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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> anyone that rides bart know that it is badly needed. >> the transit agency replacing dozens of old escalators. the price tag and the timeline. >> shift in the senate. >> it's a question of the balance of power that's a quarter to our constitution. >> reporter: >> they will reject president trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. >> from ktvu news, this is "the four." >> rejection comes at a price. parents and students here in the bay and nationwide now suing the universities , parents, and coaches caught up in the admission scandal. the damages on the millions of billions of dollars. well, the damage is done but the legal ramifications are just beginning. welcome to "the four." alyana gomez. >> and i'm alex savidge. paul chambers has more on this
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lawsuit and how it is being received there on the stanford campus, paul? >> reporter: alex, there are multiple lawsuits being filed by people here the bay area, including one parent who was suing for 500 billion, that is billion with a b dollars, but we are focusing more on what happened in stanford. we have one student is filing a class action lawsuit against multiple universities. more follow involving stanford university's part of a nationwide scandal. students and parents are suing the university nearly half a dozen more. a lawyer for the plaintiff released the statement. the student who filed the complaint did not receive what they paid for to participate in the application process free of fraud. instead, the students alleged that what they got was a process tainted by bribes and school officials who failed to assure an honest application process. people we talked to said naming this as suit goes too far. >> it seems to me the blame
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does not necessarily reside with the universities. >> i think it's a little bit frivolous because i don't think the university was conflicted. i think there were certain individuals, and i think it is important to look at those individuals and ensure they are taken out of the process. >> reporter: jordan wilkins daughter want to and 10 stanford. they intended to visit the campus. the daughter said she heard about the scandal but still want to attend the university. >> i know people who still want to come here. we study her, we try our best, we look at opportunities. >> i would want for my daughter to attend, but i do also want for that stench of unfairness to definitely be taken off. >> alongside stanford, usc, ucla, and university of san diego, university of texas at austin, wake forest, yale, and georgia are all named in the suit. the plaintiff said they spent money to apply to the schools named in the college scandal, and they would not have known
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that even with the backlash, her name on the diploma still goes a long way. >> it's to imply the use of the degree is to reflect simply the fact that you got in, rather than the education you received at the institution. >> reporter: the attorneys for the plaintiffs, he just wants his clients' money back. we asked stanford for comment. they said the litigation is under review. we told you about the money paid -- filed a $500 billion lawsuit. we reached out to her and her attorney, but we have yet to hear back. alex? >> paul, thank you so much. >> for more on all of these lawsuits being filed and the college admission scam that continues to unfold, we are joined by by our legal analyst michael cardoza. let's start with the news today about a number of students filing these lawsuits against
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the various universities involved in this allegedly library scheme. how likely do you believe these lawsuits are to succeed? >> i love the one where the woman is asking for 500 billion dollars. >> that's a lot of money. >> it's a penny or two. how far do i think they will go? what are the damages? that is going to be the big thing in the case. they say i paid $50-$100 for the admission class to fill out the app. we will give your your $50 or $100 back. what other damages you have? some said well, you diminished my diploma when i go out into the work world. it's not going to be worth as much. >> that is difficult to prove. >> so it's going to be a proof problem. how far do i think most of these cases will go? not very far. but the real truth is these colleges have to be embarrassed
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like crazy, and you see the dean's and other people are saying hey, this is not us. our moral compass does not allow for this. yes, we understand that, but why didn't you check on these things? people are saying you were negligent. you should've watched your coaches, you should've watched the people that administer the tests to be sure that you are getting the best of the best. >> things are going to tighten up from here on out. >> for what, a couple of years, and the it's back to the same. the people who did this, the people who pay, i'm sure it never crossed their minds that they would get caught, and now they are being federally indicted. they are facing federal charges, and think about this. what about them deducting it on their taxes? oh, i get 250, i gave half 1 million, and now i want a deduction, so there is tax fraud. >> these cases, you don't think it stands a chance. how crazy is this going to get, the? if every single student and or parent filed a lawsuit against
