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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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announcement just took place and now we are getting the details live. >> the warriors and the city of oakland try to put their best spin on what's happening but the bottom line is the warriors will be moving to the other side of the bay to chase center later this year but this facility will be something different. look at this video of the ceremony held a short time ago as the warriors president and ceo along with steph curry and the mayor were on hand, it will turn this facility into youth basketball and community programs aiming at risk youth. they will house not-for-profit organizations funded by the warriors community foundations here at the headquarters. the focus of the announcement was to tout what the facility will be, those on stage downplayed what people wanted to know if the warriors will keep headquarters at the facilities here and the bottom line is no.
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>> we are building the brand- new practice facility as well as our other offices. it is philosophical for the warriors. one of the few places in the nba you will find the basketball part of the operation and business part in the same place. >> unbelievable to be part of this organization that is thinking about the big picture. moving next year but but continuing the roots here in oakland taking care of the next generation, investing in their future. >> we talked with the mayor and she is touting the team will be here and the warriors community foundation will be here based at this facility, they are partnering with other organizations turning it into a youth basketball camp and that's why you saw those kids here behind me. they are emphasizing the fact that they are doing this and that will be opening in 2020
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when they refurbished the facility, meantime the warriors will move to the chase center in september. >> would it be a youth camp year-round or over the summer? when what they have the camps? >> 365 days a year i am told by the ceo of the warriors organization. continuing throughout the year and these organizations will be housing nonprofits upstairs in the corporate offices where the managers of the warriors are right now. so yes this facility will be here year-round. a 20 year lease the warriors community foundation will be signing to keep this facility open for a long time. >> okay, thank you. teachers in the san ramon valley unified district will begin voting tomorrow on if they want to ratify the tentative contract agreemfew da wrap up thursday. the size reached the tentative deal last friday, the proposed
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contract includes a 4% pay raise smaller classes and more nurses and counselors. lawmakers are cracking down on companies that offer to wait in line for you at the dmv, an oakland-based startup will send someone to the dmv to wait in line for you and notify you when you should arrive to swap places. the so-called concierge services cost $100 and the site will offer to book your appointment for $25. lawmakers have drafted legislation to outlaw those practices saying that it amounts to pay a third party for government services, under this pennies that violate the rules would be subject to criminal prosecution and fined. google paid a former executive $35 million as part of an exit package after he was accused of sexual harassment. forced to resign in 2016 following an investigation into claims that he groped a female
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employee at an off-site event, the details of the settlement were revealed as part of the lawsuit brought forth with shareholders. google has said that it made recent changes to take a hard line against sexual misconduct at the company. the mayor of san francisco announced her pick to lead the public defenders office. christien kafton was at city hall where the mayor chose the replacement and he will hold the position until at least november.>> the san francisco's mayor made the announcement today she picked a familiar face to lead the public defenders office. >> i am proud to announce i have chosen to appoint the next county of san francisco. >> 18 years experience as a public defender, 11 in san francisco. he says experience inside of the criminal justice center will be critical.
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>> you have not done that and you don't have a deep understanding of what we do day in and day out. that is why the office is so relieved the mayor pointed someone in-house that understands. >> the chief attorney from the office matt gonzalez has been leading the office since last month. when the previous chief was found unresponsive, the medical examiner's office says it is still under investigation. gonzalez says he was not interested in taking over the office and the job went to the right person. >> i did work with them on their selection process so when i say i am pleased, this is the choice i would've made. >> already planning to speak to staff looking for input on moving forward and he ard to ru for the position when the election comes in november. >> as an elected defender we can in many ways push for what
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we think is right.>> he will begin assuming some responsibilities but he has not yet been sworn in because he does not live in san francisco so he will have to move into san francisco from alameda county before he is sworn in. in the meantime he will work closely with matt gonzalez. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. chp officer suffers major injuries in a crash on highway 101 in san mateo this morning, the officer was on his motorcycle when he was involved with a collision in the southbound lanes near third avenue. it is not clear what led to the crash but the driver of the volkswagen stayed at the scene and is cooperating. a spokesman for chp says the officer suffered major injuries but was not in critical condition and is expected to survive. in santa rosa two people are dead after an apparent murder suicide. they were an estranged couple and we just learned their names,
