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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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of wealth and privilege. >> the allegations against ceos and celebrities to give their kids a leg up at prestigious universities. >> the largest college admission scam. >> how the scheme works, and this stanford coach among those charged. and oakland city councilwoman joints police in southern california, calling on the people responsible for her son's shooting death to turn himself in. >> you can come come forward. we will love you back into your own community. you know you don't have to rob or steal or take a life. and under pressure, the growing calls for the u.s. to ground the 737 max 8 airplane following that deadly crash in ethiopia. from ktvu news, this is "the four." the feds busted nationwide, college admissions schedule with celebrities, ceos, and coaches all around the country allegedly a brawl. they were bribed and photo edited while the parents out to
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get their high school kids into some of the most sought after universities. and today, stanford hired its deadly. >> i'm alex savidge. this is the largest college admission scam ever and it dates back to 2011. 15 people have been charged, at least 13 of them are from the bay area. they range from college coaches to wealthy ceos to winery owners, and the list also includes tv stars felicity huffman and lori loughlin. >> molly line more with this sting operation the feds called operation varsity blues. >> reporter: tv stars felicity huffman and lori loughlin both charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, along with a third 30 prepared under indictment after the fbi lifted the lid on operation varsity blues, a 10 month investigation culminating in dozens of arrests. busting a massive, nationwide college admissions scheme. >> we are talking about deception and fraud, fake test
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course, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribes college officials. >> reporter: the fed said a man named william singer was the ringleader, making millions, taking bribes from wealthy families disguised as part as general charitable donations. or bribed testing administrators and taker to help kids cheat in s.a.t. and a.c.t. test. >> numerous parents paid singer between 15,070 $5000. to have someone either take the exam for their child's or to correct their child's answers afterward. >> reporter: the fbi said the investigation is not over and is working hard to combat a culture of greed surrounding college admissions. >> there can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy, and i will add there will not be a separate
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rminal justice system either. >> reporter: officials say this is the largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the justice department. in boston, molly line, fox news. >> the head sailing coach at stanford appeared in a massachusetts courtroom to face charges for his role in the admissions scam. maureen naylor live at sanford with the accusations, maureen, against his longtime coach. >> reporter: stanford has hired that had sailing coach deeply concerned about the allegations. the coach admits to accepting bribes but says unlike other coaches in this ghetto, he kept none of the money for himself. them and that coached stanfords sailing program for years appeared in a courtroom. >> ever since the fall, we've been really focused on national in san diego, succumbing to big events. >> reporter: john nicholas vandemoer has been stanfords had sailing coach for years, and is seen in this video for
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their website. he pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. according to the federal indictment in 2018, vandemoer agreed to give assailing recruits but to two special applicants with minimal sailing at experience. he was charged with orchestrating the bribing scheme. neither student entered stanford, but he received payments of $270,000. >> he understood this violated a stanford law that he should not have accepted money, but as we would like to make note the money was given to stanford university. >> reporter: vandemoer's attorney said the money went all to the university, having to buy new boats and hire another coach . >> it's a little angering because it's just like if you work so hard to get here and it's just like for some people, they don't have to work hard. all they have to do is pay for a. >> reporter: stanford officials said we have no evidence that the alleged contact involves anyone associated with the team. we will be undertaking an
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internal review to confirm that. >> i feel like there's so few spots and so many deserving students, and for that to be taken up by someone there something deeply unethical and morally wrong, it's just you know, really sad, sad to see. >> reporter: federal officials say with the exception of the u.s. the individual, no one knew about the speed in the meantime, vandemoer is scheduled to be in june sentence and faces up to 20 years in prison. >> maureen naylor live for us here this afternoon at stanford. san jose police say a man is now in custody accused of stabbing a woman to death last month. 59-year-old bambi larson was found dead in her palm home in february 28. she had several stab wounds. she was discovered after failing to show up for work. investigators say dna testing led them to 24-year-old carlos eduardo carranzo. he's a transit use here in the
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u.s. illegally. i.c.e. had placed detainers on them six times, four times in santa clara county, and twice in los angeles, and he also has a long criminal history. >> and we have violins are serious offenders that are praying on our community, we must have the ability to protect our residents. we will go to the ends of the earth to find a predator like this. we put the case together, put them in jail, and then it is up to the rest of the system to determine what has happened next. >> the suspect's prior convictions in san jose include burglary, battery of a police officer, false imprisonment, and drug charges. the chief said today so far there is no evidence the suspected killer and the victim knew each other previously. police are searching for the subject the robber ups driver in oakland.