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the universities after receiving a rejection letter? this could get out of hand. >> we are looking at a class action certainly if that happens. the court will look at that and say we've got to kind of consolidate all of these, so if you've got 10, 20, 30, the judges will say we are not trying 30, 480 jury trials. if it gets that far, they would try to consolidate them all, or bring it into the class action would some attorneys are trying to do. >> i want to go back to an early point that you made here, and that is the fact with this whole college admissions cheating scam, the whole reason that these parents got caught up by the authorities is because of the donations that were made to this foundation, and they are getting caught up on tax fraud issues, right? essentially. >> well, they were if they -- i'm not sure if they all that, but it would be like al capone. we cannot get him for being a mob guy, but we will get them
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for abating taxes. that will be one of the things. i sit back and sort of giggle. i don't know about you guys, but i certainly did not have this problem when i graduated high school. when i hear my son or daughter had a 4.2 i'm going what is a 4.2? i thought 4.0 was -- i had no problem. >> not anymore. >> and his parents are saying i need them to go to harvard or yale or stanford. >> there's definitely a lot more pressure on kids now. >> oh my lord, we've gone way too far! i mean we have taken what college is about. they've taken the fun out of it, they've taken the education out of it, and now their moral compass is tilted because these kids are going to look at the college and go this is what we are about? no, what are we teaching our kids? it is wrong. >> legal analyst michael cardoza, thanks for coming in. an undocumented immigrant from el salvador was in court in san jose charged with the murder of ,59 bambi. police say condosstop and
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stabbed larson in her home. she was -- he was charged with first-degree murder and two special circumstances that could bring the death penalty. the district attorney's office said that is under consideration despite the moratorium on executions signed by the governor yesterday. >> that is a temporary moratorium by the governor. it had no impact on any of the individual district attorney's offices ' obligations or responsibilities on whether to seek the imposition of the death penalty. it is under consideration. .com the santa clara district attorney's office declined to comment on carranza's immigration standards or policy on immigration authorities. new information on a daily shooting by alameda county sheriff deputies outside a
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thrift store near san leandro. this happened late yesterday, and the man who was killed was a parolee with an extensive criminal history. crime reporter henry lee is joining us live from the sheriff's office and seen san leandro on what happened here. henry? >> reporter: well, he's suspect of of stealing from that the store but he's also a convicted felon with 11 felony convictions. he's also wanted for auto theft, and authorities tell me he's likely to have a return trip to jill. charles ballard is the man shot and killed alameda county sheriff deputies after he tried to run them over outside to thrift store. authorities say he tried to steal from the store but likely had a bigger incentive to get away. >> probably the fact he was on parole and he has an active felony warrant and he's been arrested more than 50 times in alameda county alone and did not want to go back to jill. >> reporter: it all started about 4:40 once the afternoon when a female deputy was called to investigate a theft at the thrift town thrift store at 167
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avenue and east 14th street in the incorporated ashland neighborhood near san leandro. deputies found ballard outsider jeep grand cherokee outside of in our park and sold him she was detaining him. >> he puts the key and ignition and starts the car. >> reporter: the deputy and a motorcycle deputy tried to stop him from leaving. it did not work. >> he puts the car in reverse, he slams the gas down, and will with the car door open, it drags one of the deputies about 30 feet. >> reporter: the truck to deputy and two others opened fire, including a second motorcycle deputy who laid down his bike to rush to help. >> that is why the bike was down. it was not hit. we did not know that yesterday. >> reporter: ballard was pronounced dead. a small dog in the suv was not hurt. investigators say the deli shooting was a reminder of how quickly things can escalate over seemingly routine calls. >> this really starts as a very benign kind of a deal. i mean they are talking, there's really no indication of
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what's going to happen. it just goes south and go south very quickly. >> reporter: and his previous convictions include having drugs and grand theft. live at the sheriff's office in san leandro, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. bart is set to spend $100 million in an effort to replace 41 escalators. when that work will begin and how long it will take next. the investigation continues into the deli ethiopian airliner crash as another nation grounds the troubled aircraft that was involved. we will have the latest in the investigation right after the break. weather, great to hear in the bay area. lots of sunshine, temperatures, it almost seems like 80, but it almost seems like 80, but we've got 60 the some spots,
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today, japan joined dozens of other nations around the world in banning the boeing 737 max 8 from its airspace. the plane has been evolved into deadly crashes including one in ethiopia on sunday that killed 157 people. .mcelhinney reports president trump that he hopes the planes will be flying again soon. >> reporter: the boeing 737 max 8 and 9 grounded in the u.s.