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have been identified as the following, the man was lying in wait this morning in the parking lot of cotton town mall. the gunman drove to a separate location where he shot and killed himself. >> the suv rolled into a parked car in the market parking lot, the woman in drive fatally shot by her estranged husband just before 8:30 this morning. >> she was seated in the driver seat and the male subject bulle out the side mirror of this mazda as the was walking to the car. no one else was injured. moments later a few blocks away another gunshot inside of another vehicle and another death. the husband drove here to
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herbert street where he had been staying with family. >> officers responded and located a deceased male in the driver seat of a vehicle with a handgun on his lap. >> the couple had been married 27 years but separated a few months ago. >> the mail has been working to revive the marriage and in the last few weeks his wife expressed interest in a divorce and it appears this was a domestic violence incident. >> police were checking to see if they had history of domestic violence or other legal problems, despite the shooting the mall stayed open although one store owner was told to lock the door. shoppers were shocked and frustrated that this happened. >> i park here all the time. it is pretty scary for something like that to happen. >> to be on a positive note trying to spread the word for individuals with some type of counseling for families or
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individuals going through something. >> the couple had four children ranging in age from 8 to 25 years old. from santa rosa rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a nine-year-old girl whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag in southern california last week has been identified. the los angeles sheriff's department says county workers were clearing brush near an equestrian trail when they found the body of trinity jones last tuesday. the discovery shocked many in the usually quiet neighborhood. >> it is really heartbreaking. i have two little girls. i cannot even imagine. the emotions you know, but i know she is in a better place. i hope that justice is served for whoever did this to this little girl. >> authorities are trying to determine who killed the girl
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and the circumstances surrounding her death. the sheriff department says two people who may be connected have been detained. coming up after 28 years investigators have identified a jane doe whose body was found near a tree in 1991, now they're asking the public for help. questions on the safety of the boeing 737 max 8. we are also learning one of the victims had ties to the bay area. done with the rain for now as it is warming up. details on the warm weather week ahead. president trump unveils his budget proposal calling for a record $4.7 trillion in spending including money for the border wall. checking on the monday evening commute, here is a live look at the san mateo bridge, the cars on the left are headed eastbound, not too bad for this time of night. looking at the macarthur maze very slow going in the commute direction on the left headed up to el cerrito,
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richmond and beyond. very slow on this monday night.
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details regarding the investigation into a deadly plane crash in ethiopia over the weekend, investigators recovered the flight data recovered from the boeing 737 max 8 , the lled 157 people on board, the plane was headed to kenya when it went down six minutes after taking
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off. one witness says smoke was coming from the back of the plane before it hit the ground, the crash calls into question the safety of the boeing 737 max 8 . a lion airplane of the same model crashed in indonesia last october killing all 189 people on board, now a number of countries including china indonesia and ethiopia are grounding their boeing 737 max 8 airplanes until the official cause of the crash is determined. the ceo of ethiopian airlines says his company will cooperate fully with investigators. >> we have more than 300 flights per day and it is a very safe airline. the operation is running very smoothly. this is a very isolated and unfortunate incident. >> passengers came from 35 different countries including eight americans. one victim worked for san francisco-based tech soup the nonprofit says it's global lead for africa died in the crash. only a few u.s. airlines fly
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the boeing 737 max 8 model, southwest has 34 in operation, american airlines has 24, diane feinstein is now calling on the faa to ground the entire boeing 737 max 8 fleet. boeing has sent investigators to the crash site in ethiopia but have not issued guidance to airlines. in the east bay police need help with a cold case in vacaville, the victim was found dead 28 years ago and investigators recently discovered her identity. now they want to determine how she died, detectives are hoping people who knew the victim will provide leads in the case. >> you're looking at one of the busiest malls in vacaville toda premium outlets, very different from this empty field in 1991. these police photos were from
