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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the prime minister vows to change gun laws. good evening everyone, i am alyana gomez. >> the gunman has been identified as brenton tarrant. the 28-year-old appeared in court to face one charge of murder, but officials say more will come. >> he killed 41 people at the first location, before getting back in his car and driving three miles to kill seven others at the second mosque. henry lee joins us live with more details. >> reporter: the victims were attending friday prayers and the accused shooter, brenton tarrant, a self-described white supremacist seeking revenge. he used a helmet mounted camera to broadcast the massacre live on facebook. a 28-year-old australian man accused at the rampage at mosques in christchurch, new zealand, appeared in a
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courtroom close to the public because of security risks. tensions remain high and police told muslims to stay away from mosques. >> the initial threat level was raised too high and it remains. >> reporter: the suspect has been charged in the shooting death of 41 people at one mosque. seven other people were killed at another mosque. another victim died at the hospital and 41 others were hurt. a man describing himself as a white nationalist, out to get revenge against immigrants. he wrote a 74 page manifesto and never appeared on any watch lists. >> the original charge did not come to the attention of the intelligence community, nor the police, for extremism. >> reporter: new zealand's prime minister, calling the shootings an act of terror, says the gunmen used five guns in the shooting and all were purchased legally. >> i can tell you one thing
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right now, our gun laws will change. >> reporter: two other people were arrested and their roles in the attacker under investigation. >> sacred places of worship are turned into scenes of evil killing. >> reporter: president trump, calling the attack monsters, pledge the full support of the united states. >> you have all seen what is going on. it is a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime minister the united states is with them all the way. 100%. whatever they need. >> reporter: the suspect showed no emotion during a brief court appearance. the judge read one murder charge but said it is reasonable to assume more will follow. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. more information on that suspect now. the prime minister called him an extremist, violent, right- wing terrorist. he called his anti-immigrant manifest the great replacement and in it, he referred to himself as european, rather
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than australian. he planned the attack for two years, but only started scoping out new zealand as a target three months ago. he was a personal trainer and traveled the world from 2009 to 2011. worldwide the muslim community is shock and grief stricken. rob roth spoke to some worshipers at a mosque in san francisco. >> reporter: at the islamic society of san francisco, hundreds of muslims came to the important afternoon friday prayer. for muslims here and everywhere, this is a difficult day. the massacre in two new zealand mosques has been heart- wrenching. >> he walks in, kills them. not only kill them, he then streams it online. that is very, very shocking. >> reporter: those hearsay no
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one should have to be afraid to come to a mosque or church or synagogue or other place of worship. >> i will not be afraid. i will not be frightened of anything that has happened anywhere. i will pursue my religion and say my prayers. >> reporter: were searchers -- worshipers hearsay they are praying for the victims. a deputy police chief and muslim says he could not sleep last night. >> you see that level of human indifference to life. i say that in replacement of a word like evil. >> reporter: one of the most difficult parts is how to explain the unexplainable to a child. >> it is reminding them, even in the face of such a tragedy, there are still good people out there. >> reporter: the muslim community wasn't alone in its grief. representatives of other faiths joined them at the mosque in a
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show of unity. >> what happened in new zealand is a reflection of the divisiveness in our country and we need to stand shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: the muslim faith teaches forgiveness if that is possible in this case. >> he is forgiven, but he has to answer to his lord. >> reporter: police have stepped up patrols around half a dozen mosques around the city. rob roth, ktvu fox news. and images being widely shared on social media to honor the victims of the shooting. a kiwi is new zealand's national bird and you can see in the image it is hunched over in morning, creating a pool of tears. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the shooting. coming up at 6:30, how the tragedy has called for better policing of social media sites. a global day of action for climate change in which hundreds of bay area students walked out of class.
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rob malcolm shows us the group targeted lawmakers to make sure they were listening to their demands. >> reporter: with banners and loudspeakers and shouting a message, students today wanted to be heard. >> we need breathable air. we need so many things. >> we won't let our planet die. to >> this is all about our kids that want to live in the future and not die on our dying planet. >> reporter: fridays for the future marches took place across the country. it was part of a global day of action. a day out of school fully supported by parents and teachers. >> i think it is fantastic and necessary and very beautiful to see young people find their voice. this is a culture which has suppressed political speech. >> reporter: the activists marched through the city, along the way visiting the offices of nancy pelosi and diane feinstein, demanding support for a green new deal and the comprehensives support to fight
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climate change. finally meeting in union square for speeches. >> to those who say it costs too much, we say -- >> they are out of tune. >> reporter: creative signs like this one pointed to some of the environmental issues students are fighting for. >> we will be under water if the ice caps melt. like all of san francisco and a lot of berkeley will be four feet underwater. >> reporter: they painted a dire picture. this teacher marched with 11 of her students. >> we are responsible for advocating for the future and the future is uncertain, so we think it is important students have the opportunity to share their voice directly. >> reporter: the students aren't just organizing this friday, they will be gathering every friday until their voices are heard. in san francisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox two news.
