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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. he is 24-year-old carlos eduardo arevalo carranza. police say dna evidence helped tie him to the killing. live coverage tonight on his arrest . andre senior and san jose with details, andre? >> reporter: police say the suspect stalked his victim, followed her to her home two weeks ago, and that is where he took her life. and today, san jose police chief eddie garcia said dna leading to his capture in a manner that is sure to fan the flames of the immigration debate across our country. for 12 days, questions about debbie larson found murdered in her home went unanswered. that changed tuesday one police named carlos eduardo arevalo carranza a suspect. >> on monday, the crime lab returned a dna match on suspect arevalo carranza. award was obtained from the suspect. >> reporter: bay port over 460 hours worth of home surveillance video looking into the february 2000 incident, capping incidents of the suspect to stalked the victim
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before making her way into the home and stabbing her several times. >> home security camera showed an unidentified male wearing a backpack, pants, and longsleeve sweater or shirt as the approach and left -- later left the victim it was residents. >> reporter: the victim's on sunday found the victim dead after he was contacted by colleagues that were concerned that the 59-year-old did not show up for work. >> i'm glad they caught the guy. we worried about that. >> reporter: officers previously ran into arevalo carranza and cited him for possession of meth but did not know at the time he had been linked to larson it was murder because crime scene dna still had not been analyzed.
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hours after that encounter, the results were in and he was arrested. police said get along rap sheet detained at the texas border and supported in 2013, arrested for possession of paraphernalia, and convicted of burglary in san jose in 2015, in 2016 barry on an officer and resisting arrest, committing false imprisonment in 2017 . the list goes on. >> we will go to the ends of the earth to find a predator like this. >> reporter: arevalo carranza's status in the country is sure to draw national scrutiny. >> the documented residents who are not violent or serious criminals should not fear the police. but when we have violence or serious offenders that are praying on our community, we must have the ability to protect our residents. >> reporter: chief garcia provided many details about the case today, but a motive for the murder was not among them. he said that part of the investigation is still ongoing at this time. the chief reinforcing that his department's main purpose here is to protect anyone and san jose regardless of the immigration status, but the department should not be made
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to protect her shield anyone who's and admit against her or admitted felon. he said those people duty to a second look at to be deported out of the country and turned over to i.c.e. back to you. >> andre, think that. started to the college admissions scandal that's rocking a handful of the nation's top schools today federal prosecutors dodged thousands of parents were paying bribes to get their children into elite universities. >> that if the parents were named, including hollywood celebrities and business leaders. a number of college coaches were also implicated, it universities were named, four are in california. they are usc, ucla, stanford, and the university of san diego. also named in court documents yale, george count, wake forth, and the university of texas at austin. >> christina rendon have been following the developments. >> reporter: the people involved include college exam administrators and university athletic coaches, including the head sailing coach at stanford, and there's the wealthy parents , some of them
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ceos, high-profile executives, and actresses who authorities say opened their pocketbooks to get their child ahead. it is dubbed operation varsity blues . the fbi and covering a nationwide college admissions bribery scheme with wealthy parents paying to guarantee the admission of their children in some of the most elite colleges and universities like yale, georgetown, unc, stanford, and ucla. >> this is where they flaunted their wealth sparing no expense to cheat the system. >> reporter: authorities say william rick singer of newport beach created a poor profit counseling and prep business. he say from 2011 from 2019, parents paid singer anywhere from $200,000 to $6.5 million. he bribed college coaches to pretend kids were star athletes, hired people to take college entrance exams for students, and altar test scores, and's conspired with parents to use fake photos. >> singer and his associates used stock photos that they pulled off the internet,
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sometimes photo shopping the face of a child onto the picture of the athlete, and submitting it in support of the applications for these children to the school. >> actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin are named in the scheme, as well as 14 bay area parents. court documents say manuel and elizabeth henriquez of atherton paid four separate times to help their two daughters, including having someone fly from florida to san francisco to help one daughter on her sats. court documents say the person provided her with the answer to the exam questions, and after the exam that was included with her mom and daughter that they had cheated and gotten away with it. a family is accused of selling facebook stock to secure their daughters admission to ucla as a soccer recruit. one is a accused of bribing a water polo coach using a fake
