nice to get to pick the one out that you are going to use throughout the season and is an awesome time being able to get everything started and get all your new items. >> i would always ask for baseball stuff on christmas so it does kind of feel like that and it is cool to show up every year and you know see everybody come together and get all your new gear. >> christmas for the a's came on their first day of full workouts that is the day that wilson one of the major glove manufacturers delivered the players new gloves. and major leaguers do not just buy something off the rack. they special order. >> years ago we would show up
9:46 am
with black and brown gloves and guys would pick what they want. nowadays guys are really customizing them, team colors, it turned into quite a deal. >> oh, yes. team colors. the capital a's custom order a pair of gloves, then got treated to the capital a's from the texas rangers. red white and blue glove, doesn't work so well on the capital a's. >> i like it a little, a little flair. so the colors, i do not get my new one yet, because i just, traded. in december. so, i am looking forward to getting the older colors. >> this club will be in stores this year, i figured i was starting to think what kids might like. and i have always liked having the dark inside with the letter outside. and these colors and the laces i thought were fun. >> getting the glove is one thing. then comes the process of breaking it in. >> people put it in microwave and drive the cars over them and everything else. >> you start playing catch with
9:47 am
it and mostly catch for a while until it is broken and because if i drop walls i will get mad. >> that doesn't happen often for matt chapman, after all, he has won a gold glove at third base. an award given by that other major-league manufacturer, rowling. but there is no trust and that the glove and now the process of acquiring one, is seriously about since the days when the most common advice given to a youngster about how to catch a baseball was used two cans. in mason, joe fonzie, ktvu. they are being recalled after a boy in florida got trapped inside, surveillance video shows the five-year-old boy climbing into the coolers earlier this month when he got inside the top of the cooler dropped and locked him in, his mother says she heard his muffled screams and came to get him out, the igloo coolers have stainless steel latches that can lock. >> can you imagine?
9:48 am
barbie is elevating her 60th birthday this week, the special anniversary version of the iconic doll is out this week as well, jackie explains how the legendary barbie is staying up with the times.>> reporter: barbie, you are beautiful. >> she is the original girl brand. she is a phenomenal woman and a cultural icon. she is famous and reflects what girls see around them. >> she is the world famous barbie doll. >> she is a positive role model, and she is a source of inspiration.>> barbie is 60 years old and shows no signs of aging or retiring. darby has stood the test of time, because she is timeless. and timely. >> the fashion doll is a very busy woman. had over 200 careers throughout the past decades, where women are underrepresented, she worked as an astronaut in 1965, four years before the lunar landing. >> she was also a surgeon, not
9:49 am
many people know that in the 70s. and, this is again a time when women were not necessarily in the operating room. >> the popular doll continues to break gender barriers. adding fashion model and flight attendant to her resume. >> i think the importance of seeing the range of occupations is really knowing the world of possibilities. >> is all about encouraging girls to believe they can be anything. >> by playing with the doll it allows them to make believe to believe. >> barbie is the most diverse and inclusive doll line. >> we have an amazing new hair fiber that gives us a very natural hair texture. four african-american dollars we are introducing braids, we have dealt with head to toe freckles. >> for those of you that are wondering if barbie is a single, she is not, she has been dating her boyfriend can since 1961.>> my barbie doll is with me. >> in new york, jackie heinrichs, fox news. cbs is changing its hold music. after a doctor says in
9:50 am
massachusetts. a child psychiatrist in massachusetts wrote a letter saying that the hold music on cvs phone lines haunted him day and night the letter sparked a nationwide debate where some people praised the music and others agreeing with him. cvs told the boston globe that they heard the complaints and will replace the music later this year.>> with what? >> right. ac/dc? the end is just the beginning and the all new special two hour season finale of the passage, the season comes to an end with one character being faced with a tough decision on what is best for humanity, releasing a virus that could cure all diseases or wipe out all of mankind. >> michelle has a preview tonight, of the finale.>> reporter: the passage is stretching its suspense filled finale, over two hours. >> the viral's were let out, or escaped however you want to look at it, and the last two
9:51 am
hours is the beginning of the end. and then, actually the beginning again. >> this is how the world and spread >> the 10 part series is based on a trilogy of novels, the premise enters on an experiment virus that could cure all diseases but, could also wipe out mankind. subject matters, the cast believes isn't too far-fetched. >> there were parts of this story, that justin cronin wrote originally 10 years ago that have direct parallels and links to things that we are seeing today. >> we are vulnerable, as a species, we have only been around 4.56 billion years old, and we have been around for a blink. >> a pickup for season two the cast are keeping our fingers crossed. >> we pour our heart and soul into a project hoping that it goes for more than one season, sometimes it doesn't work out, i haven't been on a broadcast show this ambitious ever. pitch my last show for fox, was
9:52 am
up there. but this surpasses it by a long shot. >> i suggest you run. >> michelle, fox news. you can catch that two hour finale of the passage tonight at 8 pm right here on ktvu. would like to highlight some of the athletic abilities in the segment we call that kids got came this week meet 10- year-old landon spicer of mississippi, landon is a bit greater who recently competed in a three point contest against children much older than him. he ended up winning the shootout, stroke so smooth it caught the attention of nba all- star, russell westbrook, who showed him some love on instagram. >> i bet he loved that, that is great. >> warriors could've used him last night. and the night before and the night before. >> we love to see your little ones do great things, sent us a video of the young athlete in your life, he can send it to us through the facebook page or
9:53 am
our twitter page, make sure to use the hashtag that kids got came. >> coming up here on ktvu mornings on 2, how would you some of the silicon valley in one image? well there is a proposal to build a monument to the silicon valley and how much money that has been raised for that idea coming up. if you missed out on southwest first flight to hawaii, there is another chance to get some tickets at an even better price. the giveaway that is happening today. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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final approval for plans to create a world-class landmark in san jose, if approved the city would hold an international competition in spring to get ideas for concept, the city council says the complication for the landmark based on studies would be at guadalupe witt river park. according to the san francisco chronicle the san jose light tower corporation has already raised million dollars for the landmark and could raise tens of millions more to complete it. today you may want to head to oakland, because you could win a trip to hawaii. southwest airlines will begin service from oakland international airport to hawaii on sunday, the airline is celebrating that all week long there will be some live performances and giveaways including a chance to win a round-trip flight to hawaii for two. the event will be ran this evening and each night. plans to add service from san jose to hawaii in may. i heard those super cheap tickets sold out. instantly. unless your computer was on
9:57 am
something. >> 49 bucks. >> right. by a round of drinks and city for that. >> good having you both in. i will see you at noon. >> and i am back tomorrow. >> maybe they are hanging out together. >> wouldn't that be something? >> we will check social media. cvs pharmacy.
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