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april 1991 when construction crews found the body of a mystery woman, a missing person without any more cause of death. >> the only case of a jane doe or john doe that is not been solved. >> for 28 years nobody knew the identity of the woman or where she was from. >> at the time we believe the body had been in the boot field for 2 to 3 weeks going through composition. that is why we struggled with fingerprint ridges.>> than a break in the case, new imaging software used by the fbi today linked her fingerprints from a 1983 theft case to a booking photo and positive id, sparking reactions from long-term residents in the area. >> do you remember when the mall was under construction? >> yes i do. i frequent this area. >> others amazed at the scientific advances.>> without dna we would've to go back to
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the beginning. dna is the groundbreaker that solve cases. >> for this case there are more questions than answers about cynthia merkley who had ties to santa rosa and santa cruz but left her family behind years before her death. >> she has an estranged husband and several kids. we are working on that information. we are tracking the weather with a nice warm day today temperatures getting up to the mid-60s and upper 60s when yesterday we had to lower 50s. today running 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. there is a system to that is the one that brought the rain yesterday with thunderstorms and hail to hayward, oakland fremont and san jose. this system looks okay but it is pretty sparse starting to pull apart so this will slide through tomorrow in it is a
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nonevent. a few to degrees cooler with an outside chance for a light sprinkle but you will see it does not appear to be much of anything. just a slight setback going into a dry and warm week ahead for the first time in a long time. temperatures now even in fairfield 66 degrees, 66 concord temperatures are 10 to 15 or 14 above where they were yesterday at this time. a very stark change from where we have been. there is green on the hills in the east bay and we will see more of this and we will all see temperatures easily in the lot of flowers and trees blooming. when i come back we will look at the latest models, get you going for the rest of the week
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and the five-day forecast. the cleanup of flood damage communities in the russian renter river entered a new phase today. the first of the curbside collection program as flood debris was put on curbs outside of homes for the free service. supervisors voted to take collection at no cost, waste collectors will be out every day for two weeks picking up flood debris. we don't know who the democrats will nominate for president but we know where they will make the decision. coming up see which city has been chosen to host the democratic national convention. the president unveils his budget plan for next year but democrats collect at on arrival controversial items, coming up. the 49ers get into the free agency market signing a linebacker from tampa bay and the latest move from the raiders coming up in sports. .
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a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? a record $4.7 trillion budget request today, the proposed plan calls for increased voluntary spending and shortcuts to domestic programs. >> ray bogan tells us democrats call it the final budget this year the word wall was not mentioned once but today the white house put wall construction front and center for next year's budget proposal.
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the presidential 2020 budget proposal arrived on capitol hill monday morning hot off the press calling a budget for better america the trump administration is asking congress to approve $4.7 trillion in federal spending. including an increase in military spending and cuts to domestic programs like education and environmental protection. >> this reflects priorities to ensure all americans benefit from the historic economic boom and record low unemployment. >> democrats say the blueprint was dead upon arrival considering it calls for a $.6 billion in border wall funding. >> it is amazing the trump administration proposes year after year of dollars for border wall that president trump said would be completely free.
6:24 pm
>> the budget plan comes as the senate will vote on a resolution this week to block the emergency declaration. >> the only reason he has authority to call a national emergency is because congress gave him the right to do so. >> critics cautioned that the plan will add $5 trillion in debt over the next five years. >> i am fine with the deficits as long as we are doing it wisely. >> the budget proposal is a starting point for congress and the trump administration to negotiate, the next fiscal year begins october 1, from washington ray bogan, fox news. nancy pelosi says she is not in favor of impeaching president trump saying he is not worth it. in an interview she has said unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country. she did call the president ethically unfit, these comments come as democrats large launch investigations into the white house, his family and finances. milwaukee has been chosen
6:25 pm
to host the 2020 democratic national convention. the announcement was made today. officials say the 2020 convention will take place at the new $500 million home of the milwaukee bucks. milwaukee was chosen as the democratic party is the party of working people and milwaukee is the city of working people. wisconsin was a pivotal state in 2016 when i went for donald trump, the democratic convention will take place in july of next year. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 coming up next. the loss of a student at usc who was also the son of a city councilwoman in oakland. how victor mcelhaney is now being remembered after an apparent robbery. details on the computer glitch that bart is blaming for a system wide failure.