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photo and profile. he complaint his daughters as a see score of 13 eight should have been higher. he reportedly paid 50 grand for the cheating scheme. >> their actions were, without a doubt, insidious, selfish, and shameful. >> reporter: stanford's former head sailing coach, john vandemoer. and investigators say he accepted money in exchange for recommending students who ultimately did not attend stanford. the fbi calling it a rigged system that came at the expense of hard-working students and taxpayers. >> for every student admitted through fraud, an honest, genuinely talented today was rejected. >> reporter: no students were charged, and authorities say many cases teenagers want even aware what their parents were doing. we reached out to all of the bay area families, but have not heard back from any of them. christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. 14 people charged in this
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case are from the bay area. the only school named is stanford. maureen naylor is there and has more against its longtime sailing coach. >> reporter: the man that coached stanford's sailing program accused in court. >> ever since the fall, we've been really focused on national in san diego, going to big events. >> reporter: john vandemoer has been stanford's head sailing coach the past 11 years and is seen in this video posted on the stanford sailing website . tuesday, he pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. according to the federal indictment in 2018, vandemoer agreed to give a sailing recruits party two's potential applicants with minimal sailing experience. a range through rick singer. singer was charged with orchestrating the bribing scheme. ultimately, neither student attended stanford, but the stanford sailing program
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received payments of $270,000. >> he understood this violated a stanford policy that he should not have accepted money in exchange, but as we would like to make note, the money was given to stanford university. >> reporter: cloverdale unified school district superintendent jeremy decker's attorney said the money went to the university, helping them buy new boats and hire a new coach. stanford officials say we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involved anyone else at stanford or anyone associated with any other team. however, we will be undertaking an internal review to confirm that. >> there are so few spots and 70 disturbing students, and for that to be taken up by students taken, it's really sad to see. >> reporter: federal officials say with the exception of the u.s. the administrator, no one in any of the schools was involved in illegal activity. in the meantime, john vandemoer is scheduled to be sentenced in june and faces up to 20 years in prison.
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at stanford, stanford, and you can read the list of those chart and operation varsity blues by heading to our website. we have a list of the bay area parents charge in this case, and what they are accused for. it is all on our homepage at teachers in dublin are taking a strike authorization vote today. the voting lasts until noon on friday. teaches one smaller class sizes, better staffing ratios for counselors and nurses, and pay hikes. they say after 11 months of talks with the school district, negotiations have deadlocked. the majority of yes votes will authorize union leaders to call a strike if an agreement is not reached. and the san ramon valley school district, teachers started voting on a tentative agreement. the union reached a tentative deal with the district last friday that includes a 4% pay raise, smaller classes, and more school nurses and counselors. the agreement covers 1700 teachers in san ramon, danville, and alamo. a man who was shot and seriously injured during a home
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invasion robbery two years ago attended the sentencing hearing today for the man who attacked him. jeremy white was at his home in the oakland hills, went two men broken. one man shot him in the back as the robbers looted his house. he survives, but is now paralyzed from the waist down. the alameda county district attorney's office reached a plea deal with maurice simpkins and elijah. white says he's pleased with the judge's decision today to sentence simpkins was the shooter to 18 years, eight months in prison, but he's not happy with the plea deal for the other suspect which is five years predation. >> i hope our judicial system will work in the way it is supposed to, and that these men will receive the time that is appropriate for the crimes that they committed. >> this was the first time white has seen his attacker since the day he was shot. the judge has put utsi sentencing later.
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he could sentence him to prison. dozens of countries have now grounded the boeing 737 max 8 after sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia, but not the united states. see why coming up either we should find out this week if the raiders will play the next season back in the oakland coliseum. all signs seem to be pointing at yes. find out when the vote is expected to happen. in weather, a few clouds for today and some gusty winds, but warming temperatures will soon highlight our weather forecast. we will have that coming up after the break. especial teacher, special ed teacher in the north bay accused of running a fight club among his students. at 6:30, the chargehis students reacting. let's check on traffic tonight. a downed tree caused quite the backup on san francisco's busy o'shaughnessy boulevard.
