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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 13, 2019 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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ineffective. irreversible and immoral. that's how governor gavin newsom is describing the death penalty san francisco mayor london breed announced her choice for the next fire chief. why some consider her selection a trailblazer. of goi far. the celebrity court appearance scheduled for this afternoon and the bay area connection in this college admission scandal. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike bibby. we begin with breaking news from the white house where, just minutes ago, president trump issued an emergency order. >> we're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9 and planes
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associated with that line. >> right now, for those planes that are currently in the air, those planes will be grounded as soon as they arrive at the their destination. the president said that federal aviation administration as well as airlines and pilots have been notified. the united states now becomes frowned the planes in the wake of sunday's deadly ethiopian air lien crash that killed 157 people. tom vaccar is working on what effect will be across the country. >> pentagon tweeted out about the grounding saying that we are supporting this proactive step out of an abundance of caution. safety has been at the core value at boeing. now moving on to a
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reprieve to death row inmates. >> this will stop the excuses for as long as he is in office. the goal here is to abolish the death penalty. >> reporter: that's right. he says that the goal is not to debate whether the people who are on dead row deserve to die but whether we have the right to execute them. the order will with draw california's lethal injection protocol and close the execution claim better at san quentin state prison. during the news conference, governor gavin newsom says that the chamber was being taken apart as he speaks. >> to the victims, all that i can say that is we owe you and we need to do more and do
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better. provide for victims in this state and that's one thing that came home to me in a very deep and impactful way but we cannot advance it the death penalty in an effort to try to soften the blow of what happened. >> a 2016 california ballot measure to repeal the death pent was shot down by voters. when asked about this, he says that respects the people who disagree with him but says that the will of the voters was entrusted in him when they elected him. he has been against it the death penalty for decades, he says, and this should not come as a surprise. he says that does not change the defense but the death penalty will be abolished.
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>> with san francisco's senior political writer joe garifi joins us. >> the move comes three years after voters in california voted to stop the banning of the penalty. how does that square with the will of the voters? >> i've been talking to republicans and conservatives around the state, for something that i'm doing for the chronicle about their reaction to this. they are saying, not only has he sort of flaunted that, but it makes them wonder how much they can trust him. i talked to tom lackey who has spent 17 years as a california highway patrolman. he says that when you betray that trust, it's hard to trust someone. that's something that governor
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newsom will have to face. he is like jeremy down, somebody opposed to the death pent. how is this announcement playing on the national staple, joe? >> we'll see how that plays out. other states have done similar things but, of course, when california does something, it has an exponential effect because of the size of our state. we'll see how that does and how many states who have left leaning it governors. for more people die of death row of natural age than execution. >> and this is an argument made when the death pent was on the ballot a couple of years ago and that was a money issue. you know, this is costing us money. the governor used the term $5 billion in appeals and care and such.
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but voters rejected that argument. they rejected this twice by ballot a couple of times. so, i mean, he's going in the face of what voters have said here. he has a lot of political capital right now. it's still early in the honeymoon. >> he has said he does not want to see any execution as loss ang he is governor. >> right. >> what has to happen for the death pent to be abolished. >> again, that will take the constitutional amendment. you have to go back to the voters to do that purchase i don't know if there is constituents to do that. it's proven to not be there in the past. we'll see -- this certainly was not on the top list of concerns of people in this last election. you know, housing, the homelessness, the cost of living in california, those are the issues that people are concerned concerned about. conservatives say, that's not something that they will be pursuing at this point.