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top stories, the golden state warriors announced their current practice facility in downtown oakland will become the center of the team's youth basketball and community programs. this as the team prepares to move across the bay to a new arena in the city. programs at the oakland facility will be aimed at benefiting at risk youth. mayor london breed has appointed a new public defender to replace jeff adachi who died last month, he will serve as public defender until november when voters choose a permanent replacement. 18 years of experience as a defense attorney, 11 in the public defender's office. police in santa rosa are investigating a suspected murder suicide as a man upset about the possible ending of his marriage shot and killed his wife this morning as she sat in her suv near the codding
6:30 pm
town mall. the man then drove a few brought blocks parked his car and shot and killed himself. the female victim has been identified as paula zamora, the man was thomas zamora martinez. >> you are watching "ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30", tributes and condolences are coming in today for the 21-year-old son of oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney after the college student was shot and killed over the weekend during an attempted robbery. >> the councilwoman was at her son's dorm room today making final arrangements to bring him back to oakland and to build a news conference in los angeles tomorrow. henry lee tells us friends and family say he was a talented musician who had his whole future ahead of him. >> 21-year-old victof oakland councilmember lynette gibson- mcelhaney is being remembered as a proud oakland native and gifted musician. >> always a genuine person. he had skills and talents he
6:31 pm
was always genuine. >> shot and killed during an apparent robbery one mile from the usc campus sunday morning. lapd is investigating but has not released any description. the loss is felt far and wide. he was a jazz study student with his roots in his hometown of oakland. >> led us all consider this such a painful reminder of all the work that we have to do. to end this scourge of gun violence. to ensure that no one suffers the kind of loss that lynette and her family are suffering. >> the latest tragedy for the councilmember, in 2016 a 17- year-old whom she considered her grandson was shot and killed in oakland, a trial is winding down for one tragedy yet again in her family is affecting her but they are also
6:32 pm
a family of faith. they are always in church, sometimes we call each other. >> at oakland city hall the city council president said that they tuesday night council meeting has been canceled, she has said he was a bright star and we were all following victor's success. this is ed unspeakable tragedy, one that i hope will renew the commitment to justice. on twitter representative barbara lee said deepest condolences to lynette gibson- mcelhaney on the passing of her son. no mother should have to bear this kind of loss. thoughts and prayers are with linda and her family. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. authorities say that an explosion in the east bay over the weekend that men was caused it happened last night in contra costa county near bay point. a third person in the home was not injured. the fire was triggered by a
6:33 pm
honey oil explosion, butane was being used to create a concentrated form of a psycho active ingredient thc a dangerous process that creates a flammable vapor mixture, the explosion caused significant damage to the house. five dogs and a cat were killed. more on a systemwide showdown over the weekend at bart. cristina rendon own shows us how it came to a complete standstill for three hours. >> riders locked out this weekend following a one hour systemwide shutdown with no trains running from 6:00 until 9:00 saturday morning affecting a couple thousand. >> it really sucks to show up to the train station on a saturday morning, maybe you have something to do or you need to visit family in the city and you realize you have to wait for three hours at minimum. >> first question is why. next question is when is it
6:34 pm
coming back up at how often do we have to deal with it? >> the computer network failure occurred at 2:45 saturday morning without traction power and no way to route trains they could not open for service. >> we updated the website, we put a big red banner on it getting the information out. >> a spokeswoman says staffers went to work doing a hard reset of over 100 field systems to get up and running. the failure is traced back to one switch and a complex computer network. cisco supplies the software and is analyzing what happened. >> one specific switch and it was software related. that caused the failure so now happened. find out what more importantly what do we need to do to prevent it >> since the reset all systems have been working but riders are still concerned. >> i am about to go to a metal
6:35 pm
tube and rocket underwater in a tunnel so i don't like the idea of the possibility of a system or mechanical failure. >> when you have people that rely on this as their only transportation and you have a failure how do you expect people to rely on it if it's not completely reliable? >> riders should know all systems are designed to fail in safe mode meeting trains will stop if something goes wrong. the agency plans to give an update to the board of directors on thursday. in a statement they have said they are actively engaged to provide whatever additional support necessary. from oakland cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a group of college students held a protest today demanding lawmakers address affordability crisis for students in california. >> the students association is
6:36 pm