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sky fox flew over the screen, and drivers being told to avoid that area. ♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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this afternoon, the faa said it has no basis to order the groundingthe boeing 737 max plans following a deadly crash in ethiopia on sunday. the agency said it is reviewing its review found no systemic performance issues with the plane. but air safety regulators in at
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least 40 countries have either grounded boeing 737 max jets or banned them from the airspace. think in mexico, china, the united kingdom and european union, plus india, australia, and others. fox news ray bogan joins us and washington where there are more calls for the u.s. and canada to do the same. ray? >> reporter: julie, good evening. as of three hours ago, the faa said nothing in their investigation as of yet would warrant grounding the plane, but as you mentioned more and more countries and more and more airlines have decided to do so. in addition, more lawmakers here in washington are speaking out. just minutes after takeoff, and ethiopian airlines jet crashed, killing all 157 people on board the boeing 737 max 8. less than six months ago, the same model crash shortly after takeoff in indo an automated anti-stall system
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is suspected to have contributed to that crash. boeing released a statement, saying they are confident in the planes. prescott recently oversaw the sale of 100 boeing 737 max plains to vietnam's jet, while overseas during his summit with kim jong-un. this morning, the president tweeting about today's airplane expressing concerns, saying airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly, and the complexity creates danger. while the white house as they are in contact with the faa and boeing, a growing number of lawmakers say for now, u.s. carriers should ground the 730 7x 8 fleet. >> to the writing, protect their passengers, and ground these planes until the faa has a chance to review their safety. >> it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have better e of the on. ca ethiopian airlines flight has yet to be determined, but some flight attendants unions are calling on both the faa and airlines executives to temporarily ground the plane
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while they try to determine exactly what is happening. julie, back to you. >> ray bogan in washington tonight. thank you you the attorney general of new york has opened a civil investigation into president trump's business dealings. sources and the attorney general has subpoenaed bank records related to four trump real estate projects in washington, d.c., chicago, florida, in new york. the probe also reportedly covers his failed bid to buy the buffalo bills football team in 2014. all of this comes after mr. trump's former personal attorney, michael cohen, told congress that he exaggerated mr. trump's wealth in order to get loans. a cook county judge has allowed cameras into a chicago courtroom for the jussie smollett proceedings. smollett is charged with 16 counts of lying to police. authorities say he created a hoax about being a victim of a racist and homophobic attack by two masked men. the empire actor has denied involvement. >> we welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and media can see the actual
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evidence, and what we believe is actually going to be the lack of evidence against mr. smollett, and we look forward to complete transparency in the truth coming out. >> police alleges that smollett staged the january 20 night attack because he was unhappy with his salary and wanted to promote his career. a bit blustery other across most of the bay area this afternoon, even a few passing clouds moving in from the north, but we are heading into a warming trend just in time for your weekend. but take a look at some of the stronger winds that popped up throughout the day. you can see some gusts approaching 50 miles an hour out what sfo, 49, half moon bay 44 miles an hour, santa rosa 34, san jose 31 miles an hour. so from the satellite, you can see the main action is to the north and east of e bay area. some snow showers out toward lake tahoe area. i did see some light rain
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report in san jose earlier this avenue. right now though, we're clear to partly cloudy skies. we will check in on, the current numbers. most areas in the 50s, but you can see conquered and fearful, 60-65, and san jose 55. current wind speed, they are still up there. concord has a gusts of 32, santa rosa sustained at 20, got at 25 miles an hour, sfo that is a got the 48, and san jose at 24 sustained gusting at 32. here's our live camera outside right now we appear to by the cloudy skies. still a bit breezy for your tuesday as we head into your tuesday evening. plan on some color numbers, pretty chilly numbers first thing tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s but no umbrellas needed for your thursday. temperatures in san francisco in the 40s on track to reach the 60 tomorrow afternoon under mostly cloudy skies, so here is what is developing then this big area of high-pressure offshore. this will set up a dry weather pattern tomorrow, right on into the weekend, and early next week, and with this change in weather pattern, warmer temperatures.