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they'll try to figure out their next move. we'll see. >> san francisco chronicle senior political writer joe garofoli. >> san francisco's mayor announced who will be the next fire chief in san francisco. the new chief is no stranger to the department, christien kafton? >> reporter: that's right. jeanine nicholson has been the deputy chief. >> reporter: nicholson has been in even sustaining burns fighting a fire. she says that the dense
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population makes the situation challenging. >> i vow to work hard to continue to carry out the mission and vision of the san francisco fire department and keep us moving forward in a positive way. >> reporter: san francisco's firefighters union released a statement, saying that she is a proven, well respected leader. she'll work with outgoing chief joanne hayes-white on a plan. no word on when she'll be sworn in as the chief. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. moving now to the college admission scandal that's rocking hollywood, college board rooms and some of the country's top universities including stanford. actress lori loughlin is set ap
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afternoon. she and her husband, designer mossimo guiallni are charged with bribing to get their child into a college. a psychologist note allowed a student to take an example over several days. >> we have seen an increased on section from points, parents with means to get to the college no matter the cost. >> college consultant david singer has already pleaded guilty. stanford's former sailing coach, john vander moore also pleaded guilty. his attorney says that the money went to buy new boats 13 parents are facing charges here and stanford is one of the schools caught in the
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case. at least nine college coaches have been charged. they were accused of pretending the students were star athletes when some had never even played the sport before. it's important to note that no students are implicated because prosecutors say that children did not know about the suspected payoff. a total of eight universe across the u.s. are tied to the scandal, four here in california. beside stanford, they are ucla, u.s.c. and the university of san diego. also named in court documents, yale, georgetown, wake forest and north carolina. and the university of texas at austin. there are concerns that this scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. former stanford dean of fresh man and undergraduate advisor will join us live in minutes to discuss the impact of the scandal. still to come, a new report says that california employers are running out of people to hire. coming up, how a slowdown in job creation could affect the
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ec spend behind bars. details on the sentencing, next.
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a couple of investigation stories for you. overseas right now, police in southern brazil say two gunmen stormed into a school and killed eight people before taking their own lives. the victims including two teachers and six students. several others were also shoot
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in the shooting. the gunmen wore hoods and were heavily armed and estimated to be between 20 and 25 years old. investigators are still looking for a motive. they do not believe that gunmen were former students. authorities in nigeria say that 40 students have been rescued after a school building collapsed in lagos. emergency officials confirm that people have died in the collapse but that official refused to give a death toll as the investigation continues. nigeria is subject to building collapses because of building materials. president trump's former campaign manager has sentenced to 74 months in p
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rison. before stepsing, manafort says that he is ashamed of his conduct and sorry for what he has done. happening now, the trump administration is trying to get a court panel to overturn san francisco's courts ruling over i.c.e. bans. federal officials say that that hampers the federal government's ability to do their mandate. the trump administration also plans to close 21 u.s. immigration offices in several countries. critics say that move might slow down processing family visa applications, foreign adoptions and citizenship applications. the work may be shifted to other he wases.
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immigration officials say that the move will free up money. the sun is out this noon time. >> that's right. nice chilly start this morning. the nice recovery into the afternoon hours, under mostly sunny sky. looking towards san francisco, the east bay hill for the wednesday afternoon. we appreciate there are break the rainful. the hill is green. blue skies pay us a visit for today. no big changes as we head towards thursday and friday, just a few passing high clouds. just the biggest change over the next few days. satellite perspective shows you this. out in the pacific, not impacting the area. system headed to the east, the system that produced all the strong winds yesterday. right now, mostly clear skies. we are looking for rainfall but we are locked in a dry weather pattern and current numbers are beginning to ver. 160 showing up in napa, san francisco checking in at 51. san jose at 55 degrees.
