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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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already, including the southwest plane that landed in san jose just after noon, the president said once the planes touched down, they were grounded until further notice. 40 countries had already barred the planes from flying in their airspace, until today, the faa said that they did not have any data to show that the jets are in safe. at sfo tonight, were several max 9's landed. >> reporter: we saw them, a lot of the grounding has to do with overwhelming, and i mean overwhelming, worldwide pressure, new finding from the accidents, and passenger fear, that has convinced the president to grounded the 73 max airliners, with almost 300 others grounded overseas. >> we are going to issue an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the trend in 24 -- boeing 737 max 8
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and the max 9, and planes associated with that line. >> reporter: united flight 815 was mid flight from houston when the president announced the groundings, it touched down in san francisco three hours later, for some boarding passengers, the potential problem was discussed. >> i was a little bit concerned, we talked about it as we were waiting for the plane, but it was a totally full flight, nobody changed. >> reporter: others had no clue. >> not all. no mentioning about what plane or whatever. >> reporter: one passenger was concerned at take off because it was a max. >> i have to say, the first few minutes, when stuff happens, it seemed to be doing okay, we were fine. >> reporter: others found out midflight. >> i didn't realize it until about two hours ago, and we
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have wi-fi on the plane. >> reporter: the faa said the agency made the decision as the result of the data gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed today. this together with new satellite data available to the faa this morning, led to this decision, in its statement, boeing said, though he continues to have full confidence in the safety of the 737 max, it had determined out of a abundance of caution and reassure the public, to recommend to the faa the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet of 371 70 -- 737 max by continuing to fly them for the days after the crash, others said the airlines and the faa have damaged their reputations.>> these four companies, going in three airlines, who purport to be
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among the leaders of the world, to sit on their hands for three days, and have the government act for them, is really mind- boggling.>> reporter: in the faa's words, the groundings are indefinite, but if it turns out to be a software fix, where they can reprogram something, that can be done relatively quickly and uploaded to the airplanes almost instantaneously, but we will have to see. more on this later in the newscast. fox 2 news. >> for the three airlines that have these airlines, united account -- united, american southwest, what happens to the flights that were scheduled? do they have backup planes? >> i have a personal experience, monday i was supposed to go on a max 9, i got a contact saying that they are going to substitute a 777, a much larger airplane, and take 2 or three flights at one time, the
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airlines only have about 73 of these in the whole country, they have something of -- upwards of 2500 airplanes, no problem to make the switches for the small number of airplanes, but that's only because it is a small number.>> tom, thank you. i did this with a heavy heart, with deep appreciation for the motions that drives this issue. and i did it with the victims in mind. >> governor gavin newsom signed an executive order suspending executions in california for as long as he is governor, he was emotional at times, saying he was inspired by his father and grandfather, who advocated for man who was wrongly convicted. he said that people of color are more likely to be put to death, and he pointed to a study showing that number 1 in 25 people on death row is innocent. >> there are innocent people on death row, there are guilty
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people on death row, those people are not going to be let out by this act, they will be held to account. >> this afternoon, the governor's office tweeted these photos, showing parts of the death chamber at san quentin being hauled away, there hasn't been an execution in more than a decade in california, today was an emotional day on both sides of the issue, joining us live from san quentin prison with that part of the story. rob? >> reporter: here at san quentin, death row is just beyond those gates, the execution equipment has all been dismantled, the decision by governor newsom has reignited the passionate debate over the death penalty. saying that gavin newsom told him in person he was declaring a moratorium on the death penalty for as long as he is governor. >> a little bit of me died, it