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it happened in the area of lakeshore avenue, maccarthur boulevard just before 12:30. police say the driver called 911 after three people reportedly stole several packages and then ran out. police say it is unknown exactly what was taken. the chp is investigating a shooting that happened early this morning on highway 24. all of on the westbound lanes on the open side of caldecott tunnel had to be shut down and at about 6:30 in the morning. police say when they arrived at the scene, they found the victim pulled over near the connector rep on southbound highway 13. the officer singerman was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover. there is still no word from police on a motive or description on the shooter. oakland councilwoman spoke about her 21-year-old son who was shot and killed in los angeles over the weekend. >> i have dedicated my life as a councilmember to eradicate violence that is too pervasive in our communities of color. that work started long before victor was taken.
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victor michael laney died saturday when he was confronted about a mile from the usc campus where he was a jazz study students. the councilmember has worked to stop gun violence in oakland and never imagined her son would fall victim and l.a. one of victor able suggest instructors choked back tears as he remembered his today. >> he was a brilliant musician first and is and a drummer second, but most of all he was an amazing human being, and i thank you both for bringing him into this world. >> the lapd says 3 to 4 young men escaped in a dark-colored sedan after the shooting over the weekend. investigators are trying to find surveillance video to help identify the suspects. to the latest from the deadly crash of an ethiopian airlines jet on sunday that
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killed all 157 people on board. today, u.s. aviation experts and is resolutely forensic experts were at that crash site in ethiopia. investigators have found the airliners two flight recorders, and while the cause of the crash is still unknown, several countries have grounded this model of boeing airplane following the disaster. the faa said today there is no basis to order grounding the aircraft, but several lawmakers disagree. >> to the right thing. protect their passengers and ground the planes until the faa has a chance to review their safety. >> i think it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have better information. >> president trump recently oversaw the sale of 100 boeing 737 max planes to vietnam during the north korean summit. this morning, the president
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tweeted concerned about the planes, saying, quote airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly, and the complexity creates danger. >> eight americans were among the passengers who died in that crash. the victims on flight 302 came from 35 different countries and included professors and workers, as well as people on vacation. at least 22 of them worked for agencies affiliated with the united nations and were headed to nairobi, kenya, foreign environment a conference. two brothers from redding were among those killed. melvin and bennett were on a vacation that they described differences in overseas adventure. they had traveled to australia and other places before boarding the doomed jet to ethiopia. >> i did visit ike and susan this morning together with some other priest, and their faith really strong. >> flowers and candles have now been placed outside of st. joseph's church as a tribute to the brothers. >> one of the other passengers on board at ethiopian airlines flight has ties to the bay area
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tech community. she was bathed in the nairobi office of the nonprofit organization text to. she was appalled apply to san francisco next week for a conference. able who worked with her says she was a working mother who had a passion to help nonprofits in africa gain access to technology. >> she did that with driving with passion. you know, and i think that has always come across to me. you know, someone who's really trying to make things work, very kind in the way she would work with the people around her. >> she is survived by her young children and her husband. coworkers say thinking how much her family has lost makes her death even more difficult for them. this afternoon pressure is mounting for the u.s. to join other countries and ground the aircraft that was involved in the deadly crash. >> tom vacar is joining us live from oakland international airport, and you spoke today with the former faa inspector general about this aircraft,
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the 737 max 8. she has absolutely no doubt that the faa ought to do what a lot of people are saying, and that is to make sure that these planes are grounded until such time they know exactly what happened, but it seems as though the faa itself is unsure what to really do. as of today, 737 max eights are banned from flying in more than 40 countries. but the u.s. and canada has still not grounded in. this is taking a call on the public perception of the safety of the world's most widely used airliner, the 737 over the 737 max 8 is not one submodel. attorney mary is a former u.s. department of transportation inspector general and an outspoken aviation's safety advocate. >> i think the fda should ground the aircraft until they know what's going on, but more important than that, the airlines could do it themselves. really, what everyone is doing
