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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 13, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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the gaels will learn who they will play in the first round of the ncaa tournament on sunday. in just one hour, governor newsom is expected to sign an executive order to place a moratorium on the death penalty in the state. what the impact will be on death row inmates. some influential parents may have gone too far. stanford's connection to an admissions scandal. and local sanctuary laws under the microscope this morning. what is at stake right now. welcome to the nine on this gorgeous but cold wednesday, march 13th. if today is your birthday, happy birthday. have a good one. it was senator mitt romney's birthday. he turned 72 yesterday. a video from his office has gone viral. the former presidential republican candidate shared this video on twitter.
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his team made him a twink ebirthday cake. that is cool. when he blows out the candles, he picks them up and blows them out individually. i have never seen this before. a lot of people on twitter says this is ridiculous and bizarre. some people say this is all about hygiene and people say he is doing the right thing. i was on the what is this bizarre behavior side until i talked about this in the newsroom. this is a public setting here, the senator's office and the newsroom, who wants a cake that was blown all over by one of us. >> what in the world is the senator doing. >> maybe he if he does, maybe p birthday thing. he is still shaking hands with people. >> he said he had a cold and didn't want to spread it to you
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be a joyous thing. >> maybe he should do it and not tell anything. no. that would be rude. >> i know you enjoyed a coto be the college admissions scandal about 20 minutes ago actress lori loughlin was taken into custody in connection to the huge college admissions cheating scandal. the full house star will appear in a courtroom in los angeles at 2:00 this afternoon. she is one of nearly three dozen parents facing charges of bribing college staffers to get their children into prestigious schools. stanford has already fired a coach involved in the scandal. christien. >> reporter: yes. a coach from here on the stanford campus pleading guilty in a massachusetts courtroom in connection with this scheme to get kids admitted into colleges. let's tell you a little more
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about 41-year-old sailing coach vander moore. he collected some $270,000 that he turned over to the university next change for continuing two minimally qualified sailing students. neither ended up at stanford. and federal prosecutors accusing 33 parents, including 14 in the bay area of paying prescribes and participating in fraud to get their children into elite colleges and universities, including a hillsborough couple accused of paying more than $250,000 in facebook stock to get their daughter into ucla as a purported soccer recruit. and a wine maker from san francisco accused of prescribing a water poll owe coach at usc to get their daughter admitted. these students took the spots of talented students who were then rejected. none of the students have been charged. many of the students unaware that this scheme had been done on their behalf. so that is one of the reasons why they're not being charged. for now we're live on the
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stanford campus in palo alto. christien kafton. >> thank you, christien. one of lori loughlins has turned he had life at usc into a successful line. she gave more than one million youtube subscribers a view of her dorm room there. she revealed a makeup line in collaboration with sephora. it is unclear if olivia jade or the other students knew about the scheme to get into school. governor newsom is expected to sign an executive order that would stop executions for as long as he is in office. sarah is live for us in marin county where death row inmates are housed. >> reporter: that's right. there are actually 737 death row inmates in california. that's the most in any state across the country. and they would be executed here at san quentin. of course with the announcement by the governor, people are coming out on both sides.
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oakland mayor libby schaaf, presidential candidate kamala harris and celebrities like kim kardashian supported this. many are against it. we spoke to san mateo district attorney who says not only does he strongly oppose the governor's decision buzz he says he doesn't know what it means for death penalty cases moving forward. >> the legal meaning of what he is doing is something that is new to us. we haven't had a moratorium ever done before in california on the death penalty. we will have to study it and see what does that mean what he is saying. he doesn't have the authority to simply say the death penalty is over in california because it is on the books. it is the law. >> reporter: in a tweet this morning, president trump said he is, quote, not thrilled and called the 737 inmates on death
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row in california stone-cold killers. those inmates won't be released but will get a reprieve with the signing of the executive order. it will withdraw california's lethal injection protocol and close the chamber at san quentin. the governor says the system is flawed and waste taxpayers dollars. newsome says the intentional killing of another person is wrong and as governor i won't oversee the execution of any individual. so of course that news conference is expected to get underway in less than an hour, about 10:00. we have been following this story all morning and we will continue to follow it. stick with ktvu all morning and we will have the details. thank you, sarah. the announcement from governor from the leaders is mixed.