calling for a reduce intuition, better financial aid and reform of the student loan system. they also want the state to adopt strategies to help homeless students. almost 20% of community college students in california are homeless. lawmakers who join the rally say they are working to find solutions. >> your issues are our issues. we need students to succeed. we need universities to thrive. >> the best institutions in the world and children deserve to take advantage of them without going broke and hungry and homeless. >> one bill the group is pushing for would reduce parking fees on campus preventing the university from charging students more to park than faculty and staff. plans for another campus in the works, the site today. families in the south bay were left scrambling as a retirement facility gets ready to close its doors after 50
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. stockton is in the running to become the new california state university campus. today the stockings mayor took a tour of the proposed site at university park, the lieutenant governor is a member of the csu board of trustees and she says building a new campus would help solve a big problem with education in california. >> the state has a problem which is that last year we
6:40 pm
turned away 38,000 qualified students from the system because there was no room. >> the governor's proposed budget includes $2 million to fund a study on building a new campus in the stockton area. a resident senior facility center has residents scrambling for new places to live as the facility is force to closed. >> moving is not easy at any age but for residents from los gatos meadows it will be even harder. the senior living and assisted living facility announced it is closing its doors leaving families like that of mike wasserman scrambling. >> this was moving mom at 83 years of age to a place where we thought we would never move again. >> now the residents are left with little choice, they say the decision to close was about safety, an independent
6:41 pm
assessment found the wiring was out of date, repeated gas leaks and fire access was lacking. >> given the past two years of fires we looked long and hard and realized it is not to our standard of safety. we know we are in compliance. >> the facility is run by a company which eventually hopes to rebuild here likely senior apartments for sale. they plan to refund the $4000 fee that residents paid when they moved in and give them $2500 for relocating. >> this is not a decision we do lightly or something that we chose to do. in our 50 year history we have never closed a community. we do take it seriously. >> we have been looking at places in los gatos and san jose but they have waiting list. >> there are few available options close by and leaving the area means being further from loved ones, groups and
6:42 pm
doctors. >> i am very concerned and worried. i hope more time. maybe some more money to help the transition be a little less painful. >> the facility will be closing september 30 but it could take the company three years to get the permits necessary to demolish and rebuild. from los gatos, and rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. tickets are on sale for cluster fast, how much it will cost to attend the event and the performers that will be on stage. a beautiful day with some pretty nice days coming up. the temperature will be near 70 degrees. the five-day forecast coming up when we return. heather holmes with a look at the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news. >> continuing coverage of the ethiopia airline tragedy. two brothers from northern california are among the victims.
6:43 pm
this as senator dianne feinstein calls for all boeing 737 max 8 planes to be grounded. a live report from washington dc and we will talk with an aviation expert. that story and much more coming up on ktvu fox 2 news.
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. today is eight years since the earthquake and tsunami hit the northern coast of japan. the prime minister let a moment of silence during a solemn ceremony in tokyo to remember the more than 18,000 who died. the 9.0 earthquake in 2011 triggered a tsunami leading to a nuclear meltdown of the fukushima nuclear power plant,
6:46 pm
the reconstruction effort is steadily moving forward but the coastline is still not fully rebuilt. the contra costa county fire district had an open house today for its remodeled fire station. fire station 19 in the regional park, the district announced they have hired 11 new reserve firefighters during the new ceremony. all part of the plan to improve firefighting efforts across the region. contra costa county fire protection provides fire and emergency medical services to more than 1 million people. let's talk about the weather, bring in chief meteorologist. what a beautiful day. >> finally it has been a winter of not beautiful days. a lot of rain and snow in the mountains, clouds and wind and then today we have sunshine front to back and the temperatures in the mid 60s and upper 60s. em that brought thun
6:47 pm
and lightning and hail from yesterday and last week is now pushing off to the phoenix area where spring-training folks will see it. this is the next system coming tomorrow. a nonevent with a few clouds on the back edge a little bit as the backside slides through it falls apart bringing partly cloudy skies in the morning and by lunchtime it should start to clear up quickly. you can see the radar spinning with nothing going on. green up in the system to the north, now we are cooling a little bit but fairfield 66, today was a departure from where we have been in terms of the weather the last few months. we have not had many great days and today was one of those. a chance to dry out and let things drain off. putting stuff out in the sunshine because it has been wet so it is nice to have that opportunity. temperatures are 12 to 14 degrees warmer from yesterday and in the hills notice the cherry blossoms on the trees
6:48 pm