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following the deadly crash at ethiopia. the u.s. and canada were among the last countries to ground the plane. president trump announcing the decision based upon what the faa says is the discovery of new evidence at the crash site and new satellite data that shows extreme up and down pitching of the plane, similar to a crash in indonesia five months ago. the president standing behind boeing, saying the company is working on fixing the problem. >> hopefully they will figure out very quickly. it's a big decision. it's also one of our largest exporters, one of our -- you know, truly one of the great companies in the world. >> reporter: and may not be long before the max eight certified as airworthy again. engineers already working a new cockpit software, new pilot training, new manuals, but on capitol hill some lawmakers say the fix is not enough. they want answers. >> the pilot's reports about the problems in the aircraft are absolutely chilling. boeing about them. so that possibly the airlines in the faa. we need an investigation.
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>> reporter: dozens of planes remain grounded with airline scrabbling to reroute travelers. some folks lying on 737 max planes when the grouting was announced say it should it happen sooner. >> it probably would've been nice when they did it a day or so before i went to the uk. >> reporter: the planes black boxes were thrown to plants flown to france. in washington, doug mcelwee, fox news. bart's board of directors has voted to approve a contract to replace dozens of escalators in downtown san francisco. according to bart, the contract is worth $96.5 million. for more on this project, we are joined naba communications manager with bart, felicia. good of you to come on today. we appreciate it. it sounds like you have a lot of escalators that you are trying to replace mainly in downtown san francisco , so help us understand when the work is going to get started and how long it's going to take to replace these escalators. >> yeah, we are going to replace 41 really old units
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with beautiful, modern units. we are going to start getting them spring of next year, and we will be able to get six done per year, so we think it's going to take about seven years to get all of it done. >> and what is the inconvenience going to be for riders at this work is happening. what do people need to keep in mind? >> we will have to take a unit out of service and block off that area for several months while we work to basically tear out the old units and then put in the fresh technology, those very clean, modern escalators that our bay area has been demanding and has deserved for quite some time. we are thankful we finally have the money to get this work done. >> how old were these escalators that are going to be replaced here? how badly needed were these new escalators? >> welcome anyone that rides bar through downtown san francisco is its badly needed. there is 41 units there, over
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40 years old. there pretty much from the original system. there's a handful of them that were rebuilt 20 years ago, and they've been performing horribly, and that is because that manufacturer went out of business, and that is the reality of our units. they were all built by manufacturers who no longer exist, the parts are not in stock. we to manufacture them. that what the units are always breaking down and why it take so long to rebuild them, and so the significance here is up 41 units will be made by the same manufacturer, and modern technology that is across the board, so it's going to be a lot easier to fix this system now once they break. >> i mean $96 million, that seems like a lot of money to replace 41 escalators. is there a way to do it cheaper? >> so remember, this is not off- the-shelf. it is bart, and every single unit is different, and needs to be custom-built. is also a huge shortage in the
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qualified escalator technicians that the state requires to be used, so when we go out to bid the amount of people who can actually meet our needs to build 41 escalators in under 10 years is actually hard to get, and that it is hard to get enough people that are qualified to do it and who've been certified to do it, and so all that plays a role into how much it costs. >> last thing before let you go, can i ask you one solid question on the power outage that happened this past weekend? it sounds as though there was a network switch that failed. the cause is sort of been pinpointed here. what steps has bart taken to try to prevent this from happening again in the future? >> well, we definitely already replaced that switch obviously, and then previous to what even happened, we've been working to build a remote redundancy system, and so obviously we are going to accelerate those efforts. we are told it should take about a month or two to get
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that system into place. we do already have layers of redundancy, but something is catastrophic, this one switch that basically failed and that it had a cascading effect to other systems, that we need to make sure that if that ever happens again, we can remotely go in and reset it which is what we are building right now, and i am told it should be done in about a month or two. >> we have to leave the conversation there. i appreciate you coming on, aliciatrost with bart. let turn things over to mark tamayo, and mark, i've got to say getting back into town yesterday and seeing the sunshine and 70 degrees, oh my gosh! it's been great. yeah, we've got a look at sky fox here. >> sky fox cruising along, showing us the east bay. and i -- you know, the weather has just been dynamite, mark. only going to get better. >> it'll warm things up just a little bit.
