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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 12, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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entire inventory so billy's could hand out doughnuts to the customers. the united states is the latest to ground the boeing 737 boeing 737 max 8. major changes on the way how you get electricity and gas. this is after pg&g declared bankruptcy. a chilly start to your day. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. good morning. there are some changes on the way here as the system moves. it is a weak system. but it will give us a bigger change than what we had yesterday. it was clear after that little patch of fog in the morning h and the system will get a
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little light rain to the north. not a big deal. but it will usher in the blustery conditions and the big story is down in the south. that is going to give us blizzard conditions to the front range. 30s, 40s and 50s. we have cloud cover. we have a breeze. i know there is a breeze around sfo at around 17 miles an hour. the big difference the hills to fremont 47, that was 38 yesterday and west at 16. the south early breeze in advance of the weak front coming in. and mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny to the south. if there is any rain, it will not last long. and we're looking for the sunshine into the weekend. 50s and 60s on the temperatures today. 7:02. i'm here to tell you about this. there is good news about the vehicle that caught fire on
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eastbound highway 4. we're going to show you the maps there. is another problem on highway 4 on the left hand side of your screen. that is backing things up through bay point and pittsburgh. you see the hazard icon at eastbound highway 4 and 8th street. this is a live picture here. this tanker truck caught fire. the fire is out. but you can see it was carrying liquid nitrogen. the late of the update is the fair has not damaged the interior tank where the liquid nitrogen is contained. so they don't have to worry to bring out a full hazmat operation. all eastbound lanes of highway 4 at 8th street closed down. but the chp said they should be able to reopen two of the lanes shortly in the next half hour or so once the flatbed truck comes out to remove had the tanker. that is the good news. and it is good news it happens to be in the eastbound
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direction. and the south bay because we're still following a couple crashes here. of this is 101 north there. this is southbound 85 and 280. there is a report of debris in the roadway. this is the toll plaza. this is a 20 minute delay to get on to the span. a growing number of countries is grounding boeing 737 max 8. the uk joined australia and china in doing so. the other countries that have grounded the plane are malaysia, south korea. indonesia and ethiopia previously announced they were grounding the planes after the deadly ethiopiaen airline crash. the united states is still allowing the flying of the planes. you've been talking with the travelers about to board this
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model of aircraft. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with some travelers about to board a boeing 737 max 8. some of them were nervous. one man told me he has taken this aircraft many times and said that they are totally safe. there is another man if he found out he was on a max 8, he would have canceled the trip. >> i'm a little concerned. i'm sort of worried. but we have to fly back. >> i feel okay. i feel safe. i did you ask some questions. but i'm sure that the pilots are flying, we should be safe. >> reporter: boeing released the statement saying they are a
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safe program. senator diane finestein is ask the united states to ground the plane. faa are investigating the deadly crash. they recovered the two flight recorders. it crashed minutes after takeoff killing everyone on board. this is it concerning because five months earlier, the exact type of airplane plunged into this the ocean shortly after takeoff and killing 189 people. so that is why so many people are taking this very seriously. boeing is sending technical teams to the crash site in ethiopia to assist in the investigation. we know that we have flights coming now the on the air canada that use max 8 and southwest. we have looked into other flights throughout the bay area. we owe oakland serves their planes as well. but hour by hour, we're finding out about more country
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grounding them during the investigation. nine flights leaving the bay area today are using the max 8 planes. four southwest out of oak land and air canada will be using the boeing 737 max 8. eight americans were among in the passengers that died in the plane crash. the victims on flight 302 came from 35 different countries, including professors, aide workers and people on vacation. 22 of them worked for the united nations they were heading to kenya for an environmental conference. two brothers from at the time area were on the plane. two brothers were on a vacation what they described and
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overseas adventure. they asended st. joseph's catholic school. >> the faith is really strong. >> the flowers and candled railroad placed outside of st. joseph's church as a tribute to the brothers. the board of supervisors will take a vote on urban shield. they gave unanimous preliminary approval last month to change the training program. urban shield was created after september 11th to help first responders prepare for terror attacks and environmental disasters. nurses at two santa clara hospitals are staging a one day strike today. nurses at o'connor and st.
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louis are due to walk off the job. it is tide to a contract dispute that followed the recent sale of the two hospitals. they say that they will city treat patients despite the walkout by the nurses. a protest is set for noon today by health care workers at san jose's good samaritan clinic. they say that they are protesting the new owners of the clinics for not committing to keep the clinics open. they are taking over the clinics from variety health that filed for bankruptcy last year. a man was shot and seriously injured during a robbery at his home and he plans to speak out at the sentencing hearing. two men broke into a man's house. one man shot him in the back and left him for dead as robbers lewded the home. white survived but is paralyzed
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from the waste down. the alameda county reached a plea deal. simpson faces 18 years in federal prison. the other one could be sentenced to five years federal probation. >> i don't think it is fair that he gets walk away from this and i don't. it was the most traumatic thing in my life. there is only one day in the past two years that i have not thought about it. >> this is the first time that white has seen his attacker since he was shot. he plans to give a victim's impact statement, one that he hopes that he stood up to his attackers. he hopes that the statement will lead to getting more than probation for the crime. the governor may make big changes at the california public utility commission that oversees pg&g and other utility
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companies. the governor may replace the hand of the of the utility. they may make announcement of a new president and the overhaul of the agency in a number of weeks. they have been criticized of the monitoring it of the safety practices of pg&g and other utilities which have been blamed for starting several recent wildfires in california. governor newsome is pressuring other counties to build more affordable housing. they stay is underminding the california dream and wants to speed up construction goals. but some are criticizing that proposal said that people that voted for the gas tax did so when the money was used to pay for road repairs and transportation projects across the state. breaking up companies like google, amazon, and facebook, a
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look at why some democratic presidential candidates are calling for big changes in silicon rally. after devastating in floods in the north bay, we'll look at keep steps that is happening today to speed up repairs. we're have an update on this vehicle fire. this is crash is 101 north of the 80 split. we'll have the details coming up. a weak system. not a big deal. but not enough to stop the sun like we saw yesterday. we'll have the update on today's weather and the weekend coming up.
