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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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parking lot, the woman robert inside fatally shot police say by her estranged husband just before 8:30 this morning. it appeared that she was seated in the driver seat of the vehicle and the mayor for object walked up and fired multiple gunshots. she later died at no one else at the mall was injured. moments later if you blocks from the mall another gunshot inside another vehicle and another death. police say the has been drove here to herbert street where he >> officers responded to that scene and found a deceased male sitting in a drivers seat with a handgun lying on his lap. >> reporter: the police say they have been married for 22 years but separated a couple of months ago. >> the mail had been working to revive the marriage. in the last couple of weeks the
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woman asked for a divorce. >> reporter: they are checking to see if they had a history of domestic violence or other legal problems. the mall state open. shoppers were shocked and frustrated that something happened like this. >> i park your all of the time. it is pretty scary. >> just to be on a positive note trying to spread the word for individuals maybe some type of further counseling for families or individuals who are going through something. >> reporter: the couple had four children they range in age from 8 to 25 years old. julie. >> to hear they have four children, do we know where they are tonight? >> reporter: we don't know specifically. there is a large family from both sides. the older children, the oldest is 25. the younger's do have older
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siblings to stay with. >> rob roth reporting in santa rosa. rob, thank you. an officer was on his motorcycle when he was involved in a collision with a volkswagen in the southbound lane near third avenue. it is not clear what led to the crash. we're told that the driver of the volkswagen stayed on the scene and was cooperating with investigators. a spokesperson for the chp said the officer is expected to survive. not to developing news, officials in ethiopia have obtained the digital data recorder from the airline crash . the plane was in route to nyo brie kenya. a witness said that smoke was coming from the back of the plane before it hit the ground. the crash is calling into question the boeing 737 hillary clinton eight.
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another airplane at the same model crashed in indonesia last year killing 189 people. now number of countries, china, indonesia, and ethiopia are grounding their 737s. the ceo said that his company will cooperate fully with investigators. >> we have more than 300 flights per day. it is a safe airline. this is a very isolated and unfortunate incident. >> the passengers came from 35 different countries and included eight americans. one of them work at a high tech nonprofit called tech soup based here in the bay area.
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>> the senator's remark do have some validity to them when you consider that this is the same manufacturer, the same model and the same submodel. both of which took off and not too many minutes later crashed out of control. that is a situation which really has to be fully understood. >> sunday and ethiopian 737 hillary clinton eight crashed six minutes after takeoff killing all on board. before the crash pilots reported control problems and try to return to the airport. the data recorder has been recovered. >> late last october in eerily similar circumstances a plane crashed 13 minutes after departure into the sea killing all 189 on board as pilots wrestled with the out of
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control plane. in that crash, investigators believe that an automatic system that keeps the plane from praising its nose to hike malfunctioned and forced the plane to knows that from the sky. had the pilot switch off that system it probably would not have crashed. some expert pilot said that the manual does not cover the situation. when question on fox news after the first hillary clinton eight crash boeing's chief executive officer denied that. >> this airplane went through thousands and thousands of tests and certifications. >> that is why yesterday's crash is so perplexing. >> we have issued bulletins that point operators back to existing flight procedures to handle this kind of situation. >> the chinese government grounded its fleet of 737 hillary clinton aides along with indonesia and ethiopia. in the u.s., 59 hillary clinton aides are flown by southwest
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and american. 350 worldwide. united lies 14 of the slightly larger version called the hillary clinton nine. boeing said it is too early to know the cause. it is issuing no guidance as to whether or not to flight the plains. >> this was supposedly boeing's future. it is smaller and one that everyone has wanted to buy. if there is some type of safety issue it could have a major impact on the company and boeing going forward. the ceo was not uncertain in october. >> the bottom line is the 737 hillary clinton is safe. it is making everyone wonder what is going on. is it a coincidence that has happened in the past. the reality of the situation is that it should not be happening at all. reporting for ktvu fox 2 news .