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usually in the summertime it gets too hot, right? so we are in that nice comfort range. welcome back by the way, alyana. nice timing with the forecast. with this warming trend that will continue into your friday and we can, beautiful views you can see with mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds to pay us a visit. now this is interesting. the drought update comes out every thursday, and typically we will show it to you. we will show you a bunch of different colors, and it's been changing over the past few months, just few weeks. the categories here, ranges from abnormally dry to moderate drought, severe drought, extreme drought, only to exceptional drought of course is our big concern a few years ago. look at what has happened today. today's state, just two small areas to our north, to our south considered abnormally dry. out of drought status, so the key headline, california is drought free for the first time since december 2011. that drought status in california lasted for 376 consecutive weeks, so just amazing to hear that recent rainfall really paying off , as
4:22 pm
you can look up to the health and creek the reservoirs, so we are looking pretty good. we need a break in the rainfall. we have that right now. we could be talking about s'more rain next week. a few high clouds offshore, and some of those high clouds will move into the state by this evening and into early tomorrow morning, but we will check in on some current numbers are not be a very mild. look at all the 60s outward san jose, novato 66, santa rosa 67, and san francisco checking in at 61 degrees . another live camera for you looking out above san francisco and still mostly clear skies for your thursday afternoon. the overnight lows have been getting pretty chilly. we are getting some 30s and 40s to start out the day. tomorrow morning for your friday, but tomorrow still mostly sunny, it will be mild to warm. temperatures from the low 60s to upper 60s and in a few neighborhoods inching closer to the 70 degrees mark by about 3:00 or four clock tomorrow afternoon. we will take a closer look at the forecast highs tomorrow,
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and your weekend we are definitely tracking s'more 70s. more of that coming up in a little bit. a bay area woman awarded $29 million after suing johnson & johnson. learn more about the case and reaction from the company next. and ready to rock out tonight on ktvu. it is the i heart radio music awards that get underway at 8:00 tonight. that will be followed by the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news right here on ktvu. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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a superior court jury in oakland has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $29 million to a woman who claimed it's baby powder gave her terminal cancer. the verdict says the jury found that the baby powder was a substantial contributing factor in her illness. johnson & johnson has insisted its health-based products are safe, but has lost a serious of court cases now, and for more we are joined by joseph sally, one of the attorneys for the plaintiff in this case. i want to ask you, joseph, thank you sword joining us today. johnson & johnson saying they will appeal comes of that going to put a lot of things in limbo as for the settlement for ms. leavitt. >> it's really sad that johnson & johnson caused her cancer, and that a jury has found that they are responsible, yet they are dragging it out for years to try to reverse a jury's decision, and the evidence was overwhelming in this case so it's very, very sad they are choosing to appeal what i think is a very straightforward
4:27 pm
verdict when they have in the story. >> you must've been a roller coaster ride for ms. leavitt. is got away even more years for this to come to. >> yes, she's living scan by scan. you got two young daughters. it's a very sad situation with regards to what johnson & johnson did because they've known about the dangers of their product for many, many years. >> you are talking by the evidence in this case, and i wanted to ask you what was the most damaging piece of evidence you think your team presented in this case against johnson & johnson? >> hundreds and hundreds of internal jobs johnson & johnson documents showed that they knew there was asbestos in their talcum powder going back for years before terry leavitt was even born, 1963. there was internal documents showing the knew asbestos within their talcum powder. 1971, they know asbestos was in
4:28 pm
their talcum powder. 1969, they said we should get the law department involved. it was incredible. >> and how did you obtain those documents? >> to discovery, to the legal process of asking for them and court ordering them to be produced, and for a long, long time they were kept secret. they were stamped, protected for many years. fortunately, we got an unprotected. >> i want to read a quote from johnson & johnson because they said obviously it would appeal, citing serious procedural and evidentiary errors, saying that your legal team had failed to show it's baby to powder contained asbestos. why is johnson & johnson making the claim, and why does it continue to say that study showed that talk is safe to use? >> we introduced extensive testing, both testing our own experts and testing from consultants from johnson & johnson back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s the show there was asbestos in the product. the studies they presented were either controlled by johnson & johnson or they improperly excluded women from the study. the epidemiologic studies that they relied upon did not even consider the fact women use