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current wind speeds now a few spots showing you some breezy conditions out towards napa, especially. that is a sustained wind right now of 8 miles an hour, gusting to 22 miles an hour. and some more ports for you, half moon bay at 18 and hayward at 9 miles an hour. still a bit of a breeze for today. highs in the upper 50s to the 50s. this system scooting off to the east. other portions of the country over the next 4 hours or so, you can see this storm out in the pacific but this area of high pressure will rebuild. with that, all the storms pushed up to a dry weather patt through the weekend. in fact, no major storms in sight. no neitherric river impacting the bay area, just a few high
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clouds. this afternoon, 4:00, into your thursday, the biggest change tomorrow will be tomorrow afternoon. maybe a few high clouds kind of working their way into the area by 4:00 p.m. friday, this model bringing us more sunshine. as we head into the weekend, we could be tracking a few clouds by saturday, mid morning and into the afternoon hours. forecast highs for this afternoon showing you lots of 60s, santa rosa, towards vallejo. antioch. the coast mainly in the 50s. a few more neighborhoods with san jose checking at 64. san mateo 62. winds today will be around 15 to 25 miles an hour. so not as strong as yesterday but the wind is not completely calm. here is a look ahead at your five-day and look at what's headed our way, into your thursday. a few extra high clouds. if you are making outdoor plans to for this weekend, it is a good idea because the weekend will be beautiful,
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especially by sunday. we are not talking about 60s but the warmest locations maybing a run up the 70s. has bond a stormy sequence -- has been a stormy sequence kind of weeks. the san francisco fire department will take a look at how to reduce the number of sea, beach or cliff rescues. the commission could ask the mayor's office to create task force on creating safer cliff seas and beaches. any proposed task force would need approval from the mayor's office. the president's new budget proposal affecting college students. up next, how the new budget could change debt forgiveness for some student borrowing. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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stocks climb in an afternoon trading you can see here the dow jones industrial up currently 907 points. the nasdaq is up 56 points. boeing, i should mention, is just a slightly down of a ate nouns. from president trump in his emergency declaration of grounding those boeing 737 max 8s and 9s. >> the british parliament overwhelmingly defeated british prime minister theresa may's latest
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european vote didn't even have support of may's brexit supporters. >> i profoundly regret the decision that has been taken. i continue to believe that, by far, the found way is united kingdom leaves the european union in an orderly fashion with a deal and that deal we've negotiated is the best. >> the parliament is set to vote tomorrow as to whether to seek a postponement of the commit. dick's sporting goods will stop selling guns. shares dropped on that news. the company decided to ban gun sales following the shooting in parkland, florida, and has been rolling out the ban over the ear. an announcement of the
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president's 2020 budget shows a deep in funding in ation. it will eliminate a program created by president george w. bush that forgives debt for some students. starting to get an idea on how much it's going toes can for as iter cell service. verizon will charge an additional 10 there are a month to add 5g speed to a phone. only customers of verizon's unlimited data plan can access the service. verizon will check it out in chicago and minneapolis next month. at&t plans for sell 5g equipment and t-mobile will charge for new services. print declined to discuss its pricing plan. a task force made up of state officials and union representatives say that
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salaries have not kept pace with increasing housing costs and is push state employees farther and farther from workplaces and reducing their quality of life. they suggest adopting the strategy that federal government uses, increasing t 39% from the national baseline rates. meanwhile, ucla economists are forecasting california's job market will continue to grow but not as quickly as it has been. the school's anderson forecast says that nonfarm jobs will expand by 1.8%. that's a 10% decrease from this year's expected expansion, dropping to a slightly more than a half%. economists say that reason for that is that california employers are running out of people to hire because the state is at what is considered full employment. >> new effort to scrap the state's high speed race together. kern county supervisors voted 4-1 on a restitution calls for
12:26 pm
abandoning the project. the resolution will now be formally sent. some want the project to continue because there are already construction crews working on the rail line. the president declared an emergency order after two deadly plane crashes. the president has ordered all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 grounded. and how some wealthy parents paid to get their children into some schools.