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students gathered on capitol hill to take their demands to congress. a congresswoman spoke to the crowd at the podium. she says she supports the green new deal legislation to put the u.s. on the path toward 100% renewable energy. she also called for an end to subsidies and favorable tax steels to oil and gas companies. the worldwide protests were inspired by 16-year-old swedish student greta thunberg. her fridays for future movement grew and today she was joined by tens of thousands around the world. >> we call for a real national emergency. we need to cause an uproar. we demand the green new deal. we demand to end all fossil fuel development.
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>> rallies have been taking place once a week and dozens of european cities. today protests were scheduled in more than 100 countries. coming up, president trump issues the first veto of his presidency, regarding what he calls the national emergency at the southern border. political analyst brian sobel will be here to talk about what happens next. and a puppy so badly abused one of its legs had to be amputated. the charges filed against its owner and who stepped in to adopt him. making your weekend plans? check in with me first. coming up i will let you know what to expect. and a highly contagious disease raising concern among bay area poultry farmers. the event canceled because of it all. and live now at 6:09, looking at berkeley. traffic heading northbound. you can see traffic moving slowly as people are heading
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home. >> and not much in better there. we are back after the break.
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today president trump issued his first veto in office over the signature issue of his campaign, the border wall.
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>> ray bogan tells us the president vetoed the measure rebuking a national emergency to shift money toward building that wall. >> reporter: in the more than two years since president trump has been in office, he has never used his executive veto power to strike down a bill from congress, until today. >> congresses vote to deny a crisis on the southern border is about against reality. >> reporter: in a signing ceremony at the white house, president trump officially vetoing a joint resolution passed by congress. the bill called for terminating the presidents emergency declaration for border security, part of his efforts to shift federal funds to build the southern border wall. >> it is definitely a national emergency. rarely have we had such a national emergency. >> reporter: for congress to overturn the veto, it would require a two thirds vote, something party leaders on both sides of the aisle agree is highly unlikely. >> it goes to the house, we
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won't have the two thirds, but i believe the law allows us to bring it up every six months and certainly we intend to do that. >> reporter: the veto comes hours after trump made a trip to the pentagon, meeting with top military leaders on topics of national security. this morning in a sitdown interview with fox and friends, secretary pompeo defended the emergency declaration. >> the challenge of what drugs or people or illicit materials might be coming across our southern border is real and we need to take serious action. the president's executive order does just that. to date, u.s. presidents have vetoed nearly 1500 bills. the president with the record for most, franklin roosevelt, who vetoed nearly 600. ray bogan, fox news. joining us now, ktvu political analyst brian sobel. let's start with republicans. why do you think some of the republican colleagues voted with the democrats? >> i think it was a statement
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by congress that congress is the authorized body to deal with money and they president is going around congress. i think a number of senators said we won't override your veto by the numbers, but we want to make a statement. >> it was definitely a shift in power. president trump, we should say, is the most restrained president when it comes to the veto power. he has yet to use his pen until now, when many presidents before him have used this power. fdr, more than 600 times. >> 635 times fdr used the veto. ulysses s grant used it often. harry truman used it often. you are right, this is donald trump's first veto and we will see how often that becomes a tool for him and whether it can be overwritten. >> but it is a delicate balance
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of power, when you have some republicans and democrats saying we feel like president trump is overstepping. but it seems like the president really has the power to do whatever he or she wants. >> we learn when we take government, about the three branches of government, but over the years the presidency has become the focal point for the american public and congress has a lot of problems with that, as they should. you have 435 representatives, 100 senators, one president and the president seems to have unequal power at times. >> and there is supposed to be a balance between those branches. the aclu sing today they president is a one-man constitutional congress. what happens next? >> the house and senate will take a vote. it takes a two thirds vote to override -- >> which they don't have. >> which they don't have. they might have it in the house, not in the senate.
