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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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why boeing is facing serious questions about the safety of its 737 max eight plane now involved in two deadly crashes in a matter of months. he was a very approachable, likable guy, and very skilled, and very aware. renewed debate. president trump unveils his proposed 2020 budget that cuts spending across the board and set aside more than $8 billion for. some democrats say the plan is dead on arrival. >> we hope he has learned his lesson. from ktvu news, this is the four. we have new details on the deadly plane crash in ethiopia. officials have recovered the
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cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, both of them are now being examined. that crashed killed all 157 people on board. a team of u.s. aviation experts has arrived there at the site to help with the investigation. >> we have just learned that at least one of the victims works for a bay area company. a representative says the wife and mother was turning from an event in italy. they will remember her for the beautiful person she was and her affect on society. smoke was coming for the rear of the plane before it hit the ground. this is calling into question
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the safety of the boeing 747 max eight. now a number of countries including china, indonesia, and ethiopia are grounding their 737 max a.i.d.s. until the official cause of this crash can be determined. we have more than 300 flights a day, and it is running very smoothly. this is a very unfortunate incident. >> it is a time of morning for those grieving loved ones who were lost on the flight. many of them were headed to an environmental meeting at the united nations headquarters in nairobi. >> boeing's stock fell sharply following the crash. it is the second crash of this jet in just five months.
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>> reporter: it has been quite a coincidence to save the least. both relatively brand-new, both being destroyed shortly after taking off for their destinations. sunday, and ethiopian airlines plane crashed 6 minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 on board. pilots recorded control problems and tried to return to the airport. late last october, in eerily similar circumstances, another jet crashed 13 minutes after departure, killing all 189 on board as pilots wrestled with
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the out of control plane. the automatic system that keeps the plane from raising its nose too high malfunctioned and caused it to dive into the ground. the pilots manual does not cover this situation. when questioned on fox news after the first crash last october, boeings chief executive officer denied that. >> it went through thousands of hours of testing and certification working with the pilots. we have issued a couple of bulletins that point them back to existing flight procedures to handle this kind of situation. >> reporter: the chinese government grounded its fleet, along with indonesia, ethiopia, and the cayman islands. in the u.s., 59 jets are flown by -- united flights 14 of the
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larger version called the max nine. it is issuing no guidance to airlines whether or not to fly the planes. >> the 737 max eight plane was supposed to leave lead boeings future. it is a plane that everyone wanted to buy, but if there is some type of safety issue with this plane, it will impact things going forward. >> the bottom line is the 737 max is safe. >> reporter: it is extremely unusual to have two newer planes lost out of a single submodel, which is why boeing, the national transportation safety board, and the entire transportation industry are so concerned about this. the idea being that all those
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people working together with these other national groups will have a better idea of what happened and probably determine it more quickly. >> before we let you go, several other countries have grounded this type of aircraft. do you think that the aircraft will eventually be grounded here in the u.s.? >> it is a difficult thing to decide because everyone understands how much money is involved. also the inconvenience to the passengers because we are talking about a lot of airplanes. not all of the 737 models. if they find something that is really serious that suggests that there is some sort of commonality, they would probably do that. it is very rare to ground an entire group of airplanes. it is when they had the 737 dream liner and batteries that would catch on fire. they grounded those, but that
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is rare. santa rosa police are investigating a murder suicide that happened about 8:30 this morning near the coddingtown mall. police got calls about a confrontation and a shooting outside of the crunch fitness. a woman was found there and taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. a second call for a shooting was found on herbert street, where a man was found shot dead in the cold. officer say this was a domestic dispute, and the man shot himself after shooting his wife. a tribute continues to pour in for the 21-year-old son of oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney. he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in los angeles. >> henry lee is joining us now with more on victor mcelhaney. he was a talented musician with
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a very bright future. >> reporter: the councilmember is visiting her sons dorm at usc and bringing final arrangements to bring him back. he is being remembered as a proud oakland native and a gifted musician. >> he was always very genuine. >> reporter: he was shot during an apparent robbery at the usc campus on saturday morning. no description of the assailants has been released. he was a jazz study student that his roots were in his hometown of oakland. it is a great tragedy for the councilwoman. a trial is winding down for -- >> i know that this tragedy yet