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back to breaking news where we are follow news from the white house. president trump made an announcement with airline safety. >> we'll issue an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9 and planes associated with that line. >> that announcement came about an hour ago. for most those planes still up in the air, the planes will be
12:30 pm
grounded as soon as they arrive at their destination. the federal aviation administration as well as airlines and pilots have been notified. boeing tweeted about the the grounding, we are supporting the proactive step due to an abundance of caution doing everything that we can to understand the cause of the accident and make sure that it does not happen again. the blocks boxes from sunday's ethiopian air crash are on the way to europe for analysis. >> reporter: friends and family of the 157 people killed in the each onairlines crash still arriving in adis abeba still waiting ford word on when or if they'll get the remains of their loved ones. >> i'm urging the ethiopian government to identify as many
12:31 pm
of the remains as possible. >> the captain made a distressed call and asked for clearance to get back to adis abebba airport but while attempting to return back, the accident occurred. >> for now, the focus remains on the boeing 737 max 8, also involved in another crash in indonesia last year. experts say that an automated anti-fault system could have contributed to both crashes. both planes are still in flight in the u.s. >> a little concerned to get out there and your plane might have a malfunction. >> i think the track record is pretty good. i feel pretty safe. >> some have tried to reschedule their flights to make sure that they are on a different plane but travel experts say that could come with a hefty price tag.
12:32 pm
>> u.s. airlines are not giving much leeway for passengers on the plane. >> reporter: in washington, some lawmakers are asking for an investigation to be done as to whether boeing knew about these problems. >> some pilots have reported problems with the same jets. two pilot say that the noses of the jet sharply dived but were able to disen age the auto pilot. new at noon, governor gavin newsom has suspended the dead penalty, for as long as he is in office. >> i cannot sign off on
12:33 pm
executing hundreds and hundreds of human beings, knowing, knowing that, among them will be innocent human beings. >> the governor's order also immediately closes the state's newly upgraded execution chamber at san quentin. >> i have the right to shut down the death chamber at san again tim. i'm doing that. i have the right to no longer support the protocol that was approved by the previous administration. >> the governor says that he has confidence in the justice system and he has sympathy for the victims' families.
12:34 pm
>> and kamala harris and oakland mayor libby schaaf support. >> i don't support the death pent and thisis a bold move for this to happen and to see the death penalty repealed in california. >> the california has not carried out an execution since 2006 when clarence ray allen was put to death through lethal injection for a 1974 murder. to a continuing coverage of the college admission cheating scandal. lori loughlin is one of 33 parents accused of paying millions of dollars in pride to get their children into elite colleges. another actress, felicity huffman, who starred on the show desperate housewives was released yesterday after posting a $250,000 bail. richer singer has already plead guilty to accepting $25 million in a scam.
12:35 pm
stand forth went into the sailing programs to buy new boats and hire another coach. joining us this afternoon to th dean of freshman admission julie lipscot hayne from palo alto. good afternoon. good afternoon. thanks for having me. >> it's my understanding that, at this point, students will not be charged. you believe that there is a chance that these universities could e pell some students tied to the scandal, students still unroled? >> i think if it can be proven that student was aware of what was being done on their behalf, then i think the university or college would have no choice but to expel them, right, because they would have behaved an ethically. can, it does seem to be the case that many students were not aware, based on the part of the indictment that i read. it sounds like they were in the dark of what was being done for them the hands of
12:36 pm
their parents and complicit with singer. >> i am a parent with two children, do my the so-called helicopter parenting. one of those individuals. is this a prime example of helicopter parenting and how it hurts the children? >> absolutely. i wrote a book on the harm of helicopter parenting. i came to appreciate that i was overparenting my own two kids here in palo alto. so i am aware of this problem. i understand why parents do it. and this is an extreme example. this is effectively what we can now call drone parenting. i'll give a nod to my former colleague donovan for using this term. parents acting like a drone, picking up the package which is the child and delivering it to the future, the college that the parents in mind.
