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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 15, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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let's start with your commute if you are coming from fairfield, vallejo, westbound 80, things look good through hercules through richmond and the east shore freeway. there is a single vehicle spinout in the clearing stages. you can see some slowing there. just the cash lanes are the only ones backed up at this hour at the bay brim toll plaza. if you are going through on fast track, no problems at all. back to the desk. we are continuing to follow the developing news out of new zealand this morning where a mass shooting at two mosques killed 49 people and injured more than 20 others. as doug lauds reports, police think the attacks were planned and accord nate. >> reporter: attacks at two mosque new zealands in not far if one another. one man has already been charged with murder and there are indications that the gunman
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may have live streamed the attacks. a massive police response in new zealand as one ambulance after another rushed victims to hospitals. some made it out alive but so many did not. survivors of the attacks described the mayhem and the gunmen. >> you go inside and you go one by one, some people died. >> and everybody just run toward the back doors just to save themselves. beyond the guns, police say they found a vehicle with two improvised explosive devices that did not detonate. the humidity an toll has been staggering. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly, what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> police with not con furthermore reports that the
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suspect wrote a licensee manifesto before carrying out the killings. he aperiod to live stream a portion of the attacks on social media. there are indications that this may have been a one-man operation but nothing is being ruled out. >> we don't have named or identified people that we're looking for but it would be wrong to assume there is no one else. >> reporter: police in new zealand say the suspect is expected to face charges in court tomorrow. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. police departments here in the bay area are stepping up patrols at mosques after the christchurch attack. san francisco police tweeting out here. sfpd is following the events in christchurch, new zealand. officers will be making extra passing calls of san francisco mosques. we work stronger as a team. please, if you see something, say something. we will continue to follow the very latest developments on the story throughout the morning on this friday. can you also check for updates at our web site at
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president trump is vowing to veto a resolution passed by both houses of congress against his national emergency declaration. twelve republican senators joined democrats in voting for the resolution yesterday which would rescind the emergency declaration at the mexico border. president trump declared the national emergency one month ago after congress passed a homeland security bill that gave $1.6 billion in funning for border fencing which was far less than what the president asked for. >> this is real lit first time where a president has gone to congress, sought support for something, lost and then declared it a national emergency. >> the republican whose voted for the resolution say it was a question of limiting executive power for any president and not about border security. the senate blockade vote on a measure that depanned special counsel robert mueller's final report be made public just hours after the house unanimously voted in support of the measure. senate minority leader chuck
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schumer called for a vote on the measure but was blocked by senator lindsay graham who asked that the resolution also include calling for the appointment of a new special counsel to investigate how the justice department conducted its investigation. assumer declined to include graham's proposed amendment saying he was deeply disappointed in graham for blocking the resolution. mueller's investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election could be complete in a matter of days. time now is 4:34. a man accused of stab ago i woman to death inside her home in san hoe hay say has been charged with first degree murder. carlos carranza has been accused of stabbing bamy larson inside her home. they are working to make sure he will spend the rest of his life in prison and never hurt anyone again. >> our office will hold him
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fully accountable for this brutal murder so he can die in prison. >> he is an undocumented imgrant from el salvador and has a very long criminal history. ice had lodged multiple detainer against him but without a warrant, local law enforcement officials can't honor federal detainer requests. san jose's mayor says he believes police should not engage in immigration enforcement but in the case of felons being held in custody, he says that is a different situation. >> the county should be communicating with federal authorities when a violent or predatory felon is likely to be released and that is simply a common sense approach to keeping our community safe. it is for the same reason why i believe the police department should not be involved in federal immigration enforcement which is public safety. we want residents to feel comfortable calling the police,
