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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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connection with the massacre of 49 people at two mosques in christchurch. all of the weapons were purchased legally. >> christchurch is the southeast islands largest city. the mosques were about three miles apart. you have been monitoring developments out of that country on this tragic murder massacre. >> reporter: the victims were attending friday prayers and the accused shooter, a self- described white supremacist seeking revenge. he used a helmet mounted camera to broadcast the massacre, live on facebook. a 28-year-old australian man accused in the rampage in every microclimate, every forecast, every day. ktvu fox 2 news. complete bay area weather coverage. 29 -- a 28-year-old australian man accused in the rampage in christchurch appeared in court. the suspect has been in charged
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in connection with the shooting death of 41 people at one mosque. seven other people were killed at another mosque. another victim died at the hospital. 41 other people were hurt. >> i am just sick. >> reporter: the man described himself as a white nationalist out to get revenge against immigrants. he wrote a manifesto, but had never appeared on any watchlist. >> the individual had not come to the attention of the intelligence community, nor the police, for extremism. >> reporter: new zealand's prime minister, calling the shootings in attack of terror, says the suspect used five guns in the shooting and all of them were purchased legally. >> i can tell you one thing right now, our gun laws will change. >> reporter: two other people were arrested and their roles in the attacker still under investigation.
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>> the sacred places of worship are turned into scenes of evil killing. >> reporter: president trump, calling the attack monstrous, pledged the full it support of the united states. >> it is a horrible thing. i told the prime minister the united states is with them 100%, all the way, whatever they need. >> reporter: the suspect showed no emotion during a brief court appearance today. the judge read only one murder charge but said it is reasonable to assume that more will follow. >> henry lee reporting, thank you so much. muslims around the world are in shock right now. the shooting happened during a particularly holy time. >> rob roth joins us with more on how the city is morning. >> reporter: the islamic society of san francisco has the largest mosque in the city and leaders say because of what happened in new zealand, they are considering hiring armed guards for protection. at the islamic society of san
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francisco, hundreds of muslims came to the important afternoon friday prayers. for muslims here and everywhere, this is a difficult day. the massacre into news england mosques has been heart- wrenching. >> someone walks in, kills them. not only kills them, he then streams it online. that is very very shocking. >> reporter: people here say no one should ever have to be afraid to come to a mosque or church or synagogue or any place of worship. >> i will not be afraid, i will not be frightened of anything that has happened anywhere. i am going to pursue my religion and i am going to say my prayers. >> reporter: worshipers here say they are praying for the dead and injured. friday is a holy day when mosques are at their most crowded. the deputy san francisco police chief says he couldn't sleep last night. >> you see that level of human
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indifference to life. i say that in replacement of a word like evil. >> reporter: one of the most difficult parts is how to explain the inexplicable to a child. >> it is a matter of reminding them that even in the face of such a travesty, there are still wonderful, good people out in the world. >> reporter: the muslim community was not alone in their grief. representatives from different faiths joined in a show of unity. >> what happened in new zealand is a reflection of the divisiveness happening in our country and we need to stand shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: the reverend teaches forgiveness. >> is forgiven, but he has to answer to his lord. >> reporter: san francisco police have been stepping up patrol around a half-dozen mosques in the city. >> rob, reporting for us live in the city, thank you so much.