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>> several airlines are still lying 737s plains. that includes southwest airlines with 34 planes in operation. that is the largest number in the world. american airlines has twenty- four. united airlines does not operate any and neither does delta. press president trump sent a budget proposal. it calls for increased dietary bending and sharp cuts to domestic programs. democratic leaders are already calling the presidents budget plan dead on arrival. >> reporter: in this year's final budget, though word wall was not which and once. today the white house put wall construction front and center for next year's proposal. the president's 2020 budget proposal arrived on capitol hill hot off the presses.
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it is called the budget for a better america. the trump administration is asking them to approved 4.3 trillion in spending. there will be sharp cuts. >> this reflects the presidents priorities to ensure that everyone can -- from the economic boom. >> reporter: calls for another $8.6 billion in border wall funds. >> it is amazing that the trump administration proposes year after year after year that the american taxpayer pay billions of dollars for a border wall that president trump said that would be completely free. >> reporter: the budget plan comes as the senate is set to vote on a resolution to lock the presidents emergency declaration. >> congress gave him the right
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to do so. >> reporter: critics cautioned that the plan asked for nearly $5 trillion in debt over the next five years. >> as long as we're doing it wisely and creating growth. >> reporter: this is a starting point to congress and the trump administration to negotiate. the next fiscal year begins october 1. beside calls from some of her democratic members, speaker of the house nancy pelosi said she is not in favor of impeaching trump. she said i am not for impeachment. impeachment is so to the country that unless there something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. and he has not worth it.
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a power failure leads to a system wide bart failure. he had skills and talent. remembering the 21-year-old son of a oklahoma city councilmember. up next tonight, a tribute for victor mcelhaney. for some, it seems like the cleanup has just begun. after floodwaters slept through swept through towns. temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. i will show you the numbers and what you can expect in the next couple of days.
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tributes are pouring in from southern california in honor of the 21d son of an oakland city councilwoman. the young man was shot in an attempted robbery. victor mcelhaney friends say he was a very talented musician and his future looked great. >> the councilmember is visiting her sons dorm and getting ready to make final arrangements to bring him back to oakland, his home town. >> reporter: 21-year-old victor mcelhaney is a proud oklahoma native and a gift of musician. >> he was very genuine. >> reporter: he was shot and killed during an apparent robbery. the lapd is investigation. his loss is
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being felt far and wide. he was a jazz study student. his roots were in his hometown of oakland. >> let us all consider this such a painful reminder of all of the work that we have to do. to end the scorch of gun violence. to ensure that no one suffers the kind of loss that lynette and her family are suffering right now. >> reporter: it is the latest tragedy for the councilmember. in 2016, a boy who she considered her grandson was shot and killed in oakland. >> i know this tragedy yet again in her family is really affecting her. they are also a family of faith. they are always in church. sometimes we call each other and pray over the phone. >> reporter: rebecca kaplan said that tuesday nights counsel eating has been canceled.