4:29 pm
cosmetic talc and just ignored it, so there studies that they relied on work without merit. their appeal is without merit. they should resolve these cases. i'm starting trial next monday in los angeles for another woman, and these cases, the evidence is very strong. >>, we thank you for your time and coming in here to explain this you know, the case and the details of this case and we wish you the next up best of luck in your next case, and hopefully things turn as the way they should for ms. leavitt. coming up here on four him officers from san jose and san francisco teaming up to get guns out of the hands of criminals and those with severe mental illness. we will get details on this proposal coming up. a vote on capitol hill today to determinate the president's national emergency declaration, along the border, passing in the senate. i'm lauren blanchard in washington with the latest and what could come next.
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. the republican-controlled senate followed the house today voting to block president trump's emergency declaration for more wall funding. there have been 58 national emergencies since the law passed in 1976, but as lauren blanchard reports, many lawmakers the president's move is unconstitutional. >> reporter: a bills tracking down president trump emergency declaration along the border passing in the senate as a dozen republican supported terminating the declaration. >> the yeas are 59, the nays are 41. >> reporter: the president
4:33 pm
trying to rally republicans to oppose the measure, even tweeting that support for the resolution was support for open borders democrats. after the vote, tweeting just veto! >> i will do a veto. >> reporter: a number of republicans had expressed concern with the declaration not because they did not agree with the need for more wall, but because they disagreed with using executive action to get it. >> it's a question about the balance of power that is core to our constitution. this is not about the president. it is a sincere conflict of the conscience for a lot of people as it once to separate powers. >> reporter: chuck schumer applauding republicans who buffeted their own party with their vote. >> republicans out of courage, out of principle, and maybe out of exasperation are beginning to constrain the president when he goes too far. >> reporter: even so, allies of the white house think the vote was just to spite the
4:34 pm
president. >> they say they do want to have the present have a win. americans need to have a wind. >> reporter: the president is expected to use his first veto, a two thirds vote of congress would be needed to override the president. house speaker nancy pelosi has not committed to holding a veto override vote just yet. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. former texas congressman beto o'rourke made it official today, becoming the latest democrat to announce he's running for president. after months of speculation, o'rourke midianites and with his wife by his side and a video released earlier this morning. >> this is going to be a positive campaign that seeks to bring out the very best from every single one of us that seeks to unite a very divided country. >> reporter: >> after the nfl, o'rourke kicked off his campaign with his first ever trip to iowa, where he held a meet and greet
4:35 pm
at a coffeehouse. or rock o'rourke gained national attention during the midterm elections last one is grassroots senate campaign in texas nearly upset incumbent republican senator, ted cruz. the 46 your has joined an already crowded field with 15 democrats throwing their hats in the ring. the list includes, here is, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kristen gillibrand, and cory booker. police officers from san jose and san francisco are launching a new effort to try to prevent criminals and the severely mentally ill from possessing guns. this morning, officials called for more funding to help remove weapons from the more than 23,000 people throughout california who should not have those guns. for more on this issue, we are joined now by paul kelly who the president of the san jose police officers association peter paul, appreciate you coming on to talk about this very important issue. essentially, you are asking the local jurisdictions set aside money to help take guns away
4:36 pm
from people who should not have them here in california, so how much money are you asking for your, and how do you want it to be spent? >> well, we don't exactly know what that amount is going to be, but we can tell you this, that when you have over 22,000 people that need to be contacted and actually do not have or possess the guns and are not supposed to, you are going to need every agency, city, and county to start chipping away and work together to the state of california in order to get these guns out of these people's hands that are on this armed and prohibited system list. very important. >> armed and prohibited, and so there are more than 23,000 people, again as we said, that have been identified as prohibited possessors here in the state of california. how many law enforcement agents do we have right now going after these folks trying to confiscate their weapons? >> at this point from the attorney general's office, my understanding is they have 50, so it's easy to do the math.
