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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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limping. at that moment i realized it was serious. described a massacre at two mosques in new zealand. hello. the gunman live streamed the massacre on social media. showing people huddled on the ground. >> the shootings happened in christchurchisland's largest city. the two mosques are 3 miles apart. monty fran sis here with the story. >> the four suspects include three men and a woman.
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police are not ruling out others could be involved. parts of chias church remain on -- christchurch are on lockdown. police have not confirmed the number of people that are killed. there's multiple fatalities. scenes of horror, dead bodies inside the mosque. media are reporting a suspect live dreamed the rampage. still footage shows a cache of weapons in a vehicle. there are reports that e gunman posted a man test fest manifesto that has: >> i could hear screaming and
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crying, i saw people drop dead. and some people were running away. >> we have four people in custody, we are not aware of other people but we cannot assume there's not others at large. >> police disarmed more than one explosive device attacked to vehicles. there could be more involved. the san francisco police tweeted sfpd: . earlier tonight speaking to minister called it's a dark day. you can for st dev follow us on facebook and
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twitter. a battle in washington, d.c., after the senate voted against the president's emergency declaration. he will now veto this. >> president trump knew he would have to veto the resolution, what's surprising is how many republican senators opposed his declaration. 12 g.o.p senators voted with democrats. >> i'll do a veto. >> president trump said he will precede to divert the money to build has southern border wall. members of his party joined democrats to pass a resolution opposing the declaration. the 12 senators
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range of states. >> president trump declared the national emergency after congress passed a homeland security bill that gave only $1.6 billion far less than the request. >> this is the first time where a president has gone to congress, sought support for something, lost and declared it's a national emergency. >> with democrats in control of the house this resolution signals a new era for the white house and g.o.p. >> mitch mcconnell would prefer no vote, under the national emergencies act once it passed thhad to vote. >> the republicans who opposed him salimiting ll. >> it's the balance of power that's core to is nothe
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president. >> congressional democrats applauded the 12 republicans. >> i think they were very courageous they stood up in defense of the constitution. congress holds the power of the purse strings. >> president trump is expected to veto the resolution and the senate is eight votes short of overriding the veto. there will likely and delays to construction as legal challenges go through the court. another side that all media county urban shield training program may be coming to an tha money voted to shift 5 million away from alameda county. this follows a vote to make
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sweeping changes. urban shield was created to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and other disasters, critics say it's leading to the militarization of law enforcement. stanford is one of eight college being sued. students say the alleged bribery and fraud cheated them out of a fare process. one hopeful said the scandal has not deterred her dream. >> i know a few who want to come here. we study hard. we try our best and look at opportunities. >> i want for that stench of unfairness to be taken off the top. >> stanford believes the lawsuit is without merit.stds b
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the integrity of the entrance process. lori loughlin's daughters have withdrawn. they will not return because they are afraid of being bullied. sephora is ending the relationofthe daughters and tress may will no longer use her. loughlin is facing professional problems. hallmark has cut ties with her. the hallmark has stopped development of all shows montan acknowledged he was a client of the consultant at the center of the scandal
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. usc is now banning applicants affiliated with sicker who's pleaded guilty to setting up the scheme. >> tonight investigators in the east bay are trying to determine the cause of a huge fire that destroyed three homes on bethel island. crews with the east contra costa fire department say several propane tanks exploded fueling the flames. crews brought in a fire boat to battle the flames since there's few hydrants on the island. authorities are asking for help in identifying a body that was in hills
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above millipedeis. >> authorities don't suspect foul play, but there's a lot of questions. the man's body was found among the palm trees. why was he here and who is he. >> on this abandoned road among the grassy field and palm trees there's an old blanket, hank archive and a tent. this is where john doe was found. police don't suspect foul play but they don't know who he is. >> there's a lot of traffic. >> we were shocked because it was so close to our house. hang out over there. >> what did he die had. questions people have been asking for half a year.
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when he and tarp. >> it was obvious someone had died. we never heard or saw anything in the news. >> the medical examiner released this forensic sketch. between the ages of 55 and 70 with medium aren't gray hair. the coroner's office turns to the public for help when they have exhausted all ways to identify him. he's a known transient in the i someone expiring with no one >> scott works with the homeless population in san jose. he said the man looks famine he's reaching out to the homeless in the south bay.