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>> stay tuned to ktvu and for all the latest developments from new zealand. the sheriff says he is heartbroken that the county's controversial urban shield program is coming to an end. this week county supervisors voted for changes to the program. yesterday, a group that provides grant money for the program voted to shift $5 million away from alameda county, effectively canceling urban shield. the program was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare. earlier, the sheriff reacted to the developments. >> i am very disappointed. in fact i am heartbroken. that decision to discontinue the training and exercise program will put first responders at risk and not give them the training they need to go to an event of emergency such as an act of terrorism or natural disasters. >> critics say urban shield leads to the militarization of local law enforcement. sheriff ahern rejects the criticism, saying the training
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helps protect the community against terrorist attacks and other disasters. as promised, president trump vetoed a resolution passed by the house and senate, rejecting his national emergency at the southern border. fox's ray bogan tells us what it would take to overturn that veto and where it goes from here. >> reporter: in the more than two years that president trump has been in office, he has never used his executive veto power to strike down a bill from congress, that is until today. >> congresses vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. >> reporter: in a signing ceremony at the white house, president trump officially vetoing a joint resolution passed by congress. the bill called for terminating the presidents emergency resolution for border security, part of his efforts to shift funds to build the southern border wall. >> it is definitely a national
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emergency. rarely have we had such a national emergency. >> reporter: for congress to overturn the veto, it would require a two thirds vote. something party leaders on every side of the aisle agree is highly unlikely. >> it will go to the house, we won't have the two thirds, but the law will allow us to bring it up every six months and certainly we intend to do that. >> reporter: the veto came hours after president trump made a trip to the pentagon, meeting with leaders on national security. this morning in a sitdown interview on fox and friends, secretary of state mike pompeo defended the emergency declaration. >> the challenge of not knowing who is coming in and out of the country and what drugs and materials might be coming across the southern border is real and we need to take executive action. the president's order does just that. >> reporter: to date, presidents have vetoed 1500 bills. the president with the most, fd
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roosevelt, who vetoed nearly 600. a deal is reached for the oakland raiders to stay at the coliseum, but they will have to pay for it. i had this evening, the big rent increase before they leave for las vegas. a global message taken to the streets of san francisco is thousands of students go on strike over climate change. three homes burnt to the ground. the question is, was the fire department able to get there quickly enough? making your weekend plans, maybe the st. patrick's day parade. i have your forecast coming up. we will talk how beautiful this weather will last.
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what you are watching from stockholm to the south pacific, students went on strike today to demand action on climate change. the protest were inspired by 16- year-old swedish student greta thunberg. a year ago she started protesting by herself outside of parliament. her fridays for future movement grew in today she was joined by thousands. >> we call for a true national emergency. we need to cause an uproar. we demand the green new deal. we demand to end all fossil fuel development. >> she is very young, only 16. rallies have been taking place once a week and dozens of european cities. today protests were scheduled in more than 100 countries and in u.s. cities from new york to st. paul, minnesota, to los angeles, as well. hundreds of bay area students
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walked out of class for the day of action. many of them marched in san francisco, making stops along the way to make sure prominent government leaders were listening. rob is live where the march ended. >> reporter: at the height of the afternoon we had hundreds of students here in union square. when the students walk out of class, government leaders will be listening and they will have an impact on the economy. and the arguments they have  been talking about will be falling on deaf ears. with loudspeakers shouting a message, students today wanted to be heard. >> we need breathable air. we need so many things. >> this is all about our kids who want to live in the future and not die on our dying planet. >> reporter: the fridays for the future marches took place
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around the country. these bay area kids took part in part of a global day of action. a day out of school, fully supported by students and teachers. >> it is fantastic. it is necessary and great to see young people find their voice. this is a culture which has suppressed political speech. >> reporter: the activists marched through the city, visiting the offices of nancy pelosi and diane feinstein, demanding support for a green new deal and a comprehensive approach to fight climate change. finally meeting in union square, for speeches and poems. >> those leaders have demonstrated by their indifference, that they are out of tune. >> reporter: creative signs like this one pointed to some of the environmental issue students were fighting for. >> we will be under water if the ice caps melt. all of san francisco and a lot of berkeley is going to be four
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feet underwater. >> reporter: they painted a dire picture. this oakland teacher marched with 11 of her students. >> we are responsible for advocating for the future and the future is uncertain right now, so we think it is important that our students have the opportunity to share their voice directly. >> reporter: protesters weren't just organizing this friday. they plan to be back next friday, doing this until their voices are heard. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> while this was happening, the trump administration finalized major changes to the plan here, aimed at allowing more oil and gas exploration. it eases regulations meant to protect the grouse. fewer than 300 of the birds are left. some say it will benefit the oil and gas lobby, before
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joining the trump administration. it is a booming area of growth in costa concho county. a fire on bethel islands destroyed three homes. the fire district says it has less than half the resources it needs. >> reporter: the fire district responded to a fire call on the 2700 block of taylor road. when firefighters arrived 11 minutes later, they found three homes fully engulfed in flames. all total losses. >> our first engine arrived in approximately 11 minutes, from station 53, right here. >> reporter: the fire station on bethel island was closed seven years ago. the next closest station, 4.9 miles away, was also closed two years ago.