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calling 911 whether they are undocumented or documented. everyone should know the police department protects them an sevens them. they shouldn't feel reluctant to come forward. >> he believes no one in the community wants to see people rewho could pose serious harm. bart is addressing one of most common complaints of riders, broken escalators. they will repair or replace broken escalators but the fix will take a long time to complete. >> reporter: with almost $100 million, bart intends to change the long reputation of its escalators from broke, busted and disgusted to ready and raring to go. >> 2/3 of our rider either enter or exit from escalator in the downtown core of our station. >> the pls are to come meet replacement or total rehabilitation of the oldest and most used escalators about. half go from the street into the bart terminal and rest from
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the terminal down to the train platforms. >> i think it is marvelous. it is hard to me to walk up the stairs here because of my age and my joints. >> that will be great if they stick to their plans. things change around here. >> reporter: the current hodgepodge of escalator companies and maintenance contractors, some good, some not so good, will be relaced by a single installer and a single maintenance system fully accountable for all their equipment and workmanship. >> i just wish i could snap my fingers and make the seven-year implementingation plan happen like that. >> it is reason this project will take seven year is not for lack of money, not at all. the fact is there are simply not enough licensed, trained and qualified people to do this work in a hurry. so the bottom line is the work will have to go slow. >> good. good, then maybe they won't break down so much and they'll all be standardized. >> seven years with current
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labor resources available to do embarcadero, montgomery, powell and civic center stations. >> they can train them. they can get people from other cities to come in and do the work. they can contract this work out. that much money, work the overtime. get it done. >> reporter: the money was already approved by voters when measure rr passed in 2016. sed in 2016. there is an update regarding rhett pair work for the $2 bill sales force transit crepter in san francisco. there have not been any more problems following last year's discovery of the cracks in two of the steel beams. crews have completed tests to the building's concrete bolts and all the cables. administrators previously announced that repairs will be finance issued by june but there is still no firm date on when the building will reopen. the trance incident center was originally promoted as san francisco's version of new york's grand central station. congressman barbara lee took to the house floor to honor the memory of the son of
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an oakland city council woman. she remembered victor mcilheny who was fatally shot last week during a robbery attempt off campus. lee was emotional during her short remembrance speech. >> he was a talented drummer an was often playing at jam sessions displaying his musical genius. victor was the son of oakland and his passing as loss for oakland and the entire east bay community. >> congress rome lee says the young man's murder reflects the epidemic of gun violence, an issue his mother has worked to change. victor had been studying jazz percussion at usc's thornton school of music. emergency call boxes on bay area college campuses that just don't work. coming up next, 2 investigates looks at why the fix has taken years and still isn't completed. >> we'll check on your commute coming in from tracy and the
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livermore valley. so far, so good out there. here is a look at highway 24 through lafayette getting busier as the morning goes on. >> happy to say very quiet in the weather department here. quiet also equals warmer for us. all the active weather is to the east but not for us. we'll take a look at the forecast highs coming up.
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if we don't have what we need just in case of an emergency, then what are we to
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do? >> students at laney and mayorette college are in need of help. they say many of the blue emergency phones on the campus are damaged or out of service. and it make matters worse, the administrator of the community krmg's chase thompson system have known for at least 10 years that the michelle millman phone system is broken. >> 2 investigates found that after years of planning, some phones are finally functioning but many are not. >> reporter: as the sun sets over the bay, classes are coming to a close. darkness blankets the morette college campus as students begin strolling to their cars and covered in accord board, x marks the spot. a pole that is supposed to be a lifeline left in disrepair. >> it would be very easy to be -- especially being a woman, to be taken advantage of this in lot. >> reporter: student margie bailey knows here in the oakland hills where cell phone service is spotty, calling out on a phone could be out of the question. >> i would probably just be screaming if something happened.
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>> reporter: what hasn't happened in years is a fix for the phones but that is slowly changing. peralta community college district says three of the nine phones at merit college are back in service. their blue lights illuminated and i button to correct them directly with campus police working but far from the buildings in the backpackerring lot. >> you wouldn't know it was there. >> reporter: just fining the covered up pole is a task. >> it is dark over here. that is why we're walking in pairs. >> reporter: these two students say they haven't seen the phones working in the two years they've been coming for classes and they are not alone. >> that make me feel very unsafe. >> reporter: the district says safety has always been on the agenda n november, $2 million was approved to upgrade and fix the emergency blue phones on the college campuses. >> the phones started breaking almost a decade ago. >> this laney student is editor of the campus newspaper and has covered the busted phones.