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mountain view police arrest a man that drove 3500 miles to
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confront a representative of a tech company. he plans to get violence. the police said they found three baseball bats in his truck when he was arrested. they connect the him to a similar thing last april. >> this the whole reason we're here. in sonoma county is about to get easier for people to get their mail after the post
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office flooded. they have been have to drive 18 miles to get their mail. but starting today they can get their packages and letters outside a temporary trailer outside the post office. it will be open weekdays 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and saturdays 9 to noon. the regular post office not expected to reopen till next month. the sonoma county board of supervisors is expected to take several steps to make repairs in the flood zone, including changing the requirements for contractors on property owned by the county. they will let the water agency authorize contracts related to dangerous conditions without waiting for approval on every project by the supervisors. and the county's collection debris has started. you can leave flood debris outside of your home.
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and the county will pay the cost of removing it. they will pick up debris every day for the next two weeks. lauren county supervisors is are going to look at how to spend $150,000 to study the flooding program. the highway has been closed because of heavy rains and high tides. tv is expected to wrap up by winter of next year. all the agencies and property owners that are affected will have to come up with possible solutions. some are cal tran, pg&g and the coastal concert conservatory. a lot of things started to pick up in the last hour or so. we have some updays with the roads. we want to start with the drive into san francisco, if you're coming from the east babe, westbound 80 west of the toll
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plaza, there is a two vehicle crash on the shoulder. southbound 101 just north of 80, there is a two car crash in the city blocking the slow lane. this is back to the east bay. eastbound lanes of highway 4 had been shut down entirely at 8th street because of a tanker truck that caught fire. this is a live picture. chp is in the process of reopening two of those lanes. this tanker treasure is on fire and the hazmat situation is not as bad as they thought it was. it was carrying liquid nitrogen. this is the eastbound direction. and chp is in the process of reopening that part of the freeway. it is stop and go to the tunnel. and now over to steve. i know there is a song
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called stormy monday. but yesterday it was sunny monday. >> i was enjoying the sunshine. >> upper 60s. this is one of the few times this winter where the high temperatures were actually above the average that is around 60, 64, 65. and most were there or above, including napa, concord. 67, 67. morgan hill and santa rosa and camp field, 68. fairfield is also 68. so let's take a look at rainfall. we're getting a break after today for about a week. but santa rosa, 3829. the average is 36.28. sol they're above 130% above normal for the day. san francisco needs 2365. oakland needs to 81.
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they're a little shy of that. rain next week. it looks like it will return for those that need to know if you work outside or if it looks around the 19th or the 20th. the rest of the could be wet. but not after today. we'll get a break for about six days. it will give us cloud cover and cooler temperatures. the big problem is in southern california and arizona. of that is a lot of rain that has been funneled in there. and the low will inject there and merge with the system coming in from the north and wrap itself up big time from rockies and the plains. so we'll keep an eye on that for this week. 30s, 40s and 50s, we're up. upper 30s. look at foster city, 38. this a westerly breeze. it is allows the temperatures
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to cool off. this will give us some cloud cover and light rain sonoma county and northern napa. the rain 15 degrees below average on the high side. only 68 in phoenix yesterday. and the system is a little cooler coming in behind that. so we'll get a good breeze out of northwest once it goes through. and we'll rebound with dry conditions wednesday into the weekend. 60s for today and 50s to the north and we'll cool off about five seven degrees from yesterday. this weekend, there will be some forecast highs in the 70s. >> i'm counting the days. 7:20. helping people that lost everything in the deadly camp fire. how a new breast cancer treatment promises to help the patient's own immune system
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help itself. cvs pharmacy.
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. 7:23. the u.s. state department is withdrawing all its remaining diplomat diplomats from venezuela. they struggle to restore all right following four days of
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crippling blackouts in the country. this morning, despite calls from some of the democratic members, nancy pilosi said that she is not in favor of trying to impeach president trump. the statement came in an interview with the "washington post." speaker nancy pilosi said, i'm not for impeachment. impeachment is so decisive to the country. that unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down the path because it divides the country. she goes on, he's just not worth it. governor newsome's budget a grandstand proposal. democrats in congress agree with california's governor.
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>> still amazing that trump administration proposes year after year after year that the american taxpayer pay billions of dollars for a border wall that president trump would say would be completely free. >> the only reason that he has the authority to call the national emergency because congress gave him the right to do so. >> the budget proposal is unlike through get approved as it stands because the democrats control the house of representatives. the chief executive officer of wells fargo bank is appearing before a congressional finance committee. he took the top job in october of 2016. he promised to straighten out a high-profile problem such as bank employees creating fake credit card accounts to get a bonuses and to keep their jobs. the house financial services committee will ask him about a number of issues and if he can fix them. the fda approved a new drug
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to treat breast cancer. it can be used to treat patients with certain tumors that are hard to treat with conventional drugs. the drug trains the patient's immune system to target and kill the tumors during chemotherapy. it is not and cure, but it gives the patients about two more months to live. the cost is $13,000 a month. the senior living facility that is unexpectingly shutting down in the south bay. why 150 people will have to find a new place to live. more countries have stopped flying boeing 737 max 8 this morning as a safety precaution. details on the bay area flights leaving today on the same model of airplane. this time of morning, it is the westbound direction of the east shore freeway that we see getting congested. but that is not the case right now. the eastbound lane is going from oakland towards berkly, there is an overturned vehicle
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that is tying things up there. we'll have the details coming up. after a sparkling monday, we have a little change. some clouds coming in. it will give us cloud cover and cooler temperatures. but better news by the weekend. that is coming up.