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in a statement they said that victor was a bright star. we were all following his success in school and in life. this is an unspeakable tragedy, one i hope will renew our commitment to justice. barbara lee also waived in. my deepest condolences to oakland city councilmember lynette mackle haney on the passing of her son. no mother should have to beer this kind of loss. my thoughts and prayers are with lynette and her family. there will be a funeral in oakland once his body is returned home. henry lee, ktvu box 2 news. today we learned who will be taking over the san francisco public defender office . manohar raju will be the public defender until november. manohar raju has 18 years of experience as a
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attorney. 11 of them in san francisco. he said he is glad that the mayor appointed someone from within the department. the >> if you haven't done this you cannot have a deep understanding of what we do day in and day out. that is why our office is so relieved that the mayor appointed someone in-house that understands our daily struggles. >> manohar raju will assume some of the duties right away. he currently lives in alameda county. he is planning to run for office as jeff adachi permanent replacement in november. fire station number 19 in central custer county is not far from panola valley road. they have hired 11 new reserve firefighters. it is part of the district plan to improve firefighting efforts across the nation. they fired -- provide service
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to more than 1 million people. curbside cleanup. alyssa harrington has our report tonight. >> reporter: this is what some neighborhoods in burnsville look like. piles of trash and debris clogged the street. that is why starting today panola county is offering free curbside pickup for the communities impacted by the flood. waste collectors use have her juri heavy machinery to pick up trash. this is one of four main sites along the russian river where curbside debris pickup is being offered for free. >> it is water saturated and that as a lot of weight. >> reporter: some residence had the means to haul debris on
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their own. this is a way to help the job get done. people should separate waste into piles. e-waste and appliances in one pile and hazardous household waste like paint in another. a third pile for construction emotion. and then, everything else. the board of supervisors offered to provide the service at no cost for flood victims only. >> the county have monitors that are at each of these pickups. they are designating what is and what is not flood every. if we find things that look like it is illegal dumping we will investigate and try and track down the source of that. >> reporter: they will be out for the next two weeks. the overall cost is expected to be $2.5 million. >> there is going to be some traffic congestion. there is heavy equipment
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operating in the area. >> reporter: in burnsville, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news . >> both pictures are incredible. >> there's so much debris to be picked up. let's go to meteorologist bill martin. thanks. it is time to get things out and get things drive. mount hamilton set a record for snowfall. just over 38 inches of snow. it has been a very, very wet concentrated winter. rain day after day. today is the first day we have had that has been nice. today's temperatures are a solid 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. you can see the weather system is moving through southern california. as the system moves through it will create problems for the four corners area.
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phoenix is going to get wet. we are getting a break today. this week weather system, it is a very week system. think about month after month of satellite imagery. this is such a departure from what we have been saying. this system is going to slide by tomorrow and create some cloud cover and some sunshine. it may drop temperatures by a degree. there could be a light sprinkle. it is not a game changer at all. you will see it on the model. the radar is clean. nothing going on now. big thunder and lightning last night. we saw the event in oakland yesterday. a big hail event. there was a lot of hail yesterday. they were measuring it. let me go back not have brushed do that. 67 in fairfield. 67 in concorde. 67 in napa.
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look how much warmer it is than it was yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in fairfield. livermore, 10 degrees warmer. a significant more. you could really see the green coming out in the hills. you can see the plans and hear the birds. i'm not telling you anything you don't know. it is one of those days. we have have a big time winter. you get a day like this and everyone takes a deep breath. we are going to get a break for a day or two. we will get a break through the week. we will have things green up and dry. thanks will -- blossoms will come out. >> do you know where that picture is? >> it is spectacular. >> this is no ridge. >> it is spectacular. >> i would normally think that was the east bay camera. >> it is the highway for camera. you are out in pittsburgh looking toward the north side
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of diablo. >> there we go. we will talk about the slight chance of a shower tomorrow. enjoy today. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. >> thank you bill. both people would agree that moving is no fun. it makes it even harder when most of the people who are moving air in their 80s and 90s. up next, many families now scrambling after a senior living facility announces that it is closing. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, reports on the huge amount paid to a google executive. the future of the warriors as they get ready to move across the bay. to craig, this . the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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a senior living facility is closing its doors because of safety concerns. as ktvu's dan rubin shows us families are rushing to find new places to live. >> reporter: moving isn't easy at any age. for the residents of meadows most of them are in their 80s and 90s it will be even harder. the senior living and assisted living facility is closing its doors. they are leaving residence scrambling. >> this is moving mom at 82 years of age that we thought we would have to never move again. >> reporter: the decision was
5:26 pm
about safety. and independent assessment showed their wiring was out of date, they had repeated gas leaks, and there fire access was out of date. >> giving the risk of incredible fires we look long and hard at this. it is not to our standards of safety. >> reporter: the facility is run by a company called cobia. it hopes to rebuild here. eckley apartments for sale not for rent. they plan to refund the fee that residence paid and give them an additional $2500 toward relocation. >> this is not something that we chose to do. in our 50 year history of a system we have never closed a community. we do take it very seriously. it is sad. >> we were looking at places in san jose, they all have waiting list. >> there are a few available options caused by. leaving the area means being
5:27 pm
further from loved ones, community groups, and doctors. >> i am very scared and worried. i hope they give more time and a few more dollars to help the transition be a little less painful. >> reporter: the facility is set to close on september 30. however, it could take three years to demolish and rebuild. ann rubin ktvu fox two news. a systemwide failure left part writers without service. i am about to go in a metal tube underwater. i don't like the possibility of system or mechanical failures. >> what they are doing to find out what went wrong. drones could be the difference between life and death. how the city of reno is going to use drones technology to respond to heart calls faster than paramedics could get
5:28 pm
there. plus, a month before her 25th birthday she passed away. how she is carrying the memory of her sister with her how she works toward her goal to serving her country. (music throughout)
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new details tonight on the systemwide shutdown of bart over the weekend. we are now learning that a computer wide program is a part of the problem.