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coming up, we will let you know when 70s resurface in your five day forecast. a vote that could keep the oakland raiders in oakland for at least another year is up for this friday. the main part of the deal would have the raiders paying $7.5 million to play their home games next season at the coliseum with an option to play there in 2020 if the new stadium is not ready in las vegas. the oakland-alameda county coliseum authority is set to vote on its meeting at friday. the oakland city council and alameda county supervisors would then need to give their final approval. the oakland city council woman speaks out for the first time since the death of her son. >> victor made a name in his own right. i was victor's mom. victor was not lynette's son. >> the family's emotional plea, as a search for his killers continue. in sports, a blockbuster
6:21 pm
trade in the nfl involving one of the biggest names in e fonzi here with details on the deal. driver shot near the caldecott tunnel today. the freeway shooting now under investigation.
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victor was my sunshine. mmm, mmm, and i prayed like every mom every day, please don't take my sunshine away. >> oakland city councilwoman
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lynette gibson mcelhaney spoke publicly for the first time about the death of her son. >> her son, 21-year-old victor mcelhaney was killed during a robbery not far from the campus this weekend. the suspects have still not been caught. >> the councilwoman shared her memories of her son. henry lee has this report. >> hopefully i will be a faithful keeper of his legacy. >> reporter: oakland city councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney spoke publicly for the first time since her 21- year-old son victor was shot and killed by robbers diction. i am crying, but really i am crying for all of those who never got to meet him and know him and be touched by him. he did not deserve this!
6:25 pm
we should not all be here right now! >> reporter: early sunday morning, victor and his friends were confronted by robbers. >> attempted to rob them. one of them was going to their pockets. at some point in time, one of the suspect shot victor. >> reporter: victor was a talented musician, and oakland native studying jazz at usc. his mother said he was a standout all his own. >> victor made a name in his own right. i was victor's mom. victor was not lynette's son. >> reporter: in oakland, the councilmember has worked to stop gun violence in the city, never imagining that her son would fall vitamin l.a. >> i've dedicated my life's work at the councilmember to eradicate violence that is too pervasive in our communities of color. that work started long before victor was taken. >> reporter: one of victor's death instructors choked back tears as he remembered his student. >> he was a brilliant musician and a drummer second, but most of all he was an amazing human
6:26 pm
being, and i thank you both for bringing him into this world. >> reporter: victor's father urged anyone with information to come forward. if there are people in the community who can help, just say something to the police. don't be silent. silence is worse than the actual bullet that killed my son. so -- >> reporter: victor mcelhaney returns 22 and april. in his mother's words, now he is in infinity. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. and ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with new safety improvement on city streets in san francisco . the immediate changes were made when a bike rider was hit and killed by a truck last week.
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unelected fight club involving students in a north based school. the charges against the teacher accused of stating those fights. >> they moved the chairs out to the side, and then he would ref, referee the altercations. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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now to our top stories. an undocumented immigrant is in custody, accused of stabbing a woman to death and san jose. 59-year-old bambi larson was found dead in her home on northfield way on february 28. investigators say dna testing led them to 24-year-old carlos eduardo arevalo carranza . the faa said today there is no basis to ground the boeing 737 max 8 aircraft, despite a deadly crash that killed 157 people in ethiopia on sunday. while the cause is still not known, about 40 countries have grounded that plane or band it from their airspace following
6:31 pm
the disaster. u.s. aviation experts and israeli forensic experts were at the crash site today. >> > federal prosecutors charged dozens of wealthy parents today for paying bribes to get their children into elite universities. 33 parents were named, 14 are from the bay area. authorities say they paid anywhere from $200,000, although after $6.5 million. a number of college coaches were also implicated in the scandal including stanford sam koch john vandemoer. he has now been fired. he pleaded today to bribery charges. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a high school teacher in the north is facing a number fennelly charges for allegedly stating what police say was essentially a fight club inside of classroom. >> some st and the school directors about what was really going on where class was in session. >> reporter: at cloverdale high school, police say a special education teacher was conducting more than a typical class here.