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 12th. i'm day clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. you may need a umbrella or a jacket. >> i would say a jacket. after today, it looks good
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going into the weekend. but rain, we're not done with the rain yet. it is 42, cool and clear and calm. this old tie, paul? i'm going to name drop here. lisa said i like that tie. so it is good enough for her, paul. 40, 30, and 50s on the temperatures. and the system does not have much. but to is producing cloud cover. and every system that has come buy has produced something in the way of rain. we'll get a little rain out of that and most will get partly cloudy and cooler breeze and blustery conditions. we have a low on sunday and it is strig gering it a triggering
7:31 am
a lot of rain and snow. the breeze is holding some of the temperatures up already. if you're to the north, you'll get a little rain. but the system goes through. and we look good for sunshine and the warmer temperatures that will take us into the weekend. so the highs near average. that the is about 60 to 64 for this time of year. 7:31. allie has been busy. yes. we're going to focus on the north bay area and throughout the bay. the first thing is westbound 80 east of the toll plaza, a two vehicle crash is on the shoulder and things are starting to clear up a little bit. we'll show you that in a second. but southbound 101, a two car crash blocking the slow lane and that should be in the clearing stages as well. and stevenson, a crash there. taking taking a look at your
7:32 am
freeways. emeryville that is backed up. it will take you 40 minutes to get from the macarthur maze bridge to the tunnel. there is an overturned vehicle on eastbound 80. so be aware of that. that is the eastbound direction. bay bridge toll plaza, looks okay. landslide in the east bay, far east bay, the tri-valley area, the chp has alerted people about this giant pothole that is blocking the two right lanes. this is described as a pothole the width of a lane and six inches deep. so that can do some damage to your vehicle. cal tran is on the way to patch it up. but be aware of that.
7:33 am
7:33. happening now, nurses are on strike at two hospitals in santa clara county. the one day street started about 30 minutes ago. what is happening out there now, sarah? >> reporter: the chanting just started here right now. it started about five second ago. there are a handful of nurses standing outside the hospital right now. and they have their signs up and the tents up. they are ready for the one day strike. this is o'connor hospital. this is one of the two hospital that's the nurses have walked out. and the other is st. louis regional hospital. it will last till 6:59 a.m. tomorrow. this is after the sale of the hospitals to santa clara county. the 700 nurses, part of the california nurses' association
7:34 am
are required to required to join union. and the strike 1:00 to protest that move. executive jeffrey smith called is a mav fell. the strike is not approved by them. he said that there may be consequences for employees that don't show up to work. cna filed charges with the california employment board when it threatened to retaliate against the nurses. >> they have cited with us. there are 12 indictments already and further charges going out for the same reason. so we have the law on our side, saying that we are in the right. so the county is wrong. >> reporter: so back out here live. you can take a look at o'connor high school. there are a handful of nurses out here with the signs and
7:35 am
chanting. we were told that there were nurses around the building in different locations and different entrance points. we did talk to santa clara county this morning. they said they plan to send us a statement. we have not received that yet. once we get that, we'll bring it to you live. britian joins a growing list of countries temporarily suspending the use of the boeing 737 max 8 following the deadly crash in ethiopia over the weekend. malaysia, australia, china and others have grounded the boeing 737 max 8. it was involved in another deadly crash in indonesia. with nine flights leaving the bay area this morning, they are
7:36 am
ew using those planes. air canada are using the boeing 737 max 8 too. one of the other passengers on the ethiopiaen airline flight has ties to the community. she was based in tech sue. she was supposed to fly to san francisco next week for a conference. she was a working mother that had a passion for helping nonprofit in africa get access to technology. >> she did that with drive and passion. i think that is how she came across me and she was very kind with the people she would work with the people around her. >> she is survivedly her husband and young children. thinking about how much her family lost makes her death harder for them. make sure that you stay with us
7:37 am
on for continuing coverage. we'll bring you new information from boeing and the faa as it develops. teacher in the sonoma county valley school district will vote on whether to ratify their contract agreement. the teachers in the district reached the tentative deal on friday. and it includes a 4% pay raise, smaller class sizes and more nurses and counselors. another meeting today to discuss changing the name of the dixie school district. some people argue that the name it reflects an era. slavery. but others stay honors the district's past. the board of trustees is meeting this afternoon and they will discuss the next step for potential name change for the
7:38 am
district. oakland city council councilwoman lynette gibson- mcelhaney will hold a news conference about the shooting death of her son. she traveled to usc yesterday to retrieve her son's belongings from his dorm room and make final arrangements to bring him back at a oakland. 24-year-old victor mcelhaney recently transferred there. he was killed sunday during an attempted robbery about a mile from the campus. his friends remember him as a proud oakland native and gifted musician. >> he was a genuine person. >> the police are investigating the shooting of victor mcelhaney but so far they have not released any information or any descriptions of the assailants. there was a couple small earthquakes in the bay area here. the first one was at 10:16 last night. it was a magnitude 2.7.
7:39 am
the second one was a 2.5 further south. no word of any injuries or damage. stockton is in the running to become the home of a new cal state university campus. the lieutenant governor joined the mayor of stockton yesterday for a tour of the university park. the lieutenant is a member of the board of trustees and said that building a new campus would help solve a big problem for higher education. >> the state has a real problem is that last year, we turned away 38,000 qualified students from the system because there was no room. >> the governor's proposed budget includes $2 million to pay for a study about building a new csu campus in the stockton area. a play is about to make its way to san francisco. people broke the internet
7:40 am
trying to buy presail tickets. the harry potter and the cursed child website was so overwhelmed that is caused to crash. they go to sale to the general public on thursday. sfo is going through a massive renovations right now. but some are concerned about the sign out in front. how the supervisors are trying to work through a plan to rename the terminal in honor of the late harvey miller. coming up, we'll have a check on your commute in the south bay. here is a look at the your drive and highway 24 and lafayette. it is slow going. bart is on time. bart is on time. not a bad day just not as
7:41 am
sunny as yesterday. we have a weak system here and cooler temperatures. but we'll rebound. we'll show you the temperatures coming up for the weekend.
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shop. facebook removed the ad because of improper use of the lowgo but decided to restore them in the interest of
7:44 am
allowing robust debate. 7:44. several democratic presidential candidates want more regulations on the tech industry. they were speaking at the southwest festival in austin, texas. many of the presidential candidates criticized that many tech companies have on the country. >> for so long, the companies said they have your backs. that is not true. the first thing we do is privacy legislation. >> we have to be stronger in terms of our anti-trust examination and enforcement. i believe that we need to ask a lot more of people at the top in this country. >> some of the tech experts said that more has to be done before the government puts more regulations on the big tech companies. social media and a caring son saved the day for a texas man that opened up a new doughnut shop outside houston t billy's donut shop held its grand opening on sunday.