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she says they started planning to make repairs in 2015. >> i have no doubt that there are plenty of members of the district who have good intentions. but it made me realize that intentions don't had get the job done that. was disappointing to me. >> reporter: 2 investigates found several poles still standing covered in graffiti and out of order. they were originally installed in the 1990s but just this week, peralta publicly claimed all 14 phones are working. even though many of those blue emergency phones are now functional, there are still other safety issues and facility problems here on the laney college campus. for example, this elevator that is still out of order and students says that been that way for months. that is not all. we also found several cases on campus of missing fire extinguishers. the district wouldn't comment on camera but a spokesperson says repair delays had to do with money and staffing
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changes, specifically debates over where the phones should be located. >> there should have been some foresight when it comb to the maintenance and preventing them from breaking down altogether. >> reporter: police say the phones have only been used a handful of times. statistics show crimes like theft, burglary, robbery and salt have happened and having these poles lit up can be a deterrent for crime and for many of these students' peace of mind. we are told all the phones at the merit college campus will be, woulding by the end of april. the district is also pushing a new smart phone app called campus shield where you can contact police immediately on campus in case of emergency. if you have a tip for two investigate, we want to hear from you. give us a call at the number on your screen or can you email ktvu2 investigates at fox state lawmakers gathered at the capitol to announce a package of measures aimed at
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alleviating the state's housing crisis. one bill announced yesterday would loosen the state's law which make it illegal for cities impose rent controls on certain properties built after the year 1995. another would fight up fair evictions. >> right now, we have renters who literally face daily fears. what will happen if i lose my home? where will i go? how will i find affordable housing? >> the democrats proposal mirror efforts by governor newsom who has proposed set ago side some $300 million to go towards low income housing developments. we want to go back over to allie in for sal. done a great job this week covering traffic. that is not an easy job. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that, guys. hopefully , it will be a pretty easy day for me and for all the drivers out there. so far, it is shaping up to be that way. we'll look at your drive on
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westbound 508 coming from 205 in tracy. things look good. a little bit of slowing and some overnight roadwork still in the clear stage as you go through the altamont pass. one thing to be aware of, this actually also westbound 508 but a totally different part of the bay area. this is the richmond san rafael bridge in the westbound direction mid-span. there is some sort of object blocking the left lane. in that is your drive this morning, be aware of that. 880 in oakland, it is getting busier filling autopsy little bit as you pass the coliseum. especially in the northbound direction, so far, most of 880 through the east bay down to fremont looks pretty good. highway 4 in lafayette, there is a few cars on the road there. but everyone is moving at the limit. i'll send it over to steve. >> thank you. i would concur with pam. you've didn't a great job this week. this is not easy. this is the not easy job for a fill-in. >> you guys make it fun. >> we try to because sometimes it can get crazy here. >> sometimes we need that.
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>> let's get to it. we have a very quiet pattern as we head through the last little stretch here of winter. it will feel more like spring. by the time we get to spring, we'll get back to what it will feel like for winter. everything says sure and warm temperatures. 60s to 70s. it doesn't take long to start getting into the upper 60s to near 70. once you get to daylight saving, it is almost a slam dunk once high pressure kicks in. these are forecast highs for sunday for san francisco, concord, san jose and santa rose a the stretch it look like it will be 11. that will be the number of dry days that we had this entire winter. that was december 25th to january 4th. since then, i think we've had seven, eight and we'll get to next tuesday but then rain returns. it look like tuesday night. so well will not go past 11. that is really good. with you can see how that stretch into his wednesday and
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also thursday. so for those of you landscaperss, gardeners, contractors good to go monday. probably tuesday is when some of the rain begins to move back in. today looks good. a few high clouds. watch how they fall apart. the breeze has tailed off. 41 at half moon bay. same for foster city, belmont. menlo park, stanford, woodside are in the 30s. fremont is 41. a few high cloud have gone south and they are falling apart. so look if a lot of sun today. it will be warmer. temperatures in the mound it be as, truckee is 14. las vegas is 44. teenation is 50. two bits in flagstaff. what is the good news about phoenix? they will rebound to the 70s and maybe low 80s on the weekend if you are going to spring training. it has been a cool week there. for us, the higher clouds are about the end result. 60s to 70s. santa rosa went with 70. it look a little warmer as we
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go into the weekend as well. sunday will be the warmest day if not monday but rain returns on tuesday. >> i like that weekend though. it look pretty 199. thank you, steve. coming up next, a ton of fun weekend events for st. paddy's day to tell you about. police have a warning for all the drivers out on those roads. stay with us.