6:32 pm
>> to our investigation, it was in essence a fight club. >> reporter: police have arrested the teacher, federico vargas, on 13 counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor and five counts of endangering a child. all felonies. vargas has been teaching here for eight years. police say they received a tip about a fight and found more. >> in this particular class, they moved the chairs out to the side, and then he would raff, referee the altercations, and the kids called it bodying where they would not hit each other on the face. they would had the bodies. >> reporter: they also have a student cell phone video. off-camera, one student claimed to be in vargas a postclassic, called the charges the cloverda district has removed vargas from the classroom with pay while the investigation continues. >> the allegations that some of our kids may have been placed in harm's way, it hurts.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how long the fights have been going on. some students were injured, but neither police nor the district would say what those injuries were. vargas was arrested last saturday and put the $50,000 bail sunday. efforts to reach him were unsuccessful, but police say he is talking to them. >> he was very emotional about it. >> but i was shocked. here, cloverdale? no! >> reporter: that was the reaction of this longtime cloverdale resident who used to run the town's newspaper. >> that is not what we want, that is not how we want people to perceive us. >> this has my full and undivided attention, and we are going to work hard to get to the bottom of this and make sure something like this, if it happened, never happens again. >> reporter: federico vargas is due in court today. right now he faces 18 felony counts, but police say the number eventually could grow even higher. in cloverdale, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. to open were police are searching to the suspects who robbed the ups driver this
6:34 pm
afternoon. it happened in the area of lakeshore avenue and maccarthur boulevard just before 12:30. the driver called 911 after three people reportedly stole several packages and then ran out. talking the chp is investigating a shooting on highway 24 in oakland today. a man driving toward oakland had just exited the caldecott tunnel when he was shot. police that he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the shooting happened about 6:30 this morning during the morning commute. traffic was temporarily stopped, while police searched for evidence. still no word from police on a motive or suspect in the shooting. a deadly collision last week involving a truck and a cyclist is prompting a quick response from the city ady unde howard street. christien kafton tells us that starting tomorrow , cars will not be allowed to park on the north side of the street until it can be made safer for cyclists.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: less than a week after a deadly bike collision and san francisco's department of traffic is changing howard street. the first death -- step, red bags, warning drivers the spread of the north side of howard street between fifth and sixth becomes a no stopping zone. widening the space for cyclists to ride. the city looking at how best to protect bike riders in the short-term and long-term. >> we are looking at a temporary fix for this location until we do the first full project where we have a permanent solution in place starting sometime next year. >> reporter: the city sent out a rapid response team to analyze traffic flow in the area following the deadly collision that claimed the life of 30-year-old tess rothstein. she was likely west on the bike lane when a driver in a parked car open their door, forcing her to swerve into traffic. san fran cycling community said the existing bike lane on cars bite on the lane, and the traffic lane is unsafe. >> the bike lane is what is called in the doors on. some folks might call it the
6:36 pm
suicides on because when a door opens, you can get hit, or you will have to swerve into vehicle traffic. >> the field-goal coalition is calling it safer for cyclists immediately. at the same time the coalition is urging the city to take steps to make san fran more bike friendly, including protected bike lanes running the full length of the howard and folsom streets and streamlining projects aimed at protecting cyclists. >> today we put out a strong call to action, telling people of the community at large, the community to write to our elected officials. we know that when political leadership causes change will come as well. >> reporter: san fran police say opening a car door into a lane of traffic is a violation of the vehicle code, but they at this point friday deadly incident is still under investigation. nobody has been cited or arrested. and san fran, christien kafton,
6:37 pm
katv news. the requirement you want city to meet in order to get the money. while the rain is over for now, the pothole blitz begins. the effort underway to make sure some of san francisco's busy streets are smoother.