7:45 am
but despite the dig, colorful sign there were hardly any customers. his son tweeted that his dad was sad that he had no customers. customers came and stood in long lines to try a doughnut. people that were too far to come sent their best wishes. >> we're getting support from around the world, from brazil, south africa, france, pretty much everywhere. >> yesterday twitter's official count retweeted billy's original tweet, you donut want to meet out on this doughnut. it bought all the doughnuts for the day and all they had to do was hand out to free doughnuts to customers. >> keep that going. >> that is a great story. allie rasmus, you've been busy and still busy. things are starting to calm down a little bit. maybe you have a time to pick up a doughnut shop and pick up
7:46 am
something for your drive. things are clearing up. the only thing remaining is northbound 101. taking a look at 280 in san jose, both directions, it was congested in the westbound direction, northwest direction past downtown san jose. but that you is cleared up as well. and this is the sam te'o bridge. it is still slow going, and there was a vehicle on the westbound 92. there is still a lingering backup here. and now over to steve. there. is a nice, sunny picture there. but that could change a little bit. not too bad. it will not be as nice as yesterday. i know you're looking forward to the weekend. >> i am. >> we have some sun. we have some clouds coming in but not that big of a deal. cooler and breezy today under partly sunny skies. and these are the high
7:47 am
temperatures yesterday. a rare this winter occasion when we have temperatures that have been above average. we've been below for the longest time. napa and concord and hempfield were 68 degrees. and the source of our little cool down is this rope coming in. it will give us an onshore breeze and patchy low clouds. and the system is lifting northward and there is not much to. there is enough to give light rain to the north. this it will be the system, the two systems, the one to the north and the low that we had sunday is now down to southern california. it tapped into a lot of moisture. and it is funneling in heavy duty rain. that is really cool for them this time of year. and the key is going to be as the two merge, it will develop what we call bottom out around rockies. so blizzard conditions here and a strong system that may be setting a record for low
7:48 am
pressure that goes across the plains the next two to three days. 30, 40, and 50s. if you get a little bit of a breeze, you're at 50 degrees. and then you can find 30s. plenty of those, even down into the santa cruz mountains. that is your morning temperature there. so you get paid really well. a lot of money. west at 16 at sfo. the high pressure will build in. and there is a .01 napa and to the south. so down five to six degrees from yesterday. tomorrow will be the transition day. by the time we get past thursday, a weak little system, we start to warm it up friday.
7:49 am
and the week looks like upper 60s to make a few low mid-70s. 7:49. a bay area city is number one on the new list. the most expensive place it retire. we'll tell you where it is and the other local areas that made the list. let's check in with frank mallicoat to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> reporter: thousands of crosss have dotted the hills from a bart station for years. and now in the original creator is asking that all the crosses be taken down. we have much more. we'll be right back. stay with us. what's better than having fast,
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a new study says that san francisco is so expensive it is the worst city in the country to stretch your retirement dollars. it costs $151,000 a year to retire in san francisco, mainly because of housing. san jose ranked number two, oakland is number sixth as the most expensive cities to retire in. the best city to stretch your retirement dollars cleveland, ohio. 7:53.
7:53 am
boeing is taking the stock markets down again. and there are some questions about what the faa plans to do about the boeing 737 max 8. pam cook is in the studio with todays' dollars and cents. >> reporter: the faa is expected to take action. some say it is taking too long. some said that the agency should mandate design changes to some of the john board onboard systems. boeing's stock dropped another 35%. they are celebrating 25 years in business. congratulations to them. and checking in on the numbers. the dow jones industrial average is up significantly if it wasn't for boeing. that is down. that accounts for quite a bit
7:54 am
of that there. the nasdaq up about a half of a percent to 7595, close to 7600. san francisco based levi strauss has announced more details in the plans to go public again. levi wants to raise $587 million in the initial public offerings. the shares will be 14 to $16 on the new york stock exchange. it was a publicly traded company in the 1970s and 1980s, but a buyout took it private again 1985. executives from sprint will be on capitol hill today pushing for a merger. there were concerns among democrats that it will lead to higher prices. t-mobile promised it not raise rates for three years and by come binning combining with
7:55 am
sprint, they can have a wider 5g network t apple is expected to introduce a new streaming television service that will offer original content. sound fax, free of charge for iphone and ipad users and they will offer the option to sign up for services. they are expected to launch in april or may. we talked about disney streaming. and we have netflix. and now apple. it is what people want, everything on the go. >> yes. 7:55. more safety concerns about boeing 737 max eight planes. more countries grounding their best selling yet. and we'll look into the
7:56 am
ethiopiaen airline crash. the war memorial by the bart station, the original creator thinks that the white crosses should be taken down. we're recovering from earlier incidents this morning, particularly at the east bay. the traffic is moving along at a little better clip than it was 20 minutes ago. we'll look at your commute coming up. we have some cooler temperatures. but a nice rebound on tap for the weekend. we'll tell you about that coming up. so with xfinity mobile
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growing concerns over the boeing 737 max 8. and other countries have now grounded the plane till after an investigation. san francisco will soon have a new public defender. the person picked to replace the former public defender. the creator of the famous
8:00 am
crosses display by bart now wants them taken down. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm frank mallicoat in for mike. i'm gasia mikaelian. i cannot help but notice the golden glow over our shoulder. yes. we're starting off mostly clear, 30, 40, and 50s. yesterday we had a lot more 30s. yesterday one of those few occasions this winter where we had temperatures above average 67 in napa and 68 in santa rosa and kem field. that is the system. there will is not a lot to it. it is just beginning to make its way into lake county and light rain. but it will give us more of an onshore breeze. two systems, the one to the south is a whopper, that is
8:01 am
bringing widespread rain, heavy rain and southern california and new mexico. it will be a big time blizzard maker. 40s and 50s in a lot of these areas. there are some 30s. if you get the breeze that is holding your temperature up. this system will swing buy and fall apart. but it will give us a little cooler pattern today. 8:01. allie is here. we're going to go back to westbound 580. we reported this a couple hours ago it is a work in progress. it is a massive pothole at grant line road. normally that time of the morning, the commute going to the altamonte pass clears up. but the two right lanes closed because of a pothole that is apparently the width of the entire lane and six inches deep. it is tying up traffic because
8:02 am
it is a sizeable hole in the road there. in concord, you're look agent southbound 242. there is an ambulance on the way to a two vehicle crash. and that earlier closure of the eastbound lanes highway 4, eastbound highway 4 at 8th street have now partially reopened. but there is a little bit of a backup there. and taking a look at highway 4 in the westbound direction on the bottom left of your screen where you see all of that traffic, it is slow going through bay point. and pittsburgh to bay point up to 242. this is a look at the macarthur maze bridge. we usually don't see this in the eastbound direction. but this is an overturned vehicle and the right lane is blocked and we see the backup in what is usually the noncommute direction. the right lane is blocked. and the westbound lanes as you
8:03 am
approach the toll plaza, things look good. the uk joins a growing number of county choosing to ground boeing 737 max 8 following a deadly crash that killed 157 people. but the u.s. is continuing to keep the max 8s in service. alisa is live at sfo and spoke to people just about to board the aircraft. >> reporter: there are a few flights flying in and out of sfo using the boeing 737 max 8. i got to board some of them on air canada. a man on a different plane. said if he found out he was flying on a max 8, he would have changed his trip. >> i don't feel safe right now.