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again in her family is really affecting her, but they are also a family of faith, they are always in church. the call each other to pray over the phone. >> reporter: in a statement, kaplan said that victor was a bright star, and we were all following his success in school and in life. this is an unspeakable tragedy, one i hope will renew our commitment to judges. barbara lee also weighed in, saying: >> reporter: there will be a funeral in oakland when his body is return home, and those arrangements are still pending. san francisco's mayor today announced who will replace the
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late jeff adachai as public defender. manohar "mano" raju has been appointed , and he has 18 years of experience, 11 of them in san francisco. he says experience with san francisco's criminal justice system will be radical going forward. >> that is why our office is so relieved that the mayor appointed someone in-house who understands our daily struggles. >> he will begin assuming some of the responsibilities of the office right away but can't officially be sworn in until he moves to san francisco. he currently lives in alameda county. he plans to run as the permanent replacement in november. the circumstances following a dodgy's death are still unknown. the border wall
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construction is front and center in president trump's new border plan. he is asking them to approve a record $4.7 trillion in spending while also producing cuts to education and environmental protections. >> it is still amazing that the trump administration proposes year after year after year that the american taxpayer pay billions of dollars for a border wall that president trump said would be completely free. >> this budget reflects the presidents priorities that all americans can benefit from the current historic boom. >> the next fiscal year begins on october 1. joining us now to
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talk more about all of this is a political science professor from sonoma state university. thank you for coming on today. clearly the president willing to reignite this fight over border wall funding that led to that 35 day government shutdown. what do you think is the endgame for him here? >> the president clearly thinks that the border wall is a win for his base but it is also a politics issue. it could certainly define the rest of this political year. the budget is a starting point here, there could be several riders that are attached to this, but even republicans do not go into this with any type of blindfold on as well. the budget begins with the standpoint of moving forward in terms of four both republicans, it is just a demarcation point at this point. >> why is he asking for this
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money to build a border wall when he already declared an emergency to build a wall along the border? >> what you see is, the border wall for the president really goes to his base. it goes into his base in terms of he believes it is a political winner and will help push forward on 2020 for presidential election. he can also believes that he can cast aside any democratic talking points. he does this with a mind towards 2020 and reelection. it does have some assumptions that we will have an economic boom that is pretty robust. >> he says this budget plan embodies fiscal responsibility, and they say it will put the budget to be on track in 15
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years. the economic growth we would have to see for that to happen, how realistic is it? >> it is not realistic that you would have 3% sustained over 15 years. the budget is about creating physical stress. this budget cuts state department funding in dramatic ways. obviously that is very important for what we are doing overseas, and it sets the marker for both parties and gives democrats a certain marker to develop their platform and it also gives republicans in congress something to work with at least at this moment. just a blueprint, just the start, but it is dead on arrival. >> just a jumping off point, but the negotiations can now begin. ♪ [ music ] new accusations coming up in just a few minutes. we will tell you about the potential new evidence against and battled r&b singer r kelly
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that has now been turned over to police. how players are able to get personal and help design the gear they will be playing with this season. outside our door, this feels like spring, dry weather and mostly clear skies. we will show you what you can expect for your bay area tuesday and the rest of the week, coming up. ♪ [ music ] [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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two people injured and killed six pets at a home in bay point yesterday. fire officials confirmed to ktvu that it was caused by butane hash oil gas that was being used to make a cannabis concentrate known as honeywell. five dogs and a cat died in the explosion. fire crews treated to other dogs that did survive. a third person inside that home was not hurt. the explosion caused significant damage to that house. victims from the 2017 n. bay wildfires will get more details today about funding that could help them get back on their feet. people in coffee park and santa rosa may be eligible for funding up to $100,000 if they have not yet begun to rebuild their homes. the money is available through the disaster assistance loan program. a community meeting about this program is set for
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6:00 tonight at the family center in santa rosa. the oakland a's regular- season begins in japan, but first an inside look at how the players got some important new equipment during spring training. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: every kid remembers his or her first baseball glove. for many, it is something that arrives on christmas day. even major leaguers feel like kids at christmas when they get a new glove. >> being able to pick the one out that you will use for the rest of the season, it is an awesome time to get every thing started and get all your new items. >> the christmas gift i would always ask for is baseball stuff. it is great to come in every year and come together and get all of your new gear. >> reporter: christmas came on the first day of their new workouts. major leaguers don't just buy something off the rack.