4:37 pm
they are not going to be able to do it by themselves. so we are urging everybody to have the attorney general's office , xavier becerra, and join together, reach out to our cities, reach out to our counties, and work with the attorney general's office to keep the community safe and make sure there is no violence. >> and i imagine that the process of trying to confiscate these weapons, it can't be an easy one. i'm doubting these folks are just heading over there guns. >> that's exactly right. i mean there's precautions that need to be taken, and obviously that would be done, but the more law-enforcement involved, the better in this instance. >> so, have you gotten -- i mean i note this proposal hutcheson put out there in the public sphere, but what kind of response you expecting to get
4:38 pm
from some of these local cities and counties across california? >> that's a great question. i think we've been getting a great response so far, and i know that we talked to people within our city here in san jose, and they are supportive. i'm talking to my chief, and he's very supportive. i've heard that in same jurisdictions altar california, so i think it's going to be a positive thing for everybody, and all the communities that we serve. >> talk about how important it is for the safety of police officers like yourself, as well as the public to try to take these guns away from people who legally are not supposed to be having them. >> well, it's semi-simple. the more guns that are out on the street, the more that are in the hands of the people who can create violence, that is what is going to happen, and so on a level for officers' safety, on the level for the communities, that is -- it is simple. the more we get off the street, the better the chance of bringing down violence. >> we have to leave the conversation there. certainly an important one.
4:39 pm
that is paul kelly, president of the police officers association. we are getting an update on repairs at the salesforce transit center where officials say they hope to complete work by june. the trans bay board of directors met this morning and they went over lessons learned from phase 1 of the project. crews have been repairing and reinforcing steel beams at first and fremont street and san francisco ever since cracks were discovered back in september. officials say they have to wait for an independent review panel to complete its investigation before announcing an official reopening day. >> i would like to think the public for their patience as we undergo the necessary steps to reopen the facility. we are eager to welcome the area back to this critical transportation hub and neighborhood asset, and i am encouraged by the progress we are making. >> workers have been welding and preparing the area which will be shipped to the site. engineers have been doing tests office to analyze the strength
4:40 pm
of the concrete for the bolton cables. officials say no other issues were found after a building wide review. store get coming up here, the boss of new york's gambino crime family shot and killed outside of his home. details on the grisly mob hit coming up after the break. and and weather, the bay area lots of sunshine for today. the warming trend will continue. coming up, the warmest day of the week, and a few spots i could be approaching the mid- 70s. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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police in new york are releasing new details in the shooting death of a man known as the mob off of the notorious gambino crime family. 50 30 francisco was gunned down last night in front of his home in a quiet staten island neighborhood. police say the gunman may have staged a crash to lure him outside. >> we know that there was a vehicle accident in front of the residence, we believe that the victim's car was struck, and that is cause of investigation as we move forward. >> police say they don't know if the victim and shooter knew each other. the two gunmen started shooting after the two began talking. he tried to crawl under his suv to hide. the gunman set up in a pickup truck. in recent court filing, prosecutors referred to him as the underboss of the mafia the gambino family. jussie smollett was in
4:44 pm
court today where he entered a plea to felony charges stemming from allegations that he orchestrated his own hate crime. the defense maintains the actor is innocent, calling the charges against him overkill. >> reporter: surrounded by his entourage of siblings and supporters and embattled actor jussie smollett heads to court, entering a plea of not guilty on all 16 charges of disorderly conduct. his attorney spoke on hit the half, telling the judge smollett denies all claims he lied to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. the 36-year-old star of "empire" is accused of hiring two friends to help them stage the assault in chicago and late january. prosecutors say he was unhappy with his salary on the fox tv show and wanted to drum up publicity to help his career. instead, he's been cut from this season's final few episodes and faces 16 felony charges. each of them carries a possible
4:45 pm