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was like a blow to the solar plexus, i hope he is proud, that he is advocating for pure evil incarnate in our society. >> reporter: a strong advocate for capital punishment, his 12- year-old daughter was kidnapped from her home in petaluma and murdered, a jury convicted career criminal richard allen davis, gave him the death penalty, he is still on death row. >> he took my daughter's life in the most brutal and excruciating way, and the just punishment for that is the sentence that was handed down. >> reporter: attorneys applauded his decision. >> the data shows it doesn't work, it is discriminatory, it costs tons of money, and innocent people are convicted. >> reporter: he saw his own brother face the death penalty in fresno county, it was later reduced to robert he -- robbery after he wasn't part of the
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homicide. he is now out of prison. >> to sit there for nine months and wait and see whether someone in your family potentially could be executed, and it makes you crazy. >> reporter: as recently as 2016, up california voters approved streamlining the appeals process. the president of the california association of deputy district attorneys, which fought for prop 66 said the voters of the state of california support the death penalty governor newsom is usurping the expressed will of california voters. >> if the prosecution are not seeking death penalties, you can have fairer trials, fairer jurors, and the cases can progress in a much more expedient way. putting death on the table changes everything. >> i believe in justice, i believe that crimes are so heinous that people should spend the rest of their life in prison, i have deep empathy for victims of crimes, and i
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believe in justice. >> reporter: just like donald trump and his wall -- >> just like donald trump and his wall, the death penalty in california is all about gavin newsom, i don't understand why he would put himself in that position. >> reporter: it does not abolish the death penalty, but it does and executions on gavin newsom's watch. frank and julie? >> outside san quentin, thank you. there are 737 men and women on death row in california, some of the more infamous inmates include richard allen davis, who kidnapped and killed poly class, scott peterson, who killed his wife and unborn child, and charlesng, who might've killed as many as 25 people, one of the speed freak
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killers, wesley sherman time, convicted of killing four people, but suspected he killed as many as 24, and marcus wesson, a family cult member, ordering the deaths of nine of his children in fresno county. >> i have witnessed 2 executions at san quentin, a man who through a 11-year-old girl off of a 100 foot bridge. one paralyzed her body, and one stop the heart, you don't see the throes of death, all i saw was at one point, there legs and head shook, and the chest comes out and it stops. after watching the executions, i had four thoughts, one, life is precious, 2, i felt horrible for the victims relatives watching the front row, 3, i wanted to hug my wife and kids, and my forethought was the one that surprised me, i found that
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i had no sympathy for either of them, right or wrong, it did not bother me in the slightest seen them put to death. one of the highest profile defendants in the bribery scandal appeared in court, full house star lori loughlin can be released after posting $1 million bond, prosecutors say she and her husband, designer massamo, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to put their daughters on the usc crew team, although neither are rowers, and 2 ceos have stepped aside as -- at their investment firms. outrage students and the trump administration. >> just because you're rich doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. >> reporter: lori loughlin surrendered herself to authorities amid fallout from the sweeping college admissions bribery scandal, phyllis -- felicity huffman, a
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fellow actress, was also accused, accused of paying millions of dollars in bribes to get their children into top universities, usc, stanford, yale, georgetown and texas. >> parents, coaches and facilitators lied, cheated and covered up their crimes at the expense of hard-working students. >> reporter: over a dozen defendants appearing in court, including huffman, and her husband, massamo. ceos, and richard singer, the scams alleged ringleader, pleading guilty to being paid $25 million by parents, bribing coaches, and administrators, and helping students cheat on their sat and act exams. >> is a slap in our face for people who work hard. >> reporter: people are asking is the system rigged?