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6:39 pm
lawmakers in great britain have voted down prime minister theresa may's brexit deal which is 17 days to go before the
6:40 pm
country is about to leave the european union. this is the second time lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected the roadmap. tomorrow, british parliament will vote on whether to leave the eu without a deal. that proposal is also expected to be defeated. on thursday, lawmakers could decide to delay brexit for weeks or even months. a delay would require the approval of the 27 other eu nations. contra costa county says they finally cleared their rape kit backlog more than 1200 kids dating back as far as 1978 have now been tested. a little more than three years ago, contra costa county received a grant to end their backlog of untested rape kits. the county says as a result, eight cases have been reopened by law enforcement , and nearly 180 profiles have been entered into the national dna data bank. >> > california cities that do not meet state housing goal could lose transportation money under new plan by governor gavin newsom. the governor's proposal will hold state not
6:41 pm
meet new zoning and housing construction goals. those funds are used to upgrade the state's roads and bridges. the state has a target of building 3.5 million new housing units by the year 2025. critics say governor newsom's plan is not what taxpayers approved when they voted for the gas tax. >> it is a bait and switch on california voters when voters reject proposition six, the gas tax. there was nothing in there about this being held hostage to his agenda on housing. this is really just bad, bad policy. >> even if approved by lawmakers, newsom's proposal to withhold money from cities that don't meet housing goals would not take effect until 2023. still ahead tonight, can you imagine life without it? the internet turns 30 years old today. up next tonight, a look at how one invention changed the world. and and weather, after so many storms moving into the bay area, we finally have a nice break. coming up in 70 return in the forecast. alex savidge in the newsroom now with a look at
6:42 pm
some of the stories weare working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. the college admission scandal has ties to hollywood. coming up tonight, tmz's harvey talks about the celebrities charged with paying bribes to get their kids admitted to some top universities. another first for twitter. the other social media giant is now expanding into podcasting. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at seven and ktvu plus. (music throughout)
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6:44 pm
san francisco public works crews are in the middle of a potholed pilling blitz following all of our winter storms. crews have been in high gear
6:45 pm
since the weekend working to per repair hot pulls on some the biggest street in the city. san francisco officials a crews typically respond to about 350 calls a month, but the storm and february created holes faster than crews could fill them. currently crews are working on more than 1800 problems potholed around the city. >> and as the rains continue or keep getting more and more potholes. we want to keep them filled as quickly as we can so the streets are going to be safer for the drivers and for bicyclists. >> they're encouraging people to report potholes when they spot them so that will help crews fill them as quickly as possible. >> you always try to keep an eye out for them, but there is nothing worse when you don't see it. and then bam! let's talk about our weather. what a spectacular day! i mean this week is turning a beautiful. >> windy today. >> the winds had picked up
6:46 pm
today, but thankfully they will back off tomorrow, so i'm excited about this forecast. >> 70s! >> it's a nice, simple forecast. i think we will take it. over the rainstorms, it seems like there has been at least one moderate to strong system moving into the area. those numbers really going up, so these are the seasonal totals going up back to october 1, and everybody as you would expect well above the average. santa rosa 130% of average, san francisco 113% of average, san jose 109% of average, and these numbers will likely go up. the rainy season is not over just yet. we just have a little bit of a break we are experiencing right now. today we had some clouds and even a few isolated showers. i did see a light rain report in san jose this afternoon, and looked toward the east right around lake tahoe. they have had some snow showers and that portion of the state. we have some 50s right now in concord one of them warmer spots. san francisco 55, and the wind speeds are still up. we will check in on some recurring numbers. oakland, they have a gust of
6:47 pm
24 miles an hour. novato gusting the 25. sfo, one of the stronger winds, right now that is a sustained wind speed of 37, gusting to 40 miles an hour. here's a live camera looking outside right now, looking up toward san francisco, and we just have a cute clouds especially up towards the east. partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow is coldstart, but more sunshine . you can plan on warming temperatures for both saturday and sunday. what caused the wind today is mainly this guy, this area of low pressure dropping in from the north and also boosting the cloud cover a little bit throughout the day. that system is moving on out, and this area of high pressure rebuild. as we head into the weekend, we are talking about the . here's the fohappens tomorrow. clouds vanness comes as a result was a clear skies in your wednesday forecast. the one change will be thursday
6:48 pm
. one weak system moves in, so that could send in a few extra high clouds on wednesday, but no raindrops expected. forecast highs tomorrow will be in the 60s be a santa rosa 65, san francisco 61, concord 63 degrees , a few more neighborhoods in san jose checking in at 64, and gilroy 66 degrees. here's a look ahead, your five day forecast. nothing but sunshine by friday and the weekend. looking at that five day, you might think the rainy season, it's all gone, it's out of your, but next week we could be talking about the more rain chances, so just enjoy it while we have it. >> in the meantime, let all of our soggy plans dry up a little bit. >> mark, thank you. a modern-day must-have for billions of people turns 30 years old today. for millennials, it's probably difficult to imagine a world wa for stranded the information superhighway. is now used very much for everything imaginable from banking to shopping to research to games, and it affects almost every aspect of our daily lives, but actually the internet is still inaccessible to many. >> 50% of humanity is now using
6:49 pm
this web thing. get the other half online as quickly as possible, of course, because it's becoming more and more unfair that they aren't. >> tim is credited with creating the web. he says the world wide web we know today is in many ways not the same web that we wanted. a blockbuster trade in the nfl involving one of the biggest names in the league. joe fonzi has detailed. plus the latest on a new 49ers trade. it is all next in sports. primetime and fox, it is the two hour season seven premiere of "masterchef junior," followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.