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associations of deputy district attorneys made the following comment. meanwhile california senator and presidential candidate kamala harris agrees with the decision saying the death penalty is, quote, immoral discriminatory ineffective and a waste of taxpayer dollars. she says it is time to change the page on the chapter and end a deeply flawed system of execution in california. >> the last execution in california happened 13 years ago. allen spent 22 years on death row before being executed in 2006. he was serving life in prison for being an accomplice to a 1974 murder in fresno from deaths of three people who told police what aengally blind and
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california. we hope you stay with us for this developing story. we will stream the governor's announcement live on and on facebook when that happens this morning. then more reaction through the day both here on the air and online. happening now, the trump administration is trying to get a federal court panel to overturn three california sanctuary laws. they extend protection to people in this country illegally. u.s. justice department says those laws interfere with the federal government's mandate to regulate immigration. also encourage crime victims to cooperate with police. arguments just started a few minutes ago but the three-judge panel is not expected to make an immediate ruling. the trump administration plans to close 21 u.s. immigration offices in several countries. critics say the movemight slow down processing family visa applications, foreign adoptions and citizenship petitions. the work may be shifted to
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other u.s. offices and the state department. immigration officials say the move would save money and free up resources to address immigration backlogs. canada became the latest country to ground boeing 787 max 8 planes following two crashes in the last six months. the u.s. has not grounded the planes despite calls from democrats and republicans to do so. the black box from sunday's crash is on the way to europe for analysis. trey reports from jerusalem. >> reporter: friends and family of the 157 people killed in the ethiopian airlines crash still arriving, waiting for word on when or if they will be given the remains of their loved ones. >> i'm urging the ethiopian government to identify as much as possible the bodies. >> reporter: but investigators are still sitting through the
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wreckage at the crash site. they're also hoping to get more information from the black boxes and cockpit voice recorder. both heading to europe for analysis. >> the pilot made a distress call to get back to the airport. but while he was attempting to turn back, the accident occurred. >> reporter: for now the focus remains on the boeing 737 max 8 also involved in another crash in indonesia last year. experts say an automated antistall system could have contributed to both crashes. most countries have grounded the planes but remains in operation in the u.s. some travelers are worried, others are taking it in stride. >> it is concerning to get there and your plane might have a malfunction. >> i think the track record is pretty good. i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: some have tried to reschedule their flights to make sure that they're in a different plane. but travel experts say that
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could come with a hefty price tag. u.s. airlines are not giving much flexibility to passengers booked on these planes. some lawmakers on capitol hill are calling for an investigation into whether or not boeing knew about the problems with this plane. in jerusalem, ktvu fox 2 news. we're finding out that some u.s. pilots have reported problems while flying those 737 max 8 jets. some pilots say the noses tipped down sharply after engaging the auto pilot. in both cases they reconnected the auto pilot and the plane recovered. this is unrelated to the crashes because the antistall system being looked at as a possible cause only works when a pilot is not engaged. they did not identify the pilots, the airlines or the locations the incidents. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, construction
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>> a developer is scrapping plans to build a large mall at candlestick point. the dual sports stadium was de moll shalled in 2018. the chronicle reports the developer was considering building a 635,000 square foot mall which would have been one of the biggest in the city but the land will instead be converted to office and commercial along with housing and a 200-room hotel. oakland mayor schaaf set two housing goals when she took office three years ago. the mayor wanted to build 17,000 new homes by 2024. and the city has already issued enough building permits to be about 60% the way towards that
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goal. just 751 new low income homes have been approved. that is one thousand fewer than needed right now to be on track to meet the goals. pg&e will not face criminal prosecution for the 2017 wildfires. nap a so gnome a lake and humboldt counties announced they will not file charges against the troubled utility. cal fire determined pg&e's equipment caused fires in the four counties that yea but not the nuns fire and the tubbs fire. investigators say a private electrical system adjacent to a home near calistoga caused the tubbs fire. health officials are issuing a warning for anyone who traveled through los angeles international airport recently. a passenger infected with measles had a layover at the airport on february 21st. that person came from china and was heading through lax to san antonio texas. anyone who was in terminal b and delta terminal 3 may have
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been exposed. as of right now there is no current risk at the airport. just last week we learned that three passengers here in the bay area a flight that landed at sfo. president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort has been sentenced to another 43 months in prison. that is on top of the 47 months sentenced to last week for bank and tax fraud that. is a total prison time of seven and a half years. today's sentencing is for two felonies part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. before his sentencing this morning, manafort told the judge he is sorry for what he has done and he is ashame offed his conduct. it is 9:16. after all of that rain we've had so far this winter, this week has been a nice preview of what we may experience for spring. steve paulson is going to tell us a little later on in the show whether we can continue some of that. it is supposed to be very nice this weekend. >> i love the change coming.