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is just bedding it's not going to happen again. it has happened twice and everyone is like what are the odds he could have been a third time? well, apparently pretty good. who would've thought it would happen? >> carol of the airport travel agency in sfo says one africa bound traveler was booked on a calm air 737 max flown in africa under the logo fighter british airways or colonic airways. >> they said they were going to take the max 8 out of service, but now they have for the first deposition and they are going to leave it in service. so i think he's going to be changing his itinerary quite a bit. he does not want to apply on that plane. >> reporter: with 300 3080 maxes is delivered, boeing has orders for 5111 maxes worldwide. that is worth, $630 billion. boeing stock has been down 10% because this double crust could scare some airline customers a way to airbus and others. this is an aviation economist
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in uc berkeley. >> there are also smaller manufacturers that are moving into this size plan, such as canada air and ambient air, and they are also potential competitors for the 737. >> reporter: the more times than not knowing what caused these crashes, all 737s are getting an undeserved, bad rap. >> even the faa's uncertain yet, that they are trying to figure what the problem is and how narrowly it exists within the line of aircraft. the biggest risky face is probably still getting to and from the airport. >> and get this, to airline pilots have filed confidential reports that they all have experienced sudden downward no steps, and these were in planes of this make and model last year. and yet, we don't know if the faa are going to do anything about it. we will have more on this for you at 5:00. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. stay with tram mai for
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considering coverage. we will bring you more information from boeing in the faa as this develops. honda is forced to record 1 million cars once again. up next, the models i could put you and your family in danger. women here in the u.s. are dying at an alarming rate in the delivery room. how the feds are working to keep as many mothers as possible alive. and weather, view clouds paying us a visit today and some gusty winds, but some changes on the way. if you are waiting for warmer temperatures, we have that in the forecast, and we will have that all coming up in a few minutes.
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the alameda county board of supervisors is set to take its final vote on the future of the program known as urban shield. that vote was supposed to happen at noon, but the group is still meeting right now. supervisors gave unanimous preliminary approval last month to change the training program. urban shield was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and other disasters. the program has been heavily criticized as making local law enforcement departments more like the military. the changes would include an emphasis on training first responders for emergency situations like natural disasters. nurses at two santa clara county hospitals held a one-day strike today. it's on the sale of st. louis and o'connor hospital at santa clara in two santa clara
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county's. with this deal, the nurses who were part of the california nurses association or and a are required to join another union. the strike is in response to them. santa clara county executive jeffrey smith said cna does not represent any county employees, and he calls this strike unlawful. nurses out on the picket line say they want to stay with their current union. >> we have good quality patient care and o'connor. the county is not for having high turnover, poor retention. they been to the counties, the board of supervisors twice in one year to advocate for their patients. they are short staffed. there's turnover. we don't have that problem here because we have a strong union, and be we are being forced out of that union and being replaced by another union. >> in a statement, jeffrey smith says the cna is using the strike to make the county ignore its responsibility to the other unions. the county will meet its
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obligation to recognize the existing units that represent our employees in accordance  with existing contracts, as well as applicable laws, rules, and regulation. the one-day strike will end at 6:59 a.m. tomorrow, but nurses say they will not stop fighting. it's an issue affecting women of also get economic backgrounds. the rising maternal mortality rate in the u.s. prounion reports, the cdc and some in congress are stepping in to help save mothers lives. >> it's more dangerous to have a baby today than it was 25 years ago. >> reporter: every year nearly 50,000 women in america suffer near fatal complications during childbirth. and about 700 women die. according to the cdc, the maternal mortality rate in america is 18 deaths for every 100,000 births, nearly double the rate from 30 years ago. that shocking statistic makes
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the u.s. one of the dangerous countries to give birth among developed nations. illinois congresswoman robin kelly discussing the moms act tuesday on capitol hill. the proposed bill aims to reverse the maternal mortality rate in america by offering better maternal and postpartum healthcare. but in the meantime, the cdc has announced over $43 million in federal grants to state and local governments that will help create programs to track and counter the rising mortality rate among america's mothers. >> we will ensure the hospitals adopt best practices and safety training, and each maternal death will be reviewed so that we can understand and prevent future attacks. >> reporter: even more concerns for women of color in america, as black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth. >> it's a crisis the cuts across class, education level, and income. >> reporter: while cardiovascular problems account for the high percentage of deaths, publications linked to surgical delivery dates have increased more than 5000% since the 70s. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. a glimmer of hope against the battle and altheimer's.