8:04 am
>> they should fix it or stop it. >> i'm not worried about the boeing 737 max 8. i looked and i know what plane it is. but i'm concerned. we'll see what happens. >> we have mixed emotions on both sides. i feel safe. butdy ask if the plane did take off and it landed okay. >> reporter: the boeing 737 max 8 are still in service throughout the united states. several of them flying to and from bay area airports. after two commercial flights crashed within months of each other, there are some safety concerns. sunday and ethiopiaen flight crashed just minutes after take
8:05 am
off. five months ago one crashed in indonesia just after taking off. they are sending technical teams to the crash site in ethiopia to help with the investigation. senator dianne feinstein asks ask the faa to ground the planes here in the united states. but so far, the faa has not taken that action. eight americans were among passengers that died in the crash. the victims on 302 came from 35 different countries. 22 of them worked for agencies affiliated with the united nations and they were headed to kenya for an environmental conference. two brothers from redding, california were amonged victims. mel and bennet riffel were on an oversea adventure.
8:06 am
they boarded the jet heading to kenya that crashed. >> i did visit susan and ike this morning. their faith is really strong. >> flowers and candles outside st. joseph's church, in honor of mel and bennet riffel. another person that died on the flight is anne musyidki. she is from the area. and people said that she was a working mother and was passionate about help people in south africa to get access to technology. >> she worked with drive and passion. she was someone really trying to make things work. very kind in the way she would
8:07 am
work with the people around her. >> anne musyidki is survived by her young children and her husband. coworkers said that thinking about how much they lost makes her death more difficult for them. we'll bring you new information from boeing and the faa as this story develops. happening today, the alameda county board of supervisors will take the vote on urban shield. they gave unanimous preliminary approval last month to change the training program. urban shield was created after september 11th to help first responders prepare for terror attacks and other disasters. the changes could include an emphasis on training first responders for emergency situations, such as natural disasters. happening today, a man that was shot and seriously injured concerning a robbery at his home does plan to speak out.
8:08 am
jeremy white was at his home and two men broke in. and one shot him in the back and left him for dead while they lewded his house. he survived but he is paralyzed from the waist down. one faces 18 years in federal prison. but the other could be sentenced to five year of federal probation. >> i don't think it is fair he gets to walk away from this and i don't. it was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened in my life. there is only one day in the past two years that i have not thought about it. >> this this will be the first time white has seen his attacker since the day he was shot. he plans to give a victim's impact statement that will help him feel he has stood up to the
8:09 am
attackers. san francisco mayor london breed expected a long time member of the public defender's office to being the new public defender. mayor breed announced that public defender manohar raju will be the interim public defender. his experience will help him lead the department. >> you have not done that, then you cannot have the deep understand what we do day in and day out. our office is so relieved that had the mayor appointed someone in the house that understands our daily struggles. >> start assuming some of the responsibilitities of the office, we cannot be sworn in because he doesn't live in san francisco. have to move from alameda county before he can be sworn in. and we'll talk to the new public defender, public
8:10 am
defender manohar raju at 9. the governor will making some big changes at utility companies. governor said that he may replace the president of the cpuc. he said that the governor indicated that he would make an announcement on a new president as well as an overhaul of the agency in a matter of weeks. it has been criticizes of the monitoring it of the safety practices at pg&g and other state utilities of that been blamed for starting several recent wildfires in california. thousands of emballfied students qualified students have been turned away in the past year. the proposal to open a new campus in the bay area. sea creatured that are normally found in warmer waters of drive thing closer to our california coast line to. researchers are trying to determine why coming up.