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but now, brian tells us they're also being put to use in a life-saving way many people never saw coming
5:36 pm
>> when choppers are too cumbersome and fighter jets too loud, washington that turned to doans to do recon and sneak attacks. but explosive growth audiotape on the consumer level has produced something -- drones are being used by farmers and firefighters. a way to track traffic and snow on the slopes. they monitor weather and how we respond to the aftermath. the next idea could be the difference between life and death. >> drone delivery obviously is sort of the next innovation in saving lives. >> reporter: the city of reno, nevada, has joined forced with a company to respond to heart attack victims. >> each delivery droin the city carrying defibrillators has the opportunity to save a life every two weeks on average. >> reporter: they had to apply for a special permit from the faa to allow them to be flown
5:37 pm
over the public without an operator or spotter physically able to see the drone. it's part of a pilot program the government agency is using to test new uses for unmanned aerial vehicles. >> i am so looking forward to the day when drones will be routinely delivering defibrillators to folks in need. >>reporter: the city of reno will start testing deliveries in reno next month. still ahead, a woman climbed over a zoo barrier to get a closer look at a jaguar all for a selfie. then things go horribly wrong. why the two him is now apologizing for the attack. what's better than having fast,
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igloo has issued a recall of its marine elite coolers after a boy from florida was trapped inside one. the recall follows the release of this surveillance video. it shows the little boy climbing into the cooler to hide earlier this month. the problem is, the top of the cooler then suddenly dropped and locked him in. the boy's mother said she heard his muffled screams and immediately rushed to get him out. igloo announced the voluntary recall today. the company is offering free kits to replace the latch on those models so they are no
5:41 pm
longer self-locking. many of those companies are relatively new, including uber, lyft and air b&b. but what one company has been around for 166 years. we're talking about san francisco-based levi. strauss and company. a buyout took the company back to the private market in 1985. this morning in a regulatory filing, the company said they expect to list shares priced at $14 or $16 each. tesla is scaling back to close stores around the world. the company said it's still moving to online sales but wants to close half the stores. last month, tesla announced plans to shut its doors so it could sell a lower priced model 3 for $35,000. the company has 378 stores and service centers worldwide and has not provided a specific
5:42 pm
number of stores it plans to close. on wall street, tech stocks led the indiss es indices. the s- social security office is warning people. there is a scam. in some cases the caller even threatens the victim with arrests if they don't comply. the social security office says it never suspends numbers or threatens people to get information. an iranian court has issued a verdict against a u.s. navy veteran. 47-year-old michael white was taken into custody last july when he traveled to iran to visit his girlfriend. iranian authorities haven't discussed the verdict or said
5:43 pm
what charges white faces or explains why he was taken into custody. white is from san diego county. he has reportedly been on a hunger strike since last thursday. still to come, she's a senior at a high school in the east bay and last fall she signed up for the marines. >> i'm waiting to graduate and ship off to boot camp. that's it. >> after the break, meet the teenager who can't wait to serve her country and also make her late sister proud. the rain is done for now and the temperatures really warmed up. we saw upper 60s today. vacaville, 67 degrees. warmer as we head through the week. back here with the five-day.