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they special order. >> years ago, we would show up with black and brown gloves. nowadays, guys are really customizing them to the team colors. it has turned into quite a deal. >> reporter: team colors, they custom ordered a pair of gloves, and then he got traded to the a's. >> i like a little flair. i did not get my new ones yet because i just traded in december, so i am looking forward to getting the oakland colors. >> i figured i would like to know what the kids always like, and i like having the dark inside and lighter outside. >> reporter: getting the glove is one thing, and then comes
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the process of breaking it in. >> people put them in microwaves and drive their cars over them. >> i mostly catch for a while until it is broken in. >> reporter: that does not happen often for matt chapman. after all, he has won a gold glove at third base. an award given by that other major-league manufacturer. there is no question that now the glove and the process of acquiring one has seriously evolved since the best advice on how to catch a baseball was, use two hands. ♪ [ music ] you have to have a little flair, right? some of the colors, that makes total sense. now let's bring in rosemary for a look at the forecast.
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>> we are off to a chilly start, but temperatures are in the 60s. with a little bit of sunshine out there, we are seeing a major difference as far as temperature wise. 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. 68 degrees right now.'s the sun will set around 7:00. here is a look at the 24 hour temperature change. concord is up by 15. around the bay, just as nice. up by 8 degrees in oakland. we are with clear skies, most of the state enjoying clear skies. a little bit of activity going on there, and we have this right here that is actually going to work into northern california by tomorrow morning. we have a few showers, let me show you the future cast. that rain line is to the north and west of us. is moving through areas of northern california. tomorrow morning will be a dry,
4:23 pm
clear, chilly start. we do turn partly cloudy even mostly cloudy into the afternoon, and then it is gone. we may squeeze out just a few sprinkles, and that looks like about it for tomorrow. mostly clear skies for tomorrow. 36 in napa, 47 san francisco, and in the afternoon, temperatures could fall off a little bit. we will go low 60s around the bay. 62 in livermore. details on this, coming up in just a bit. ♪ [ music ] of next here, a woman goes to great lengths to get a selfie and ends up getting attacked by a jaguar. the fate of the animal if that woman issues an apology. >> do not climb over the barriers at zoos. know selfie is worth that. here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup.
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tonight is the season finale of the passage. ♪ [ music ] so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. there are reports that a third sex tape allegedly showing singer r kelly abusing underage girls has been turned over to police. the box was reportedly found in
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-- and anonymous person posted his bail of $160,000 in back child support. an arizona woman will says she was sorry after jumping a fence in a zoo. >> reporter: an arizona woman apologizing to the wildlife world zoo saying she was wrong for jumping a barrier while attempting to snap this selfie with a female jaguar that attacked the woman as she attempted to get a picture. the zoo responding with a tweet saying, we promise you that nothing will happen to our jaguar. there are proper barriers in place. it is not an animals fault when barriers are crossed.
4:28 pm
>> the barriers are put in place for a reason. what is a woman involved suffered injuries to her arm, needing several stitches after the jaguar grabbed her through a fence, digging its claws into her arm. >> it grassed around her hand, and she was holding her other arm with her hand attached to the paw, screaming to get out. >> reporter: a quick thinking visitor grabbed a water bottle and stick it through the fence, distracting the cat long enough for her to get away. there were several barriers in the way. >> it is a large cat, so if you put something in front of it, it feels threatened. >> reporter: another visitor needed stitches to his finger after getting too close to the jaguar enclosure.