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joe is here with sports and for mark tonight. a lot of wheeling and dealing is going on in the nfl. >> right up until draft time, i think. one of the biggest deals and this young nfl season about to brown's may come to an end. they have swung a deal to acquire will back him. that come does not come cheap.
6:53 pm
the browns will give the giants their first round draft pick, a third rounder, and safety. and the 49ers continue to address the glaring need. a lack of pass rushing, and reportedly they agreed to a trade to require a second round draft pick next year for linebacker dee ford. port had first the 49ers acquired inside linebacker kwon alexander. they play under the lights to in arizona. the players are making the final push for roster spots. one of them is different than anybody else on either roster. >> you getting a little bit ridiculous. >> that is how pat first got on the radar of everyone in the baseball world. minor-league switch pitcher against minor-league switch hitter. the money had to declare. fast-forward to 2015, and his debut with the oakland a's,
6:54 pm
this man became one of the first switch pitcher since some obscure people. it's another explanation on how this came to be. >> i'm not completely ambidextrous in life, but when i was three years old, my dad had the idea to you know, if there can be switch hitters, why not a switch pitcher, and that started all of this, and since then it has been a work in progress. >> since his days with it is, he has made stops in toronto, seattlhia, los angeles. the novelty storyline is over. there are position to be grabbed and the giants' bullpen, and on one of those, 22 to get better that regardless of which arm he uses. >> it's to go in there and help
6:55 pm
the team in whatever role that is, to have the win as many games as possible. it has been in several clubhouses for me, and it's been a learning process. i feel like with each season of customer experience and more comfortable. i built off of that and hopefully this year i will continue to be the same. >> as far as making the team goes, venditte is just another pair of arms in camp trying to carve out a spot on the roster, but he will also always be the guy with a unique story. >> the best one was from little league. my dad was walking out of the stadium, one of the parents come up and congratulated his twins on pitching a great game. >> venditte would like to hear his name included on the 25 man roster when the giants break camp. it's anybody's guess which one version of the wires will show up tomorrow night in houston. the thing that is not disputed after losing to the worst team in the west on sunday . the workers will be facing an opponent who is beaten up all three meetings this season. not exactly a cone by jan knight around the nba last night. russell westbrook had 23 points in the thunder's win, but he will re-be remembered a lot more for his outburst at a fan then for his game lines.
6:56 pm
westbrook was fined $25,000 for directing profanity at a fan. westbrook said the fan had been using racial taunts, the claim that the by other players. the fan had been banned from the arena. in cleveland last night, a total of four-game suspensions came as a result of this. toronto in town. the raptors search the bucket gets cantaloupe with marquese chriss. a bucket goes down, chris does not think much of the comes after him. debugger received a three game suspension today, and for some reason chris got one game. here's the difference, though. the three games without pay will cost ibaka $448,000 . the one game will cost chris $22,000.
6:57 pm
that is the difference in their pitcher, that is fascinating. is his glove, does he have a special key point altogether glove that has like a middle finger there, and he just flips it over. he has a thumb on both ends, and a middle web , and when he fitting left-handed he wears it on his right hand and vice versa. >> i love the story about the twins. >> and it's totally okay to change right in the middle? >> you to declare at the beginning of the at-bat. that what he was disputed at the minor-league game because he had a switch hitter and switch pitcher, and they are both on the flip-flop the whole time. because of him, they put a role that the pitcher has to disclaimer at the start of the that if he's going to the right- handed or left-handed. >> your thoughts on the chase center. he got a tour of it and it's really coming together, and the practice facility is going to be underground? >> yes, and i sighed some time ago before and popped up. i have not seen it for what, but i think the biggest thing about it is it's going to change that whole neighborhood with that facility.
6:58 pm
>> at at&t park. thank you for joining us. you have a great night everyone. see you tonight at 10.
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