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>> it was refreshing. >> it was. coming up in a second on mornings on 2 the nine, digging into president trump's 2020 proposal. how it could cost struggling students even more money. u.s. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan to crack down on sales of e- cigarettes. how it addresses the issue of underaged vaping.
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>> taking a quick peek at stocks here. the market is pushing for its third straight day of gains. the dow is doing well. off by well over 1%. and the nasdaq is right there as well. new this morning, there's a new effort to scrap our state's high speed rail project all together. >> in kern county they voted on a resolution that calls for abandoning the project. the resolution will be formally sent to the governor's office and the legislature. last month governor newsom scaled it back to a shorter
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round between bakersfield and merced. others want the project to continue because there are already construction crews working on the project. jose police have arrested an undocumented immigrant in the stabbing death of a woman. he could santa clara county courtroom as early adds to. bank of americaly larson was found dead in her home after she didn't show up to work on february 28th. investigators say dna testing led them to the man. he is a transient with a lengthy criminal history including burglary and drug charges. san jose police chief garcia acknowledged the controversy over sanctuary laws. >> we are here to protect and to embrace our otherwise law abiding undocumented residents. we are not here, nor should we be here, to shield admitted
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gangsters or violent criminals regardless of immigration status. >> police say there is no reason to believe the suspect and the victim knewjose mayor s released a statement that says it is that says the following. four oakland police officers involved in a deadly shooting are now on leave. the officers respond today a call last year about an unconscious man with a gun lying between two houses. they say when they approached 32-year-old joshua pollick, he woke up, reached for his gun and did not put it down when ordered to do so. at that point officers opened fire. the chief cleared the officers of any major violations of the last week the court appointed compliance director disagreed with the chief and now the four
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officers have placed on administrative leave. a second lawsuit has been l he says he used roundup for 26 years as a weed killer on his properties. a recent study by the university of washington found a main chemical in roundup significantly increases the risk of blood cancer. a jury awarded $289 million to a vallejo man after determining that his cancer was caused by the use of roundup. monsanto denies any wrong doing. the senate will hold a confirmation vote on a controversial nomination by president trump of naomi rowe in washington, d.c. she is an attorney who runs the office of information and regulatory affairs. she has been criticized
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articles she wrote while a student at yale on sexual assaults back in the 1990s. in one article about rape, she said, get, women have to accept the consequences of their sexuality. in anotherape on women who drink too much. if confirmed she will fill the seat previously held by brett kavanaugh. the policy will bar transgender troops from transitioning to another sex and requires most troops to serve as their gender at birth. it falls short of the all out transgender ban initially ordered by president trump but likely force the military to eventually discharge transgender individuals. it must be implemented in 30 days. an analysis of president trump's 2020 budget proposal shows it will greatly affect college-bound students. funding but that is a
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10% decrease from this year. the proposal would eliminate a enloans for certain borrower who's work for a nonprofit or public service after making payments for ten years. switching gears to the weather outside our doors, yesterday was good kite flying weather. i didn't have a chance to do that but steve paulson is here to tell us about that wind that is on its way out. we have good days ahead. >> you would need strong strings. >> i know. >> we will take a look at the seasonal snow levels. kirkwood 531. any way you look at it, there is a lot of snow up there. and the snow survey continues to be very, very high. probably going to ease back a
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little bit. but, still, you're at 159%. 164%, 156%. and the snow water equivalent is -- you melt that down, how much water? that is a lot of snow that has to melt until then. we had a little bit of snow up in the sierra yesterday. the system for us fella part. but it created the wind. and there were very cold single digits for many around lake tahoe. one of the issues going forward is some of that melts and refreezes at night. so there are reports of black ice up on 80 this morning. something to watch. 20s and 30s for lows this morning. coldest i saw cob mountain 34. kelseyville. 27. woodside made it from 33 to 34. yesterday's gusts, the leader the altamont pass and sfo. almost 50. 48 miles per hour. half moon day 40. san carlos had gusts of 38 miles per hour there. is still a good breeze out there. if you get temperatures in the 30s with that breeze, that is