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>> we just don't have the budget to staff those stations. >> that leaves the district with only three stations to respond. oakley station six miles away, brentwood nine miles away and discover a base station, 15 miles away. it is a regionwide problem in this rapidly developing rural area. >> we are fighting for staffing. other agencies are in the same boat. we are all fighting for more fire engines and staffing so we can provide a better response. >> reporter: bethel island homeowner james wade wants to return to the old days when they had a fully equipped, fully staffed volunteer fire department. >> everything was fine. the county came in and decided to take it over. they basically pushed our volunteers into their group and they promise to never to shut
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ours, two years later they shut hours and disbanded. >> reporter: despite all this, there is a brand-new firehouse being constructed one mile away from bethel island. part of a deal between the city and shane holmes, when they built this development. it is almost done, but guess what? the district doesn't have enough money to staff it and that is on the taxpayers. >> i would have eight fully functional fire districts covering the area with minimum three people staffing. >> something is wrong with the system. they need to fix it. >> and fire season is knocking on the door. it will be a massive job in butte county to clean up after the deadliest wildfire in state history. recent rainstorms and the danger of mudslides prompted officials to delay the removal of debris for 10 days in paradise and nearby communities. so parkers have cleaned up 200 of the more than 11,000 properties slated for cleanup. 85 people were killed in the fire last november. the cleanup is expected to cost
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more than $3 billion. it has been a beautiful day out there today. i hope you got to get outside and enjoy some of these blue skies. i didn't wear my blue on purpose, but it kind of works. let's look outside. san jose, downtown, look at that, gorgeous. that is high-pressure in action. the high pressure is keeping cooler air from coming our way. we get the sunshine and up we go and that is what we have seen. lots of 70s on the map. at this hour, oakland setting at 70 degrees. we have cooled off in other spots. we did have 70 down in fremont, now they are at 69 degrees. again, very impressive temperatures today, well above average. that high-pressure, bringing sunshine to all of california. 73 in los angeles, 75 in palm springs and 70 in san diego.
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that means it is the same temperature in oakland as san diego right now. interesting. this eye pressure is keeping us high and dry, not just today, but also saturday and sunday. we will see clouds shoot right over the top of us. that is the ridge that comes in , you get high-pressure that shoots the cloudy weather over the top of us. gorgeous out there, not a cloud in the sky in most spots. temperatures tonight will be mild as we start to see 40s in the overnight lows. if you get outside, i think it will be a lovely evening. cooler in napa, 43. 44 in san jose. that leads us to saturday, where we have the st. patrick's day parade going on. we start off mostly clear. we work our way through, 55 around 11:00. we work our way up to a high of about 64 degrees for 3:00 p.m. it should be lovely out there. we look for the next system coming our way to bring us a
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little rain. it is not in the forecast for the weekend, but i do have it in your extended forecast. i will talk about that when i come back. back to you. the oakland raiders are looking at rent going up in the bay area. >> next year, rent is up $4 million. >> a lot to stick around. up next, details about the agreement to keep the team in oakland for at least one more year. and coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a puppy found abused and thrown down a trash chute . the charges against its owner. plus, the death of a bay area skateboarding legend. that and more at 6:00. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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it looks like the oakland raiders are coming back to the coliseum, at least for one more season. >> the coliseum authority ended the uncertainty today by approving a new lease agreement with the team. >> reporter: it is looking like for now at least that raiders logo will be staying right here at the coliseum. the coliseum authority commissioners voted unanimously to approve the plan that would raise the rate for the raiders if they play the 2019 season and even more if they play the 2020 season here.