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researchers in university hope a new eye that will help pick up the disease earlier using a special noninvasive test. now they were able to see tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye or retina. these vessels that are about half the size of a human hair and create a vascular web that delivers oxygen to cells in patients with alzheimer's. there was also a loss of those blood vessels in alzheimer's patients. we are shifting into a much warmer pattern here in the bay area. mark your to tell us all about that, plus some gusty conditions this afternoon. >> that wind blowing things around. wind topping 20 to 30 miles an hour. the wind will take this evening, and these numbers show a stronger gust snack throughout the afternoon. look at sfo, 49 miles an hour earlier today. half moon bay 44, hayward 37 miles an hour, san jose 31 miles an hour. now we had some sunshine, some clouds. i did see a light rain report and san jose.
4:23 pm
there is not much going on the radar, looks like the bulk of the shower activity is focused just outside of the bay area. we have some snow showing up out toward the sierra. still continues to snow here, in fact, and south lake tahoe. the airport reporting light snow at this number. for number showing you light 50s and a few spots peaking up back to the 60s. sso 56 a walnut creek checking in at 60 degrees. koln wind speeds will check and of those, and those winds are there. open airport, that the sustained wind out of the west, 28 miles an hour. s'more reports for you with sfo checking in 47 miles an hour, koln wind gust neck. blustery here by the coast and importance of the bay shoreline. here's a live camera looking at what san francisco bay . you can see a bit of some chop and the water and those clouds to the east of the bay area, so we will be tracking some clouds tonight and into early tomorrow morning. for thing tomorrow morning, we
4:24 pm
are expecting temperature to start off the day at 30s and 40s. here we are in san francisco, clear and cool, and afternoon hours more sunshine. 61 for an afternoon high, and down by the upper 50s by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. you can see the developing weather pattern out in the pacific, and it will stick around for quite some time tomorrow and into early next week, and within this pattern we are talking about warming temperatures. coming up, we will let you know when 70s reservice in our five day forecast. a small plane crashes into a house in ohio, and then bursts into flames. what we are learning about the crash that left one person dead. coming up tonight on fox's primetime lineup at 8:00 it is the two hour season seven premiere of ogle masterchef junior," that will be followed by the 10:00 news and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu.
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officials say a pilot was killed this afternoon when a small plane crashed right into a home in ohio. from overhead, you can see that twin engine plane struck near the rear of the house, and then it caught fire. it's not clear yet if anyone else was on board that plane aside from the pilot. fire officials say no one inside the house was injured. faa investigators are now heading to the site which is about 12 miles northeast of cincinnati. cameras will be allowed in
4:28 pm
the courtroom the next time empire actor jussie smollett goes before a judge. smollett attended a court proceeding in chicago, and that is when the judge ruled cameras will be allowed for thursday's arraignment. this does not mean cameras will be there for the remainder of his trial. the judge who gets assigned to the case will ultimately have the final say on that. a grand jury indicted smollett last week on 16 counts of disorderly conduct . the charges of course temperamental legit phony attack on the actor. police say he directed two brothers to assault him. the incident first occurred, smollett called it a racial and homophobic attack. honda is now recalling nearly 1 million older model vehicles for the second time all due to airbags. honda says the airbag insulators that were installed during previous recall could be dangerous. the airbags were made by takara. the recall involves several honda and some acuras as well made between 2001 and 2010. owners should get a notice in the mail, and that repair is free.
