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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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com we begin with breaking news a mass shooting in new zeeland, a man went to 2 months:00s and opened fire -- mosques. it went on six minutes or more. >> there's no official death
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toll but reports indicate a number are dead. dozens wounded. four people are in custody, the gunman left behind a manifesto that identified with white nationalist. he wore a camera and televised the massacre. the two shootings happened at mosques three blocks apart. we get the breaking news. >> police in new zeeland said the four suspects are three men and one woman. parts of the city of christchurch is on lockdown. it's 6:00 p.m.
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in new entree land. officials zeeland. there's multiple fatalities images show weapons in a vehicle. a shooting person by person. there are reports that a gunman posted a and man fasto. one witness was in the mosque he said the silence was interrupted by gunfire. >> then suddenly the shooting started. it started in the main room because the shooter must have come through the hallway.
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i was in the side room. i did not see who was shooting i saw people were running out through my room where i was in and i saw people had blood on their body and some people were limping at that moment i realized it was serious. >> it is clear this is one of new zealand's dark days. what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> the police disarmed more than one explosive device on vehicles. the situation is still active and unfolding. mosques across new zoo land, zealand have been told to close
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their doors. >> how rare are mass shootings in new zealand. >> the last was in 1990. stay with ktv/for continuing coverage of the breaking news. firefighters in the east bay are on the scene of a huge fire. it was reported before 6:00 on taylor road. bethel island is east of antioch. firefighters say several propane tanks exploded which fueled the flames. crews with the east contra costa fire department brought in a fire boat. fighting a fire on bethel
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island is not easy. >> there's many problems. there's no hydrants. setting up a water supply is difficult. >> there's no reports of injuries but the homes that burned are a total loss, it's not clear how the fire started. new details about the arrest of a 19-year-old accused of rape. the attack happened in the library on the school's campus. brandon cortez pushed the victim into a bathroom. cortez was taken into custody today and booked into jail. >> the suspect is in custody, there's no other threats. it an ongoing investigation, we're putting out the information about the suspect in case there's other victims. >> court records show he has no
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prior criminal history. his court appearance is set for monday afternoon. 12 republicans broke ranches with president trump and voted against his emergency. the clash between congress and the white house. >> the 12 g.o.p senators who opposed the president's action came from states across the nation. >> i'll do a veto. >> president trump said he will proceed to ty vert money to bill his wall. even though members of his party joined to pass a resolution. the joint resolution has passed. >> president trump declared the
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national emergency after congress passed a security pill with giving $1.6 billion far less than that the request. >> this is the first time the president has sought support, lost and then declared it's a national emergency. >> with democrats in control of the house this resolution signals a new era for the white house and the g.o.p. >> mitch mcconnell would prefer no vote. once it passed the house the senate had to vote on it. >> the 12 senators came from a range of state. >> some people you expect like susan colins, but roy blunt, one of the top party leaders. >> those who opposed him said
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it was limits executive power and not about the wall. >> it the balance of power that's core to our constitution. this is not about the president or border security. >> democrats applauded the republicans. >> i think they were very courageous they stood up in defense of the constitution. congress holds the power of the purse strings. >> president trump is expected to veto the resolution tomorrow. there will be delays, there are legal challenges that will work their way through the courts. former texas congressman beto o'rouke has launched his campaign for president. he kicked off his campaign in
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iowa. >> i'm running to serve you as president of the united states of america. >> he gained attention when he challenged ted cruz. he lost by 2 1/2 percentage points in the republican state. he described climate change as a crisis. >> this is our final chance, the scientists are unanimous, we have no more than 12 years to take bold action on this cites. >> he joins a crowded field with 13 democrats. former vice president joe biden is undeclared. two lawsuits over the
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college admission scandal. stanford is one. >> a federal class-action lawsuit the aftermath of the largest college scam. more than a half dozen elite universities. the plaintiffs argue that qualified college hopefuls paid admission fees when unqualified were slipping in by committing fraud, bribery, cheating and other things. >> the suit argues the university was neglect. >> prosecutors are not charging the students involved one is getting hit in the pocket book.
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the daughter of lore other lori loughlin. sephora announced the end of partnership. prosecutors announced the charges enjoying spring break. her comments are under fresh scrutiny. >> it's like the coolest thing i'm applying to college. what do you do, it's fun. >> now the parent company of hallmark announced we're no longer working with lori loughlin. joe montana responded that he and other sport stars were clients of singer.
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. coming up, tesla takes the laps of their newest car, the model y. it's a warm one, it's going to warm up more toward the weekend. . two gray whales found dead in the bay. hear why experts are concerned. (music throughout)
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. tesla unvail its latest car tonight, in southern california. the model y is a mid-sized so suv. they are hoping to grab new customers. it is expected to be the safest on the market. >> in terms of range.