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it's not uncommon to see military brafrmges trying to recruit high school seniors to get them to consider a career in the military but recruiters say it's important that teenagers sign up have good reasons for joining. >> in tonight's bay area people, claudine wong introduces us to a young woman who says she can't wait to fulfill her dream in the marine corps and in the process is inspiring many people around here. >> let's go, move with a sense of purpose! >> you're halfway done! >> if it was easy, everybody would do it. >> reporter: the workout isn't easy but becoming a marine isn't either. do you feel you have something to prove? >> i never want to give up. >> reporter: that's priscilla martinez rodriguez.
5:47 pm
they just call her martinez. she's a senior at mount diablo high school and she signed up for the marines last august. >> now i'm just waiting to graduate and ship off to boot camp. >> these are our marines awaiting training. they're young men and women that enlisted in the delayed entry program. that's the program we have to get them mentally and physically prepared. >> reporter: -- >> if you don't have a powerful why you want to do anything, why do you want to be a doctor, in this case, why do you want to be a marine, when things get tough, what is going to keep you train. >> reporter: all train at the recruiting office a couple times a week but this group does extra training. the gym has had a long relationship with the marines hosting competitions and training. >> it's my opportunity to give
5:48 pm
back and to help any kind of person that's getting ready for the military. >> reporter: the owner said he wanted to know why these young people wanted to serve. so he offered them a scholarship that would allow them to be to work out at no cost. it was written by martinez who read her letter to us. >> serving the country has never been about medals or rings. but about giving back to those who have given everything to me. >> reporter: martinez was born in mexico and lived there with her mother and sister who had cerebral palsy while her father was working in the u.s. she was five years old when they all got a chance to come to the united states. >> after years of seeing my family suffering, we got news that the u.s. had decided to grant us access to the country
5:49 pm
and my sister maria would receive medical attention immediately after landing. from the moment we landed our future would change dramatically. she clung to live with a strong spirit, however, only a month before her 21st birthday she passed away. i swore to fight for her and move forward in her memory. >> reporter: for martinez that meant military. >> i reached out to the air force and navy recruiters and was turned down due to my status as a green card holder. >> reporter: she said the call from the marines came suddenly but she answered. >> the only question i have is can i do it. >> reporter: her recruiter isn't worried. >> she will make it through 100%. >> i want to and i will fight for those i love. >> reporter: and he couldn't just stop thinking about her letter. >> i was blown away. and her -- the time she took to
5:50 pm
put that letter and it really gained a scholarship for the whole group. >> reporter: how can you say now no now?. right. >> reporter: now she and her marine family work out for free. backed by the marines and the community. >> they need to feel proud of what they're doing and know their community is behind them. >> reporter: martinez thinks about her sister maria. >> i don't feel as though giving up is something that she would do or want in he to do, so everything is to be able to fight in her memory and to be able to make her proud. >> reporter: it's her why, why she says she's determined to be among the few, the proud, the marines. claudine wong, ktvu, fox 2 news. the oakland raiders are early favorites to win the offseason.