three-year prison sentence. smollett a palazzo pants team charged called the charges overkill, and his lawyer said they want cameras rolling in the courtroom because there are so many falsehoods put out there. >> there's been a lot of misinformation in the case that has been presented as facts and evidence against mr. smollett, which is demonstrably false. we welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and media can see the actual evidence. >> reporter: the judge told smollett he should be in court for every hearing. he also granted the actor's request to meet with lawyers in new york and california. however, he must give the court at least two days notice. the next hearing is scheduled for april 17. "empire"'s executive producer says allegations against smollett are disturbing, but they say he's like family and they are going to trust the legal system. fox news. we are finally getting some pleasant sunny weather here in the bay area, but millions of people living in more than two dozen states are still dealing
4:46 pm
with this, a powerful winter storm, the path of the storm is hitting a wide region of the country too. colorado, tennessee, causing pleasant and widespread wadding. >> trees were blown all over the highway, so we had to bring in extra officers and chainsaws, and we cut our way to a lot of people who were stranded. >> whiteout conditions forced the closure of the runway at denver's airport for only the fourth time in history. the strong storm is accepted to batter this region for at least one more day. well, safe to say it is much different. i almost feel bad putting the shot of. >> i know. >> with what they are dealing with back east. gorgeous shot from downtown san francisco, across where the east bay of bainbridge right there in the foreground. >> it is cold back east. i can tell you firsthand. >> you came back from there.
4:47 pm
it must be nice to be back here. >> it is, it is! >> really deserved this weather pattern. we needed it with all the storms we been dealing with over the past few weeks. we are in the clear. that tree branch in the right portion of your screen living a little bit to reflect a little bit of wind speed. hears that system as you can see on the satellite radio. that circulation scooting around the east. there it is on the national perspective. as we come out to the west, and had the dry weather's dredge. last rainfall was march 10, and it looks like it could be a dry tent stretch reaching nine days. model suggested we could see some rain on tuesday, but we can tell you for sure it will be a dry weekend and definitely a warmer weekend. temperatures trending a. santa rosa 74 on sunday, san francisco might as well be 70. concord 74 and san jose 73 degrees . here is our satellite, and just a few high
4:48 pm
clouds offshore. clouds will come on board later tonight, later this evening, and early tomorrow morning. clouds right now approaching what around cape mendocino and point arena, but we still have most a clear skies and rain preconditions. current numbers out there showing you some 60s comes a pretty mild for santa rosa, san francisco 60, and san jose 65 degrees. here's a live camera looking out above san francisco, so still in the clear, and it's just kind of a perfect temperature range . it is nice and warm but not too hot outside. start at the day tomorrow morning. friday morning, 7:00, mostly clear skies, 48, and sunny and warm by lunchtime. 66 degrees, and by 3:00 they will bring the temperatures down just slightly by midafternoon. i'm starting at and the cool side. definitely want to bundle up tomorrow morning, but a nice recovery into the afternoon hours of forecast high-speed a most areas will fall within this range, 62 to all the way to 70 degrees, so mostly sunny for your friday. you see this frontal an offshore . all the energy
4:49 pm
remains offshore , so just tracking these clouds in the short term for this evening, and it will be a warmer weekend at this high really try to set up camp just offshore. it will strengthen comes of the storm track goes up to the north, and temperatures will be warming up this weekend into monday. on to date this ridge begins to break down, and we could be talking a rain chances, said the rainfall season, we have a nice break right now, but it's not over just yet. it will likely continue into the latter half of this month and also into april. here's the forecast model for tomorrow. we are enjoying sunshine for your friday. saturday maybe a few clouds approaching saturday afternoon 4:00, then on sunday another day of sunshine. temperatures will continue to warm up for the second half of the weekend. temperatures for tomorrow, look at this. we have sprinkled if you 70s on the map for santa rosa, out toward napa, san rafael 67. a few more neighborhoods coming up are you. look at the 70s, los gatos, morgan hill, gilroy. looks wonderful for your friday
4:50 pm