8:11 am
this is the east shore freeway. and the drive time is lightening up as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. the winds will pick up. a little cooler today. but there are signs that 70s will show up by the weekend, which will be the first for many since november. what's better than having fast,
8:12 am
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8:14 am
a man planned to get violent if his talk with google executive cans did not go well. the police found three baseball bats in his trunk whennest arrested near the google campus. there was a similar attack last april. >> a lot of nervousness from the "youtube" thing from last year. it brought back memorys from that. it is crazy it could have happened here. >> last year a woman was angry when "youtube" began filtering her channel drove from chicago to the "youtube" campus. we asked google for a comment. so far they have not responded to our request. the san francisco port commission is taking public
8:15 am
comment on a proposal to open a homeless center. the proposed site is a two acre property that is a parking lot. the city has proposed putting a 200 bed facility for the homeless that will be open for the next four years. the commission needs to approve the idea in order for to happen. the meeting taking place today. the creator of the iraq and afghan memorial crosses in lafayette is now asking him to be taken down. he said that he's resigning as the curator of the memorial. and the memorial was meant to be temporary. more than 4,000 crosses got the hillside across the lafayette bart station marking the u.s. soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. he apologizing to the families that may be traumatized to still see it t and now they are looking at options to sell the site for development. the san francisco
8:16 am
supervisors are working on a plan to rename terminal one after harvey milk and former san francisco supervisor. they criticized the plan. she thought his name was too small. and the board of supervisors ruled to mandate that milk's name show up in four foot high letters and they need to carry his name. the bull board of supervisors are expected to vote on the sign next week. uc davis researchers are looking at heatwaves on animals that's live in the ocean. they say that 67 different speaks of jellyfish and slugs and snails that usually found in the southern california and mexican area on the coast are now up here in the northern california coast.
8:17 am
and 37 of the animal species set records for the further north they have ever been found. some have stayed that will change the ecosystems. the watch is on for the maverick surf competition. there were big swells off half moon bay on monday. they were not big enough for the mavericks. the waves have to be 25 feet high. and the competition window closes march 31st and will not reopen till the fall. 8:17. alley is in for sal all week. you have some major problems in the 6:00 hour. are we looking better? yes, things tend to come and go in waves. things are improving a little bit. let's start with the maps. we'll show you what things are like in the east bay. we're following a crash in the concord area southbound 242 and
8:18 am
680. as you get through pleasant hill and wallnut creek, both lanes are still open. this is creating a lingering backup. let's look at your drive on highway 24. it is slow into the tunnel. and once you get through the country unless, things start to clear up after that. so a bit of a drive in the east bay. the drive to the macarthur maze bridge has not improved that much. but this stretch through emeryville as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza has lightened up. it will take you 45 minutes to the bridge to the toll plaza and the macarthur maze bridge. speaking of the toll plaza, the lanes are packed pretty full. if you have the option of driving into coworkers, if you take the carpool lanes, it will take you no time at all to get on to the span.
8:19 am
we see the sun streaming through. it is a nice sight to see. >> and you're tweeting me, wanting to know what the weekend will be like. we're going to be in the 70s, which is really rare. sfo had a 70-degree temperature on november 7th and have not had one since then. that much a long stretch, four months. we got a report of a 70 in cor delia. that was his first 70-degrees since november 8th. it has been a cold winter. the temperatures were cool. we have a weak system drag dragging across.
8:20 am
so if you have clear skies now, you'll get a little bit of a degrees. these two systems are going to merge. it looks over colorado and create a huge system that going to give blizzard conditions and then really severe weather in the plains as it move across the country. 30s, 40s and 50s. a little bit of a breeze picking up in the front direction, south, southeast. and there is a little cool air behind that and that will filter in later tonight and tomorrow there. is not much in the way of rain here. sanity rosa and napa, any rain that falls will be light. there will not be much of a rebound for the next couple days. but all signs point towards warmer weather. and we'll get into 70-degree temperatures. so it's been a long time, you
8:21 am
guys. >> happy june. the warriors may be moving to san francisco, but a piece of the team will be staying in oakland. how the warriors are repurposing the practice facility for some community programs. the uk is set to leave the european union in flee weeks and the country still does not have a plan in place. how two years of negotiations could boil down to some 11th hour decisions.
8:22 am
dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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8:24 am
the u.s. state department is can drawling all of incidents remaining diplomats in venezuela. they struggle to restore electricity after four days of blackouts crippling the country. it is tide to a contest the presidential election. british prime minister may is asking lawmakers to approve her new brexit deal. said that if the deal is not passed, brexit could be lost. she made a quick trip to brussels this week. and she was able to get approvements to the deal. but british lawmakers think
8:25 am
that it keeps britain too tide to the eu and they plant to vote against it. despite calls from the democratic members, nancy pilosi said that she is not in favor of trying to impeach president trump. in an interview with the "washington post," she said, i'm not for impeachment. impeachment is so decisive to the country. unless there is something could so many compelling, i don't think we should. she said, quote, he's just not worth it. the president requested 8. $6 billion for the wall. some say that is absurd because
8:26 am
he asked $5.7 billion for the wall that ultimately shut down the government. >> year after year, he say that he wants the taxpayers that the president said would be completely free. >> the only reason that he has the authority to call a national emergency is because congress gave him the right to do so. >> the budget unlikely to pass because the house is controlled by democrats. . it slashes $220 billion from the supplemental nutrition system program, better known as snap. and defense spending that is
8:27 am
more than at the time pentagon had asked for. the spending plan would lock in annual deficits at $1 trillion through the year 2022. a push to rename a north bay school district because some say its name has some racist connotations. >> reporter: nurses from two santa clara hospitals are on strike this morning. we'll tell you about the goal of the strike and the county's response coming up. we're following a couple new crashes in the south bay. we'll have a check on the loads there in a minute. this is a look at your drive, 880 and past the coliseum is sluggish. we have enough in some system for a little cooler weather. the wind will pick up later. but good news for the weekend. more on that coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and tuesday. i'm frank mallicoat. mike enjoying another day off on what looks like a beautiful day, at least the start. is it going to hang in there for a while? not as nice as yesterday. we'll get some clouds in here. but it will be okay. the further north you get, more cloud cover. the breeze will pick up and the highs will not be in the upper 30s. by the weekend, it does look like 70 degrees are on the forecast. but today this weak system beginning to make its move now and it is increasing some low clouds in advance of that. that is not somebody that we've seen too often. further to the south, you'll have more sun. two systems, we're in between. one is in southern california and arizona. lots of rain and really cool temperatures.