4:29 pm
the chief executive officer of well farce those bank told the congressional finance committee that the bank has improved its culture following a string of scandals. tim sloan took the top job at the san francisco based bank back in 2016. he said the bank is compensating customers who had been harmed by scandals, including the creation of unauthorized that counts. committee chair maxine waters is the bank it was $1.9 trillion in assets was too big to manage. sloan said that large banks have the ability to invest in services that smaller banks probably can't. there's some backlash that afternoon to a plan to build more housing in california. the one aspect of the governor's proposal that is not sitting well with commuters. the golden state warriors gearing up for their move across the bay to san francisco. we will tell you what this means for the team's training facilities and oakland and more on the war years' youth programs.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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governor newsom is calling president trump's 2020 budget proposal, quote, political theater. governor of newsom focused on the president $8.6 billion request to pay for a wall along the border with mexico. the governor called that request absurd, citing the president's previous request for $5.7 billion for the same project. that resulted in the longest federal government shutdown in u.s. history. democrats in congress agreed with the california governor. >> it's so amazing that trump administration proposes year after year after year that the american taxpayer pay billions
4:33 pm
of dollars for a border wall that president trump would say would be completely free. >> let's not forget the only reason he has the authority to: national emergency is because congress gave him the right to do so. >> the budget proposal is unlikely to be approved as it stands because democrats control the house of representatives. governor newsom is looking to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fast-track new homes and apartments. our reporter tells a city that don't comply with the new building rules could face serious consequences. >> reporter: in california, housing is high in demand. >> i would put it at the top of the list in terms of priorities and needs. we've got a real shortage in the state of california for housing and our population is growing. >> so the state is pledging to build 3.5 million new housing units by 2025, and sacramento, the plan is to perform this
4:34 pm
empty lot in midtown and two 159 apartments and retail spaces that will one day look like this. >> it's in urban infill project, and i think this is exactly where california is headed. >> reporter: windy works with the authority that's working to build more affordable housing in areas and fox 2 news low in median income residents. >> of the present are going to be market rate, and 50 of them will be affordable at different levels of income. some will be for low income, and some are for those who are the missing middle. >> reporter: governor newsom has committed close to $2 billion and etc. for cities like sacramento, but affordable housing plans. as he outlined in his state of the state address last month. >> do we want to california for all? we have to build housing for all. replicas under the governor it was plan, the cities could lose gas tax money that is supposed
4:35 pm
to go for road repairs. unless they, but affordable housing options by 2023. and that prospect is upsetting to some drivers filling up at the pump today. >> i don't think they should take that money from the roads. the roads are bad enough for now. were is the money going in general when they are not doing any repairs? more potholes and cars, you know? >> reporter: the california housing secretary said the state is committed to making housing more affordable for more people. >> i think at the end of the day the goal is to have everybody in compliance with the highs and laws. firefighters are investigating an early morning house fire that happened 4:30 this morning on a home and what's in court west. firefighters say it started in the garage and then spread to the roof. firefighters ran into a challenge because the metal roof had been placed on top of the original wooden shake roof. >> as far as the fire burning underneath the metal, involving that shake itself, it's now becoming a challenge because we had to strip all the metal up to be able to get to all the overhaul. >> the mother and her two
4:36 pm