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cold. it will be nice today. but it is a little chill morning. we will end up with upper 50s and 60s. 30s to 40s to a couple of 50s. sfo says 50. we are looking for maybe some higher clouds to come tomorrow. the news continues to be very, very cool counsel in the desert southwest for spring training. phoenix was 59 yesterday. that is 17 degrees below average for this time of year. after today it looks better. high clouds tomorrow but that's it. 60s on the high side. these are average for this time of year. each day we get the higher clouds. by sunday, low 70s. >> looking forward to that. >> me too. thank you, steve. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, a closer look at the wealthy parents charged in the college admissions scheme. a reporter from the "washington post" joins us live and talk about what they learned about people facing charges this pot smokers the green light. see what is changing at future festivals and events. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>> we are following the college admissions cheating scandal that is rocking hollywood, corporate board rooms and some of the nation's top universities, including right here in the bay area at stanford. >> in the past hour, actress lori loughlin surrendered to the fbi. she is set to appear in court today at 2:00 p.m. she is one of 33 parents who bribed coaches and staff to get their children into elite schools. felicity huffman was released yesterday after posting $250,000 bail. >> we have seen an increased obsession on the part of parents, particularly parents with means in getting their kids to the, quote/unquote, right college at whatever cost. >> college entrance consultant richard singer guilty to accept in the scam. stanford's head sailing coach
9:30 am
pleaded guilty. his attorney says the $270,000 that he received went to stanford's sailing program to buy new boats and hire another coach. the feds called the investigation operation varsity blues. and all 33 parents are named, including 13 in the bay area. a psychologist note followed hadder to take the exam over several days or allowed her to take the exam over several days. at least nine college coaches have been charged. some of them had never even played the sport before. the students are implicated because prosecutors say the children didn't know about the suspected payoffs. eight universities are tied to the scandal, four the universit san diego. also named in court document, yale, georgetown, wake forest and north caroli charged in the college admissions scandal including actors as well
9:31 am
designers, investors and a distillery post" reporter mariah. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> felicity huffman and lori loughlin the hoe preprofile names on the list. who else is implicated. >> my goodness. there are a lot of socialites. we have mossimo,. we have distillery owners, a winery owner, private investors. a who's who among the people who are charged. >> this is about more than just money. there has to be connections for this sort of thing to happen, you found. >> yeah. absolutely. in one case, one man leveraged his connection to northeastern university. he made a call on behalf of a client in order to sort of pay off as you might call it a kind
9:32 am
that this corrupt college consultant was providing. >> there have been some people caught on tape or on print saying my son has strong legs or laughing about in of the athletic that they paid to have assigned to their child so they could go to a certain school. >> yeah. they had light conversations. there is laugh they are is captured. one woman whose son got into usc she said she was laughing with her husband every day over what happened and how it was worth every penny. you know, certainly this is stirring a lot of anger in people who legitimately got into these universities. >> a lot of people are saying, look, this is nothing new. someone very wealthy donates in air quotes a lot of money to a school and the son or daughter of that wealthy person gets to go to the school. >> this is very distinct. first of all it involves federal crimes and also involves submitting false scores. in a lot of places where the
9:33 am
donations are made, not that it is fair, but that is a legitimate way to get a child into a university. this raises the question of wealth and privilege and connections play into getting kids into elite university and whether it is fair. >> i know lori loughlin is in court this afternoon. what comes next for all of those charged. >> it is not clear to me but i know this is stirring a lot of conversations, again, about the role that wealth and privilege is playing in the college admissions process. >> you don't foresee any sweeping changes happening as a result of this. >> it is not clear at this point. you know, i think it is too soon to really tell. certainly i know there are people who hope that it does bring about sweeping changes. i'm sure that a lot of colleges and universities will play closer attention, for example, who gets referred to them as the college
9:34 am
consultant. >> some of the photoshopped pictures are almost laughable. taking an a list athlete putting my face in there and saying i'm a swimmer.. >> absolutely. it seemed to be easy for them to claim that the students were athletes. in some cases they were using photoshop. in one case they had a girl sit on a rowing machine so she could -- they could take a photo of her so she could appear as a crew athlete even though she had never done crew. the ease that they did this raises questions about how closely they were paying attention. you know, certainly he also had to gain the cooperation of coaches within the system. but it still raises questions about why weren't there -- why wasn't there a double-checking to make sure that the students that they were actually suiting up for football games or for >> thank you for having me.