4:29 pm
while the purpose of the zoo is to get close to wildlife, not disclose. ♪ [ music ] the cleanup continues in sonoma county. up next, what is in place today after floodwaters swept through. and technology comes to the rescue of heart attack patients. how a drone can increase your chance of survival. ♪ [ music ] humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference.
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disaster cleanup continues in sonoma county in flood
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damaged communities all along the rushing river. it is day one of a curbside collection program. >> reporter: this is what some neighborhoods in granville look like. piles of trash and debris clogged the streets, and that is why today, sonoma county is offering free curbside pickup for communities impacted by the flood. waste collectors used heavy machinery to lift large items like refrigerators and furniture from piles of flood damaged debris in granville. this is one of four main sites where curbside pickup is being offered for free. >> there is a tremendous amount of waste, and it is also water saturated. >> reporter: the curbside pickup program is a way to help get this job done, with growing concerns about health and environmental hazards. people should separate waste into piles.
4:33 pm
a third pile for construction or demolition like metals and drywall, and then everything else. the simoni county board of -- there are officials with the county, and the sheriff's office at the sites to make sure no one abuses the service. >> the county has monitors who are at each of these pickups, so designating what is and is not flood debris. we will investigate and try to track down the source of that. >> reporter: waste collectors will be out for the next two weeks. the overall cost is expected to be 2 1/2 million dollars. >> we ask you to be safe and be patient. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. an officer is recovering this afternoon after a crash on highway 101 after 10:15 this
4:34 pm
morning. the officer was hurt but is expected to recover. two southbound lanes are still blocked, leading to backups in that area, and no word on the cause of that crash. the cycling community is stunned after the death of a sanford student who won a silver medal not long ago. she was pursuing a graduate degree in computational mathematics. the minnesota native felt the -- helped the team win silver during the games at rio de janeiro. she suffered a concussion a few months ago and had not been the same since. a 28-year-old investigation that started in april 1991 when someone found a dead body in the premium outlets on nut tree
4:35 pm
road. on 1998 that body was exhumed, but facial recognition could not identify the person. recently, fingerprint technology was used to identify the body as that of cynthia merkley. detectives are asking that anyone who knew her at the time of her death come forward to help with this investigation. drones may soon deliver lifesaving medication to heart attack patients. pilots will control flights from remote locations as they deliver defibrillators to help people suffering from heart attacks. a 911 dispatcher will talk people through how to use the device. the goal here is to make resources available before paramedics arrived. >> reporter: when choppers are
4:36 pm
too cumbersome, fighter jets to loud, and boots on the ground too risky, washington has turned to drones to do recon and sneak attacks, but explosive growth on the consumer level as introduce something a lot less sinister at a fraction of the cost. drones are being used by farmers and firefighters, a way to track traffic. they monitor whether and how we respond to the aftermath. they are even helping with deliveries. >> drone delivery, obviously, is sort of the next innovation in saving lives. >> reporter: the city of reno, nevada has developed a way to deliver a defibrillator faster than paramedics. >> it has the opportunity to save your life every two weeks on average.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: they had to apply for a special permit from the faa to allow them to be flown over the public without an operator or a spotter physically present. >> i am looking forward to the day when drones will be routinely delivering defibrillators to folks in need. >> reporter: the city of reno will start testing next month. ♪ [ music ] up next, the roller coaster for retail. we will show you the numbers and sit down with our financial advisor to find out what this all means for the economy. a week system approaching the bay area for tuesday. what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week, coming up. ♪ [ music ] to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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san francisco-based levi strauss is looking to -- it is planning to trade under the levi symbol. this is the second initial public offer since it went public in 1971. it was taken private again in 1985 in a leveraged buyout. the market value will be about $6.17 billion. technology companies
4:41 pm