children were inside the house at the time. firefighters say smoke detectors though helped them escape unharmed. today is the first day on the job for san francisco's new public defender following the unexpected death of jeff adachi. london breed the selected men a high raji. he's a longtime deputy public defender who was working as one of the offices managing vendors. i hope you are with us earlier on the nine as we talked with him whose looking forward to see the public defender's office grow. >> in the next nine months what i'm looking forward to doing is to growing our practice and having reflective conversations with the members of our office about how you can you take your practice to the next level, what is the next that we can do? >> raju says he will run for the public defender position in the upcoming november election, and then he made that decision yesterday right after mayor
4:37 pm
breed selected him. now to a lot of off-season moves by both the 49ers and the raiders. the silver and black continue to pick up some big-name free agents. reporting lamarcus joyner is expected to sign a four-year deal once the new season starts. joyner play last season with a los angeles rams, he had one interception and 78 tackles. the 49ers made a key signing to help them out on defense. they've agreed to a four-year, $54 million contract with pro bowl linebacker kwon alexander. that is one of their largest ever contract for a linebacker. alexander is recovering from a torn acl that ended his season with the tampa bay buccaneers. it ended that season early. the former fourth round pick is expected to be ready by the start of the season. from football, now to basketball, and the golden state warriors are course moving to san francisco season, but the team plan to stay
4:38 pm
connected here to the east bay. andre senior tells of the warriors practice facility in oakland will become the center of the team's youth basketball and community programs. >> reporter: for over two decades, the golden state warriors have been based at the oakland marriott center. but with all things change is inevitable, so when the deal was struck to move the team into the new chase center in san francisco , they were questions of whether the team would remain based in oakland. and now we have the answer. >> so we are building a brand- new practice facility, as well as our other offices. it's philosophical to the warriors. this is one of the few places in the nba you will find the basketball part of the operation and the business part of the operation housed in the same place. >> reporter: rick welts announced monday the team was in day to be moving to the other side of the bay. they will in turn turned the corner offices that they currently inhabit into a space for not-for-profit and the practice and training you can. the initiative will be cogeneration thrive. >> we are going to remain a big part of oakland and our future,
4:39 pm
and i think we have been asking people. up until now, at this is the big tangible demonstration of how we are going to go about doing this. >> reporter: focus on monday's announcement were about what the facilities are to come. steph curry himself that turning the officers over to the youth and nonprofits shows the organization is still committed to staying in oakland. >> creating this generation thrive campaign that will be here for a long time to support the next kids in oakland. >> reporter: the initiative is to be a twenty-year partnership between the warriors and kaiser permanente. it is to uplift at risk youth. it will focus on key areas such as educational equity, college, and career readiness. >> this incredible facility is staying part of the warriors community activities, and expansion of their basketball camps, and an incredible nonprofit accelerator that will be an incredible catalyst for all the community work that
4:40 pm
their foundation is supporting. >> reporter: andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. happy birthday to the world wide web. it was 30 years ago today that our world changed in a big way. we are going to take a look back at those three decades coming up here. and weather, nice to see more sunshine today, although a few clouds paying us a visit and gusty winds. you can see a lot of chop on the bay waters, the we will warm things back up nicely with 70s making a comeback in the bay area forecast.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children.
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protect your family. visit do you remember life before the world wide web? today, it turned 30 years old. nine napolitano with the breakthrough invention by a british computer programmer. >> reporter: it barely goes noticed we don't even need to type it anymore, but these three letters represent what some scholars consider to be the greatest invention in human history. world wide web. first sold as the -- >> information highway. >> it's a modern-day must-have for billions of people. >> social media. >> talking with my family and friends. >> reporter: was designed to be an information free for all. >> the web is not the way we wanted in the way we respect. >> reporter: his idea fuels rumors that al gore had done it.