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>> of course. happening today, governor newsome plans to sign an ive or suspend the death penalty in california for as long governor. it would stop the executions of all inmates on california's death row. there are currently 737 inmates there at san quentin who have been sentenced to death. the order would not change any convictions or allow the inmates to be released. the governor released the following statement last night saying the intentionallal killing of another person is wrong and as governor i will not oversee the execution of any individual. in just a couple of hours, president trump commented on the governor's plan by saying in parts friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled and neither am i. the governor plans to close the death chamber at san quentin but cannot repeal the death penalty. only california voters can do that. voters have supported capital punishment including back in 2013 when they chose to
9:36 am
expedite the executions. he will make the announcement at 10:00 this morning at the state capitol. we will stream that for live at kamala harris and libby schaaf tweeted their support of the governor. i hope you were with us in the last hour of mornings on 2 when i asked london breed whether she supports the moratorium. >> i don't support the death penalty and i think that it is a bold move. and i'm excited for this to happen and hopefully eventually to see the death penalty repealed in california. >> california hasn't carried out an execution since 2006 when clarence ray allen was approximatity to death by lethal injection for a 1974 murder. new this morning, just miappearing on ktvu mayor breed announced her choice for the next fire chief. jeanine nicholson was tap today lead the fire department.
9:37 am
she calls her a dedicated public servant and a tremendous she is be the second woman fire chief for the department and the first from the lgbtq community. >> good morning, mike. here are some of the top stories we're following this morning. tragedy overseas. two gunmen storm into a school before taking their own lives. victims were two teachers, six students and several others were wounded. the gunman wore hoods, heavily armed. their ages were estimated between 20-25. investigators are looking for a motive to the attack. they don't believe the gunmen were former students. in nigeria, a three-story school collapsed. classes were in session when the building came down. 25 children had to be rescued. there were -- there isn't any word on if g
9:38 am
collapses because of a lack of regulations and construction materials in the country. the fda is moving ahead with airplay not to keep e- cigarettes of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales of most flavored products in stores and online. e-cigarette makers would restrict lines of flavored products to store that's verify the age of customers or include a separate age restricted area for vaping products. federal law bans the sale to those under 18. but one in five of high school students report to using e- cigarettes. just some of the stories we're working on this morning. >> thank you, frank. the san jose city council approved taller buildings downtown. approval came despite objections from the airport commission and others that opposed changing the skyline of the city. buildings downtown can be 35 feet taller and near the sap center, they can be 150 feet
9:39 am
taller. people who like the change says it makes sense for developers to build taller buildings but pilots on the airport commission say it could make flying into those airports a little more dangerous. cannabis fest will be held on 420. the board of supervisors passed an ordinance to regulate marijuana use at events popular with pot smokers such as the 420 festival, hardly strictly blue grass and the pride parade. they can get permits that grant them temporary waivers to the stringent no smoking laws. while the use of cannabis is legal in california and san francisco arrives it in private homes and clubs, smoking pot is not allowed in public. starting today the north side of howard between 5th and 6th streets will be a no stopping zone. last week tess was traveling
9:40 am
west on howard in the bike lane when a driver in a parked car opened the door, forcing her to swerve into traffic. that forced the city to analyze traffic flow and make immediate changes. >> right now we're looking at a temporary fix for this location before we do the project we we have a permanent solution in place starting next year. >> the san francisco bicycle coalition is applauding city leaders for taking quick action. they are asking for protected bike lanes. new this morning, police and firefighters responded to the scene of a car that crashed into a building in danville. you can see a tesla model 3 that slammed into a sushi restaurant on town and country drive around 6:30 this morning. the driver is expected to be okay. they're still trying to figure out what led up to the crash. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, a north bay teacher accused of running a fight club in the classroom. who tipped off authorities and unanswered questions this morning. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> happening today, the san francisco fire commission will discuss how to reduce the need for cliffs, sea and beach rescues. there has been an increase in recent years of people or pets falling off of cliffs or sliding down. now the mayor's office could create a task force that could include updating or closing off certain trails. any proposed task force would need approval from the mayor's office. president trump signed a bill to expand national parks including two in california. it increases size of the joshua tree and death valley national mojave desert. it angeles county to honor more