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they won't have that. at this point the president will have the ability to go ahead and start spending on the wall, with the exception of all the lawsuits started around the country. >> 18 months out from the elections, this is a time, president trump is two years into his presidency. this is one of his biggest campaign promises and it is yet to be fulfilled. it seems to be in the works if they can't override, but how do you think that will play into the election? >> the campaign narrative will be that i fought every day for border security and for a wall and we know that the definition for a wall has morphed. now it is a lot of different things. but that will be his campaign rhetoric and issue, that i try everyday to provide this country with security. >> you will see him campaigning on that next year. >> right around the corner. >> brian sobel, political analyst, thank you for providing insight into the
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latest maneuvers out of washington dc. all right, kyla grogan has a look at the forecast. >> we will move to the weather, something pleasant to talk about, the blue skies out there. i hope you enjoyed it. my goodness, look at this. take a moment, look at your screen. i don't know, maybe do a nice inhale and exhale. it is the weekend and time to enjoy yourself and enjoy that you live in a beautiful city that you can hopefully get out and look at this weekend. we are relatively warm in spots. we just came off the 70 degree mark in oakland. 61 in san francisco. 68 down in redwood city. 69 in hayward, where they are still warm, too. temperatures across the state have been lovely today. nice and warm and still seeing 70s in los angeles. san diego just pulled out of the 70s. we have lots of sunshine and warmth today because we have
6:19 pm
high pressure in control. when that happens, you get clear skies. you have any unpleasant weather shot to the north. we will be high and dry with that high pressure throughout the night. as we head into saturday and sunday, also nice and warm and staying lovely as we get into monday. taking a look at storm tracker 2, it is beautiful out and we have clear skies as we go into tonight. not expecting any major weather. nice and clear. upper 40s in pacifica. 41 in santa rosa and 44 in san jose. tomorrow, maybe you are heading outside to the parade. it should be a lovely day. by 11:00, 55 degrees. we will warm up to about 60 for tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. a really lovely day to get outside. taking a live look at storm tracker 2, we look back at our next chance of rain.
6:20 pm
it will come next weekend i will talk more about that in the forecast in a few moments. for now, back to you. still ahead, the raiders now know where they will play this coming season. the agreement reached today to keep the raiders in oakland for at least one more season. the nfl free-agent market is open for business and players have been changing teams at a rapid pace. later in sports, word that colin kaepernick is in the running for a quarterback job. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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third floor of the building under construction this morning. crews were called out at about 8:45 this morning. firefighters used a ladder truck to get the worker free. he was trapped between a crane used to load materials and a steel post of the building. the worker's injuries were not life-threatening. the raiders will play at least one more season in oakland. the coliseum authority board voted to approve an extension. the raiders will pay $7.5 million to play their home games at the coliseum this year. the team must also pay $750,000 it owes in parking fees and the coliseum board will get 100% of any money from stadium naming rights. board members admit they had an advantage in their dealings with the raiders, since the team has nowhere to play. >> the nfl recognizes that the raiders need a place to play. they weren't successful in signing another location to
6:24 pm
play, so they have to continue to play at the coliseum. >> the raiders have an option to renew the lease for the 2020 season if their new stadium in las vegas is not ready in time. sad news to pass along. skateboarding legend jason phelps has died. he lived in san francisco and was the editor of the skateboarding magazine thrasher. the publisher confirmed his death, but did not say what caused his death. he served as editor-in-chief for 26 years and was also often seen riding around san francisco on a beat up skateboard. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with more on the new zealand rampage and the effects of social media. >> it is a wake-up call to start taking full account of what they are hosting online and seeing the real world
6:25 pm
effects of what is happening not only in america, but around the world. also ahead tonight, a puppy abused and thrown down the trash chute. how he is doing and the charges his former owner is facing, next. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea.