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law enforcement across the
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bay area will be out in force for make sure st. patrick's day revelers have a good time but a safe time. san rafael police will hold a dui checkpoint tonight. one person was killed, 48 injured in drunk driving crashes last st. patty's day. highway patrol officers also arrested 285 people on dui charges. now, while drinking has become synonymous with st. patrick's day, there are many family friendly activities around the bay area as well. we have some of the luck of the irish celebrations. >> reporter: heading into the wept, there will be celebrations all over the bay for st. paddy's day n san francisco, the 168th san francisco st. patrick's day parade is saturday. it begins at 11:30 at the corner of second and market for over 100 colorful floats, irish dancers and marching bands will wind their way down market and mcal tier to civic center. can you head to the unite irish
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cultural center of san francisco sunday for a block party featuring it irish fans and dancing. music, food, drink and activities for kids. the 45th avenue greenfest block party is from 11:00 to 4:00. in the east bay, a gray way to celebrate the luck of irish is at dublin's 2019 st. patrick's day celebration going on friday through sunday at dublin civic center where you will find everything from irish pub music and rock to roaming bagpipes. irish dancers, food drinks, can value rides and a marketplace. in the south bay, if you enjoy a good bargain, check out the 26 rummage sale and community health and resource fair in san jose with over 45,000 square feet of sale items including baby supplies, bicycles, starting goods, hardware, furniture, electronics, toys, clothing computers, house wares and the list goes on. that event is on saturday. in sports, shark are home. warriors are away. rs are away.
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that is your weekend watch. we are currently dealing with an unprecedented situation in new zealand. it is very grave, very serious. >> new zealand police have detained four people in connection to two separate shooting attacks inside mosques. coming up, the latest in their investigation. plus, school children from across the world and right here in the bay are set to take to the street today to call attention to the global issue of climate change. >> i'm going to have a check on your commute in the south bay. so far, things are looking pretty good overall. here is is a look at your drive on the san mateo bridge. traffic moving at the limit. no problems there. >> it is a nice looking friday. i know it is early but it will be later on. the won looks even better as our pattern looks quiet and warmer. we'll show you how much warmer coming up.
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> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. >> 49 people are dead, dozens are in the hospital after gunmen opened fire at two mosques in new zealand. what we are now learning about the suspects would carried out country's deadliest mass shooting. >> an illegal marijuana sale operation has been uncovered in
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napa. what smoke shop owners were doing that forced police to shut them down. >> and a massive fire tore through several homes on bethel island. the reason fire crews say they had a tough time getting it under control. under control. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm pam cook. >> i'm frank mallicoat in for dave on this friday. let's kick it over to steve on a forecast i think most of us will stay thank you. >> probably, yes. there will be 70s for temperatures. a for you today but they will be widespread by maybe even saturday if the higher clouds don't make it. by sunday, they will be there. we are forecasting temperatures that will be in the70s. maybe the coast at upper 60s. but you are always saying --
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throwing something. yes, rain returns next tuesday night into wednesday, maybe thursday. at least 30s and 40s on your temperatures. still cold even though high pressure is here. much bitter news for arizona if you are going to spring training. for us, we are getting warmer. 60s to near 70. morgan hill, santa rosa. >> we want to start with your drive in the south bay. overall, things are looking pretty good down there. if you are driving up from gilroy, you will see a lot of green on the map. the only problem we are seeing south bay peninsula area, this is in palo alto, northbound 208 at alpipe road, there is a single vehicle crash. a road that arrested on westbound highway 4 at railroad. there is reportedly a roll of carpet in the left lane an people are having to swerve and get around that. also in the westbound direction at bailey road, there is a two- vehicle crash that we are just lear


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