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expect to have range of true usable range of 300 miles. >> pricing will start at $39,000 for a base model. and go up to $60,000 for the performance model. he expects the first deliveries by fall of 2020. two gray whales found in the bay. amber lee spoke to be a expert. >> experts tell me one dead whale was near the bay bridge. knowing the cause of death may answer many questions. supports with the marine mammal this say there's a unusually high number of gray wales. there were five sightings two
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found dead this week. on sunday was in racoon strait. on monday another by the bay bridge. >> we're concerned this could mean something broader. >> dr. field say that grey whales are a success story. the population has grown. both whales were towed to an island. >> very little blubber. >> she and other experts could not complete the necropsy on the second whale. both female. 23-foot and only a-year-old. learning the cause of death is important it may be an indication of ocean health and if there's a shortage of food.
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>> we're trying to understand what climate change and what food change. >> supports say this time of the year grey whales migrate to alaska. this year they are lingering for 2 to 3 weeks and they don't know why. she plans to return to angle island to complete the necropsy to figure out what happened. bart announced plans to repair and replace escalators. the project is focused on four of the busiest stations. it will replace 41 escalators. the project comes with a 95 million price tag and seven year timeline. the first will be installed in spring of next year.
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then will install half a dozen each year. crews discovered cracks in two steel beams forcing officials to close the new transit complex, now tests are complete on the concrete, bolts and cables and no additional issues have been found. they hope to have the work done by june. a nice dry stretch. the rain has ended. things are draining off. we're looking at nine days of no rain. nine day stretch will stick with us through march enjoy the weather. temperatures today in the 60s and low 70s.
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tomorrow more low 70s. it will tweak up a degree or two as we go through the days. the radar spins and shows nothing. there's no rain. overnight lows in the mid-30's in the cold spots. probably no frost. chilly, mid-30's, upper 30s in napa valley. temperatures in the low 50s. a day tomorrow that will be warmer than today. no coastal fog. you're going to have less wind. with less wind the temperatures will warm up. tomorrow morning and greens are upper 60s, the yellows are low 70s. we have rain coming down the road in the five day and temperature will lock into a springtime mode. california is drought free for the first time since 2011.
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the latest map shows 93% of california no longer faces a severe water shortage. there's only tiny areas along oregon state line and parts of four southern california counties. everyone needs to conserve. college campus emergency call boxes that don't work. why to fix is taking years. a spectacular return from injury for the nation's top college basketball player. authorities hope a new sketch will help them identify john doe.
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. authorities have released a sketch in hopes of identifying a body. the man's body was found near crest haven street and speed piedmont road. >> more questions than answers. neighbors say the body was find amidst the palm trees. authorities don't suspect foul play but who he is a mystery.
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>> on an abandoned road among the grassy field and palm trees you will find an old blanket, this is where john doe was found. police don't suspect foul play but they don't know who he is. >> there's a lot of traffic. >> we were shocked because it was close to our house. people don't hang out over there. >> why was he here. what did he die of. when he and his wife spotted the body and saw the police investigation. >> it was obvious someone about died. we never heard or saw anything in the news. >> the medical examiner released this sketch of the man
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described to be his papin hispanic or middle eastern descent. they've squatted caughted all ways to identify him. >> this is another tragic episode of some expiring with no one caring. >> he says the man in the sketch looks famine he's reaching -- familiar and he's reaching out to the homeless. authorities hope that will be the same in this case. >> these are people and they have families and a life and we need to honor them. >> authorities aren't saying how he died other than from
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natural causes. they are hoping the sketch will jog a memory so they can give him a proper burial. coming up here the search for clues in the crash of the boeing, why getting information from the plane's black boxes may be more difficult than uche. prosecutors document the case of a person charged with killing a mother. >> our office will hold him accountable.
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. mess in new zealand are reporting multiple fatalities after shootings. four suspects are in custody but others could be involved. mosques are told to keep their doors closed. a suspect live streamed the rampage on social media and expressed white national anti- islamic views. a fire destroyed three homes on bethel island. several propane tanks exploded.