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looking at our top stories as we come up on 6:30, today president trump issued the first veto of his administration, overturning the rebuke of his national emergency declaration. congress had blocked the move to shift money for other purposes to building a wall at the southern border with mexico. it is unlikely congress has the votes to override that veto. the emergency declaration still faces legal challenges including a lawsuit from california and 19 other states. the family of the main suspect in the new zealand shootings is helping in the investigation. the gunman has been identified as 28-year-old brenton tarrant
6:29 pm
of australia. he is responsible for killing 49 people in shootings at two mosques in new zealand. the shooter is a white nationalist extremist who posted a manifesto online and streamed the attacks on facebook. >> hundreds of muslims gathered at the islamic center of san francisco today. they were joined by leaders of different faiths in a show of unity after the tragedy. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the massacre is prompting renewed calls for social media companies to do a better job policing their sites. but in this world of live- streaming, is it possible to put the genie back in the bottle? >> reporter: in the wake of a deadly attack in new zealand, social media giants are looking for ways to prevent such violence from going viral. we chose not to show any part
6:30 pm
of the video because it is or traffic. 49 people lost their lives and the hateful video was broadcast live across the world via facebook and shared millions of times later on other platforms. >> it is a wake-up call for these tech companies, which i also work in one of them, to take full account of what they are posting online and see the real world effects of what is happening not only in america, but around the world. >> this is the outcome when you allow tech companies to have such a powerful role in our media system, that we now have to turn to tech companies, unelected officials, to deal with what could be a large- scale crisis. >> reporter: the video was taken down, but was still circulating hours after the attack was over. this is a concern as the social media giants are having a hard time keeping troubled content of their platforms. >> facebook tried to delete the video, but other accounts were uploading the video and the other accounts were faster than facebook itself. >> what incentive do they really have to take down this video? once the flak wears off, this
6:31 pm
can continue. there is no real pressure otherwise to take them down. >> reporter: currently internet giants and others are protected by federal code section 230 that states no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by any information content provider. however, works harmful to children is not covered. >> child pornography is a crime, that there is no crime for posting hate videos to facebook. >> they should be held to the same standards as a news media outlet, that if you lie or cause damage with your reporting or content, the publisher is held liable. >> reporter: facebook says tools and moderators couldn't identify it in time. it took users notifying facebook's. alameda county sheriff gregory ahern says he is heartbroken that the
6:32 pm
controversial urban shield program is coming to an end. this week supervisors voted for sweeping changes to the program. then yesterday a group that distributes federal grant money for training programs voted to shift $5 million away from alameda county, effectively canceling urban shield. the program was created after 9/11 to help first responders prepare for terrorist attacks and disasters. earlier, the sheriff reacted to the announcement. >> i am disappointed, in fact heartbroken. the decision to discontinue our training and exercise program will put our first responders at risk and not give them the training that they need to go to in advance of emergency such as terrorism or natural disasters. >> critics say urban shield leaves to the militarization of local law enforcement. the sheriff dismisses that criticism saying training helps prevent terrorist attacks and
6:33 pm
other disasters. start the fire that burned three houses on bethel island is drawing attention to what residents say is a lack of adequate services. the fire station on bethel island close to seven years ago. the nearest fire station to yesterday's fire was in oakland, almost 6 miles away and it took cruz 11 minutes to get there. by the time they arrived, all three homes were engulfed in flames. the fire district says it has fewer than half the firehouses it needs. >> we are all fighting for staffing out here. we have neighboring agencies in the same boat. we are all fighting for more fire engines, more staffing, so we can provide a better response. >> the nearest fire stations are in brentwood nine miles away and in discovery bay about 15 miles away. we are learning the suspected golden state killer was behind bars for several hours in sacramento back in the mid-1990s.
6:34 pm
that was 22 years before joseph deangelo was taken into custody for a string of violent crimes that terrorized the state. the sacramento bee reports he was arrested in 1996 on allegations he held up a gas station, but charges were dismissed. authorities say at the time there was no way of knowing the suspected golden state killer was in custody. dna samples were not normally taken and police said there was nothing unusual about the arrest. a san francisco man is under arrest, accused of tossing a puppy in a trash chute. the puppy was found badly injured in a dumpster at an apartment complex. the four-month-old puppy fell 3 stories down the chute and stayed in the dumpster for four days without food or water. the puppy was nicknamed rocky by the staff of animal care control, where he has been recovering. today they announced the suspect has been charged with felony animal cruelty. >> i think anyone that would
6:35 pm
put a dog into a trash chute, after previously having harmed it, definitely callous behavior and something we will not tolerate in san francisco. >> veterinarians had to amputate one of rocky's legs, because of the extent of the injuries. she is doing better and we are told one of the investigating officers on the case has decided to adopt her. layoffs are coming to the oakland unified school district. as many as 250 employees including secretaries, librarians and tutors could receive pink slips next month. it follows the move by the district to cut almost $22 million from the upcoming budget. a district spokesman said it is unlikely all 250 people would lose their jobs, saying that some positions were already vacant and others could be covered by grants. coming up, a huge surprise for a 15-year-old patient in
6:36 pm
the south bay. what one of his nurses did that brought him to tears. >> i just feel so special having this. i never would've thought i would've ever gotten anything like this. ♪ all my love, i think i'm drowning -- ♪
6:37 pm
(music throughout)
6:38 pm
a big surprise for a big fan of ed sheeran. a 15-year-old boy just got a signed guitar from the musician. >> it was all thanks to a gift from one of the nurses at the children's hospital.