9:44 am
than 400 people killed in the saint francis dam collapse of 1928. other new monuments were created in utah, mississippi and kentucky. there is growing concern in southern california over the number of people visiting the poppies super bloom. residents in the lake elsinore area say social media is ruining the experience. thousands of people are showing up every day to view the wild flowers but also trampling all over them for the perfect selfie or photo and illegally picking the flowers. authorities have set up barriers and put up signs to keep the visitors away but some people say they could not resist going out to see the flowers in person. >> came out here to see the beauty and nature and enjoy all of the poppies. we only get them every couple e and blowing up the spot. lake street has all of the poppies. >> the super bloom of the
9:45 am
flowers only happens after a very wet winter. a teacher in the north bay is facing felony charges for staging a fight club in his classroom. robert went to cloverdale to take a closer look at the investigation. >> reporter: at cloverdale high school, police say a special education teacher was conducting more than a typical class here. >> per our investigation, it was in essence a fight club. >> reporter: police have arrested the teacher vargas on 13 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and five counts of endangering a child, all felonies. vargas has been teaching here for eight years. police say they received a tip about a fight and found more. >> in this particular class, they moved the chairs out to the side and then he would referee the altercations between the kids. and the kids call it bodying where they wouldn't hit each other in the face. they would hit the bodies. >> reporter: they also have a
9:46 am
cell phone video from a student. off camera one student claiming to be in the class called the charges quote a bunch of bs. the school district has removed vargas from the classroom with pay as the investigation continues. >> the allegations that have come forward that some of our kids may have been placed in harm's way, it -- it hurts. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how long the fights have been going on. some students were injured but nor police or the district would say what the charges are. vargas posted $50,000 bail on sunday after being arrested. efforts to reach him were unsuccessful but police say he is talking to them. >> was very emotional about it. >> this has my full and undivided attention and we will work hard to get to the bottom of this and make sure that something like this, if it happened, never happens again. >> reporter: federico vargas faces 18 felony counts but police say that number eventually could grow even
9:47 am
higher. in cloverdale, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a state task force is recommending higher pay for state workers next pensive cities such as san francisco and san jose. it is made up of state officials and union representatives. salaries have not kept pace with housing costs and pushing employees further and further from work and reducing the quality of life. they need to adopt a strategy that the federal government uses to increase salaries by 39% from national base line rates. ucla economists are forecasting that california's job market will continue to grow but not as quickly as it has been. the forecast says nonfarm jobs will expand by 1.8 percent. that is a 10% decrease from the expected expansion. it will drop to slightly more than half a percent in 2020. the reason is california employers are running out of people to hire because our state is considered full employment. actor jussie smollett will return to court tomorrow after
9:48 am
a judge granted a request to allow cameras in the courtroom. the legal team welcomes cameras in court as prosecutors present the case that the actor staged an attack that made him look like the victim of a hate crime. he was in court for a brief hearing yesterday when one of his attorneys say they want the public to see all of the evidence. last week a grand jury indicted him on 16 counts of disorderly conduct. tonight at 9:00 on ktvu fox 2, a new episode of star. >> here is ashley dvorkin with the preview. >> reporter: get ready for drama as singers pursue their dreams on fox's star. the characters are challenged by numerous obstacles along their journey as things from their past resurface. queen latifah's parent is faced with confronting her father played by ben bareen. he discusses the intense guest role that he is taking on.