powered u.s. stocks, producing the best stocks surged since january. a u.s. government report shows retail sales rose slightly in january after falling in december. the nasdaq composite down joe's -- all ended the day on the upside. >> let's take a look at those sales figures. retail sales did rebound slightly in january after december's dismal drop. according to this government report, retail sales rose about 0.2% in january. you are probably wondering why we are just finding out about january. it was delayed due to the partial government shutdown. this was led by -- as for the data for december, it was also revised to show a 1.6% drop in sales instead of decreasing as
4:42 pm
1.2% as originally reported. that was already significant, so an even larger drop then we have anticipated. george, a little piece of welcome news today. >> reporter: it was good news, but it was misleading. the retail sales report is heavily the most important economic indicator that we have for the gdp. retail sales encompasses 75% of our consumption. november and december are two very important months, but the report came out that december was 1.4% lower than november. it was revised today to be 1.6 which is even worse. we were even happy that january was up 0.2%, but that was misleading, because we picked up a higher 0.2%. >> the fact that we are sinful -- that we are flat in sales,
4:43 pm
what does that mean? >> we are projecting our gdp to increase at 0.7%. we look for a little uptake of 2.6%, and then 2.1%. we think our gdp will end up at around 1.8%. as opposed to the 3.1%, so we lost 1% plus in there. >> there were expectations we would see a slowdown, especially when some people saw those numbers. do you think that the slowdown of sales is in fact going to bear out when we get those numbers? >> the market does not like to hear this, but we are in slow growth. it does not mean we are heading toward us a recession. it means we are slowing down. if you take out that 1%, you are at a 2% economy.
4:44 pm
it looks like we are a 2% economy going forward. that is not bad, but it is not great. >> what impact does this have on interest rates? >> he said the word patients again. we like him because he speaks plain english. he sees the economy slowing, so as long as inflation does not creep up too much, it is not likely we will have an increase in the federal funds rate which increases the cost of goods. >> so maybe no drastic change in interest rates. what do you think it is that has people not wanting to spend as much right now? >> i think we got off to a bad start this year with the government shutdown. i think that created a little bit of fear. some people were out of jobs, spending slow down a little bit, and now we have our political economy. tomorrow, the consumer price index is coming out. that will
4:45 pm
be important to see if there is an increase in inflation. we are going to follow that tomorrow, too. those kinds of things create fear in the economy, and people do not like fear. they like things to be smooth. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. we want to shift and talk about our weather across the bay area. sunshine as far as the eye can see, it is back. >> sunshine, blue skies, we even had a nice warm-up this afternoon. upper 60s in areas like santa rosa today. moving forward, we do have a week system that will approach the bay area for tomorrow. that will bring back a little bit of cloud cover and bring a slight chance of a few scattered showers. behind the system, it will turn a little breezy, but for the
4:46 pm
most part, we will remain dry for the week ahead, and we will be mostly sunny and dry and mild for your bay area weekend. here is a view of storm tracker 2. we are looking at a storm in washington and oregon and northern california by tomorrow morning. here is a look at tomorrow morning, notice that line of rain in areas of eureka and farther north. as we get into the early afternoon, it begins to shift into central california and the bay area, but it fizzles out. we are mostly looking at cloudy skies. we are going to leave in the possibility of a sprinkle or two, and then it moves out, and that is about it. sierra will also get a bit of snow. no winter travel advisories, but always a good idea to have the chains or snow tires prepared if you are headed in
4:47 pm
that direction. look at how well we are doing right now. 13 1/2 inches there, 108% of average. oakland 101%. the sierra snowpack looking great as well. temperatures great right now. 64 in nevada, 68 in santa rosa. if we go east, we have 66 in castro valley, 64 in livermore, and 63 in san jose. tomorrow morning, it will be another chilly start. 35 to start your morning in santa rosa. you are going to slip quite a bit. around the bay, we will go low 40s. afternoon highs for tomorrow could come down a little bit with partly cloudy skies and that week system moving through. low 60s for the east bay shores, and as we head west, --
4:48 pm
here is a look at your extended forecast. we will call for a partly to mostly cloudy sky for tomorrow, and as we get into your bay area wednesday, temperatures do not change a whole lot in the business week, and then as we get to the weekend, they begin to turn around. 70 degrees in time for saturday and sunday. it is starting to feel a little bit more like spring and less like winter all of a sudden. happening now, you may be able to win a free trip to hawaii. southwest airlines is beginning service from oakland international to hawaii starting on sunday. because of that, the airline is celebrating. there will be live performances every day until saturday. you have a chance to win a round-trip flight to hawaii.