forecast. into the weekend, not too much change. maybe a few extra clouds. yeah, it was nice to type in the 70s and that five-day forecast. that chance of a shower could actually be making its way to the area by tuesday and into wednesday, so you can see what is headed our way long-range, so make the most of every hour you can. alleys this weekend, it will be great. julius here now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5, and julie, an important safety tool out of service. emergency funds on college campuses not working. tonight at 5, 2 investigates found them covered in cardboard nearly 10 years after falling into disrepair. taking steps to protect resources. >> a chemical is there to showcase safety measures a racetrack is now putting into place when tragedy strikes. this after more than 20 horses had died there just since december. a legendary horse trainer explains what could be happening . we are working on these
4:51 pm
doors and more at the top of the hour at 5:00. next year on oprah the four, "student set to make their voices heard. because they are taking up after the break.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
a former homeless woman in utah who has turned her life around is now helping others who are still living on the streets. she's the founder of a group called the shelter project. she's recruited dozens of young
4:54 pm
volunteers to help make waterproof insulated best to help homeless people say one. spencer says he will never forget the misery of having no place to live. >> i was a mess and a meth addict for quite a while. it's like it sucks the life out of you, just being in the cold, and everything felt hopeless. >> spencer says these bests can be folded up into pillows. her goal is to have her team of volunteers make hundred of this is not by fall. many adults are you about the true impact of global warming. they're about to get schooled by students. a whole lot of them were coming from all corners of the earth. fox meteorologist rick has more on tomorrow's big event and the young woman who inspired it all. >> reporter: the grown-ups, consider yourself warned. your about to get schooled by the kids. friday, march 15 just might be
4:55 pm
one for the record books. bread students more than 100 countries plan to skip school stand up for planet earth. just like they have been all across europe. >> but we are fighting for our huger. we are fighting for everyone's future. >> she is from sweeting and started all of this. at the lone protester at the parliament in stockholm, a year later, she draws crowds like this. >> i'm striking because we have done our homework and they have not. >> reporter: and has inspired students all across the u.s. she had a call to action, and we answered that by going to strike and then united nations. >> reporter: she will be a one of the protest expected coast to coast. she says she's part of a more engaged generation unafraid to call out the adults. >> and i hope that some even do think we are just children. i hope you can because they are just going to feel in spite of
4:56 pm
they say anything against us. >> it's a tough job, but somebody has got to do it. >> we kids should not have to do this. i wish that the adults would take their responsibility and do this themselves, but since no one is doing anything, we have to. >> reporter: in new york, fox news. >> according to lawmakers and norway, greta is a nominee for the global peace prize. if she wins, she would be the youngest recipient ever. >> that would be quite the achievement for her. that is it for us. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 begins right after the break. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
4:57 pm
to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs,
4:58 pm
all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
4:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 5 starts now. we are learning new information tonight about a deadly shooting by alameda county sheriff's deputies, including the moments that led up to the deputies opening fire. i'm julie haener. >> ni frank somerville. the man was up early with an extensive criminal history. he was shot and killed outside of at the store outside of san leandro. henry lee is outside of the chef department on more what happened. henry? >> frank, the man was suspected of stealing from the thrift store, but he's also wanted valid. he probably did not want to return trip to jail. 41-year-old charles ballard is the man shot and killed by
5:00 pm
alameda county sheriff's deputies after he tried to run them over outside at the store. authorities say he apparently stole from the store, but likely had a bigger incentive to get away. >> probably the fact he was on parole and had an active felony warrant and had been arrested more than 50 times in alameda county alone and did not want to go back to jail. >> reporter: it all started about 4:40 wednesday afternoon when a female deputy was called to investigate in a theft at the thrift town thrift store at 162nd avenue and he incorporated as a neighborhood near san leandro. the deputy found ballard outside a jeep grand cherokee in the parking lot and told them she was detaining him. >> and he goes and gets this car and hits the key in the k mission, and starts the car. >> reporter: the deputy and a motorcycle deputy tried to stop him from leaving. it did not work. >> he puts the car in reverse, slammed the gas down, and with the car door open it drags one of the deputies about 30 feet. >> reporter: the trapped deputy and two others opened fire, including a second motorcycle deputy


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