9:49 am
>> he comes in for place for my interpretation of pain. and his lifetime somewhere in his background was abused. and he plays it out in this lifetime. it was hard playing this character and understanding, getting to his skin. it was like not a pleasant place to go. but somebody has to tell a story. >> don't touch my son. >> oh, she is out of control. >> reporter: talking about tough issues is a key part of the show. >> the players, the writers and the producers have the courage in order to address issues that we have a tendency to shy away from. you can be entertained or do something about it if it comes up in your life. >> reporter: he is also a fan of how the series uses music to tell its story. >> the music is wonderful. music is contagious. it gets your attention right away. and what is beautiful, you a st
9:50 am
>> reporter: ashley dvorkin, fox news. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine two of the newest raiders family are in town. what is on tap for antonio brown. and sushi made for your dietary and nutritional needs. what many are calling 3d printed sushi. at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation.
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makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. >> all right. some more breaking news back east. more legal trouble for president trump's former
9:53 am
campaign chairman. manafort has been charged in new york city with mortgage fraud and more than a dozen other state felonies. this comes an hour after manafort was sentenced to another 43 months in prison on top of the 47 months he was sentence today last week for bank and tax fraud. this story is breaking and of course we will have updates for you online and on the noon broadcast. happening today, some south bay high school student wills gain firsthand experience with coding and learn hoar about computer science. it will be part of google's road show at la rone academy. students will be taught problem solving skills and create their own stories using code. according to a study by gas the rest of the top tesacrament four. san francisco san diego at number 7. additional findings show that
9:54 am
fridays are the days most people get aggressive behind the wheel. >> not surprising. >> yeah. >> a chp officer responded to a disabled vehicle on monday and came to the aid of newborn pig lets. the driver was heading to the vet hospital when the car broke down. the officer waited with the driver and the piglets until hepa arrived. >> they are so cute. give it two years. the gaels are heading to the big dance. they won the west conference championship game. gonzaga entered the game with a 21-game winning streak and only lost two games all season until will play in the first round of the tournament on sunday. could be a dangerous team in the big dance brown, the new oakland raider, will be two dra
9:55 am
picks to the steelers. they will also introduce joiner and offensive tackle trent brown who will be one of the highest paid off offensive line men in the league. the coliseum authority is scheduled to vote on a deal that would keep the raiders in oakland for at least another season. the reported deal would have the raiders paying 7 and a half million dollars to play the upcoming season at the coliseum. there will be a team option for the 2020 season if the new stadium in las vegas is not ready to go. if the coliseum authority approves the deal, the oakland city council as well as the board of supervisors would still need to sign off continue. the 49ers are adding a pro bowl linebacker to the chief. they are trading ford to the niners next change for a second round pick in the draft. ford and the niners agreed to a new five-year contract one worth $87 million. ktvu got a sneak peek inthe chase center, the
9:56 am
home to the golden state warriors. it is luxurious. nobody has it better than the players. they will have a private barbershop, chef and special underground parking. the arena is being built in the mission bay neighborhood. construction is right on schedule for next season. high tech sushi far more advanced than spicey tuna roll. open mealsis presenting the 3d sushi in austin texas. the company debuted a similar version last year but the new process is more refined and healthier. customers sent in a kit that includes their saliva. it will be analyzed and the vitamins will be included in the 3d printed sushi. it can be used anywhere. >> but what is it? like is it printed fish. >> it looks like a lego. >> yeah. >> and we tried to eat those at
9:57 am
home ask it doesn't come out good. >> what you're telling me, you're out. >> i don't think i'm in. >> i could do without it. >> yeah. >> need t i guess novel. >> now i'm going to have lunch. >> you're in for a long day. hope you're in for another one tomorrow. >> i'll pick up sushi for you. >> there you go. >> see you at noon. >> i'll take a sandwich.
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