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>> students need to be considered on their merits, that is something that the administration is advocating for, equal opportunity for all students. >> reporter: several defendants, including huffman, are set to appear in a federal court in boston on march 29. jeff paul, foxnews. officially cleared by the police chief, but 4 oakland police officers on leave, new fallout after a deadly police shooting. the silver and black, antonio brown was introduced to a new fan base. another day of sunshine, in the bay area, we will let you know when 70s resurface in the five day forecast. (music throughout)
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4 oakland police officers are on leave following the deadly shooting of a homeless man moments after he woke up, he did have a gun, the police chief is at odds with a court- appointed monitor over whether the shooting was justified. henry lee joins us in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the 4 officers were put on admin leave after the shooting more than a year ago, the department says they were justified in using deadly force, but the court appointed monitor disagrees, so they are on leave again. >> reporter: a little over a year ago when oakland police shot joshua homeless and mentally ill, he was killed
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moments after waking up while armed with a gun, a sergeant and 3 officers who fired their guns were justified it was said, but robert warsaw, the court appointed monitor and compliance director disagreed. civil rights attorney saying that the officers on leave could potentially be fired, even though the da says they will be charged with crimes. >> the monitor has decided that use of force was inappropriate, and justified severe discipline. >> reporter: in his support, warsaw said he was a live human being, and a reasonable officer should not have expected him to remain frozen, they should not have include -- concluded his movements as dangerous. he was disciplined instead of supervising his officers, and failing to plan for every possible outcome, the police chief and kirkpatrick reduced
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the amount of discipline that sergeant mcgrady -- mcready could have. calling the top cops analysis of the case disappointing and myopic. >> there has been a falling out between the compliance director and the chief of police. >> i think the chief is probably on her last legs. >> reporter: filing misconduct cases against oakland, she wants the monitor to fire chief kirk patrick. >> this decision to place these officers on leave is very belated and arguably a pathetic effort to save her own job. >> reporter: i reached out to the oakland police department, but they have declined to comment, the family has filed a civil lawsuit that is pending. henry lee. >> what happens next? bigger it remains to be seen
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-- >> it remains to be seen what happens to the officer, a sergeant and a lieutenant, will face, they could go before an arbitrator for a final ruling. >> henry lee, thank you. welcome to the oakland raiders, antonio brown, they introduced to their all-pro wide receiver, the biggest name free agent that the raiders have signed, joe was there and tells us if the raiders have plans for their new start.>> reporter: it was all smiles and the raiders facility today, antonio brown was there with his wife and 3 young sons, his chef, the trainer, the whole entourage. the concept of family was something that was appealing to brown and the rater brass. >> it's all about family, making sure the family are in the right environment, and coach gruden has been nothing but family, acknowledging, and
5:19 pm
knowing my family, speaking tremendous volumes about what kind of person he is outside of the business, when you have a guy that knows your family, that sure is that love, you will put your heart on the line for him. >> he did it the hard way, he's done everything in his power to be the best he can possibly be on and off the field. a great imagination as a football coach when you coach a man like this, he can play split and cufflink or, in the slot, return punts and so popcorn at halftime, we are excited about this guy. >> reporter: a propyl receiver with over 1000 yards in seven of his nine pro seasons, but he has baggage got the final regular-season game of 2018, the steelers needed a win and help to make the playoffs, antonio brown did not play after he and head coach mike tomlin had a acrimonious week regarding his health and attendance at a team meeting. he is not ready to turn his back on nine years in pittsburgh. >> expert will always be those
5:20 pm