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they will be giving those away between 4:45 pm and 7 pm each night. they are also planning to add service to high hawaii from san francisco. a recent air tragedy leading to a lot of questions for boeing. >> federal investigators are on the scene investigating a plane crash that killed more than 150 people. senator dianne feinstein called for all of these jets to be grounded. see how many are flying in the united states right now. also one young woman's reason to serve. >> it is not unusual for military branches to reach out to high school students. we will talk to one young woman who can't wait to fulfill her
4:50 pm
dream of becoming a marine. >> looking forward to that, thank you so much. in the meantime, right here on the four, touching moments caught on video. someone came to the aid of a special needs student with a song. you can hear the school resource officer gently singing the rainbow connection from the muppet movie for second-grader racquel. her teacher tells ktvu that the student was having a really tough time transitioning to her next class. she said the officer singing prompted her to break out into a big smile. it helped her deal with the transition. morrison is an 18 year veteran of the department. school officials and fellow
4:51 pm
officers say she is incredible with children, and that this is a moment that is typical of her character. >> reporter: --
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
recent satellite images capturing some activity at a significant north korean missile launch site which has sat dormant since august. president trump said he would be disappointed if kim jong-un resumed testing.
4:54 pm
but there is word that they may be preparing to launch a missile. the president's national security advisor says that president trump is prepared to meet again. >> they had a full exchange of views as the saying goes, and it was clear they would not reach an agreement. the president walked away in a friendly way from the discussion. he said he is prepared to meet kim jong-un again. >> the news about possible launch plans comes just days after the main launch site was rebuilt. i.s.i.s. fighters are now confined to a tiny camp under a mountain near the syrian border. >> reporter: syria is almost completely liberated from
4:55 pm
i.s.i.s. they are still clinging to a small strip of land near the iraqi border. they are being pounded back by the syrian democratic forces. but it is difficult with thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire. >> we targeted -- there were limited advances around the camp. >> reporter: the assault is focused on i.s.i.s. targets. there are thought to be some 500 i.s.i.s. fighters left in that territory with an estimated 3 to 4000 civilians, including women and children. >> from inside the village, i.s.i.s. is being pushed back day by day. >> reporter: meanwhile, the trump administration is trying
4:56 pm
to put together an international coalition to keep fighting the terrorist groups once u.s. forces withdraw from syria. the white house says they are working on it. >> i have spoken to my british and french counterparts this past week. i think they are looking on trying to participate. a lot of work remains to be done. >> reporter: the pentagon says it could be several more weeks before i.s.i.s. territory is recaptured. that is going to do it for us on this beautiful monday afternoon. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 begins right after the break. ♪ [ music ] for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts right now . a shooting in a mall parking lot in santa rosa. police say a man shot and killed his estranged wife and minutes later shot and killed himself. good evening everyone i am frank somerville. >> the shooting happened around 8:30 this morning in santa rosa. ktvu's rob roth joins us live. rob. >> reporter: julie, domestic violence and death here. police say that an estranged husband opened fire on his wife and with later took his own life. a white suv after it rolled
5:00 pm
into a parked car in the parking lot, the woman robert inside fatally shot police say by her estranged husband just before 8:30 this morning. it appeared that she was seated in the driver seat of the vehicle and the mayor for object walked up and fired multiple gunshots. she later died at the hospital. no one else at the mall was injured. moments later if you blocks from the mall another gunshot inside another vehicle and another death. police say the has been drove here to herbert street where he had been staying with family. >> officers responded to that scene and found a deceased male sitting in a drivers seat with a handgun lying on his lap. >> reporter: the police say they have been married for 22 years but separated a couple of months ago. >> the mail had been


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