12:37 pm
really, the child is this i nat mat object. i was at home when the story broke. is this new, though? yale, stanford? >> we'll find ute how pervasive this is but in my experience as a college administrator for 14 years there was nothing remotely like this happening to anyone's college. yes, parents who were wealthy were able to purchase more opportunity and access for their kids from k-12 into college and life beyond. and all of us, parents, want to do what's right for our kids. there comes a point when you cross the line when your behavior is patently unethical, even perhaps criminal and i think that's what we are facing right now. these parents have completely
12:38 pm
crossed the line. and i think that it is going to prompt a deep thoughtful investigation into college admissions. frankly, the ethics behind the entire operation. how do we have -- that has to be examined. >> i was condition go you. one of the things that stood out was this whole, if it's true, thinking that your child is a star athlete. i hope that's not true but if it is, it is disgraceful. with a does stanford do differently in. >> they have to take a hard look as to how we evaluate what a child has accomplished and who a child is. at stanford start advocated interviewi because i felt that interview was a much more telling opportunity to assess who the kid was in contrast to an essay which could be highly doctored by a consultant or a parent. i think that we have go back to
12:39 pm
recommendation, essays, have a kid check a box saying, i wrote my essay myself, list the names of any-up who them, really instill the expectations that you are behaving ethically in this process. we should stop participating in u.s. news and take a look at whether the s.a.t. or ability are anything more than an indicator of wealth. there are opportunities and possibilities to look at. i hope that people in charge at various schools will come together and figure out how to right thisship. >> julie, all valid points purchase i know that's a discussion that we'll continue to have in the weeks and months ahead but i appreciate the discussion with you this afternoon. julie, thank you. >> one more thing if you are still there. we have to worry about the mental health the kids. the kids who have been impacted in this, who are
12:40 pm
bewild erred at what their parents have done, someone has to look out for the mental health of these kids. i'm sure their sense of self- worth is shattered. >> especially in social media. i know on campuses people know who these children are right now. another valid point again. thank you, julie. >> thanks so much. now to the pg&e turmoil that is ongoing. the utility will not face criminal prosecution for the object 17 wildfires. napa, sonoma and lick counties announced they will not file charms against pg&e. dale fire determined that pg&e equipment caused several wildfires but not the massive i private electrical system adjacent to a home another calistoga is what caused the
12:41 pm
fire. a driver accused of a hit- and-run in the bay area is charged with vehicular manslaughter, dui felony hit- and-run with enhancement. the victim was a 63-year-old man from tick hit and killed in may of last year. his body was not found until one day after the crime. four oakland police officers involved in a deadly shooting are now on paid leave. they got the call of a man with a gun sleeping between two houses. they resppicked up the gun and when told not compl hearing for and stanford university employee accused of trying to kill his girlfriend while on lsd was post porned
12:42 pm
to next week. shirvell pleaded not guilty last week to charges of attempted homicide and domestic violence. the couple had taken the hallucinogenic drug before he stabbed her several times. shirvell's girlfriend says that the incident was a horrific accident and that he was possessed. arevalo carranza could appear in a santa clara county court. 59-year-old bambi larson was found dead in her home after a coworker called police when she did not appear to cord. carranza is a transient with a long history of drugs and crimes. the police chief talked about the environment.
12:43 pm
we are here to embrace and protect law-abiding citizens. we are not here nor should we be here to shield admitted gangsters or violent criminals regardless of immigration status. >> police say that there is no reason to believe that suspect and victim new each other. san jose's mayor sam liccardo says released a statement saying that it is long overdue that the county takes a look at the sanctuary law.
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never to get a back log of rape kits tested across the country have led to arrests in more than 20 years, money from the new york police department
12:47 pm
and the department of justice are being offered. after new york city cleared it own back log of kids, the district attorney offered grants totaling $38 million to other cities resulting in the testing of 55,000 rape kits in 20 states. >> more than 18,000 newly developed dna profiles were extracted for agbayani call evidence. that investment has already yielded 186 new arrested. 64 convictions including 47 sexual assault convictions. >> one of those arrests include a suspect in the rape of a teenage girl in southern california back in 1996. it is estimated there are still another 155,000 rape kits need to be tested. actor jussie smollett will return to granted a request to allow cameras in the courtroom. smollet's team says that they
12:48 pm
welcome the cameras in the courtroom. smollet was in court for a brief hearing. one of his attorneys is said that he want the public to see all the evidence. last week, smollet was indicted on 15 counts. a little biz of a breeze, not as bad as yet but the time of the year to be talking about the stronger winds so winds today around 15 to 25 miles an hour. live cameras looking at the goat en gate bridge. you can see the walnut tree camera. showing some breeze moving  around a little bit. i suspect that will move up a bit over the next few hours. rainfall, a break in the rain so it is a good time to check on where we are, k a card that is showing you the numbers here. santa rosa, everybody well above the average but santa rosa is closing at 20 inches.