5:24 pm
the likelihood that their las vegas stadium won't be ready meant that they had a strong hand going into negotiations. >> we definitely had leverage. the nfl recognizes the raiders need a place to play. the raiders weren't successful finding another location to play, so they have to continue to play at the coliseum. >> reporter: the plan calls for the raiders to pay $7.5 million to play at the coliseum. if they play the following season, that goes up to $10.5 million. the raiders new facility in las vegas, still under construction with a projected 2020 completion date. after the city sued the team, the raiders began looking at other options, including the possibility of playing across the bay at the home of the giants. now that this deal is locked in, it means more money going into the city and county. >> next year and goes up $4 million, from $3.5 million to $7.5 million. we retain all naming rights.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: it is a big fan when for raiders fans, who get to watch the team lay one more season. the oakland city council and alameda county board of supervisors will vote on this and are likely to give their final stamp of approval next week. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. the mosque massacre in new zealand, live-streamed on facebook. nearly 50 people killed. up next, the responsibility of social media companies to prevent horrific acts of violence from going viral. plus president trump's veto. a political expert joins us to discuss what it means about his plan to build a border wall. plus a 15-year-old in a bay area hospital for more than half a year, strumming on a borrowed guitar. now thanks to his favorite musician and a generous nurse, he won't need a hand me down anymore.
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back now with an update on our top story. authorities in new zealand say the family of the main suspect in the mosque shooting is helping authorities with their investigation. the suspected gunman was identified in court as 28-year- old brenton tarrant of australia. investigator sale of the weapons used in the deadly attacks were purchased illegally. the prime minister of new zealand says there will be changes. >> i can tell you one thing right now. our gun laws will change. >> investigators say the suspect is a white nationalist extremist who posted a manifesto online and streamed the attacks on facebook. the massacre is calling for renewed calls for social media companies to do a better job policing their sites. but in this world of live- streaming, is it possible to put the genie back in the
5:30 pm
bottle? paul, you have been talking to experts about this issue. >> reporter: the attacker promoted the attack on twitter and then carried it out live on facebook. some experts say it is time that tech companies do more to take responsibility for what is shown on their platforms. social media giants are looking at ways to prevent such violence from going viral. we chose not to show any part of the video, because it is horrific. 49 people lost their lives and the hate filled video was broadcast live across the world on facebook and shared later on other platforms. >> a wake-up call to start taking full account of what they are hosting online and see the real effects of what is happening not only in america, but around the world. >> this is the outcome when you
5:31 pm
allow tech companies to have such a prominent role in our media system that we now have to turn to tech companies, unelected officials, to deal with what could be a large- scale crisis. >> reporter: the video was taken down but was still circulating hours after the attack was over. this is a concern for many, since the social media giants are having a hard time keeping trouble content off their platforms. >> other accounts were uploading the videos and other accounts were faster than facebook itself. >> reporter: what incentive do they have to take on this video? >> once the flak wears off, this can continue. there is no real pressure to take them down. >> reporter: currently internet giants and others are protected by a federal code, section 230, that says no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by any information content provider.
5:32 pm
however, material depicting acts against children is not covered. >> child pornography is a crime, but there is no crime for posting hate videos. >> they should be held to the same libel standards as a news outlet, that if you cause damage with your content, the platform is held liable for it. >> reporter: experts say moderation tools and human moderators were the fault in this situation and they are working to make things better. in the newsroom, paul chambers, ktvu news. a federal judge in san francisco is holding a hearing next friday in a lawsuit over the trump administration's new asylum policy. the policy requires asylum- seekers to return to mexico and wait in that country while their cases are being considered. the lawsuit claims the policy violates international laws. the trump administration says it wants to deter people from asylum claims, freeing up judges to consider more deserving
5:33 pm
issues. and today the president issued the first veto of his administration, overturning a rebuke of his emergency order. it is unlikely congress will have the votes to override the veto, but the emergency declaration still faces legal challenges, including a lawsuit from california and 19 other states. joining us now is political analyst brian sobel. president trump says migrants are invading us from the southern border. what you think of the 12 senators who broke ranks and sided with the democrats? why do you think they voted for this? >> it is a tough thing to do. they are worried about the presidency, the administration going around congress and taking money from other budgets and spending at the way he wants, instead of the way congress wants to spend.