chance when i was a 21-year-old kid, obviously people listen to the things that are being said and written, but at the end of the day, and i think i made people feel great and inspired, the way they watched me play. >> reporter: just about every new player who comes to the raiders touts the tradition, the fans, and well-known slogans, he might be the new guy in oakland, but he doesn't plan on treading lightly. >> my plan is to get out. i get into the room, hold guys countable, there's a certain kind of standard, that we have to uphold, receivers need a accountability system, missed routes, drops, we will hold each other accountable. >> reporter: it accentuates something that has been obvious since john greider took over as head coach of the raiders, the roster is undergoing a major turnover, expect them to be
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active in free agency, and don't forget, the team has 3 first round picks in the upcoming draft. in alameda, ktvu fox 2 news. celebrating a big victory after the men's basketball team beat the number 1 team in the country last night, st. marys, meeting the gaels to get a view at the trophy, they upset the number 1, gonzaga, and won the west coast tournament. sunny skies in the bay area, the dry weather pattern and stretch will continue, tomorrow, 60s and eventually more 70s paying us a visit, here is what is shaping up with the forecast, it has been a dry weather stretch, the last real rainfall we had was last sunday, potentially talking about a ten- day stretch of rainfall, a little fuzzy, at this point it
5:22 pm
looks like it might be wednesday of next week. satellites showing you this, coming closer to the bay area, clear to partly cloudy skies, some numbers out there for the 5:00 hour, san francisco 58, walnut creek 63, we are in the clear this afternoon heading into the evening hours, no rain threat at all. the biggest change tomorrow, the clouds coming in, the filtered sunshine effect for your thursday, the temperature range, upper 50s to the low to mid 60s, most areas about the same as today, could be a little warmer in a few spots, here's the set up offshore, high clouds for tomorrow, clear skies from eureka down towards monterey, and southern california, the storm is being pushed far to the north. the forecast model, a few extra clouds tomorrow afternoon, around 2:00 or 3:00,
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sunshine into friday, and saturday, a few more clouds working their way back into the area. the five day forecast, a warming trend, 70s by sunday, it looks like monday will be the warmest day of the period, no rain threat over the next five days. departure amidst scandals, vallejo's police chief announces retirement after allegations of officer misconduct. what the city says about the timing of all of this. gh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the chief of police in vallejo announced he is retiring, in the wake of ongoing scandals in the department. >> uncovering a number of allegations of excessive force and racial profiling by the officers, so does the chiefs announcement have anything to do with that? candace? >> we tried to speak with chief andrew bidou directly, but he declined, on his behalf, the city of vallejo said it has nothing to do with the recent scandals, rather he has been thinking of retiring for a while, some of the alleged victims are not convinced. one of them is vallejo resident adrian burrell, he was recording a traffic stop from his own front porch, not the
5:27 pm
first time the officer was accused of his excessive force. officer david mclaughlin drawing his weapon in a busy walnut creek shopping area, over a minor argument, he was put on leave, after weeks of requests, the chief declined all interviews, both cases resulted in legal claims against the city. this is a city that has paid more than $7 million in legal costs since 2011 as a result of case against its officers, involving racial profiling, excessive force and defamation, you will remember the 2015 case where vallejo paid out $2.5 million, they said it was a hose, when in fact she had been kidnapped and raped, the chief sent out a press relief -- release saying he is honored to serve the vallejo committee, he touts the increased training,
5:28 pm
and the young man who was detained in january says he looks forward to change. >> it's an opportunity, with him leaving, for vallejo, to bring in somebody who is geared more towards community policing, reset the structure and put in place something that is not leading to so much terrorizing of the community. >> although the chiefs official retirement date is april 30, he has agreed to stay on in some form to help interview candidates, that process could last until the end of the year. following the murder of a 59-year-old woman in the south bay, the suspect is a man who is in the country illegally, what the san jose mayor and police officers association are saying. san francisco, a new fire chief knocking down new doors. victimized 2.5 years
5:29 pm
ago, thieves making off with a safe.