4:44 pm
it is used to keep our homes invaluable state, but at the same time makes us more vulnerable to crooks and thieves. what other invention has given the world such a mishmash of byproducts from international policy to pornography? what made these people billionaires introduced us to a world that a smaller place that is uniting the world weathertight or dividing the nation. this public space still remains inaccessible to many. >> 50% of humanity is now using this web thing. get the other half online as quickly as possible of course. is becoming more and more unfair that they aren't. >> reporter: matt napolitano, fox news. you probably noticed of this today if you logged online. the google doodle celebrating 30 years of the world wide web. you can learn everything about the invention that is
4:45 pm
connecting the world, and there was a twin earlier this morning about the 30 hour journey that he is taking to celebrate this anniversary. the man who founded this whole thing, he starting in switzerland at the world's largest physics lab, which is where he worked when he invented the world wide web, that he will end in nigeria as he fights for a open web. >> happy birthday. surprise for northern california man when he saw what he thought was a big dog in his backyard, but as you can see it is not a dog at all. from the city of his bedroom and his sierra foothills home, patrick osgood was able to take pictures and video. this home is in an area that is known for mountain lions, lots of deer, coyotes, and wild turkeys. this mountain lion spent some time in the yard and then headed out back into the wild. have a look at this odd
4:46 pm
pair of playmates. yes, that is a dog playing with a wild coyote, and they are just running around together having a good time. the unusual friendship popped up in tempe, arizona. this coyote does seem to be getting a little too close for comfort, though. he's not at all afraid of humans coming within an arms length of the woman who was capturing this video on her cell phone. that's a little too close for me. >> yeah. >> step back maybe a little bit. mark, it is really pretty today, but i was surprised at how windy it is. >> the winds really wrapping up. we saw a slight chance of the show because the system moving in from the north, and that have boosted is wind speeds. there's a light shower report in san jose earlier this afternoon, so heather was right on. the winds were picking up the the afternoon hours and still taking on for tonight. we are getting a break in the significant rainfall, so it's always had to kind of check out where we are in terms of rainfall totals. as you would expect, everybody well above the average. santa rosa closing in on 40 inches, and we are talking about a little bit of a break
4:47 pm
right now, but the rainfall season, it's not just over yet. if you drop to the sierra right now, they have some light snow showers as you can see on the radar there. for us, we have partly cloudy skies, some numbers in the upper 50s to write immensity degrees. santa rosa 61, san jose 59. and we will show you some of the current wind speeds. oakland sustained the 20 a. that is a got mackin santa rosa, 28 miles per hour, and in sfo, look at the number. gusting to 47 miles an hour in san jose, sustained at 20. looking out towards san francisco bay, bit of some chop on the bay waters. forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow cool starting the day, but we will have more sunshine. the weekend, you can plan on the warmer support cat saturday into sunday. here is our thinking, as you can see the temperatures going up a little bit. each and every day into friday, but especially into sunday that should be the warmest day of
4:48 pm
the weekend. a quick, early sneak peek at the sunday forecast ties. santa rosa could be 73, san francisco 69, san jose 72 , so you get the idea. most areas close to the 70 degrees mark this weekend. now today, why so windy? because of this guy you can see moving in, dropping into the east of the bay area, so we have the winds and sierra snow. this guy will be moving in tomorrow, being replaced by this area of high pressure. we will have a dry weather pattern and warming one as well. he's a forecast model showing you this from the clouds and snow showers. as he put is into motion into tomorrow afternoon, we are looking pretty good. mostly cloudy skies, probably not as windy tomorrow compared to today. now there is a weak system coming on board on thursday. no raindrops expected, but you can see does forecast model. it does bring in some high cloud cover throughout the day on wednesday. forecast highs will be in the 60 tomorrow so a little bit
4:49 pm
warmer than today. santa rosa 55, san francisco 51, antioch 65 degrees . a few more neighborhoods and 64, san mateo 63 degrees. we will show you those forecast ties. enjoy all the 60s once again in the bay area. showing you this, the five-day forecast, no raindrops are expected. but look at the weekend. i think this is the reward we have been waiting for. it's looking very nice, close to the low 70s for both saturday and sunday comes a finally i don't have to say keep the umbrella nearby, you might need it. we are looking good this weekend. we might need it in a few days. a tony award winning play is about to make its way to san francisco , and people are so excited about this show, they broke the internet trying to buy presale tickets. the tickets for "harry carter and the cursed child" one on sale today for its run at the current data. the response, so overwhelming that it actually cost the ticketing system to crash. the show's producers apologized and said they are working to resolve the problem, but anyone who registered for those pre-