5:34 pm
>> it was still pretty close, 59-41 was the final vote. you think they are emboldened to rein in the president or they are trying to balance the powers in case the next president is a democrat? >> i think they were sending a signal to the white house that we want you to consult with congress on your expenditures. now it is also true that presidents have taken money from lots of buckets. >> that is nothing new. as you said, the president is, "a one-man constitutional crisis." what happens if they can't overturn the veto. >> it will stand. you will find money for the wall. the veto has been used since george washington, who vetoed two bills. franklin roosevelt vetoed 600, to give you a scale. i don't think the votes are there to overturn it. >> so he can immediately start
5:35 pm
appropriating cash from other areas to build the wall? >> i am guessing they already identified where this money is coming from. they are already putting it into a budget to use on the wall. >> there are lawsuits planned in california and 19 other states. how does that bode for the president? can he start building the wall, even as those lawsuits make their way through the courts? >> it is very hard to stop money flowing in washington dc. it can be moved from bucket to bucket, through the state legislature, as well. because of that, he will be able to find money to work on that wall. >> can he stop it in the meantime? >> it has to be that stretch. it has to be, we don't want another pipe put in the ground, another screw, otherwise from a money standpoint it is hard to stop money and the way it flows
5:36 pm
in washington dc. >> in terms of politics between the congress and the president, what happens on monday? >> there will be a vote in the house of representatives and on the senate side. both houses have to vote to overturn the veto" two thirds to do it. the numbers aren't there, probably, so the president's veto will stand and he will try to move ahead. >> ktvu political analyst brian sobel, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. oakland teachers when a hard-fought new contract after a weeklong strike, but now there are layoff notices coming. hundreds of teachers are expecting pink slips. stack the college admission scandal has another bay area connection. the latest link, after the break.
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layoffs are coming to the oakland unified school district. as many as 215 employees including secretaries, librarians and tutors could receive pink slips by the end of next month. that follows a decision by the district to cut $22 million in the upcoming budget. a spokesman says it is unlikely that all 250 people will lose their jobs, saying a dozen positions are already vacant's
5:40 pm
and others may be covered by grants. meanwhile, teachers in sacramento are poised to walk off the job. the union there voted overwhelmingly to authorize the strike. they are facing a $35 million budget shortfall. the union is at odds with the district over pay, class-size, and classroom resources. >> we are here to announce that educators have voted overwhelmingly, by 92.3%, to authorize a strike to protest the massive unfair labor practices committed by our district. >> district officials say grounds for a strike are unfounded and such an action could put the financially troubled district on track to be taken over by the state. netflix has reportedly dropped lori loughlin from its reboot of full house, due to allegations she was involved in the college admission scandal.
5:41 pm
netflix made that announcement today, saying she will not return in her role as aunt becky. the decision comes one day after the hallmark channel dropped the actress. she is one of dozens in the scheme, in which wealthy parents paid bribes to help their children get into prestigious universities. and now word of a uc berkeley connection to that scandal. one parent allegedly paid someone to take his sons s.a.t. exam and he was later admitted. the paper identifies that parent is a vancouver businessman and prominent figure in the university of vancouver athletic program. he now faces fraud charges. now to the latest from the ethiopian airlines crash, with no video of the crash site. it shows a large crater. it crashed sunday, killing all 157 people on board. aviation experts in france have started working on the damaged black boxes. the washington post reports
5:42 pm
investigators also found the planes jackscrew, which raises and lowers the nose of the plane and it shows the plane was set on a nosedown flightpath. a florida man is expected to plead guilty next week to sending pipe bonds to critics of president trump. he allegedly targeted democrats before the 2018 midterms. investigators say he spent 16 explosive devices to victims across the country, including two packages to tom steyer. none of them exploded. cesar sayoc is facing months in prison. a jester can make all the difference. >> i feel so special having this. i never would've thought i would have anything like this. >> this is a cool story up next. a special nurse and his favorite musician helped make
5:43 pm