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making news from san leandro, a sheriff's deputy opened fire at suspects in the thrift town parking lot, above the scene, taking place at 1/62 avenue and east 14th street, an alameda county sheriff's deputy made contact with people in a car, but the suspects allegedly tried to flee, dragging the deputy. that is when deputies opened fire, it appears at least one of the suspects may have been killed, it is not known if it was the deputy was dragged to, or another deputy who opened fire on the suspect. we are working to learn more about what happened, taking place in san leandro, bringing you more information as soon as it becomes available. a call to action today from
5:33 pm
law enforcement and local leaders, pointing to a series of disjointed policies and procedures that allowed a felon who was in the country illegally to allegedly commit another crime, this time a homicide. ann rubin is outside the county jail, and they agreed that the system is a problem, they don't agree on who should make changes?>> reporter: that is right, santa clara county says that ice procedures of the problem, whereas ice points to the state and county, they said they will work together to work on the problem. >> reporter: following the homicide arrest there has been finger-pointing and frustration, the president of the police officers association says the stabbing of bambi larson should never have happened, because he should have been deported long ago. >> it makes me sick, then i get angry. >> reporter: a salvador national, he was in the country
5:34 pm
illegally, but a long history of arrests in california, among them burglary, drugs and in 2017 this.>> he tried to kidnap and potentially rape a woman at a church, serious allegations. the second he was arrested, he should have been deported. >> reporter: i said they lodged 10 detainers for him, with local law enforcement agencies since 2016, they say the nine up until now have been a lord, in a statement, eric bonner says how many more people have to be killed or injured before california lawmakers will open discussions to revive the state policy, the policy prohibits them from detaining fries. >> the one agency that doesn't want to use warrants seems to be ice, they should've gotten award, they could've gotten it, and the policy and practice has
5:35 pm
always been to owner warrants. >> reporter: without one, they say their hands are tied, they will not actively notify ice when someone is released from custody, several officials call the county to change that. >> no one is urging the county to detain a single individual for a minute longer than the constitution allows, all we are saying collectively, the police chief, the sheriff, myself, the da, a phone call should be placed. >> reporter: the police officers association says something needs to be changed, and if it isn't, they fear that more people like barb -- bambi larson will be killed. >> if they don't fix it after seeing this, i don't know when they will.>> reporter: held in the santa clara county jail, making his first court appearance tomorrow.>> thank you. the search is over for san francisco's next fire chief, mayor london breed announced a
5:36 pm
veteran of the fire department will take over in less than two months, the incoming chief, speaking about how she is making history, and the tremendous odds she has overcome. >> reporter: jeanine nicholson, the 21st person to be the fire chief in san francisco, announced by london breed. >> the next fire chief for the city and county of san francisco, will be deputy chief jeanine nicholson. >> i am feeling excited, energized, really humbled, and ready to work. >> reporter: a 25 year veteran is the deputy chief of administration, with her new title, taking history, the city's first open lgbt fire chief. >> from being in the closet the 1980s to this, coming a long way. >> reporter: she will be the second fema chief, taking over
5:37 pm
from the outgoing chief, joanne hayes-white. >> i have a lot of confidence, i appointed her a year ago that role, she is a natural choice. >> reporter: san francisco's firefighter union echoed it, saying that she is a proven, well-respected leader who has risen through the ranks of sf fd, they have confidence in her ability to work collaboratively to guide the department in the right direction. nicholson has worked all over the city and knows what comes with the job. she and five other firefighters were injured in this fire, she had 2nd degree burns over 50% of her body, three years later, she had another work-related health battle. >> 2012, diagnosed with breast cancer, aid double mastectomy, and 16 rounds of chemotherapy and came back to work. >> reporter: cancer prevention, and. support, and the budget and disaster prevention are what she wants to tackle, caring for those in need.
5:38 pm
>> dealing with the homeless and the opioid crisis, as first responders, we are out there every day and every night, with people who are really down on their luck. >> reporter: she will take over in early may. ktvu fox 2 news. president donald trump says the u.s. is in a good position as they negotiate with china on a new trade agreement, he also sees a chance that he could walk away if they don't go his way, you recall that president trump walked away from a summit with kim jong-un, the leader of north korea, without a commitment to eliminate their nuclear arsenal. he spoke of the state of negotiations with china before meeting with republican senators. you -- the u.s. as opposed tariffs on $250 billion of products, and china responded by
5:39 pm
putting tariffs on $110 billion. >> we were on the phone, something's going to happen, either a good result or we are going to have a bad result not before too long. >> still confident there will be a deal for president trump in the prison of china to sign in an upcoming summit, but what is not clear is the timing. starts were up on a report of low inflation in factory orders, up 148, nasdaq up 52, s&p 500 was up 19. shares and boeing were up half a percent after two days of losses. facebook, instagram and what's up are still down around the world, reporting issues with posting, sending messages and accessing other features on the three platforms, they begin this morning, facebook hasn't said what's causing it, but did say it is working to resolve
5:40 pm
the issue as soon as possible. a setback for those in favor of brexit, the key vote that failed today. paul manafort learning his second prison sentence, he will be spending a lot more time behind bars, but it is not the end of his legal troubles. lauren blanchard with the latest coming up.