4:50 pm
ticket sales, those presale tickets will be able to buy them before tickets go on sale to the general public on thursday. a lot of excitement about this too. disney has released its official trailer for the new live-action "aladdin" movie. they did that this morning, giving fans a preview of some of their favorite scenes. ♪ a whole new world. 100,000 things to see. i'm like a shooting star. ♪ the movie has some new faces in it . and of course, will smith plays the hilarious jeannie. disney's "aladdin" open in theaters on may 24. julie joins us now to look at some of the stories we are working on on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00, and some publishing educations troubling allegations against the teacher. police say the teacher was
4:51 pm
conducting more than a typical class coming up at five. details about the 18 felonies that teachers now facing, and how police say the fights were all set up in class. you going to have much more from the local politician who talks about her personal life. >> most of the know her as a city councilwoman, but today we saw her as a grieving mother. for the first time since her son was shot and killed during an attempted robbery over the weekend, lynette gibson mcelhaney talked about her son and how he was trying to use music to make the world a better place. we are working on the stories and much more. it's all coming up at the top of the hour at 5:00. >> such an emotional news conference to watch. everybody out. all american diplomats leave venezuela as the situation in a south american country continues to deteriorate. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. british lawmakers today voted down prime minister theresa may's plan to split from your. this is the second time they've rejected the plan that she has proposed. there are now just 17 days left before the deadline for britain to officially leave the union. tomorrow, parliament will be given a chance to decline leaving the eu without a deal, and if that is approved they will vote again on thursday to delay the departure date. venezuelan attorney general says opposition leader juan guaido is now under investigation for an alleged attack on a power grid. this comes after claims
4:55 pm
president nicolas maduro was behind the widespread blackout. as fox's lauren blanchard tells of, the u.s. state department is moving to protect american diplomats in that country amid a growing political and humanitarian crisis. >> reporter: the u.s. is withdrawing the last of its staff from the embassy in venezuela. disputed president nicholas maduro initially ordering all american diplomats out of the country in january, but he later reversed that decision. embassy staff had already been reduced to a minimum, and all diplomats will leave this week. >> nicolas maduro promised venezuelans a better life in a socialist paradise, and he delivered on the socialism part which has proved time and time again is a recipe for economic ruin. >> reporter: venezuela has been donated political turmoil following maduro contest reelection. the u.s. is joined by more than 50 other nations backing opposition leader juan guaido at the nation's leader. while usha tried to aim.
4:56 pm
>> we are trying to restore democracy and wealth that sits in the property base in venezuela for the venezuelan people. >> reporter: venezuelans suffering as a political crisis plays out. there have been food and water shortages and power attaches. the u.s. putting that in maduro's accusation that washington attacked the country's power grid. >> there was a direct result of years and years of neglect to the venezuelan energy system. >> reporter: last month, president trump said the u.s. is seeking a peaceful transition of power in venezuela but warned all options are opened. in washington, lauren blanchard, that will do it for us on the four . ktvu fox 2 news at 5 begins after the break. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. hollywood celebrities, ceos, doctors, and college coaches all part of the 50 people charged and what federal authorities say is the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted. >> we are talking about deception and fraud. fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs,
5:00 pm
bribed college officials. >> authorities say parents schemed with a southern california man to use brides to get their children into schools like yale, georgetown, usc, and stanford, paying anywhere from $200,000 to more than $6 million. in some cases, parents are accused of photo shopping their kids's on faces on the top of other athletes' bodies. it was made to make their children's chances of getting into college. >> in the aftermath of all of this, stanford has fired their kids sailing coach after learning that he had been charged with accepting bribes to recruit students. we have live team coverage of this college admissions scam. we begin with christina rendon with a look at those accused. christina, including two well- known actresses and also number of people here in the bay area. >> reporter: the people involved in the scam includes the former head sailing coach there at stanford, and there's the


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