10:30 pm
there's no reports of injuries, crews had to call in boats. >> stanford is one of eight colleges being sued. they are seeking to certify the law suite as a class-action on behalf of thoughs who were turned down. a shooting happened yesterday outside a thrift store. three deputies opened fire on charles ballard after he tried to run them over. he had just stolen something from the store and tried to run over the deputies and race away from the scene. >> he was on parole and he's been arrested more than 50
10:31 pm
times and and the want to go back to jail. >> a female passenger in the suspect's car was wounded but is expected to survivor. a man accused of stabbing a woman to death appeared in court today for the first time. prosecutors may seek the death penalty despite the moratorium. >> carlos appeared in courtroom charged with first-degree murder and two special circumstances of burglary and mayhem in the stabbing death of bambi larson. >> we're here to express our condolences to the larson family. the office is working to make sure he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> our office will hold him
10:32 pm
fully accountable so he can die in prison. >> san jose police investigators looked through hours of foot hang. the crime lab determined larson's dna was on a shirt. he was in possession of larson's cell phone and tablet. he's undocumented from el salvador. i.c.e. had lodged multiple detainers but without a warrant local law enforcement don't honor requests. >> we're talking about this monster of a man who brutally killed this woman 45 days after an i.c.e. retainer was ignored. >> the charges make him
10:33 pm
eligible for life without parole or death penalty. >> lar on's family thank the community for their support. some was a beautiful, smart, loving human being, her family misses her and we grieve, the whole community griers with the larson family. >> he will appear in court again in may. san jose's mayor believes police should not engage in law enforcement. >> the county should be communicating with federal authorities when a violent
10:34 pm
felon will be rehad leased. that's common sense. it's why i belive the police department should not and involved in federal enforcement. we want the individuals to feel comfortable calling 911. >> the mayor believes no one in the community wants to see people released who could pose serious harm. a supreme court wants johnson & johnson to pay a woman who got cancer from baby powder. johnson & johnson insisted the products are safe but has lost
10:35 pm
a series of court cases. >> butter ball is recalling ground turkey. it was produced last july. it was sold under the butter ball brand. if you think you have the packages of frozen turkey throw it out or return the turkey to the store where you bought it. big changes may be coming to south lake tahoe. the proposal to reroute state 50. temperatures in the 70s today. mid-70s in the next few days. another horse is euthanized. it's the 22nd death there since christmas.
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. the latest on to crash of the egyptian airliner the black boxes were flown the france to be examined. the black boxes have not been looked at due to the damage. the faa says new satellite data shows extreme up and down
10:39 pm
pitching of the plane which is similar to another plane five months ago. >> bea which is the french investigate i've. we have black boxes if what people suggest it did. >> engineers are working on new cockpit software, and new pilot training but depending on what the investigation uncovers the planes could be grounded for weeks. santa anita park is taking precautions after the 22nd horse has been euthanized. the track is limiting the use of whips. it's not clear what's causing. >> the rider said the philly
10:40 pm
--phily felt fine. >> 19 of the 22 that died were given lasik just before their death. your drive to south lake tahoe could change. city planners to hear from the public about rerouting state 50. the idea is to create a main street more friendly to pedestrians, bikes and scooters, a more attractive main street could increase revenue. facebook is blaming a server for an outage. it began yesterday and stretched into this morning. facebook says the outage is
10:41 pm
tied to a change it made in the global computer system and denies it is the result of a hack. the dow jones edged up seven. nasdaq fell 12 and the s&p slipped two points. the sharks winning streak on the line tonight. that makes me feel unsafe. >> why fixes to emergency phones on college campuses have taken years to fix. bill martin will show us how long the clear skies will stick around.
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that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. . if we don't have what we need in an emergency, what are we to do. >> students in need of help. many of the blue emergency phones are damaged or out of service. the administrators have known that the emergency phone systems are broken for a decade. after years of planning some phones are functioning but many are not. >> as the sun sets over the bay classes are coming to a close.
10:45 pm
darkness blankets the campus. covered in cardboard x marks the spot. >> it would be easy to be especially being a woman to be taken advantage of in this lot. >> margie bailey knows here in the hills calling on a phone could be out of the question. >> i would be screaming. >> what hasn't happened in years is a fix for the phones, peralta community college district said three of the nine phones are back in service. far from the buildings in the backpackerring lot. >> you wouldn't know it was there. >> finding the poles is a task. >> it's dark over here. these students haven't seen the
10:46 pm
phones working in the two years they have come for classes. >> that makes me feel unsafe. >> the district said safety has been on the agenda. >> the phone started breaking a decade ago. she's editor of the campus newspaper and covered the busted phones. they started planning to make repairs in 2015. >> i have no doubt there's plenty of members of the district that have good intentions. intentions don't get the job done. that was disappointing. >> several poles are standing covered in graffiti and out of order. just this week peralta claimed all 14 phones are working.