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reacting to the second sentencing of paul manafort, a judge sentenced him to just over six years in prison, and as lauren blanchard reports, immediately after it was handed down, he was charged with additional crimes by a manhattan grand jury. >> reporter: paul manafort is now looking at about 7.5 years behind bars, receiving credit for the time he served, but the sentencing today is nowhere near the end of his legal troubles.>> reporter: dressed in a suit and tie, seated in a wheelchair, he listened to dc judge amy jackson's sentence of 73 monthme as his 47 month prison sentence for tax and bank fraud from a virginia judge, the rest must be served in addition. manafort had asked for compassion, but the judge said
5:44 pm
she didn't believe he was truly remorseful, just sorry he was caught. >> the judge showed she is incredibly hostile to mr. metaphor, and exhibited a level of callousness that i have not seen in a white-collar case in 15 years. >> reporter: 7.5 years behind bars is appropriate? >> he caught a break today. >> seven years is substantial. >> some will say it is not enough, but for my point of view the court worked. >> reporter: trump seemed not sure as to whether he would offer a presidential pardon. >> it is not something that is on my mind, i feel badly for paul manafort. >> reporter: a manhattan grand jury charged paul manafort with residential mortgage fraud and numerous other state crimes, as a reminder, a president can pardon federal charges, but not
5:45 pm
state charges. in washington, lauren blanchard. the british parliament has voted to reject having the country leave the european union without a divorce agreement, a decision that reduces but doesn't remove the chance of a chaotic no deal brexit. it also increases the likelihood that britain's exit from the european union will be delayed. british lawmakers voted 312-308, they plan to vote tomorrow to -- as to whether to delay the departure date, scheduled for march 29. a mass shooting at a school in brazil, 10 people dead, including six teenagers, in sco paulo, 2 gunman stormed the school and killed a people before taking their own lives, including two teachers and 6 students, 10 other people were hurt in the shooting, authorities say they were former students of the school, aged 17 and 25.
5:46 pm
investigators are still looking for a motive. records dating back to its founding nearly 150 years ago go missing overnight.>> about 5 1/2 feet tall, and obviously you can see the gap, it has disappeared. >> the important items the thieves got away with. in weather, another day of full sunshine, the warming trend continues, making a comeback in the forecast. reca
5:47 pm
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trying to cover prices history after someone stole the church is safe, a break-in at saint dominic's happened overnight, parishioners say it will be hard to recover. rob malcolm has more on the crime of opportunity that required a little work to carry out. >> reporter: saint dominic's catholic church, what has gone missing has left the priests praying for the thieves.>> reporter: saint dominic's catholic church has history in san francisco, part of history went missing. >> it was here, about five and half feet tall, it was obviously, you can see, the gap here, it disappeared. >> reporter: thieves broke inside and left their mark
5:50 pm
along the way. >> this obviously hit the door here. and then they wielded out through this backdoor. >> reporter: the effort it took to move the heavy safe is obvious. >> it was several hundred pounds. and the dolly is still there by the tree. >> reporter: in the -- inside the safe, $9000 in gift cards to help the community, but the biggest loss. >> a series of leather bound books that have our sacramental records, the history of the parish dating back to the 1870s. -- >> reporter: useless to a thief, they knew what they were looking for, andso that visible. -- saw that they were visible.