5:51 pm
it started over the weekend when we agreed to trade for antonio brown with the pittsburgh steelers. the deal isn't official until wednesday. brown and the raiders agreed to a contract extension that could be worth up to $50 million with $30 million guaranteed. we also learned today the raiders signed trent brown to the richest contract for an offensive lineman in nfl history. the four-year contract is worth up to $66 million with nearly $37 million guaranteed. brown is no. 77 in these highlights. he spent last year protecting tom brady's blind side and won the super bowl with the new england patriots. the raiders have one more season to play in oakland before moving to a new stadium in las vegas. all right. looking at the weather, quite the different day today as compared to what we experienced yesterday with the thunder and lightning and the hail and over in fremont, san jose and even
5:52 pm
snow on top of hamilton in the haas several hours, so it's really been a wild weather winter. we got a weak system up to the north. see our system down here, los angeles, that thing is moving out of there. slow to go, though. this guy comes down the coast and as it does, it brings clouds and maybe temperatures a dior two cooler but we're going to see mid-60s tomorrow like today. not raining out there now. a much nicer day than yesterday. temperatures 67 and this is sort of the weather story today is these numbers considering where wove been, what we've been seeing all winter long, 50s, 50s and now upper 60s and in fairfield is 16 degrees warmer than yesterday. san carlos is 13 degrees warmer. in san jose, there's a live camera shot. the hills are green and you can hear the water flowing. just walk over mission peak and be quiet for a minute and you can hear the water coming over
5:53 pm
the hill filling the ground water and fillin nice. we haven't seen this in a couple years anyway where we've had a lot of rain and a lot of snow and we can look forward to blue sky. you know, usually we're like cheerleaders this time of year rooting on anything like it looks like it can rain. overnight lows about where they were last night. might see some valley fog. tomorrow morning, there will be some clouds in oakland, san francisco, san jose. party to mostly cloudy in the afternoon and mild and clear late in the day for all of us. it's just going to be a misch mash as the clouds come through early in the day. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mostly in the mid-60s, low 60s. tomorrow morning, here come the clouds. there they go. there's tuesday. here comes wednesday. all over. just blue skies and high pressure as we go in to the next couple days. actually right into the bay area weekend for the most part.
5:54 pm
high temperatures tomorrow, we may not see the upper 60s because of the brief morning cloud cover but we will see temperatures in the mid and low 60s. five-day forecast, i'm going to pop the weekend in here for you, too, so you see what you got. got a couple clouds showing up on the weekend. . a woman attacked by a jaguar at a zoo over the weekend is apologizing for climbing over a barrier. also tonight we're learning what a grandmother did with a water bottle that helped save the woman. coming up new at 6, a 9- year-old girl found dead in a duffle bag now identified. the california state university system could be closer to expanding. where a new campus might be built. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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the zoo posting a tweet sunday saying in part we can promise you nothing will happen to the jaguar she is a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep guests safe, not the wild animals fault. >> when something like this happens it is a reminder that the barriers are put in place for a reason. >> saturday the woman involved suffered injuries to her arm needing several stitches after the jaguar grabbed her through a fence digging its claws into
5:58 pm
her arms. >> the claws were outside of the cage and grasped around her hand and she was holding her other arm with her hand attached to the paul screaming and screaming to get out. >> a quick thinking visitor grabbed a water bottle shoving it to the fence distracting the cat enough to let go of her arm. two barriers protect visitors to the zoo, one is a three foot high concrete wall and a four foot wide setback before the cage. >> it is a wildcat predator so you put something in front of it it is threatened. >> last year another visitor needed stitches after getting too close to the enclosure zoo officials say they meet federal regulations and the purpose of visit was to get close to wildlife but not this close. this is "ktvu news at 6:00".
5:59 pm
>> the golden state warriors are getting ready to move across the bay in the past hour the team double down on its commitment to oakland.>> they may have built a place for them to play their games, but what is a team? who are champions? not just people that win games on the court there people who give back to the community. >> the warriors are hoping to lessen the blow of their upcoming move by announcing their current practice facility in oakland will be the center of the youth basketball and community programs.>> it is all part of what the team calls educational equity and health and fitness. steph curry is excited about the new program. >> it is an amazing opportunity to keep our footprint here in oakland to do amazing things for the next generation of kids that look up to us. >> we were at the warriors practice facility where the
6:00 pm
announcement just took place and now we are getting the details live. >> the warriors and the city of oakland try to put their best spin on what's happening but the bottom line is the warriors will be moving to the other side of the bay to chase center later this year but this facility will be something different. look at this video of the ceremony held a short time ago as the warriors president and ceo along with steph curry and the mayor were on hand, it will turn this facility into youth basketball and community programs aiming at risk youth. they will house not-for-profit organizations funded by the warriors community foundations here at the headquarters. the focus of the announcement was to tout what the facility will be, those on stage downplayed what people wanted to know if the warriors will keep headquarters at the facilities here and the bottom line is no.


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