starting to bloom out as we get into the next two as temperatures brush up to the upper 60s and lower 70s. overnight lows will be chilly. tonight we are above freezing so if you're worried about plants, maybe around santa rosa or occidental or kernville 32 degrees so you might want to cover the citrus but overall the morning shows clouds to keep things a little warmer and then it clears quickly. by lunchtime partly cloudy, mostly cloudy then mostly sunny and by the afternoon it is like that for everybody with upper 50s to mid 60s. i don't think we will see the upper 60s today because of the clouds and then tomorrow there it is the forecast for tomorrow morning. there are clouds and rapidly they go away. that is the deal. the forecast high tomorrow lower 60s everywhere, 63 morgan
6:49 pm
hill, 62 gilroy and the five- day forecast which is one that is pretty warm. >> that is beautiful. >> those are conservative numbers. thursday and friday could be bouncing up to the lower 70s but we will watch. otherwise just a chance to dry out. >> everything is so soggy. >> amazing how quickly spring shows up.>> it turned the switch. tickets went on sale today for the san francisco comedy festival, the lineup for the three-day festival as civic center includes john mullaney, and the roots. depicts tickets for all three days are $120. the festival is known as clusterfest. is set for june 21 through june 23. the 49ers and the raiders went shopping today. the nfl free-agent market, we
6:50 pm
will learn in sports. a look at tonight's primetime line up. at 8:00 the passage followed by the 10:00 news and 11:00 news all right here.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
a really busy weekend for
6:53 pm
the raiders. >> antonio brown and today it does not matter the sport these days baseball football or basketball, the cash keeps flowing in record-setting numbers. today the oakland raiders have gone out to make sure their quarterback is protected. a familiar name to local bay area football fans, trent brown number 77 played in the super bowl this past year with the new england patriots. the richest contract for an nfl lineman ever. four years $66 million, $86.7 million guaranteed and he will play left tackle for the raiders protecting derek carr or perhaps kyler murray. rumors about a draft day trade. risky business for the 49ers, risky because they went out and spent huge money today on a
6:54 pm
linebacker who has only played 12 games or more one time and he is coming off of a torn acl. the name kwon alexander formally with tampa for years, $54 million. these numbers. that is an average of $13.5 million per year and he can hit, very athletic but the problem is keeping him healthy. 24 years old so that is the upside and the 49ers are gambling on him to be the replacement for reuben foster. basketball is flying this week, tournament time and it is the women first up. today take a look at the semi final match the blue hairs in the crowd to see gonzaga and st. mary's, second overtime simons with the lady in14.3 seconds left, st. mary's leads by one. look at the blue hair in action. as time expires i love the hair.
6:55 pm
she got it to drop, 78-77 gonzaga will go on to play the byu cougars in the finals of the women's tournament. professional basketball continues to be perplexing for the golden state warriors, losing last night to the phoenix suns and we had drama. why not? in the fourth quarter one and a half minutes left. tired of draymond green complaining to the officials lip readers you can't get away with anything. as you watch steve kerr apparently say he is so tired of draymond green. lip readers let it roll again. today of course, you can't get away with anything. here is explanation today.>> did you have a converall? >> that is private. >> did you say?
6:56 pm
>> no the lip readers are wrong. what i said was i beg to differ to his approach those are my exact words. i don't know how somebody misconstrued that. >> always able to diffuse with a little humor. the san francisco giants play the dodgers, spring-training. kind of nice when the giants get a glimpse of their future, this is joey bart the buster posey era parent deep with the bases loaded in the game. deep shot to clear the bases, a nice look at the future for the giants. the game-winning double and in the bottom half of the inning the giants trying to protect the lead with their youngster in centerfield. drew ferguson with a nice catch. the giants take the dodgers 4-1.
6:57 pm
over the had mother nature playing a goaltending position better than i could possibly be played by a human. in case you missed it. >> taking it around and it was certain and it was denied by the weather. >> the weather. that was in germany over the weekend. take a look at it again. he had the open goal and in case you missed it, the dunk of the week. imagine the athletic ability right there. derek jones jr. from the miami heat with a beautiful slam. in case you missed it we will have more at 7:00 and 10:00. >> those guys are talented. thank you. have a good night everyone.
6:58 pm
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morning. morning. sleep okay? mm-hmm. great. hey, can i ask you something? sure. last night, me wanting to try that stuff out of the kama sutra, was that fun for you or kinda racially insensitive? yeah, just because you're in bed with an indian woman, you think that gives you permission to use crazy positions from an ancient indian love manual? hey, if you can find a book called weird sex with white boys, i'd be okay with that. no, no, you have such beautiful eyes. have you ever thought about getting contacts? i tried in the seventh grade. i could never get used to them. oh, that's too bad. yeah, if i had contacts, i would have been the coolest debate club president ever to be stuffed into his own cello case. if you had them on now, you could see what we're going to do next. th-that's okay. i can infer from context.


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