12:49 pm
san jose, 108% of average. with each passing day of dry weather, the percent of average will come down a little bit. we'll watch off for that. a chance that we'll track for some rain later in the month and as we head toward april. clear skies up and down the state including here in the bay area. cloud are well offshore and we are locked in that dry weather pattern. current numbers, lots of 50s and a few spots toward napa, oakland and hayward. san francisco shore you 51. a bit of chilled air. wind speeds, you can see the numbers not extremely high just yet but concord and norther lip wind at 10. gusts at 22 miles an hour and more reports for you. livermore, sustained. a bit of a breeze here out lf m mostly sunny low to mid-60s for this afternoon. here is our system that
12:50 pm
produced some snow toward the sierra. yesterday, kicking on out to k for today, e breezy conditions and a few high cloud will be moving into the bay area, primarily tomorrow and then once again into the weekend so we can maybe that have filtered sunshineey suspect but a dry weather pattern, no rain storms in sight just yet. here is the forecast model this afternoon, showing you the clear skies as we put this into motion. you notice into your thursday, maybe a few extra clouds by 3:00 or 4:00 and then by friday, lots of sunshine and then another batch of high clouds could be working their way close to our coast line. that could be as we head into a saturday. forecast highs, this afternoon, lots of 60s. warmer locations approaching the mid-60s. san francisco downtown right around 60 but closer to the coast, mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. san jose forecast high, 64. guilty, 66 degrees. here you go, the forecast. by the weekend, warmest locations can be right around
12:51 pm
70 degrees. the umbrellas get a break and lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend. >> thank you, mark. gr victory. the rally happening in st. mary's right now after the men's basketball team celebrate a big win to make it to the big dance.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
you can see the dow jones industrial spent most of its time on the plus side. story the same on nasdaq. eating mushrooms might reduce the risk of cognitive decline. according to a study published in the journal of alzheimer's disease. researchers say they followed hundreds of elderly people and say those who ate more than two portions of mushroom
12:54 pm
weekly were potentially less likely itive impairment. scientists hope to identify other dietary factors that may be associated with brain health in the future. the is moving ahead with a plan to keep e- cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting the sales of flavored products. they would restrict the sales to stores that verify the age of customers. we have continuing coverage on the breaks news we brought you at the top of this hour that the u.s. joined other nations in grounding all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 aircraft. we'll be hearing from the f.a.a. on the grounding and also learning how this order will affect air travel across the country. complete coverage for you beginning today on the 4:00. nfl wide receiver brown will be introduced as
12:55 pm
the newest member of the raiders. the team acquired him after trading two daft team also anno brown who will be one of the highest paid linemen in the league. the oakland alameda colyseum stadium authority to vote on a deal that will keep oakland here another year. there will be a team option for the 2020 season if their new stadium in last vegas is not ready to go. the colyseum authority does approve this deal, the oakland city council and the almeda county short will need to sign off on the deal. 49ers are adding a pro bowl linebacker to the team. dee ford has been acquired. ford and the 49ers agreed to a
12:56 pm
new contract worth more than $87 million. there is a celebration happening right now to the st. mary's campus in morago. there is a crowd gathering to take a look at the trophy. st. mary's smocked off number 1 ranked gonzaga by 60-47. gonzo entered game with a 21 game-winning streak and only lost two games all season long before last night. st. mary's gaels had never beaten the number 1 team in the country. the gaels will learn who they'll play in the first round of the ncaa tournament. let's see how cal state fares. >> it's that time of the year. meet you back here for more
12:57 pm
news at 4:00. ♪
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