8:31 am
it will move to the northeast and new mexico and it will merge with the other system that will form colorado and the plains in the next few days. we're rebounding from the 30s. there is enough of a breeze to stir things up a little bit. the system will fall apart as it drags across us. but we'll get partly cloudy skies. you see the little cooler pattern and it is called a dry front. there is not a lot to. but upper 50s and low 60s. allie is here. we're going to start with the south bay because you'll see from the you'll see there are various crashes and collisions to tell you about. we cannot get to all of them. northbound 85, 101 or any of these highways, you may want to
8:32 am
give yourself extra times. there are about a half dozen crashes there. in the east bay, in oakland, westbound 580 and coolidge, there is a crash there. after that, there is another report of a crash 580. this is blocking the left lane. we don't usually say this, but maybe unite want to consider northbound 880 to get to oakland or the city of emeryville. 880 and oakland is not a lot better. a lot of slowing as you approach the macarthur maze bridge and toll plaza. these are normally our bright spots in the morning commute. this is a nice picture to look at. 8:32. back to the desk. a one day nurses' strike is underway two santa clara hospitals. the strike began in just the past hour. >> reporter: they are on the move now.
8:33 am
they are striking and they are loud. it is a small group. but they have an important message. they are passionate. they have their signs in hand. and they will be out here all day. o'connor hospital is one of the two hospitals that the nurses have walked out. the other is in gilroy. we're hearing from santa clara about the strike. the executive said that the california nurses' association doesn't represent any county employees and has not taken steps to be the lawful representation and he calls the strike unlawful. this is after the selling of the two hospitals. they are required to join another union. and the strike to protest that move. in an e-mail, jeffrey smith said there may be consequences for employees that don't show up to work today or tomorrow.
8:34 am
cna filed charges at the california employment relationships saying they violated law saying there would be consequences. >> we elected them and there are unsare labor practices. they cannot interfere with that. you have a right to vote for your union and choose your union. and that is what we're doing. that is why we're striking today. >> reporter: in a statement, jeffrey smith said that the cna is making the county to ignore their responsibilities to other union. this is the statement that was released by him. out here live, you see a handful of nurses and supporters in front of o'connor hospital. the strike started at 7:00 this morning. it is a one day strike and it
8:35 am
will wrap up 6:59 tomorrow morning. when they get back to work, they'll continue to fight. happening today, teachers in the sonoma county united school district will vote whether to ratify their tentative contract agreement. the proposed contract includes a 4% pay raise, smaller class sizes and more school nurses and counselors. there will be another meeting in lauren county to suggest changing the name of the dixie school district there. some people argue it reflects an era of slavery and racism and they say it needs to change. last month, the majority of board members said they supported changing the name. but they voted against 13 names that would have replaced it. and the board of trustees will meet this afternoon and will discuss the next steps for a
8:36 am
potential name change for the district. four children left without their parents this morning after a murder-suicide. a man killed his wife yesterday morning in the parking lot before killing himself about three blocks away. they were married for 27 years but recently separated. officers said that paula just dropped off their two youngest children at school. >> the kids were dropped off and she was going to the gym. and her estranged husband knew this and lying in wait. >> paula wanted a divorce but her husband refused. they had four children between the ages of 8 and 25 years old. and the police are interviewing relatives. oakland councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney will speak about the shooting doing
8:37 am
of her son in los angeles. she traveled there yesterday to retrieve her son's belongings from his dorm room and bring them back in the city of oakland. he recently transferred from east bay. he was killed on sunday during an attempted robbery about a mile from usc. his friends remember him as a product oakland native and a gifted musician. >> he was a genuine person. he had his skills and talent, he was very genuine. >> l.a. police are investigating victor mcelhaney's shooting. but they have not released any description of the assailants. firefighters in concord are cleaning up the damage after a house fire. this happened at 4:30 a.m. at a home on watson court west. you can see the smoke and flames pouring from the structure. it started the garage and spread to the roof.
8:38 am
the firefighters met a challenge. >> as far as the fire burning under the metal involving the shaking itself is now a challenge. we have to strip all of that metal off to get through overall procedures. >> a mother and two children were inside the home. the firefighters said that the smoke detectors helped them escape unharmed. a big rig fire that we showed you on mornings on 2 earlier. this is 7:00 this morning p firefighters were told that the truck was carrying compressed nitro green gas. so they closed the freeway and issued a significant alert and fought the fire from a distance. >> so we train for this with firefighter operation and the hazardous materials crews. it is a normal day of the draw. >> no injuries reported. and the firefighters have not yet said what started the fire. the san francisco giants
8:39 am
have invited the baseball team from paradise high school to play ball at oracle park. they will play the cardinals on saturday. the sports teams of paradise high school have had a hard time to have games since last year's wildfires that destroyed much of their town. the first pitch set to go at 4:00. admission is free. stockton is the running to become the home of a new california state university campus. california's lieutenant government took a tour of the proposed site. she is a member of the board of trustees. said that building a new campus will help solve a big problem in higher education in california. >> last year we turned away 38,000 qualified students from the csu because there was no
8:40 am
room. >> the governor's budget includes $2 million to fund a study on building a new campus in the stockton area. a new biking system and how it may work and why some said it will best serve some of the california's lowest income customers. the commute in the south bay tide up by a series of minor crashes and collisions. here senior a look at 880 in oakland. slow going past the coliseum. lots of morning sun here and a weak system is dropping down from the north. a little cooler today, just not as nice as we had. but all signs point to a war by the week. weekend.
8:41 am
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the gold again state warriors are moving next year of the. but they will keep the practice facility toy for youth basketball programs. >> reporter: for overtwo decades, the warriors have been based all of the oakland mariott center. so when a deals with truck to move it into the new chase center of san francisco, there were questions if the team
8:44 am
would remain based in oakland. and now we have the answer. >> we're building our brand-new practice facility and our other offices this is one of the few places that you'll find the basketball part the operation and the business part of the operation housed in the same place. >> reporter: warriors' president announced that the team will be moving to the other side of the bay. they will, in turn, turn the corner offices into a space for nonfor profit and the practice center into a youth camp. it will be called generation thrive. >> it will be a big demonstration of how we're going to do this. >> reporter: focus on monday's announcement what with a the current facilities will come. steph curry wanted to turn over
8:45 am
to youth and not for profit that the team is still wanting to help. >> it will be here for a long time to support the next generation of kids in oakland. >> reporter: it is a 20-year- old partnership between the warriors' partnership with kaiser. and they will focus on key areas like educational equity, college and readiness. >> this facility city staying part of the warriors' activities and basketball camps and incredible nonprofit accelerator that will be a catalyst for all the work that their foundation is supporting. >> good for them. the city of oakland is going to miss them. >> a lot are wondering if they can afford tickets. >> they will probably be a little more.