6:39 pm
as ann rubin explains, he hopes it will bring him a bit of comfort as he waits for a kidney transplant. >> don't expect me to sing, i'm not singing. okay. ♪ >> reporter: for the 15-year- old, music is a welcome distraction. >> we have been here for about eight months in dialysis, waiting for a kidney. >> reporter: to pass the time, he has been doing music therapy, learning to strum and pick on a borrowed guitar. his favorite musician, ed sheeran, which turned out to be lucky considering what happened next. >> before we do this part, i feel like we need a different guitar. >> reporter: the nurse one a signed guitar as part of a radio contest. >> i immediately thought it would be cool to do something cool with a guitar for one of our patients. >> reporter: immediately the 15-
6:40 pm
year-old came to mind, so did the plan for the surprise. >> he is 15 years old. i've never really seen him cry and he, for the first time, just broke down and cried. >> reporter: he comes from a family of musicians. his grandfather taught him to play, but he never had a guitar of his own. >> i feel so special having this. i never would have thought i would've gotten anything like this. >> reporter: the site of the signature left him speechless, but it is the inscription he has taken to heart. >> i will play this. it is my first guitar and it will not be displayed, it will be played. >> it will inspire him to keep playing and never give up. just like with his kidneys.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: he is hoping to take that guitar home soon. his family says he is now at the top of the transplant list. at lucile packard children's hospital, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, bay area chicken farmers on alert. the highly contagious disease just discovered and the event already canceled because of it. and i am keeping an eye on your bay area weather. it is gorgeous. we will talk about how long we have these sunny skies. i have the details, coming up. and we have a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news live on ktvu plus. >> our coverage of the deadly new zealand shootings continue. we hear more from people inside one of the mosques. how they describe the terrifying moments when the gunman opened fire. and a resurgence of medieval diseases, tied to california's homeless population. why experts say the state needs to act now. those stories and more coming up live at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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a contagious disease affecting chickens has been detected in san mateo county. officials say a rooster brought to a veterinary clinic tested positive for burial and newcastle disease. it was the first evidence of the disease in the bay area.
6:45 pm
the disease has led farms in southern california to euthanize more than half 1 million chickens after the disease was discovered there. the disease is dangerous and deadly for chickens, but does not pose a threat for humans. as a result, a large poultry show has been canceled at the upcoming san mateo county fair. melting snow has contributed to problems in wisconsin, south dakota and minnesota, where some evacuations have been ordered. a trailer park in minnesota is now underwater after blocks of ice jammed up a nearby creek and flooded the entire park. >> if you go a little further, it is right up along the bottom of their house. it is really close. >> they need to get it taken care of as soon as they can. if it takes using a little bit of dynamite, use a little bit of dynamite. >> a so-called bomb cyclone,
6:46 pm
which kyla explained earlier today, battered the u.s. this week ringing heavy rain to the upper midwest. at least 19 midwest city set records for flooding. and kyla is here with more on that, watching the weather across the country. >> i have a new one for you. look it up, it is "fropa", which is a frontal passage. >> i love these terms. >> we will talk about that, because right now the weather across the country, you can see a line of storms rolling up the east coast. what i wanted to show, that is interesting when i click over the temperatures, check this out. look at new york city where it is 60 degrees and then look at buffalo, where it is 35 degrees. that is a cold front tracking across. it will push that cold air over. without frontal passage and a
6:47 pm
temperature drop like that, it will be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow in washington, dc, than it is right now. we also have warm temperatures. 70 degrees in los angeles. taking a live look at sfo, you can see temperatures have dropped off, but we hid it in oakland and santa rosa. now 64 in napa, oakland, 64 as well. san jose, 65. it has been warm out there. skies are clear, gorgeous as we take a look at storm tracker 2. high-pressure and control will continue throughout the weekend, giving us that beautiful dry forecast, shooting any unpleasant weather to our north. no thank you clouds, you will have to go to oregon. we are not accepting them in california this weekend. 43 in napa. 42 in livermore. mild tonight. it will be nice. if you are into stargazing, it is a great night for it.