5:51 pm
>> they were compromised. >> reporter: they are worried about the gift cards, rather, they would like the books return, and 7 cisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. in weather, talking about a dry weather pattern, we are talking about at least one weather system producing heavy rainfall, not this week, a break from the rain, checking up on the rain, and what happens, don't test don't pick up any additional rain totals, the percent of averages go down each day, about 130% yesterday, just a minor change, still a very healthy rainy season, productive for us over the last few months, and clear skies, up and down the state, clear skies here, in the bay area, and
5:52 pm
current numbers showing 50s and 60s still, santa rosa 65, san jose 60, livermore 61, and concorde in the make -- mid 60s. showing you clear conditions here, we had winds gusting at over 40 miles per hour, the winds have backed off a little bit, you can see this moving around not too much, 15-20 miles per hour. fair skies in san francisco, partly cloudy by 12:00, high clouds by about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon for thursday. starting of the day in the 30s and 40s, a nice recovery into the afternoon hours, most of the areas are back up into the 60s by 4:00 tomorrow. the big pitcher of the satellite, the system producing significant snow towards colorado and the dakotas, and you can see if you high clouds that worked their way, as we showed you tomorrow,
5:53 pm
clear skies to the north,clear skies to the south, and the high pressure sets off offshore, definitely a better we can forecast. same deal for tomorrow, high clouds, by thursday afternoon, friday, mostly sunny, saturday, you get the idea, week systems to the north, they fall apart over northern california, also sending a few clouds as we start off the weekend. very nice thursday afternoon, and half moon bay, 61 degrees. the five day looking pretty nice, making outdoor pad -- plans this weekend, looks just great, the forecast we are celebrating after the past few weeks, nice to be outside, the water settling where wants to go. enjoying the outdoors.
5:54 pm
a dramatic scene in southern california, a man wrist his life to save a dog from a house fire. -- risked his life. the dog owner running past firefighters into a burning home in a san diego county town, josi guzman, he emerges, pushing along his pitiful -- pit bull, he said he ran inside on pure adrenaline, he wanted to rescue his dog because he was part of his family. millions of dollars in grant money could help sexual assault victims get justice, in washington, the details coming up. and coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00, 2 ceos step down following the college admissions scandal. protesting outside --
5:55 pm
outside of diablo college, because of the school's response to racially charged vandalism. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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decades of evidence in sexual assault cases are being tested, but as fox news' ray bogan tells us, they have a way to get rid of the backlog of rape kits. >> the failure to test them was. >> reporter: millions of dollars in grant money from the manhattan authorities, testing evidence across the country, over the course of three years,
5:58 pm
more than 100,000 pieces of evidence have been sent for testing, leading to roughly 1000 risk and hundreds of convictions. the $30 million investment from manhattan's district attorney alone sending 55,000 rape kits across 20 states to be examined. >> 18,000 newly developed dna profiles were extracted from biological evidence, that has yielded 186 new arrests, 54 convictions, including 47 sexual assault convictions. >> reporter: years of the items, the rape kit backlog, have had advocate group seeing it as a sign that sexual assault allegations were not taken seriously. some victims see the new results is a possible sign of change. >> i was in total shock, i had lost all hope and never getting justice, i was overwhelmed with relieved to hear this news
5:59 pm
after 16 years. >> reporter: law enforcement says the buildup is attributed to the cost of the test which can be over $1000, authorities estimate another 155,000 kids are waiting to be tested. in washington, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> no more executions in california, as long as gavin newsom is our governor, signing an executive order giving a reprieve to the inmates on the nation's largest death row. >> is not a question of whether people deserve to die for their heinous acts, the question is do we have the right to kill? >> governor newsom insisting that he has a legal and moral responsibility to stop death row executions. good evening, i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. he says he learned about it
6:00 pm
when a family friend was wrongly convicted 80 years ago, he was emotional at times, describing how his father and grandfather advocated for that innocent man, he signed the order after meeting with victims families saying he has deep sympathy for their pain, but he said that statistics show that 1 in 25 death row inmates is wrongly convicted, and he wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing a innocent person might be put to death. >> there are innocent people on death row, there are guilty people death row. and those people are not going to be let out by this act, they will be held to account. >> this afternoon, governor newsom's office treated these pictures, showing sections of the execution chamber at san quentin being hauled away. california has not executed an inmate since 2006 because of a legal battle over the drugs used for lethal injection. rob roth shows us how today's action has reignited


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