8:46 am
over to san francisco they go. let's help you get out the door. allie has been doing that since 4 a.m. traffic into the city or taking public transit to get to the new warriors' game in the future. but let's focus and what about is happening today, especially in the south bay. the traffic map is lit up here in the last 45 minutes or so. we cannot get through all of these ten or so minor collisions. 87 northbound and northbound 101 and 105 will have problems. give yourself extra time if that is where you're driving. this is northbound 280 and the lawrence expressway. there is a some drywall in the road. you don't see it showing any traffic condition guessing here in this live picture of 280 and san jose. both directions look pretty good. highway 24 to lafayette has been dense. this is stop and go all the way to the tunnel. and take a look at the bay
8:47 am
bridge plaza, things are lightening up here because of some crashes that have happened on westbound 580. three of them are in oakland. that is slowing down the traffic volume. time is 8:47. >> what time is it? >> my mind still thinks we're an hour behind. >> it is almost 9:00. you better get going to the next show. we have sunny skies. a weak system is beginning to make its move to the north. and we'll end up with partly sunny and partly cloudy to the south and a little cooler. one more look at the high temperatures for monday. 67 in napa, santa rosa. we got a report of 70 in cor this area. this is the weak system that is beginning to move in right there.
8:48 am
there is not a lot to it. it is going to make a move and start bringing many some of the increasing cloud cover. the system to the south continues to ramp up big time, rain, clouds and cool temperatures in southern california and nevada and las vegas, especially for spring training activities, phoenix and towson. that a lot of rain. it will be issued to maricopa county. this will be a whopper of a system giving them blizzard conditions and really intention. it looks like severe weather across the plains in the next couple days. 40s and 50s. and some of the cloud cover coming in. and we have plenty of 30s this morning, but we had a lot more yesterday morning. this little rope will give us some cloud cover in the next couple hours. the breeze will pick up. there is not much to the system. if you're to the north, you may get a little rain out of it. 50s and 60s on the temperature
8:49 am
it's down 5 to 7 degrees. but we'll rebound a little bit. it will be breezy tomorrow. after thursday, a little weak system. 70s on the high. >> that sounds great. coming up next on the 9s. san francisco's new public defender joins us in the studio. why he thinks that the mayor picked the right man for the job. and california could be the second state in the nationing to form its own private banking system and the advantage it will have over private sector banks.
8:50 am
(music throughout)
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8:52 am
today is national pancake day and they are giving their annual pancake give away. this time it has a new name to remind customer the reason behind the free pancake. it is called flip it forward for kids. they are asking to make a donation to one of its charities. they have children's miracle hospitals, shriners. bowing is taking the market down once again. and there are still question what's the faa is planning to do with the boeing 737 max 8. >> reporter: many industry analysts say they should mandate the challenges. that could prove to be
8:53 am
expensive for boeing. as more countries suspend the plane, that is also hurting boeing. it dropped another 5% as the opening bell this morning. it hovered at about that level right now. take a look at the numbers. without boeing, the dow jones industrial average would actually be up. but is a live look. it is down a quarter of a percent. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are both gaining about a half of a percent today. lawmakers in sacramento are proposing to create a public banking system. san francisco is introducing a state or cities to charter their own bank. it will would not create a state owned statewide bank. the public banks would be encouraged to form partnerships with one another. public banks may be more receptive to the low income
8:54 am
residents. north dakota is the only other state in the country with a public banking system. volkswagen stepping up the development in production of electric vehicles. volkswagen has announced plans to roll out 70 now electric models, including a porshe, audi and lamborghini. san francisco based levi strauss has announced plans to go public again. it was publicly traded company in the 1970s and 1980s, but a buyout took it private in 1985. havelevis want to be valued at $6 billion. it would make it more valuable that outfitters. those are the trendy spots and
8:55 am
levi coming back. >> that was a shock. i always thought they were a public. i did not know they were private. coming up next it is considered the pinnacle of classical ballet. and sleeping beauty is back in the bay. we're joined by the san francisco ballet principle dance will that is in the product that brings timeless fairy tales to light. with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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8:58 am
facebook has restored elizabeth warren's adds that calls for tough - - giants to be broken up. facebook, amazon, google and apple should be split up, according to the ads, the tech giants bulldoze information - - and - - in their favor. they removed the ads because of improper use of logo but decided to restore them in the interest of allowing a robust debate. is the city council could give final approval to create world class landmark. the city would hold an international conference - - competition this spring to get an idea for concept. the top location for the landmark based on analyst is will be the guadalupe a liberal riverpark -- the light tower corporation, already raised $1 million for a landmark and could raise 10 and millions more to completed.
8:59 am
the governor proposed at - - the proposed - - tying housing constructions to gas tax revenue. the crisis is undermining the california dream and he wants to speed up construction goals. some lawmakers are criticizing the postal saying people who voted for the gas tax did so on the promise that the money will be used to fund projects across the state. the sharks are back on top of the standings after - - minnesota, there was no score until the late - - one - - deflected a shot into the net. why not score some more. they scored early in the third and martin johns 20 - - 24 saves in the pipe. they play again tonight. the lead gear starts tomorrow but it's not stopping free agents from stopping new teams. - - signing free agents signing
9:00 am
new teams. one interception and 78 tackles. a growing number of airlines are grounding planes following the ethiopian airlines crash. the latest on the worldwide respect responds and how regulators are responding. they will go one-on-one with the public defender why the mayor them for the job and what happens next. a fairly a retail ballet a romance and wonder sleeping beauty returns to san francisco ballet. see how they put a new twist on a classic tale. good morning and welcome on the nine of - - significant milestone for the tech world. 30 years ago the world wide web was created. tim - - subodh submitd


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