waiting for treatment a little easier. we have a beautiful weekend on tap, but what does the extended forecast old? i have the details, coming up. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪
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medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. a story you have to see. a big surprise for a big fan of ed sheehan. a boy just got a signed guitar as part of a gift from one of
5:46 pm
the nurses. he is hoping it offers a bit of comfort while he waits for a kidney transplant. >> i'm not singing. okay. >> reporter: for 15-year-old giano, music is a welcome distraction. >> we have been here for about eight months, waiting for a kidney. >> reporter: to pass the time at the children's hospital, he has been doing music therapy, learning to strum and pick on a borrowed guitar. his favorite musician, ed sheeran, which was lucky considering what happened next. >> before we do this part, i feel like, we need a different guitar. >> reporter: the nurse won a signed ed sheeran guitar as part of a radio contest. >> i thought it would be cool to do something with a guitar
5:47 pm
for one of our patients. >> reporter: immediately he came to mind, so did the plan for the surprise. >> oh, wow. >> he is 15 years old. i've never really seen him cry and for the first time he broke down and cried. mikey comes from a family of musicians. his grandfather taught him to play, but he never had a guitar of his own. >> i feel so special having this. i never would've thought i would've gotten anything like this. >> reporter: the site of the signature left him speechless, but it is the inscription he has taken to heart. >> i will play this. it is my first guitar and it will not be displayed. it will be played. >> it will inspire him to keep playing and never give up, just like with his kidney. >> he hopes to take the guitar home soon. his family says he is now at
5:48 pm
the top of the transplant list. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> such a beautiful story. the midwest is dealing with historic flooding, following days of heavy rain. melting snow has contributed to the problems in wisconsin, nebraska, south dakota and minnesota, where some evaluations have been ordered. a trailer park in minnesota is now underwater after blocks of ice jammed up a nearby creek and flooded the entire park. >> if you go to the lowest part, it is right up to the bottom of their house. it is really close. >> they need to get it taken care of as soon as they can. if it takes a little bit of dynamite, use a little bit of dynamite. >> the so-called bomb cyclone you've been hearing about battered the central u.s. this week, bringing heavy rain to the upper midwest. at least 19 u.s. cities set records for flooding.
5:49 pm
and meteorologist kyla grogan has been tracking the weather. we haven't had those problems here. >> it is interesting they were talking about the bomb cyclone. it is when the pressure drops very quickly in a short amount of time. severe weather can be part of that and that is what happened. we have had a simply gorgeous day. i hope you got outside and got to enjoy it. i want to start with a look at the nation, to show it is a relatively quiet weather day. a little rain in the southeast, but not bad at all. in fact, temperatures today, unbelievable. in washington, dc, 71 degrees. think about that, they are three hours ahead of us. you can see the warmth as we look at los angeles in the 70s. we have also had our run of lovely weather today. you can see we have the sunshine out there, blue skies. 70s in the bay area, as well.
5:50 pm
66 degrees right now in santa rosa, the same story in napa. 67 in oakland. livermore, 65 and san jose, 67 degrees. it is gorgeous out there. this is a live look at storm tracker 2 and there is nothing on it. we have high pressure in control shooting all undesirable weather, clouds and moisture to the north of us. that gives us the drive forecast not just today but for the weekend. overnight lows will be mild. 46 degrees in san francisco. 41 in santa rosa. a little bit cooler there. 48 at pacifica tonight. tomorrow we see more nice weather with blue skies into mergers in the 70s in some spots, particularly in the north bay. in places like san jose. you're likely to get up there. a lot of low 70s. and we have the st. patrick's
5:51 pm
day parade tomorrow, my fancy graphic to show you. it will be gorgeous out there. 49 degrees by noon. 64 by 3 pm. tomorrow, at best you need a light jacket in the morning, the rest of the day should be beautiful. not just beautiful tomorrow, but sunday is sunny and warm and monday, you got it, more warmth and sunshine on the way. the question is, when is our next chance of rain? futurecast will show you, beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. sunday, also looking gorgeous. here is monday. we like this story, we will do it more and and by tuesday we have clouds moving in. we could have a system tuesday, into wednesday, that could bring us some showers. not a huge rainmaker, but it could bring some precipitation. take a look at the five day forecast.