10:47 pm
many of the blue emergency phones are functional there's other safety issues and facility problems. this elevator that's out of order and students say it's been that way for months. >> we found several cases on campus of missing fire extinquishers. repair delays had to do with money and staffing changes, debates over where the phone should be located. >> there should have been foresight when it comes to maintenance. >> the phones have only been used a handful of times. statistics show thefts, burglars have happened . >> all the phones at the merrick college campus will be working by the end of april and
10:48 pm
the district is pushing a smart phone app where you can contact police immediately on campus in case of an emergency. >> if you have a tip, call (510)874-0222 or e-mail ktvu investigates. spring just around the corner. it feels like it after a wet winter. rainfall accumulations over 120%. a winter of a 1/2 of snowfall. it's a lot. it great. we're in a pattern now that
10:49 pm
won't deliver anything. temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s and highs in the mid- 60's, low 70s. these are the current temperatures. they will get cooler. santa rosa another 10 degrees. it will be chilly and it will warm up a hot. you may want to think that one through. you can see we have san jose lit up. night after night we've shown you rain on the radar, if it wasn't raining it was rain coming, now we have a spring pattern with overnight lows that look like this. daytime highs in the mid-60's. it's just a fair weather direction.
10:50 pm
sunny and warm in san francisco. mid-60's at lunchtime. mostly sunny as we go through the day and the high pressure mows into position and stays put. the rest of the country are getting wet, snow, wind and tornado. we're getting this. here's friday morning, friday afternoon, here's saturday morning, here's saturday afternoon. a few clouds try to come through, here's sunday morning and sunday afternoon. forecast high tomorrow, you got 'em. the 5-day forecast you will like because it spring. we've not had that much dry weather this year. the next chance will be tuesday. common coming up the police have made several
10:51 pm
arrests at the shooting in two months:00s in new zealand. the sharks were looking for their 7th win.
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. mark is here with sports. the sharks are going to be in the playoffs. the panthers harder than they thought. they won 6 in a row, they are facing a team that won't make the playoffs but have scored 16 goals in 3 games. they gave the sharks all they wanted and the concern of the young fan portends what is to come. carlson will whack away from a knee. 1-0. we pick it up later it's 1- 1. a beautiful pass cross ice. lebank, his 13th of the year. sharks take a 2-1 lead. panthers on a powerplay. michael let loose with a blast.
10:55 pm
sharks lead calgary in the west by a point. they made a haul in the free agent market. they would like to think so. the 49ers happy to show off the new wears from the free-for- all. on difference, alexander and john lynch says he plays like he has his hair on fire. d ford one of the biggest edge rushers. 49er's biggest problem taking the ball away from the opposition. they had the lowest statistics for the entire nfl. >> john lynch was asked if these guys could help. >> these are the type of
10:56 pm
players we believe can reverse that trend. he's also around the ball. there's so many things to like. d has a knack forgetting the ball out. he force fumbles, that can help the team and get that virus going we're taking away the ball on a regular basis. here's a low risk high reward move. jason versuset -- veeret. he missed all of last year. if they manage to keep him healthy it could be a pick up and signed jordan matthews. as far as the raiders go, you can see this coming after they loaded up on a couple wide
10:57 pm
receivers. that spells the end for jordy nelson. he played a year with the raiders. no room for him. golf, one of the most familiar courses on the pga tour. people refer to it as the fifth major on the tour. beautiful weather for them. par-5 number 11, harris english. that will play. nicely. double eagle. he shot a 2-under 70 just like tiger woods at 13 with a birdie putt. he had five birdies on the front nine. one on the back nine. 7-under par will find you on
10:58 pm
top of the leaderboard. that's keegan bradley and tommy fleet wood with a long putt. he's seven-under par. when i say the a's are headed on a road trip. to the other side of the road. rickey henderson will make this trip. they will open their season. next wednesday against the mariners in japan. >> it's a trip i've been wanting to take outside of baseball. now that we're going and i don't have to pay for a plane flight. i'll do it this way. looking forward to the culture and the food. >> time to check this out. big sky women's basketball in the semifinals. what a way to win a game.
10:59 pm
you need to check this out. check this out. . >> eastern washington was down one with 4.6 seconds left. watch the freshman. i would say that's using your head, but i don't think so. she's a winner. that's zion williamson back and looking healthy. he hit 13 of 13 shots. what's a high percentage shot. had 14 rebounds to lead duke to victory. you're looking at the number 1 draft choice in the nba. he just has to stay healthy. time for more news. >> coming up next. >> some people had blood on their body and some people were
11:00 pm
limping. at that moment i realized it was serious. >> a witness described a massacre at two mosques in new zealand. hello. the gunman live streamed the massacre on social media. showing people huddled on the ground. >> the shootings happened in christchurch the south island's largest city. the two mosques are 3 miles apart. monty fran sis here with the story. >> the four


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