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authorities hope that will be the same in this case. >> authorities say it appears he died from natural causes. they are hoping the sketch will lead to answers. the city of san francisco is working to prevent deadly traffic accidents after a woman was killed while riding a bike. bart is preparing escalators but it comes with a steep price tag. it's like spring, there is rain coming down the road. we'll talk about that. why are all these business owners so excited? ahead of the curve.he game, it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month
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i'm a committee working letted - related deaths. the committee wants to eliminate and other traffic-related
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deaths by 2024. this comes less than a week after a woman was and killed by a truck on howard street. safety improvements have been made to that street but there's more to be done. >> it's a failure to address the urgent safety needs on our streets to prevent further loss of life we urge the committee to implement crucial safety projects city wide. >> this year two bike riders and five pedestrians have been killed. bart announced plans to repair and replace dozens of st san francisco. the project has a seven year timeline and a big price tag. >> with almost 100 million bart intends to change the
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reputation of the market street escalators to ready to go. >> this is a massive under taking, 2/3 of our riders are from the downtown core of our four station. >> total rehabilitation of 41 escalators. half go from the street into the bart terminal and the rest from the terminal to the train platforms. >> it's marvel us. it's hard to walk up the stairs because of my age and my joints. >> that will be great if they stick to their plans. >> the hodgepodge of escalator companies, some goodwill be rep single installer. i could and make it happen like that. >> the reason the project will
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take seven years is not for lack of money. the fact is there's not enough lightning licensed, trained and qualified people to do the work in a hurry. >> good. maybe they won't break down so much and they will be standardized. >> seven years with current labor services. >> they can train them. they can get people from other cities to do the work. they can contract this work out. get it done. >> the money was approved ist a investigating the two grey whales. on sunday morning the marine mammal center received the report of a dead whale. the next morning officials with the army corps of engineers
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spotted a second whale. the carcass were towed to angel island. >> she had very little blubber. >> they were not able to complete a necropsy on the second whale. learning how the whales died could provide answers about possible environmental threats in the bay. we're heading for a nice couple days ahead. high pressure is the main story. rain is done for us. it's messy east of the ver. they have big storms out there. flight plans east of the mississippi take a peek before you go. there were a lot of delays. we have high pressure that will keep that system, which looks it's going over the
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over the top. more typical for this time of the year. overnight lows in the mid-30's in the cold spots. a nice night. we'll be wolfe freeze above freezing, they are putting down the barrier on the bridge. >> they are moving it from one lane to another. >> it's like a zipper. >> can you imagine. >> exactly. we used to drive it all the time. the quiffer. >> the over night lows chilly. tomorrow there will be a few clouds in the morning. that's the high pressure direction. it's fair weather clouds. by lunchtime san francisco may make it into the mid-60's by
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lunch. go inland to hayward or san jose find the low 70s. i don't think in your backyard. you may have 74. a lot of the temperatures are forecast for the airports which are out in cooler locations, you may be warmer. there's the five-day forecast. i'm going to head back to the committees:00. we've got a little bit rain on tuesday. >> sunny and dry. by tuesday it will be nine days without rain which is a record for this winter. >> it will be a beautiful weekend watch. >> heading into the weekend there are celebrations all over the bay. the 16k's day parade
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second and market. 100 floats. dancers and marching bands down market and mcallister. or the united irish cultural center for a block party featuring bands, dancing, food, drink and activities for kids. it is from 11:00 to 4:00. in the east bay celebrate the luck of the irish at down lynns -- done lynns cimusic. irish dancers. in the south bay if you enjoy sale in san jose. with over 45,000 square sale items including baby
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supplies, bicycles, porting goods. house wears and the list goes on. that's on saturday. in sports sharks are home, warriors are away. that's the weekend watch. next in sports the sharks were looking for their seventh straight win. the panthers were tough. . here's a look at the san francisco skyline, it's a beautiful clear night. the news continues in two minutes. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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. mark is back with sports. sharks at the tank, it wasn't an easy night for them. >> playing a team that probably won't make the playoffs. sharks are on a roll, it wasn't to be. panthers relentless. the fans figured there's reason for gloom. they look bummed out. the sharks get off to a nice start. whacking away, his 12th goal of the year. sharks take a 1-0 lead.
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soon after 1-1. braun with a cross ice pass lebank. 13 for him. 2-1 lead. 2-2 late in the 2nd. mike hoffman from way out. whacks it home. sharks lead calgary in the western conference. this is a rare loss for them. 49ers no losses on the board. it's nothing but smiles at this time of the year especially when you make a good call. alexander on the left and new pass rusher d ford on the problems take john lyn figures these guys can put a dent in that bad stat.
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>> these are the type of players we believe can reverse that trend. there's so many things to like. that's something that jumps. d has a knack forgetting the ball out. we think that can help our entire team. get that virus going, we're taking away the ball on a regular basis. come to the point of the night we must check this out. a lot of nba general managers licking their 13 shot. he's the number time to check o
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some of the other happenings. this is sawgrass today. first round of the event. the players championship. 121yards. as many times as i see that i can't believe it. he was 5-under 67. par-3 17th, ryan moore owns it. they pulled a fast one on the harlem globetrotter. world champion freestyler. >> he pulled a one on me. that is the sporting life. it's not often you see a harlem globetrotter sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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