5:52 pm
it is gorgeous. look at that. warming up. i think the warmest spots will be sunday into monday. we have the parade on saturday. actual st. patrick's day is on sunday. and that is the bay forecast. we don't see 70s this time of year very often, but i think we will see some like we did today. the next chance will be tuesday into wednesday for some showers. if you don't have outdoor plans this weekend, i suggest you make some. >> i love that shamrock thing. that is so fun. it could have been a heart -- >> maybe for the next show. people will be celebrating st. patrick's day in dublin. talking about the city of dublin in alameda county, not ireland. it is one of the largest gatherings on the west coast. some 8000 people are expected to gather to enjoy irish entertainment, irish food, and of course, irish beverages. >> we have beautiful weather. we are happy for people to come
5:53 pm
all over the area and even international to visit us. we will have guest from ireland. >> i give it the stamp of approval. >> i was there a couple years ago, it was fun. >> it runs saturday and sunday. it includes 250 booths. they feature irish artwork and books, as well as food and drinks and probably green beer, too. former first lady michelle obama started a transition for st. patrick's day. she grew up in chicago where the chicago river is dyed green each year and she wanted to bring a little bit of chicago to the nation's capital for st. patrick's day, so that is why you see it flowing green there. >> that is cool. all right, well elon musk's boring company making a pitch in las vegas. up next we tell you about a new development in the plan to build a miles long tunnel beneath sin city. bay area chicken farmers
5:54 pm
are on alert after discovering a highly contagious disease. now at least one event is canceled because of it. and a puppy found so badly abused that one of its legs had to be amputated and now it's owner is in court to face animal abuse charges.
5:55 pm
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not only is the winner of octobers huge $1.5 billion jackpot going to come out on top, so are some local charities. the woman from south carolina will remain anonymous but has decided to share some of the jackpot. she says she is donating money to the ronald mcdonald house,
5:57 pm
the red cross tornado relief fund in alabama and the hearer came florence relief fund. she is also giving money to the centerville arts center to show her appreciation to the city where she purchased the ticket. the prize, which she took as a lump sum of $871 million is the largest lump sum one by a single person. tesla's founder elon musk's plan to build a transit tunnel under the streets of las vegas has cleared its first hurdle. the city's convention and visitors board voted in favor of the futuristic people moving project. >> reporter: the las vegas convention center and visitors authority may have an underground tunnel before long. >> what if we can create something that in china, denver, atlanta, they say we wish we had that. >> reporter: they gave the green light to moving forward with plans for elon musk's boring company to construct a
5:58 pm
two-mile stretch at the convention center. however, concerns remain about the track record. >> there is a lot of overpromising when it comes to tesla and i don't see why the boring company is any different. especially since it is unproven. >> reporter: the boring company president is trying to hush skeptics by letting the work to do the talking. >> our purpose is not to say that we invented the tunnel, that is ludicrous. we can do it faster and less expensive and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is by doing fixed price contracts. >> reporter: other projects in los angeles and on the east coast have stalled, but if all goes to plan in las vegas, it could serve as tangible proof that others need to get on board. >> the risks are so great for state and local governments to invest in experimental approaches, that they need to see it works. to do that you need to do it on
5:59 pm
a small scale, which is why i think the convention center project is interesting. >> reporter: the low cost and the potential to move 11,000 passengers per hour is what caught the attention of officials. >> it certainly, that amount of capacity and cost, it is something we are intrigued by. >> reporter: the las vegas convention center and visitors authority is aiming to have the system in place by 2021 for the consumer electronics show. if it works, the tunnel could be expanded all along the strip. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. shock, outrage and sadness after a white nationalist allegedly opens fire at two mosques in new zealand, killing 49 people and screaming streaming the entire horrific ordeal live on facebook. tonight we are learning more about the suspected gunman as
6:00 pm
the prime minister vows to change gun laws. good evening everyone, i am alyana gomez. >> the gunman has been identified as brenton tarrant. the 28-year-old appeared in court to face one charge of murder, but officials say more will come. >> he killed 41 people at the first location, before getting back in his car and driving three miles to kill seven others at the second mosque. henry lee joins us live with more details. >> reporter: the victims were attending friday prayers and the accused shooter, brenton tarrant, a self-described white supremacist seeking revenge. he used a helmet mounted camera to broadcast the massacre live on facebook. a 28-year-old australian man accused at the rampage at mosque


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