6:48 pm
tomorrow, more sunshine. warm temperatures again. low 70s in places like santa rosa, san jose, morgan hill. we get close to it in other spots, too. 64 for san francisco tomorrow. if you're heading to the st. patrick's day parade, i have this graphic to show you it will be awfully nice. we start off at 9:00 tomorrow, 42 degrees. noon, 58 and 3:00, 64. similar to today. maybe a degree or two warmer if you're inland. not just mild, dutiful weather on tap for saturday, sunday and monday. a gorgeous three-day run. just to show you the next chance of rain, saturday is looking good, nice and dry. sunday, the same story. monday, looking good. tuesday we see clouds roll in. with a chance of showers late in the day. the models are not in
6:49 pm
agreement. it will be a light system, so i expect light showers to come through late tuesday, into wednesday, but it will be gorgeous the next few days. 71 degrees expected on monday in the bay. notice the overnight lows are really holding up. an overnight low of 50 or 52 degrees, our high should be about 10 degrees cooler than we were today, so not bad. >> i love it, thanks, kyla. people will be celebrating st. patrick's day in dublin this weekend. but we are talking dublin in alameda county, not ireland. the festival is one of the largest on the west coast. some 80,000 people are expected to gather to enjoy irish entertainment, irish food, and of course, an irish beverage as well. >> we have beautiful weather planned. we are always happy to have people come from around the bay
6:50 pm
area and even internationally. we will have some guests from ireland. >> deer, beer, beer, green beer. the festival includes more than 250 booths. an irish marketplace will feature artwork and books, as well as food and drink. >> it almost sounds like you said booze, instead of booths. too much booze on the brain. stack the nfl free-agent market is open for business and players have been changing teams at a very rapid pace. next in sports, mark ibanez has word that colin kaepernick is in the running for a quarterback job.
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mark is here with a look at the warriors getting ready to take on the thunder. >> national tv, saturday night. they should be well rested. they only had one game in the last four days. >> yeah, missing them. >> the question is, which warrior team will show up? the squad that lost to the phoenix suns on sunday or the one that dug their heels in on the road against james harden and the houston rockets and pulled one out against one of the better teams in the western conference. the warriors looked pretty good, actually, and they did it
6:54 pm
on the road without kevin durant, who was questionable in the game against his old squad, the funder. they would love to get consistency going, but even when they are bad, draymond green says come on, we aren't that bad. >> we have a standard we hold ourselves to. like you want to play a certain way and feel good about the way you are playing. i wouldn't necessarily say, every now and then, it can seem so bad. it is not that bad, we are still number one. at the end of the day, you always want to be playing where you feel good about yourself. >> meanwhile, down in florida, one of the most familiar golf courses to wall fans, just the visual of it, it can be a good thing or a bad thing. throughout it all, tiger woods found it to be a quadruple bogey kind of thing. into the drink he goes.
6:55 pm
water woes at 17. he didn't make the cut. he is still three under, but not a happy camper. mcelroy, he was smoking. a long birdie putt. he is tied for the lead with this guy. a great name, tommy fleetwood. yeah. tommy fleetwood, off the beach and out and in for an eagle at the second hole. he finished five under, 67 on the day. he has 12 under and tied for the league. all right, miami dolphins completed a trade today. they sent their top quarterback to tennessee. no big deal out here, except that it starts the conversation again. mister colin kaepernick. the miami dolphins now do not have a proven quarterback on their entire roster. apparently a couple reports are surfacing today that colin
6:56 pm
kaepernick seers were raised about that and he would be interested in playing for the miami dolphins. it is hard to believe, kaepernick has not played pro football in two years now and he is 31, so we will see about that. he might be interested, but are the dolphins? we are getting close to having real games matter in major league baseball. the a's landed in japan today and the giants are doing their thing under much better weather conditions in scottsdale. looking good, five innings, gave up three runs. the 6.3 e.r.a. this spring. and anthony garcia out of the cardinals bullpen hit this one over and out into the picnic area. 3-2 ball game. and one of the veterans in the mix for the giants with a soft single to give them a 4-2 lead. but spring training games, this one in's 5-5. in the meantime,
6:57 pm
we have come to the time where we must check this out. back to golf in florida. a seven iron, 152 yards. you do not do better than that. >> that is unbelievable. >> here is the capper to the story. he didn't make the cut. >> oh man. >> look at this. bryce harper was down today. hit by a pitch. x-rays on his foot. hold your breath phillies fans, negative. negative. >> okay. >> your is a former a's outfielder. pretty good catch. he is happy about it. look at the catcher inspecting the damage. everything is cool. that is the sporting life. i have a lot more for you at
6:58 pm
10:00. >> he was lucky. the news continues next over on ktvu plus. ♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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